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Have a product that has served you for years? Post a picture with #stillserving to show us.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#EDC means EVERYDAY. Jeans or jacket, make it happen. Photo: @aminorthedj
edc -
noisy_boy007 : @satan_on_the_ice try a spitting stone it works with all of my knives
andrew_lackie : Dude all knives can be sharpened to some extent. Just maybe not some cheap pull through sharpener. You might need to invest in a better sharpener. @satan_on_the_ice
ministry_of_death666 : Dude I have...
kevimill66 : @satans_fucker666 dude your just doing it wrong lol watch a YouTube video if you can't figure it out then maybe you will never know
ministry_of_death666 : Lol I had to hold the sharpener and the knife at 45degreee angles while pulling like seperat 45 degree angles
___dayman : @gerbergear Can you deliver to Australia?
wmksurvival : @gerbergear you guys should post more. And could you post the gerber Flik and the mp1 mro
dalejrsr : POST MORE!!!!!πŸ˜«πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
The first and the latest. The Gerber eFect Weapons Tool was introduced in 2008 for the distinct purpose of cleaning and maintaining an #AR15 / #M16 / #M4 variant firearm. Seven years later in 2015, the new MP1-AR has set the bar again with best-in-class form, function and features. #militarygrade #multitool #StillServing
m16 - m4 - multitool - militarygrade - ar15 - stillserving -
a.b._27 : my Gerber knife hasn't been sharpened since i got it and I've had it for several years. Gerber makes the best knives available
eespinosa_13 : @andrew9720 You following this page?
andrew9720 : Now I am haha @eespinosa_13
wandererlou : @travellingtrish 😌
namkcaps : You guys have the best tools.
jeffjfjd : Follow back ?
don_pincel : @beardctor
alimohabbati7 : @nima.binavayi
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Precision. Utility. American Ingenuity. The new MP1-AR delivers everything you need for #AR15 / #M4 maintenance, in a lighter, faster and stronger platform than anything before it. #militarygrade #multitool #StillServing
m4 - militarygrade - multitool - stillserving - ar15 -
pete_lamonica : Loved my Gerber pocket knife, one of the best and most used knifes I've had..until the lock snapped off.
aldughaem_abdulaziz : @alazamecom
gerbergear : @colinwuzhere the Gerber eFect was the first AR specific tool commercially available (2008). The eFect is also part of an ongoing contract with the U.S. military for a weapons maintenance/cleaning kit.
colinwuzhere : @gerbergear did it snap in half like most of your stuff loves to do?
graham_oc1 : @gerbergear looks great guys congrats πŸ‘
chucknorrio : You should produce everything in North America instead of in China 😩
gerbergear : @chucknorrio the MP1-AR is built in our Portland facility with parts from the USA and other countries. We also have the MP600-ST and the eFect which are 100% Made in USA.
chucknorrio : @gerbergear That's nice 😎
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
The Freescape Small Lantern shedding light on some evening adventures #outtarange
outtarange - pnw - camping -
__.ajb.__ : 1
gerbergear : #camping #pnw
legit_deadpool : @gerbergear is awesome
dacwright : Looks a little bit like a Carlson kid...hmmm
cwexpress : @heyitssusiexo
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Successful day #hunting pheasant. #jointhehunt
jointhehunt - hunting -
jackbro3 : Cool😝
a.rogers2 : @jabrams2121
a.rogers2 : ur right!!
cbpruett : @sterrylloyd thx for the invite.
ronestrajr : @jonestradaphoto
sean_97 : I want to pheasant hunt soooo baaaad
johndrobbins : @graysonfidler thought you might like this one. ;)
graysonfidler : @jennlynnfidler
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us us to you and yours. Photo credit: @andy_best
alpaca_farmz_are_dbomb : I got the bg para cord knife today it's awesome thanks gerber for this product
carson_katich : Got a gerber icon, bg card tool, and a bg survival kit. Man can I say how good ur products are and for such a good price! Thanks you very much gerber
tdk_knives : Hey i Have two gerbers and the could not cut printing paper gerbers are not worth the price and then i bought an kershaw cryo and an spyderco tenacious and they cut through phonebookpaper
nealbohman : Who knows a good sheath for the suspension multitool
harrison_murdoch : @tdk_knives are they made in the US? Also gerber knives hold their sharpness longer and if u tested it right out of the box then that's ur answer sharpen the damn thing if u are saying it can't cut through paper which it can.
typalmer_k : When will your 2015 line of knives come out @gerbergear
rockymoutain.paracord : Hey I do paracord wraps for good prices hmu if y'all want anything done #paracord #paracord550 @rockymountian.paracord
blakem1227 : @hannah_ranes
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
With hunting season in full swing, we teamed up with some great brands to restock your gear bin. GIVEAWAY! Follow the steps below for a chance to win everything in the above image! 1. Follow @mossyoak 2. Follow @dannerboots 3. Follow @mechanix_wear 4. Follow @gerbergear 5. Mention a friend in the comments No purchase necessary. Winner will be randomly drawn at the end of the giveaway period. For Terms & Conditions, plus an additional entry, visit: [] clickable link in our profile. #jointhehunt
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kennaroni : @albrecht_kevin
simian1324 : @Markkkk17
weapon_junkie_98 : @sexually_active_toyota_prius
hkwilloughby : @okiecoach
hj_808 : markkkk17
levi_brewster_official : @fnl_industry
elton_ardermark : @m.h.l.648
blackforestgrizzly : @jackaxenhammer
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Sunday afternoon snack. Photo Credit: @badboyisaac
hensley103 : @recover.quickly
dandaysd : @mza34 @trouty_mcgee #carterspreadNH
tommy___barrett : Is that a paraframe?
evan_v1.0 : @tommy.barrett_ yep
evan_v1.0 : @gerbergear if I send you a photo of an older gerber knife can you fill me in on the model year etc?!
survival001 : Follow me?!?just made account
bengalvis26 : I have tht knife and i love it
electric_billl : @yayamollylala
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Get #outtarange and explore #Fall this weekend. Photo Credit: @Travisburkephotography
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joe_wischerath : 1
j_296_k : 354 :)
armanmovahedian : @gerbergear follow me please
hsteimle : @jerziebarbie
austinmckinney94 : @ethan.godwin
jerziebarbie : @hsteimle #vanlife
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Hunting alone just isn't as fun. Tag a friend below to ask them to #jointhehunt Photo: @secatcreative
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armanmovahedian : @gerbergear follow me please
armyguy2002 : @badassarcher565 it just couldn't be any one else
badassarcher565 : Same with you @armyguy2002
specops_camparkins : @caleb319chambers
caleb319chambers : Yea bro @specops_camparkins
raza97khalid : @amalik08 Soon
julian_opp : Yay @dombova
gerardodecastro : @itsmetyrux
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