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Have a product that has served you for years? Post a picture with #stillserving to show us.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
You'd be hard pressed to find a more #rugged or #fearless multi-tool out there. The MP-600 #StillServing
fearless - rugged - stillserving -
rdunbar007 : I agree @naturals_09 leathermans are great
naturals_09 : Yes they are more reliable and they don't feel as cheap as the MP-600's @rdunbar007
dlmcneill : Gerber makes some great products, but fake Leathermans aren't on that list. Stick with the real thing.
trippyjunior : @reggi17
emileskesen : @madsjarlfeldt
oscar_lpc : #leatherman #copy #paste
christiandunstan : Leathermans bit off Gerber in one handed operation with the oht. Only took them 32 years to figure it out. Gerber figured it out back in the 90's with a LIFETIME warranty vs Leatherman 25 year warranty? You all are just haters
kc_edc : The TSA got mine coming out of ATL. I forgot I had it in my bag. They also made off with a CRKT was a bad day...
hsf1808 - hunt_tennis - samlhines - boskywewor -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Trust the knife you carry. | Featuring the Decree. #StillServing #AmericanMade
americanmade - stillserving - tacticaltuesday -
bosston13 : Lol read the comment @davewinrow
davewinrow : My bad @bosston13 lol
_taylor.brackett : @kjbrack
bendixschwarz : Unter welchem namen finde ich das messer auf amazon
ashleyhorry : @n_r_s_r
jeezluis26 : Wish this one was plain edge. I been wanting a plain edge of this knife.
i_chambers : This has been my favorite knife I have owned
intrepidsoap : I carry an #Edict, but this is my next upgrade. #hellotrouble
tscotty21 - kyle.j.walker - maryland_1252 - ze1_17 -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#StillServing Photo by @brokenangelgear Featuring the StrongArm #AmericanMade #USA #GoBag
usa - americanmade - stillserving - gobag -
nickandknives : Thats why I love your products! Merica. @gerbergear
brokenangelgear : Thanks for the repost!!!!
joshyeeee : I need that patch! Where can I get one?
brokenangelgear : @miahsorenson I got my patch at a show.
_taylor.brackett : Plz get me this. @kjbrack
epicbummer : @gerbergear where can I get that gerber patch?!
clanky_11 : @benbeam152 this is what you need
bendir98 : @mattematty @mattchngg
hsf1808 - body_by_drew - tscotty21 - maryland_1252 -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
When every moment counts. #stillServing #FristResponders #Emergency #Police #EMT #Paramedic
emt - police - fristresponders - emergency - paramedic - stillserving -
exploremoreoutdoors : Happy I could make so many people so angry with a stupid joke! I guess I'm a bad guy for acknowledging those kinds of things happen everyday in the US. Probably more often than a guy in full tactical gear with an assault weapon is breaking windows to save someones life in a car accident. Does he look like an EMT or firefighter to you? Excuse me for having a little fun with a snide comment about the image that relates to a serious conversation in current events. Grow up and get real people. Its the truth.
mercury_bry : @Exploremoroutdoors is on the money
i_think_im_vincent : Truu @mercury_bry
skiingisboss : He @mfalcone15 @nickmor8894 cares for others...
skiingisboss : Great comment some rednecks are retarded @exploremoreoutdoors
nickmor8894 : Ya I know @skiingisboss
zipposatanadam : Good
judoka_mike : Crisis hook knife richt?
teamdeanco - body_by_drew - emily_ann_0_2 - samlhines -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
My Gerber Prodigy 5 years and #stillserving - @ryanbaldwin807 #tactical Have a Gerber that has served you for years? Post a picture with #stillserving.
stillserving - tactical -
lowpunk : same one I rock
dapperdan505 : @gerbergear I have a gerber guardian fixed blade I've had since I was a little boy! I'd say at least 15 years or so
cameronmayhew45 : @dtaylor1277
zipposatanadam : Wow nice
crazy_coconut_boy : I think it's time to get a new one
didizzera : @douglassanseverino
luisqrozz : Gerber>Benchmade
stray_dog85 : What did you paint it with?
samlhines - boskywewor - jenya_ginger53 - angelospinheiro -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Behind the scenes in Portland, Oregon. #MeetGerber #BehindtheScenes
behindthescenes - meetgerber -
joey.andrews : @gerbergear is that the pliers for the flik?
amyrae1990 : @johngerrit
pocketdumppodcast : Just that with rosewood handles please! Who's with me?
driven_under1320 : Looks like the pliers on the MP800 Legend..?
cuauzimoto : 😍
zipposatanadam : Great
hsf1808 - teamdeanco - emily_ann_0_2 - boskywewor -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Full tang 420HC steel that can take on any challenge. The Prodigy. | Photo by Gerber fan @sjohnsen3 #StillServing #AmericanMade #TacticalTuesday #Tactical
tactical - americanmade - stillserving - tacticaltuesday -
gypsydanger_2000 : Thank you @gerbergear
gypsydanger_2000 : I am sorry @gerbergear i should have never questioned you as i have a lots of gerber knives that are one of by best and trusty knives, then i decided to get all of bear grylls products as i love bear grylls . By this i came across that video and it made me think really hard. Now that i have the parang with me, i tested it my self and even abused it, nothing happened to it and thank you gerber for giving us awesome tools 👍😇
crow_knox : I have this one and I've put it through hell and back
zipposatanadam : Nice one
lazardanil : @sergiuflavius
tacticaltwo : Fuck yeah!
pradeep923201 : How can i get that gerber prodigy tanto knife made in usa not cheap china made .m from india @gerbergear
pradeep923201 : I have gerber 31 000560
body_by_drew - teamdeanco - boskywewor - samlhines -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
The outcome of a day can come down to the tools you carry. | Featuring the Covert Folder #AmericanMade #StillServing #Tactical #Military
military - americanmade - stillserving - tactical -
ravrob98 : That knife made my #edc anlong with the evo and/or the basic. 5 star equipment rating
tactical_tech_ : Mine fell off my truck on the freeway...I loved that knife.
ejzimni : У версии для РФ стал часто встречаться люфт лезвия в открытом положении. Это делает печальным.
aaron_g27_johnson : I just got a Gerber Moment gut knife
brucekgreen : @gerbergear I need the larger model one of these days
albertobenaim : Diseño orgullo de @gerbergear eficiente arma en evento cuerpo a cuerpo,fácil maniobra.
suprememarioa : @ches_montoya Bitch please.
luisqrozz : @alberrrttt_
rejwan_warrior - samlhines - jenya_ginger53 - boskywewor -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Lighter. Faster. Stronger The MP1-AR #AR15 #M4 #maintance #StillServing
m4 - maintance - stillserving - ar15 -
samarora : Could get that in India??
gerbear43 : @quinn_hanlon5 I NEEEEEEED IT
blackforestgrizzly : @jackaxenhammer
stndmedic : @rampart_81 look familiar
vikaskuntal11 - emily_ann_0_2 - boskywewor - samlhines -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Ready to take on the world. | Photo by Gerber Fan Jonathan #tactical #everydaycarry
everydaycarry - tactical -
lilchan53 : prodigy! I've got one!
jhblahum : @blahum
lfabriziolu : @josealvao wof wof
benji_fish : @o_carr
hellvismcquaid : @daniel_hughes29
yonusahmad : Lmf 2 Asek
k_aigars : Nice
shadowtiger2134 : Just love your guys products
cat_in_a_microwave - samlhines - jenya_ginger53 - boskywewor -
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