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Have a Gerber that’s still serving? Or, know someone who is? Share it by tagging us @gerbergear and using #StillServing.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#HumpDay | #PocketDump Day (All Black Edition) - Featuring the new Gerber Decree, Impromptu Tactical Pen and Shard. #gerbergear
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ffreddaan : @ollelof
jcawley5 : Just got a mashette and axe in the mail sooooo awesome!
joebap : @mschroeder91 that's a sick pen
airsoft_cole : @gerbergear I am going to get a evo jr and dime multitool, do you sell boot knives?
nookiemonster69 : Get the evo mid. The Jr is very small. Unless small is eBay your after. I love my evo mid. Very thin, light and hides nicely. @airsoft_cole
n_prickett : If you're looking for a boot knife they make, get the ghost strike they just released @airsoft_cole
silenth : @seananagins
_mudass_ : When r u guy going to have the downrange sharpener in stock?
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | The 06 FAST Tanto making easy work of some hot dogs. Photo by @onlocationco. #gerbergear
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devinbrown_ : @levylev_
gutigon : @gabidev
ddraims_ : That's impressive. It can cut hotdogs
ffreddaan : @ollelof Du som brukar grilla klev
ffreddaan : @ollelof körv...
ollelof : Grym @ffreddaan
survival_channel : 🌲 Tanto shape 👍
chase_is_a_beast_11 : I paid like 60$ for mine at walmart and within a week the screw came so loose I just gave it away couldn't find anything to fit it at lowes
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
This is the Ghostrike Fixed Blade. An ultra-light knife for low profile or open carry. See more by clicking the link in our profile. #stillserving #gerbergear
gerbergear - stillserving -
ericephoto : @megas2001 hell yeah!!
greezy_forty : @tlx440 sa le bon pou yanis #silesgarsrodevolemonNIKON
jerainey20 : This is similar to the BG Paracord Fixed Blade... I have one of those.
jorgepuertasd : Lo tengo que tener !!!!!!!! @kanparasiliti
jibjabjibjab : Sweet I need one
polomarko_ : I want this !!!!! *_*
chasenelson17 : This is what I wanted too @hockeyguy24_7
devintarrant : @madefoe this
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Dave Harrington (a.k.a. "Super" Dave) has 23 years of military experience, the last 16 of which were spent in the U.S. Army's Special Forces. He qualified as an expert infantryman, conventional and HALO paratrooper, Ranger, and finally a combat weapons craft instructor. He relied on Gerber then, and continues to with the Gerber 06 Auto today, while out training tactical professionals across the country. Have a Gerber that’s still serving? Or, know someone who is? Share it by tagging us @GerberGear and using #StillServing. Photos by @panteaoproductions.
stillserving -
alanwotw : @thatssobudlight
jcawley5 : Just ordered a axe and a mashete
luisduardo : @guto_cassettari
ricky_julian : Bought one the China made ones from Walmart and is now in pieces.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
GHOSTRIKE SERIES | A three piece system designed for discreet carry in any environment. Built for the modern-day tactical professional. Click the link in our profile to see the entire series. #StillServing #gerbergear
gerbergear - stillserving -
gerharduys : @gerbergear I'm buying one!
randyrsurf : @sourtail007 awesome
brad_petersen : @randyrsurf removal force is roughly 3kg so no falling to an abrupt stop and your good with upside down carry.
sawtoothsonnenblume : @cmildenberg Yessss
yuyimufu : @gerbergear just what I was looking for. It's like you guys were reading my mind all this week!!! 😱
lucasq3 : Tatical
awesomeness.badass.class : @Daily_Badass #YES
chasenelson17 : And you can wear it like this too @hockeyguy24_7
chasenelson17 - tannerjames616 - awesomeness.badass.class - aiden_glover -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | Downrange Propel AO. Photo by @stormtrooper_jk. #gerbergear #stillserving
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shortround766 : I spoke with Cpt. Obvious and he said you should contact Gerbers Warranty department about that, he said he won't Google their info for you though.
arrow_country : @maniac150 👍
christopherguns : @bayoulife_4
nawb84 : Perfect companion to my lmf infantry II...
loverofbadassthings : @Daily_Badass all day
antillon_13 : @d
antillon_13 : @bigtech1200
lucasq3 : This is tatical knife?
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Steady. Aim. Capture! @andy_best prepping a shot of Mt. Hood. #gerbergear #outtarange
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kerry1234 : Ugh why wont mine stay tight. Phone always swings around loosens.... pluse my knife tends to come down on the plasic casing.
onlyina2500hd : @lilmamaburkhart. this was what i was showin you earlier
w_boyle : @kmbeckloff
ocwatchcompany : Was just there @andy_best @gerbergear was absolutely stunning!!! Enjoy!
shdro : @e21
starmarrr : @laura.angarone
mike_15_echo : How much
ojadventures : did you use another one to take a pic of this one???
lawson1911 - scottbojo - aiden_glover - zehryn_elyazcheong -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Kyle Harth is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served four years as an Infantryman and fourteen years in Special Forces. Kyle is still serving by providing high quality tactical instruction to Military, Law Enforcement and the Private sector for almost twenty years. Gerber served him downrange and his new Gerber Edict serves him today. Have a Gerber that’s still serving? Or, know someone who is? Share it by tagging us @GerberGear and using #StillServing. Photo by @panteaoproductions.
stillserving -
polomarko_ : Great !!!
grahamoc1 : @gerbergear just an awesome Blade!!! Thanks for your service Kyle!!
bobbysheridvn : Thank you Mr Harth
nic_talarico_ : ^
panteaoproductions : Kyle is still giving back to our country. He recently re-enlisted. Very proud of him.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
A Decree right off the line. Each S30V blade is hand built and sharpened right here in Portland, Oregon. #StillServing #gerbergear
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belliott26 : Do you have any free giveaways @glockguy110
308crazed : Are all the materials besides the blade steel sourced from the United States? Are they assembled or machined in the United States?
glockguy110 : Yes I might be having one soon in the next week or two and also when I get 1000 followers im giving away the becker bk14 its on my page @belliott26
glockguy110 : Thanks gerber im going to go check that out
intrepidsoap : This is now the next knife on my list.
emory48 : I think I might. get one. I really like it as an edc.
murph587 : I picked one up a couple days ago, I dig it. Feels great in the hand and the glass breaker works, used it on an accident yesterday.
brucekgreen : I need to check one out @gerbergear
brucekgreen - kentmurker - just__jac0b - taylen_reid -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | Guardian Back-Up Photo by @boxermonster. #gerbergear #stillserving
tantotuesday - stillserving - gerbergear -
dylan_cober : @nikolamarkovic80 Tanto Tuesday!
hey_riddhi : Nice
coreylynch620123 : I have and love this knife
_rohan_mehta : i love your account @gerbergear
jacksonlaborde : Is the compact paraframe a good first edc knife? @gerbergear
blake_cardines : looks like my pocket knife
noah__survival : Yaa but it's a fix blade
joshleemon : Yes I got the gerber Paraframe Tanto blade for my first knife and it's great EDC @jackson_laborde
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