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Have a Gerber that’s still serving? Or, know someone who is? Share it by tagging us @gerbergear and using #StillServing.
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gerbergear - Gerber Gear
On top of the world. #gerbergear #northernlights Photo by @andy_best
northernlights - gerbergear -
lewis_h2001 : Gerber is best.
matthew5656 : @jasonduiella
jasonduiella : @matthew5656 straight stee
knifedaily : Hey can you check your DM? : @cholub56 thought you'd like this page! 💜💛💚☝👍👆
hm_raggette : Post something damn
dallasvermette : ^^
dallasvermette : Use to post like twice a day now your lucky to see one once a month
majeedjh87 - ohad_rosenfeld - hopandcleaver - diegomassa.dr -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#HumpDay | #PocketDump Day - Featuring the Gerber E-Z Out DPSF. Photo by @gman509th. #gerbergear #stillserving
pocketdump - stillserving - gerbergear - humpday -
emilyhry : Wow! Cool! @BEARGRYLLS
trick202 : Can't find the carabina to purchase.
yoyotrollerx : Are your gator machetes made in the U.S.A ? Besides the sheaths
football_huntin_thats_life : Thats beast
clancysim : @jamescross428 hell yeah!
basel_almqbl : Add my plz @basel_almqbl
aqualesik : @xx642011
michael_mullany : I wanna see a pic of the ding dong
cedric_1007 - dreaminbigbrendon - dizzydollxoxo - ohad_rosenfeld -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Always ready. Photo by @wes_peebles. #gerbergear #stillserving
stillserving - gerbergear -
klattimorr : @gmahaley Mumble Street Stories
jasonjames11 : @roskee yea good idea
ronaldoaguilon : @marsenault17 its the Gerber 06 F.A.S.T. Its an acronym for the technology it has
littlemissvance : @neptune087
airhead73 : Somewhere out there is a firefighter with no pants or boots...
miurinas : Real man @BearGrylls
mtechtaschenmesser :
tuaz_aka_kash : *naked guy taking a picture of his pants and boots*
amaro_rocha - bfalise - nikolennert - christopher_taibi -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Get out and do what you love most. Photo by @andy_best. @treelineoutdoors
themountainiscalling - mountains - outtarange - getoutstayout - flyfishing - theriveriscalling - adventure - outdoors - getoutdoors - gerbergear - river - fishing -
dackimenko : @mr.holland
mark_matson : @tobm
zeamazingbrogan : @ghostz3ro @loveitup92 this is what I want
tedward31 : @austinchalmers19
tragnor : @jennapitera
itsawildbeargrylls : Cool
jaredsv : @momothemeatman
emilyhry : Amazing! @BearGrylls 
selenamazon - elliota.b12 - nadoislandgirl - sebastien_depalma -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
Tune the bow, fuel the truck and get out with your buds. #JoinTheHunt Click the link in our profile to check out our new Vital hunting series. Photo by @seacatcreative.
jointhehunt -
pouria0133 : I LOVE GERBER
emilyhry :  @beargrylls
jakeburgess54 : @seecotten94
seecotten94 : @jakeburgess54 yesssss
j_long86 : @richard_peeples
richard_peeples : @j_long86 looks like he has the new #sitkasandals on
brooke_boren : @jakepparkin @ianthony14 @hank_seninger can't wait to camp with you guys!!! 😎
jakepparkin : Hahaha this is a hunt brooke @brooke_boren @ianthony14
codybluntz - sebastien_depalma - holisticmystic - wieberr -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | Featuring the Gerber Warrant. Photo by @rakizh. #gerbergear
tantotuesday - gerbergear -
opchunters : @zack_harder I am not being a fan boy I am being objective. And you are not comparing apples to apples. The leek and Manix are excellent blades. And are US made with better steel. The Warrant uses a lower grade steel and is made overseas. Gerber also makes knives in the US with 154cm, S30V etc. Your original comment is like a guy who says one truck is better than another or one gun over another based only on their opinion. It's a moot point.
shortround766 : @zack_harder You're comparing low end $30 knives. I've never seen a Spyder Co. that cheap. You get what you pay for. Like @opchunters said research a blade, buy S30V, and if that doesn't work expect Chinese steel to be of Chinese quality. I'm in the Portland Oregon area where Bench made, Gerber and Kershaw live. All have good and bad.
zack_harder : @shortround766 look into the spyderco tenacious. Around $30 on places like amazon and it's Yet another spyderco I would trust my life with. Chinese made, 8cr13mov blade steel that holds an edge like a champ. Compared to the 30-40 price range of knives gerber makes, which the bear Grylls folding sheath knife I bought would fall right into that category, Better in every aspect. I'm not here to argue with you guys, I'm trying to stop you from wasting your money with these crap knives. @opchunters I don't think you read what I said earlier, my opinion of gerber isn't positive because in the past years their track record isn't. It's not just my opinion. Want proof? Google gerber gear recalls and look at the long list of products on that list. I'm gonna stop right here because you guys seem like you're okay with handing over your money so willingly to a company that doesn't put quality first. So, have a good one gents.
opchunters : @zack_harder you make good points about the tenacious, it is an exceptional blade for the money. You had bad experience with Gerber product - so be it. But the point remains to trash one brand over another is pointless. And your other post was comparing the leek and manix2 to the warrant - now switching gears to the tenacious? Be objective. That's it from me, cheers all!
pooyansedarati : @miladjenab ببین چه خوبه این :-D
miladjenab : @pooyansedarati شبیه اونه که تو داشتی. یکم کوچیکتر!
da_merz : must have knife
benja_cabezas : QUE PROOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
fizi1117 - big_johnni3 - ikrahn - christopher_taibi -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#HumpDay | #PocketDump Day / #EveryDayCarry - Gerber Mini Covert FAST, Shard, LMF II and Evo. Photo by @philipkeet10.
pocketdump - everydaycarry - humpday -
s.e.a.n.1 : Have fun carrying the lmf ll in your pocket! Must have some huge pockets
haayyeess : @tedward31 #CReaPants
tedward31 : Hahaha @haayyeess forgot the chapstick and cocaine lol
sky_just_ : Im looking for a good ruged edc does anyone have any ideas.... Ive owned knives since im 7 :)
philipkeet10 : The DMF Tanto is a very good edc knife! @sky_just_
jose.prins : @bleshtar
fatana.h : @ronsonlambert
om.floyd : Its that watch nixon @gerbergear
isaacsthecat - om.floyd - nachoslo - nikolennert -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | Gerber Paraframe Tanto
tantotuesday -
gaznz1 : MY FAVE!!
s3th_t1tzman : Thats awsome
kahuna007 : I love it so much, I have two
a.z._small : I have the mini but I want one of these!
ben_stxmp_ : I have that one I use It for everything, but mostly or bushcraft at scouts 🔪
michael_mullany : Is that the tanto
michael_mullany : I have 3 paraframes they are not very good
frank_brown : Then why have 3 ⬆️
evales - rizlimontana - chopechicago - christopher_taibi -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
"In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than he seeks." -John Muir Enjoy the long weekend everybody! Photo by @travisburkephotography.
n1kk0.r : @evounit00 cool!
shekar_mahigiri : Goooood
pouria0133 : Beauti photo
gideons : @asihaft
andrea_crow : @samantha_lee_jeffers
sodapop83mln : Nice
rtj_maktoum :
gregorioarcilap : @lil104
dleblanc805 - tsaxt - huss_ramlawie - sebastien_depalma -
gerbergear - Gerber Gear
#TantoTuesday | Featuring the Gerber 06 FAST. Photo by @onlocationco. #gerbergear
tantotuesday - gerbergear -
merryxu1130 : whoa!cool!
classybadassery : @TheKnifeClub!
bearhorse3 : Favorite knife of yours that I own. 1 of 3. You have my support! @gerbergear
appliedfightingmethods : Great knife, I've had mine for more than 2 years and no problems a daily carry!
c.balcom : @skaterratsmith
s13sean : This knife is very poory constructed. Im sorry but i will not return to gerber for any gear.
tim_cunningham : watch my video and pic on my profile of this knife and see if you still want it
ian_losee : @datberiteson
dleblanc805 - mattparkin036 - james240814 - mxgler -
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