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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
*REWARD* PLEASE HELP! Last night a thief broke into the house we are staying at on the North Shore of Hawaii and stole my laptop, camera, wallet, passport, and a number of other extremely personal items. If there are any surfers or skaters in the area that can help locate any of this stuff I would greatly appreciate the help. It's the personal photographs of my family from this vacation that are most saddening. I'm offering a $5k reward for the return of the laptop and any other items. #pleasehelp #thankyou
pleasehelp - thankyou -
curekenzie : @geoffrowley so sorry to hear that! We have been hit four times in the past year. :( computer with 500gb full of videos and pictures of our children being held the first time to our son playing football..., hard drives of our kids snowboarding and winning nationals, our little girls simple jewelry, our kids surfboards and skateboards and ripstick...gone. I hope you get your things back!!! Someone has to know!
_jferrini : Fuckin thieves. Scum of the earth, hope you get your stuff back man @geoffrowley
jcmovement : @john_john_florence @kellyslater
la___woman : @kayla_crowder12 @dankneepowpow 👀
begenie : Why are you asking skateboarders and surfers? You think they know all criminals? Lol
shaaheen.jpeg : @begenie he probably assumes most people that are following are surfers or skaters...
peacelovemusicscience : Damn 5k for photos. Wish.
jordanrollolazo : hate thieves. they'll get whats comin to them, you dont do that shit.. especially to a fuckin legend
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
Thanks to @vansskate for bringing the good vibes and sending the skate crew to Hawaii on video deadline, doing it the right way, the real way. It ain't about excessive spending, it's about building a team, inspiring people and ultimately spreading the word of skate. Vans is a home grown brand, from within skateboarding, it's smaller than you think and better than ever.
shake_o : G.O.A.T. 🐐 @geoffrowley
flotography88 : Nice, looking forward to it. See you after Thanksgiving!
lynn0664 : AND they are the most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn. No lie @geoffrowley @rollorowley
bia4x : @tman_5
clintfrift : turtle bay is fucking incredible
caleb_sk8_figueroa : @svnraex this is gonna be the view to our house when we live in hawaii 💕
svnraex : yes❤❤❤ @caleb_sk8_figueroa
jist0 : #fucknikesb #dontdoitarmy
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
Civilware knives are getting close to offering these badass blades for sale again, after a recent fire and unfortunate circumstances de-railed the manufacturing process. I'm loving how both these blades are performing in the field, there are many knives on the market but these are the toughest and most badass that I have found. #selfdefense #madeintheusa @civilware
selfdefense - madeintheusa -
boniojanu1234 : I got an iphone 6 plus gold @freeapplehere
geoffrowley : Have a good day buddy! @unepainteur
unepainteur : @geoffrowley thank you..going to sleep im in germany bye
papaturek : Keep us posted please!! Been wanting one for awhile.
dannykass : Excited to buy me one of his
geoffrowley : Excited to give you one of these! Get my number from Janae and send me your address. :) @dannykass
gball41 : @bronsonsfather good old raw dope
keifer122 : @geoffrowley by any chance is @civilware knifes good for grip cutting??
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
My life partner @rollorowley has a dance show this evening in Costa Mesa, California. Show starts at 8pm at the Dax Gallery. For more info or to buy tickets go to @theassemblydance this is 45 minutes of choreographed contemporary dance, it'll be a wild and radical visual for all in attendance. #supportthearts
supportthearts -
hangthadeejay : 👏
tim_alaniz : ROWLEY RULES ALL
lefty.2.gunz : Lmao @tim_alaniz
btroubles : @geoffrowley that's rad. I'm also a choreographer/dancer who started skating and dancing the same year. It's rad to see skaters support the arts bc it's all so interconnected👍
dylandoren : Sonic
lynn0664 : Break a leg @rollorowley! @geoffrowley ❤️you!!!
jimtree : #shineoutthefire @rollorowley ⚡️🔥:-) wish I was there @geoffrowley 🔥
rollorowley : Thanks for the love & support @lynn0664 @jimtree ❤️❤️
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
My friend Pinky just put out a killer comic, full of whacked out visuals and colors from another dimension. Check this out, plus prints and limited tees at #support #brighton #england
support - england - brighton -
coryskizm : @rachelfaecoleman
jeremypettis : Whens pinky gettin on ig
breaking_dad420 : Yaaa!!
rachelfaecoleman : Awesome! @coryskizm
nu_dav : Good stuff 👊
leonwillcocks : *colours
bouielean : 🙏
tim_puetz : 😳👍👍
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
It's getting hard to find #blackhillsammo in .357 Magnum. #help #civilarms @civilware
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zhnelson11 : Clean that trash man.
graemehudson : Scouser that loves his guns
tomasps : Cool bRO give me one
aubreyking : @geoffrowley
mysterysciencetheory : Taurus Raging Bull, myself.
landsonny : @roblems that's what I want
g0ld_stein : Thug life!
geoffrowley : I like the old k-frame S&W's, they fit my hand better, helping my aim considerably. Raging Bull is a classic though. @mysterysciencetheory
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
Bear and Lion tracks. We need to manage these larger predators a lot tighter in Southern California, the balance between predator and prey is getting alarmingly one sided.
geoffrowley : We are about to drop our first folder @civilware should be online shortly. I too appreciate the feedback and opinion. Have a great night! @deerjames
deerjames : Right on I can replace my Big 5 special haha. Thanks you too!
lucaslvi : I suppose @geoffrowley means that we need to stop taking their space and occupying their habitat,because of this the balance is getting one sided,its our fault. I'd put it that way,if i understand his thinking...
geoffrowley : We could definitely slow down. @lucaslvi
lucaslvi : Yeah I agree with that.@geoffrowley
mosswoodland : @geoffrowley Reading through all the comments, there's some very sound and well researched information from the real conservationists. It is such a shame in this age of unlimited access to information, education and wild places that many of us still pursue and dictate opinion rather then stepping down and considering the solid facts. Facts that are brought to the table by science research which has no bias and hunters / conservationists that spend their lives observing and caring for our natural habitats.
mosswoodland : Ps keep fighting for what you know is right mate @geoffrowley
geoffrowley : I most certainly will. You should move here. :) @mosswoodland
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
Happy 50th Birthday wishes to the one and only. @steviecab #legend #thankyou
thankyou - legend -
artem_khoshbaktiev : @bakhrom_umarov
dirtdonecheap87 : Must have
anbxlbnc : @steviecab happy bday
bakhrom_umarov : ^^ Четкие ^^ @artem_khoshbaktiev
popeyedood : Yes
a.c.brown : @brendoslice
fasteddiecruiser : Is that pizzanista box? @geoffrowley
freeiphone6everyhour : Check us out
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
I like slamming on rocks. Photo: @jimtree #epicflashback
epicflashback -
dereklikespizza : @stephenmarchio yess!!!
mbarig : @cpdp99 exactly
rtbb_dave : @geoffrowley I want to support more companies like yours @civilware, that are skater started but may not entirely be skater related industry. Any suggestions
geoffrowley : @rtbb_dave try @bravocoworldwide
gannonbanned : @gregharbour
davidtavis : Come check out the natural rock formation near Ottawa ! Better wait till after winter though :(.
geoffrowley : I've seen that, looks fun. @davidtavis
zuko_bradash : Nice !
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geoffrowley - Geoff Rowley
For the fun of it all. #offthewall @vans @vansskate #diy
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shawng : 👍👍
hardy804 : Dat @civilware cutter 🙌
brentdvt : Crafty! @geoffrowley
eightydaysinbmx : cat!
rubenmoraisclaudino : Awesome Man!
swaggaa02 : Awesome
haika_jhuana : muito loco kkkkkkk é das minhas
14jackm : Bloody brilliant! Well done xx
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