Geninne D Zlatkis

passionately curious artist living in a mexican forest with manolo, our two teenage sons and a cute border collie named turbo
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Signed up for my first ever hand-building class at ceramics school. I'll be learning coil building for the next two months :-)
jennysweeney : I would love to do this!
anavictoriana : los churritos!
jaimeisbionic : I wish I had appreciated coil building more when I took a class years ago. I could have learned a lot more. Have a good time and soak up as much as you can! ;-)
clarissahulse : Ahhh... Requires much patience! And a touch of OCD I think 😊
loritimesfive : 🚌 <------ going to school!
mistymawn : Yay!!!!
carriesuea : Love coil building!!!!
mariya_psicheva : So cool) and good luck))
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Eight stamps done, two more round ones to go. They will be bisqued and then I'll glaze the handles in a pretty color and fire them in the kiln. Can't wait to use them on my pieces.
hitchy82 : Do you sell these?
amy_lynne_k : @squinchy
marshanealstudio : @redhotpottery @geninne I was going to mention to keep them just at bisque temps too... 😄👍
loritimesfive : 👏I can't wait to see you use them!! LOVE
weissfeder : Wow cool! I should create stamps one day too...
mariaramonart : Que bien te lo pasas Geninne🌼🌼
coldatnight : So lovely x
seabeans710 : Love :))
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
A little green birdie from my sketchbook.
queen_babs : I enjoy your drawings and art very much. 😄❤️👏
pjsvarnas : Love the green :)
annetics_ : 🍃🍀🌿🍀🍃 it's beautiful @geninne
laurasennott : I'm a new follower, i love your work!
mrs_ketterman : I just love this little green birdie! 💚
tarsiamassari : @naiarasennaavante passarinho verde
naiarasennaavante : @tarsiamassari faz tempo que não o vejo
lwzenke : perfectly green!
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Apart from those to loaves of bread and a pot of beans I also made a little army of stoneware stamps that I will carve out later today to use in my ceramics.
james_shay : Love!!
sinhaapoorva : Can't wait to see what it comes out to be
jpopstudios : I need to do the same at some point! Do you know @kiefferceramics work? She has some amazing stamps!
kiefferceramics : Thanks, @jpopstudios!
charityhofert : I have so much fun making stamps! I'm sure you are as well!
claud645 : thats the clutch.
sanlynet : How cool! A book about this too? 😊
mudbird_ceramics : Gee I wish I had your illustration talents! My work is based around stamp/ impressions. I would love to whip up a batch like this!
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Fresh out of the oven. For the recipe google 'no-knead bread'.
andreinaemi : Your new juicer looks perfectly lovely!
gossamerwings : @geninne have you made them with whole wheat or half and half of the flours?
matricariam : This looks really good! Just looked it up, will try sometime soon thanks😃
sawajie : @geninne woaw! Multitalented! Bravo!
mortezaat : @aazaadehh
aazaadehh : @mortezaat صبح تو فکر بودم که باید یاد بگیرم از اینا بپزم
bikettedelespace : Wow what a bread
nicoledupuisknits : I keep meaning to try this recipe! Looks amazing.
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Sundays are for cooking a big pot of black beans.
resurrectionfern : Pretty beans
mariya_psicheva : Nice shot!
dottergelb : Love it! 🌸
andwhileyouweresleeping : @geninne I would love a good black bean recipe if you are willing to share
ottermom288 : Funny. I just set some to soaking.
sixeightseven : I did this today too! 😊👌
mari_rav : How do you cook them?
very_mucho_alonso : Muy buena forma del limpiar frijoles
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Two bread babies waiting for they're turn in the oven. For the recipe google 'no-knead bread' :-)
jaynevier : Their...
geninne : 😳 oops! @jaynevier
brazilarte : They are beauties, it's such a fabulous, easy way to make lush bread. Enjoy x
wmpmns : I find kneading the most satisfying about making bread. They look delicious though!
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Good morning world!
seabeans710 : Good morning Geninne 💙
buttonsmagee : Morning!
tinvec : Nice time .. Morning ☺18:06 (from MidEurope)
tara.shannon : this is gorgeous.
sanlynet : Hey @geninne what do u do when your succulents start getting too long and stringy? Do u care? Or do u propagate them or do u just let them be?
geninne : @sanlynet that means they need more direct sunshine 🌞
nahuiollina : @geninne Hola, en que están sembradas tus suculentas, en tierra o turba?
geninne : @nahuiollina en una mezcla de tezontle muy fino (piedra volcánica) y composta de lombriz :)
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Beautiful blue house in the San Angel neigborhood, Mexico City.
becky_pliego : Estamos en San Ángel las dos!!!! Estamos comiendo en D'Kírico por sí se animan a tomar una copita ve vino!!!!
becky_pliego : :)
becky_pliego : Nos acabamos de sentar :)
geninne : Ya estamos de regreso en el bosque! Pero para la otra organizamos algo para conocernos :) @becky_pliego
reabrego : Hermoso San Ángel!
anahatakatkin : Oh wow.
aesop_aquarius : Que precioso. Mi gusta Los colored de Mexico
la_boticaria : Qué colores tan arriesgados y tan bonitos!
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geninne - Geninne D Zlatkis
Old blue house I fell in love with in San Angel, Mexico City.
laurawlester : Is that where you live? Is it a good spot to vacation?
luciernaga888 : @laguzman3g 💙
muhsien_otspblog : So beautiful! And luscious
embroiderwee : @heather_e.smith
anahatakatkin : Palpitations
leocajara : Para que Manolo la repare, una belleza
gollybard : So very beautiful! @geninne
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