Kameron Lindo

➳ //⚬ co-founder of even vanity ends | mrs. | jesus lover | creative spirit ⚬// ➳ ❝A heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.❞ ❥
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Stop + smell the purrty lil' flowers. 😌🌸🌷🌺🌸 #fleur #flowers #pink #dontsleeponlowes
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
In a conversation with a special friend this week, I was reminded of one of the reasons why I'm part of @evenvanityends. We all have that something we hate about ourselves, that thing we're most insecure about. For you, it may be your weight, your kinky hair, your freckles, the gap in your teeth. For me, it's always been the mole on my nose. I've been stared at 👀, laughed at 😂, pointed at 👈 + the punch line of many jokes. I've been called every name possible 🙊, not just as a child, but everyday I go out I to the world. I'm not aware of the awkwardly shaped circle on my nose until someone makes a point to remind me it's there. I've often wondered why God put it there, of all places, for everyone to see! For every person that I meet to have to look at it when I'm having a conversation. But today, I'm reminded I shouldn't be afraid of what people think or say because they didn't create me 😌✋. Insecurities are only a result of placing your worth, validation, confidence in the hands 👐 of fallen, frail + fickle human beings. So it's no wonder why I put my head down in public or try to avoid eye contact when I'm in a crowd, because I'm walking in fear of what may come if I'm just myself. God didn't make me to be a coward, to hide the pretty lil' face he spent so much time fashioning. So my mole isn't a mole, it's a beauty mark, evidence of God's remarkable grace to make me special + alike no one else on the planet! 👊💥#bam So whatever you hate about yourself, begin to love it, to embrace it! Don't be so quick to change, cover up, remove or fix the very thing that sets you apart from the world just so you can fit into it. What better way for someone who looks different to reach all those who struggle with accepting their uniqueness? Maybe that's why God gave me this beauty mark, so people would have to stop + marvel at the light of God within me. 😏✨✨ What's your beauty mark? #beauty #beautiful #beautymark #selfharmmm #ugly #fat #pretty #insecure #insecurities #body #girl #woman #unleashedbeauty #thatsdarling #darling #teenvogue #seventeen #evenvanityends
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fyi_im_fly : Hugs + kisses to allluhyall! Lol @jadore_janine @instanisse @oliviaashrei @tesshenley @glennandkeiana @judethejedi @meldanielle @bee.she @adaisaduck
fyi_im_fly : @glennandkeiana you can grab a shirt over at!
fyi_im_fly : @_____itsbree aww thanksth. You're tha sthweetesth lol
_____itsbree : Ahaha I wuv you sthisthter 😊
fyi_im_fly : Hahahahhahahah luv you thoo lol @_____itsbree
meldanielle : Hugth + kitheth right back atchya! @fyi_im_fly
ebby_cakes : Ur mole has definitely always made u different, unique and stand out from the rest. I looked up to u in high school. Ur an awesome and beautiful person inside and out. @fyi_im_fly
kev_lindo_ : That's right GK #sexualchocolate #chocolatedrop #dripdrip #itsralphtho #chocolateshoulders #singingbrownskinyouknowiloveyoirbrownskin
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Coolest lil' hideaway. 👌👌
jeng84 : Where is this?
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Well va-va-voom...guess it's a red light special kinda night lol 😏❤️❤️#happybirthdaytome #pasadena w/ @kev_lindo_
happybirthdaytome - pasadena -
cindybalto : 🙈🙉 ewww lol just kidding happy birthday 😘
skiddleebeebop : Hbd!
veronicapartridge : Happy birthday you beautiful soul, you!
fyi_im_fly : Hahahaha thanks lol @cindybalto
fyi_im_fly : Thank you! @skiddleebeebop @veronicapartridge
jeng84 : Happy Birthday!
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
I'm seriously crazy excited + humbled! For those who don't know, I've recently started a company @evenvanityends with my gal pal @meldanielle! It's been such a beautiful, scary journey to launch not just a clothing line, but a movement of women who are confident in who they're created to be, without the fear of judgement or comparison. And this has been the most fulfilling adventure of my life! We just launched our online shop! So check it out at + if you're down with uplifting women to discover + embrace the beauty of who they are, spread the word!!! 😋✊#evenvanityends #girl #girlpower #women #shop
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preachdre : You're so awesome sis
fyi_im_fly : Thanks bro! @preachdre
_mrsnatalie_ : I love this!! ❤️
ginstin07 : Congratulations girl! That's amazing! May God keep the blessing coming your way.
blessed_ada1 : Beautiful
jaayberk : Happy Birthday Sis
fyi_im_fly : Thannk you thank you and THANK YOU!! Lol @ginstin07 @blessed_ada1 @jaayberk
ladiikrys : Congrats! This is awesome ❤️
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
OMG you guys! 😱We’re crazy excited for the @evenvanityends shop launch! And we’re even more thrilled to offer one lucky gal this Eve tee for FREE!!😝 Wanna win? Head to @evenvanityends Insta for the details! #beholdyourbeauty #contest #selfie #repost #free #shop #girl #giveaway #tee #tshirt #evenvanityends #socality #win
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Seriously?! 😍😍😍Ugh! @amantidecristo looks so friggin' GORGE!!!!!!!! I had nothing to say when she was walking down the aisle, other than omg omg omg! Hahaha #christianaandmike #wedding
christianaandmike - wedding -
jeng84 : Omg that dress tho!
fyi_im_fly : Right?! I literally died a little inside lol @jeng84
jeng84 : @fyi_im_fly I'm literally in love with everything!
rae_lov3 : Beautiful bride
amantidecristo : I LOVE YOU
fyi_im_fly : Love you too boo! Congrats!! Welcome to the club lol @amantidecristo and of course if you ever need anything I'm here!!
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Seriously obsessed with the decor at @amantidecristo's wedding! Oh so pretty!!!! 😍😍😍👌👌👌 #wedding #peachandnavy
peachandnavy - wedding -
virtuousconqueror31 : @sharinitahester
amantidecristo : We did all of it ourselves . Im exhausted thank you
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Biggest + yummiest drumstick I've ever had in night is made 👌😌 #icecream #hans
hans - icecream -
bee.she : But I had chicken and potatoes waitin4uuuu lol #jealous
fyi_im_fly : My bad guh! My sisters wanted to roll to anaheim lol IOU one @bee.she
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fyi_im_fly - Kameron Lindo
Chill nights w/ @taylaa_franklin + @aliyahfranklin #anaheimpackinghouse
anaheimpackinghouse -
jeng84 : Love that place!!
taylaa_franklin - kups_westminster - shonih - lali428 -
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