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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
We'd say it's time to invest in some Depends. You're going to need them for the Comedy Show for Autism (Awareness) when you pee your pants from laughing so hard. If you attended last year, you know what we're talking about and will be back. If you didn't, get your tickets and find out how much of a good time you can have while supporting such a great cause at the same time. Visit www.fullertoncares.com for tickets and more info. Did we mention, it's inside of the historical Fox Theatre. Don't forget to bring your adult diapers!
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Haven't had a bite to eat yet? Matador has Service Industry Night to take care of you until they close today. Discount applies to restaurant/salon/hotel workers. Bring your pay stub as proof.
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Destination Seal Beach >> Here's something that is sure to brighten your Monday. After work, head on down to 320 Main for their Annual Tiki Throwdown. Guests will vote on the best cocktail entry. Also, the flyer says Prizes! We're guessing maybe for best Tiki attire. Guaranteed to be a rum-filled night of fun.
320main : Thanks @fullertonfoundry!!!
fullertonfoundry : @320main 👍
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Thanks for the love, @segwayoc!
segwayoc : Of course! Love the page and all the delicious suggestions. We will definitely come down to check all of these amazing restaurants out soon! @fullertonfoundry
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
I always look forward to the Ikea catalog not because we necessarily need to buy anything for our home. I love flipping through it for some inspiration and especially for storage ideas. Our place is a shambles right now and this page needs to be framed as a reminder.
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fullertonfoundry : #smarterhome #storagesolutions #stressreliever #springcleaningeveryseason
fullertonphoto : Love this! @fullertonfoundry
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Destination Costa Mesa >> Curious about PigOut 3.0 presented by Inspire Artistic Minds? Here's a brief photo recap from the hog-tastic event from last year. One more week until the event on Sunday, August 24th. Get your tickets now at www.100eats.com/PigOut and you too can squeal happily with the rest of us!
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fullertonfoundry : @100eats @inspireartminds #100eatspigout #teamiam
100eats : Thanks so much love!!! I think 100eats.com/pigout has to be all lower case to work... Ha ha... I'll see what I can do to fix that... Ha ha
fullertonfoundry : @100eats Oops, sorry! Correct link is www.100eats.com/pigout party people!
100eats : Thanks for your constant love and support :-)
fullertonfoundry : @100eats 👍Of course, totally love everything you do and appreciate all your hard work. 👏
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Anglophiles and fans of musician Rusty Anderson queued up with delight early last night. The Fullerton Museum went all out (as they always do) with their themed Opening Reception for "Ferry Cross the Mersey: The British Invasion". The event brought out The Olde Ship's famous double decker bus and their popular English fare like Cottage Pie with English Peas on the side and sausage canapés. There was art, food, cocktails and music-- naturally, a bloody good time was had by all.
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fullertonfoundry : @museumfullerton @theoldeship #fullertonmuseum #openingreception #britishinvasion #art #exhibit #rustyandersonafternoon #bloody goodtime #anglophile #fullerton #weknowhowtoparty
fullertonfoundry : #foundryfullertonmuseum
segwayoc : Are those sausage rolls? #nom
fullertonfoundry : @segwayoc Yes!
museumfullerton : We DO know how to party here in Fullerton!
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Mark your calendars and prepare for the best zombie attack of all: Night of the Living Dead at Maverick Theater. Tickets go on sale starting September 1st.
foundrymavericktheater -
carols_catering : @isaaacolivarria take Isa!
mzsmarteepants : @buzzradio
fullertonfoundry : #foundrymavericktheater
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Destination Anaheim >> Farmers Park has free community yoga and their Farmers Market today, both starting at 10am. Hurry over!
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fullertonfoundry : #foundryfarmersparkanaheim
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Happy Sunday! Is your hangover so massive that only a Bloody Mary this size can overcome it?
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roxycortez : Suddenly I'm craving a Bloody Mary (minus a chicken!)😋
wanderwomom : @mybelle__ ours was not as big but I bet it was better
fullertonfoundry : #foundryinternetrandomness
chantaldefelice : @luckiestguyonearth
mammabearto5 : @old_guy_on_bike
suz_schneid : @arnoldcam @ltreydte 😱😱😱
krazykris214 : BAHAHAHA @pink73 now that's a Bloody Mary
ltreydte : That bloody mary could feed a village for a week! @arnoldcam
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