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Forging beauty and vitality in our art and culinary communities.
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Loving this new poster format. Plan ahead and keep track of the Fullerton Art Walk Dates. First Friday of every month. 6-9pm | All Ages | Free!
artbymelindahagman : I see a mannequin 😊
fullertonfoundry : @artbymelindahagman 👍
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Please Help! On November 23, 2014, HopScotch Pastry Chef Ben Warden was hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle. Ben has been a beloved family member at HopScotch since July 2013. He's worked his way up from line cook to Lead Line Cook/Pastry Chef. He's an integral part of their team, but more than that he is our friend. He's currently recovering from surgery and faces some daunting medical bills, as well as general cost of living expenses while he heals from his injuries. Please consider joining us in supporting Ben in his time of need as we know he would do the same for any one of us.
helpout - benwarden - fullerton - community - gofundme - fundraiser - victim - medicalbills -
annewatsonphoto : Done & done. Poor Ben.
iamjillcook : ♥️♥️♥️♥️
fullertonfoundry : Ben is hard-working, humble and an all around nice guy.
fullertonfoundry : #benwarden #gofundme #victim #fundraiser #medicalbills #helpout #fullerton #community
anna_annamaria : :(((
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
The Shopping Soirée event is happening in just under two weeks at the Fullerton Museum with hefty discounts! Winter Market with Santa happens the next day. Plan for it!
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
I've never seen a live ballet presentation before and our friend, ballerina extraordinaire Theresa Knudson plays the Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy. So, if you're like me you'll get your tickets early for The Nutcracker at Fullerton College's Campus Theatre! Such a special treat for the Holidays!
barragan_angela : @chrisisgoing or here? 😊
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
We had a fantastic Friendsgiving at the Izaac Walton Cabin in Hillcrest Park. Super cool place.
gigihead : One of my favorite spots in Fullerton for celebrating. We had our wedding reception and Miles's first birthday there. Memories. ❤️ 😃
fullertonfoundry : @gigihead It's pretty awesome. But no alcohol policy or did you need to pay extra for them to allow it?
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
The Ruche Sample Sale was a flurry of fashionistas looking for great deals! Photo credit: @swishandswoon
swishandswoon : @shopruche so great meeting you guys, you know how to throw a great sale! 👌
phylnicole : Currently debating going but feel like I need a nap first! 😳
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Getting ready for our annual Friendsgiving celebration! Did anyone else gather this year? #friendsgiving #thanksgiving #friends #stretchypants
friends - stretchypants - friendsgiving - thanksgiving -
soakupthesun_70 : @samisbewitched @catiforniaxdreamin @ktouset
mybelle__ : We are tonight !!!!
fullertonfoundry : @mybelle__ Woot! Don't forget the stretchy pants!
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
These photos don't do this exhibit justice. "Where Children Sleep" by photographer James Mollison at Fullerton Museum is a must see.
elmadisonmoniz : @instastalking1 I really want to go to this
kellyj1313 - vinonostrafullerton - imarriedmyprince - cgerish3 -
fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
One of the most powerful exhibits that I have ever seen. So many poignant stories; lots of social commentary; and the photography itself is simply stunning.
orijenal_g : @music_and_minutia we should go to this
music_and_minutia : @orijenal_g k!
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fullertonfoundry - Fullerton Foundry
Friends, a collection of clothes is being accepted at Kelly's Corner at the Fullerton Transportation Center. Also, a small group of kind folks will be feeding the homeless there starting at 4pm and any food donations are very much appreciated.
miantifaz : I love that you called it Kelly's corner. There should be some sort of plaque there that says it.
nancygg : Do you know how late they'll be there tonight?
fullertonfoundry : @nancygg They might be wrapping things up by now. I believe it started at 5. I just dropped off some things around 3:30. You can also leave a paper bag or box of donations by Kelly's Corner. The needy know to go and find things there.
nancygg : Okay great, thank you!
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