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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
@makerbot is now at Fry's!
idealistiq : @joyce_aubrey badass!
jack_hohn : nice
joyce_aubrey : Oh dang! We should have that! @idealistiq
idealistiq : @joyce_aubrey we are getting it soon too
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
Our beeper is still beeping. #TBT
tbt -
geminibrowneyes : @clive_warren remember our codes? lol
xhardkandyx - pacozzy - doubledtvx2 - iamgreatphotography -
fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
Worried about running out of dishes with company coming over this #Thanksgiving? Just make a few extra – out of #bacon. Get your Perfect Bacon Bowl maker at
bacon - thanksgiving -
servo086 : @05mazda oh my goodness.
adijazaret : @thevmet @thecaldwells9 waaaaaaant!
justaminordetail : @the_ultimate_sexy_zebra_lord
anthonynajera90 : @jellyfiche
only_juan_in_7billion : ROFL GET THIS FOR XAVIER! @stefanyco90
the_ultimate_sexy_zebra_lord : @justaminordetail
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
A 5-foot inflatable remote control dolphin - that swims through the air. Yep, we've got it. Get yours at
giftideas - wackywednesday -
fryselectronics : #WackyWednesday #GiftIdeas
chandler_j_mitchell : You guys are the best! @fryselectronics I have been a fan of your site since the first time I saw it. You guys rock!!!!!
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
Truth, justice, and... clean #electronics! Tend to the #tech in your life with these sweet #Superman cleaning wipes. Get yours at
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fryselectronics : #wackywednesday
i_m_bravo : @jimnz916
belowretail : Want Items way below retail? Come check us out! @BelowRetail
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
#Halloween is in full swing across our stores! You can check our more of our costumes under the hashtag #FrysHalloween.
fryshalloween - halloween -
fade2rafa : Have they announced a winner?
bane_mode : Who won???
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
We've received lots of great entries in our #FrysFanCostume Contest, and here are just a few of the many we've enjoyed so far. Halloween is upon us - don't forget to share a photo of your #tech or #gaming-related #Halloween costume on Instagram or Twitter for the chance to win an @ibuypowerpc Gaming PC (valued at $999.99!). How to enter: 1.Follow @FrysElectronics on Instagram or Twitter 2.Post a photo of your Halloween costume on Instagram or Twitter 3.Caption your photo with #FrysFanCostume and @FrysElectronics Enter before 11:59 p.m. PT on 11/02/14! See for Official Rules Thanks to _brycefowler, Imblue68, Giraffe_Hunter, & Oklahomajohnggg on Twitter, and @wlwomack, @phino1, @joshatomic, & @Mscgstudio on Instagram for the entries pictured!
gaming - halloween - tech - frysfancostume -
mrgizmo55 : Pick me for the win
briancmorris : Oh I forgot to list what my costume was! World of Warcraft, Dranie shaman, tier level 6 sky shatter regalia!
mrssendejas : Did you ever announce a winner for the #frysfancostume contest?
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
The iGrow Hair Growth System is some seriously awesome #tech. It uses a combination of LED light diodes and red lasers to stimulate cellular activity on the scalp and energize #hair growth. Check it out at
hair - tech -
marlibearr : @harleyhounddog
john__curtis : @katherine.grace you need to get chad one of these...
matthew_thebarber : @papagino56 @avaxx89 @funky_kreations @may2d2 @aredondo16
number1tango : @stephie_508 you got this in stock? Hahaha
stephie_508 : Wth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we sell the most random shit ever now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @number1tango
mr_neill : @marcieesparza they have everything!
inspirium_delirium : @user_name_already_exists
user_name_already_exists : @inspirium_delirium, shall we go to frys and get one?
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fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
This photo was taken on July 8th, 1988 of our old Mission Court location in Fremont, CA! NeXT Inc. had a small office in the same building. Did you ever shop with us there? #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
tbt - throwbackthursday -
guerrero9951 : Yup, June 2010 I don't remember the exact day but I bought a Sony laptop For my wife for her birthday :)
rings_patriotsjet : My first visit was to Frys Fremont was when I got my drivers license in 98' to buy a stereo for my truck
ilovedragons1234 : My first visit to Frys i didnt want to leave becuase i wanted it but not enough money :(
alanhnelson : No I got banned from your store for peeing in a bottle of apple juice you sell and putting it back.
bakas33 : Loved this place. The memories.
phino1 - ariannajericho - aildmar66 - michael_lopez7 -
fryselectronics - Fry's Electronics
Share a photo of your #tech or gaming-related #Halloween costume for the chance to win an @ibuypowerpc FR750 #Gaming PC (valued at $999.99!). How to enter: 1.Follow @FrysElectronics on Instagram or Twitter 2.Post a photo of your Halloween costume on Instagram or Twitter 3.Caption your photo with #FrysFanCostume and @FrysElectronics Enter before 11:59 p.m. PDT on 11/02/14! See for Official Rules Congratulations to Freddie H. from Van Nuys, CA, the winner of our #FrysSummerMemories Sweepstakes!
fryssummermemories - halloween - tech - frysfancostume - gaming -
jc2op : @http.pax
sexymullatto1 : Thank u
missmoufy : @punkakeman
guerrero9951 : OMG i need this :) sadly I don't have a Halloween #tech or gaming related #Halloween costume:(
colinmccmack : is it sharing a photo of your tech, or gaming related costume or is it sharing a costume that is either tech or gaming related?
aesweeps : thanks!
marc1231965 : like
kpickering63 : thanks
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