Française. Leo. Retired Vixen and enthusiastic Artist 🎨.
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
It's been a long time
perezfecto : I needed my daily dose of Rose
berdell : Thanks for gracing us with your beauty
avila_79 : Que belleza de rostro!!
avila_79 : Nueva foto de perfil... lol...
stefamaral : I love tour as!
heracles75paris : Shalom Sophie
heracles75paris : Beautiful
qbendion2 : Oui, il a été la mère du navire est de retour.Et vous regardez incroyable
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
Alright @hairburst, let's see those miracles everybody has been talking about! Thank you for that super fast shipping 😬 can't wait to get my hair longer πŸ’‡πŸ™…πŸ’
yamiiiirrr : @frenchrosebud hello, is it production impact on hair?
keypiippo : @lisbebelov sulla on sielunsiskoja 😎
mikecintia : @nyerskami csak h hosszabb legyen a hajunk!βœ‹πŸ˜πŸ˜„
phanny_couto : @belzinha_uk sera que ai em Londres tem amiga?
lisbebelov : @keypiippo Jep! Näitä on paljonkin @hairburst ;)
qbendion2 : se il vous plaît poster plusieurs photos magnifiques.Je m'ennuie de vous voir
nawangmareta : @pamvermouth
miss_chachi : I'm on the same mission lol I cut my hair a few months back and want it long again lol
richy_cep - mrnv_1 - humblebynature - poleocanaca -
frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
0zzy_saikou : Sponsored by McDonald's
bigking007 : That Rosebud life
littlecodys : I love n it
sarollaa : @instdimitri svindyr donk väska ...
justbeingcold : β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’―
namebelikugh : Cute bag
qbendion2 : Love your hands
avila_79 : Que lindas uñas... y piernas...
_thedesiking97 - jaimekm8 - drewmonday - sarahbeckett86 -
frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
I love lamb 😍😍
nannio07 : @frenchrosebud πŸ‘Œ
cdc30277 : Yummy!!!!!
lylahmusic : I love too πŸ˜πŸ‘…
vixen_loverr : Where u been boo? U takin some time off the game? The US needs you! 😘
s_guidryfitness : Geezzy.. That looks great! :)
jelanikhalfani : Lamb is good- how are u?
avila_79 : El cordero es riquísimo... como debes serlo tú...
vp12 : @frenchrosebud is duplex the best club in Paris?
julieannxo_ - uncmon_king - kayla_nicole2389 - stone_wall44 -
frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
With my little McDonald's bag idc idc I'm loving it 😍😍 #MilanNights
milannights -
coldxwater : LLLLOOOOLLLL at that WhackArnolds bag...wat happy meal toy u got inside that shit
coldxwater : Lol purse came wit the Mighty Kids combo...ur fuckin hilarious
coldxwater : On the real tho lemme get a fry and ya number real quick...and download my mixtape on datpiff, just search my name
pac6man : Hey thanks for following me on twitter
avila_79 : Esa bolsa no m gusta mucho... pero tus piernas!! Esas si son hermosas... como tú!!
bibi_valentin : You getting skinny
ratethismodel : Did you move back to Europe? Plus It seems like you losing weight.
stefamaral : You will not write more videos to bsl?
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
Meanwhile in France πŸ‡πŸ·
doyouinspireyou : I've always wanted to go there. Hopefully I'll get to do some traveling at some point.
thekingdarell : Bon retour chez toi ma chérie
zebootybook2 : Welcome back ma jolie
madskills007 : Sooo beautiful
the_casalibre : If you are sexual go here @casaprivada
thevoluptuous_luver : A notre belle région jaitais a une soirée au chateau iquem il y quelle que temps de cela c'était sympas tai peinture serai bien la bas dailleur et j'ai vu t'es peintures en vraiiii @frenchrosebud jadore dans un restaurant près de chez moi
madeindla : Je viens de finir deux bouteilles
m_adry_ : @MostafaAdry60
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
Take us back to Cancún πŸ‘­πŸ‘―πŸ˜ @mirnajose
fatal_ : #Hip #movement #crew @frenchrosebud ;)
supaseemore : @tru_marksman
jauhid : @frenchrosebud . . Juss wOw lol Tired . .
nuqaib_official : Uyyyyyyssshhhh
nuqaib_official : 😍😍😍😍😍
roblegacy : I want that nose
avila_79 : No cabe duda de q eres realmente hermosa... β™‘β™‘
d_coopthefinest : Hey im interested in featuring you on our site launching the end of October as an official #CHEWCHEWYPLAYMATE model. If your interested please dm me. #ChewChewyDotComComingSoon
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
"Eugène", just finished this baby 😬🎨 Last month I announced I'd auction Snow White after I was finished retouching it, unfortunately I damaged it so I'm auctioning this one on my Instagram art page @artsophieb. The highest bid will win, and I will reverse the benefits to the #BreastCancer foundation. The auction will end in 24 hours, at midnight tmrw GMT+2 (French time) 😘😘 --> @artsophieb
breastcancer -
ditsitlish : @pickmepickme
photomanik : I'm loving the colors. This is really beautiful artwork.
alexartins : Nice work Juliet πŸ‘Œ
tattooman_teague : id like a print can u keep some info posted? or dm me a link on a price? @frenchrosebud
gotlust4life : I've been following you from day one....when I was in Luxembourg playing ball about three years ago...I applaud you for going in a diff direction with ya career (being an artist) that's a bold, brave move and you are pretty good...mπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @frenchrosebud
elishaangel : 😍😍😍
antgrimmage : This is dope
trudyprobs : Fantastic
flaco_____ - alireza_abazar - juice_man13 - jonh_y -
frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
Gym time (the bag probably made me gain a lot of calories πŸ™ˆ)... Not perfect, but happy 😬 #Clean
clean -
s_guidryfitness : Train hard gorgeous!
vovolivo : je t'aime
bootylover313 : Real beauty
bignovochocincoprivateaccess : Still beautiful in gym wear @frenchrosebud
jair500100 : Super hermosa princesa te amo really really beautiful girl I love you so much πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’πŸŒΊ
darell_c : I would great you like a queen. 😩
brandonjmillzz : Forehead flourishing πŸ™Œ
inaraymund : Här är hakan @sagal.m
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frenchrosebud - frenchrosebud
Haaaa yes Moschino baby you see riiiight thru me *Nicki voice* anybody who knows me knows of my love for McDonald's French fries lol this bag found its right owner 😁🍟
nationalhandbagday -
xoxosanam : @chanelbagheri @nikkideguia chanel needs this πŸ˜‚
wonderouswoman : not! @derpie2000
nikkideguia : @xoxosanam @chanelbagheri omg I do!!!! Lmao for my chikkin nugget trips
dalockmaster : @frenchrosebud. A very interesting bag. I look forward to the outfit you match to it!
laserlikefocus : Looks more like McDowells from Coming To America..
bossyar : This is hilarious
frenchrosebud : #NationalHandbagDay
zetahatake : Hey q bien una cartera de McDonals
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