Fred van Schie

Skateboarding, motorcycles, punk rock, California & social media. Owner @FvSmedia, a social media education agency. #syncupyourshit Costa Mesa, CA.
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
On the way to @woodwardwest with @johnnicholsoniv for the #nhsskategiving weekend. First challenge βœ”οΈ "spot a spot from the vehicle and sesh it". This is gonna be fun! Thanks @gavinseandenike for the invite. @nhs_inc πŸ‘
nhsskategiving -
alwinbundle : #beFredvanSchie #nocomplytailslide
shrewgy : Fun
smilin_knight_of_babylon : @chrisc.blake @jacob_filmsvx @lui_shippah8 @kill_yo_selfie
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
1997, my first time in SF. 23 skateboards t-shirt. #fbf
fbf -
jeremyrx : @sal_barbier
charliethomas : I remember that tee
colexgiles - reachmfg - goldieheadlocks - cruz_ramirez16 -
fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Super stoked to be part of this new @groupy event with #FvSmedia. Hope to see some of you on Tuesday December 9th at Lido Live in Newport Beach, CA. Thank you @marksperl for getting me involved! πŸ™ #GroupY101
fvsmedia - groupy101 -
basrotgans : Zooo cool dat je daar spreekt. Ben al jaren fan van wat ze daar doen.
jimthiebaud : πŸ‘
marksperl : thank you sir... should be a fun night
mrmarkfitzy : Yeah Fred! Big steps. I like it!
fredvanschie : @basrotgans You are the Dutch counterpart of Mark Sperling, like 2 drops of water. I kid you not. Come out here already!
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Two weeks ago I climbed on a bunch of rocks in #JoshuaTree with the Dutch homies. Miss you Smeeks! Thanks for the photo @s_bazz. @alwinbundle is the best. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ„πŸ‘¬
joshuatree -
guiom_z : Nice pic!
ratkingskateboards : πŸ€
s_bazz : You're welcome @fredvanschie. I had the best times!
alwinbundle : #goodtimes for shoo miss you tooooo Freaks! @fredvanschie
bakkerwesley - renevillumsen91 - diegoenrico - palmspringsculture -
fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Twitter released #TwitterVideo for some verified users. Most people will have to wait till 2015. Similar to Facebook, it gives you the option add a Call To Action. Good stuff. None of that #linkinbio bullshit. #InstagramIsOverrated.
instagramisoverrated - twittervideo - linkinbio -
staaygold_ : Oh man
huphtur : Nice. That #LINKINBIO shit has got to go. Right @jenkemmag @sewakroetkov etc etc?
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Congrats @toreypudwill on your 2nd @thrashermag cover this year! #TOREY4SOTY
planbtrue - tpuds - toreypudwill - torey4soty -
fredvanschie : #toreypudwill #tpuds #planbtrue
tcbowa : #yesonwes #sotybattle
gavinseandenike : #WESTGATE4SOTY
fredvanschie : @gavinseandenike @tcbowa It's gonna be another heavy one
epidemicskate : Westgate!
paradoxgrip : #weskremer #allday #neverknowwhathemaydo
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Social media gives you numbers that indicate if something is working or not. Sharing posts from one Facebook Page to another kills your reach. Don't be lazy, upload the content yourself, preferably from a computer, so you can include a Call To Action at the end of the video and sell some shit (or get some more YouTube views). You can rip Facebook videos at or rip Instagram clips with InstantSave. #SocialMedia is easy.... #FvSmediatips
fvsmediatips - socialmedia -
supradist : @fredvanschie yes they sure do.
acetrucks : Wtf, latest version does not allow the media link to be copied?
huphtur : Come on Fred. This is very bad advice what you just gave. Think about it for a minute.
smlwheels : Hey Fred I just emailed ur old email address and copied some people that are looking for possible help. Want me to send it again to the new address?
fredvanschie : @huphtur Why is this bad?
fredvanschie : @smlwheels I got it, all good!
fredvanschie : @acetrucks Get an iPhone already!
acetrucks : No.
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
Some nice additions to the #FvSmedia office walls. Thanks @johnnicholsoniv for getting me these signed @flipskateboards. @alecmajerus @lancemountain @currencaples πŸ™
fvsmedia -
johnnicholsoniv : For real!!! @gavinseandenike @tboysk8 #teameffort
cody_green : πŸ‘
fredvanschie : @tboysk8 always making the impossible happen for @gavinseandenike and @johnnicholsoniv! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
tboysk8 : Haha you know how we do g's!!
6klymer6 : Nice!!
trikz_123 : 😱
trikz_123 : Dang lucky
acetrucks : That Lance boars looks like a ripper!
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
The most impressive factory tour in skateboarding. At Skate One boards and wheels are made from scratch, and seeing that in person is amazing for any skate nerd. Thank you @michael_fu for giving the dutch homies @alwinbundle and @s_bazz the guided tour plus some rad product. Working in skateboarding is awesome, but being able to share this stuff with my friends is priceless. πŸ™ #thankyouskateboarding
thankyouskateboarding - bundledoescali - boneswheels - skateone - powellperalta -
fredvanschie : @stresscracks They drove straight from SF to SB. @mdspb dressed them properly the day before. Ha!
mdspb : Thanks for repping the shop, @alwinbundle @s_bazz !
stresscracks : Listen my first board was a Tony Hawk with Bones wheels... tons of respect for the Powell people. I took a trip there from Sonora with the infamous Pigpen and skated it for two days straight, slept in the cars, no showers etc.
s_bazz : You're welcome @mdspb! And thanks @michael_fu for the (quick) tour and the stuff we got.
fredvanschie : The tour there is beyond amazing. So much history and so much eye for detail. Nothing but respect πŸ‘Œ@stresscracks
alwinbundle : Haha you're welcome @mdspb
alwinbundle : Thanks again @michael_fu
jae_pryce : Nice
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fredvanschie - Fred van Schie
You can now edit the text of an Instagram post after you push it live. And did you notice they added a PEOPLE section to the Explore page. Nice improvements Instagram! Screenshot of the #instagram blog.
instagram -
mdspb : Yet.
blood_wizard : Sic
j0hntr4n : Love the people section.
supradist : Just used it
haydeesentianin : Love this! Thanks for the heads up.πŸ‘
knowgood : Still waiting for multiple account sign in like twitter. This is the biggest downer for me.
rtbb_dave : What is the best app to repost or edit videos for andriods @fredvanschie ??
fredvanschie : @rtbb_dave I use the @instantsaveapp for the iPhone. They have an Android version too.
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