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foodwishes - foodwishes
Our bacon football was just featured on @RightThisMinute!
svenseinne : Fresssssssshhhhhhhly ground black pepper!
sigalgurman : @svenseinne LOL
sarah5aj : Cool πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
quin_ng : @svenseinne if I could like a comment on Instagram I would like that 500 times
russell_feathers : @svenseinne I say this EVERY time I cook now
kiate_goddess : That's awesome this is going to be my superbowl dish
simplybysuzie : There should be more heroes like you. Now cook me a Laotian dish and post that so I can make it. πŸ˜„
_little_birdie : @terjod19 get down?
masterkukai - nyht - phillybear629 - nanettehinchey -
foodwishes - foodwishes
What about rice paper as casing for boudin? Needs work, but has potential.
foodwishes : @thefoodielennial that would be a lovely pairing.
brittanynguyener : @hmn006! Remember when you said you didn't like the sausage casing for boudin?
aeroldoes : @jeffyallencarey Chef John is a #legend
jur4n : with the exception of a few desserts I think Ive tried nearly all your creations with slight tweaks (aka more cayenne than you) absolutely dericious
busvlogger : Hmmm. Good thinking.
shelly_n_g_o : @adamceo
thefoodielennial : I must admit, they're loosely based on your Honey Sriracha wings. πŸ˜‰
danymsimon : I love you Chef John
rizky_nate - cptdd84 - maivcivaj - edoublexe -
foodwishes - foodwishes
Cara Cara
mrbaltan : Cara cara's are so superior.
saf2127 : I need to get one of those cool zesters that makes the strips. My microplane is great, of course, but not nearly as artistic!
helleboringhanna : do you live in san fran?
instagrahamtl : @jmgkeller remember our obsession with these circa 2013
jmgkeller : @instagrahamtl guy currently has a stock of dem #caracaras
aristocob : Knock knock. Who's there? Cara Cara. Cara Cara who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana? No, wait...
ladyandthebean : Chef John! You're my favorite chef ❀️
bananasiyana : Please check this account for my daily cooking diary ❀️ I watch your videos all the time ❀️❀️❀️
mama_joan - graceha1025 - the__shaman - bogomazon -
foodwishes - foodwishes
"Polanda," as I called it until I was 17. #polenta
polenta -
ashleyns90 : 😍
selene_moran : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
selene_moran : I love you chef John!
discodollhouse : Polenta: every Italians comfort food growing up. Warms my belly just looking at it!
aristocob : And some fine looking polanda that is, CJ. I look forward to learning how to make it.
polyglot_gal : It would be so cool to Chef John and Laura Vitale collaborate on a recipe! Love you both! πŸ’• @foodwishes @mrsvitale
joojoo_alkandry - jahkneeka - _jonathanmitchell_ - _vxmm -
foodwishes - foodwishes
Got the friends and family done, so now it's time to shop for my enemies, and this is perfect.
swoonish : @jazzyhoney no entiendo
pill0wh3ad : Love that
abb256 : Now I can trust my taste.. Finally someone agrees with me and he's a master chef....
allthatglitters89 : @djwolfman why I 😻 him
akatstale : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
saf2127 : Chef John, I wish I could quintuple like this. πŸ˜„
aedenandaedrian : Love the caption
terjod19 : @_little_birdie
m_alhussein - aedenandaedrian - sophiefrancine - jmwoo2 -
foodwishes - foodwishes
Because one cannot live on cake and cookies alone. ;) Thanks, @eatthelove and @kerrygoldusa!
proudcubanyig : Our favorite @eldonaquileo
tangerine19 : @tacosnow ahhahah I saw! 8)
aunteggma : @kstems marmiegold
thechefmichael : @foodwishes I have an AMAZING biscuit recipe using this butter chef
pascallepoison : The Irish know where the butter's at
saf2127 : Yes! Kerrygold is the only butter I buy anymore. I used 4 lbs on Christmas cookies alone.
emeralparra : @radryanbro butter ive fallen in love with
wholelottapeggy : @vickaylin it's calling your name
damofitz - kootenaimt - jmwoo2 - chubbicat -
foodwishes - foodwishes
Cornish pasty experiment.
gemielicious : loooove pasties, if there's a video coming, i can't wait! πŸ˜„
lumber_dan : Someone doesn't know how to crimp a proper Cornish pasty ;) @foodwishes
mizz_sunshine_69 : @lumber_dan and @me10forever You two took the words right out of my mouth. Get it together @foodwishes. We know you can do better with that pasty crimping.
northche : That's an "empanada" :-)
theb33rbaron : These aren't mini tacos
annalkitchen : NiceπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
abica_yang : U are so funny chef john...I love your channel !!
jadegreen5996 : This is my favorite recipe right now. I am a huge fan of you. Keep cooking. (:
mermaidginger - aviaskitchen - joojoo_alkandry - carolinemobilette -
foodwishes - foodwishes
I used to think this stuff was just someone mispronouncing "one" in Spanish. #uni #lardo #truffle
uni - lardo - truffle -
tkesey : What be dis @foodwishes
texmexloveslao : Lol!
prettythingsbymal : Hahaha! πŸ™Š
amestiva333 : @chickenbokbok
ariceeeee : You fancy
ginavon : Looks GOOD!
mjwill777 : Wow that looks like a fantastic bite
elizabethhoney : @rarabanana22
gsuratos - esthersdholte - sgrvr - chubbicat -
foodwishes - foodwishes
Turned labels can only mean one thing. There's something getting filmed.
monsieurcheval : Are you filming it?? :-)
mrdrewlarison : @foodwishes Or a lazy bartender…
marnely : Their salsa is out of this world!
zippy_hippy : @foodwishes teach us some Mexican dishes on your channel!
sonjagroset : Just heard about their awesome cookbook! Will have to check it out when we visit in a few weeks!
sigalgurman : YEEESSSSSS
thesharkb7 : Ω‡ΩˆΨ§Ψ§
ilenna__ - alwayssleepy98 - lren_0601 - nurizyannnn -
foodwishes - foodwishes
A palatable IPA? No thanks.
foodwishes : A meet and greet?? Are you kidding? I'd be torn to shreds.
chrizzzemerson : @foodwishes you have to tag @haiyingwangkc for him to see your comment to him. But it's up to you. You are the Jean Claude Van Damme of your Instagram.
inna_bz : I'd love to meet you too! But I guess there zero chance you'll come to Tel Aviv πŸ˜”
mattfproductions : @chrizzzemerson nice one πŸ’ͺ
in_stephan : I'm from Germany and I think we should set up a meet and greet somewhere central so people could get there easily. That is, only if Chef John wants to. Love @foodwishes
ulaslol : Aha me chef john you are so comical
chrizzzemerson : @mattfproductions thanks!
soniiiblue : Very good job on the persian rice chef john , try other persian dishes , u'll love it
sadako_pig29 - alwayssleepy98 - salim.jim - lren_0601 -
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