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foodwishes -
...so, then I turn to Brad and Angie, and say, "an IPA? The last thing we need is another IPA. You guys should do a Rosé."
monkey_mollie : True that
jmasciangioli : @rubenmirabal84
qy.zhn : i love u
mulliigan : lol what?!
andrewgreenspun - erikaistoocoolforsocialmedia - samanthaviciam - aragaonando -
foodwishes -
Granola? Worst. Bar snack. Ever.
fjchowdhury : @anjali_rani @charvig @lethek let's make it a rule to avoid all restaurants that serve granola as a snack 😑
grapefruitsupreme : Pinch of cayenne??
laurenwyee : It needs some bacon
mrbkennedy : Your granola however is excellent. Even my seventh grade students beg for more when I bring it in.
foodwishes : In fairness, the bartenders are great, and the drinks are... In front of me.
funda_wunda : πŸ˜‚
mulliigan : 12 bucks! For a beer!?
indyy89 : Chef John.. U are the best.... I simply luv ya.. U rock.. Ur cooking.. Ur recipes... Everything... Can't wait to learn more from u!
erikaistoocoolforsocialmedia - wilcoxliberty - marzybit -
foodwishes -
Selfie with baby and beer.
youandme41 : Naturally.
cdeagle : Lookin good chef
tamgelaaa : @hanoodle
hanoodle : @tamgelaaa LOL
erikaistoocoolforsocialmedia - giantsteps992 - samanthaviciam - eatfoodlivefood -
foodwishes -
Raspberry beer float. What will they think of next?
t19odell : @yyyyes
jesse_breese_ : If you posted the thumbnail of all your videos on ig you'd get tons of followers and its free advertising @foodwishes there's tons of "food porn" igs
foodwishes : @jesse_breese_ do you mean use social media to self promote? Never! ;)
sarahfax : Oh snap, lambic float? DA BEST
jesse_breese_ : @foodwishes I went to culinary school and I've honestly learned more from all of your videos, over the past 3 years. this foodie appreciates you, thank you!
jesse_breese_ : @foodwishes I just want you to make more money and be more famous utilize your ig!
yuliaqueen : Chef John I'm sooo happy I found your tonatto sauce recipe! I often get a serious craving for something salty-briny and your recipe is perfect 😍 I ate it with a teaspoon lol (maybe that's gross...but it was heavenly to me 😌)
andrewgreenspun - asiantwin1 - what_did_anita_cook - haa_noor -
foodwishes -
With a name like Sin Cherry, I thought this store was going to be a lot classier.
turkish_delight8 : Thanks for the chuckle, @foodwishes
tulsaisntfar : One of my favorite restaurants, The House, is next door!
mscupcake419 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
asphult__leo : Well, if you look up the word sin then hmmmm.
gogopregnancy : @donnellrawlings
mashley_01 - thruverett - wunderfitzig_ - dubzncj -
foodwishes -
What happens if you don't eat your artichoke.
alisonm_naturopath : @bodyelectricvitality that's so gorgeous!!
norecipes : I wonder if you could trim it down to the heart and still eat it with the flowers...
foodwishes : @norecipes Leave it to you to think of that! ;) The heart would pobably by super fiberous by this point, but I do wonder if the flowers are edible now.
norecipes : Hmmm... Maybe lightly battered then fried?
me10forever : @norecipes or sprinkled over some "yellow" food! 😬
jefreythegreat : I vow never to eat one again. Too beautiful.
baking_by_abby : F4f?
zokizowi : That's cool @chokochino
mashley_01 - micocinaandyou - deng.angie - cargramms -
foodwishes -
Why are there pictures of race horses in this Polo store? Does Ralph Lauren think I don't know the difference?
cierra.yoga : @sbueltem
joethebartender : MmmmrrrRachael, I cannot afford to buy you a string of poloponies...
spendpennies : Lol
giogiron : Got em
heathen_ish : Bahahahaha
naturalvrouw : Hard times for inaccurate flair...
mikethebarber63 : You are in a Polo store? Not me, never even seen one!
sidfuchzgang88 : πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
godless_dad - vietlove87 - deng.angie - wunderfitzig_ -
foodwishes -
Was gonna have toast wi/ apple butter, but ended up making this apple rose instead. It's much harder than it looks.
shakeysmomma : Can I meet you if I am ever in San Fran???
heart_of_au : @becksss let's make these
becksss : @mon_dayslight done
justvivs : feel cool
kouta_ono2003 : @nesleee_ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lexical__gap : Just made some myself. Check it out
asphult__leo : I think you mean, much easier than it looks.
daniellezim1 : Oh chef John you're the coolest. Sending you my medical bills after I have a heart attack from all the cookie dough I'm about to eat. Best recipe ever
foodbyagirlandaguy - loolcakes21 - enigma_pop_star - andrewgreenspun -
foodwishes -
Seems like you could charge more than 10 bucks for liquid bliss.
snackingkitchen : Must not be so blissful
j_w_p : @em_hazzard the San Francisco treat
jefreythegreat : It's msg
fieryfairy : There's actually a beer made by Terrapin called Liquid Bliss and it's good, but not $10 good
sorenpr : And, it's an 8-pack even!
ridiculousnicholas : I'm cooking the Cajun chicken Ragu right now! You brought my family back together for Sunday dinner! That's what cooking in the kitchen is all about. Thank You.
theiyanoi : Dear chef John, how does one bacon? @foodwishes
x_m_gao : I love your sarcasm! @foodwishes
lrdv.hp - kwa0608 - m.granstrom -
foodwishes -
Cheese blintz! Video to follow.
janezers : @robinyeep BUT WHHHYYY
simplybysuzie : Yay! You're back!
_3m_ilyyy : Yayyyy!!!
loresleodido : 😍
freddys_berlin : @ares_rock_ use more flower or wetter chickpeas
liwa_food : Looks awesome 😍
dh1234dh : @dreamer_wish
kuma_matata : Bark
nikki.lipp - insufferablefoodie - deng.angie - clareindelfia -
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