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foodwishes -
What happens if you don't eat your artichoke.
geoff.kay : Or you could spin it, and say you got fresh flowers for your wife!
alisonm_naturopath : @bodyelectricvitality that's so gorgeous!!
norecipes : I wonder if you could trim it down to the heart and still eat it with the flowers...
foodwishes : @norecipes Leave it to you to think of that! ;) The heart would pobably by super fiberous by this point, but I do wonder if the flowers are edible now.
norecipes : Hmmm... Maybe lightly battered then fried?
me10forever : @norecipes or sprinkled over some "yellow" food! 😬
jefreythegreat : I vow never to eat one again. Too beautiful.
baking_by_abby : F4f?
benthebold - viviansitu3 - crescentlow - deng.angie -
foodwishes -
Why are there pictures of race horses in this Polo store? Does Ralph Lauren think I don't know the difference?
cierra.yoga : @sbueltem
joethebartender : MmmmrrrRachael, I cannot afford to buy you a string of poloponies...
spendpennies : Lol
giogiron : Got em
heathenish_ : Bahahahaha
naturalvrouw : Hard times for inaccurate flair...
mikethebarber63 : You are in a Polo store? Not me, never even seen one!
sidfuchzgang88 : πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
chowderpuff7 - aalicedav - tevaughnpdacosta - monkey_mollie -
foodwishes -
Was gonna have toast wi/ apple butter, but ended up making this apple rose instead. It's much harder than it looks.
imstephhuynh : @vivkays he also made apple roses! πŸ˜‹
vivkays : @imstephhuynh I saw! So cute πŸ˜„
shakeysmomma : Can I meet you if I am ever in San Fran???
mon_dayslight : @becksss let's make these
becksss : @mon_dayslight done
justvivs : feel cool
kouta_ono2003 : @nesleee_ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lexical__gap : Just made some myself. Check it out
loolcakes21 - deng.angie - annethechix - rasiualex -
foodwishes -
Seems like you could charge more than 10 bucks for liquid bliss.
snackingkitchen : Must not be so blissful
j_w_p : @em_hazzard the San Francisco treat
jefreythegreat : It's msg
fieryfairy : There's actually a beer made by Terrapin called Liquid Bliss and it's good, but not $10 good
sorenpr : And, it's an 8-pack even!
ridiculousnicholas : I'm cooking the Cajun chicken Ragu right now! You brought my family back together for Sunday dinner! That's what cooking in the kitchen is all about. Thank You.
theiyanoi : Dear chef John, how does one bacon? @foodwishes
x_m_gao : I love your sarcasm! @foodwishes
tucatucs - julie.greenough - gallifrey_girl1508 - kwa0608 -
foodwishes -
Cheese blintz! Video to follow.
janezers : @robinyeep BUT WHHHYYY
simplybysuzie : Yay! You're back!
_3milyyy : Yayyyy!!!
loresleodido : 😍
chez_freddy : @ares_rock_ use more flower or wetter chickpeas
liwa_food : Looks awesome 😍
dh1234dh : @dreamer_wish
kuma_matata : Bark
xertsy - rasavimanacooking - deng.angie - liwa_food -
foodwishes -
Oh great, now I want some @AlmanacBeer, and it's still too early... or is it?
moung_c : Never!
sonjagroset : If you want to drink all day, you have to get started early in the morning!
candieyc : It's 4pm somewhere. It's beer oclock
sev_sevi : Yes!! I had a feeling you would have an instagram!! So glad I checked!
jesse_breese_ : Post more stuff...
danymsimon : I love you Chef John
spicysavory : @foodwishes never to early for beer, man, just not in the car! 🍻
miyurufernando : @foodwishes hey Chef John, we are visiting #sfo until tomorrow. Would love to lend you a hand or buy you a drink! :)
richmalloy3 - thejeffwang -
foodwishes -
Our bacon football was just featured on @RightThisMinute!
loresleodido : Awesome! I'm a huge fan of yours. :) Thank you for taking time to check my account. It means a lot! You rock. πŸ‘
justjeannyme : @thejever chef john made it into a football!!
thejever : @justjeannyme HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
chrizzzemerson : @foodwishes the chicken bones lied!!!
z00na : Congratulations u hit 1.000.000 subscribers πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
mellow_radish : @foodwishes never knew you got insta chef. I'm gonna request a lot lol
karen_n_heed : Have followed you on you tube forever! GREAT show!
emily_episkey : WOOO HOOOO!
karen_n_heed - ashleybookman02 - chloedorothy1007 - yi_chris -
foodwishes -
What about rice paper as casing for boudin? Needs work, but has potential.
busvlogger : Hmmm. Good thinking.
shelly_n_g_o : @adamceo
thefoodielennial : I must admit, they're loosely based on your Honey Sriracha wings. πŸ˜‰
danymsimon : I love you Chef John
mommamoffin : I'm really interested in this expirament. What about eggroll papers? Perhaps they would be another option? Boudin is only good if it's casing is crispy in my opinion.
kebinwon : @minseok.eric.kim
spicysavory : @foodwishes very clever!
needahk : @chiliphilosopher
ghasem.morteza - ddelanghe - bananasiyana - monkey_mollie -
foodwishes -
Cara Cara
saf2127 : I need to get one of those cool zesters that makes the strips. My microplane is great, of course, but not nearly as artistic!
helleboringhanna : do you live in san fran?
instagrahamtl : @jmgkeller remember our obsession with these circa 2013
jmgkeller : @instagrahamtl guy currently has a stock of dem #caracaras
aristocob : Knock knock. Who's there? Cara Cara. Cara Cara who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana? No, wait...
britdwn : Chef John! You're my favorite chef ❀️
bananasiyana : Please check this account for my daily cooking diary ❀️ I watch your videos all the time ❀️❀️❀️
iraonate : @foodwishes Yay my name!
scootrino - rachelboyan - leyenchi56 - jaybrawler -
foodwishes -
"Polanda," as I called it until I was 17. #polenta
polenta -
ashleyns90 : 😍
selene_moran : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
selene_moran : I love you chef John!
discodollhouse : Polenta: every Italians comfort food growing up. Warms my belly just looking at it!
aristocob : And some fine looking polanda that is, CJ. I look forward to learning how to make it.
jagfordayz : It would be so cool to Chef John and Laura Vitale collaborate on a recipe! Love you both! πŸ’• @foodwishes @mrsvitale
arkamaya : @nataliesusanto
sientjegotcurves - leyenchi56 - jaybrawler - sena_jae -
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