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Freelance writer, amateur photographer, blogger // loved by Jesus
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Spent the last several days hanging in hospital rooms with my family, feeling the contradiction of 18 weeks of life growing in my belly even as someone I love deals with things like heart procedures and myocardial infarctions and so much pain I have to leave the room. Feeling thankful He never leaves us, in hospitals, on long highways, when our income is insecure, when we are afraid. Feeling so aware I need Him. Man I need Him.
egeedee : I feel every word you said. My mama had to go through her own struggles a day before my dad's birthday no less. And here I was in America, a million gazillion miles away. Life just stares you right in the face at times like these and as hurt as you feel, you can't help but step back in wonder at these wonderful families created around us. We are so so lucky.
nateisliving : I'm thankful too, love you sis.
wwvalleygirl : Love to you today.
sheijermans : His presence wins every time - just knowing He is near. Praying for your dear family!
bloomandnourish : Thinking of you and your family shanna. ๐Ÿ’›
littlegemsusa : Praying for you all!โค๏ธ
dchilti : Praying for your family
joannalinberg : Love you and your thoughts and your pain. Praying!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
My brother handed me and Tim each a bar of this chocolate when we got in yesterday and oh my. 4 ingredients. Sweetened with coconut sugar! Thanks @aptkoy!
foodloves : @newganics my brother ordered these online!
foodloves : @sharjoyhoward yes, my mom was in the hospital for some heart stuff and we were glad to be with her!
newganics : Sorry, meant do you live in Nashville? @foodloves
sharjoyhoward : @foodloves How is your mom doing? I'll be praying for her!
sharjoyhoward : @foodloves We moved to Bolingbrook in December:)
foodloves : @newganics oh! Yes!
foodloves : @sharjoyhoward thank you! And cool ๐Ÿ‘
andrea_bookscout : Well I need this now. ๐Ÿ™Œ
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Sourdough roll + dill dip + tons of fresh organic veggies! I love dill. It is the best.
kb.bazzy : gosh y'all are good at what you do!
cassy36 : Hate dill
bmgvarner : That looks so good. Hope you'll share this dill dip!!
foodloves : @bmgvarner we didn't make it but some cool company in louisville did ; )
mitnollam : Love dill
foodloves : @mitnollam haha!
egeedee : Dill is the best.
clean_eating_journal : Yes! Dill is my absolute favorite fresh herb!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
vscocam -
jocd_like_ocd : I need a lesson! Mine disintegrated in the boiling water!
imissroadlife : What is that?
foodloves : @jocd_like_ocd the instructions on 101 Cookbooks are super helpful! But you're always welcome to come roll dough with me anytime too ; )
foodloves : @imissroadlife gnocchi!
kristy_gardner : Did you remove them as soon as they boiled to the top? You may need to add an egg to bind?
neverhomemaker : I love gnocchi!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
If you're in the nashville area, we'd love to meet you next Thursday! Come learn about #einkorn at @lifefitnessacademy, right on 8th Ave! Cost is $35 and includes food and a book. Sorry you've gotta RSVP fast though because the deadline is Thursday.
einkorn -
vjcuozzo : Actually a 6 hour drive doesn't sound too bad๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’ญ
lifefitnessacademy : @saraestensen come on!
lifefitnessacademy : We are really excited for this party!!!
lindshepler : Wish I could be there!!
foodloves : @vjcuozzo what! You're only 6 hrs away!? You have to come visit sometime for real!
foodloves : @lindshepler me too!
foodloves : @saraestensen @lifefitnessacademy why is Idaho so far????
vjcuozzo : Absolutely!!! @foodloves
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Experimenting with walnut crusts and frozen berries baked into jammy goodness
londonbakes : I like this kind of experiment!
summerharms : Mmmm girl!
naomi_newton : O my gosh it hurts
dsquaredplusc : #nom
offswitchshop : ๐Ÿ˜
bmgvarner : such a pretty dish towel... and the pie - yes.
wwvalleygirl : Ooooo.....tell more...
erinneiner : Jammy...good word, that.
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
He mixed it up this time, half einkorn and half organic unbleached all-purpose. 48 hour ferment!
einkornflour - einkorn - 48hourferment - homemadebread - theeinkorncookbook - sourdough - breadbaking -
foodloves : #breadbaking #sourdough #theeinkorncookbook #homemadebread #einkorn #einkornflour #48hourferment
falgunipatel : Yummy I want this now ๐Ÿ˜‹
inesananasehortela : Wow
puchereta : So good๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jwho : Wow...! 48hrs.
achatwin : Crackly and gorgeous!
beets_and_bones_blog : Beautiful ๐Ÿ˜Š
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
I love when Tim makes his #einkorn #sourdough from #theeinkorncookbook. It (and he) is my favorite.
theeinkorncookbook - einkorn - sourdough -
inesananasehortela : Nice!
summerharms : ๐Ÿ‘Œjealous
_frugal_fashionista_ : Mmmm home made hot sourdough sounds delish!
mitnollam : @foodloves you're my fave, too
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Time for soup!
kristy_gardner : Soup!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
"There are times when we don't have a perfectly suited word from God for our minds. And there is no time to look through the Bible for a tailor-made promise. So we all need to have a small arsenal of general promises ready to use whenever fear or craving threaten to lead us astray." John Piper // thankful for these little memory cards by @summerharms, stuffed with the words I need.
kb.bazzy : they really are the best. I keep em' on my bedside table โ˜บ๏ธ
joannamhui : I need these!!
summerharms : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ oh yay sister!!!
sunshineandseasalt : โค๏ธ
bmgvarner : These look great! Where do you find these?
foodloves : @bmgvarner! ; )
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