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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
An organic baguette, two bottles of kefir and a dark chocolate bar filled with puffed rice and puffed quinoa... But all I really need for a happy date is @mitnollam. Thanks for watching Rocco and making this possible @aptkoy
beautifulundefined : Yay, a date!!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Today I turned 33. @mitnollam and @aptkoy took me to @floriole, my parents took me to Greek food and Rocco not only slept most of the day away, but also let me cuddle him in this outfit. Thankful.
floriole : A very happy birthday to you!
ktswim10 : Happy birthday!! πŸŽ‰
regressada : Little wild thing ☺️and happy birthday!
indianapharmgirl : Happy birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚
chopnashville : Happy birthday!
londonbakes : Happy belated birthday 😘😘😘
pghmomtourage : So sweet! Happy belated birthday! 🎈
neverhomemaker : Happy belated :) πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
When we were interns together in 2006 I never guessed we'd start food blogs on the same day two years later, get married in the fall one year apart or have baby boys just four months apart from each other this year. I love that @happyjackeats and her stunning child!
leaca_travels : Super cute. They both look happy.
leaca_travels : Well the babe looks like he was caught off guard. But still so cute.
mitnollam : Seriously πŸ‘Œ
happyjackeats : Haha that's his phone face! You are so nice, Shanna. And your family is beautiful.
foodloves : @happyjackeats he has a phone face! Ah I love him
foodloves : And @rachel_jay you made this possible! So crazy
rachel_jay : Haha! So crazy! Life is nuts! I just recognized some talented ladies when I saw them. ☺️
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Man, I love him. (ps Thanks for the cool shirt Auntie Gina! @gchilti)
gapkids - morningslikethese - 7weeksold - vscokids - babiesofinstagram -
kac_reed : It's not even real how beautiful he is.
foodloves : @kac_reed haha! Right? You get it. ; )
rachelaliceroddy : Very very OK❀️
gchilti : Awe..I love it...he is more then OK! 😍
steph_calizona : What a cutie!
happyjackeats : Murdo had that shirt! I think he wore it once before he grew out of it. πŸ˜‚
dchilti : What a cutie!!!
joannalinberg : I see you in him! So cute.
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Baby's first bakery πŸ‘Œ
thesaltedtable : my gosh, I need all this.πŸ΄πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
wwvalleygirl : Well done baby!
foodloves : @localforkful we should meet up for a double date lunch sometime! You guys let us know when πŸ‘
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Mmmm Indian food! Thanks @mitnollam @nateisliving @aptkoy
beautifulundefined : INDIAN FOOD IS MY LOVE. πŸ˜‹ (sorry for yelling...I just get excited about Indian food 😏)
vjcuozzo : So yummy!!!!
foodloves : @beautifulundefined haha!
ljferzoco : Recipes please?!
katiemaevaca : Did he make this?! I have been wanting to learn how to do Indian, but it looked too difficult 😣
foodloves : @ljferzoco @katiemaevaca credit goes to Sitar! ; )
quynh181292 - spoon.d.amour - mobina1872 - _rdjj -
foodloves - Shanna Mallon
dulanotes : πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
jocd_like_ocd : What is this!? Looks delish!
rebecca_fallihee : I've been thinking of making something just like this!!
foodloves : @jocd_like_ocd ricotta, peaches and basil toasts!
denmarkgeneva : WoW...sounds really yummy!
erinneiner : Ok. That's what we're having for breakfast tomorrow! (Thanks) πŸ˜‹
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
I didn't know how much I'd love taking this kid's picture! If you can't get enough either, there's now a @dailydoseofrocco insta account. πŸ˜‰
saraestensen : So sweet!!!! Great idea with an account for him! Cannot wait to meet Rocco!! 😍
beautifulundefined : Gaaaaah!! That smile. πŸ˜ƒ
dchilti : What a happy babyπŸ˜€
gabiisliving : Awesome picture 😊
foodloves : @saraestensen me too! Miss seeing you! Get over here!!
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foodloves - Shanna Mallon
Coconut oil fries, a classic dinner fave πŸ‘
littlegemsusa : Mmmmmm
natkaczo : Yummy 😍
claystermcgill : We make these all the time! Throw some sea salt and garlic on there and BAM!
doma_the_follower - noe_petiterecette - tumblrcomico - essentially_fit -
foodloves - Shanna Mallon
This little hunk and I have had a rough day, but I love him. And he's so adorable in his new @etsy hoodie -- thanks @michelex200!
happyjackeats : Love those dark eyes!
elissamarcuson : We had a rough day too but my little man must have worn himself out because he slept from 930pm-3am before waking to eat!
dchilti : Oh how I remember those days but like you said you still love them.
foodloves : @michelex200 @sheijermans @tea_austen @happyjackeats thanks guys!
foodloves : @elissamarcuson aw that's just what Rocco has started doing! Usually 10 to 4/5... And he seems to be sticking with it πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
foodloves : @dchilti aw thanks deb, that's nice to hear. PS thank you so much for your sweet note. We are thankful for you and for your prayer!
wellthatsaud : @cgfour this baby was born a day or two before Tate and his name is Rocco! You knew there was a Rocco coming so where ;)
cgfour : Oh So cute! Finally my Rocco!
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