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Army wife. Mom of 2. Healthy living Blogger. #PAStudent. #FitFluential #BeachBody Coach. foodfitnessandfamily(at)
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
That's QUITE the game description haha. Go Cats! #arizona #beardown #wildcat4life
beardown - arizona - wildcat4life -
ashbashlove : #gorebels ☺️😉
palomab10 : ❤️💙❤️💙 #gocats #beardown
tharo1511 : Bahahaha!!! OMG that's freaking awesome!!
foodfitandfam : @ashbashlove booooooo. Ha. We will be in Vegas in December though ;)
megantomomma : Vince is running around singing "bear down Arizona!" Did you see what I did here today at our target here in Vegas?!
foodfitandfam : @megantomomma BAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Can't wait to get back to the dessert this winter. We are hitting BOTH Vegas and AZ :)
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Too soon? I think not. #beerme #friday #relax
friday - beerme - relax -
michelletuell : Never! @foodfitandfam even pumpkin spice lattes are back!
chrisannaruns : Yum!
lfretwell1 : Did you ever get my email? :-)
foodfitandfam : @lfretwell1 probably - could you resend it though? I've been SLAMMED with school and it may have been lost in the shuffle!
lfretwell1 : Yes I will, I guessed you were supper busy with school. Enjoy the beer... You deserve it!
ourfullplate : @foodfitandfam I can't wait to crack my first drink tonight. What a week!!! Enjoy the long weekend!
fcjewelrydesign : Do you drink it with a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass? It's the best!
magahabellybean - goalinreach - masondancer1 - hilarischaefer -
foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Another reason why I love my Polar FT60 I got from @Fitfluential? More accurate calories burned compared to machines! Kicked my booty with 20-minutes of the stair climber. #fitfluential #teampolar #smartcoaching #fitmom #fitfam #workout
fitmom - fitfam - teampolar - workout - smartcoaching - fitfluential -
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Yup. Big test tomorrow. Haha. I hate the lungs. #pas #paschool #pastudent #paschoolproblems #studentmom #SOtired
pas - paschool - sotired - studentmom - paschoolproblems - pastudent -
healthytidbitsblog : You will do great!!! Good luck!
kbdisk : I feel ya... I hated pulm too... Just take deep breaths and it will all be okay. (See what I did there 😊)
kimmy_pal : I'm 2 weeks out from taking my PANCE and I still have these conversations with my pa school friends! It's such a long journey! It's worth it in the end though, and you will get there!
mj_toth : Hang in there! Just took the PANCE last week! It will all be worth it in the end!! Just chip away at it :)
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
A casual outfit for you guys today! Heading to dinner with Chris and his parents while the kiddos play with a sitter. Sometimes it's nice to just have adult conversation :) #whatiwore #jcrewaddict #jcrew #ootd
whatiwore - jcrew - stripes - casual - mystyle - fashion - fashiondiaries - ootd - igfashion - jcrewaddict -
foodfitandfam : #fashion #fashiondiaries #igfashion #stripes #mystyle #casual
librariane13 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
librariane13 : Esp your watch and shirt and shorts ok EVERYTHING lol
emyc63 : Super cute! Have a nice dinner
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Happy Thursday! Took a break the last couple days but back at it today with an outfit of the day for you! #ootd #whatiwore #fashion #igfashion #targetstyle
whatiwore - paschool - professional - pastudent - wiw - chevron - fashion - targetstyle - ootd - businesscasual - igfashion - pafashion - fashiondiaries -
lfretwell1 : I'm moving to Savannah for Sept\Oct with my almost 2 yr old son as hubby us working down there. Any tips on things to do with little ones/ general Savannah things to do?
ourfullplate : @foodfitandfam love the skirt!
patty818mx : Can I email you? If so, what's your email. I need PA school advice. Thank you :)
foodfitandfam : @patty818mx for sure! Foodfitnessandfamily @gmail
foodfitandfam : @lfretwell1 email me!
medicalboardreview : Awesome outfit!
patty818mx : I was having trouble finding this picture! Anyway found it and I emailed you :)
changelaaa : Lovely=]
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
First workout with my new @polarusa #FT60! As easy to use as my FT40 but has some fun new features. Can't wait to figure them all out. Did a full-body circuit today and DID NOT lock myself out of my gym locker 😂😁💪 #fitfluential #fitmom #fitgear #polarusa #trainsmart #workout #igfitness #sweateveryday #makeitcount #fititin
polarusa - makeitcount - sweateveryday - workout - trainsmart - igfitness - fitmom - fititin - fitgear - ft60 - fitfluential -
lisamarie30281 : Does it also function as a regular watch too? Thanks!!
foodfitandfam : @lisamarie30281 sure does! Hang tight though - I'll be posting my review next week with a discount code!
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Happy mail day to me! You guys know how much I LOVE my @polarusa FT40. It's been the best #fitgear I ever bought and it's been nearly 3 years. Thank you @fitfluential and Polar for letting me review it's big sister! Check out the #PolarUSA FT60! #fitfluential #polar #heartrate #trainsmart #review #ad
polarusa - heartrate - ad - polar - review - fitgear - trainsmart - fitfluential -
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foodfitandfam - Madeline G
That would be my lock - the key is in the locker. The gym doesn't have a bolt cutter. Why????!!! Oh and I have class in an hour and no car keys. Hello Monday! Not the best way to start the week #frustrated #epicfail
frustrated - epicfail -
sweetinsahmnity : Oh no. Maybe they can ask over the intercom if anyone has a pair in their car?? You never know. Worth a shot.
lindz1984 : Hold the lock with pliers and hit the bottom with a hammer! It's worked for me in the past when I couldn't get in our shed
kmoriarty30 : Are you around here? I have a pair of lock cutters
sideofsneakers : Oh no!!!
etruria : Oh no! 😖 time for a combo lock!
foodfitandfam : @etruria Chris is getting me one haha
stefanieboyles - dannythefife - oclark13 - fruitsaladmum -
foodfitandfam - Madeline G
Holy yum - dinner is served! Adapted a recipe from Cooking Light. Chicken, asparagus, and artichoke lasagna! #ffcheckin #fitfluential #fitmom #cleaneats #eatclean #dinner #nom
ffcheckin - nom - dinner - eatclean - fitmom - cleaneats - fitfluential -
blissful_eats : Looks so good! I love trying lasagna that's not traditional.
days_to_learn_by : Recipe? This looks SO good!
jessicoffey : Will you post the recipe on the blog this week? I make your crockpot lasagna all the time so this will be great to add to our rotation!
foodnfitdiaries : Looks so good!!!
liasfarmlife : Oh I have to try this! Such a great combo of flavours!
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