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Over on the Folksy blog we talk to the FABULOUS FINAL FIVE @luckydipclub box designers, and take a peek into their studios. This pic is from the studio of printmaker @ellaosbornes who has created a totally tasty original piece of art for the #LDCFolksy box {and says her favourite things are pants}. Link in profile people πŸ’‹ PS. We'll be picking the winners of our box giveaways tonight! So check out the @luckydipclub page later for the IG winner and the Folksy Facebook page for the FB winner! ⏰
studiofolksy - ldcfolksy -
folksyhq : #studiofolksy
ellaosbornes : Hurrah, wahey, etc, @folksyhq! xx
fintyloves : Very exciting!
wgleek10 - calico_the_cat - vintagehousecoruna - kobyandthefox -
folksyhq - folksyhq
Oh my, this lion with a flower wreath is a beauty. It's painted by @bykellyattenborough (please say she's a relation... to Sir D not to the lion) #folksywip Find Kelly's shop and her lion here πŸ‘‰ folksy.com/shops/KellyAttenborough
folksywip -
bykellyattenborough : @folksyhq Thank you for showing my lion. Unfortunately I'm not a relation to sir D πŸ˜”
folksyhq : Our dreams are shattered @bykellyattenborough πŸ™Š
lucyogilviegrant : Oh my.... That is LOVELY! @folksyhq
cowstudio : Gorgeous lion @bykellyattenborough !! πŸ™Œ
wgleek10 - arty_fact - vintagehousecoruna - justmeoz_1983 -
folksyhq - folksyhq
What would you say to someone thinking of selling their work? That's the #folksyhour topic tonight. So if you've always wanted to sell your makes or if you're an established seller with loads of tips, come over to Twitter at 8pm and click on the #folksyhour hashtag to join in. πŸ“· credit: @welaughindoorsuk
folksyhour -
allison_sadler_ : @folksyhq yay! I'll be there :)
folksyhq : Whoop whoop @allison_sadler_ πŸ‘ See you on the other side xx
welaughindoorsuk : Thank you for featuring my work @folksyhq! Sorry I missed the chat x
wgleek10 - happy_thimble - estevaogarrido - therainbowpaperie -
folksyhq - folksyhq
How lovely is the bright and beautiful studio? It belongs to the wonderful @elodie.g.illustrations. Elodie is one of the 15 designers making something ✨ brand new ✨ for our #LDCFolksy box with the @luckydipclub. {If you haven't entered our comp to win one, there's still time!} #studiofolksy
studiofolksy - ldcfolksy -
allison_sadler_ : @folksyhq gorgeous space :)
alisonsye : Beautiful studio
serious_stamp : Can I move in? 😁
nanacatani : @uberthames - também tem o site. Inglês pra você morrer
uberthames : @nanacatani lindo!
vivirios02 - wgleek10 - emma_of_the_shire - estevaogarrido -
folksyhq - folksyhq
Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! Are you doing anything nice? Biscuit, donut and pizza bunting by @nerd_that_draws πŸ‘‰folksy.com/shops/NerdThatDraws #folksywip
folksywip -
nerd_that_draws : @folksyhq Thank you for the post, all bunting is available now. I can't wait to launch these which will be very soon πŸ•πŸ©πŸͺ Happy Monday 😊
wonderful__flowers_ - toffee_and_teal - babluyahoocom - hicklingcottagecrafts -
folksyhq - folksyhq
Is your Earl Grey lacking in edginess? Do you wish your Lapsang was a bit more swooshong? Then you need these Fashion Set stacking cups by Glazed and Confused Ceramics, featuring Isabella Blow, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss. And if you're quick you can get 15% off with the code CONFUSEDSUMMER. Shimmy over here to the Glazed and Confused Folksy shop πŸ‘‰πŸ’ƒ folksy.com/shops/glazedandconfusedceramics
creativpaper : Please read your DM @folksyhq
stitchingarainbow - emmajayne_designs - eng.loveinfinity - arty_fact -
folksyhq - folksyhq
Have you heard about our @luckydipclub box!?! We've teamed up with the phenomenal Lucky Dip Club and 15 of our awesome makers to produce 300 limited-edition boxes that each feature a lucky dip of five goodies including screen prints, jewellery, ceramics & paper goods. EVERY product is brand new, never before seen & super amazing! Wanna win one? Then hop over to @luckydipclub and find out how! Open worldwide 🌍 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 🎈🎈 #LDCfolksy
ldcfolksy -
luckydipclub : Woop Woop πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
fintyloves : 😍😍😍
jessharvey1991 : Win me some pretty things @shufflet 😊
__emilyalice__ : All done!!😊
arty_fact - theotherelsie - vanillakiln - calico_the_cat -
folksyhq - folksyhq
πŸ’• Are you excited? πŸ’• We have @luckydipclub collaboration box news! The final five makers producing all-new all-amazing handmade treats for the #LDCFolksy limited-edition boxes are.... @belsartworld who has screen printed the cutest illustration you ever did see πŸ’™ @ellaosbornes who has created an amazing piece of art πŸ’›@elodie.g.illustrations who has worked her magic on a brooch you'll never want to take off ❀️ @delphineandmax who has lovingly crafted a hair accessory that's perfect for picnics πŸ’™ and @cotton_clara who has made a fruity DIY craft kit πŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’™ The 300 boxes go on sale on Friday 5 June at 7am on the LUCKY DIP CLUB website. Set your alarms ⏰ πŸ“· credit : @delphineandmax at Lucky Dip Club X Folksy Box
ldcfolksy -
ellaosbornes : Hurrah! I can shout it from the rooftops!
folksyhq : Did you go right up to the top @ellaosbornes? 🏑
delphineandmax : Yay @folksyhq ! The hush hush project is out, we're so excited!! We're having a little dance right now πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ˜€
folksyhq : Totally dance worthy @delphineandmax. Can't wait to see your goodie πŸ’•
bopeephandmade - jamesgreenprintworks - not_in_new_york - antodaicapellirossi -
folksyhq - folksyhq
How cute are these little illustrations by @kekekakauk? She's going to be making something extra sweet for our special-edition @luckydipclub boxes which launch on Friday 5th June. We'll be announcing the final five designers creating ✨ brand new ✨ goodies for the boxes on IG tonight. So don't move. Not an inch...
kekekakauk : Thank you,! @folksyhq so excited to find out another 5 designers
diana_aud : Love them β™‘β—¦πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
folksyhq : Aren't they amazing @diana_aud? She's very clever that @kekekakauk
sewkawaii : @papierplatz these are the guys teaming up with lucky dip club πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
emilia_djiapouras - sabrin_abdelal - s.suleyilmaz - clores.gomes -
folksyhq - folksyhq
We're suffering from barely-containable excitement about the amazing creation @littl_birdy is making for our @luckydipclub box. We wish we could show you but we can't. So instead here is a picture of the lovely studio where is being made. Does that make up for it? #studiofolksy #LDCFolksy
ldcfolksy - studiofolksy -
littl_birdy : Ha ha @folksy I know ive tried taking photos of them. But because of the size it's impossible to do a teaser without giving them away!
baillieday - hanbok_kids - miho.note - jamesgreenprintworks -
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