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This weekend to celebrate the Year of the Maker (and the Bank Holiday - YAY!) you can fill your Folksy shop for FREE!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ From 6pm tonight until midnight on Monday, you can open a brand new Folksy shop and list up to 20 products for free OR add 20 products to your existing Folksy shop and not have to pay a penny! It's all on us :) Show us what you're going to list and share the love on #folksyfree πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Happy FriYAY and happy Year of the Maker everyone!
folksyfree -
curiousseagull : Thanks guys!! 😊
legyviel : Great timing! I have loads of items that need relisting!
sixelevencreations : Woohoo! Thanks @folksyhq πŸ˜€
birdandmonkey : Yay thank you @folksyhq I will get listing πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
collection47 - spottydaisy - lovelittlelyra - brendabcrochetcreations -
folksyhq - folksyhq
We could post pictures of Do A Little Dance's embroideries all day long. Luckily for us she's this week's featured maker so we have the perfect excuse. Here's just one but there are loads more over on our blog where we interview Sojung, the incredibly talented maker behind the embroideries. We've popped a handy clickable link in our profile so you can find it and fall in love πŸ’›πŸ°πŸŒΈ
preciousnewbornknits_ : So lovely πŸ’•
daisywings2 : So cute! 😊😊
kikidsparty : @kikidsdicas
rhiannonconnelly : Very pretty :)
suzzlescraft - justkatecraftin - formylittleman - mlceramics -
folksyhq - folksyhq
How beautiful is this little bird bowl? It's made by @sheenaspaceyfolkart who is is incredibly talented and also happens to be our featured maker this week. Sheena creates ceramics, folk art paintings and mixed media work inspired by folk art. And all this week you can get 10% off her work with the code Maytime16.
alisonsye : Lovely
dottiedesigns : Very beautiful!
sheenaspaceyfolkart : ♥ thankyou lovely Folksy ! : Gorgeous x
francescaabram - ceraminic - pinkgreen1 - crafty_queens -
folksyhq - folksyhq
That making/marketing/admin balance thing is never easy. We're putting together a blog post with tips on how to get it right, and we'd love to hear how you do it. What works for you? How much time do you spend on each part of your business? Do you plan your day/week or do you just go with the flow? What do you do to be more efficient? πŸ“· by @poumistudio on the #studiofolksy tag
studiofolksy -
poumistudio : @thekimkatcollection thank you 😊
sianuska : Wish I had some tips but the truth is I often feel like I'm chasing my tail a bit. I have limited time, my son's pre-school hours, to crack on an make but sometimes I just don't feel creative then. Think I need to get more organised with a timetable which has flexibility so that I can make use of those 'not feeling very creative' times. : Oh heck @folksyhq it's a juggling act that's for sure! I'm really hoping to be in a position to be more organised within the next six months. Looking forward to the blog
nanfanjewellery : Work in Progress for me this balance. As soon as things get busy all my intentions reg social media and marketing go out the window. I have a long list of ideas that I'd like to try out and I try to fit in a few each week so that I can feel the business is moving forward and not just fulfilling orders. I'm very big on lists - one for the day,one for the week, one for the year :o)
emilyjohnstonglass - carenbarry - soozidanson - danceordietrying -
folksyhq - folksyhq
This gorgeous work station belongs to our featured seller Diane Lee from @silverhares_jewellery. Such a lovely space. There'll be more pictures from her studio on our blog soon and here's her shop #studiofolksy #folksywip
folksywip - studiofolksy -
alisonsye : Lovely
dianesdecoupage : so tidy!
coverstory_craft : How organised! πŸ˜²πŸ‘
saiafhs - carrot_style_shop - hookloopknits - cumbrianlongarmer -
folksyhq - folksyhq
How do you plan your days? Do you use a to-do list (like the lovely @moggshop), an app or just go with the flow? What works for you? If you need help, we've got some time-saving tips on the blog (check our profile for the link). And you can see what the wonderful Sally from @moggshop creates here πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #feelingfolksy #studiofolksy
studiofolksy - feelingfolksy -
thelittleredhenjewellery : Definitely an old - fashioned to-do list!
sianuska : To do list, with a few pre completed tasks for satisfying immediate 'ticking off' βœ”οΈ
folksyhq : Ah, the old here's-one-I-did-earlier. A to-do list essential @sianuska πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
kay_barwick : A list, which I generally loose by the end of the day by turning over and writing measurements on!
myredhandgang - _hippogriff77_ - madebyhelen1 - jacqui_yo -
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Oh @lionheartmag you are a delight. If you'd like to win your own Lionheart, head over to our blog where we've got 5 luscious copies to give away πŸ¦πŸ’›
pipistrelledesign : Yey Hels, fantastic!! @lionheartmag πŸ‘πŸ’•
charlsvallance - brontebags - formylittleman - jean.jeanine.s -
folksyhq - folksyhq
As it's almost May (April where did you go?), we've got a brilliant new calendar for you! May's calendar has been designed by @hannahruthbailey88 from HB Illustration and it's all kinds of lovely. It's inspired by springtime and the joy of watching things grow outside. It's a total gem. You can download it for free (yay!) on our blog and we've popped one of those clickable link things in our profile. Enjoy! πŸ’›πŸŒΏ
liisliisliisliisliisliisliis : ah, sweet! *follows* πŸ˜‰
truly_yours_personally : I'll be checking it out today @folksyhq - flagged up the email last night πŸ˜„
themistletoeoak : This beautiful, thankyou @hannahruthbailey88 @folksyhq :)
gatheredthreads : Love it!!
komoonko - bylisabellah - marianilssonillustration - jenny_hyde -
folksyhq - folksyhq
This is a sink with purpose. It belongs to screenprinter and illustrator @lisastubbs5 and it's where some of the magic happens ✨
hellohellododo : This looks familiar except ours is our bathtub and all our visitors are horrified πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ
lisastubbs5 : I love this sink! Years of colourful creativity embedded into it! Thank you for sharing @folksyhq
instapostcardshome : Love this!
ellengreendesigns - gingerbread_house_jewellery - natashacrawford96 - therosegardenemporium -
folksyhq - folksyhq
How amazing are these stained glass bears? They're made by this week's featured maker @jennynewallstainedglass (who by the way is totally awesome)
maddyvanderheijden : Wonderful 😍
hookawoolly : They are lovely! 😍😍
gillybjewellery : Lovely!
northerntangles : Beautiful πŸ’™
melissa_june - up_creates - debbiea68 - sansyar -
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