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🌏 Traveling the world ✌️ Youth ambassador @nad1880 πŸ’‘ Improving accessibility @motionsavvy πŸ‚ Action sports community @dflyco
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Enjoying the geothermal view at Hells Gate mud bath. #Rotorua #NewZealand #Adventure #Playhardflyfar
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Happy thanksgiving everyone! #newzealand #scubadiving
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summer_radiance : I'm loving all of your photos and snapchats! I'm literally living through you right now!
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Universtal studios in Orlando Florida. The new Harry Potter ride was one of the best rides I've ever been on.. It must've costed tens of millions to build. Highly suggest everyone check it out. #adventure #playhardflyfar @jrnadconf #jrnad
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alexcalish : Great images!
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Leaving Rochester, NY was by far the healthiest decision I made for myself. After leaving, I realize just how much I really drank and smoked in roc and the college environment is still impacting me when I am 29 which is quite ridiculous. I moved back to roc after starting my first company @dflyco my life started going down hill and life happened. I got a opportunity to move to SF for an amazing opportunity and now I moved back to rochester after starting my 2nd company @motionsavvy and the cycle continues. I'm just not myself in Rochester and the last year really showed. I've only drank twice in the last 3 weeks and while I still have a major problem with junk food I think that'll really be solved with my 2 month trip to New Zealand starting next Thursday. I'm at 225 pounds right now up from 235 but before I return to America I want to hit 190 at least. Thank you everyone for putting up with my shit for the last year. It's been an extremely confusing year for me but no more. And I'm glad I'm doing this before I hit the big 30 next year. #determined #playhardflyfar #cleanbodycleanmind
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anglearead : We'll miss you. πŸ˜•
fluidimagination : Will miss you to @anglearead hope it's not to long till I run into you again.
shlibok : Courage is the foundation of growth. Have a great journey there!
oceanymist36 : ..And I'm more than glad to have seen and gotten to know you better when you were in the Bay Area! Proud of you 😊 I truly wish you the best of your journey. Hugs! ❀️
cassner : Then come back to Seattle after that? :)
tobyfitch : I second @cassner
cherradactyl : Woohoo! Good for you Ryan. I know age is just a number but I definitely feel different after hitting 30 this year. Come visit us in Cali! Hard not to live a healthy lifestyle out here:)
leah_akre : If you come back to seattle, message me. Id love to hang out with you and catch up the past 10 years. Lol you look good ryan. You look exactly like I remember but older. :-P
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
In Orlando Florida at Jr Nad conference with the future leaders of tomorrow. @nadylc @nad_yap @nadconf @nad1880 #leaders #youth #future #inspire
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oceanymist36 : I see you've already met three of my students 😊
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Started reading this awesome book that focuses on 6 key qualities of an idea that sticks: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotional, and Stories. Thanks for the travel book @katiemurch #startup #startuplife
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modernlifehackers : Great book πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
fayolamoise : Sick!!
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
@dflyco hats are here! Contact @nise7en if you want to buy one and support the deaf action sports community! #playhardflyfar
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wayfaring_away : wantttt
bryanjramos : Gonna need em @dflyco
letskate15 : Where can I order dope those hats?
letskate15 : ??????❓❓❓❓❓
fluidimagination : @letskate15 contact @nise7en at zack@dflyco.com he's super pumped to get these hats out to Dfly skaters so let him know ur interested in buying one. I just bought mine this recent weekend and it's sick!!
letskate15 : Thanks bro I want 5 hats lol
fluidimagination : @letskate15 haha @nise7en is gonna be pumped to hear that. These hats are the best thing dfly has come out with in a while. I'm thinking of buying a 2nd one myself. When you grab the hats take pics I wanna see what kind you grabbed
letskate15 : Sure no plm hats then next I want hear about dflyco board 😍
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Aspen, Colorado #playhardflyfar #adventure
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
Hola from Red Rocks, Colorado #playhardflyfar #adventure #seektheworld
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fluidimagination - Ryan Hait-Campbell
In the middle of nowhere #Kansas
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