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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Jean-Luc Godard's 3D opus GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE opens here tomorrow. Amy Taubin of Film Comment magazine called it "a masterpiece, a film attuned to a future that likely will not come to pass." #nyff #godard #3d #filmliveshere
godard - 3d - filmliveshere - nyff -
filmcollection : i m crazy to watch it!
inelectricnoir : It's absolutely incredible. Maybe even his best work.
elegantdandyfop : Is that official American poster? Holy cow, it's great!
nunz_s : Need to buy my ticket 🙊
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Join us tomorrow for the 15th anniversary celebration of David Riker’s groundbreaking neorealist classic, LA CIUDAD. In this landmark NYC film, the lives of the city’s newest Latin American immigrants are given lyrical expression in a series of four stories of loss, hope, and struggle. Filmed over the course of seven years, and featuring a cast of mostly nonprofessional immigrant workers, La Ciudad is a unique portrait of New York at the end of the last century, and a powerful exploration of what it means to be American today. The screening will feature the world premiere of a newly remastered DCP, and a special post-screening discussion with the filmmakers and members of the original cast. Photo by Ariane Burgess #laciudad #filmliveshere
laciudad - filmliveshere -
chrisiminaj : @garysm50 ur friend's movie showing at the Lincoln centre!
princessgraceus : We are so proud of our Statue Winner David Riker. Can't wait to hear him speak tonight after the film!
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
#fbf Elisabeth Moss came by a few weeks ago for her #polaroid with @myrnasuarezphoto and @20x24studio. #NYFF alum LISTEN UP PHILIP opens today! #filmliveshere #listenupphilip
listenupphilip - filmliveshere - polaroid - fbf - nyff -
00films : You're so cute
cynnybarebum : She is all kinds of radical .
godlis : Peggy
achusted : Always a fave!
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Novelist, essayist, and playwright Marguerite Duras (1914-1996) wrote the screenplay for Alain Resnais’s HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR, which would greatly impact the burgeoning French New Wave. Duras directed 19 features and short films, many adapted from her own work, all exceedingly difficult to see in the U.S. On the occasion of her centennial and the re-release of Hiroshima Mon Amour, we present a selection of her formally daring films, movies adapted from her writing, and more. Pictured here: Jeanne Moreau in MADEMOISELLE #tbt #margueriteduras #hiroshimamonamour
hiroshimamonamour - tbt - margueriteduras -
geoffshelton : So excited for this. Big love to the programmers/curators!
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Director Ruben Östlund and actor Johannes Bah Kuhnke last night for a special screening of FORCE MAJEURE, winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Photo by Barbara Anastacio (@baanastacio) #forcemajeure #filmliveshere
forcemajeure - filmliveshere -
insanadana1 : @magnoliapics
duketulipp : do you know what lens was used to take this picture?
filmlinc : @duketulipp a question for @barbaranastacio!
barbaranastacio : @duketulipp 200mm canon
mayukombean - moviegod - isaacdrury - deniskas -
filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR is a devastating experience on every level: visually, sonically, emotionally, intellectually. Thanks to a new 4K restoration, Alain Resnais' modernist masterwork can now be seen and heard, once again, in its full glory. Opening Friday! #classic #alainresnais #hiroshimamonamour #NYFF
hiroshimamonamour - nyff - alainresnais - classic -
jessekahn1 : @ess2168 ?
momasterz : @kainaqueen
liladne : @vonvonny let's go?
vonvonny : Yes!!!!!
cinescapism : @nhtagoer
awildthornburgh : @tagheryoureit @kreifler @sarahrhale You ready for another intense movie experience!?
vonvonny : @liladne lets go Sunday night.
liladne : @vonvonny yes bb
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
BIRDMAN star Michael Keaton. Photo by @godlis #NYFF #michaelkeaton #birdman #filmliveshere
birdman - michaelkeaton - filmliveshere - nyff -
daviddilillo : @thevaldman classy.
lisamaria0 : Top notch performance. Thank you @michaelkeatondouglas
thevaldman : Epic @daviddilillo
willnandez : @mikeyv623 he's looking rather sophisticated
instagrahamwinfrey : Don't call it a comeback
t10aguerre - aretthe - yi8537043 - theartist29 -
filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Someone said something really funny at the BIRDMAN press conference... Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough - photo by @godlis #birdman #NYFF #filmliveshere
birdman - filmliveshere - nyff -
melancholicmermaid : Great shot!
kumanzue : @giuseppegrassob @juanactorodontologo
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Naomi Watts back for BIRDMAN! Photo by Barbara Anastacio (@baanastacio) #NYFF #birdman #naomiwatts #filmliveshere
birdman - naomiwatts - filmliveshere - nyff -
samfetner : @foxsearchlight
helenacardoso : @hewe_
marisalara707 : Liev is a lucky guy, #naomiwatts is so beautiful! @naomiwatts
naftalilives : @liz_j_pilk look at that dress!
liz_j_pilk : Gorgeous @nbr77
ohchloe90 : Stunning
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filmlinc - Film Society of Lincoln Center
Director Alejandro Iñárritu, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Zach Galifianakis and Emma Stone on stage for BIRDMAN at #NYFF Closing Night! Photo by Sean Diserio #birdman #filmliveshere
birdman - filmliveshere - nyff -
el_george : Fantastic movie!! A part from Amores Perros, his best movie so far!
marisalara707 : Can't wait to see it! Bravo! 👏 @filmlinc
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