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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
five years ago today i went to the humane society "just to look" at this crazy mix of a dachshund / bassett hound / lab / retriever puppy. clearly his big puppy eyes and giant paws won me over, and here we are, five years later. baer is the most gentle dog, puts up with everything his big (little) brother does, and wants nothing more than for you to just touch him. i am so thankful i just 'went to look' that day 😘 // #baerpup #rescuedog #fiveyears #dachshundmix #dogsinbowties 🎩
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_rosadoherty : Always adopt! They're the most grateful and wonderful animals. @fhasselhof love your blog and your pups! 😊😄
4lovesthesun : So sweet ❤️
ahaydanek : He looks so handsome with his bow tie on!!😄
tastefulstyleblog : Adorable!!
missilizzi : Baer!! 😘
elahood : I just want to hug him!!
soehnke : He is such a sweet dog-A teddy bear in a dachs-and what-ever-else- mix costume!
helloframboise : He's so cute! Love that face.
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
fridays are my least favorite day of the week - a week that starts with an exam at 8 on monday morning, is spent 10+ hours a day at a desk learning, and never has a stopping point because between now and boards, there is no day off. friday hits me the worse though because everyone else is done for the week, celebrating #tgif, and has a weekend to look forward to while my weekend will consist of 25 hours in the library, until my next exam on monday morning. sometimes a little diet breaking is in order just so I don't lose it. i am so grateful i am here and get a chance to become a doctor but man, sometimes this is such a drag 😕 // #frandoesmedschool #medlife #sendreinforcements #medicalschool #endocrine #hmph
hmph - sendreinforcements - endocrine - frandoesmedschool - tgif - medlife - medicalschool -
speedlimit_60 : @frozen.in.carbonite
mdlart : Sooo true!!!! Med school is a privilege and a curse at the same time. Hahaha
efutley : Hang in there girl. I get ya.
michilooss : Fridays I both love and hate. I go in at 6:30am to the hospital to see patients, then class and then in Mondays I go in at 8am. So tiring.
nickyminor : #yougotthis @fhasselhof
tibahasan : @saraalbayati
fhasselhof : @yangxx2 dang, good luck girl! I hate those kinds of weeks 😔
fhasselhof : @emflem I can imagine - plus I imagine seeing some of the damages that Friday nights out can cause doesn't make it any better! My dads an ER doc too and he says weekend nights are the worst because everyone is blitzed out of their minds 🍻😉
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
testing out a few new products and tools • I have always used just a bronzer for a little bit of contouring but this @aestheticacosmetics palette is showing me the error of my ways • @oneloveorganics is a brand I keep coming back to, especially in the dry winter months - this skin savior helps combat those dry patches • I've tried a ton of brow powders/sticks/pencils but the @anastasiabeverlyhills powder is my favorite • that blank tube on the top is a mystery mascara I'm trying out - I can't wait to see the #curlpower name released! • I've wanted to try this @bobbibrown gloss for a while but unfortunately it's going back - it just doesn't do anything for me • it was finally time to upgrade a few of my most used brushes to these (still fairly affordable) nicer ones • // #makeup #sephora #review #bobbibrown #ulta #oneloveorganics
curlpower - oneloveorganics - ulta - sephora - review - makeup - bobbibrown -
allybans : I love the Bobbi Brown gloss simply because a little goes a long way and it doesn't crack. Also, Anastasia is the only thing that touches my brows. I usually use a pencil though.
caitcy : What do you use from one love organics? Winter+pregnancy=really dry skin
fhasselhof : @sugarandchiffon I totally agree - it was just kind of blah and no where near worth $25. I also thought it was strange that it was called "almost pink" because I thought there would be at least a little pink but it was almost white! So strange 😕
fhasselhof : @caitcy I have the skin savior. I put it on my dry patches and it has really helped that dry stretching feeling I get on my skin!
caitcy : Thanks!
oneloveorganics : Thank you @fhasselhof 😘
ladyreykjavik : Lovely photo, as always. 👌 Thanks for the follow! I've been following you for some time and recently started reading your blog, as well. I really like it! 💗 Don't know how you keep it up alongside medschool, but you're doing a great job! 😀
melissabacci : The NYX butter glosses will change your life 💋
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
naaaaaants en vwen yaaaaaa! 🌅 // #circleoflife #thinksshesking #catsofinstagram
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duemidwest : This picture is so cute but I wish I could give a second heart just for the caption! Haha
thejustjacq : Hahahaha that caption took me a bit. I thought you were trying to say not even morning. But that didn't work. 🐯👈no lion
jevanswi : Haha caption is on point! 👍👍
hurricanekimi : Wow it took me entirely too long to read the caption 😹 love it!
sugarandchiffon : This is so good.
antoniaeh : This picture is too good! Can't stop laughing.
andiejanexox : 👌🐱
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
his 🐾 + hers 👣// #ootd #pawprint #snow #hunterboots #hunters #dachshund
pawprint - hunterboots - ootd - hunters - snow - dachshund -
oliviaaimes : Nice
ladyreykjavik : 😍 That's such a cute photo!
pantsuitlife : Aww! ❤️🐶
ohsnapitslilybug : ❤️darlin
lagrenadine : Lovely pets and beautiful pictures. I like very much your Instagram account, so I follow. 🎀
meganyfly15 : 🙏❤️
rachel.brader : @emmeltwins puppies and boots! Your favorite
pixxyapp : ❤️❤️❤️
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
the negative degree weather makes me thankful for big scarves, hot coffee, and dogs that lay at my feet ❄️ // #ootd #blanketscarf #monogram #whiteelephantdesigns #whatiwore #loft #essie #baublebar
monogram - whatiwore - loft - baublebar - essie - whiteelephantdesigns - ootd - blanketscarf -
whitecoatwardrobe : @extrapetite no problem! Can't wait to see how you style it! Although I'm not petite (6' tall 😜 lol) I absolutely love your classic style and have been following for a while! Have a good one! 😘❤️👗
shannasaidso : Come see me in Texas!! It's almost 80 today!! Okay, don't hate me for just telling you that!
elegantees : I'm not sure how I got through a day before coffee😉
copperfox86 : thank you!
whiteelephantdesigns : 💗💗💗
bavaccaro : Love that mug and scarf ❤️
helenso_ : @vincentso15 dat scarf doe
shopemmajoy : LOVE your style!! 💕💕 if you love jewelry come check us out :)
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
The best part of blogging is meeting all sorts of wonderful people you wouldn't otherwise. @whitecoatwardrobe is one of the classiest, smartest, and best dressed women I "know". She sent me this amazing package that included two beautiful scarves (one in the exact style I've been looking for for weeks!), these "fits perfectly into your white coat" notebooks, and the sweetest card (which, side note, I need to get my own of because how cool are they?!). It was so unexpected and sweet of her, and actually made me tear up because it was all so thoughtful. Sometimes the Internet, and the people in it, are the best 😊❤️ // #carepackage #blanketscarf #verabradley #whitecoatready #jennybevlin
blanketscarf - verabradley - jennybevlin - whitecoatready - carepackage -
britt_bruce : Soooo sweet!!!
_carpar : What brand are those notebooks?
verabradleystyle : ❤🌸
fhasselhof : @_carpar they are Vera Bradley slim journal set. So pretty, right?
_carpar : @fhasselhof yes very cute! 👌
alundewhitler : @whitecoatwardrobe
doctorsoftomorrow : So cute! That Vera Bradley journal looks perfect!! 😍 I might have to be getting myself a few of them, considering I already have a VB obsession. 😁😊
gottaluvvera : 💖💕
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
post exam ritual: fix my nails, read something that's not a textbook, clean my house...and then study 😕 // #medlife #essie #dresstokilt #luckymagazine #asos #notd #manicure
notd - essie - manicure - asos - medlife - dresstokilt - luckymagazine -
fhasselhof : @carola_lodi ohhhh cold stone sounds amazing right now. And thank you, I ended up doing really well on that one, which was a nice little confidence booster haha ;) we need one of those every once in a while!
antoniaeh : Your manicures always look so lovely!
maria683 : @gnatgirl @fhasselhof thanks ladies!
ruth_morriford : I have the same ritual every time I submit another draft of my PhD dissertation chapters #phdlife
howcomfy : I love Essie! What is this shade? @fhasselhof I use Essie's Good to Go topcoat @maria683 and only Essie polish!
fhasselhof : @howcomfy it's dress to kilt! ❤️
tjbrandt : Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't give for your time management skills. You take on one billion things and still look amazing and maintain your sanity! Whenever I feel like a day is getting too intense, I head over to your Instagram for inspiration to get through 😊
catcherinthestyle : 👌
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
quitting instagram because no future picture could top this one 😹 // #micdrop #catsofinstagram #laughedsohardicried
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hurricanekimi : Hahahah I love this! 😹😹😹
trfab : Bahahahahaha!!!
simply_a_ : He must be studying for the COMLEX I, too.
kristinm1985 : Look at the feet lol
heyitsaudge : @vrose1028 you know
fhasselhof : @simply_a_ right?! 😲
dmoffo : Lol!
speedlimit_60 : @frozen.in.carbonite
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fhasselhof - Franziska Hasselhof
a monthly brunch date is worth getting up early for to wash my hair and put on real clothes 💁 // #ootd #brunch #rebeccaminkoff #vincecamuto #whatiwore #pufferbelly
vincecamuto - whatiwore - ootd - rebeccaminkoff - brunch - pufferbelly -
alongthelinesofstyle : 😍👍
writeslikeagirl : you look so happy and so cute!
amor_feliz_ : Love the bag!
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