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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
most of our belongings are still in boxes and will be for weeks (new carpet is being put in...sometime) but we have wine and each other and that's all that matters 😊 // #mushyinsta #homesweethome #movingday
homesweethome - movingday - mushyinsta -
sari_ramirez : Aww, congrats!!
jdanielleallen : Where is the rack from? So cute. Congrats!
cjcawilliams : Can't wait to see the new place!
marvelousmusings : Seems like you've got all the necessities covered 😉 congrats!
teacherlife : Rack is from Ikea
liter81 : Any tips for integrating cat and dog homes? My roommate unexpectedly got a dog and it's fair to say my cat does not like the intruder.
fhasselhof : @jdanielleallen see above! Thank you @teacherlife - it came with the house and I hadn't had time to check for a label yet :)
kb_rufus : @fhasselhof I just read your blog post! You should look up Dansko for flats, they are do comfortable!!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
of all the things that have surprised me over the past two years, falling in love with a grocery store was not one i expected 🌻 // #wegmans #birks #sunflowers #hoardingourfavorites
sunflowers - hoardingourfavorites - wegmans - birks -
joukola : I've totally driven across the border for Wegman's.
misserandom : Best thing ever about the northeast!!! I too am in love with wegmans
margrodes : can't get enough of wegmans
cmariebaldoni : Hope you went to the flagship in Pittsford, that place is what I miss most about my college town
val2201 : I miss wegman's so much!!
moniquebianca : love this shot! tag along with #birksandfloors to be featured!
thereticulate : Wegmans makes the best cookies and cheesecake. TO DIE FOR!
jevanswi : Yes! Wegmans, half moon cookies and dinosaur BBQ are easily upstate NY's best contributions 😊 #proudithacan @fhasselhof
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
finding white jeans for these thighs was one of the more difficult things I've done this month 😉 more info on my most recent blog post! // #whitejeans #nordstrom #madewell #ontheblog
madewell - nordstrom - whitejeans - ontheblog -
happymedley : You look great!
_lindaneufeld_ : You look amazing! It's so wonderful to finally find someone who is not stick thin and looks so fabulous! Thanks for representing us curvy girls so extraordinarily well! :-) go girl!
emflem : but... 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #nailedit
dailykayley : You dress your body so well! I cannot recall a single post where you don't look even a smidgen less than extraordinary!
puttingmetogether : I love this look.
svikkivmh : So blonde!
be.elizabeth : dude.
tvibblog : I will have to check these out, I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans for years!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
oh upstate new york , you're so dang cute ☀️ // #comingbackforyou #pittsford #eriecanal
eriecanal - pittsford - comingbackforyou -
mosie514 : I know this place! 😜 Enjoy! And congrats on another year down. 👊
scudderin : the best part of Rochester - be sure to visit simply crepes along the canal for a great meal!
kelseyaklute : So cute!
sarahfrys : If you go into downtown Rochester, check out Scratch Bake Shop for some amazing treats!!
elledubz : Ahh I love it there!!! There are so many awesome things in Rochester!!!!
sincerelysara22 : Ohhhh pretty!
frappuccinomom : You're in my neck of the woods!!
aopappas : Love Pittsford! One of my close friends is from there, such a cute town
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
today I put on more than mascara and am spending hours in a salon chair fixing this mess on my head and I could not be more excited (how do I get someone to wash my hair for me all the time? 💆🏼💆🏼💆🏼) // #ootd #whatiwore #anthro #paige #madewell #totewell #bananarepublic
whatiwore - ootd - bananarepublic - anthro - madewell - totewell - paige -
fhasselhof : @fashionpolisa ahhhh!!! Best of luck - you'll do great 👍🏻😘
shannon_seckel : @fhasselhof wahoooo!!!! Congrats friend! I'm slightly envious...my test date isn't until June 16th... And we have to take a 9hr practice test today😁
sari_ramirez : Enjoy!! I don't even need to remind you that you deserve it!
liter81 : Congrats on finishing! How much of a break do you get before third year? Third year goes by fast so enjoy it. I can't believe that I only have 4 more weeks until I become a 4th year.
leximichelle91 : Congrats girl! Third year, here we come! 😉
puttingmetogether : That's on my to do list too! Haven't cut this mop since before Addie was born. It's getting outta control! 😳
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel ugh been there - you're so close though. Time will fly!
fhasselhof : @liter81 we start rotations next week 😕 so only a week to move so it'll be busy! I'm so jealous - I hear fourth year is the promised land 🙌🏻
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
it's time to celebrate! thank you for all the good luck wishes - it's been a long 5 months but we are finally done! 🎉 // #frandoesmedschool #celebration #medlife #medicalschool #pourmeanother
pourmeanother - frandoesmedschool - medlife - medicalschool - celebration -
pattyann423 : @fhasselhof Congrats! Enjoy your well deserved time off!
dmfinn : Great job girlie! I'm in my last 2 weeks of studying for Step 2 but you've finished the big one!! :)
fhasselhof : @mindfulofmed it was....interesting. Not as horrible as I thought but so nerve wrecking!
aadrab : Awesome! Enjoy your summer!
mindfulofmed : @fhasselhof I'm happy for you! 3 weeks till mine and I'm freaking out 😑
heyacui : So happy for you! Must be such a relief!
alexandravolo : Congrats!!!
amandashawclark : I'm ridiculously happy for you!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
this guy can't wait for tomorrow to be over either - we have so many walks to catch up on! we both need the exercise 🙈 // #baerpup #whatdiet #morepizza #andburgers #medlife #boards
whatdiet - baerpup - boards - morepizza - medlife - andburgers -
abokhari89 : So close to being done!! 🍀 good luck! Let us know how it goes! :)
welegant : Wishing you the best!!! Ace it!
happinesswinner : All the best for tomorrow! I know you are going to kick a**! :)
duchessbelle : Good luck!
guisedecuevas : Good luck!! You deserve a lot of rest and puppy's walks and everything your heart wish!!!
aadrab : Good luck to you!!
dabneys721 : Gooood luck!!! 👍👊🏻
myeditblog : I thought about you today as I was stressing over something stupid... I thought settle down Yen, Fran has way more stress than you;)
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
spending one last day at our favorite library 📚 ps there's a new post on the blog about wrapping up second year! ❤️ // #mercyhurst #frandoesmedschool #medlife #ootd #loftgirl #sperrys
sperrys - loftgirl - ootd - mercyhurst - frandoesmedschool - medlife -
mason.and.miles : @fhasselhof omg!!! Im applying right now to only DO schools!!! do you have a blog posts about what OMM labs/testing are like and how you picked your school?? ☺️😍☺️
keairaaaa : I strongly second that DO blog request!
fhasselhof : @mason.and.miles best of luck!! Where all are you applying?! I don't have a specific post about it though but maybe I'll write one this summer. Let me know if you have any questions!
mason.and.miles : @fhasselhof all along the east coast from NECOM to LECOM in florida, a few schools in midwest area, basically places close to NYC & ATL (im applying to like 25 lol) fingers crossed 😬, cant wait to read them! :)
liter81 : Good luck!!👌🏼pretty soon you'll be here🏥and not here 📚
camchristian_mdd : Nice pic!
abokhari89 : I just want to point out that I'm incredibly embarrassed at the fact that I've been wearing free DIT tshirts and sweats for the past few weeks after looking at your cute outfit 🙊🙊🙊🙊
fhasselhof : @abokhari89 don't be! I'm right there with you 95% of the time. I haven't worn more than mascara in weeks 🙈
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
lucy's thoughts must be along the lines of "the humans stare at this all day long, so the only way to get their attention is to sit on it". seven more days, miss lucy, and we will both be free 😎 // #catlife #medlife #ineedthatbacknow
medlife - catlife - ineedthatbacknow -
leximichelle91 : Lucy and Harvey have parallel lives 😂
shannon_seckel : 7days! Yay! You are almost there! Are you taking the #USMLE & #COMLEX, friend? @fhasselhof I've officially decided to do just the COMLEX myself... Ah. 😁
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel same here girl. I'm staying on the east coast-ish and everything I'm interested in is fine with just comlex so there was no need to put myself through it twice. When is your date?! We are so close!!!
shannon_seckel : @fhasselhof I totally get it. Good for you! Stay the course, you're almost done (slightly jealous😉)! Mine is on June 16th. We just finished our last final this morning...now it's time to really FOCUS!
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel I'm so jealous of how much time you get! We took our last final this morning too :(
shannon_seckel : What?! 😳 are you serious? That's pretty tight timing... When do ya'll start rotations? @fhasselhof
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel yeah it's pretty nuts but I've also been studying since January because of that time line so I'm soooooo ready to be done haha. We start June 1st!
shannon_seckel : Wow! You are a rockstar 👊🏼 @fhasselhof we start our rotations early July, so I guess it all works out 😉 hang in there this last week!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
an iced coffee a day keeps the doctor away? 😉 // #ootd #whatiwore #jcrew #oldnavy #everlane #studytime #medlife #icedcoffee
whatiwore - ootd - oldnavy - medlife - jcrew - studytime - everlane - icedcoffee -
makingrestorations : You're killing g me @fhasselhof I miss coffee so much!
grassfedmama : <3
sarahsreallife : More like "an iced coffee a day keeps the future doctor awake."
je101213 : @fhasselhof are you loving your everlane backpack? I start grad school in the Fall and am looking into one! Good luck with boards!!
preparingforpeanut : I start dreaming about tomorrow's iced coffee after the last sip of today's. The best #coffee
fhasselhof : @efreeman124 omg that is perfect 😂
fhasselhof : @theadoredlife it's the lighting ;) but thanks dollface 😘
fhasselhof : @je101213 it's pretty nice! I like that it's simple and not full of embroidered names and such. I've been using it for like 7 months and it isn't really showing any wear :)
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