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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
it doesn't get anymore american than baseball, hotdogs, and beer 🇺🇸⚾️ // #pittsburghpirates #pncpark #pittsburgh #merica
pittsburgh - pittsburghpirates - pncpark - merica -
shealennon : Saw that you got the win too!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
apparently world famous, but really just delicious 😛 // #whitehousefruitfarm #blueberrydonut #jackrogers #iwanttopaintmynails
iwanttopaintmynails - jackrogers - blueberrydonut - whitehousefruitfarm -
rebeccalately : I love those sandals!
alexjbond : Yumm!! I wish donuts were as popular over here as they are in the US! We have a few shops slowly opening up but none of them look nearly as appetising as the ones over there!
sempremelissa : Oh yay, White House! (I'm from NE Ohio.) I'm so excited you discovered it! They have lots of yummy stuff in the fall, too. :)
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
instagram has always been about community, and i am so thankful for the women in medicine community i have found here. here are just a few of my favorites I follow - from medical students to new doctors to physician assistants. medicine isn't very glamorous (too much blood 💉) but they sure make it look pretty 😘 // #medicine #womeninmedicine #fransfavoritesoninstagram #medlife
medicine - fransfavoritesoninstagram - medlife - womeninmedicine -
fhasselhof : @leadercass the stethoscope is a great idea but they may give her one at her white coat ceremony so it's worth checking that out first. Other gifts I can think of include anything related to coffee if she drinks it (I love my one cup machine!), pandora one is a great subscription if she listens to music as the commercials are super distracting, if she's going to a colder school then really nice slippers will come in handy, otherwise school supplies or a little doctor usb I have are cute little gifts :) I wrote a post last December with more present ideas for med students if you want a few more ideas :)
ussama_maqbool : (Y)
britt_bruce : @fhasselhof You are the sweetest!! THANK YOU!! This is one of the beauties of social media that we have the opportunity to connect and be inspired from people all over the world really! I just love following you and your journey! We have to stick together 😘!
leximichelle91 : @fhasselhof thanks for including me, you're so sweet!! So happy we've had the chance to connect and share this journey! Medicine is a challenging field, but seeing so many other lovely ladies succeeding is such a huge encouragement.
ljlkm : Holy hot doctors!!! Beauty and brains is a formidable combo, ladies. You're a great inspiration to women everywhere!
leadercass : Thank you @fhasselhof . I knew I could count on you for some great ideas. I will also check out your blogpost on gift ideas. :)
alliehumm : @kwine18
goldengracekelly : @medstudentkitchen I see you and Colt!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
it's officially the weekend, so it's officially time for wine 🍷 // #winetime #larssonjennings #madewell #ootd #sweetsweetfreedom
winetime - larssonjennings - madewell - ootd - sweetsweetfreedom -
fhasselhof : @erinmcarknard hahah verrrrry good point ;)
fhasselhof : @4lovesthesun the next time it's not up in a ponytail :)
fhasselhof : @svikkivmh here in America, tomorrow is basically a holiday so we all have off ;)
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel today was much better since they have no surgeries planned but yesterday was sooooo long. I think time will fly though. Did you start yet??
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel just saw, not until Monday. Yay for a long weekend!!
_aomer : @saraaamahmud
freudandfashion : U get weekends off as a med student???! 😜 Enjoy it girl! 👌
shannon_seckel : @fhasselhof ooh so I've heard that's the "norm" for surgery... Hang in there and I know you're squeezing in your rejuvenating moments when you can -- those are SO important. Ps. I think your coordinator and my coordinator are talking...I have 6wks gen surg after family med too! Lol😂
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
14 hours in the hospital and 2 hours in the car later, I finally am done with my first real day of surgery...and I didn't faint 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 // #frandoesmedschool #medlife #medicalschool #surgery #professionalpajamas #scrublife
scrublife - frandoesmedschool - surgery - medlife - medicalschool - professionalpajamas -
abokhari89 : Haha thanks! Yes, I keep hearing about danskos so I should probably check them out! I start on neuro in 2 weeks 😖😖😖
callchristina : Yay, can't wait!
liter81 : Happy to offer my services. I was mortified when I had to ask to scrub out as I was scrubbed in with the chair of surgery, but the nurses and the chair were so nice about it and after a few minutes when I was feeling a bit better they helped me get right back in.
annahecksher : I start third year with family medicine on Monday. Feels so surreal to finally be an M3. (Doesn't help that I took step 1 week ago.)
cimollll : Can you follow me back @fhasselhof ?
laurenmb823 : Old waitressing tip for shoes. Bring two different pairs, two separate sets of socks, and baby powder. Your feet will still hurt, but you won't get one area that is rubbed/super tender. I swore by this back in the day!
gigisgoneshopping : Congratulations!! 😘 And totally agree with @laurenmb823 about the shoes. 👍🏽
thematthewwoods : Soo Cool!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
i may have to get up at 3:30 AM for the next two weeks, and the guy at the salon may have cut off all my hair (😭) but i have my health, my friends, and the prettiest flowers to get me through 😉 // #traderjoes #freshblooms #sunflowers #🌻
freshblooms - sunflowers - 🌻 - traderjoes -
thevoguemd : You know what's funny...I ended up cutting my hair about 5-6 inches off while on surgery (even though I meant too lol)...hang in there! It will seem long at first, but you will gain so much from it! I can't recall but if this is 3rd year for you, but count it as at least getting it out of the way! Not like me and taking it at the end of the year when you are UBER burnt out 😩 if you are procedural tho (like me) you'll love it!! may the force (and stamina) be with you! 😷
barksandbaking : Ugh, I had the same thing happen at the end of last summer :-( On the bright side, short hair dries faster...
lisachristine27 : On the bright side, getting up that early and being on a busy surgery service makes the days FLY! I'm already a week and a half in. We can do this! :)
clpatters : I feel your pain about the haircut. My hair was so long and I had it cut about a month ago... my stylist cut it way too short and into two distinct layers instead of gradual layers. 😭💇🏻🙅🏻 No good, especially with curly hair.
liter81 : I just finished surgery as my last rotation of third year and I have to admit it was not nearly as bad as I feared. I got to see some cool procedures and I loved trauma. Plus plastics is cool because making those crazy flaps requires a lot of creativity.
laurencohn2 : And a shirt I need!
moonflorists : Great perspective
annie_tee : Don't worry, you're hair will grow on you :P
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
finally brought my desk into the house...and gave it a little computer makeover 🍎😍 // #athome #workspace #imac #itwastimeforanupgrade
itwastimeforanupgrade - athome - imac - workspace -
fhasselhof : @humnumz ikea!
fhasselhof : @alexjbond thanks girl 😘😘😘
fhasselhof : @wavelight it's from design love fest :)
carolinesday : So good!
cklenton : Deets on the lamp please! I love it's warm glow...
carlamariedaly : Gorgeous!!
fhasselhof : @cklenton target! :)
yoshi.is.fluffy : I need to do this to my office! So clean and fresh. I feel inspired just looking at it. 😊
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
the world needs more floors like this 🔳🔲 // #ihavethisthingwithfloors #cleveland #birks #birkenstocks #DSFloors
birks - ihavethisthingwithfloors - dsfloors - birkenstocks - cleveland -
joshharoldson : 👌 and a perfect #DSFloors!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
touring one of our favorite breweries - so sad the christmas ale isn't out yet 🎄😜 // #greatlakesbrewingcompany #greatlakes #ootd #cleveland
cleveland - greatlakesbrewingcompany - ootd - greatlakes -
shay_lianna : Love Great Lakes!! So tasty 🍻
nickelcitypretty : I was just in Cleveland last week!
tokyolove14 : From CLE! Btw, love the jeans- are they recent?
amyy_kristine : Awesome! I'm from Cleveland and going back to school in the fall for pre-med, so I love your account :)
illhtac : Love it there!
sarahk1317 : I'm also a med student living in Cleveland! Are you a case student? Love your account!
fhasselhof : @sarahk1317 I'm over in Erie :)
sarahk1317 : I'm close! I'm in rootstown! Best of luck with 3rd year!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
cheers to a weekend out of town with my favorite guy 🍻 // #nanobrew #cleveland #cheerstothefreakingweekend
nanobrew - cheerstothefreakingweekend - cleveland -
yourshariamour : Hey!!!!!
yourshariamour : You're in my city! :) awesome place let me know if you need restaurant suggestions - I'm from Ohio city/Tremont :) headed back to school for OMSII
wengerae : Enjoy CLE. We have lived 30 minutes outside of Cleveland for over a year and have yet to really explore the city.
fhasselhof : @ramya_mmmm we went to the market today and the bier market the last time we were here - so much fun!! We went and did the brewery tour today and then had dinner there. It was ahhhhmazing 😘
fhasselhof : @yourshariamour you're so lucky you are from here - it seems like a really fun city!
fhasselhof : @wengerae we live about an hour away so we finally had to take advantage of it. You should definitely head over on the next nice weekend - unfortunately it mostly rained on us :(
ramya_mmmm : @fhasselhof so jeal. I miss cle life! You'll have to check out townhall! Great paleo/gf/vegan menus...and a coffee bean bar and a juice bar and a great bourbon menu...😁
sunshinekara : That looks delicious!!
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