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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
you guys. people still actually use these! ENT is like a whole new world 💿💡😷 // #frandoesmedschool #medlife #medicalschool #ilookridiculous #ENT #ootd #whitecoat
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erinm_ : No way! I don't believe you!
4lovesthesun : @cpalmisanod best book!
aforsterc45 : Our ENT was the best. He took both of my kids gross enormous infected adenoids out, and did tubes in my oldest. Then the eardrum healed over the tube and he had to go back in and get it out. We have spent a lot of time at the ENT!
sartorialphysician : This is awesome!
danielle.francine : You look like you should pop out of the movie saw. Raaaaahhhhh
annehoekman : Hehe way more glam on you than any of the ENTs I know 😊
emilyjnor : Looking forward to it! And clearly I meant if it HAS changed, duh. Also excited to hear how you like ENT!
ussama_maqbool : Yeah using them although better equipments are there.
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
cheers to the freakin weekend, reuniting with your friends, and finishing another rotation 🍸// #perle #pittsburgh #cheers #clinkclink
pittsburgh - perle - cheers - clinkclink -
carolinekane33 : I'm from Pittsburgh!! Make sure you go shopping in Lawrenceville!
liter81 : What's next? I'm one week into neurosurgery which is fun except for the 5:30 am start time which I do not approve of.
cannonhle : Hey, I know where that is! Have a great time in the 'burgh. :)
vanessajo_ : Yay for surviving surgery!
fhasselhof : @liter81 ENT surgery! Which will be nice because it's more office time that starts at 7:30 instead of the 4:45 (with 30 minutes of driving beforehand) I was doing. I bet neuro is soooo cool though!
lisachristine27 : I'm on ENT now, finished gen surg last week! I liked the cases on gen surg better, but ENT hours are wayyyyy better. 😊 Good luck!
liter81 : I do like neurosurgery, much better than gen surg as a field. Plus the residents are much easier to get along with and seem genuinely interested in teaching me things relevant to my chosen field (EM). Honestly, surgery is not as bad as people make it out to be, but it's definitely not something that I get super excited about. I've learned that if a case is more than about 2 hrs long I lose interest, even if in theory it's supposed to be cool.
shannon_seckel : Yay! Go girl, go! You enjoy this weekend and rock the next rotation with ease👊🏼
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
tagged by @lindsayliving for #widn - at 5:30, I was downing iced coffee and preparing to round on my patients 😷 whatchya up to, @shannon_seckel @bmarie35 @svikkivmh? // #ootd #frandoesmedschool #medschool #medlife #gottahavemydunkin #dunkindonuts
ootd - medschool - frandoesmedschool - widn - medlife - dunkindonuts - gottahavemydunkin -
guerita_02 : Just finished all of the morning portables for the unit patients. Now going to sip on some hot cocoa until its time to go home =)
rsirya : Just saw your post featured on pottery barn's Instagram! So neat!
melissabacci : That necklace, though!! 😍
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
the girliest corner of the house (and fine, maybe my favorite too 💗) // #gallerywall #diy #prints #homeoffice #monogram
monogram - gallerywall - prints - homeoffice - diy -
valeriest_pierre : Love love love!!
loisclee : How do you study in this space? I would just want to stare at this wall for hours! :)
thenightowlchronicles : This would be my fave place too
whitneyalamode : I'm in the process of creating a desk space and this is just what I'm going for! If you don't mind my asking, are the flowers real or fake? If they are fake, where did you get them? (I have a cat who eats real flowers).
fhasselhof : @whitneyalamode they are fake for the exact reason that our cat would eat real ones off my desk! These are from joannns fabric store. They have an app that always has coupons so I think I got these for like $8 or so. I just cut them down and put them in a vase I also found there!
whitneyalamode : Thanks @fhasselhof 🌸
_darcyylynn_ : I can't wait until i have an office and can do this too haha
eileen216 : Beautiful!!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
#nationalicecreamday? twist my arm. side note, sugar cone or cake cone? there's a disagreement in my household 😐 // #icecream #handels #🍦
🍦 - icecream - handels - nationalicecreamday -
magscags31 : Sugar cone!
dresslikeanengineer : Waffle cone! I'll accept a sugar cone though.
btwachter : sugar cone all the way! Or even better...waffle cone!
happymedley : Any cone!Lol
cannonhle : cake!
occasionallyaj : Seriously THE BEST ice cream on the planet! What flavor did you get?
fhasselhof : @occasionallyaj cheesecake. It's my favorite!!!
occasionallyaj : Oooo yummm!
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
hansi likes our new bed situation almost as much as we do 💙 // #hansipup #potterybarn #mypotterybarn #mypbstory #overstock #bedroom #wherethemagichappens
mypbstory - lovemypotterybarn - bedroom - hansipup - mypotterybarn - overstock - wherethemagichappens - potterybarn -
afdalia1986 : @_nanse_ check this out!!
potterybarn : Love this photo, may we regram? Reply with #lovemypotterybarn to agree :) Terms of use: bit.ly/lovemypotterybarn
fhasselhof : I would love that @potterybarn #lovemypotterybarn
dabneys721 : Oh my!! I just saw this on their insta!!! I was like, that's Fran's dog!! Sooooo cute!!
lvtifv : Cute pup! Like your feed!
fhasselhof : @dabneys721 @lvtifv hans always knew he was meant to be famous ;)
fhasselhof : @lvtifv thank you!
lagrenadine : 😻
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
hello, my pretties! a little monday pick me up after realizing that surgery reaaallllly isn't for me 😐 // #freshflowers #blooms #wegmans #roses #medlife #💐
roses - wegmans - freshflowers - 💐 - medlife - blooms -
lynndiful : Me too! I thought I liked hands on stuff like surgery but I actually get bored after seeing the same surgery twice. Plus the lifestyle and the atmosphere isn't for me either. Nevertheless it's a blessing to have the opportunity to experience the OR.
callchristina : I'm sure it feels good to cross one speciality off the list though! What helped you make up your mind?
amandarisius : Pretty 😍
fhasselhof : @tam_a_rama I can't wait 🙌🏻
fhasselhof : @jessgator I found them to be true to size and they are just a little bit narrow
fhasselhof : @shannon_seckel me too girl, I yesterday I didnt have a meal until 5:30 and I was so miserable. Needless to say, I'm ready for the next one ;)
fhasselhof : @elainestageberg yes! That is exactly what I've been telling myself.
lattesloveandlaughs : awww, that's okay there are tons of different areas to go into. I met and dated my husband during his intern year and after about 6 months I made him a spinner with all the different specialities he said he liked cause each month it was "I really like ...." Funny he did a stash duty (military) in the ER and then 2 ( for a total of 4 years!) GMO tour (play as a General Dr on cool deployments with Navy SEALS, Subs, etc.. ) and it was only after some time as a general Dr did he pick ER - it is a good match for his personality. You'll figure it out. Give our self time. Rotations are a great way to sample and they only last a month or two. As a spouse I seriously counted the day until certain rotations ended (trauma = endless hours, repeat). Hang in there. It's like dating - you'll know when it is right.
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
I get it now 😋 // #lobsterroll #wheresthelobsteremoji #birks #summertime #whatiate #wegmans
whatiate - birks - lobsterroll - summertime - wheresthelobsteremoji - wegmans -
joukola : SO GOOOOOOOD
macycarlisledesigns : That. Looks. Delicious. 😳
fhasselhof : @candicejanae I think so! I've been wearing them nonstop since I got them. I know that sometimes Nordstrom rack has them for cheaper! Plus they last literally a lifetime - my parents have pairs that are decades old!
candicejanae : That's all I needed to hear! I'm all about cost per wear. 👍🏼
eringaudette_ : @micheledagnillo
rosieee93 : I have yet to understand, but I want to! 😍
phillyyogibear : @candicejanae @fhasselhof just have to jump in and say, cost per wear on birks is amazing, plus you can get the completely resoled, cork included, by almost any decent cobbler!
candicejanae : Good to know! Anything I can tell my husband to convince him it's a good buy is nice 😂 @phillyyogibear
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
finding a boyfriend whose family owns a pool is probably one of the better life decisions i have made 😉💦 // #pooltime #summer #ilovefreeweekends
ilovefreeweekends - summer - pooltime -
vindhya_kolluru : Lolol enjoy your weekend!
respecttheshoes : 😎🏊🏻🙆🏼🍹
soehnke : He,we have a pool!(and as an added benefit -it doesn't need painting😜)
fhasselhof : @soehnke but you guys are too far away! 😭
ajwearsclothes : I married into pool. It's the BEST decision.
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fhasselhof - Franziska | Franish
sharing what a day on my surgery rotation is like - spoiler, there are lots of gallbladders involves 😷 // #frandoesmedschool #medicalschool #medlife #surgery #surgeryrotation #ms3 #whitecoat
surgerylife - whitecoat - frandoesmedschool - surgeryrotation - medlife - ms3 - scrublife - premed - surgery - doctortobe - medicalschool - medschool -
lizziegard : ..and the way your coat is folded looks like your name is Franziska Hot!
dabneys721 : 😍😍😍👍🏻
fhasselhof : @soehnke 🔥🔥🔥
fhasselhof : @roisinmuldoon thank you so much! 😘
fhasselhof : @lynndiful that sounds awesome, except those hours. Ew. I haven't gotten to do anything by myself 😐
fhasselhof : @lizziegard hahahaha I swear it was an accident! 🙊
fhasselhof : #premed #medschool #scrublife #surgerylife #doctortobe
vanessajo_ : @jordanweakles
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