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That my life would make much of Him. **Cuffs (reopening end of May) and Art shop🎨 (open year round) links here⤵
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
It's the color of happy. It's roomy for me to have my people and junking😊 It's got lots of windows for light. Yep if I were a car... #whatwouldyoube #hippylovebus
hippylovebus - whatwouldyoube -
cbmcnemar : So cute! It has personality!
frankineeley : @carriemarie74 made me think of you! 💛 happy weekend, friend!
palmbeachliving : easy #grandtheftlandy
farmgirlpaints : @palmbeachliving 😍
lucky13amy : This has always been my first dream car. Baby blue or orange for me though!
uglysofa : Very cool
shea_morrisson : @luv2run5 we NEED that for a fun trip....
iamfreetorun : You should paint that scene!
denissa_m5 - mwiens2428 - ptkphotobug - baileymcplymp -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Romans 8:26-28 MSG Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. #somethinggood #known
known - somethinggood -
farmgirlpaints : @azina.219 His timing is perfect. Praying you get those answers...
farmgirlpaints : @kaylab9632 I'm sorry girl. So glad His word spoke to your heart.
azina.219 : Thank you, @farmgirlpaints. God bless you.
marigoldroad : Indeed 👌
chateaualamode : Yes, thank goodness he carries us through!
nancy_kuchta : Thanks for sharing @farmgirlpaints. ❤️
amber_ps139 : @eka3130
tinacover : Thanks @farmgirlpaints as I sit here with my over 40 week preg belly, anxious, annoyed, ready ect ect I need this reminder He has carried me through years of loss and miscarriage He will see me through this delivery, when my little guy is ready. 😊thanks
tiffanytreffeisen - uttermission - gingerajames - mashelle_creates -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
"Mommy you did that so fast!!" As I lay gasping on the floor😂 I was hanging curtains on semi-dry paint as she came in from school. Patience is not really part of my personality😅 But surprising my girl is👊 #shermanwilliamspussywillow
shermanwilliamspussywillow -
sevael : looks great, girl! can't believe you rocked this project out in a couple days with new curtains and paint.
farmgirlpaints : @sevael I told you I'm a lil cray🙈
faithnfancygirl : I am so in love with these curtains.
farmgirlpaints : @faithnfancygirl @beccaann_7 thank you!!!
fitlife_karabrewer : It looks awesome and I love the curtains!!
sheeney72 : Beautiful!!!! Love those curtains
prairieheart26 : You created such a happy space!
angiepics : LOVE IT!!
jannahcreatives - craz.berry - jamielynnhopkins - mrschampion7108 -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
It's right about now I start to panic... Why am I painting this room? It looks finnnneeee and now I'm in a mess😂😂😂 #napsoundsgood #notpaintingthemuralwall #pussywillowgreyisthenewcolor
napsoundsgood - notpaintingthemuralwall - pussywillowgreyisthenewcolor -
countingcubs : I love painting :) That bed is super cute!
naomigrebe : That's how I always feel at that point too. But! It will look and feel amazing in there when you're done!
chateaualamode : You can do it Becky!!! Haha I totally know that feeling. Sending a little prayer of encouragement xo
crepeandcountry : That mural is so whimsical and adorable!! Good luck with painting the other walls, I feel your pain!
themptynest : It'll be beAutiful! Just get it done and you'll be so happy!
privetandholly : @farmgirlpaints Oh good, glad the mural is staying. Still a big job, though, especially the taping. Know you will conquer it, though!
farmgirlpaints : @privetandholly I don't tape girl😂😂😂
cheriglover : I'm not the only one who does this, huh?
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
There had to be a black one right?;) Designer cuff sale will be next month... Super excited:) Sign up for the newsletter on my blog for upcoming details. #fgpdesignercuffs #thisfarmgirlpaints #farmgirlpaintsetsy
farmgirlpaintsetsy - thisfarmgirlpaints - fgpdesignercuffs -
lemonademakinmama : I ♡ you.
livingingraceland : ❤️
suzyb23 : Love it! ❤️❤️❤️
grammy117 : Love sheep
mhirsch5678 : @2shepkids
lifeonthefarm : My daughter is obsessed with sheep right now! She would love this!
lm_4_bn : Cute!
nbwildflowers : Love this one and of course there always is one black one ❤️
jg197 - ahhord - eugeniaph - mckenziehope -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hard to believe it's been a year ago that @tamara_with_her_camera and I took off for the @hopespoken conference. We were so full of excitement to meet new friends and connect on a deeper level. We prayed many a prayer for that weekend and for the future. Amazing how things can change. How prayers can be answered! How hope..."a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen" can become REAL!!!! Don't give up on your prayers, your dreams. Hope and faith are buddies. Walk in faith with HOPE that it will happen... #GodisSOverygood #herbabyisdueanytime #glorygloryglory #hopespoken
godissoverygood - hopespoken - herbabyisdueanytime - glorygloryglory -
thestampedstudio : I wish I was going so I could meet you guys! Praying that it works out next year❤️❤️❤️
farmgirlpaints : @thestampedstudio well we're not there this year so it's okay😄 T is due to have her baby any day now...
farmgirlpaints : @christylr you're the sweetest girl!
mary.krause : @contemplatingbeauty whenever I read the word HOPE in the Bible I replace it with the words, 'confident expectation.' 🙌
farmgirlpaints : @mary.krause @contemplatingbeauty that's awesome!
contemplatingbeauty : When I was in deep despair for many years of my marriage, early on i had so many expectations. "Worldly outcomes I had already made up in my mind." Even with my health I had them. Because all an expectation is is a desired outcome of our will, our fleshes will. But then I started to study hope. Hope just hopes for a thing, a certain thing and if that certain thing doesn't happen the way we want, it's OK because we only really have One True hope in our Father and eternal life!!! Anything beyond that is a total privilege and blessing and gift!!! Thanks for letting me share!! @mary.krause @farmgirlpaints
farmgirlpaints : @contemplatingbeauty mmmm yes
contemplatingbeauty : With hope we can be at peace with any outcome because of our Heavenly Father!!!!!
christymcox - shop4kydz - ele0411 - ivy_loves_walking_dead -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
So my baby @bigchick7 is at this very moment loading onto a charter bus and leaving me for FIVE whole days! FIVE!!! She'll be states away for a marching band thing at Disney. I'm trying to be cool. But I'm SO NOT COOL😳 How do people ever send their kids off to boarding school, summer camp, college...marriage??😢 #deepbreaths #cueheartpalpitations #lettinggofeelsimpossible #imsureshellhavefunwhileimdying
deepbreaths - cueheartpalpitations - imsureshellhavefunwhileimdying - bettheywantedtoleavehimtheretoo - lettinggofeelsimpossible -
thefairygrandmother : Such an awesome experience for her!
4fabfranklins : It's hard. You'll be lost without her, But she'll come back with an even greater appreciation for her mama. (((Hugs)))
ymp68 : Praying for you.
nataliemumma : It's so hard! Maddie got nominated to go to D.C. for a week in the
mrslaura_ann : She is just beautiful. Praying for protection and peace. Trust Jesus. 💗
farmgirlpaints : @mrslaura_ann thank you!
jeanneoliver : She is so grown up and pretty.
farmgirlpaints : @jeanneoliver I know! Thank you for noticing friend😊
griffithzoo - wribelin - flowerofkindness - jessicashewmake -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
For those of you who wanted a picture of the end result😊 Closet curtains voila!! Funny how one project leads to another. On my way to Lowe's now to buy wall paint. Except for the mural wall I think I'm going to paint a pretty girlie grey to match that flower... #fabricfromjoanns #clearchairfromikea
fabricfromjoanns - clearchairfromikea -
flowerofkindness : Also love the @kathydavisstudios butterflies :)
farmgirlpaints : @flowerofkindness I actually painted those years ago😊
farmgirlpaints : @flowerofkindness and thank you😊
theunyokedgirl : That is awesome. 😍😍😍
victoria_mjfh : NICE!!!
amyjoleen76 : ❤️💛❤️💛
flowerofkindness : Oh jeez, I'm so sorry for assuming 😳 I love them❤️
farmgirlpaints : @flowerofkindness no you flattered me...thank you😚😚😚
jaimea4 - - mamateaf - shannon_baird_martin -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
My friend Sasha is closing her Etsy shop on April 24th. If you haven't visited @lemonademakinmama NOW is the time. Some of her beautiful prints and gorgeous artwork are still available!!! 🙌🙌🙌 #supporthomemade
supporthomemade -
lemonademakinmama : Awww just love you. Thanks friend!
lemonademakinmama : And you would LOVE this color I just painted my island. It's so cheery!!
farmgirlpaints : That's what the paint was for!!!! Oh I know I'd love it!! @lemonademakinmama
thenuthousefive_mama : Love her work!
cottageinacage - wribelin - jlynnloges - jessicashewmake -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
So good... Jesus Calling for Kids by Sarah Young. #letgo #hewontletmedown
letgo - hewontletmedown -
mrsks13 : This brought tears to my eyes....
daniela_murrayy : @leila_murray
thefarmhand08 : I bought this for my kids and I to read together but I am finding the words more applicable! Love this little devo;)
shelbyhx5 : We use this too and yesterday hit so close to home because we just buried my Grandmother over the weekend. 😔
farmgirlpaints : @shelbyhx5 so sorry!
farmgirlpaints : @thefarmhand08 me too!
angb104 : @dawnievac wow!!! I so needed that 🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏❤️❤️
osrmo : 🙌 @zpsmom @lemo_22 @rissalizmo5929
angiepics - perry_teresa - trendywendyrocks - amyray1989 -
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