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This is my story. This is my song. 1 Thes. 4:11 Artist🎨 ~ Custom cuff maker🔨 #farmgirlpaintsetsy for word inspiration Shop reopens Jan 19th! 😊
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
I get letters often asking about owning a business, and what has worked for me. Years ago I wrote a very specific blog post about it. I just noticed 35,000 of you have read it already🙌 So for those of you who are curious the link is in my profile. It's so funny to look back. We don't spread orders around on the floor anymore or cut labels by hand...thank God for the Dymo printer. He's shown us step by step how to streamline and adjust with the demand. It really is a beautiful thing to see how He's grown this little hobby😊 #istandinawe #farmgirlpaintsetsy
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bre_fontaine : Siri can't spell lately. Patience my dear Gandolf.
kellyyaun : this excites me. I'm watching my own little hobby grow and grow and it has been so much fun to watch it turn into something other people get excited about. thanks for the encouragement and reminder to take the chance and adjust when needed. ❤️
stephaniedennehy : Love this post!!
thriftyupenyu : Love this @farmgirlpaints I have been asked to speak at a ladies dinner about my etsy store and was praying and wondering what exactly to share - I knew it had to be a cross between testimony and business advice. Your post helps immensely. I will be quoting you😊
farmgirlpaints : Well yay!! He'll give you just what to say:) @thriftyupenyu
farmgirlpaints : @kellyyaun 🙌😙
samglass : Your creativity blesses so many. Proud to know you. Keep up all the fabulous work you do! Hugs to the whole shop!
brittbburn : Such a testimony of how God grows our gifts when we are faithful and obedient to Him! Such a fan of you and your cuffs! Happy thanksgiving!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Summery succulent dilemma... I just tossed in a berry twig, and a fake tree and called it a day;) The lil deer make my heart happy. And isn't that print perfect!! My friend @lemonademakinmama has her shop open until the 29th. You won't want to miss all her sweet holiday prints!! #falalalalala #nooksandcrannies
falalalalala - nooksandcrannies -
debenr : Makes my heart happy too
beandkeepbeing : I was thinking of doing the same thing with my succulents. And that whole call it a day decorating? I'm there. I keep telling myself, "Do not overthink this." 😂🎄❤️
lemonademakinmama : You made my whole day. You don't even know. I love you bunches.
carolynehallumsart : Oh my 💕💕💕💕
farmgirlpaints : @lemonademakinmama love you more😚
littleforalittlewhile : Adorable!
dragonflypat : Love it!!
karen_cranfill : @amberlinabooth
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
The living room is all a glow. Fergie is perched on top of the sofa...cozied in for the night. My honey just walked through singing O Holy Night the stars are brightly shining... I automatically start singing the rest:) The fall on your knees gets me every time. Lord, I want so desperately to always give you the respect you deserve. The one true Savior of all mankind🙌 So thankful Christmas gets our hearts and eyes looking to You.
lorihbeck : Such beauty in the light of your home. So pretty! ❤️
murphreesmoments : Beautiful!! ...What does the fireplace art say?
grammx7thesedays : BEAUTIFUL....
farmgirlpaints : @murphreesmoments You fill me with goodness, mercy and love😊
chateaualamode : You made me cry! Yes, how often I don't give Him the respect. Love your heart ❤️🎄
janiefox2 : O holy night. And Mary did you know. There's so many. I can't pick a favorite!
pjw59 : Oooooo what a beautiful glow
gwenallisa : ❤️
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Psalm 149:4-5 msg actually says "brand-new" song. Lord put a new song in me. Let it be authentic. Give my mouth, my soul praise for you. Let it be a NEW, fresh thing...just for You. #thisfarmgirlpaints #fgppaintchallenge #thefunkyguitar
thefunkyguitar - fgppaintchallenge - thisfarmgirlpaints -
hottamale1985 : Awesome movement in that painting. You keep doing your thang!
dragonflypat : Great painting!!
karen_cranfill : @amberlinabooth
darbeeliebs : @corgela Thought of you!! ❤️❤️❤️
karen_cranfill : @mayaboot.h
kgalgirl : ❤❤❤
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
We rarely decorate before Thanksgiving, but when the spirit moves ya;) My honey was in the mood to help and we got 'er done👊 Love the house cozy and bright. Bring on Bing and Winterberry candles and twinkly lights:) #colormehappy #tappicforsources
tappicforsources - colormehappy -
darbeeliebs : @sarah.forgiven @cam_mathews
sarah.forgiven : @darbeeliebs I love that!!!!!
cam_mathews : Love! I think I need it!❤️ @darbeeliebs
xsmith5 : The spirit is moving me, but it's not moving my husband. 😂😂😂
farmgirlpaints : @xsmith5 😂😂
lollipopsinmycurlytop : When I hear those lyrics I get goosebumps 💜
76gypsysoul : Same here @lollipopsinmycurlytop
lollipopsinmycurlytop : @76gypsysoul 😍
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Good morning Monday. I welcome you with open arms. I think I'll hunker in with my paints, steamy peppermint tea and some moody Spotify from my girl @bigchick7. It's chilly out there today. #mugfromartmasha #buyhomemade #countingmyjoylist #colormehappy
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marybbunn : Loove the mug!
karibradley7 : COOL mug! (Stay warm!)
melblair : So. Where Can we get this mug?? We will support. Plus, super cute.
sdroshau : Cute mug
pjw59 : What a happy mug and peppermint tea sounds yummy!
farmgirlpaints : @melblair Google suncatcher mug
melblair : @farmgirlpaints I ordered them last night! Thank you❤️
farmgirlpaints : @melblair yay:)
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
You know that @philwickham inspired painting I did the other day? Here it is in it's home. He just reposted a picture of it🙌 Eeeep that blessed me to my toes!! Music ministers to me so much, and inspires most of my art. Thankful for these talented musicians that lead us to that intimate place of worship. #countingmyjoylist #thisfarmgirlpaints #philwickham #sunandmoon #ifyouarethesuniwanttobethemoon
countingmyjoylist - sunandmoon - ifyouarethesuniwanttobethemoon - philwickham - thisfarmgirlpaints -
mleahilton : @crochelw I love that green door
craftywannabe : How cool!!
lydialovesmarcus : Yay!
kimtaborbc : Like the rug and the table runner too!
farmgirlpaints : @home_girls_homemade thank you!
kinderfarmhomeschool : It's beautiful! 😍
carolynehallumsart : If only I could sit in that chair and listen to your accent 😍💕
farmgirlpaints : @carolynjcarleton you make me laugh😂
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Holy cow! Momma colored her hair again today and I didn't realize how BOLD it was until I got in the car🙊 #redheadsdohavemorefun #matchesmysass
redheadsdohavemorefun - matchesmysass -
notminogue : It looks fantastic on you!
shestampsfreedom : Beautiful❤️
scstar33 : Love it! I wish mine turned out more red this time.
only1sally : Gorgeous girls! I'm headed to your neck of the woods tomorrow Becky! Alexandria, VA any recommendations??? @farmgirlpaints
farmgirlpaints : @only1sally well yay!! I'm not sure girl. I don't get up North very often. Leesburg has some cute shops. Lucketts is there. I'm not familiar with Alexandria. Have fun!!
only1sally : Ive heard about Lucketts! Thanks Becky! @farmgirlpaints
raisinguprubies : 🔥🔥🔥
happythis : So much fun though. Keep it sassy.
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
That big dead stick of a tree that's been towering over our house for the past four years came down yesterday...with a little help;) And all of a sudden the danger's gone. That dead thing...rotten to the core...that made me nervous every time it stormed is no longer🙌 It got me thinking... Is there anything dead in me? Anything that needs taken down before it causes harm? #randommusings #naturesmovesme #safetyfeelsgood
randommusings - safetyfeelsgood - naturesmovesme -
mytinytapptribe : That's a very good question
hmbuilt1 : Does my wife count 😥😥😥 she give me nothing but grief nothing i do is enough
hmbuilt1 : Cut her down dried from the core I ask God why I try to look for the best in everything or anyone love out doors she likes TV
honeyholden : Oh wow girl. That is a very good question and great word picture!
countingcubs : such a good thing to ponder. I need to pray for the Lord to reveal to me what is dead and burn it away!
alycebass : Yep..we have to allow God to prune us.
betweenyouandmesigns : Great question!
pjw59 : Wow that just hit me like a ton of bricks. A lot to think about now.
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
I'm reading a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. And I'm realizing I have a long list that bug the crap out of me. The byproduct for me is overflowing junk drawers, unheathly eating, 15+ pounds that remind me daily of how I don't take care of myself, a guitar that I don't know how to play etc... The list goes on. It's all about making conscious decisions, and 90% of the time we just do the same thing over and over again, resulting in unfulfilled goals and dreams. I'm such an all or nothing person, and my first knee jerk reaction is to just drop out of everything so I can focus. That seems smart right? But just like a diet, eventually you crave certain food and food for me is interaction. Regardless, I know that right now my phone is a major habit, so I'm going to try and cut myself off a bit. Set boundaries. Maybe blog instead🙊 Eat something other than the same frozen waffles. Maybe pencil in a jam session daily. Wake up and do something DiFFerENt and see if the new byproduct brings some results I'm really ready for. #morningmusings
morningmusings -
choosinjoy5 : Yes!!! I used to have one junk drawer. We moved and realized we had more drawers in our new kitchen...I now have three junk drawers. I love bad food. I could lose 20 pounds. And I have a guitar in my closet that I would LOVE to learn and play. Sigh.
angelalowry7 : @farmgirlpaints Thank you!
preschoolsfun : Love the book. Change is hard but doable. You are worth it.
craftywannabe : I'm stuck in the same routine too because I think I always have tomorrow to change! But tomorrow is never guaranteed and I should live a happy life today not wait for tomorrow..
christinawinell : Adding this book to my reading list right now! I totally agree with you on these things. I have not blogged all summer and my iPod is EMPTY because I've just been playing free stuff on my phone (while I do pointless stuff). Praying for your journey as I go. 💜 #justdosomething #gowithGodandsee
beryldenes : @ronda2211 sound familiar...😥
happythis : My friend Suzanne told me that book and the Life-changing Art of Tidying Up were her two favorite reads of 2015. Read the tiding one and not Habit one. Maybe I need to take a gander at that too or hear your take on it firsthand. I've been pulling back from the phone consciously for months. And it makes a difference to my reality and kiddo. Make those little changes. You're are so worth it. Hugs friend.
carolynehallumsart : Yes blog instead - I miss your daily dose of blogging 😘 life is a roller coaster, some days you feel you have it all worked out and then boom👊🏼 you're having start all over. LIFE 😘💕✨
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