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This is my story. This is my song. 1 Thes. 4:11 Artist🎨 ~ Custom cuff maker🔨 #farmgirlpaintsetsy for word inspiration Shop OPEN until Nov 2nd!!⤵
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Working on a quick newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet, and plan on buying from the shop it now;) Coupon!! I'll hit send at 5:00 pm EST. Follow link in profile...▶sign up. #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpstudio
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doogiefa24 : @farmgirlpaints Just saw your post and signed up. Did I miss it?
farmgirlpaints : @doogiefa24 you did. DM me your email and I'll sign you up or forward you one.
sarahphenry : Shoot! I missed it, too! Can I DM you as well? 🙏🏻
farmgirlpaints : @sarahphenry yep:)
sarahphenry : Thank you!! ❤️
doogiefa24 : @farmgirlpaints Just sent a DM; thanks!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Box shot 18! These are sold. We show them for word/blank/cuff perspective and ideas. Due to time constraints not every cuff sold makes a box shot:) **New Arrivals went up this morning:) No problem world, we got this no day but today L.J.G. He is faithful One blessed Ga Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly Orange is the new happy It's all GOOD faith 01-11-01 Be Here Now more than conquerors for His glory Take life one breath at a time be still and know greater is HE be strong an courageous beyond measure #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpboxshot
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farmgirlpaints : @nataliebrekkexo it says cuff shop at the top of that page. Or Google Farmgirl Paints Etsy:)
farmgirlpaints : @tammariehart if you don't leave a blank choice we pick for you. We do a good job:) Convo me through the shop if you want to pick your own.
ahw5 : @lpkelly13
lpkelly13 : @ahw5 yes!
christi_hansen : @ryhansen
dawnmckinney : I just ordered my 4th cuff, thank you so much!
carrgirl8 : @harleygirl_42 these are the coolest! I want one!
harleygirl_42 : @carrgirl8. ...very cool!! Me too!!!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
I have a gal who with every opening buys several cuffs for mommas she's going to be ministering to. Mommas who will be delivering their babies and saying goodbye all in one breath. I don't know more details than that, except that with every sale she blesses my heart. You my friends, are the hands and feet of Jesus. I love how He uses YOU to help carry the burdens of those hurting...of those who are in their darkest hour. These Carried cuffs are for those mommas. The handpainted designer cuffs are being marked down by $10 today and tomorrow...price is already reflected in the listing. They are only available for pre-order through tomorrow night. Remember an additional $10 per winged cuff is being set aside for Raise for Rowyn. #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpdesignercuffs
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jctyre : What a beautiful piece of art for a special ministry. I lost my baby girl when she was 6 weeks old to a CHD. I'm going to get me one of these! Thank you for your creativity, and using it to lift others up! God Bless you!
designsbyamybruce : That story makes my day
manufacturedpep : This is a beautiful gesture of kindness. These bracelets will be treasured by the grieving mamas in ways you can't imagine. If you don't know what to do for a parent in mourning, do this.
tracymacdonell : Beautiful gift!
farmgirlpaints : @abbeylunt_photo oh my. That's so sad.
farmgirlpaints : @shaywegen oh goodness that hurts my heart. He is the real deal. What would we do without Him!
farmgirlpaints : @mrskey15 @jctyre oh girls so sorry to hear of your losses. Hugs!!!
abbeylunt_photo : @farmgirlpaints I ordered! Please let me know if the comments/special request is too confusing.❤️
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
When I was a young momma I remember looking at my friends who had older children and feeling panicky. How do they deal, knowing they only have _____ amount of time left with them before they're gone? And here we are now...our oldest a Sophomore...clock ticking loudly and guess what? I DO feel it. These teenage years are pivotal. They are bombarded with a world view that doesn't line up with our spiritual convictions. They are constantly trying to figure out who and what they are in the midst of that. It's a parenting mind game. Pull back? Swoop in? Let go, or hold and carry? Geesh. Here's what I do know... He is their ultimate Daddy, and He loves them more than we ever could. When I tell my girls to stop holding on so tight, to trust and lay it down...I need to do the same thing. We don't have to have it all figured out. We only have the grace for this day. #morningmusing #sayingourlastgoodbyestoouroldSidney
sayingourlastgoodbyestoouroldsidney - morningmusing -
diane_line : You don't know it, but this was for me, really needed to read this today! I have a sophomore in college and a junior in high school and struggling with this very thing. Thank you for your posts, very inspiring and always look forward to reading them!
courtneycassada : Oh how I needed this. Thank you. I have such a hard time truly trusting God has them in His hands. And I'm on teenager #1...with 5 more to go! I need to figure it out or it's going to kill me!
findinghomefarms : In the same boat and it is all so true.....
denissa_m5 : ❤ perfect timing for me today!
quiltedsister : Well said 💗
jenninwalker : I love this and am feeling the same way. 💜
orograham : @farmgirlpaints thank you....your words minister to my momma heart...right there with you. bless you💓
farmgirlpaints : @orograham @jenninwalker @denissa_m5 @findinghomefarms @courtneycassada @diane_line @shannagrams101 @kim_2u we are obviously in good company:) hang in there mommas😙
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Y'all ready for tomorrow's New Arrivals??!!! These beauties go LIVE at 9:00 am EST. #batch9 #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpnewarrivals
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kpastis : @farmgirlpaints bottom left is shades of blue yes?
farmgirlpaints : @kpastis yes!
mrs_laurenmcmullen : Love 😍😍😍
kpastis : @farmgirlpaints JUST WHAT I NEEDED. #gamedaycuff
pjw59 : You're killing me
sally_teddy : O my🙌🏻
diebolds94 : Bottom right! #gah
ashleyellee : @kpastis Left side, second from top!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
Box shot 17! These are sold. We show them for word/blank/cuff perspective. Due to time constraints not every cuff sold makes a box shot:) Love, laughter and chaos It is well My Soul roots & wings Be Here fear not enough dates ski the trees love wins Grace upon Grace remember why you started Romans 8:38-39 Exodus 15:2 It is well with my soul Greater is He keep looking up Let Your Soul Shine Shoot for the starts Charity is the pure love of Christ Elder T #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpboxshot
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erinkflorio : @terika_thekolorist
redstarmomma : Yea, I see mine!! Love!!
jhaden : @farmgirlpaints do you ever do custom ones if someone mailed you the belt?
farmgirlpaints : @jhaden yes. Convo me through the shop and I'll answer specifics.
retsgrl : @bnikolaus these remind me of your girls!
christylr : @littlerootsandwings second cuff down on the left made me think of you! ❤️
diebolds94 : Love the arrow!!
skaggsh : Yay!!! Two of those are in their way to me!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
It's our half way mark! To celebrate... today's daily deal is for our super popular dainty flower cuff!!! Eeeepppp!! Markdown shown in the listing. Each comes with a blank and words of your choice🙌 Deal good through Friday at 5:00pm EST. #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpdailydeal #fgpfangirls
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ajkolb : What's the daily deal price @farmgirlpaints
cmstough : @farmgirlpaints is 40 the markdown price?
farmgirlpaints : @cmstough @ajkolb it's on sale for $40, which is $5 off;)
sweetmolasses : @rachelandrews4 @lindseyjreedy :)
ta2dqt : @farmgirlpaints do you have a pic of these in a box shot or on a wrist for sizing reference?
farmgirlpaints : @ta2dqt they are in several box shots #fgpboxshot If unsure of sizing leave me a tight wrist measurement at checkout and I'll make it fit you custom. :)
beckmc : Love your beautiful creations. Are you able to ship to Australia? Do you have a web site to order from?
farmgirlpaints : @beckmc thank you. Yes! Link is in profile;)
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
It's a three bag postal day!!! This is our sixth shipping pick up day since the shop opened🙌🙌 Beyond humbled that you let us create for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back!! You bless us. *ALL orders will receive a tracking number and shipping notification once shipped. #countingmyjoylist #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpstudio #ilovemyjob
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goofnutdesigns : 1. I have that same @evystreeofficial Brilla in Tomato. 👍 2. You should totally check out @mixedbags (specifically their "department store" bag), for your post office runs. They're so cute! I use them for grocery trips, target trips, mall trips, and post office trips!
findinghomefarms : Seriously, could you be any cuter?
farmgirlpaints : @inallthesethings thank you sweets
farmgirlpaints : @findinghomefarms I wuv you
farmgirlpaints : @goofnutdesigns love my @evystreeofficial hoodie:))
farmgirlpaints : @kim_2u excited too!!
christymcox : You're the cutest
jennifer_alanis : @farmgirlpaints hey! let's be penpals! I'm looking for someone to exchange so happy snail mail with! If you're interested email me at hope to hear from you!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
One of my favorite memories of my father in-law was the first time I had dinner at my honey's house. We all bowed our heads to pray and then came the fastest, most mumbled prayer in the history of ever🙈 I didn't understand one word. I felt like I'd been spoofed. I looked up and everyone acted like that was normal, so it became my new normal too;) Dinner with my in-laws...beautiful memories of the sweetest man, mumbling his prayer that only He and God really understood. Isn't praying a trip? It's so intensely personal. Some of us hate to do it publicly and struggle with it privately, but regardless of where you're at it's a little love line between you and your heavenly Daddy. He doesn't care if it's mumbled, if you're embarrassed, if you don't know what to say, or how to say it well. He just wants to hear you talk to Him...and trust me He understands every mashed up word:)) #ohhowHelovesusso #morningrevelation
ohhowhelovesusso - morningrevelation -
diebolds94 : Love this! Thanks for sharing!
mybelles101 : @cateavery - that is precious!!
mybelles101 : Thank you for this truth, Becky! I've always loved Romans 8:26 - "but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words". I've definitely been there! Where all I can do is cry out, or say, " I don't know what or how to pray for this, but You know what I need"
becksandmarf : Becky, your heart is astounding and it seems like you have a very strange way of knowing whats going on with a random girl in Texas. I love it and thanks for speaking the Truth!
carolynjcarleton : This has been heavy on my heart lately. I have been studying about this lots, I am going to be teaching a session on it at the Mother/Daughter retreat and have them pray together. It is going to be beautiful! #Godissogood
vickerswrestlemania : Amen!!
farmgirlpaints : @mybelles101 yes me too
farmgirlpaints : @becksandmarf sweet words, thank you😙 He's so good!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle|Farmgirl Paints
I've been watching The Real Housewives of Orange County for years... I know, I know🙈🙊 But this right here...these words coming out of Tamra's mouth has been worth the upteen, mean girl catfights I've had to fast forward through. #Jesussaves #graceisabeautifulthing #itsfree #itsreal #itsforeveryone @tamrajudge
itsreal - jesussaves - graceisabeautifulthing - itsforeveryone - itsfree -
sandrajstewart : Ohhhhh girl I'm right there with you!!! When I heard her talking about living Jesus and reading scripture - i was cheering!!!!!!
melissalyonsart : @farmgirlpaints yaknow....@jessaconnolly prays for them!!!
essielanefarm : Seriously I love you for saying. I just catch it here and there but lately I'm like🙌🏼
stewartjackie : What?! Astonishing. Thx for sharing.
ivynoe : @wesleysewell tap it to hear it
cspringer : God Bless her. There was already one Jesus loving blonde on this show, Lord knows we all need Him.
seeking_refinement : I love it! Wish we could watch together each week. {PS just this morning I saw Jim (remember husband to Alexis) driving his convertible fire-engine red Rolls Royce as I was dropping off my girl to school.}
farmgirlpaints : @seeking_refinement get out!!
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