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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Finally painted that church in Hanalei :-) Love it when an idea becomes real. Been so inspired lately by @melissalyonsart and @artsyorange. This is my first installment in her #paintsomethingecourse #whoinspiresyou #churchlove #thisfarmgirlpaints
thisfarmgirlpaints - paintsomethingecourse - whoinspiresyou - churchlove -
artsyorange : @farmgirlpaints oh my goodness! So glad you are using the technique for your special church.
surfingsailor : Love!
saldridge48 : @farmgirlpaints Love your painting no matter what "Technique" your using. Keep at it. It's a wonderful, heartfelt rendition of your ⛪⛪⛪👍👍🙏🙏!!!!!
farmgirlpaints : @saldridge48 ha! Trust me there's no technique. I just paint what I love:) Thank you!
fatcowstudio : So beautiful!
lm_4_bn : So good ❤️
mary.krause : I'm gonna need one of these. 😍
xsmith5 : I love this.
mammam21 - iamfreetorun - beckermca - smalltowngirl2013 -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hey friends...wrapping up the Red Robin Giveaway. Turquoise blue seems to be the color favorite:-) Our lucky winner is @siobhanprovolt. Congrats girl!! If you didn't win no worries just use the "summerlovin15" coupon at checkout in the Farmgirl Paints Etsy shop for 15% off ALL prints and cards. #farmgirlpaintsetsy #summercoupon #fgprrgiveaway
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smalltownjoy : @siobhanprovolt You won!!!! Yay!
handbagsandpigtails : Congrats @siobhanprovolt !!!
siobhanprovolt : Eeeeeeek! Thankyou!!!!
casadecupcake : Eeeeeeeeep! @siobhanprovolt!!!!!! Congrats friend!! 💛💛
farmgirlpaints : @siobhanprovolt email me which print you want and your address :))
carissa_graham : Yay! @siobhanprovolt you totally deserve to win!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hi girls...the shop is participating in a really cool "tag-team" type giveaway. Farmgirl Paints is teaming up with some fabulous IGers for a round robin giveaway extravaganza just to say thanks for following along:)) Our shop is giving one lucky winner an 8X10 print of your choice. To play along simply follow us and leave a comment telling us your favorite color. THEN click on the photo to see where to go next. The winner will be announced here in 24 hours!! #IGroundrobin #hopeyouwin #fgprrgiveaway
igroundrobin - hopeyouwin - fgprrgiveaway -
ameliasouthworth : Mint blue!
craftymc2 : Yellow
hmwhite78 : Yellow
my3bs_ : Mint
nrlutz : Red ❤️
tee0926 : Sunny Yellow
simplybungalow : Teal
rtaylorharding : Chartreuse
typicallysimple - gracemarge - jessicabushard - nwurst -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Good morning friends. First full night of sleep I've gotten in a while. Definitely helps a person feel better:-) Got a blog post up if you're interested in more Hawaii. #linkinprofile
linkinprofile -
modernmaven : This is gorgeous Becky!!
iamfreetorun : I loved reading it. Makes me want to meet you in Hawaii. :)
_withinmyworld_ : I cried actually - for all different reasons and I'm not PM xxxx
artsyorange - killiansmom61 - lauren_c16 - grattn -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
This is love... #mygirls #takingcareofmomma #jetlagtookaturn
mygirls - jetlagtookaturn - takingcareofmomma -
jackiedepaiva : You've done an incredible job with your girls and not because of this post although...I; no, I mean as a whole and especially your big chick who's coming more and more into her own as she's growing older. Well done @farmgirlpaints. And be well. May The Lord strengthen you and heal you.
songskatesang : Precious. Feel better!
chateaualamode : Boo...hope you are better soon. Your girls are adorable!
bethaniehenry : Sweet girls, like their mama!
_withinmyworld_ : These are little proud parent moments, like when you know you've instilled goodness into your babies. Big hugs and wishing you good health soon my friend xx
misssdebbie : Feel better soon!
farmgirlpaints : @jackiedepaiva thank you!
forevermoores : Awwww priceless!!!! Hope all is ok!
clementsclan - katiegubbe - forevermoores - iamfreetorun -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
It's bring a friend a rainbow rose kinda day:-) #wishthesegrewinnature #colormehappy #countingmyjoylist
countingmyjoylist - colormehappy - wishthesegrewinnature -
kristentonne : So pretty!!!
craftywannabe : Beautiful
normaerodz : Wow that's beautiful! I've never seen one like this☺
4xmom : I wonder how they do that!
farmgirlpaints : @4xmom I wish I knew. Amazing!
litvas_jewelry : So cool! 😊
theleen : Split the stem into different sections (but still on the flower) and put into different colored water. ^^ @4xmom @farmgirlpaints
farmgirlpaints : @theleen genius! Thank you :)
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Jet-lagging a bit/a lot today... Still can't believe that trip really happened. I keep going back through my feed and playing those flipagram videos over and over again:-) I love IG for that reason. Such a beautiful snapshot of our lives. Btw my driftwood sailboat made it girl @kaseybuick. Only needed a little hot glue and some lovin'. It still has pieces of sand in it. #favoritesouvenir #madewithlovefromafriend
favoritesouvenir - madewithlovefromafriend -
farmgirlpaints : Me too @forevermoores
farmgirlpaints : @inkyre thanks girl
lemonademakinmama : I miss you!!!!!
farmgirlpaints : I miss you too!! @lemonademakinmama It's 1:00 am here and I have jet lag:0 Downside to Hawaii. Boo!
jaminato : Praise him for good trips!
dif2010 : Love that sailboat!! Welcome home!
inallthesethings : That was pretty sweet of you. @kaseybuick
_withinmyworld_ : You have me listening to Hawaiian music now - hooked BIG time 🌴🌴
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
On our last trip to Hawaii we were deep in the throes of making a major life decision whether to move to Richmond, Virginia or not. Here we are, three years to the exact date we signed on our house and it feels so good to be coming home:-) Amazing how vacation, as good as it is, makes you appreciate all the little your dear friends, a comfy bed, Keurig coffee pot, centipede/gecko free house etc... #Godknowsrightwherewebelong #homesweethome #kauaistrahleadventure
godknowsrightwherewebelong - kauaistrahleadventure - homesweethome -
_withinmyworld_ : Kauai should pick you up as there advertising spokesman because I had a tear in my eye with all the goodness you showed here. Just want to jump on a plane until you mentioned geckos - ick😷 loved it all girl.
aimbo99 : Beautiful pictures!!! Who sings this beautiful song???
farmgirlpaints : Ellie Holcomb @aimbo99
farmgirlpaints : @_withinmyworld_ they should! and pay for me to live there a few months out of the year;)
stillroomtogrow : Thanks for sharing!
aimbo99 : Thank you!😘
forevermoores : Love!!!!!!'
betweenyouandmeblog : Loooove that video!! So glad you guys had a great vacation!!!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Heading to dinner and then we're off to the airport. This pic sums it all up... The look on this man's face made me cry. Arms wide open. Reckless fearless abandon. Face expressing the purest joy... That's what this trip and this island will always represent to me. #iheartkauai #kauaistrahleadventure
iheartkauai - kauaistrahleadventure -
gretchenb : That's awesome! Thx for sharing. I need to love life more like this man!!!! Topless on a bike!😜😷😝😱💗
iamfreetorun : I was telling Chris how fun it was to watch your adventure on IG. Your vacation made me want to go to Hawaii with my family!
hannahbanana_68 : 💛
redmomma5 : This made me so happy, it brought tears to my eyes 💚
farmgirlpaints : @iamfreetorun it's a must see in your life. I wouldn't lead you astray.
jennycollier : Love this!
forevermoores : Priceless!!!!
peninsulaliving : great shot
littlechick2 - forevermoores - lemonademakinmama - bonniejowen -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
No towels, no beach chairs, no more gecko house... Just 9 more hours to burn in paradise :-) #relaxedtoourtippytoes
relaxedtoourtippytoes -
betsyhensley : @farmgirlpaints thank you!! I love your cuffs!
thenuthousefive_mama : Safe travels home.
carissa_graham : I love this. 💕
tamaritski : I love this picture of you guys. 😘
iamfreetorun : Sun kissed. You two are lifelongs. :)
amethystskycg : Beautiful couple
forevermoores : Hawaii shaved ice is AMAZING!!!
inallthesethings : Great picture!
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