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His mercy will not end... Cuffs: 📌 Cuff shop reopens Sept 15th Prints:🎨
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hanging out in my favorite room today😊 Loving my new domino sign from @barnowlprimitives. Four for me and my for my furry Fergie. #farmgirlpaintsstudio #colormehappy
colormehappy - farmgirlpaintsstudio -
lillightomine : I want to come over.
lazer_bots : Such a cute room!
lemonademakinmama : Wish I was there.
ashbliss76 : I love that red wall file, too.
annpomphrey : I really 💚💙❤️ your studio space!!!
sofiasdream12 : Very nice!
gapeach75 : I just saw that wall file at Hobby Lobby @ashbliss76!
ashbliss76 : Thanks @ha peach75
claudiajbowles - themptynest - nbwildflowers - blessedmomma513223 -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Fifth grade here she comes. Big girl on campus this year😁 #mygirl
mygirl -
grammy117 : Pretty girl!
only1sally : Have a great year littlechick! @littlechick2
lm_4_bn : Very exciting have so much fun @littlechick2 ⭐️⭐️
itsjustinstuart : ✋
kellycach : Gosh, she looks so grown up suddenly....changed so quickly! Darling pic of you two :). We are loving 5th grade so far, and hope you do too @littlechick2 !!!
robyn.higgins : Adorable! I see her grownup face here too
iamfreetorun : Somebody looks like her mama. Praying for a favor filled year!
preschoolsfun : Gorgeous. Both!
jesmarie13 - purlaround - taniacampuzano0819 - preschoolsfun -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
I'm a ball of emotions right now. Just snapped my @bigchick7's first day of high school pic. Deep breaths. In and out...whoosh. I can't believe my girl is entering this next stage. Where does the time go? I couldn't be a more proud momma. Praying God's favor to just chase her down over these next four years. For boldness and love to radiate from her. That she'll be a leader. A witness. A shining light for Him. Praying for big new good things to come her way:)) #bigchicksnewstart #lovehurts #proudmomma
bigchicksnewstart - lovehurts - proudmomma -
amygiffin : Deep breaths and breath in the Ultimate Comforter. ❤️
mamajmanning : Praying His hand of protection over her in all that she does , says & is! He is her Mighty Warrior! ❤️
thegreenemomma : Beautiful words! If you don't mind I would love to quote and use that prayer often as I pray for the children in my life. I always pray for a hedge around those I love but the idea of God chasing them down is so strong. Thank you for that @farmgirlpaints
scrapwordsgirl : High school is so tough. My son made it through and graduated. My daughter She is a senior this year and finishing on line. In our town high school is drinking and drugs. It is so tough!!!! Always be there for your girl. I know you will be!!!! Peer pressure is real and it's tough And my daughter has been through SO MUCH:(. I hope her experience is wonderful!!! She is so cute!!!
beandkeepbeing : Amen...❤️
lm_4_bn : She is going to do great things what a wonderful time this is! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
kellycach : Oh, WOW...or WHOOSH, is right! This pic, this captures your emotions perfectly. I can feel it :).
justsayjulieb : @farmgirlpaints I feel you mama. My son started high school last Monday. My heart is not ready for high school--- even though I teach it.
stephaniemg313 - closetlibrarian - sheilarumney - ziabeth -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Wheat chandie anyone? Man I love me some Anthro;) #justneedawheatfield #harvestiscoming
harvestiscoming - justneedawheatfield -
chrigan : @morriscs @brandonrmorris a wheat chandelier!
kimwoot : @emilysflynt so neat!!
gen_santanelli : 😍😍😍
lm_4_bn : At first I thought it was a hula skirt! Yay for fall🍁
mytoesareblue1979 : My friend in LA does some designing for her Anthro store...Amazing creativity in those places
finnleesworld : Me too. I just want to move in.
jillylyn : brilliant design team
tamaritski : Remember that Trading Spaces episode where Hildy modpodged the walls of a dining room in hay? This. Only with wiring. 😕
isaartforthesoul - lindseyccosta - meeshel1968 - mawdonnalrees -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Literally just sitting here waiting for paint to dry. Labor day seemed like a good time to labor over one last bathroom paint job;) #ASCPprovenceblue #mainfloorbathgetspretty #thisfarmgirlpaints
mainfloorbathgetspretty - ascpprovenceblue - thisfarmgirlpaints -
alexalett : I love what appears to be a telephone pole by the simple yellow piano!!
elysamac : All those great colours!
aliandherjoys : SO fun!
patticarollo : @farmgirlpaints thanks so much!!
farmgirlpaints : @patticarollo you're welcome😊
amee2 : Can you show us a better pic of the wall where the telephone poles are? Looks like a creaative wall! Love your red sofa too!!
farmgirlpaints : @amee2 thank you. If you go to my blog I have the whole room/house photographed.😊
amee2 : Thank you!!! Headed there now!!! (((Yayyy!!)))
alongthedirtroad - goldenstudios - chesnyesteward - jessie.brooke -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
It's a holiday. It's pretty early. And I just texted this pic to my hair lady.😄 #ivedonelostmymind #letsgored #readyforchange #shestilllovesme @blessedmomma513223
readyforchange - shestilllovesme - letsgored - ivedonelostmymind -
mary.krause : I'm partial to red. ☺️
lemonademakinmama : Do it!!!!
lymarimartinez :
farmgirlpaints : @ericamueller23 thanks☺
carissa_graham : Yes 💁. Send me pics stat!!
farmgirlpaints : @carissa_graham next Friday😁
leeannisafriend : Would look beautiful on you@farmgirlpaints
happythis : That's the color combo I want to do when I need to go beyond the bottle of covering my roots. It's so striking!
upsideofchaos - mrsmayall - flowerofkindness - kristina_sw -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
This is our family's very favorite IG feed...including Fergie😊 If you need to smile or laugh out loud go immediately to @dailydougie. #shiztusareawesome
shiztusareawesome -
henaas5 : @drama_free_zee
carolsueowens : @njfarmgirl44 you're gonna fall in love!
zheymarie : Cute!!!!
haverlee : I just looked through allllll of your Hawaii pics. So gorgeous. You have such a beautiful spirit, that I know only comes from the Lord.
mimyha17 : Lovee pup
lindsey57 : Just started following it 😊 We have a shiztu cross bishon
alykathryn10 : Love the dog
farmgirlpaints : @haverlee awww thanks girl. Trip of a lifetime. And it is totally Him😘
mad_mont - nxna_xo - lydialovesmarcus - pkantawong -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Second batch of designer cuffs😊 Daisy Ball jars...simplicity Girl in gown...becoming Pink hand mirrors...survivor County Country guitar and boots...sing Red barn and truck...peace Don't forget to sign up on my blog for the FGP newsletter. One person will get a designer handpainted cuff of their choice. Winner will be announced on opening day...SEPT 15th!!!! #itscomingup #farmgirlpaintsetsy #fgpdesignercuffs
farmgirlpaintsetsy - itscomingup - fgpdesignercuffs -
amykristin04 : Yes!
16ballsinairlib : Oh I hope I win- sept 15 is my 40th birthday!!
craftywannabe : Love the Daisy ball jar cuff!!
sandyla : When will you be selling these again?
farmgirlpaints : @sandyla hi...Shop reopens Sept 15th. Accepting pre-orders then.
farmgirlchaos : Are you kidding me girl?? Half of these are calling my name! Oh boy. How to pick ONE?
sandyla : Thank you!
carissa_graham : So amazing
vintagestyledlife - lady_momo9 - mamateaf - nerd_mom -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
My honey is the hardest working man I know. He's covered up because the stain STAINS everything... Seriously it's HOT outside. I don't know how he's going to get in all those nooks and crannies without losing his mind and/or passing out from heat exhaustion. #funnestlabordayweekendproject 😞 #ilovemyman #sayalittleprayer @leveragesalt
sayalittleprayer - funnestlabordayweekendproject - ilovemyman -
9hartmann : In my house, this would be my job. You're lucky!
leeannisafriend : @farmgirlpaints sure have a good guy belonging to you.
mary.krause : I need to experience this beautiful space. 😚
farmgirlpaints : Yes you do!!! @mary.krause
hastobepretty : Oh I feel his pain! We have a lot of cedar on our the beginning we had to seal yearly, and now thankfully every other! So much work and sooo messy, yet so pretty when it's kept up with. This space is so pretty!
farmgirlpaints : @9hartmann sooooo grateful!
lm_4_bn : Gonna be worth it!
betweenyouandmeblog : Beautiful!!!!
dsmith8657 - brianbracher - indycurls - smalltowngirl2013 -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
When my dear friend Tracy @seeking_refinement called to tell me she was pregnant the word Waymaker repeated over and over in my mind. You see our God is a WAYmaker. When we think all is lost... That the door has been closed. The future already written and not the way we want it... Things CAN change. Miracles DO happen and our heavenly Daddy DOES have a plan...a way:)) Rejoicing with this sweet family as they welcome miracle baby Felicity. #thisfarmgirlpaints #lovethatname #myGodisawaymaker #countingmyjoylist
countingmyjoylist - lovethatname - mygodisawaymaker - thisfarmgirlpaints -
simplybnmama : Yes!!
thestampedstudio : ❤️so good
shelgeipel : You are a gem. And you have the cutest little toes!
jayne_sugarbeaart : Just awesome. He is so Good!
griffithzoo : A M E N !
ellieluvr : @kapi01ani 💙💗💙💗
leeannisafriend : Amen and YAY))))))!
lm_4_bn : That is sweet 💕
jamiehackney - vanessatondreau - hpatterson205 - mulberry_farmin_momma -
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