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Becky Strahle

Artist🎨 ~ Custom cuff maker🔨 Making the leap to TN...stay tuned Psalm 139... You hem me in. Follow @fgpshop for Insta-sales
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
She who is FREE is BRAVE! Good stuff. Someone told me to be brave yesterday. It made me pause. I feel like buying a house sight unseen, selling most of our possessions, pulling up and moving to a new land...treading unknown territory with my business etc is all extremely brave or crazy one of the two;) But truly what makes it brave isn't the walking forward despite the fears...because those are still me. It's letting go, trusting Him with my emotions, my hesitations, my what ifs and in the process dying to how I FEEL that sets us free. Fear darts will always be there. The enemy will always try to rob us of our destiny and peace, but freedom comes when we don't become enslaved to those darts. When we literally pull them out one by one, and THROW them back in his face. You have to fight for freedom! #wehavethepower #braveindeed #farmgirlpaintsetsy
farmgirlpaintsetsy - braveindeed - wehavethepower -
shelbyjo509 : Beautifully said!
danaburton5 : Perfect timing on are an inspiration @farmgirlpaints! Thanks for sharing your ♡.
stewartjackie : Want this.
debbiephototog : Godspeed Becky! I'm loving all of these posts of yours as I dip my toes in some upcoming unknown territory as well.
seykosa - pjw59 - hillaryious - mommymisemer -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Just sold our first dining room table😢 It was our first grown up purchase together. Time to move on. Time to let go. #downsizingbyhalf #itsgettingreal #strahlesmovetotennessee
itsgettingreal - downsizingbyhalf - strahlesmovetotennessee -
heathercloudt : Downsizing by half has been so liberating for our family of 6!
beandkeepbeing : Bless you, Becky... We did the very same thing with our last move. Dining room table, a sofa, a bed, and more stuff than we knew we had. It was three years ago and I don't miss any of it. Down sizing brings such freedom and release! I'm ready for another round of it! 😊
life_of_chelle : Walking a similar road as half of our belongs were destroyed while in storage, but I will say the past two years with nothing of our own but clothing and a few books has been wonderful.
fgpshop : @life_of_chelle less is best
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Y'all have no idea the attack that comes upon us every.single.time we open. It's the like the gates of hell open and swirl around us...ready to devour. No lie. And EVERY SINGLE TIME our God prevails!!! He gives us SUPERNATURAL grace, strength and mercy. He NEVER quits on us. He NEVER says no you're on your own this time. He CARRIES us and is the lifter our heads. Praise you Lord! If you're discouraged today fall on your knees. He will meet you! #farmgirlpaintsetsy #supernatural #enemyshallbow
farmgirlpaintsetsy - supernatural - enemyshallbow -
cynthia_erickson4 : Good stuff!!!
ibelieveonceuponatime : Love this💕
whitandjj2002 : Such a powerful song!
afranz5 : Amen!
sara_dean - justapril7 - danyelhorton08 - jnoblematthews -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Just so we don't get cocky and think we are in control... BOOM the Master speaks👊 #quotesthatnailedit #pinterestinspiration #histimingisperfect
histimingisperfect - pinterestinspiration - quotesthatnailedit -
homegrownbynicki : @gloryinthis ;)
tamara_with_her_camera : @homegrownbynicki Or do. It just depends on the woman. We battled infertility for ten years and this is where I found hope at my darkest -- God's delay is not God's denial, blessed is she, hope and a future, even if not. In the interest of full disclosure, Becky's my bestie. She's witnessed my heartbreaks and prayed by my side often. I'm praying you find peace, comfort and joy on this journey. It's heartbreaking and refining. 💛
faith_inspired_prints : Love it!!!
afranz5 : Great words for me today!
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hi friends I just opened up the ETSY shop for prints and cards. Link is in profile. They will be available for the next 24 hours and with FREE shipping!!! Oh happy day😊 Don't forget the @fgpshop is having our first ever Insta-art sale tonight at 7 pm EST, running through tomorrow at 7 pm EST!!! It is in auction format. All of the pieces are originals, NOT prints. I just posted the policies if you are curious about how it works. See you then:) #thisfarmgirlpaints
thisfarmgirlpaints -
farmgirlpaints : @artinreallife I know🙈
nbwildflowers : I have that red barn in a pillow and ❤️ it!
farmgirlpaints : @nbwildflowers I have the yellow house and love it😊
nbwildflowers : ❤️
manufacturedpep - semgraham - juliebeck64 - lizziehopper -
farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Hi friends I'm cleaning out my studio today and have decided to part with some of my art. I'll be listing them auction style over at @fgpshop. They'll be visible from 7:00 pm EST tonight and run through 7:00 pm Tuesday night. Highest bidder wins:) #thisfarmgirlpaints #firstartsale #strahlesmovetotennessee
strahlesmovetotennessee - firstartsale - thisfarmgirlpaints -
cottongirlcraftsandtiques : Excited!!! 👏🏻👏🏻
nicolekannenberg : I have a big crush on your half dog painting 😍
carissa_graham : You have the best art 💛
farmgirlpaints : @carissa_graham 😙😙😙
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Saw this quote recently and my heart sighed. We are being ushered in friends. That hallway may be a little longer than we want, but praise Him anyway🙌 The 'room' we are entering is worth the walk. #quotesthatnailedit #pinterestinspiration
pinterestinspiration - quotesthatnailedit -
leanne_mb : Love this!
findinghomefarms : @farmgirlpaints thank you!!
designsbyamybruce : Adore!
christymcox : Gosh I love this
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
We are in some major limbo land with our house(s) at the moment😢😳😩 So much is up in the air. Waiting is hard y'all! It makes your gut ache and all you want to do is move FORWARD. Like right now already!!! Let's get some answers! It is infuriating...and then I get this DM from my friend @kellycach this morning. And her cuff spoke directly to my heart. He is FOR me. He will fight my battles. He will carry my load. I need to try and get out of the way and trust. Urgggg. Dangit if I'm not really bad at picking it up constantly. #HeisFORme #farmgirlpaintsetsy #wordsarepowerful
farmgirlpaintsetsy - heisforme - wordsarepowerful -
happythis : Haha @terricajoy. Feet to the fire and trusting him instead of ourselves is so very hard.
southernatheart : Just checking on you. You've been on my heart this weekend. Praying things are calming down and looking up 😘
farmgirlpaints : @southernatheart thank you girl. I'm fine. It will all fall into place. It always does😊
southernatheart : Yes! ❤️☺️
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Today's my man's @leveragesalt birthday. WOOT!! Do you ever think about how weird it is to spend your life with one person? I've known him since we were 15. I've seen him as a teenager🙈 He's not the same obviously and neither am I, because we shift, grow, and adapt...and decide to do it together😢 So thankful for his heart for the Lord, his love for me and the girls, and his Mr. Fix-it qualities. Even though it drives me crazy sometimes, it's love in motion. Happy birthday to my best friend. My answer to prayer... Here's to another 43 years. I have a feeling these will be your best ones yet👊 #dontyoulovebitmojis #myman #honeyturns43
honeyturns43 - dontyoulovebitmojis - myman -
craftywannabe : Happy Birthday to your honey! My hubbies birthday was Tuesday. He was sick & I told him his body was rejecting getting older!!
kellycach : Happy birthday to your Honey-Man!!
sgtabor : @craftywannabe my hubby's birthday was also Tuesday! (: happy birthday to all the hubby's!
happythis : Love this. Love wins. Happy birthday @leveragesalt
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farmgirlpaints - Becky Strahle
Last minute plantation hopping today. Grateful to walk the beautiful rooms and gardens of these homes so full of history. If you ever get to Virginia you MUST go. The Shirley Plantation and Upper Shirley, Riverview Farm, Westover Plantation, Dogham Farm and the Berkeley Plantation. We stood where the first official Thanksgiving was held😊 Where they penned Taps. Cool stuff... The barn with the tin roof had me at hello. #gardenweek #beckysbucketlist
gardenweek - beckysbucketlist -
farmgirlpaints : @alycebass are you close to there?? Loved it so much!!
alycebass : Not too far. Maybe an hour
shayjofarrell : That door in the pic on the bottom left corner. I'd marry it if I wasn't already taken!!!
farmgirlpaints : @shayjofarrell me too😍😍😍
dragonflypat - elizabetht88 - chrissy__5 - eye_shot_bambi -
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