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evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
"One day I'm gonna forget your name. And one sweet day, you're gonna drown in my lost pain." #sweetsacrifice #evlyrics
sweetsacrifice - evlyrics -
noevaltierra : I missed you πŸ˜” please come back
nikoletalag : LoooveeπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
nikki_kaulitz : Hey i was just randomly thinking about the great merch bundle I got of the last album, it was my first band merch since I was a kid, I got the dearest bundle but it was actually really great value for all I got. Amazing, I love you guys!! I still habe the signed photo on my wall of course, even the envelope it was in was awesome, I still have that too!! Thank you so much πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
jhenifersantinon : ily
asema.aleksandrovna : Amazing!
kheireddine_bairi : Woow
maron_pirouz_pv : @asema.aleksandrovna kose nanat
drummerarmsirwin : I LOVE YOU SO FRIKEN MUCJ
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evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
"I'm going under. Drowning in you. I'm falling forever. I've got to break through. I'm going under." #evanescence #evlyrics
evanescence - evlyrics -
amiiiiiin6 : @shahrzad_mohajer
itssjusstzed : Evanescence come back PLEASE😩
ratnasahara7 : Going under
soude_usf : Going undeeeeeeer
x_snowwhitequeen_x : ❀️Amy Lee/Evanescence fan page❀️
dorismontero15 : I lo ve youuuu muuaaakk
foxfacedcat : @angelesesma
drummerarmsirwin : I LOBE U
j.eileen.w - alessandroarnuti - miniomsdarck - nicholas_pifer -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
"Do what you, what you want. You don't have to lay your life down." #evlyrics #waytobelieve
waytobelieve - evlyrics -
zahra_fatemiian : If you have a dream for better😍😍😍😍
sofe_pikarow : HmmmπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒΉ πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ‘?πŸ‘πŸŒΉ
yuliarnis0774 : πŸ˜‡
lee_vania : Amo evanescence
lee_vania : Lets go before evanescence.
allisonnposnerr : come back πŸ˜•β€οΈβ€οΈ
mileennnaaa_ : Essa imagen é do clipe hello <3 q pft
x_snowwhitequeen_x : ❀️Amy Lee/Ev fan page❀️
my_immortal88 - famosos2.o - lu_sinsajo_lp - bre.xd -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
Look who's in the top 50 social chart! @billboard
perrieeele_niazkilam : I'm a big fan of this music and have all cds ❀😍
mehrdadshalbafi : hi im from iran and i love evanescence
edwards.official : Follow back love ??
julianhndez16 : I πŸ’œ Ęvanescence :3
killjoy.123 : This was so long ago that they posted this omg
nellv93_ : ❀❀❀❀❀❀
mohammad.j.sh.mj : ILOVEYOU πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’• QUEEN πŸ‘‘ ROCK
patri.diecinueve : ❀@greendayig & @evanescenceofficial❀️
murii_asinadamas - death_ray_destroyer - chemical_death_666 - hajarencence -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
#throwbacktuesday #evanescence
throwbacktuesday - evanescence -
yuubluee : 😍
sitiupi : Love it
yuliarnis0774 : Like and love itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡
shalala_shalala : Hermosa!!
street_junkie_18 : So perfect...
kellysimionireis : Pft amy lee sempre linda
keyvanap : @barbod_handmade
keyvanap : @barbodhandmade
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evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
"Breathe into me and make me real. Bring me to life." #evlyrics #saveme #video
saveme - video - evlyrics -
nellv93_ : 😍😘
fazhionland : Love it
dejanadimitrijevic444 : I love bring me to life this is my favourite song!
ambreignsguy : Best song ever
probablyametalhead : This Song is just awesome!😻
xalinasummer : I love this song β™‘ @evanescenceofficial
_agatamj : This song is amazing
alexabiog15 : @chaboy_mike @thirst4hurst
aguilar.anamaria - kathikue_ - sseba.lost1 - anisia.scheianu97 -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
Second to last show this tour. We might just shed a tear. Ready to rock in Birmingham! #evanescenceuk #ontheroad #evbirmingham
evbirmingham - ontheroad - evanescenceuk -
michwinkert : cara, eu amo a amy mas acho que o evanescence ja foi a época....como ela mesmo disse ''ela não quer cair na estrada e fazer grandes turnes'' vai ser dificil ela vim então para o Brasil??? entendo um pouco ela e fico feliz!! mas ao mesmo tempo triste por não ter mais ''aquele Evanescence que fez parte da minha infancia e adolescencia e ainda juventde'' Mas então que a Amy seja feliz e que seu filho siga o bom exemplo da mãe! Uma cantora igual a amy lee nunca mas teremos :c E se vier projetos do Evanescence que venha Coisas Marcantes Para 2015 ou só 2016 mesmo </3
bradweiser : @julialvsilva sua idola
poxa_moiseis_malik : Amo a Amy Lee amo essa banda
lyzabianca : I miss you guys. πŸ˜­πŸ’ž @evanescenceofficial @amylee @ttmccord @terrybalsamo666 @willevanescence
marcustma2c : Voltem logo :'(
liliana.vr : Wow Cool
liliana.vr : Se ven jeniales todos
ajla4ever : You are my favourite band...I am a big fan!!
aguilar.anamaria - sseba.lost1 - anisia.scheianu97 -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
Meet & Greet in Birmingham today! #evfans #evanescenceuk #readytorock
evfans - readytorock - evanescenceuk -
breakingbxrriers : I neeeeeed to go to an evanescence concert!!!
mariaclaradrew : I miss you...Evanescence
ecilattebrag : I was there!! Amazing. I feel blessed I had the chance to see you guys live!! ♥
hollylynn1300 : Get back together I didn't get the chance to see you guys live since I started listening to you guys like 2 years after you quit.. @evanescenceofficial
ruancarlosnogueira : chow melhor banda do mundo
sofia_webba : Love.....Love
amraouisaad1 : I love evanescence
zahra_fatemiian : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
animestupidx - jxsminxli - a.reza1371 - metal.n.rock_daily -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
"Lithium, I want to stay in love them my sorrow." #evlyrics
evlyrics -
sama_1591 : "Lithium" ❀❀❀❀
ephonim : lithium...can't remember my life before u
summersunshine1992 : One of my favorite songs of all time. Brings back so many memories 😍😍
monikaadrianasanches : Linda
yudapratama53 : Nice
ratnasahara7 : Lithium.....please comeback ev...
dorismontero15 : Lithium i love it
mahin_kargar : My favourite song 😍😍😍
emilyketelyn22 - ratnasahara7 - elicianasoares - violadettori -
evanescenceofficial - Evanescence
House and family are fine, thanks for caring! Ready to rock Costa Rica tonight! #beautiful #nofilter
beautiful - nofilter -
stevieluvscats : "Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me, where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story"
breakingbxrriers : And watch my »purple sky« fly over me ;)
kayance2013 : Very beautiful
minecraft_fanpage_meg : That's an awesome pic
stephannye7 : Costa rica ole ole
juri.l.sparda : Very nice
aldulimiomar : I love you so much
girl_on_firehg : Fantastic photo!
lorenaididor_22 - kaveh.sa - x_snowwhitequeen_x - man_yani_kaqaz -
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