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ermiegram - JPD
30 hours in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree (continued- you're done!) ...we stopped at another old favorite, Crossroads Cafe, just outside the Park's north entrance in Joshua Tree. I love Crossroads- the staff is friendly, the food is always very fresh- in 10 years of going there I have never once had a bad meal! We had ruben sandwiches (turkey with a side order of veggie chili for him, veggie with skin-on fries for me) + killer Arnold Palmer's and a peanut butter chip brownie for the road (😊) (πŸ‘Ά). Normally, after lunch I'd love to stop next door @bkbceramics , @theendyuccavalley, or Cactus Mart...but today we just decided to skip it (we are trying to purge our belongings in order to make room for our son's arrival in March) & hit the road back home. We got back around 5pm, are now ordering pizza & whipping up a salad with plans to watch a few episodes of "Bloodline" on Netflix. We're feeling relaxed, refreshed, inspired...and we still have the whole weekend ahead of us! Happy Friday guys! ❀️
bckamera : Yeah Son! @ermiegram @new_weather
ermiegram : @erikaastuart @theradder @bckamera πŸ’™πŸ‘Ά yep! They can tell the gender pretty early now with non-invasive prenatal testing (tests fetal DNA in the mother's blood stream). Science! I couldn't wait...we needed help with narrowing down baby names 😁. Ha!
ermiegram : @katiehanblergher you know my tastes (...Ben Mendelsohn...πŸ”₯). ☺️
erikaastuart : That's so cool that they can do pre-natal fetal DNA tests via maternal blood...we had an ultrasound that said girl + ? (It was a boy!) Congratulations, and have fun with the names!
elauinc : You know I love baby boys! πŸ˜‰ yay!
ermiegram : @erikaastuart it's really a screening for potential chromosomal abnormalities, but they can tell the gender too! I had Y chromosome floating around in there, and that doesn't belong to me! Fascinating!
ermiegram : @elauinc :)
ermiegram : @claralea oh thanks! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
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ermiegram - JPD
30 hrs in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree (cont.) ...This morning we woke up at 8ish, and had a yummy breakfast in the sunny courtyard (meal included with the hotel stay- eggs, toast, fresh fruit, coffee & OJ) and we were on the road again by 10am! We drove about an hour to the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, and took our time exploring - hitting a couple of favorite spots (this time the Ocotillo Garden + Keys View) to hike, stretch our legs & get some fresh 1pm we were ready (ok, I was ready πŸ‘Ά) to eat again...
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ermiegram - JPD
30 hours in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree (cont.) ...we were able to check in early (2:30ish) & headed straight to the pool. After a quick dip in the pool, curling up poolside with our respective books & a nap, we had massages we had previously booked at 5pm, (lovely) followed by complimentary tea (cold sweet tea, biscuits, nuts, fruit) in the hotel courtyard at 6pm and ordered room service for dinner (French food prepared by nearby restaurant Le Vallaluris - good!) We went for another swim after supper, & listened to Radiolab episodes featuring Dr. Oliver Sacks (we're nerds) back in our room. Then, πŸ’€...
debbie.bean : Mid week travel is the best! We were just in Ojai and only saw 1 other couple once 😍
denmotherhome : Have been wanting to stay there! Sounds dreamy πŸ™πŸ»
ermiegram : @debbie.bean πŸ‘‹ :) where did you guys stay this time? It looked dreamy!
ermiegram : @denmotherhome do it! Breaks are so important :)
ermiegram : @janelle_pietrzak yes!!
plaingrrl : This sounds like a perfect day.
nicolemsteel : Love this place! Sounds dreamy πŸ’™
debbie.bean : We stayed at Su Nido Inn. It's a little Spanish complex with only 9 rooms and we had one of the upstairs suites. It has a fireplace too so it's nice for the cooler months. It's on Montgomrey only 2 blocks from Ojai Ave and right down the street from my favorite Health food store, Rainbow Bridge 😍
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ermiegram - JPD
30 hours in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree: I'd been ill with morning sickness & cooped up at home for almost 3mo, my husband had been working very hard on his next upcoming painting show since we returned from our Summer vacation in early July. We needed a change of scenery, pronto! One of our favorite quick escapes from L.A. Is driving out to the desert. I booked a room @korakia on Tuesday and we packed an overnight bag & hit the road Thursday just before noon. After a quick drive (1.5 hours) and a pit stop at the Morongo In-N-Out burger (I love the "secret" menu Grilled Cheese Animal Style) we arrived in Palm Springs...
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ermiegram - JPD
First morning in over 3 months without any nausea! πŸ™Œ (the Healing Desert ❀️🌡) (wearing my own design: the #ERMIE #topanga_dress #topangadress, pic: @new_weather)
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ermiegram : @yesjillnewman omg, I know you understand !! Will email or call you this weekend. Thanks, Jill β€οΈπŸ™.
ermiegram : @shopmyrtle thanks Whitney! Hopefully I can come & see you soon! Xo
ermiegram : @rachelcraventextiles ❀️ you.
ermiegram : @m_e__l_i__nda thank you :)
witchdisco : Omgosh!! Congrats!!!!! How very exciting you are expecting!! Lots of love ❀️❀️❀️
shopmyrtle : @ermiegram I would love that! Headed home for a shower but I'll be back in the store 10/10!
ermiegram : @witchdisco thank you so much! We are very happy :) πŸ’“
ermiegram : @shopmyrtle πŸ‘πŸ‘ have fun & I'll mark my calendar for your return :) xo
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ermiegram - JPD
Mountain over Toes. Not an I-Ching Hexagram. (Lake over Lake, --Tui, The Joyous--, however, is one and suggests: "The image of the hexagram is that of two lakes joined together to keep from drying up. It is an encouragement to us to join with like-minded friends now in the discussion and contemplation of higher things. If we engage in an ongoing conversation about proper principles with our friends, our relationship to truth is steady and our ego cannot seduce us into the doubt, fear, and anxiety that lead away from joy.") (good morning) @new_weather
theradder : I like that
ermiegram : @theradder πŸ‘‹ hi πŸ’“ Tomory and I were talking last night & you came up! Need to see you soon :)
theradder : Yes! 😘😘😘
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ermiegram - JPD
milkteethdraws : πŸ’™
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ermiegram - JPD
And just like that, we're in Morocco! (Just kidding...Palm Springs. I ❀️ CA)
oamipie : Could have fooled me πŸ˜‰
nancysalz : I bet you are at Korakia!!!!
ermiegram : @nancysalz ;)
polaroid_dreamer : Heh, I was about to bust out the jealousy! Good thing you clarified... 😏
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ermiegram - JPD
my_my_magic : O, ladyyyyyyyy πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ’˜β˜πŸŒΎβœ¨πŸ’«
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ermiegram - JPD
good morning
slokidz : Good, you are practicing getting up early... That will come in handyπŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
ermiegram : @slokidz oh man, I know. By the end of October- I'll be halfway through my pregnancy 😳!
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