Enchanted Lilly

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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
We went on the most beautiful walk through the Forest today looking for deer and exploring Gods creations! #enchantedlilly
enchantedlilly -
p_onste : Fun nature hike, #loveulilly
youngbuck_yb : #beautiful photo. πŸ™Œ Do you mind if we share on our social media?
enchantedlilly8 : @youngbuck_yb yes you may! :)
closetofhappyeverafters : Check DM πŸ’•
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
New! The Mater Moccs are in the shop! This Carmel Brown color of leather is gorgeous and goes with so many different outfits! #moccs #babystyle #enchantedlilly
moccs - enchantedlilly - babystyle -
mandahunt86 : LOVE!! Peyton needs these! Lol. Before I order them though, i wanted to ask you, for the 2T what does that measure for their feet? Bc I'm thinking she might need a 3T? Lol!
britt_tennant : @afliehs
enchantedlilly8 : @mandahunt86 if you just measure her feet I can add a little for growth :) So they are the perfect fit :) xo
mandahunt86 : Ok sounds good! I will do that!! :)
_allieruiz_ : @enchantedlilly8 love this color !!
hd1forlife : 😍😍😍
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Vintage find at our parents house and yes we actually wore these in the 90's. #thenorsksisters #calvinklein #ckjeans #sistersforever #kittensareadorable
ckjeans - sistersforever - thenorsksisters - calvinklein - kittensareadorable -
goldie2084 : I remember those!! Love them!
pamelabug : I had those!!!
sophfinnislasmum : Me too!
hlynn_08 : LOL!!!! Love!
chermogenes : Bahahaha I had a pair too!
enchantedlilly8 : @sophfinnislasmum @pamelabug @chermogenes they are pretty cool ;) I can't believe my parents still had them! Too funny
enchantedlilly8 : @hlynn_08 we are weirdos ;)
enchantedlilly8 : @goldie2084 we rocked a lot of bibs back in the day :)
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Pop Up Shop Prep. For those of you near North Dakota- Tomorrow night from 5-8 we will be at the Grand Forks Country Club- Grand Forks, ND. @thenorsksisters @lululemon will be making an appearance along with some other amazing local shops!! #ilovechatbooks #lululemon #starbucksplease #moccs #navyisthenewhottestcolorfornailpolishrightnowmysistertoldmethis
lululemon - ilovechatbooks - navyisthenewhottestcolorfornailpolishrightnowmysistertoldmethis - moccs - starbucksplease -
jwaltner : This looks amazing! Wish I could stop by! ❀️❀️
earanum : @enchantedlilly8 love everything about this post!!!
enchantedlilly8 : @norskqueen can't wait to see you!
enchantedlilly8 : @jwaltner wish you could stop by! It is so close to you ;) j/k miss you!!!
enchantedlilly8 : @earanum thanks Emma! Did you like the part about my new nail polish I bought because Bridget just informed me that navy is the hottest color for nails right now ;) ha
earanum : @enchantedlilly8 I love it!! I am going to have to get some! @berryblonde81 is always keeping is on our toes!! Wishing I could be there- #starbucks #lululemon #norsksisters all of it sounds amazing!!!
newmuth : @enchantedlilly8 I can't wait to see you! Crossett has gotten so many compliments on his #moccs in just 48 hours!!
enchantedlilly8 : @newmuth can't wait to see you! So happy he loves his moccs!! :) xo
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Rocco rocking his Ruby Red Moccs. Photo by his talented momma @chermogenes :) Tap photo for outfit details. #kidsfashion #redmoccs
redmoccs - kidsfashion -
elisabeth.eden : He's adorable!!!
chermogenes : 😘so in love with our ruby reds!
lovesickthreads - bscearcy - jamikooiman - nicole_seifermann -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Hanging out with my sweet niece Violette today! She is the coolest! Just learning how to walk in her moccs :)
sarahjeansailer : Seriously?! Those smiles though!
tamitronnes - nataliedphotography - october_road2311 - suhaa87 -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Lilly's dolly needed some new shoes. #dollymoccs #americangirlbabydoll
americangirlbabydoll - dollymoccs -
giannasensenig : You should totally sell matching toddler and Doll moccs. :) :)
enchantedlilly8 : @giannasensenig that would be so fun!! I will have to do that :)
violettinder : Ahhh too cute!!
violettinder : And yes, what @giannasensenig said!!! πŸ‘
cheldraxten : I need to shop for some shoes for Louis!! 😊
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Gold never gets old. #goldisthenewblack
goldisthenewblack -
emilyann825 : These are adorable!!
imwhit : I'm drooling! They are gorgeous
ipeacelovesmile : @yanettm
enchantedlilly8 : @imwhit @emilyann825 @hd1forlife thank you!! :) xo
enchantedlilly8 : @elisabeth.eden yes! girl next :) xo
goldie2084 : We love the gold mocs!! We have two pairs!! πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ
kaylarnorris : we love love our moccs!!! can't wait for you to open again! @enchantedlilly8
enchantedlilly8 : @kaylarnorris yay! So happy you got them and love them!! Xoxo
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Before I started making moccs I made headbands. I still make headbands but moccs are what is keeping me up at night lately. When I find the perfect piece if fabric next I will snatch it up and make some more for my shop. This is @jillayybean she has mastered the perfect #selfie and I adore how she styled her #enchantedlilly headband! xoxo
enchantedlilly - selfie -
briseida1624 : I neeeeeeeed her glasses! Where are they from?
enchantedlilly8 : @jillayybean where did you find your adorable glasses?
briseida1624 : She reminds me of Ashley Tisdale
jillayybean : @briseida1624 I got them last year at Spencer's and I have wanted to buy more ever since but they are always out of stock:( But I found some at American Eagle that are pretty much identical to this pair:)
briseida1624 : Thank you so much @jillayybwan :) hopefully I get lucky and find a pair.
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
My sisters @thenorsksisters designed this beautiful mug with our two favs COFFEE and LEFSE! Can't wait to have coffee in mine! We do have extra available for purchase @thenorsksisters #nationalcoffeeday #coffee #norwegian
norwegian - coffee - lefse - norwegianmug - thenorsksisters - nationalcoffeeday -
missybratland : I'd love 2!
missybratland : Actually I'd love 5!
enchantedlilly8 : @missybratland sounds great! I will reserve your 5 for you! :)
enchantedlilly8 : #lefse #norwegianmug #thenorsksisters
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