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Enchanted Lilly

Designer|Wifey|Mama|Believer|Minnesota Made with Love @thenorsksisters enchantedlilly8@gmail
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Lilly and her BFF Stella getting ready for their preschool Christmas program. #christmasbest #bffs
christmasbest - bffs -
sgulz : Love those two little ladies! !
jtobuffalo : Lilly you did an awesome job singing! We had so much fun! We love you! G&G
enchantedlilly8 : @sgulz love them! Thanks again for the amazing Starbucks! I am sipping a large peppermint latte right now :) xo
enchantedlilly8 : @jtobuffalo Lilly loved it that you came!! She was so excited to see you!! Love you!!
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enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
I love to see pictures of your littles in their EL moccs! Sweetest little @meandsienna all ready for Christmas! Share your photos with #enchantedlilly
enchantedlilly -
sara_bogdan - october_road2311 - tisaperson - jamikooiman -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Oh for CUTE!!! Sweetest little princess! Thanks for sharing this sweet picture @kimberly_deegan #kidsfashion #cutestever
cutestever - kidsfashion -
julia_halverson11 - anzanastreasures - nicole_seifermann - cnrilknur -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
How adorable is @shavonneupdike 's elf!? I am loving all your elf pictures! They really make my day! Has your Elf ever forgotten to move? Ours forgets sometimes. What we do is feed the Elf marshmallows, candy, cookies, popcorn and then she moves again. It works like a charm ;) #elfontheshelf #elfmoccs #christmasmagic
elfmoccs - elfontheshelf - christmasmagic -
shavonneupdike : Thanks! I'm so glad you like them! Funny thing about these elves is that they polar ice, i mean POLARIZE people like crazy! People either love them or they hate them! πŸ˜‚ luckily for us we have friends that find the humor in the lightheartedness of it! It's such a fun tradition that brings magic into our home! Great idea! I'll have to try the sugar coated reminders! πŸ‘πŸ­πŸ¬πŸ«
bowlovelyboutique : So cute
mirandajameson : @enchantedlilly8 could these still be ordered
bowlovelyboutique - alliepace - nelografie - suhaa87 -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Today I am saying goodbye to my 20's. And hello to 30. I have heard that 30 is the best age. This is the first pair of Norwegian moccasins to be shipped to Norway!!! One of my birthday wishes is for @moodsofnorway to have these in their kids collection some day. #bigdreams #29forever #norwegianmoccs
29forever - bigdreams - norwegianmoccs -
norskqueen : Happiest Birthday Beautiful!!!! Hope and pray your dreams come true!!
julia_halverson11 : Happy one day late Birthday Sarah!
enchantedlilly8 : Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! I had the best day! xoxo
melodyofcutenessaccessories : Lovely !
kimberlyalbert : @kbrogers: #aylabear needs these!
katpinke : @lovelylalaland ❀️
muskarik : It's ours!! We got it today! Thank you very much for amazing heilroom moccs.In Norway we say they are "FANTASTISK" 😘😘😘😘
muskarik : @enchantedlilly8
sgulz - redfield_clair - toneroten - lizynka7 -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Hockey Moccasins. These UND Hockey moccs are on the way to Adley Anne's Boutique in Grand Forks, ND. #hockeymoccs #und
loveyouall - undhockey - und - hockeymoccs -
katesyvers : @jsteiner6
ann_knu : Love!!
norskqueen : @erinnhak
erinnhak : @norskqueen 😍 these will be GREAT gifts!
jtobuffalo : WOW! You are amazing! They look great! A&J
enchantedlilly8 : Thank you all so much for the sweet complements! #loveyouall
enchantedlilly8 : #undhockey
melodyofcutenessaccessories : Wow ! Nice !
sgulz - gaudenzigermaine - melodyofcutenessaccessories - lizynka7 -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
Lilly made the nice list at #target Today is the last day to order to make sure of a Christmas Delivery! Tomorrow I am closing my shop for a couple weeks to finish up all current orders and spend time making Christmas Memories with my family! #Christmasiscoming
christmasiscoming - target -
mhoff2109 : Sarah-I sent you my new address on FB! Thank you!
loveformysailor : Enjoy your family time! I was going to order an elf pair! Just saw ourdailybits!!
sgulz - toneroten - october_road2311 - nicole_seifermann -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
A visit to Santa. #santatears #santa #gunnarandviolette #cousinsforever
gunnarandviolette - santatears - cousinsforever - santa -
emilyann825 : Poor kids were scared 😒 Classic photo!!
taylorjoelledesigns : Awesome!!!!!
earanum : I am crying I am laughing so hard!! They are the cutest!!
norskqueen : Poor kids!!! So precious! Santa looks so calm
jtobuffalo : Gunnar - come see grandma for hugs!
sgulz : Classic!
taylorjoelledesigns : May I repost on Facebook?
enchantedlilly8 : @taylorjoelledesigns yes for sure :)
minezyno - taylorseifermann24 - toneroten - nicole_seifermann -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
This is Max from @youngbuck_yb He is always styling in the coolest beanies his mom makes for him!!Today is the last day to order your @youngbuck_yb beanies to have them in time for Christmas! #favoritebeanies #wecollectthem #enchantedlilly #ybbeanie #matermoccs
enchantedlilly - wecollectthem - matermoccs - favoritebeanies - ybbeanie -
bowlovelyboutique : Cutie pie
youngbuck_yb : Awe thank you! ❀️ We love our new mocs, they are perfect!
enchantedlilly8 : @youngbuck_yb we love our beanies! I wore mine today! ;) xo
julia_halverson11 - nefertitidesigns - jamikooiman - areli_fairy -
enchantedlilly8 - Enchanted Lilly
How to Make tiny Elf Skirts by Lilly *Take a circle of green felt (or any color of your choice) and cut a hole in the center. *Find some glue. (I used my mom's Mod Podge) *Take Q-tips and dip them in glue. * Go around the house and find things to glue on your skirts. * Smear glue on the felt and stick them on. *Leave them out at night to dry and in the morning your Elf will be wearing them. #elfskirt #elfontheshelf #enchantedlilly
elfskirt - enchantedlilly - elfontheshelf -
bowlovelyboutique : What a cute idea
alikonababy : @jamiek30 moccs for your elf
buffypzw : @chelsyjp look at the skirt & moccasins!
chelsyjp : @buffypzw that's cuteπŸŽ€ but I have a boy elf:) cross dresser maybe?πŸ˜‚
buffypzw : @chelsyjp yup! Or it can be a kilt
sgulz - bowlovelyboutique - 2shayshay2 - xoliviarose_ -
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