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Living in LA. Loving my husband and two little babes. Learning more about Jesus everyday.
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
A true community of friends is a rare gift and I couldn't be more thankful for the women who came to shower our baby girl with love and prayers last night. And thankful for these two who made it stunningly beautiful! 5 or 6 more weeks till we meet this babe!
joelleschorr : You are so so loved! And birdie is already a treasure to us❀️
shandaerinw : Brimming full from the love
sarahtherose_ : So excited for you guys!!!
michele_fordice : Yes! So glad you are surrounded by so much love! You are a true gift to many. πŸ’‹
jodistilp : You are beautiful
mariahroncetti : @emosser we had no idea you guys were expecting!! God bless your family
sotrulylovely : Could you be any more lovely?!?!?!?
echo_zielinski : SO soon!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts and rhythms on feeding ourselves and our families well on the @inklingsblog this week. I love these girls and their hearts and the beautiful space they are crafting on their blog. Head over to www.inklingsblog.com to take a look!
laurenankenman : 😘😘
stephreph1 : I can't wait to see that cute face in person in less than a week!
shannonbozarth : You are truly lovely and this articles proves, yet again, why I admire you.
annmenke : So proud of you E. Can't wait to see that darling bundle. xoxo
inklingsblog : #blessed by you πŸ˜‰
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
24 hours kid free with this guy to celebrate 9 years. Talked about all our hopes and dreams and all the current blessings we are experiencing, slept in (till 7:30am cause that's sleeping in when you are parents) and ate lots of good food @littlepinerestaurant and @zinccafeandmarket. All while @beksopperman and @stephenkenn gave our kids the best weekend of their lives! We owe them big time.
alexa.a.williams : πŸ€— awe! Happy Anniversary! Happy for you both! @emosser @brookmosser
cliffjbrady : Happy anniversary. I love that guy
mallorywickham : Awwww. Congrats. I want to see you some time 😩 the drive is just far enough to to be super inconvenient with multiple kids 😭 we've got to make it happen!
tammycomer : Happy Anniversary you two!!! Love you guys❀️❀️❀️
jacourson7 : Happy anniversary!!
kateeheuer : So sweet. Glad you two got some time away! Happy anni!
jazzydontplay : ❀️❀️❀️
emosser : @mallorywickham I know!! 😭 I think about you all the time! We are pretty portable with my kids ages (for the next six weeks that is till baby) but Duke is in school which throws a wrench in things! I'll text you!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
9 years since we said "I Do". A lot of life has happened in 9 years and this man just gets greater and greater with each passing year. I'm so thankful to get to fight to live life well and serve Jesus by his side. Happy anniversary @brookmosser! πŸ“·: @agallant #maxandfriends
maxandfriends -
alicebohlinger : Happy anniversary Mossers!!!
stephreph1 : Happy Anniversary! You two are amazing!
taratuepker : Wishing you a very happy anniversary!
cassidykeating : Happy anniversary to you both! You are both a wonderful example to me😘
drnewell : Isn't it great to continue falling in love with your husband after all those years?!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
Post hearing test treats with these babes. 🍭🍦 Every three months Duke goes in for a full round of hearing tests and every time his right ear has lost more. Although his doctors are confident his left ear will progress eventually, right now it is stable and that is a huge gift that we thank God for daily. As a mom my heart breaks for every sound he misses and the future of deafness he most likely has in store. Yet as a follower of Jesus I know that he has a Heavenly Father who cares for him beyond what I can even comprehend and will not let this be without purpose. Duke's perspective? He thinks it's so cool that I have hearing aids too and we can be buddies in our hearing loss... And he says it's cool that he won't be able to hear his sister wake him up in the morning. πŸ˜‚ Thank you to everyone who has been praying and we welcome continued prayers for our sweet boy Duke. πŸ™πŸΌ
socialcyndi : Always praying for you, your boy, your girl, your fella and that little sweat pea. I love you
carmenzayas : Beautiful word Elizabeth. And wonderful perspective from Duke. So great to see you both flourish in the face of challenges. Love your contagious joy! Praying for your sweet family - we sure miss you guys around here.
marchandlane : Praying for you guys! πŸ’™ Love sweet Duke's positivity through all of this! Congratulations on baby no. 3! xo
orlenaballard : Thank you for sharing. So beautifully put Elizabeth. Praying for you guys. Miss you!
beccabozarth : Thank you for sharing so transparently. I didn't realize you also had hear loss, like your mom? What sweet kids you have.
alicebohlinger : Awe this made me tear up. Such sweet words and an awesome Godly perspective. Praying for Duke and you!!! πŸ™πŸ»
emosser : @beccabozarth I do have the same loss as my mom. Found out about 6 years ago but it didn't progress much until recently. Hearing aids are helping a lot though!
beccabozarth : 😘 I'm loving your moms book right now, picked it up at the conference this weekend.
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
And we can't wait to meet this baby girl in just 8 short weeks! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ Baby B... Mama's ready to meet you! And be able to breath again. ☺️
cathleensimmons : Everything is better as soon as they are out β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ½
ambeezie20 : Wow!! Well I guess we'll have to see! I'm March 15th ☺️😘😘
emosser : @sotrulylovely 😘😘😘 you are seriously the most encouraging person I know. Thank you friend!
emosser : @jodistilp thank you so much Jodi! I hope you are well!
emosser : @shandaerinw thank you friend. 😘
emosser : @cathleensimmons agreed!!!!
emosser : @ambeezie20 the home stretch! She will be here before you know it!
danabmethvin : Oh my goodness, congrats!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
These two are looking more and more alike the older they get! πŸ‘«
myrka : I love their style!
raquelcarabine : Oh my gosh!!! They are so precious and getting so big. ❀️
brookethebrooke : ok yeah she loox huge. liiiiiiiike 8?? 😦
yolente : Miss those kids!! πŸ‘«
philmcomer : I MISS THEM!! Tell them Pops loves them
emosser : @yolente we miss you!!!!
emosser : @philmcomer they love you and miss you too!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
Palm trees and weddings with my handsome date. So fun witnessing our beautiful friends commit their lives to each other! #rockylovesalyssa #31weeks πŸ“·: @lauralucero
31weeks - rockylovesalyssa -
naomigugliotta : You're smoking hot, my friend! πŸ’›
annmenke : You two are so adorable together. Sooooo good seeing you.
murphymamacita : Not sure how missed this new development!!!! Congrats on the upcoming little lady, you two!!! 😍 @emosser @brookmosser
philmcomer : Can you please send some of that sun up here ?? Please? Love Dad
dianewcomer : Movie stars!
littleblueolive : Beautiful as always! Congrats on the new babe!
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
Dr. Scarlet... dominating the OB appointment one stirrup at a time. πŸ˜‚ #7.5months
7 -
stephreph1 : I love this! You all are amazing!
tammycomer : HahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kateeheuer : Yes. So good.
megslux : Are you having a boy or girl?
philmcomer : Love it. Dad
emosser : @megslux another girl. πŸ’š
megslux : Lovely! Congrats!
jacquelinefabricius : πŸ’—
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emosser - Elizabeth Mosser
You'd think it was a snow day watching the fun these two had today! Rain in LA is just as exciting as snow in our house. 🌧
philmcomer : So cool. I saw Steve's post with the rain! Wished you had stayed two more days to play in the snow we just got here. Schools shut down for two days!
manningleslie - noqisy - jodistilpphotography - nataliapitzul -
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