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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Lots and lots of sugar and butter up on the blog today! Biscotti, shortbread, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, pecan sandies. A Laura Bush recipe even makes an appearance. It's crazy over there.
merrittwakefield : These are gorgeous! 🍪
elisemlopez : Those cookies look straight out of J Crew
joeyhiller : Nooooooom!
emilyvoigtlander : @merrittwakefield Thank you!! 😊
emilyvoigtlander : @elisemlopez You know how to compliment a girl. 😘
melikemelange : So impressive!!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Bonus 35mm photos from a tea house in Taipei, also up on the blog. Cake and tea, always better together.
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Almond cake and other ramblings for your reading pleasure, now up on the blog.
aud_bod : Oh man, that sounds delicious!!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Making citrus miso snapper from @mollydunkncrumb's brand new book! Congrats Molly!
mames : Sounds delish! How did it turn out?
emilyvoigtlander : @mames Turned out beautifully! A whole fish is always a looker.
nckblck : That would make a good California NYD gravlax... gears turning
mollydunkncrumb : amazing!!!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
So thankful for these two skinnies.
erindanika : Happy thanksgiving! Missing you guys and the beach right now!
mocitylife : Right by my place!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Room of yarn.
allgonzcrazy : I hope you grabbed some of the green in the lower right hand corner!
erindanika : Oh man, and people were allowed to roll around on it?!?! That sounds so soft and scratchy and wonderful.
emilyvoigtlander : @erindanika Yes! The school kids were in heaven.
monkeylytics : What's the room built for (outside of cool photos?)
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Tea house dogs.
davidheelee : Eeeeee
miaylita : They're touching butts
abacusrow : 😀
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Exploring the northern coast of Taiwan and eating the freshest seafood!
katieloftusnorton : Looks amazing!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Taipei, I'm ready to eat all your foods and see all your sights!
hialexa : So excited for this!
clairecall : Woooo
monkeylytics : You just got in 4 hours ago / 7 pm pdt?
baileyelaine : Awesome!
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