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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Marseille is a weird town, but the photos turned out nice. More honeymoon reminiscing on the blog!
liz_the_biz : Curious what you mean by 'weird'—I didn't spend as much time there as you probably did, but I enjoyed my half-day there!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Photos and stories from Barcelona, up on the ole blog (finally!)
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Celebrating the marriage of two of our very favorites. πŸ’ž Nick and Dena, we love you! It's been a damn good summer.
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Summer barley salad and other short stories I wrote at midnight, up on the blog.
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
When your sister asks for a logo design featuring her corgi wearing 3D glasses /// Southwestern garlic shrine courtesy @heidisfarrell
heidisfarrell : garlic shrine! yay!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Embracing my inner hippie after pushing those pixels all day πŸ’»πŸ“±πŸ’»
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
We launched v2 of our digital portfolio app Seesaw today (three platforms! New features! New marketing website!) and I'm having one of these to celebrate. Recipe for a little tiki cocktail, on the blog.
melange_beauty : Congrats!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
heidisfarrell : Yay! And beautiful photo
sierra.n12 : Congratulations!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
πŸ”ΉAmateur / βšͺ️ professional / πŸ”Ήamateur. Thank you @heidisfarrell for the wedding gift. I feel so classy pouring myself water without leaving the table.
miaylita : Heath?
heidisfarrell : ❀️ the little amateur guys!
emilyvoigtlander : @miaylita Yes! The best!
emilyvoigtlander : @heidisfarrell 😘 thank you!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Finished a few of these cuties today. 🐳
miaylita : I want!!!
bevprice : Beautiful.
kelsmmcg : Eeeek! You've got to open a shop!
aud_bod : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
emilyvoigtlander : @sierra.n12 @bevprice @aud_bod Thank you for the encouragement! πŸ’ž
emilyvoigtlander : @traeceratops Yes! I hope to get a shop up soon. :)
emilyvoigtlander : @kelsmmcg I think I might take the plunge!
kelsmmcg : @emilyvoigtlander yes!!! can't wait to hear all about it!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Sharing snippets from our perfectly magical wedding, today on the blog.
alliberry101 : Incredible
eveeehh23 : I LOVE IT!!!!!!
ro81nmiller : 😍😘😘
kelsmmcg : Haha this is perfect
dfehr_ : You guys are the best
pedrobot : So lovely and that knife is just icing on the cake.
keltronrp : There aren't enough emoji to express my infatuation with this!
muabiubiuo : πŸ˜€
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