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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
There is a recipe that is both vegan and gluten free up on the blog tonight. My hippie transformation is nearly complete.
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Queen of destruction.
nmuelr : So metal
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Another one from snooping around Heath Ceramics over the weekend. How about that color pallet.
ro81nmiller : You should check out my friend Mary's work. It's incredible! @maryomalleyceramics
maryomalleyceramics : Thanks @ro81nmiller I have some work at Jack Fischer Gallery in SF if you ever want to check it out!
ro81nmiller : That's so cool! @emilyvoigtlander wanna have a gallery date to check it out?
emilyvoigtlander : @maryomalleyceramics Where you at the craft fair at Fort Mason a while ago, I think I saw you there! @ro81nmiller Yes, let's!
maryomalleyceramics : @emilyvoigtlander yes I was!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
My finished celestial mosaic from this weekend's @mosaicatheath workshop.
scottok8 : That looks awesome!!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Mosaic day with Mom and Sis. ❤️🌈❤️
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
Just finished this fluffy Rothko-inspired dude. Doesn't quite engulf you like a Rothko, but it sure is cute.
thechiropractor : Awesome! And love that lamp
chaeyoung_iris : Love it
heidisfarrell : Love the Stathis/Rothko pairing
emilyvoigtlander : @thechiropractor @chaeyoung_iris Thank you! ❤️
emilyvoigtlander : @heidisfarrell Just copying you! Do!
emilyvoigtlander : @heidisfarrell Ha, autocorrect. Xo!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
My internal struggle with crock pot cookery, the resolution of said struggle, and a recipe for chili verde, up on the blog!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
wldkrenzer : Where was this?
emilyvoigtlander : @wldkrenzer At a ceramic studio in the neighborhood. I just started an eight lesson course. No where to go but up! 😂
wldkrenzer : That's awesome @emilyvoigtlander!!! Was it by chance at Clay underground? Alli and I did a date night there before left and it was a blast!
emilyvoigtlander : @wldkrenzer It's called Smaart Gallery, but that sounds fun! Maybe I'll loop Jordan into a lesson. ;)
wldkrenzer : @emilyvoigtlander oh you definitely should!
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emilyvoigtlander - Emily Voigtlander
I like them best when they're nearly dead.
missclairepinkhair : Emo kid
caitmarkham : They're just following the light. How adorable.
erindanika : No wonder we're friends. For the past two days @josh and I have been discussing the beauty of "slumped objects"
emilyvoigtlander : @erindanika Yes! Yes! I think I am a rather slumped object too.
emilyvoigtlander : @missclairepinkhair Forever and always.
monkeylytics : I'd like to think they're just bowing as they say good bye 🙏
wldkrenzer : Agreed!!
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