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maker of lists, crafter of things, lover of mornings & mama to ellerie. follow & shop my year long craft adventure #make29 at elisejoy.com
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
ellerie's predicting some rain with dinner.
stephaniehowell : I really wish we could come hang out. I have a feeling it would be amazing. Love her.
casiafletcher : Adorable outfit!
angie_bf : 😘😘
makr1958 : Love her boots!
convo_pieces : Those boots!!
goodnorthcoastlife : ❀️ this
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
getting teddy sobered up and festive before the guests arrive. #ellerielovesteddy
ellerielovesteddy - costcobear -
hjlbrit : πŸ‘πŸ‘
fromtreesfallapples : Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Ps look at Ellerie's hair growing @elisejoy you'll be putting it in pony tails before Valentines!!
lifeonflower : no way. too cute.
slouisephotography : SO CUUUUTE!!!
laurenmmcfadden : My son wants this teddy bear SOOO bad. It was from ikea right? Mind me asking how much? @elisejoy
elisejoy : @laurenmmcfadden $30 at Costco #costcobear
evedeved : @icezu
goodnorthcoastlife : ❀️
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
Paul's at work in the ER & family is traveling down. we are watching music videos, making necklaces out of ribbon and over filtering selfies. if this isn't the thanksgiving the pilgrims had in mind, I don't know what is. πŸ‘
veronicalshuler : great picture! πŸ‘―
kristencripe : So cute!!
stephaniehowell : This makes my ❀️all kinds of happy.
marysarap : Happy Thanksgiving @elisejoy
amytangerine : πŸ’›πŸ’›
weathcro : #thesearethedays
suzannedenise79 : Thanks to Paul for sacrificing his holiday to take care of our sailors!! πŸ’ͺ
pamgarrison : Oh my gosh, look at her face!!!! So so cute.You nailed it when you said every day is the best day of her life and she sure does love living!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
ellerie doesn't have siblings, so on holidays I dress her to match her room. #goodmama
goodmama -
renskevg : Let's just assume Teddy's really relaxed around you guys ;)
meekslovelies : Shes gonna love this story later
tiayn : πŸ˜…
elisejoy : @elizabethsgems I don't even let teddy behind the wheel sober. πŸ˜‰
purple_frogs : Lol
belindagouws : πŸ˜†
leroseetlenoir :  You're really funny Elise. You should let it show more often in your blog posts!
static_impulse : Haha!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
happy thanksgiving! baby girl slept through the night for the second time in over a month. #eliselovesmornings
eliselovesmornings -
jessohbee : oh you brave mama! go e, go!
tashiadoyle : Isn't that the best?! Happy Thanksgiving!
catsaunders : It's enough to make you REALLY love mornings! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
elisejoy : @jessohbee it's been a comedy to errors. Wetting through diapers then too cold then has a cold then teething then taking too long of naps then has a cold. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
theelp18 : So did mine! All of a sudden my 16 month old hasn't been sleeping through the night.
knottingwood : My 2 yr old was up until 2 weeks ago. Now we're back to getting up during the night. I heard they have sleep regressions out of nowhere at this age and then all of the sudden it stops. Just going with the flow. Happy thanksgiving !πŸ˜€
emily_hassman : Sleeping through the night sounds mythical 😝 Happy Thanksgiving!
jentapler : My son didn't sleep through the night one single time until he was 4. No, that's not a typo. Four. I wanted to murder all those moms with their bragging about their 3 month old perfect sleepers. We finally figured out he's just not a great sleeper and also doesn't need as much sleep as we thought and we were trying to force way more sleep on him than he needed. When we adjusted bedtime later and finally resigned ourselves to the 5:30 wakeup, we were good. But now, even at 7, he often wakes up at least once. Sigh.
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
the difference between these two piles? the one on the left contains 290 typos. taking "good at proofreading" off my resume as we speak. πŸ™ˆ #make29
make29 -
jtaormino21 : Doesn't that make it even more classic Elise? (Because you've shown your typos on other things like invites or birth announcements? πŸ˜‰)
elisejoy : @jtaormino21 omg I should have thought of that
elisejoy : @jtaormino21 ;)
mistressofromance : If you need a pro editor, I have a friend that does it for the indie romance industry. She affordable.
christiespencerphotography : @elisejoy I use www.bulletproofonline.com for my proofing needs... Super affordable and quick!
thenauticalwife : Bummer!
stevensonkatie5 : Oh no!!!
andreacollects : I guess the typo says 2014 instead of 2015. 😁
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
when the baby naps for ten minutes in the stroller and considers herself good to go, my options are to stare forlornly at candy crush on the iPad or go to ikea for frames and stuffed animal hugging. today I chose the later.
nirupama01 : I feel hugely relieved that I'm not the only one to waste time on my iPad when naps go awry.
bigcityquiet : Yep, my son did that the other day. Ugh!
sheconfessions : The pits! Have lost count of how many times I've pinned miss one to the bed for her exhaustion to take over! 😳
realelife : IKEA is ALWAYS the right choice
rblaha : See you mañana!
fromtreesfallapples : We needs to go to ikea but someone fell asleep on the way. I couldn't handle picking up something large and dealing with a sleeper as well. Try again tomorrow
donab : Omg. Is that a kangaroo? I have to get to Ikea!
annmarieloves : "Forlornly." I dig.
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
#elleriegetsplanty (it's been a busy morning.)
elleriegetsplanty -
mazmikh : Good job πŸ˜™
artsygirlstudio : Love this.
iamahoneybee : Oh the sky! I love it
iheartstitchart : One little pant leg hitched up... So sweet!
lalamckinnon : So precious!
renskevg : Ellerie the intern is getting better at her job every day!!
slouisephotography : So darn cute!!!
kirstiemacgowan : Ellerie the Gangsta πŸ˜‰
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
dear santa, please bring me a larger sandbox. (also, hair wisps and marker drawings on her hand forever.)
beckith81 : You and I are shoe twins this morning!
royejoy : @elisejoy, Tell Santa that if he does bring a sandbox, please add a tbsp of cinnamon in with the sand in the sandbox to keep the ants & creepy crawly friends out.
elisejoy : @royejoy will do!!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
ellerie's like "this is strange, guys." more photos by the wonderful @geoffbardot & @lisabardot #ontheblog today. πŸ‚πŸπŸƒ
ontheblog -
andrealove33 : Killer!!!
theresacheri : Omg I love the comparison photos!!! You've come so far but the love you have for each other still jumps off the page
alongwell23 : I can't wait to have a life like this πŸ’•
jessicarrodarte : Lol! "This is strange, guys."
jessicarrodarte : Beautiful picture and pictures on your blog today!
thenauticalwife : So good!! That comparison photo is πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ž
georginaklokman : great colours
erinant : The comparison photo's were perfect! Love them!
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