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maker of lists, crafter of things, lover of mornings & mama to ellerie. follow & shop my year long craft adventure #make29 at elisejoy.com
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
new #elisegetscrafty episode! I'm chatting about life + work this week with @ashleegadd! subscribe on iTunes or stream at elisejoy.com/podcast. also... on the blog today I'm sharing how I keep my to-do list straight.
elisegetscrafty -
angespohend : Best one yet!
lizeaton : I love Wednesdays now!! I look forward every week!
boholistique : loving your podcasts :)
theidiotkid : Your podcasts are great!
picklesandpeanut_ : @runningteacher2 she posted a link to it in her blog post today. It is a plum planner off etsy. I only know bc I have one ;)
lizpiccinnini : Love you plum paper planner!!
jenniferkotas : I'm only on episode 12. I listen on my daily walks. Love your podcasts so much. They are great motivation to walk more!
drsilott : Love plum paper. On my 3rd year.
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
turned yesterday's big tomato into today's second breakfast. #cripegarden
cripegarden -
kikibomi : Yummo
anoccupiedlife : Yum! Second breakfast is the best!
amytangerine : ❤️
macnamania : Tomato season is my favorite
kocaro : Love second breakfast ❤️
megan_nerdnest : Eating like a hobbit is the best.
raeoflight17 : That looks so awesome! Yummy!
kellykuntz : Yum!!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
🍅 #cripegarden
cripegarden -
lauraisfrench : 👏👏👏
danihampton : Nothing better!
kellyjomn : Especially from your own two hands.... garden to table
artsygirlstudio : A whole family! Yay!
sandykayemoss : STILL waiting for ours to ripen! These look gorgeous though
tine_reflection : So cool! Had my first harvest of tomato yesterday
kser369 : Eggshells help with the cracking. Smash them and put them around ba
kser369 : Base of plant and mix into soil a bit
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
little bug napped for 1.5 hours and now we are both happy. 👏👏👏
lifeonflower : You are radiant, Elise! (So is Ellerie.)
jennalouodegard : Good naps are the best! So are those smiles.
littlecraigclan : Super sweet shot! Yay for naps!!
elisejoy : @amytangerine yes! it's been a battle lately.
melissamarieknits : So cute! Ellerie's eyes are so beautiful! Do you both have blue eyes? :)
elisejoy : @melissamarieknits mine are hazel, E's are blue like Paul's. 👍
chiaotan : Gorgeous mom and daughter!
rachrecordingmemories : That's a framer - gorgeous!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
my succulents are doing so much better outside. #eliselovesmornings
eliselovesmornings -
juliakgarza : @michelleyvonnearias I found that having mine in succulent soil is key... otherwise mine die too.
michelleyvonnearias : @juliakgarza thanks for the tip! By this do you mean soil specfic for cacti? Can I use cacti food if I can't find the right soil? Are yours inside?
juliakgarza : @michelleyvonnearias Yep, any cacti soil should work. Home Depot should have it. Mine are inside in a sunny window and they are doing really well. But I always managed to kill them without the right soil.
michelleyvonnearias : No home depot here @juliakgarza but I will look at the hardware store! Thanks!
karina.jay : @thememorykeepers What ratio of peroxide/water? How does it help the plant?
karina.jay : Yes on the Cactus soil. Mine are doing better since I switched soil (but I did kill some in the process). They also do better when I put them outside. Only part of the year here because that doesn't work when there is snow on the ground! :)
anamexicana : I've been trying to propagate a couple from my wedding bouquet the way you wrote about and after 6 weeks there's some itty bitty new leaves. Fingers crossed!!
tmfds : same here @elisejoy. I love the little flowers that appeared on mine
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
paigetaylorevans : Awwww so cute!
debra.thedcproject : Oh this age is so good!!!
thestampspot : Oh so much cuteness!
1lma : hahahahaha adorable! you just have to smile back :)
stephaniehowell : Hi sweet girl!!!!😻
theochrelephant : Omg that is so cute
nat_lbj : stop it right now. that grin is contagious.
sandyla : Just adorable!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
my child continues to grow hair like a champ. 👌
cloudydaygray : Ha!
fromtreesfallapples : Think yourself lucky. My friends girl is the ripe old age of 14 months and had her first hot with headlice. Better to be bald the. Deal with that
jen_neufeld : Or you could have my kids who come out with full heads of hair and keep it. But bald babies are just as cute 😄
pedersc : Just getting cuter❤️
wincheki : Better start investing in some clips and hair bands @elisejoy - it is getting out of control!!!
samanthashepard : We could get her a wig.
theochrelephant : @elisejoy my kid was bald too for quite a while .. When she started growing hair a friend told me a recipe half parts if castor oil and coconut oil slightly warmed and massaged into the scalp . Leave it in for 24 hrs and wash .. Replete every few days ... Boy o boy does it work..
smileandwave : Hehe, I feel this so hard.
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
since asparagus is out of season and therefore super expensive we're trying spinach pesto tonight. recipe: equal parts fresh spinach and fresh basil, juice from one lemon, handful of almonds, decent helping of olive oil, handful of Parmesan cheese, few cloves of garlic, salt & pepper. mix it all up in a food processor. add more of whatever it needs.
bethanymitch : I made this almost exactly last night, only I used pine nuts. 👌
libbimoore : @elise I love your pesto recipe that you shared a few years ago. It's the best. I'll have to try this one soon.
kristencripe : Yum! Made this a couple weeks ago, and was a big fan of the spinach-basil combo! 👍👍
canadianlindsay : My fav for juicing is kale carrot apple orange ginger. That pesto sounds divine
sassypantsjulie : I usually make spinach pesto in winter, when my basil plants go kaput. I use goat cheese instead of parmesan, and toss in some mushrooms and peas with the pasta. So good!
jamiekolieu : Yum! Hoping to make some pesto tonight as well. Daughter loves having it for lunch at school!
libbymade : I find that you can make pesto with almost any combination of "green" and "nuts." So good!
kokolikes : If you toast your almonds for a good 5 mins you get a great flavor out of them!
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
color study.
thingsorganizedneatly - dscolor -
elisejoy : @stephharnett @megan_nerdnest 👍
jtaormino21 : @megan_nerdnest @stephharnett yes yes yes 🙌
annie_oak_tree : @elisejoy check out @wrightkitchen for some amazing color gradients w fruits+veggies
elisejoy : @annie_oak_tree gorge. Will do
picklesandpeanut_ : A simple yet beautiful print. I bet it was relaxing to arrange. @elisejoy you always inspire me to find beauty in the every day things
poro5 : @slkindy
smileandwave : Love this! I took a very similar picture on the beach with colored rocks (plus one heart-shaped rock), too! Great minds, lady! Then the high tide came in and swept them away.
mishie68 : I have a whole pinterest board just for pics of rocks and stones. LOVE
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elisejoy - elise blaha cripe
attempting a friendship bracelet style yarn wall hanging.
daniellecontiart : So far so good! 😍
gangsteroflove511 : Sic 'em! These are perfect Baylor colors. I love it! 🐻
tonifrom : @jtaormino21 LOL. Totally.
andreacollects : what a great idea!!
kearneygoodlife : Yes.
forecripesake : I can hardly wait to see this! And love the colors too - Go Pack Go!!
caseyplusthree : what a cool idea! can't wait to see it completed!
kat78 : macramé!?
lisalis91 - meganmariabain - kat78 - martufaa -
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