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@WSJ senior style reporter.
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
#tbt, hurricane katrina edition. nine years ago this week i convinced my editor at a newspaper in suburban chicago to send me to write about the recovery. see the holes in the ceiling? that's where the homeowners climbed to wait out the flooding. what i do now could not be more different, but i find it helpful to remember these kinds of experiences from early in my career. i'm a better reporter for covering these kinds of stories.
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ihad2treyz : πŸ™ŒπŸ™
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
My #Emmys best-dressed picks for the @wsj! πŸ‘ŒWho did you love? Or hate? Share in the comments below. πŸ‘‡
emmys -
stylefortheseasons : I loved what Sarah Hyland was wearing as well!
meganfinnerty : This is so slick!
marioabad : My two best were January Jones in a dramatic, mesmerizing @prabalgurung number, and Camila Alves sporting a beautifully cut, sheer @zuhairmuradofficial dress that fit her body like a dream. (btw, I can't get enough of your tweets. Love reading them!) @eholmeswsj
samanta1364 : niiice
msquared03 : Lizzie Caplan and Cat Deeley
tamikj : Lizzie in #DonnaKaranAtelier #FTW
alibefresh : Sarah Hyland was definitely my fave
sarah_r11 : My best dressed was Heidi Klum in @zac_posen! I loved the color and shape!
modwalrath - allisonprang - jkscool - muatasm12 -
eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
One last vacation pic to ease my re-entry back to real life! 😁 I'm so thankful for our week in the Hamptons β˜€οΈ and most especially for our awesome friends, @egs, @brsmithny + RGS. πŸ‘ͺ They showed us how to get the most out of each beautiful day πŸ‘ including my personal fave, champagne sunsets at the beach! πŸ™ Here's to the start of a new summer tradition! 😘
jamiestelter : whatta great shot of all of you πŸ’•
egs : So great having y'all here!
mattmstuart : Thanks again @egs and @brsmithny for showing us the ropes!
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Back home and have diagnosed myself with a case of post-vacation swan withdrawal. #whatareyoulookingatswan #latergram
latergram - whatareyoulookingatswan -
scrunchiesofinstagram : scrunchtastic πŸ’™πŸ’™
aorfus : @sorfus
katierosman : That's a big fucking swan.
danportnoy : So many swan jokes!
girlinbeta : Get yourself a bottle of Dom, and you have a weekend even Johnny Manziel would be jealous of.
frederikanyc : I have seen this swan in so many instas today!
frederikanyc : Loved the story on hair and beauty apps. Will try and let you know.
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
My ride this week was waaaay better than the ride in front of me...the ride back to the city/reality.
d_ratch : Dope!!
odilmaria : @eacrito #mira hun
eacrito : @odilmaria #hunyhunbikingproject
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Can we be on vacation forever? πŸ“· by @egs
candacej17 : Beachwear MVPs 😎
adam_dadson : You're too cute!
jenniferlkeene : Perfectly pointed toes
antheapena : Xmas photo right there! And co-sign on the holidays-for-ever
elmeaddawy : Where in Egypt?
elmeaddawy : Are you in Egypt now?
alexsoldierjewelry : Beautiful!!! ❀️❀️❀️
patternme_pretty : Cuties!
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Three things I love in one pic: @mattmstuart + the beach + gramming. πŸ™
knight_time : Matt looks like he takes his photography very seriously!
aguila_r - brynn_by - xxmengci - juliayazid -
eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
It's been, like, four whole days since I posted a sunset photo, so this is totally OK, right?
amandaclayman : Keep 'em coming! So relaxing...
wmagjane : Keep 'em coming is right.
hollywesthoff : πŸ’› stunning
egs : Where's the I was here and SWEAR my pic was just as awesome emoji?
aprilteybrown : Gorgeous!
drgpcole : Yes.
antheapena : Definitely
karlatrinidad : Stunning!
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Per my last Insta: here's the way to make Mary's egg sandwiches even better. Go early so you can get it on a bagel before they run out, then ride your bike to the beach and eat it there. THE BEST.
bagels - beaches -
eholmeswsj : And yes, my gluten-free self is on vacation...somewhere else. Also, yes, I was that girl staging a bagel photo shoot on the beach. 😜 #bagels #beaches
ragankensington : @mfearon4 holy moly I need.
everydayinfilm : Your commentary πŸ˜‚
jloganhorne : Yas
elysek07 : @kristinbr321 this makes me miss you and our massive coffees
mfearon4 : @ragankensington YAAASSSSS
jpbeyea : Awesome !! Let's connect !! #follow #followback
michcmcr : @rossab3
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
PSA! We have sampled every egg sandwich-esque offering in this adorable tiny town and I am here to tell you Mary's makes the best! Give it a try if you find yourself in Amagansett. πŸ³πŸ‘Š
wendybrandesjewelry : @eholmeswsj you're making me hungry! πŸ˜πŸ³πŸ™‹
mattmstuart : Hands down, the best, no contest. 1) Mary's 2) Breakfast Dosa at Chutney Co. 3) Jack's "healthy" egg sandwich and a distant fourth, the Farmer's market (which is also the most expensive).
bicoastalbirdie : @eholmeswsj I do hope you've had your fill of #hamptonchutneycompany! And then a run around the green and pictures in the gazebo. Did you make it to drum circle at sag main?
shaydigsy : Everything they sell is delicious. And the bookstore across the street and down the road is the next stop!
margaretrivers : l love hampton chutney and Mary's marvelous and Jacks!!
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