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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
@mattmstuart and I are thrilled to introduce our son, Fitzgerald Stuart. My heart is so full, seeing this great big world through the eyes of our little Fitz. ✨
nazikhorshidian : πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ™
ev_e_lynne : Congratulations. xX
genna_purisima : Congratulation 😊❀🍼🍼🍼
moiraforbes : Many congratulations!!
missjujie : Congratulations to both of you! πŸ’—
sanaandthecity : Massive congrats mommy and daddy! #soexciting
yuihatanokii : πŸ’“ @tfc2839///\\\...
cececoffin : What a gorgeous little guy πŸ’πŸ’so excited for you guys. Enjoy every moment, LOVE the name too 😍😍
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Approximately 40 weeks pregnant and feeling like this baby is coming at any moment / will never come but it's all good because I just got my hair did. πŸ’πŸ»
marathonmama1 : Beautiful ❀️
antheapena : Yay!!! Beautiful
naphtali90 : Sweet
kate_childs : You look incredible! Best wishes!
ericap1223 : You look amazing!!! Hope all goes well! Xo
instantbeautyhairextensions : Looking great!
amynicholsse : Congrats Elizabeth! So serendipitous that you popped up in my feed as someone I should follow, I've been meaning to email you about a story for the WSJ, are you on maternity leave already? Best wishes!! Xo
tinaramchandani : You look great!
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
#rad #ish
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jjnumber8inc : Pretty
theuppitypuppy : Oh yum
theeditorinchic : Had some this morning. ☺️
lv_nyc : so healthy ❀️
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
#tbt, my first smartphone love, which was taken from my cold, sad hands today. πŸ˜“ RIP, my dear blackberry. what you desperately lacked in coolness you made up for in unmatched functionality.
tbt -
knickknacks_pattywacks : I miss my BB too!
vranicawsj : Miss mine
debb228 : Still hanging on to mine, till my company takes from my hands!
beckybellour : Keep the flame alive
phenomenalrec_jay : #truindeeeed
smartinetti : @nikkichicki29 we're not the only ones 😒
hamptons_risk_management : @eholmeswsj RIP #blackberry
huntertoddlaw : Great phone
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
PS I moved to Brooklyn πŸ™Š
antheapena : OMGosh that's amazing. Congrats & happiness to the max in your new home. Just in the nick of.......
johnjannuzzi : Whoa!
savvyauntie : We'll miss you in the hood but Mazel Tov!
ashleyshuston : !! Welcome! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ» @eholmeswsj
lapresmidi : Wow! Congrats!
ryandziadul : @arielletrop almost like New Orleans ...
arielehrlich : Wonderful @eholmeswsj
cohen : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Ice cream with a view.
keep : πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
anahitaglitters : i heart it there ✨🍦✨ @eholmeswsj
katemacaluso : Was there earlier today and took a similar shot- great minds! πŸ‘―
jackmbarbour : Sweet!
lv_nyc : ❀️
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
The easel is ready for Baby Stu's arrival! But what about @mattmstuart? 😜 Thank you to my @wsj colleagues for the ~royal~ treatment today. πŸ‘‘ Such a special baby shower! (This magic moment captured by @jarrardcole)
hillarykerr : Ahhhhhh so cute! @eholmeswsj you are THE MOST darling!
elanafishman : This is quite adorable.
egs : The cool kids signed with their Twitter handle. One cool kid. Who likes a theme. And therefore probably isn't that cool.
susanbiegacz : You look amazing!
drgpcole : @mattmstuart Hang in there. It eventually will be alright, actually much better than that ... in many months.
antheapena : How wonderful. They know you so well. Hope you feel well. You look wonderful
mr._mcgibblets : The most royal name is Edward, FYI.
sanaandthecity : You look really beautiful! Congrats to you and Papa Stu! ❀πŸ‘ͺ
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Peter Copping's first resort collection for Oscar de la Renta. #odlr @oscarprgirl
odlr -
aroundmainline : Ahhhh the pink and black is to die for!!
worthystyle : Exquisite!
betherejess : I would wear that pink and black gown in a heart beat.
juliannes11 : Oh the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ones are to die for!
mj_cairney : Great colors!
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
J.Crew shoppers are feeling ~all the feelings~ these days. Read my latest #THIS column on the loyal + vocal fan base in today's @WSJ Personal Journal or at And share your thoughts on brand in the comments below. ⬇️
this -
erinmcpike : AMEN. So many times I've tweeted: Jenna Lyons, what are you doing????
blondieesquire : Love how you wove all the interviews together! I can't stop reading it. 😊
nilstillstrom : May be a tad different for the dude-side of the equation...I'm still a JCrew fan. I think they symbolize a classic sophistication that few others can get close to, and I've appreciated the challenges they've offered. Sure they've gone away from some of their classic, preppiness - that rugby, polo obsession - but people and brands grow up...I've grown up, too. They're my suit shop. They're where I go for bow ties. They have done an excellent job introducing people to the workwear aesthetic, and other small brands (see The Hillside, Tretorn, etc) and I feel grateful for that. I think if you are always going to buy the same polo, or shorts, sweater, or other element of the summer prep uniform, there are tons of places to go, but it'll be out of convenience and familiarity. They won't challenge you and you won't grow.
jp2325 : @taraflanagan212 sooo true!!! I'm a size 10/12 and recently feel embarrassed while shopping there as in store sizes usually cap at 12. To me it almost says-" if you're size 12 or above , you are not welcome to wear our clothes "
aimzzzz : To me, it seems that they've actually given some of their women's market share to Madewell. The Madewell girl + the J. Crew guy actually fit together quite well, while the J. Crew girl seems like she's off doing her own thing. I also think they haven't quite figured out how to move their women's aesthetic on from their peak sales years. Those factors combined with an overall slow women's marketplace in the US over the last year don't make for a pretty situation. (Clearly I'm too passionate about this - I work in corporate retail 😊)
kashworthdesign : J.Crew misses the mark for me on several fronts. Their promos are weird - 30% off, but only on certain things. Why? Free shipping on kids and baby, but nothing else. Why?Brands at similar price points now do free shipping/returns standard. I get why Jenna Lyons has so many fan girls, but does her style really resonate with their core customer? And I really detest the way they single out "Special Sizes." As someone who once had to wear those sizes, I can tell you personally that shopping in that section on the site made me feel anything but special.
sarahbhill : Love this piece and so glad to hear I am not the only one who has been disappointed with J. Crew lately. I miss those classic pieces with a slight unique twist that always kept me coming back for more!
shirleybrady : As I just said on Twitter, this piece πŸ’…πŸ» it -- and today we saw the fallout, sadly. I'm confident @JCrew can get its mojo back if (big if) brave enough to listen to its disappointed fans & fix what's broken (quality issues, sizing, pricing, style).
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eholmeswsj - Elizabeth Holmes
Stoop life is the best life. #regram @sarahnassauer
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antheapena : Good from-the-top shot
parisiennemexicaine : @forestgnome
bhavesh2375 : U r a pretty gud photographer
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