Ed Droste

My name is Ed. I'm in a band. We're called Grizzly Bear. I love travel almost as much as music. Pictures are both old and new.
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edroste - Ed Droste
Spending thanksgiving with this cutie cheese monger
edroste : @simonviii I love you 😘❀️☺️
kanitsirk : Adorable πŸ™ˆπŸ’™
gatsby17 : Happy Thanksgiving, Ed!!!!!
kateth325 : Puts a smile on my face every time I see this kid!!!
wadeeeeeeeeee : Love it. Happy thanksgiving guys
mantuh_hands : @sneesh @jrffe your future babe
coolin_a : @skywesterndaze this will b our gaybie one day
skywesterndaze : @coolin_a πŸ‘ΆπŸ’
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edroste - Ed Droste
Here's a Happy Thanksgiving #tbt to me chowing down in 1979 , for those that celebrate I hope you all are with loved ones and having a wonderful holiday! To those that don't, ❀️ ya too! 😘😘😘😘
tbt -
t_schro : @klienhoop he's only 16ish yrs older
stasiuna : @lolaglezgrciadcmddb dnomkgozgoIFgozhgoGogoGIghooooIhhoohohohGGGGGGGgUGgixguzgerèetadssYtYsitrssstsaayas
timelesslove10 : So adorable
kylediditagain : That hair...so cute.
amandlastenberg : !! πŸ‘Ό
amandlastenberg : #thankful 4 u
edroste : @amandlastenberg awww 😘
buhrett : Get me pregnant. @edroste
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edroste - Ed Droste
I can't even wait til follow Friday to point out the ultimate lol on IG @cosmosextips
modellita : Thank YOU!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
susanwinget : @laurakitty :-)
victralia : @gretchenvalade
victralia : @carrieohmy
lizmanun : @aremlaoui hahahahahaha I'm going to write this tip down just in case I need in the future
carrieohmy : @victralia God how have I not done this. Thanks Cosmo!!!!!!!!!!
sh3llosaurus : @amad91 @sarahbg1021
gretchenvalade : @victralia Cosmo how do you always know?! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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edroste - Ed Droste
This is my personal journey right now
megbandy : @sanfordjaclyn
vryry : My dream @erika_burg
sanfordjaclyn : @megbandy MANNY!!!
northeast_sportscar : @ogrigore
susanwinget : @boomerthehobbit
velvetpark : @lauragib
lauragib : @velvetpark omg sooo cute my fave!!!
sandwichesontheweekends : @ashtyntyn
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edroste - Ed Droste
I never post food but YUM
paulfonteneau : Miam miam
loopycruz : Art!
cabbagecontrol : ❀️❀️
luiza_fr : who ate dat shrimp head? I see u shrimp head. I see u
juitadee : Huhuhu?..
tesoelias1985 : Huuummmm! Give me, prease!?
kanitsirk : Um.. Want
christinemronan : Looks familiar! 🍣🍚🍢
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edroste - Ed Droste
Water portraits of @simonviii ...Thanks so much again to @themuliabali for the chance to experience Bali and its wonderful people and food. The journey was epic and I'm so grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you Indonesia!
sweet_sexybaby79 : Luv it
louisamelinda : I love you, @edroste !
dindanancy : Whaaa, you're here? *scrambles for cheap ticket to Bali
yashabharti : Awesome
mitchealyivy : Visit Sabah, Malaysia maybe? @edroste :) I'll be your tour guide ^^
kristalbert : Very nice!!!!!!
estadisleyhotmailcomestadisley : Adorei
juitadee : Nice pic
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edroste - Ed Droste
hairywitch : Pretty 🌊
zii_zyy : Incredible color! Nice
gabychinchilla : πŸ’™
nialloleary :  ξŒͺ 
joepad : Very Cool 😎
jfperkins3 : Fantastic.
edroste : @jfperkins3 thanks Kip!
tayf2003 : That so pretty
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edroste - Ed Droste
πŸ’” on so many levels ( edit: wasn't expecting so much hatred and insensitivity on here. I'm not going to censor comments but a large number of them are very hurtful and ignorant. Please show compassion people, there are so many people hurting, first and foremost the Brown family)
blindmoonrays : @donaldcookjr That child was UNARMED so all of your "points" are Moot, I don't care what he did, he was unarmed and shot at 12 times from 148 feet away.
donaldcookjr : Child? Not really. @blindmoonrays
blindmoonrays : @donaldcookjr oh okay, let's ignore the rest of my statement. AN UNARMED CHILD WAS SHOT AT 12 TIMES FROM 148 feet AWAY. And HIS MURDERER Is loose.
robgoldman_visual : Lol people are acting like the whole country is like Ferguson
dagodman : @blindmoonrays no a felon to be (strong armed robbery) was shot after attacking a police officer (a slur of felonies) . In Missouri it is legal to use excessive force on those fitting the description of a felon if they determine their life is in eminent danger. That danger was him not only getting in an altercation with the officer, but him returning to do the same once again. It's only about your perception of the events
mordochronic : Yay he graduated high school. It's quite difficult... :x
srrahh : Thank you @blindmoonrays
hbrown8673 : We have followed each other from the beginning. Just to let you know - I am sick of the sh_t and support coming out of the supporters mouth of a murderer officer Wilson. I have a BLACK son and 2 BLACK grandsons. If any one of them were shot down like an unarmed DOG, I would not be able to contain myself without taking up arms. I am from the old school. All of these so called supporters of Wilson, why don't we know who the hell he is. Where is his family living. What state? Do they live in Fergerson and run the risk of somebody Killing one of his family? Have any of you ever gave a damn about who was actually hurt in this situation. In case you don't it was the mother, father, grandparents, friends and neighbors who did everything they could to get this young man grown without being killed by gangs and drug dealers. Only to lose him to a lying cop. Officer Wilson is sentenced to the same fate as tryvon's murderer. He will also receive the same kind of insanity and future. He better start telling the truth so we can piece this incidence together. Hiding the truth will drive him insane. So we'll wait for justice any way we can get it.
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edroste - Ed Droste
Wanted to switch it up from all the landscapes and show the people of Bali, possibly some of the nicest I've met. Here are some vendors selling their wares stall after stall #bali
bali -
carolinadejesush : You're such a cool dude!!!
whatdindadid : You should totally visit Jakarta too and make a kickass gig there. We also have tons of nasi goreng in there btw.
koko3314 : @draherlambang @iridenta_41 I think I know what he is saying exactly πŸ˜†
mestmets : Grønt, @aase_marie
nialloleary : ξ€’   great slice of life Ed
iridenta_41 : Hehe..next time u must visit to indonesia @koko3314
jeanettecorryana : Welcome to Bali @edroste 🌴🌾
draherlambang : Yeahahaha... You must @koko3314
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edroste - Ed Droste
At the edge , edited by @mattfrench near Uluwatu, Bali
akusepp : @mattfrench πŸ’«
nombalistic : @sibaphiwematiyela k
laisikoma : @ronaldoav
kathy_greer : @edroste Please take me there!! I could retire in a little travel trailer if I had that gorgeous view everyday!! W O W! ❀️
andrewh3nry : Tha amazing!😁
frankisch : 😍😍😍 have you seen this one and the one before in your grid? They match perfectly!
sridogcom : @jadewilenchik did u see this ? If you're into grizzly bear. But anyways Lmao
jadewilenchik : @sridogcom SO INTO EM hah the time we're not there
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