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is a monthly subscription box that introduces products that support an organic, natural, and healthy lifestyle!
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ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
We are going to start packaging the Feburay variety boxes tomorrow!! This month, we are also featuring @Idrinksant, a superfruit that can be infused into water, which makes a delicious and healthy beverage! Click here to learn more about it:
meghanmakes : So cool! I love the variety box!
universal15 : seriously not being rude, but it's February. My birthday month and always see it spelled wrong. The super fruit looks wonderful though - did you try it hot or chilled?
kiss_my_honey : Would 💜to get our product in your box! #organic #allnatural #crueltyfree lipbalm #kiss_my_honey
ecoemiboxes : @kiss_my_honey thanks for reaching out! Please send us an email at and we will be in contact!
kiss_my_honey : @ecoemiboxes will do!
puliudorney : I would love to review your products in a future on my YouTube channel! My channel is Pu Li just search Puliu and it's the first thing that shows up.
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ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
Check out our awesome chocolate box that is now available this month! Thank you @subscriptionboxmania for sharing this photo with us! Get your box Please note: boxes are subject to differ in products.
try_test_review : Looks so good @ecoemiboxes
ecoemiboxes : @boxfriends There will be a couple different products added to those that purchase now. But they are just as delicious! :)
subscriptionboxmania - kiss_my_honey - try_test_review -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
Restore and revitalize your hair with this all natural box! Each item included is specifically designed to create a luster filled and all natural look! 8 items for only $19.99 total.
ladyboricua53 : Will the
stephaniejabardo - lizthegreenspirit - lmgoblirsch - trishyykat -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
In your deluxe beauty box for this month, we are featuring a FULL size blow out mist by @neumabeauty. That's 8.5 ounces of all natural goodness! It enhances texture and adds shape to style, while providing fullness and support with movement and shine. Just simply mist on damp hair from mid shaft to ends and blow dry for tangle-free, all-day body and bounce. Total box value = over $52 To purchase this box, click here:
nikita_grai : Love Neuma
spruce_hair : Neuma is amazing!
nikita_grai - lmgoblirsch - trishyykat - karina8loveu -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
Sneak Peek! In your variety box this month, we are including 4 fabulous shades of hemp organics all natural lip tint! It's perfect for that night out! Use code: ecoemi20 for 20% off of their shop. Use this code as many times as you want before May 31st, 2015.
spiritual_morning : I love this product! It's the perfect colour and it's so easy to apply
minna1985 - lmgoblirsch - trishyykat - beautyandallthat -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
This month is all about the love.
beautyandallthat - lmgoblirsch - trishyykat - michelleandbrookeshop -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
We are gearing up for one of our favorite months. The month of chocolate! With that being said, we are offering a chocolate box, just for you! Included are 8 different chocolate-y items for only $16.
mylittlefattie : Can we view the box prior to purchase?
b2kishot87 : @ecoemiboxes will it have dark chocolate? iam not a fan of that
ecoemiboxes : @b2kishot87 there are a couple dark chocolate items, but not all are. Its a great mixture! :)
chelle103 : I got my Chocolate Box!!! YUMMY             
ecoemiboxes : @chelle103 so glad you enjoyed it! :)
smoothnaturals : We would love to be apart of one of your future boxes, feel free to check out our brand
ecoemiboxes : @smoothnaturals thanks for reaching out! If you could send us an email at we will be sure to get in contact! :)
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ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
It's a bonus box with a twist. Included in this Deluxe Beauty Bonus box all items are FULL SIZED!! 14 FULL sized items included in one big box, which is over a $240 value! And some of these items in the picture above could be included in yours! 14 Full Size Beauty Items + 110 Dollars Total ______________________ Over $240 Value Included We only have around 30 available, so get yours while supplies last!
ecoemiboxes : @michelleandbrookeshop we can say that our chocolate box will have mostly food items included! :)
ecoemiboxes : @oliver_n_momma we shipped the January boxes earlier this week. You should have gotten a tracking number! Let me know if you didnt.
ecoemiboxes : @calyak not everything in each box is vegan, but a lot of items are. We do promise that everything we feature is all natural! :)
mylittlefattie : @ecoemiboxes I signed up last week for the beauty box!!! Lmao!! I think the email said I'll get my first box next month!
ecoemiboxes : @mylittlefattie awesome! :) yep, if you signed up in January, your first box will arrive in February. Would you be interested in the January box?
mylittlefattie : I am too poor. 😩😩😩 lol
oliver_n_momma : I got it yesterday!! I love it
ecoemiboxes : @oliver_n_momma we are so happy to hear that! :)
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ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
Hey Emi's! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We have a few of our holiday boxes left in stock, and are now selling them for 20% off. Worth over $46 in value, you get 11 products for $13 total. What a deal! Get yours here while supplies last:
ninak_ - greenbeautyxo - lmgoblirsch - trishyykat -
ecoemiboxes - Eco Emi
Hey Emi's! We hope you are enjoying your December 2014 boxes that we sent! To view the contents of either box (beauty or variety) follow this link: Also, we added the variety box contents to our custom boxes. You can purchase these here: Remember, Christmas is just around the corner, so any purchases need to be made as soon as possible, if you are planning on receiving them before the holiday break!
pursue_your_dreams1 : Loved mine!!
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