Simon and Martina Stawski

We live in Korea. Our dog Spudgy is 50% Dragon and 50% Pekingese. Our cat Dr. Meemersworth is the world's top scholar in both Meemerology and Math.
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Got the hottest models in Korea to pose for our new Fall/Winter accessory line. It's coming soon!
giyongchy_shakestheworld : I WANT.
siren_waters : Omg those gloves
treesea5 : @rivit1313 see those arm warmers? Exactly. ..!
soummaayaa : those gloves .. I want
siolois : @clareeesa but I wants it
shelby10111991 : Love the scarves and gloves ❤️
shelby10111991 : And of course spudgy and meemers ❤️
emotionless_robot - sarahellothere - mindless64 - maria_wazbag -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Ohmygosh...150K followers on Instagram! Thank you for enjoying my goofy and crazily decorated pictures! (・ω・)ノ📷
dzeiy : That glasses!!! *w*
fudougirl : @kkimzzo it was a gift from a viewer. But you can easily make one
kkimzzo : @fudougirl oh... How
fudougirl : @kkimzzo if you have a craft store near you, you can get some letters beads and atick them on the glass frame. You can get any glass frame you want drom Daiso or even a sunglasses frame can work as well
zovanova : wow wow! so cool glasses! I guess it's a rare thing and can't buy so easy.... Martina is an Fashionest Designerest!!!
acepakris : can someone tell me which app martina uses for editing her pics?
rikirinka : @acepakris its line camera :D
acepakris : @rikirinka tthanks !! :)
ledeubelbest - esperandoaluigi - n.u.e.s.t - galaxyehetnotmystyle -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Spudgy happily greeted us right away but Meemers gave us the typical cat ignore treatment...until this morning! =^ㅅ^= I missed my family!!!
missteirax : LOL look at that tongue full of hair xD
siren_waters : Uh hey meemers you got a little beard in yo mouth
kaittakesasia92 : Daww~~~ so cute~~~ <3
inspirit11 : @nordicdove
vv_army : I love meemers I alway wanted a cat like that
pikalilychu : Chu is a good name... :-)
daisysone : Mr. Chu
_ummokay_ : OMG 😍😍
mona_ahmadiam - stevenuguccini - ecottyn - ilostmystuffing -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Bye to our lovely European Nasties! We had an amazing EYK Crew adventure meeting you all but it's time to head back to Korea. Look forward to our WANK and FAPFAPS in your home country! o(^_-)O💕
kpoplusitana : Thank you for your european tour even tho i couldnt meet you here in cologne. Will be waiting for your videos!! ♡
mariammcha : Can u guys ever come to london? Cant wait for some epic videos!🌟💥💫
blackjack9b : Can u go to Toronto. Like I know u like lived here and all but I want to meat u face to face
angelmizaki31 : @blackjack9b I agree with you then they should do a contest for toronto nasties who can join their FAPFAPs and WANC..
chobitsartist : @eatyourkimchi please come back to Pasadena, California!🙏
daebakjjong : What about kpop music mondays?!?! I miss it 😢❤️
emileemonaho - misswonderverse - owlsoulpumkin - merybermudez -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
We got the perfect fan gift to get us into the mood for our return to Korea. And yes, our #Airbnb just happens to have a record player.
airbnb -
unnaturallydifferent : I live in Korea! But I move back to the states in a few months *tear*
madredhood : that booty doe
love_mikko_ : 이거ㅋ어떻게 구했대요?ㅎㅎ저도첨보능데ㅋ신기
diedeledie : That's my friends gift. She doesn't have instagram, so we sent her a picture of this.
evabunny : Did you get my stuffed animal Nijntje??
__penguin__ : 신기햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
marylorraine97 : @evieviej I want this
rebelannie : Hello! I love your you tube channel! It has really given me so much needed information. I am moving to Korea and I really want to bring gifts for my co-teachers and school director. I know Koreans like practical gifts but I am having a hard time figuring out what to get. I would really appreciate any suggestions. 💗 Rebel
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
SooZee & Leigh are currently judging the #Hallyucon2014 kpop dance competition. Foolish SooZee thought her coffee would be safe from me if she wrote her name on the cup. Buuahahahahha!
hallyucon2014 -
isthataliki : It was so much fun meeting you today! ^^ Thank you so so much for the fun today and that you really took time for us to take pictures and everything! You guys really are amazing! xoxo Aliki (girl in the blue sweater and short hair, sitting in the front) (yes that extremely annoying sasaeng) ^___^
celestexsone : O MY GODD I HAD THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THANK YOU❤️ but i couldn't give my present😭 i will sent it to korea hopefully you will get it😁
evabunny : It was awesome bumping into you guise right before you hopped in your cab! Will post pics soon hehe. But first: sleep!!
ukissme_jihyun10 : @eatyourkimchi i love you guys! Really want to know more about you guys show its so funny and i always watch it mostly UBEAT ep. I wish you guys will interview the new members of Ukiss or Red Velvet
ukissme_jihyun10 : And also I love you guys costume I'm alliyah from SF
lisaroo89 : Cuute
moondustmin : 긔엽는거여
xxkatiechoixx : Lol ㅋㅋ
notfluffly - parkahhyun - bcoutob - flaminghitomi -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Our #Airbnb in Amsterdam is ridiculous. Indoor swing. Guitars. Lego tower. Mini-drum kit. Can you guess what Kpop song Simon is playing?🎶
airbnb -
chiisuture : Have fun at hallyucon. Too bad i have to work al ikea Today
jay_square23 : where is the Lego tower?!?! picture please :D
xoxonatejennyxoxo : I'm guessing ring ding dong.
lisaallene : I think you guys should rename your for and videos to "eat your kimchi... sometimes"
alusparklez : I'm guessing I Lost My Pa- I mean What Is Love
strangekitty18 : Hmm... on the drums? Oh, "Rumpumpumpum" by F(x). Nailed it 😜!
pokemon_phantomhive : Sugar free?
araxxbae : Fantastic baby
b2uty_amanda - flavia112 - nekon - lilkawaiibunny -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
If you come to Amsterdam, you gotta rent a bike. Wearing a nerdy head camera is optional. d( ̄  ̄)
imperfect.lil.freak.fanboy : Omg your hat looks amazing with your hair
drawingsbychesa : Haha you guys look amazing!
andieatscandy : Omg martina you loook sooo freaking cuteee your hair is spot on
saz4eva : Omg martina and soozee look so cute with those hats!!!!!
saz4eva : Simon....not so cute
jaemia10na : Come again soon !! Xx. the one who dyed her hair red hihi
pais523101 : I want a bunny hat, but I don't know which PayPal is connected to my card ㅠㅅ ㅠ
eli_ar : Hahaha, and @soozee324 is judging simon with her eyes. Lols
jasmijane - that_one_ulzzang - elizaveta_potapowa - vp10993 -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski you ever get used to gorgeous canals here??!!
faatxx1 : @exoxx1 omggggg awesome jmmr nu kunnen we ze niet zien
faatxx1 : @yasxx1 kijk
siren_waters : Omg so pretty
fleursdansant : Martina: forever the cutest
mh97mhl : I was there too haha
ilovenime : Man Martina, you're so pretty!!!!!
honeybeeadeer : Your so cute Martina. ^-^ @eatyourkimchi
that_one_ulzzang - emileemonaho - dancer4e - itsjustjohana -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Oh. My. God. Our #Airbnb in Amsterdam has an indoor swing!!!We're all fighting over it like children. (T . T)
airbnb -
xzarlashtax : I wan na see you guys in Amsterdam
focoma : Looks like the album cover of some indie band. 😃👍
blaquediamondp : Man, I'm so close to you guise, but I can't get to Amsterdam! Come to Belgium, guise! :(((
rabbykin : Are all Air BnBs like these amazing things?!
exoxx1 : Wish i could See you ❤️❤️❤️
iamveryboard : I would too!
kimonodragonblogz : @jovregaard thank you ^^
superpower2012 : @ifeexiv
sandereeeee - chokomilk - fyeah_kpop - yazzuki -
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