Simon and Martina Stawski

We live in Korea. Our dog Spudgy is 50% Dragon and 50% Pekingese. Our cat Dr. Meemersworth is the world's top scholar in both Meemerology and Math.
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
=^ㅅ^= Whaaaat? Of course I'm not destroying your ribbon collection. I simply fell into the basket and am attempting to free myself. #catlies
catlies - : i love the dr kkkk
jana19jjforever : (≧∇≦)
500hoaka : @purpleandsparkles
black_shinai : He's so floofy!! <3
unicornbollocks : ooooo Meemuurs mm mm mm yo bae just caught you. :3
aimnxsbrudin_ : Do the ice bucket challenge @ajol_llama already nominate you guys ! 😈😈😈👹👺👿
kd2kw : @aimnxsbrudin_ they did it on their YouTube channel
meitamaki : @heyitsmarijo look at meems!
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Does this cute nosed sticky-outtie tounged stone dragon remind you of someone?
unicornbollocks : ooh yes #toungeoutish
hersheybar172 : Exactly right chelsa witchhead
meitamaki : Doesn't it look like Spudgy? Isn't he a dragon? @heyitsmarijo
exotic_angel99 : @meitamaki LOL
dream_up_a_rainbow : SPUDGY!!!
cottoncandrea : "Muuuum help me I turned to stone!!"
av235gypsy : Which one is the dragon? lolol
siahnette : Half dog half dragon anyone ? (plus one bonus third Martina apparently)
mar5122 - romybum - u_betty - karina1luv -
eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
()•ㅊ•() Whoa! It's my mum and dad! I missed you!
moral_crux : @sylviepoo
elleness91 : What app do you use to put those kind of stickers on your photos?
jk_happy_face : CUTEEE
alisongracelee : @elleness91 line camera
misaelx : Hey guys what apps are you using for this terrific pics!! 😝 share it!!
papi_el_gato : Spudgy, you are one dog that I think is A'Ok! 👍✨
elleness91 : @alisongracelee ty
ivhusky : Awwehh!! Spudgy is adorable!!! Does anyone know the app they use to edit and filter their pics?? Thanks!! :))
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Soozee and Leigh are out cold asleep in the backseat (IN THE BAAAAAACKSEEEEAAATTTT) so Simon is resisting the urge to sing.
cynthia_ess : I was saddened that you guys never did a music monday for Backseat
jkits_jen : OVERDOSE
craycrayforexo : CHOONDOH
yuki_ssun : Overdose~~~~♥♥♥
luvexo_4ever : OMG! OVERDOSE!!! 😍😍
jazzymaki18 : Overdose EXO
shainexo_ : Omooo~ 😵😵😵 E X O • overdose
pokemon_phantomhive : You can tell how much he want to sing and or dutch oven everyone , maybe both
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Korea is so incredibly mountainous we've gone through at least 20 tunnels!
purple_cupcakie : Chubs wish we could go on a road trip in korea.... looks fun! @hellohalloween
tasneem_vasadwala : ♥korea
jennawolf88_ : Try Italia.
gorgeouskc : @eatyourkimchi that is true because 70% of Korea`s land are mountains. =) #soulexhale2014
dukeofgangnam : Ah must be your first long trip to the countryside. Korea is so great, you can get pretty much anywhere in the entire country by car in about 5 hours. I've been taking a 1 week business trip/ tour of country side every month since January. Seoul is awesome of course but real original Korea is just as amazing and interesting. I bet you guys have gotten some amazing stare downs at countryside service areas!^^ #Korea
xthtdx : when I was in South Korea (about 4 weeks ago), my family and I had to go to Naju. While we were going, we had passed Gwan-ju! (I really wanted to see and visit you guys but we were only there for about 4 days)
reem_awa : Maybe thats why there are no earthquakes 🙊
tinyalou : Wow! Time lapse?
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Saying goodbye to the green gorgeous countryside.
moonlightgeeky : Please don't tell me that I'm the only one looking for a four leaf clover 🍀 lol. So pretty though.
soobxn : @eatyourkimchi you're so lucky ;-; im probably just really bad at looking for them 😂
heartsnbows : You are evil @esnobanilove lol
halfie.chick__kys : Is it just me or do I see a 4 leaf clover?? !
shar_tae : How cute can you be Martina ~~ ☺️
byhalla : @halfie.chick__k.y.s ya I see it too .!
shemo616 : BEAUTIFUL !
exotic_angel99 : @halfie.chick__kys OMO I SEE ONE
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Freshly made hand cut noodles went into this awesome clam broth soup. It was served with mandu so fresh you were able to watch them roll, cut, and stuff the dough!
miasama01 : It looks yummy!!!
xxxdiagon : Simon and Martina i'm in a desperate need of ur help, i really hope u'd take the time to read this :) My name is Diana, i live in Syria and i'm graduating in like 2 weeks, i'm a fine art student/Graphic Design speciality, the situation here is getting worse (in case u don't know, Syria now at war) and practically there's no future for me here, and i was planning on going overseas anyway after i graduate, but the problem's' are that.. A- it's really hard to find scholarships nowadays for a student from a country at war. B- am practically poor, so i need a full scholarship. C- it has to be Fine arts, can't change the major. The thing is, that my speciality other than Graphic Design is Animation (Am graduation Animation actually) and u'd think i have to go to countries like America, France, Russia or Japan, but i want to try Korea for several years to learn about the culture and work on myself. ANYWAY, the privileges that i have are ... 1- I'm an A student. 2- I have a Russian ID (my mom is Russian and I lived in Russia for about 3 years) 3- Fluent in 3 languages (in case that matters) 4- i work real hard and socially active why am telling all of this is because....well i was wondering if u can help me out with some more information maybe about the whole thing ? i watched all of your TL;DRs including the ones about international student with ur friend who's studying there, as well as i searched many sites for scholarships and tried to apply but there's alway some kind of issue, if it was diplomatic, or deadline etc.. i don't know what u can do for me exactly, but i'd appreciate anything really, seriously i need to get outta here before i get bombed or sth -____- Whether u helped me out or not, thank u both, u've been a great help regarding everything Korea (funny as hell too :D) thank u <3 P.S : forgive me am gonna spam u with this msg on ur other sites to make sure u've seen it, sorry ^^'
brandnewvixoxo : Thats looks so delicious!!!! 맛있어~~~
kpopidolidol : Omm must try one day!!
farahayunni : Where's a new video?? I'm hvg withdrawal syndrome right now
crystal_crown : Looks delish!!
jazzy_blossoms : @xxxdiagon awww, I hope everything works out for you! But you shouldn't be so fixed about what country to go, try European counties and other Asian counties too, at least you'll have more chance of getting a visa and getting out of syria. You can plan for Korea once you're in that other country then :)
solaris100 : Just got introduced to you guys by a Korean friend at work. Love the show!!! Big rainbow love from London! ✌️
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
I want to drive a go-kart on this bridge with Loki as my double dash partner. (°_°)💚
pink_marmalade : @michyeol omg brilliant solution.
kkrislaa : YAS DOUBLE DASH
byandreaa : Loki all day everyday
penelope91maxwell : Omg so beautiful!
carovip : RAINBOW ROAD
allyrae517 : Loki, baby! The best partner anyone can have! I'd love to go on the rainbow road, though. It looks so pretty.
bunniesandbowsworld : This post has made my day!
aaronforeva : Just chilling out with Loki on the rainbow Bifrost :D
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
And this is why Martina should be forbidden from the countryside. She already bought two pairs of ahjumma pants...
hugssygroup : Grammy approves!
koyangeee__ : Got like five pairs of ahjumma pants, like a boss 😝
littletoki_ : I actually like the pants.
alinajoo : @ilovejootoo @charleston_the_chorkie i can see you buying ton of these when we go to korea lol
wayde190 : @eatyourkimchi ohh nasty!!!
thebookeater : Lol there pants not capris??? Haha that's hilarious!!! 😁😄
titaniumfit_kk : Lol they are comfy id buy me not only one pair 😂
sandradia22 : Go for it girl! 😂😂✨😎👏
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eatyourkimchi - Simon and Martina Stawski
Finally arrived in Yeosu 여수 and got lost looking for our cottage... but we found a great view!
afr50 : I used to live there :l
afr50 : I mean :)
keidykeids : @kkrypton Come hang there with me ft.#hoonjae 💛🐣
hedgersabroad : Yayyy! We live there! Enjoy your time in our beautiful city!
misaelx : Goood!!
__penguin__ : Nice
sierratame : *starts singing Busker Busker*
kkrypton : @keidykeids youre not even there ft. #무급 - aegyozilla - azn.xiulu - tiffbhdn -
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