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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Plum blossoms in my backyard. Not sure ready for Spring. It's been such a mild winter here in SF.
zeeegal : Jealous!! Snow cold and wind here. Sucks. I got married san Rafiel city hall. What a beautiful place. Stayed in SF Bush street cutest romantic hotel. Uncle Vito pizza on corner. Ate our way up and down the streets. Walked to the pier. Ate some crazy great seafood then walked up and downhill back. Best way to get married. After 20 years living together he planned it all. I didn't know till night prior. Took a cab over the bridge. Took a torista's boat ride around Alcatraz.
eatthelove : @zeeegal That sounds like a magical trip! And what a cool way to get married!
zeeegal : Was magical. 99 degrees. I have curly frizzy hair. I had no dress up outfits. Wore a mini skirt and a great tank top. Haha. I had high heels to wear but we ended up going outside where there was a pool with fountains and some crazy amazing statues. Frank loyd Wright designed the building. On a whole other note are there crazy awesome farmers markets near you. I head about this one called Chinos. Ever been?.
zeeegal : @eatthelove you should follow me and my daughter. She is foodnerdextreme
marriedwdinner : Looking like that over here, too.
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
I think I have serious tarnished silverware problem. #hoarder #foodprops
hoarder - foodprops -
amystarr08 : #silverwareporn @eatthelove Love how it's gorgeous polished, or unpolished.
theblendergirl : Ha! Love it!
blondegirlcravings : It's a good problem to have!
farmgirlgourmet : Crusty is goooooooood
barbariantable : Hot water, tinfoil, kosher salt in a pan, soak 10 minutes, dry with a soft cloth
chefjoebartlett : Nice pic!
eatthelove : @barbariantable Most of this is vintage and I don't know if it's silver or silverplated so I don't want to use that method. That said, I actually prefer it tarnished because polished is harder to photograph. I guess the caption was ambiguous about my meaning!
barbariantable : πŸ‘
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Words cannot describe how excited I am to receive this review copy of @shaunasever's new book!!! #RealSweet
realsweet -
pineapple_and_coconut : Ohhhhh I would love this book!
omassov : Beautiful and amazing job @shaunasever !! Stay cozy in our chilly city. Xx
mariaspeck : Fabulous @shaunasever !! Many congrats. Can't wait to see it.
cgroshko : I will have to make that one a birthday present for me
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Remember those cutting boards @alecjosephbates' parents sent me? Here they are finished w/beeswax & mineral oil (left) and raw Tung oil (right).
southernfatty : *googles tung oil*
bakelovegive : *stifles all the jealousy* gorgeous.
blessthismessplease : Love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
eatthelove : @southernfatty Tung oil is a food safe drying oil. Raw dark Tung oil gives a great vintage finish look!
indianfoodrocks : Beautiful!
aimbug_sf : wow! i πŸ’› the yellow stripe one.
seasiaeats - beautyunseen84 - aimbug_sf - lassasaurus -
eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Thrift store find! #Herstory. Though I kind of wish they had spelled it "womyn" to keep it authentic.
herstory -
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Because a random collection of dolls arranged like this on the street isn't creepy at all.
huntgathercook : When they hatch they become hare krishnas...
farmgirlsdabble : Run!!!!!!
fomato : I would like this but I don't like it
eatthelove : @anniejhsu I like how the only thing you comment on are the denim capris. You have your priorities.
hkydiva : 😳
bribedwithfood : And now my sleep will be marred with nightmares...
susiegro : You found my gift!
eatthelove : @susiegro remind me to send you a nice clown creature your way as a thank you!
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Hello gorgeous cutting boards! @alecjosephbates' dad made these for me! I'm so excited when they arrived last night!
eatthelove : @blessthismessplease I found this butcher block conditioner that is a mix of mineral oil and natural waxes. I think I'm going to try that and see how it turns out...
blessthismessplease : You'll have to let me know! I live in the desert and it's really hard on my wood boards, I'd be interested if you like it!
stlfoodstyling : Oooo nice!!!
eatthelove : @blessthismessplease I will! I use a regular food grade mineral oil on most of boards, but they usually come treated already. This will be the first time I have unfinished boards to treat...
myfriendsbakery : Works of art!
fomato : impressivo!!
nancy_baggett : stunning!
aimbug_sf : what kind of wood is the top one?
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
I think I might have gone overboard with the citrus. (This is bowl 1 of 2)
eatthelove : @jenifer_ward Ha! I figured as much... I mean low hanging fruit and all. ;)
jollylittlefox : @eatthelove oooo, amazing. I got a big box of bergamots this year & made marmalade. I also saved a few to remake your bergamot bundt recipe. Wish I could score some sevilles, but they are tough to find in LA. Will we see any recipes on the blog featuring these bad boys? πŸŠπŸ‹πŸ˜Š
eatthelove : @jollylittlefox That bergamot bundt is awesome! if you can get sevilles they are SO awesome. But yeah, I'm lucky to live near a market that stocks them...
eatthelove : @jollylittlefox Maybe. But most of them are being used for recipes for the book... But I might sneak one onto the blog!
jollylittlefox : @eatthelove I absolutely cannot wait for your book! And yes, that bundt is one of my favorites--it's perfect! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
blogappetit : My husband came@hpme@with 50
blogappetit : Oops major weird auto correct. Gary came home with fifty lbs of tangerines once
anulaskitchen : Neah... πŸ˜‰
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken. AKA Salty Crispy Chicken, Salt & Pepper Chicken, Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Yansu Ji. Whatever you call it, it's awesome! Recipe on my blog now.
instafood - food - foodpic - recipe -
eatthelove : #instafood #food #recipe #foodpic
ethanadeland : Mmm one of my fave things, especially with a dumpling soup for dunking.
vickylouise65 : Oh. My. Gosh.
lauraponts : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ™Œ
kamrantsg : Be still, my beating heart! πŸ˜‹
anulaskitchen : OMG.... How am I supposed to fall asleep now...?!? 😜
kerriiaabb : @jr_pellegrino
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eatthelove - Irvin Lin
The 1st bite is always the best! Right @alecjosephbates?
burgerjunkies : Yes!
iambaker : Egg. Totes ridic.
shihbakes : Nice drip.
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