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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Lovely to catch up with @wontonfm over guac, tacos and drinks at Candelaria #Paris tonight! So proud of my newly minted MBA friend ;)
paris -
mayaofpapaya : They have tacos in Paris?! @eatlivtravwrite
laurendorphin : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
laurendorphin : I miss both of you!
monicashaw : How does my guac compare? ;)
wontonfm : Great seeing you and catching up!
mllebernard : So awesome @eatlivtravwrite @wontonfm ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
eatlivtravwrite : @wontonfm happy travels, friend!
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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Afternoon treat.... #chocolate #Paris
paris - chocolate -
wontonfm : Ha! I tried to go to the store today but it was closed.
samantha_verant : Chocolate!!!!! Hmmmm... P
samantha_verant : You are speaking my language.
a_taste_of_the_world : Scotty, beam me over to help @eatlivtravwrite with this awesome #chocolat ;-)
foodpornographer : Oh my! Pistachio & Chocolate = Bliss
eatlivtravwrite : @foodpornographer it's really good!
monicashaw : @eatlivtravwrite how'd you get on with the dark chocolate?
eatlivtravwrite : @monicashaw โค๏ธit! Salty sweet goodness!
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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
WORLDWIDE giveaway! Today I’m sharing something a little different for this week’s Summer Reads series on the blog. Not a cookbook (although there are recipes) and not a memoir (although it has elements of a memoir), it’s the story of Canadian rower, cyclist and explorer Julie Angus sailing journey around the Mediterranean on a quest to learn about the history of the world’s most influential fruit: the olive. “Olive Odyssey: Searching for the Secrets of the Fruit that Seduced the World“ tells the story of Angus who was inspired by her Syrian family and their intimate relationship with the olive and set out to travel the Mediterranean in a sailboat, collecting samples from ancient trees in an attempt to determine where the first olive tree originated. Along the way, Julie and Colin (and 10 month-old Leif!) become olive oil connoisseurs, eat a truly Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, witness the harvesting of olives in Greece and the first press of the season in Crete where they also visit what might be the world’s oldest olive tree. The result is a comprehensive history and biography of the olive but also of a magical journey from Spain to the Middle East in a sailboat, told with honesty and humour as the young family contends with fierce winds, relentless waves, and a baby that wouldn’t sleep! A fab summer read! Enter to win a copy on the blog today (link in profile)!
mariaspeck : ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Eclair pièce montée at Stohrer. Gorgeous! #Paris
paris -
mlledelicieuse : wow!
vanillabeanbaker : Incredible!
thebadnun : Love that place
beast02_soccer - wschafer81 - babaking55 - bunnyfriend50 -
eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Cheers! Apéro with @chezlouloufrance
chezlouloufrance : A lovely evening! So happy to see you again!
mykitchenstories - mcduchamp - gogowong486 - bettyortiz4 -
eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
And a little cheese to go with that wine @lacuisineparis Pont L'Evèque, Fourme d'Ambert, Crottin de Chavignol, Brie de Meaux, Mimolette. SUCH great info on all the cheeses in this class w/ Chef Eric!
mangotomato : @eatlivtravwrite that plate makes me think of Russia
mariaspeck : Oh my
harmonyepm : I know very little about cheese, but I know I love the taste...! Hopefully one day I'll be erudite in that field
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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Wine tasting on a Saturday afternoon in #Paris @lacuisineparis
paris -
stresscake : Nice!
garlicchop - leticiabudant - zoooma44 - misshumps76 -
eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Loving these cheese tasting plates @lacuisineparis !
girlgonetravel : Beauty! So many beautiful dishes in the antique stores there!
amyverner : ๐Ÿ‘ Are they brocante-unique or purchase-able?
eatlivtravwrite : @amyverner I'll ask @lacuisineparis !
lacuisineparis : They are Oliviers grandmothers! Not sure we can get our hands on any more @amyverner :(
amyverner : @lacuisineparis Very pretty and very special !
eatlivtravwrite : @lacuisineparis oh these are REALLY special :) โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
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eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
A little cheese + wine shopping now back to @lacuisineparis to taste them! Such a fun class!
mc_cooks : Yummmmm!
lacuisineparis : You always rock the photos!!!
gratinee : The cheese is the best part of being in France. *sigh*
mayaofpapaya : Cheese=mouth is watering
janiceartship : I ate a lot of cheese after our rendezvous. Stomach ache worth it.
misspattih - farahinbasri - aloi1822 - taylorworkyman -
eatlivtravwrite - Mardi
Excited to go on a "cheese and wine discovery workshop" this afternoon @lacuisineparis with Chef Eric!
stresscake : Fun!
beyondblyss : Loved taking classes @lacuisineparis the most delicious experience!
theschellcafe : So jealous! Enjoy!
rebeccaplotnick : Have fun! Tell then I say hi!
mayaofpapaya : Enjoy!!
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