Cori Robinson

owner/designer of the seattle-based clothing line corilynn. mom to 4. pretty clothes~pretty babies. made in the USA.
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Happiness is a curious baby. #pointyourfinger #liketkit www.liketk.it/aKFm @liketkit
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shalicenoel : Yes;) 😍
everydayreading : You are the cutest mom
lmldfood : Did you make that skirt, or where is it from? So cute!
iloveswank : What stroller is that?
verowrapulous : Love stroller I had the same one...
ilenova : Agree @dresscorilynn
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Dreamy day in the city with my ducklings. #seattle #citylittles #mom #style #ootd
style - citylittles - seattle - ootd - mom -
amoreharrison : I love this so much
christybrown_ : I call my two my little ducklings during outings, this picture is darling
marianasacramento : Perfect pic!
kristinescott : Awwww so cute! :) Love it!
rocknregalia : Adorbs
adamyanderson : So very cute! Did you hire a photog to follow you around or is the hubs still taking the pics on his days off?
sydneybec : This reminds me of 'Alexander's outing' by Pamela Allen. An Aussie book worth a read.
shalicenoel : πŸ‘
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
My sweet mama came to see us this week and now she's gone. 😩😒😭 we're all heartbroken. @noraleemeaker #loveyoumom
loveyoumom -
shalicenoel : I know the feeling! This is precious :)
stacerbabes : I feel this regularly for my mama
dediway : Oh so sweet!! She sure does love your babies!!
risawn : I love your mom
arahk : She looks like grandma dot here 😘 Love that lady @noraleemeaker
wifeofjw : She's a beauty.
mgstutz : Love your sweet mom, and that angel baby! @noraleemeaker
adamyanderson : Grandma time is priceless! I think you look the most like your Mom out of your sisters.
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
I'm so pleasantly surprised how in my element I feel every time I'm working in the studio. I love the girls I work with, I love what we're doing. I love that I can bring my kids in with me as much as I want to (even if it's a bit of a circus sometimes) because I'm the master of my fate in there. Designing the life you dreamed of isn't easy, it's full of challenges and uncertainty, self-doubt and often fear. It's also wildly fun and deeply empowering. And wow, this somehow turned into a monologue. Happy Thursday everyone! 😘😘 #inthestudio #corilynn #trep
corilynn - trep - inthestudio -
dillanemily : βœ¨πŸ˜˜πŸ’– you are so inspiring. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to spend my days in the studio! Can't wait to see all that we make happen πŸ‘
kerikid26 : Can't wait to see what design comes from that big roll of chambray fabric!
stephfeenow : Where is your studio?
amandajean57 : @dresscorilynn Cori here I go with the hair questions again like we all don't have a million other things to think about, but I couldn't help but think of you when I went and got my hair done two days ago and left wife black inky hair. Went back yesterday and all they could do to lighten was highlight, but they never highlighted the bottom. I'm a hot mess! What did they do to get the black out of your hair? This is a high end salon in rochester NY I went to and still they couldn't fix it the right way πŸ˜”
dresscorilynn : @amandajean57 no!!!! I seriously just wanted to cry for you, not even kidding. Because that was such a traumatic experience for me. (I know dramatic). It's just hair, but then it's my hair! If you know what I mean. When I went in she used two different stripping washes to pull the inky black out, and then she did subtle all over highlights to lighten it, because it was totally still black. After the highlights she used a toner. It was still like 2-3 shade darker than my natural color, but it has gotten might lighter over the past couple months (thank goodness) and I feel like it's a color I don't mind at all now and my husband really likes it. My bangs and the bad cut in general were much harder to deal with because I was stuck just letting it grow out. I hope everything works out for you! Botched hair styles are the absolute worst.
veronicachugg : Your life reminds me of "Wonderful, glorious things are in store for you" -Pres Monson.
amandajean57 : @dresscorilynn ahhhh, thank you for the empathy. It's been a total nightmare. I am going to go back next week for more subtle highlights. They tried to remove the inky black and mine didn't budge either! Your right, there's nothing worse! Thanks so much for the advice! Have a great weekend!
imakefirebeats : Very best!
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
From the cutting table. βœ‚οΈβ˜ΊοΈ#busybusy #inthestudio #corilynn
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
#studioselfie πŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ“· @dillanemily #behindthescenes
behindthescenes - studioselfie -
sunsetsandstilettos : Ok so the skirt on the mannequin thing- can I buy that now or...?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
heyjedd : Blue and gold!!! Go EG!!! Lol
bmbarrow : I'll take the gingham.
melissabethlane : You look adorable! Where oh where are those darling shoes from?!!!
tamathabanks : Okay this. In my life, now, please.
elyssa179 : I spy with my little eye.... Capri dress!!!! Eeeeek. Can't wait to get mine!!!! @hayley_lulu
hayley_lulu : @elyssa179 excitement! I am liking the checkered skirt in the forefront...
jessicamclain : Gingham!!!!!
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
#latergram: the Sound on a cloudy day. #thequarterview
thequarterview - latergram -
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Boys just kicked the soccer ball over the fence into a sea of blackberry bushes, otherwise known as the weed if death. Guess who's going in after it. πŸ˜³πŸ˜¬πŸ™…πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š #itisntme #godad
justabouttheonlyone - benefitsofbeingashorty - kidsclothes - itisntme - godad -
blondythis : I hate ask the overalls I see cuz their not like the ones I grew up with. But yours are...where did you find them?!
batesann : Spill the details on those amazing overalls!
lizeeblu : Love the little one helping Dad over! @dresscorilynn
megcarnett : I would love to know where those overalls are from too!
dresscorilynn : @ivylarsen @shellelynn85 @blondythis @batesann @megcarnett they are actually from @targetstyle little girls section. 😘😘 #benefitsofbeingashorty #kidsclothes #justabouttheonlyone
jillzeesmith : ^^me too. My husband is oh, so thankful. Sometimes the girls tops don't work out so well. Wink.
tiffanynw0812 : They do have them in the woman's section also. I almost tried them on the other day.
tamathabanks : How is it that you make something like overalls look so adorable?!? I just look like I am dressing up for a western party or working as a farmer πŸ˜‹. Good luck getting the ball back!
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Happiness is: an old brick wall covered in ivy. #seattle #happy
seattle - happy -
our_cottage_farmhouse : Yes ma'am!
rocknregalia : Pretty
kaisawithak : Cutest smiling face!
adamyanderson : That's what our previous home looked like. Not even kidding!
allmylovemegan - auburn95 - irmabaltierrez - a_landis -
dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Wedges. Aka: the only acceptable high heel option for cobblestone. #seattle #cityproblems #cobblestone
cityproblems - seattle - cobblestone -
whynikella : πŸ‘
everydayreading : Those shoes 😍😍😍
whatiwore : Love em!
tamathabanks : When leaving France we asked each of the kids what they would miss most and my 10 yr old stated "I know what I WONT miss - walking on cobblestones all day!" With weak ankles that roll easily, it was no picnic for her! #imissthem #andeverythingelse
shalicenoel : That's how I felt in the meat packing district. Help, I'm going to break an ankle😁 cute !
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