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Seattle based designer, blogger, and stylist. Wife. Mom. Shorty. ❤️ | ✉️: cori@dresscorilynn.com ✌🏻
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
So... I got a ticket today (for unintentionally speeding while driving down a hill--whoops, my bad) and the cop that pulled me over somehow managed to use the phrases "your pathetic" and "I could arrest you" despite the fact that I wasn't arguing the ticket. Like at all. So I'm thinking his day was going even worse than mine. (Or else there's some crazy ticket issuing training happening in the Washington police academy??) I'm not going to lie, it kind of shook me up a bit and it scared my kids. Mostly it was just really unprofessional, and disappointing. I don't mind paying for a ticket. I sped, that's the consequence. But I don't think any branch of any government has the right to incite fear unnecessarily. It made me feel vulnerable and weary of all police officers (which I realize isn't fair) and I don't want to feel that way, but I also don't want to feel like I could just BAM get arrested for any old thing. Anyway, here's what I wore on the blog today, it was nice and comfy. Life goes on... #ohbladiohblada @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CNFP #liketkit
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kierareilly : Scary to read this story. I'd definitely report it/file a complaint. Citizens shouldn't feel threatened with an arrest when pulled over for a traffic violation.
stephnesi : Keep your head up @dresscorilynn like you said, im sure that cop was bringing something to work that he should have checked at the door. That is terrible that he had to do that in front of the kids.
wyndewright : @christybrown_AWR;
nairobi009 : I'm sorry this happened to you, it's definitely scary!
megtalia : Bet he had NO idea that the incident would hit social media and reach so many! Btw same thing happened to me with my Littles but instead of a ticket the cop brought back pencils and stickers for my kids and asked them if they always wear seatbelts and told them how important or is.
cougncowboy : Please report it! I live east of Seattle...maybe it will prevent another momma having to go through that with her littles!
allison_linds : You have officers information on your ticket.... Call and report it!
goukergirl : I agree with those who advise reporting it. Yes, the guy may have been having a bad day, but cops who use their authority to badger citizens are in the wrong. If he's not reprimanded, it could escalate into him becoming one of those cops who really goes way too far and is a danger to the community.
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Hey @everydayreading, your bacon, avocado, spinach, tomato bagel recipe was the perfect dinner-in-a-pinch lifesaver tonight, and soooo good. I mean, that dill shmear...👌🏻 Out of this world. #yum #dinner #summer #inapinch #momlife
momlife - summer - dinner - yum - inapinch -
everydayreading : Yay! So glad to hear it.
meggieryandee : This looks so yummy, definitely giving it a try!!
lipstick_trilogy : Yummy! Looks like a quick but delicious meal 😊
moniquelklein : Yum! And that comes from one picky eater!
popsiclesnpickles : Your presentation is enough to make me try it 😉
koni_trapp : @caseysfitnessjourney 😍
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Good makeup brushes legitimately cut down my getting ready time every morning, but yikes they are an investment. One of my favorite MAC brush sets is way, way more than 50% off right now, so naturally I picked one up. These, plus all the greatest beauty picks from the #nsale by signing up with 👉🏻 @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CGkl #liketkit
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conveythemoment : You pretty pretty thang 💗💗💗
caminobrands : Completely agree!!! #quality 🙌
charmcitystyled : <I really need to invest in some good brushes. Your makeup always looks flawless>
misschrisycharms : Major hair envy over here 😁💕💁
theresalwayslipstick : Good brushes can make not so great makeup apply so nicely! Good brushes are key to makeup application 😘 Mac 217 is life and will blend your eye shadow for you!!
cndesu : Beautiful!
aswerd : Please do a tutorial!
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Peek at today's post... #pink @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CwVV #liketkit
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happymedley : Love those overalls! Where did you find a petite version?
dresscorilynn : @happymedley asos! There's a link on my blog
nbherrera : @abento_ outfit
foxysocks3 : Really love the striped boat neck!!! I just have a hard time wearing them sometimes. I feel like a am always adjusting my shirt. You are my favorite blogger btw!!!!!! I love your style!!!!!! 😍😍
annabaun : Love the overalls!
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
They're having the time of their lives, obviously. #learningtheartofwaiting #patiencefirst #thenicecream 🍦#summer #kids #momlife
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emilyjklein : Poor boys. Look at those skinny white legs!
moniquelklein : They look miserable! Life's hard. 😃
noraleemeaker : If this wasn't your post I would Never know who these big kids are! 💕
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Every woman needs a little cognac in her closet. 😉 @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CjGN #liketkit
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conveythemoment : You my love are always cute
skylette_h : I wore these jeans today as well 😊
happymedley : Classy!
shalicenoel : Yup 👍
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Seattle, you're charming. 💙 #seattle #emeraldcity #fwis #fromwhereistand #flats #pnw #love
fromwhereistand - love - fwis - emeraldcity - flats - seattle - pnw -
kayceesogard : My favorite place ever ❤️
simplymonochrome.co : Perfect! 🙌✔
sizeableau : Like it!
spreadfashion : Nice pic!
pickleslovesn64 : Beautiful flats ❤
tamathabanks : I have those shoes and love them
donnacov33 : @madiison_amelia
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Talking about one of my favorite pieces I pull out when I'm transitioning my summer ☀️clothes into fall 🍁 on the blog today. Also these pants are a favorite summer purchase and they are on sale... 💃🏻💙🎉👉🏻 @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1CjD0 #liketkit
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hip_heather : @dresscorilynn So sad you are only listing your clothing thru liketoknowit. When you first started using them you said you were going to also tag your stuff for those that don't like to use the it. I understand you make money by getting people to buy through the sight. I am just wondering if the profit really increases by not tagging your photos? I am not trying to be negative, I respect that this is your business. Just hoping that if your income didn't increase significantly by restricting the info to liketoknowit or if your contract doesn't specify that you restrict the info, you would consider tagging again. You are my favorite inspiration and fall is coming soon! 🙏😘
dresscorilynn : @hip_heather hi heather! No problem for asking! Instagram has changed its policies and started cracking down on people over tagging pictures. In some cases people's accounts are being deleted, which is the main reason I'm not tagging my pictures anymore. I've put a lot of work into my Instagram and don't really want my account to be deleted. Beyond that, it is much more convenient for me to use liketoknow, and it's also more convenient I have found for the majority of my followers. What I make off liketoknow is only a tiny fraction of what I make on my business. But I always link to items on my blogposts, and I try to tag items that aren't available through ltk, but I do that sparingly, because again I'm really cautious about instagram's new rules. Hope this helps!
thumlu : Hi! I am sure if I missed some where, but are you no longer selling your dresses and skirts 😢
annabaun : 💞
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Rainy Saturday at home getting lost in my latest coffee table addition. ⚓️❤️ @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1C1A3 #liketkit #weekends #rainyday #nautical #love #stripes
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mrszerimarr : Love, love, love your style!! 😍
blubabescreate : Oh drool. For sure am going to find the time to read that! Coco Chanel brought us the sailor-stripe boatneck.
gilliangreding : That looks fantastic
foxysocks3 : Love!!! ❤️❤️❤️
moniquelklein : Was it worth it? 😍
dresscorilynn : @moniquelklein yes! The photography is 👌🏻 and u love learning about the history of nautical style. ⚓️ I'm a nerd.
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dresscorilynn - Cori Robinson
Loved spending the afternoon catching up with this sweet friend who I hadn't seen in way too many years. So many happy memories with this girl... Love you @amymsilva6! #eghs #classif01 #goherd
goherd - classif01 - eghs -
bimberrose : Heyyyy!!! I know that pretty lady. @amymsilva6 It's so cute to see you two together.
amymsilva6 : I had so much fun @dresscorilynn!! Thanks for the great company and for all your fashion help today with that shoe purchase! Love your sweet kiddos too! 😘
courtucopia : Small world!!!! @amymsilva6 @dresscorilynn
melissathomas13 : Love!!!!! Pretty ladies.
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