3 49
8 486
47 1308
4 573
247 1358
10 628
37 814
14 590
12 842
6 634
12 532
6 565
8 650
81 730
37 958
30 899
0 414
15 723
31 772
26 608
52 516
13 654
14 527
13 780
17 863
19 626
7 570
5 588
8 540
9 604
11 970
17 740
9 548
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
Jason is coming to Mortal Kombat X. Purchase your Kombat Pack and play him a week early, starting tomorrow!
abbepabbe02 : 1
oliver03h : 1st
penguinzzzzzz : Not 1st
jakobssonkasper - ssamwayy - abbepabbe02 - mkralo -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
Today from 17:00 CEST we are happy to have the launch event for the upcoming Magicka: Wizard Wars live from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio in Stockholm. There will be a Developer vs. Community showdown, live creation of an in-game item, cosplay crafting, sneek peak of a brand new gameplay trailer and first ever look at the new game mode, “Soul Harvest” + the chance to win a graphics card from Sapphire. Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Spellcasting Action PvP game with the humor and the dynamic realtime spell system of Magicka. Players form teams of four and blaze their way across the battlefield, combining magical elements on the fly to create hundreds of spell combinations with wildly varying effects. More info: www.dreamhack.se/dhs15/
nils_fischer11 : 2
jonteesss : Nice
tecknad_pizza : Bara tre kommentarer?
edvinzakarias : @douglasbytander @dinocosic ska ni va med eller ?
douglasbytander : visst @edvinzakarias @dinocosic
dinocosic : Lets go... Lets go!
dinocosic : @edvinzakarias @douglasbytander
douglasbytander : När var hur? @dinocosic @edvinzakarias
vtx.aaron_callofdutyblackops3 - toobemansson - hampus856 - tecknad_pizza -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
DHS15: Sign up for the BYOC tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Heroes of The Storm now! #LAN #BYOC #HS #SC2 #CSGO #DHS15 #DREAMHACK
csgo - byoc - lan - dreamhack - dhs15 - hs - sc2 -
antondg_ : We got to do this @erland_hesten
saurabh0004 : @jarvis_rebello
jarvis_rebello : Fuck dude! It's awesome! @saurabh0004
samuelevh14 : Holy shit it's AWESOME
olleflo : Följ @grabbarnaspel
pontuskls : @valtertb @neolilja
nesnetsirhc : @sebastian_kvalden något vi ska göra?
fianlazuardi : pengen aaaaaa
sgtvladimir - _jackmacca - jhiezc - huibandavid -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
$40,000 USD Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Summer 2015 More info www.dreamhack.se/dhs15/ #HS #DHS15 #CardSlingers
hs - cardslingers - dhs15 -
nato_toma : @roni_faltin ska vi spela elr
sebastianbusck : @fabianrekstad @gordicii
dr3kkzcsgo : Alla går in o följer min nya CsGo sida, vid 100 följare kommer en Giveaway.
shalex_lol : F O R S E N B O Y S
willblacklaw - erik_hedstrom_ - hampus856 - tecknad_pizza -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
LANPARTY! Vilken är bästa hallen på DreamHack?
harry363762 : C eller D
lukaskv0104 : D!!
oscar123op : D
matte1597 : D
im_the_superman : C eller D
kimlind112 : D
zoor_jeller : A
skagert2002 : D👑
mottorparen_ - chris.rokitta - nv_rhm.kinguin - donkeyzz_karlsson -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
KITOK LIVE AT DREAMHACK SUMMER 2015 Kitoks music is about to let go. To the uninhibited of finding the key to an expression that unlocks everything. It’s Beastie Boys and Santigold as much as Glasvegas and Eminem . It’s skateboard urbanism and small town anxiety side by side. Bass that shakes the body and highs that cut into the soul . Street Culture , punk, hip hop , flickered VHS movies , the internet’s anarchic aesthetics , anxiety , humor and Sami heritage fused in a purely virtuoso display of disrespectful songwriting . Kitok released the singles and videos for Sista utposten, STHLM city and the smash hit Paradise Jokkmokk in 2014 and in the beginning of 2015 Kitoks first album Paradise Jokkmokk hit the shelves. Kitok will perform live on the DreamHack Main Stage at Sunday 14th of June. Be sure to be in Hall D!
melkerwaldau : @majarikardsson eller tror inte det
anundsson99 : @idahedbeerg hype🎉
douglas.klang : Awesome.
majarikardsson : @melkerwaldau sluta lek kräsen mekke 😄
nymanss : @joacimbohlander
vincentbodin : Jaaaa!!!
k_guden : @emilglasberg
oskis_tufftiuff_lundberg : Najjjjjjss👌👌
andreja0528 - mottorparen_ - chris.rokitta - axelnil504 -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
Dreamhack Open 2015 Premiere Trailer will be released 15:00 CEST at youtube.com/dreamhackmedia #DHOPEN
dhopen -
n9nne : Så jävla bra fribbe, kung
arttu_al : Go friberg
gosha_f : @ktoktoichtosdelal
gustav_alexandersson : @anderssondavid98 @marcusjohannisson fribbe😘
gustavomourthe : @felipeyoneyama @lagostafelipesco
tiimpetersson : @philippeterss0n
pontuskls : @valtertb @neolilja FRIBERG!!!!!!
sebbeljungz : @keewin_00 @davzz12 @linuss13
soenke_senseless - cristiansancheez23 - alexandra_ggwp - hienqpriv -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
Sonic and lot´s of other retro games will be available in the RETRO ZONE Hall C for you all to play with. The Retro Zone contains over 30 stations with systems like Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, SEGA Master System, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA Saturn, SEGA Dreamcast, SONY Playstation 1, Neo Geo, SONY PlayStation 2, Xbox, Virtual boy and more! The Retro Zone is powered by our friends at Spel & Sånt who also will be at DreamMarket during DreamHack Summer 2015 with a retro and merchandise shop where you can buy all your favorite retro classics and gaming merchandise.
flinkenz : Will Super Smash Bros. Melee be availible? 😀
willegunnarsson : @kevin_da_persson
mickyoh91 : @alwaystiim
ignorance : @timbrander
blackard_lee : @jayphill06
n9nne : You're too slow!
spelochsant : @flinkenz yes it will
annaa_wahlgren : @ibaranoff
mottorparen_ - hienqpriv - axelnil504 - razarityz -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
We are very excited to announce Team EnVyUs as the first of four seeded teams for DreamHack Open at DreamHack Tours in France, May 8-10. Team EnVyUs is one of the very best teams in the world right now and with a line up consisting of five french players they are sure the team to beat when DreamHack Open will premiere the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive for the 2015 season. More: open.dreamhack.se #DHOPEN #DHFRANCE
dhopen - dhfrance -
osmanislamii : @lirimsalihi "they are sure the team to beat "
hashtagunderscorenoah : I think they should've stayed at LDLC it was a better name with a better logo and csgo fans hate cod giving this team a major disadvantage because no one cheers for them at land
hashtagunderscorenoah : Lans
ilsted_bech : @aljorgensen
maksimil : #redbullgerdigvingar
dt_kalle : Die Lappen werden von Monster gesponsert @tiarkewert
bilbobaggin5 : baggetjävlar
vincent_perrino : Ima say it will be fnatic nip and VP
let_the_b0dies_hit_the_floor - hienqpriv - smqx - alexandra_ggwp -
dreamhackfestival - DreamHack
MONSTER ENERGY AND DREAMHACK TEAM UP BIGGER AND BETTER FOR 2015 DreamHack, the World’s largest digital festival, and Monster Energy, the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks, are proud to announce that after a great year of partnership in 2014, things are getting bigger and better in 2015. DreamHack and Monster Energy will collaborate together on all international esports competitions, international DreamHack events and Monster Energy will continue to be the title sponsor of the Monster Energy® DreamHack Studios! Read More: www.dreamhack.se
monstergaming : We can't wait to kick things off in Bucharest! 👍
teampropain_fanpage : Awesome!
limpaan97 : När kan man boka rad 30 i hall D????????
tajgern : Hustler,rockstar and redbull is better
xpek_ : @churro__925
jose_garcia2012eduardo_ : Me drinks
addz.robinson - zearxy - hampus856 - sabina_lightningknight -
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