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dpensyl - dpensyl
nardelli_mark : It happens
dpensyl : Delancy's first post....
thisonesforyoubabysg - jaoner - homebase610 - cmrusko -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day 5 vote for Delancy/gerber baby, I had to go with some 5boro family. Joe Tookmanian is the real fuck'n deal. He has the work ethic and determination that not many people are born with. He comes from a family that has nothing but love and deals with no bullshit from the outside world. If you ever get to skate with him you'll be blown away and be left trying to figure out which way he skates. #joetook #5boronyc @5boronyc
5boronyc - joetook -
dpensyl : Vote through the link on my bio.
zackwallin : πŸ™Œ
rodent516 : Dude rips!!
s_hernandez : Fuck yes
bethke : Sick
black_chris : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
samanthacuse : ❀️
mannursenick - maggietook - hessejeft - jessebelrose -
dpensyl - dpensyl
All hail!!!!
_wyattlee : @tobinyelland @_breakfree_
_____brendan_ : gonna be me on wednesday
cadstanza : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
sddmngng - 3barto - xcolinx423 - cadstanza -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day 4 vote for Delancy gerber baby. Day 4 favorite dude out, John Cardiel. This guy is a champion. Talk about inspiration, fuck the skateboarding part I'm talking about living life. Go watch his epicly later'd again and open your eyes.... Click link in my bio for Delancy to be gerber!!!
thankyouskateboarding - besthandsinthegame - inspiration -
dpensyl : @_breakfree_ #inspiration #besthandsinthegame #thankyouskateboarding
gnarbro.mov : #FlyLikeAnEagle
originalbk : #RIPAris #KANIGHTSphoto
irmdawg : Got the epicly later'd on DVD
dpensyl : @originalbk always loved this photo!!!
lucas_beaufort : πŸ‘Œ
pduffplanb : Damn homie nice work talk about killing 2 birds with 1 shot! @dpensyl all hail CARDIEL. vote for DELANCY!!! Boom
sddmngng - _____brendan_ - fatcat__________ - fid_day_dreams -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Vote for my Delancy June for Gerber contest. Click in my bio. Daily votes so keep it up. I won't annoy you with this photo daily but I'll keep posting a favorite skater every day as a reminder. Thanks guys. Click In my bio for link.
o_v_operio - grandmacestare - shawnowens - jeanksk8 -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day 3 vote for Delancy/gerber baby. And another all time favorite. @dandrehobl fuck'n ruler at skateboarding, sketching, smoking, loving cats and the man can photo shop a penis on anything! Glad we traded in the pints for pints. Hope all is well puto!!!
dandrehobl : thanks dan! hope all is well. pints of beer for pints of what?
suskawoo : Hells yes! Ruler indeed
ynhp : He da man! I still remember I landed first tre flip with his Think pro deck. (Frog cutting graphic)
rileystevvens : 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊uncle dan rules
cza__ : @joseogden
bullysyachtrepair : I want this poster Come take emm!!!
douglaskoefod - djk92iii - luca_jackson - rex_infernus -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day 2 vote for Delancy/gerber baby. Day 2 favorite/most inspirational skaters of all times, @suskawoo. So glad I got to share a spot in the van for so many years with this guy. One of the most sincere/humble rippers on the planet. Love and miss you bud, tell the fam I said hello.
dpensyl : Vote by clicking the link in my bio, only takes a min. Thanks...
jack_bev : Wow
higherthangiraffeneckss : Beast of a Man. Is he still on emerica?
emmitlevonbennett : @suskawoo ....best dude.
get_some : Couldn't of said it better myself @dpensyl The raddest nicest guy. Gets my vote πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
patrick_guidotti : Yes
roymin1975 : The humble bearded ripper and a hell of a guitar player @suskawoo @dpensyl
suskawoo : I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😘Thank you Pensyl! Love and Miss the hell out of you my friend! Can't wait for our next encounter. Votedβœ”οΈ
j.squash - hubba_sparxx - tvkillz - dandrehobl -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day 1 vote for Delancy gerber baby inspiration. No brainer, Gonz. One of the highlights of my skate life was throwing horseshoes with Strubing against Gonz and Mic-E in McCarren park and afterwards Gonz said rematch but I'm on Pensyl's team. #thelittlethings #thankyouskateboarding
thankyouskateboarding - thelittlethings -
dpensyl : Vote for Delancy by clicking the link on my bio. Thanks!
wouldawouldabikechain : Little things.. @dpensyl on a Nice Skate shoes trip doing blunt late shove its.. Inspiration. Delancy has my vote!
skip43 : Done and good luck.πŸ‘
_speedsloth : Awesome !
williamdsl : Done
bloodvisser : Rad. Sounds like a good time. Look forward to throwing shoes and hanging some day soon
bullysyachtrepair : Bad Boyz pants jiggazzz
bullysyachtrepair : Psycho
bloodvisser - daddylonglegs666 - shin.killer.93 - ep2d -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Y'all might get sick of seeing this but if you have a min vote for Delancy in the gerber photo contest. It's a daily contest for 30 days so help a skater out. And to make up for the blatant self promotion of my kids I'll also post a photo of one of my favorite/ most inspirational skaters every time I post this. Check my link to vote!!!
tha_black_undrground : Got cha
knowno : Tallied.
johnshanahanz - alannalannibug - thesalo - 2thed0me -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Hey friends. Please sign up and vote for Delancy to be the gerber baby. You can vote once a day!!! Thanks guys!!! https://photosearch.gerber.com.
dpensyl : Search ID # 202054 or search for Delancy I'd set up a direct link if I new how!
a_pensyl : https://photosearch.gerber.com/gallery?entry_id=202054
a_pensyl : Baby add this to your profile
dpensyl : Ok! Click link in my profile. It takes 15 seconds... Thank you!
hottub_ashley : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ doing it now! @dpensyl @a_pensyl
t_edelman : She is perfect
mrsangelial : Voted! :-)
tgodski : Voted @dpensyl cutie! I got a boy coming this time around in March πŸ‘Š
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