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dpensyl - dpensyl
Thanks @5boronyc for the trip down memory lane... Bogota Columbia was a hell of a trip, I think.... After being stuck in a hell month at work, this really made me miss the crew.... Love you fuckers!!!! Wallie in the darkroom... Footy on their link!
openhighway - grandmacestare - matt_nbpt - dandan1 -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Getting in the holiday spirit ! #delancyjune #kesslercarmella
delancyjune - kesslercarmella -
3u33a : I want to a Pensyle kid for Christmas... Daddy?
hottub_ashley : 👌
_c_rice_ : Awesome.
a_pensyl : Really got the miles out if those Minnie outfits. #heyshewantedtowearitsowhynot
jplotz43 : Have a blessed holiday. Love to you & the fam. @dpensyl
stevernyc : Hahahahaha
xamanadax - stellaflynn - crisnieratko - jacob.bay -
dpensyl - dpensyl
l_u_k_e_w_a_r_m : What's this from
dpensyl : Some art from the reniassance era. @l_u_k_e_w_a_r_m
blobby_blurg - xenovision - jessesikorski - anniebonanza -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Took a couple days off of the raddest people out/ vote for delancy's gerber baby through my bio. But back to the truest.... #barkerbarrett is from not too far from where I grew up. I remember going to cheapskates when I when I was 12. It was my first time to a skatepark. Me and my buddy were so intimidated that we skated the micro in the back for 15 min or so then we sat and watched Barker, Jay and Ken Sigafoos, Boyle and the late Sean Miller. My mom thought it was a waste of a trip because we only rode for a few min but little did she know how much that day fuel my desire to push my self. It changed my life and here we are 20 some odd years later it's rad to call Barker and the Sigs my friends. That day changed a lot for me and it was just a sesh for them. So don't be a tool because you never know how a normal Tuesday night can change a strangers life. Thanks bud, love you....
barkerbarrett -
dylanordylon : Inspirational story, a similar situation happened to me aswell
jamiehustle : @dpensyl Now he lives by me!
randommountain : Barker shaped me as a person as well
big_roid : I can say that same about you my friend. The old pennskate days shaped my life a great deal. Thank you
ronlittles : @lousyleo #enigma
kingofybor : One wheel wheelie on that 4 stair tho.
tamneirbo : -nice one
l_u_k_e_w_a_r_m : Good pick! I remember the first time I saw barker skate It was at a party for you at penn skate. I think for you turning pro if I remember. It was definitely around that time. Ps. I voted a few weeks ago can you do it more than once.
marsadventure3000 - lionofjudeduh - tamneirbo - primetimevandays -
dpensyl - dpensyl
I got you mama! @a_pensyl #delancyjune
delancyjune -
hottub_ashley : Too cute
jerkatron : Hahahaha! BRALIK!
roymin1975 : The strength of a @dpensyl child AMAZING
flatblacklung : Haha
a_pensyl : Iron arms
dpensyl : @jg610 @suskawoo
jg610 : @suskawoo great minds think alike
suskawoo : Haha! Yes, So good!! 😂💪 @dpensyl @jg610
cronancheryl - nunnsense - pipe_shots - albertojsantiago -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Yup looks good. #delancyjune #kesslercarmella
delancyjune - kesslercarmella -
desiree_astorga : 💕
alannalannibug : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
t_edelman - dnm_nj - luca_jackson - cdlindo -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Finishing up... #kesslercarmella #delancyjune
kesslercarmella - delancyjune -
alannalannibug : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
t_edelman - dnm_nj - instagramps191 - cdlindo -
dpensyl - dpensyl
@a_pensyl almost escaping the grasp of a baby vampire! #delancyjune
delancyjune -
i_am_nuno : What!? Amazing photo!
ronlittles : Great photo
alannalannibug : So cute!!! 💕
jg610 : You should have photoshopped the chair out
stonerkevin : @secretangel98
suskawoo : I think your gonna have to photo shop the chair out and repost!
jerseypirate : Awesome photo
astrudgilberto : Best holiday photo ever! So adorable @dpensyl
ronlittles - ohsallycinnamon_ - matt_nbpt - ianxdowns -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Day whatever, vote for Delancy gerber baby..,, one of my favorite people on this planet on and off the board.... @strutang I remember the first time meeting Justin, I was skating at the Bama banks and he showed up. We were introduced and he said something about the hard way... I was so confused then he told me that I had a photo in the skateboard mag (Ollie over the rail at school 11 in jersey, shot by the best dude out Brian Uyeda) and the caption said Ollie the hard way. He was one of my favorite skaters forever and we never met, so It was a really cool way to meet. Now it's many years, beers, miles and smiles later, I'm so glad we got so close. Miss you and that damn smile, hope you are well brother.
kylecamarillo : Every strubing is awesome. It's in their DNA.
adam_z_made : You're an awesome dude @dpensyl
strutang : Holy shit Pensyl! I miss you too!Pretty sure you only chose the hard way at every spot whether it be the approach or just somehow riding in a front D on a few feet of vert coming into a minuscule bank. Hope to hang again soon! This photo was after a crazy wind and rain storm right before the new year going into i believe 2006 (Popwar hat helps). Joe Brook hit me up and said new years day might be the only day to skate this sick spot and we did. Definitely haggard... New years day '06. Hell yeah Dan!!
westgatebrandon - cadillacduck - yusk_saturday - juddhertz -
dpensyl - dpensyl
Losing count and missing days on the vote for Delancy/gerber baby. Go to my profile and help us get her a college scholarship and know that #willyakers smells like shit but is absolutely the sweetest dude on the planet. I love and miss you bud, hope all is well!
willyakers -
onesickrace : Willy rules on all levels
nardelli_mark : Damn who took this photo?
elasticback : Best
bcskater : Love willy he's a swell dude
manmanywy : ✔️✔️
naturalkonceptskateboards : 👍
bbrghh - leloupgris_ontheroad - chatty71 - doggmann59 -
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