David Perron

NHL player with the Pittsburgh Penguins, #57, Twitter and SC is DP_57
40 3116
6 1500
14 2012
10 657
298 3203
240 4292
24 2008
20 2184
18 1045
20 2066
214 4246
61 2766
86 3681
86 2340
259 2789
139 3975
129 2578
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13 459
24 1394
19 761
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32 1110
11 839
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27 1087
66 1450
dp_57 - David Perron
One month for my little Mason
megatthepondsedge : Adorable!
goaliethan : awww!
alexanderhovanec : @shane_1791 @david_butler_2400 😱😱😱
c_teets24 : Can you please check out my latest video? I tried to copy yours but it's not even close!@dp_57
penslvr : So adorable!
jpharper : Congratulations on your little blessing ☺
jpharper : L
ethan18cannady : @dp_57 nick ayyote is one of my good friends you used to live with him and go pens
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dp_57 - David Perron
With my buddies @skan_1 and @oli_royy last weekend in Mont Tremblant when they finished their first Ironman ever! Big accomplishement and it was great to be there to support them πŸ’ͺ🏼
obiwankenoben : Prêt pour une grosse saison David? Bien hâte de te revoir sur la glace avec mes Pens! Allez chercher la coupe!
johnson.58 : Change your name to dp_39 I wish you were still in edm
mattstone_40 : @johnson.58 his number is 57
oli_royy : C'étais fou ! Une chance vous étiez là!
hitzisi : Respect les gars! Bravo!
skan_1 : Merci pour tout mon Dave!
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dp_57 - David Perron
Great to be at @apcgym this morning with @kletang_58 and @jonchaimberg for the agility workout followed by the 9 am class! Thanks for having me!
russell.15_ : Nice shirt
naomi_dominique_ : @r2soccer
dp_57 : @cathlaflamme11 merci Cath ca bien été :)
dp_57 : @amiki.1 ya was a great workout
boisclair27 : Excited to have kessel up front?
glenn_mellott : @dp_57 your awesome man keep it up lets go pens
jimmyc_04 : @dp_57 Keep up the great work David I really like you as a player(my favorite in fact)! Keep it up dude! #IsItOctoberYet
goaliethan : Bonne de te voir David!
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dp_57 - David Perron
Une très belle soirée à prévoir sur le plus beau lac du Québec ! Dernière soirée avec mes amis avant le retour à Pittsburgh. Acheter vos billet sur escapadesmemphremagog.com
bryleesdad01 : ^^^^ that comment lol
pittsburgh.fanpage : What is he saying?!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
samanthatranquillo : Wish I knew what you were saying but I'm sure it's something great like u
laravillasboa : Amuse-toi!
jobono51 : Cest le bateau a @joey_roy ??? @dp_57 @oli_royy @jp_samson23 @mainslie
dp_57 : @jobono51 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
joey_roy : Haha @jobono51.
joey_roy : Ce qui est drole la dedans, c'est qu'il y a un gros signe des sharks de san jose sur l'autre cote... @jobono51 . Mystere!
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dp_57 - David Perron
Late night stickhandling/shooting session in the basement !!! #nodaysoff #hitthenet haha
hitthenet - nodaysoff -
delo_92 : @guimont9
shane_1791 : @alexanderhovanec stickhandling
alexanderhovanec : What the @!?1 did I tell you man!!! David Joseph Perron is the BEST stick handler in the NHL!!!!! πŸˆπŸ’ŽπŸ˜± @shane_1791
fanningevan : Dude you do fucking tricks with a shovel. You would never be able to shoot or stick handle anywhere as good as him back g he fuck off and go play with your fucking shovel some more @always.shovel
guusvannes78 : @levii__
levii__ : Whaaaaattt @guusvannes78
mathias_reha1533 : @matthewsaretsky89
ronnelow_ : Ok teknik ju @patrikronnelow
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dp_57 - David Perron
Mason Perron born on July 24th 2015 at 11:33pm! We are in love already :) best thing that happened to us
grant.chay19 : And congrats on the baby!
marz967 : Mason is my sons name too! Great choice
_hockeylover87 : Congrats, he is so cute. I'm a huge fan of the pens🐧❀️
kadiwow : Congratulations!
idfwuliz : new pens prospect
nickrobertson87 : @elizabeth.stearn true
alexb_spn_pitt : So adorable!! Congrats @dp_57
mitchsant74 : Congratulations
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dp_57 - David Perron
One of my favorite thing to do. Morning coffee at the lake! #memphremagog #shoulddoitmoreoften rien de mieux que d'écouter la nature à 6 am β˜•οΈ
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pens.and.yanks : David you kicked ass when I watched you in a shootout against Ottawa!
xx10ayush10xx : Ya I went to that game aswell
xx10ayush10xx : I stayed in the same hotel@as them
fontaine87_ : Tu te lève donc bin tôt !!
pittpens2005 : Lucky
alexanderhovanec : @shane_1791 @david_butler_2400 😐
goalie_shots : je ne savais pas que tu parlais français/i didn't know you spoke French @dp_57
goaliethan : moi non plus/me neither
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dp_57 - David Perron
With one of the top boxers in the world right now in Jean Pascal! Nice charity dek hockey game yesterday for team Haiti
c_bizzle412 : Rumors
mglowacki1 : He's smiling cause he isn't on Edmonton anymore
koosta_montana : @bboulova team Haiti
anna.georgiopoulos : Hi David it's Sandra's daughter 😊
evanj62 : @shahapanthers91 who is the black guy
shahapanthers57 : I don't want to talk shit on David lol @evanj62
tyaves : Hey @dp_57 go follow @everything.hockey91 for the best hockey tricks
jowwwwwwww_0430 : @dp_57 you are my favorite hockey player I know you probably won't answer but you have been my favorite player I liked you the first game you played with edmonton ever since I watched you it was the saddest day when you got traded to the penguins I was crying literally but you are having a great career with the penguins
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dp_57 - David Perron
Ready for another phase of training with @GenEthix ! Premium quality supplements that is NSF certified for sports
joeyb702 : Your awesome dude keep scoring the way you did this season come back stronger than ever @dp_57
alltylersfault : @dp_57 is @genethix pills or a meal substitute, or both?
dp_57 : @alltylersfault there are pills for multi vitamin and fish oils, also pre during and post work out bars and powder! Supplement to a good nutrition and training will take you to another level
alltylersfault : @dp_57 ah thank you. Merci. You're doing a great job being their spokesperson!
ngooseman21 : @dp_57 do they make a meal supplement?
burnsinator27 : @dp_57 how much did they pay you?
jimberlina21 : @dp_57 if you ever want a closer look @kleanathlete please DM me, I am intimately involved with the company and would love to show you more! Thanks and good luck this off season!!!
lwallin87 : @dp_57 where could i buy these?
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dp_57 - David Perron
Cottage life, would much rather be on the ice right now, but after that this is the best #cottage #jack #stella #summer
cottage - stella - jack - summer -
lostcompass87 : I'm team Perron, for sure. Getting all the hurt players back will make it easier to find you a line where you can shine. #gopens
the_zen_mistress : Where is that?! It's gorgeous!
natt_comer : Waiting for the seasonnnnn!!!
lewaey : où ca?
jarmstrong1413 : Well we're going have to wait a LONG TIME
deweyrog : We live about an hour away. It's a beautiful lake
x.oleonard.x : October better hurry
hockey_kid__88 : You were my favourite player on the oilers till you got traded
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