Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

MSF puts doctors and nurses where they are needed most. Since 1971 we have helped millions of people while speaking out about what we have seen.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Anartha Gurung, 65, sits in the rubble of #Khanegaon village in #Gorkha district, #Nepal, on May 7 2015. When an #MSF assessment team arrived, Khanegaon had received no contact from the Nepalese government, or any aid from domestic or international organsations approximately two weeks after the devastating first #earthquake. © Brian Sokol/Panos
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consult_your_doctor : Very sad indeed
mangosowwa : @__idiotbudhuu how sad man
__idiotbudhuu : @mangosowwa unbelievable ... Absolutely heartbreaking
katiedn : So sad. I'm glad you are there, now. I'm going to make a small donation for DWB - in Thanksgiving for your work.
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ourtriibe : Wow. We would like to help create a fundraising. is that the best way?
premgurung.1 : Bajaieee...!! Stay strong Npl
ourtriibe : @brian Sokol/panos may I use this photo and story to include in my campaign?
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
While on the way to #Sicily, MSF emergency coordinator Will Turner distributes food rations to the people on the upper deck of the Phoenix, the rescue boat run by #MSF and @migrantoffshoreaidstation (MOAS). At about 9am on the 14th of May the #Phoenix team received a call from the #MRCC in Rome, informing them of a traditional wooden #fishing #boat estimated to be carrying 300 people in distress. By 11am the #rescue had began and it didn't finish until nearly 6pm by which point 561 people had been rescued from the 18 metre boat. Of those people rescued, 154 men were immediately transferred onto an oil platform supply #ship, with the remaining 407 taken on board the Phoenix. The 407 on board the MY Phoenix included: 60 children (15 of which are under five), 136 women, 211 men. They are from seven different countries: 374 people from #Eritrea, 20 people from #Syria, eight people from #Ethiopia, two people from #Chad, one person from #Morocco, one person from #Sudan and one person from #Yemen. Photo © Gabriele François Casini/MSF
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genevanhouten : @wkndwrs oh my
hebrews416 : So much tragedy
itse_erica : I want to volunteer too. I don't have medical education but my dream is to help feed kids in Africa and other third world countries. I wish I could
nuvgoraya : @jaykewllin the dream.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Angelo, an #MSF #logistician, touches down in a #helicopter in #Gorkha district, #Nepal, to set up a mobile clinic for people affected by the #earthquakes. © Brian Sokol/Panos
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Carole, an #MSF #logistician, during a tense moment at the #Lazaret centre, in #Niamey, #Niger. A #meningitis #epidemic, which has affected several regions of Niger since January, has resulted in 352+ deaths out of the 5273+ cases recorded by health authorities (as of 8 May 2015) . The capital, Niamey has been particularly badly hit by the epidemic with close to 1,200 admissions in one week alone. © Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos
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hebrews416 : Her face says it all.
mariah_mathews10 : Wow, what a powerful picture. So many people don't think about the heartache medical personnel go through from doctors, nurse and techs to management and here, logistician.
mosketeer : I absolutely love what this group does. It's a dream to be able to be a part of it one day. Keep up the exhausting work guys and gals, you are unsung heroes!
cheeriogirl97 : Keep going guys. You guys are amazing! 💪
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
RG @andrewquilty: Dr. Sebastiano Girmenia, a veteran surgeon who has worked in crisis zone trauma centres for more than twenty years presents two bullets extracted from separate patients at the Médicines Sans Frontières (@doctorswithoutborders) Kunduz Trauma Centre in northern Afghanistan. Girmenia explained some of the ballistic qualities and effects of the two bullets; both fired from Kalashnikovs and both Full Metal Jackets (FMJ) (ie. lead centred with a harder steel or alloy casing). The bullet on the left was removed from the soft tissue of its victim's pelvis. The wound was small and clean and the slug remained in tact. The bullet on the right, dinted at the base, had entered a patient's thigh midway through a longitudinal "wobble", rotating and obliterating the patient's femur. Girmenia went on to explain the bizarre logic of the law that came as a result of The Hague Convention of the late 19th Century regarding such ammunition; that non-FMJ bullets are illegal in warfare because they inflict significantly more destructive wounds than FMJs that cause what is considered reasonable injury. The reason being that non-FMJs become disfigured upon impact, creating massive internal trauma to their victims. Conversely, DMJ bullets are largely illegal for hunting purposes where the aim is presumably to kill rather than just to wound. If I'm off on any of this, perhaps @cjchivers can correct me???Andrew Quilty / Oculi. 19.5.2015. #Kunduz #Afghanistan #MSF #kalashnikov #AK-47
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sciamage : I have so much respect and admiration for the work you do that I have no words for it. Thank you doesn't even scratch the surface.
glidder555 : Good work. Thamnks for education.on the different type of bullets
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cooper159 : @chph_1 interesting
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
RG @andrewquilty: At @doctorswithoutborders' (MSF) trauma centre in Kunduz City, the victim of a stray mortar shell explosion waits to have shrapnel wounds to his face cleaned and dressed. The Province of Kunduz, in the country's north, comprises a disparate ethic makeup and was once considered a success story of post-2001 Afghanistan. Now, however, it is playing host to the Taliban's most recent major offensive. It is only thanks to an extra 2,000 Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers called in from adjacent provinces and Kabul that Kunduz City was itself spared. At one point shops, businesses & government offices were shuttered as fighting came within a kilometre of the city centre. Andrew Quilty / Oculi. 18.5.2015. #Kunduz #Afghanistan #MSF #ANA
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
"As a dad, I was touched by these tiny kids. They don't understand what's happened but maybe it's better that way" Joffrey Mornier, MSF Communication officer on the Bourbon Argos plays with 3 of the 17 Eritrean children rescued on 13 May from an old wooden fishing boat containing 477 passengers at about 30 nautical miles north of the Libyan coast. For daily updates and news on the MSF search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean, follow @MSF_sea on Twitter.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Three-hundred-and-fifty-two people have so far been killed by a #meningitis #epidemic which has stretched across several regions of #Niger. Since January, a total of 5,273 cases have been recorded by health authorities. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we are stepping up our efforts with almost 430 beds in Niamey to provide free medical care for our patients. © Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
A second major #earthquake measuring 7.3 struck #Nepal today, just over two weeks after the previous earthquake hit. All of our teams in Nepal have been successfully contacted and all are accounted for. They are now regrouping and gathering information to determine what new needs there are. This picture was taken a few days ago, showing our team inside our #inflatable hospital in #Arughat performing #surgery. © Benoit Finck/MSF
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
This Syrian baby girl and her mother were rescued by MSF and MOAS on 8 May. During this second rescue 219 people were brought on board MY Phoenix from a small boat trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The group included 55 women (3 pregnant) and 33 children including 9 children under 5 years and 2 babies. Most people were from Somalia and South Sudan. Follow @MSF_sea on Twitter for daily updates. Photo: Gabriele Casini
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