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MSF puts doctors and nurses where they are needed most. Since 1971 we have helped millions of people while speaking out about what we have seen.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
"Today we announce that we are seeking an investigation into the Kunduz attack by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission. This Commission was established in the Additional Protocols of the Geneva Conventions and is the only permanent body set up specifically to investigate violations of international humanitarian law. We ask signatory States to activate the Commission to establish the truth and to reassert the protected status of hospitals in conflict. Though this body has existed since 1991, the Commission has not yet been used. It requires one of the 76 signatory States to sponsor an inquiry. Governments up to now have been too polite or afraid to set a precedent. The tool exists and it is time it is activated." - Dr Joanne Liu, MSF International President #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Afghanistan #Kunduz #IndependentInvestigation #IHFFC #GenevaConventions
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vagzie : @sbrun30 A hospital was bombed. The Geneva Convention says that this is a war crime. MSF has all the right to demand an investigation to clarify what happened and who was responsible. The fact that other terrible things are happening in the world shouldn't mean that a killing must go unanswered for. The investigation will determine whether it was an accident as you say or if it could have been prevented. If it was my country involved, I would definitely want an independent investigation to clear any doubt.
sbrun30 : @marioriega @soha_elghany do you two not comprehend the meanings of accidents and intentional? If the US military targeted the hospital and intentionally killed those doctors than it would be a war crime. That said, anyone with half a brain or without an anti US agenda can not say that. God forbid you drive your car in the rain and it hydroplanes and you crash and kill someone, are you going to be arrested and charged with murder? No! It was an accident. When your operating in a war zone, friendly fire occurs. Anyway this is pointless. Rip to all the victims.
greyrani : This is insane. We all know that the US has committed war crimes in the past and gotten a blind eye (illegal wars for one), but to target a hospital and continue to target it an hour after knowing for sure that this is a medical facility is downright murder. Not to mention, if only one American amongst the 22 victims was in that hospital and a different country committed the bombing, the US would be prepping for another illegal freedom/patriotism fight.
soha_elghany : @sbrun30 US army continued to target the hospital for a whole hour even though they had the knowledge that this was a hospital and that MSF staff and innocent civilians were in there, how can that not be a war crime
vinnytag : @nicholasledner this is serious, and so so terrible
neytv4vr : Hope there will be justice served for this horrible event.
alexygram : @sbrun30 Also, the area around the hospital was left relatively untouched, suggesting that he hospital was the primary target. And in your inaccurate analogy, if you accidentally kill someone in a car you can still be charged with vehicular homicide, negligent homicide, or vehicular manslaughter, so the responsible party still holds responsibility for the I intended act. In this case, however, many on-the-ground accounts give us reason to believe that the act was intentional.
alexygram : @sbrun30 I had a typo in my last post: it should read...vehicular homicide, so the responsible part still holds responsibility for the UNINTENDED act.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
From Congo to Syria, by way of the Mediterranean, MSF teams across the world are standing in solidarity with our team and patients in Kunduz, Afghanistan. MSF International President, Dr Joanne Liu, continued our call for an independent investigation by saying today: "This attack cannot be brushed aside as a mere mistake or an inevitable consequence of war. Statements from the Afghanistan government have claimed that Taliban forces were using the hospital to fire on Coalition forces. These statements imply that Afghan and US forces working together decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital, which amounts to an admission of a war crime." Post your images in solidarity with MSF using the #IndependentInvestigation and #Kunduz hashtags. #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Afghanistan #Solidarity
afghanistan - doctorswithoutborders - kunduz - msf - independentinvestigation - solidarity -
megz4daze : @beathjerky
jeancarlo.doa : #IndependentInvestigation
omito9 : How about an admission? "We made a terrible, terrible mistake. Or else investigate how and why this happened. Was it a deliberste attack to deflect attention from something else?
maryme180 : @itwasveryboring @ninathestudent @danything
cel_2020 : And now US will do the investigation 😟😟😟
amisaysal : There needs to a point when someone is held accountable for bombing hospitals!
tsengjimmy : on purpose 故意: there is GPS known by US government
sbrun30 : Why arnt you making all his noise for Russia intentionally bombing women and children and hospitals in Syria?? All this other stuff about war crimes against that US when you know damn well it was a mistake is distracting the world from doctors being intentionally killed and targeted by Russia and Syrian regime.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
We are working in Croatia, in a transit camp near the border with Serbia (in Tovarnik) where refugees spend a day before being transferred. In the camp, which hosts around 5,000 people daily, we have opened up a clinic while we conduct mobile clinics at the border when needed. Medical teams are seeing patients with small traumas and wounds, respiratory infections (especially amongst children) and pregnant women. © Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Croatia #Serbia #Tovarnik #Refugees #RefugeeCrisis
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tariq.afridi.5876 : Be blessed all who help and work for good cause
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
This is 12-year-old Hamza*, sat in his hospital bed in Kunduz, Afghanistan, in 2011. He suffered a fractured pelvis after being struck by a taxi and was taken to our hospital - the only trauma centre of its kind in the region. People like Hamza will now go without surgical care because of a US airstrike on Saturday that killed 12 MSF staff and 10 of our patients. We are now calling for an independent investigation to establish what lead to these horrific events. *name has been changed © Michael Goldfarb/MSF #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Kunduz #Afghanistan #Bombing #Airstrike #NATO #IndependentInvestigation
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tishinottawa : Unfortunately, I think the US will never be held accountable for this war crime.
thetinybook : Whose name has been changed? And why, may we know??
montsecuetos : @thetinybook I think that it's the boys name that was changed and for his personal safety
savetheplanetkillme : We need to be held accountable for this. I'm furious that it happened.
rmb352 : A place of Sanctuary peace and healing .... That's what a hospital should be just like a home, just like a country should be. Thank you the people of MSF who risk and unfortunately give their lives in the true service of others flags no boarders just humanity. Love and respect to you all.
thetinybook : Oh!
arzotravels : @masoodaazizi
kindakath : I am filled with grief and ashamed of those who allowed this.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Laura Pasquero, an MSF humanitarian affairs officer, walks towards a group of migrants and refugees who just disembarked Dignity I, our search and rescue ship in the Mediterranean. The group were shortly after led by police towards buses that took them to processing centres in Augusta, Sicily. © Marta Soszynska/MSF #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Augusta #Sicily #Dignity #refugee #refugeecrisis
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tarini_paul : @jerusha_p
robpunkrob : Sorry to hear of the news of the American bombing at the hospital
lothusprotus : The most essential is the brim notch being prudent and I therefore compliment the initiative
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elammav : Love MSF
pauleric : I love Ms
pauleric : I love MSF
shawtybad_232 : thats soo kool😎 i like this picture
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Emergency surgery and medical activities continue in one of the remaining parts of MSF's hospital in Kunduz in the immediate aftermath of the bombing yesterday morning. “Under the clear presumption that a war crime has been committed, MSF demands that a full and transparent investigation into the event be conducted by an independent international body," says Christopher Stokes, General Director, Médecins Sans Frontières. "Relying only on an internal investigation by a party to the conflict would be wholly insufficient. Not a single member of our staff reported any fighting inside the MSF hospital compound prior to the US airstrike on Saturday morning. The hospital was full of MSF staff, patients and their caretakers. It is 12 MSF staff members and ten patients, including three children, who were killed in the attack. We reiterate that the main hospital building, where medical personnel were caring for patients, was repeatedly and very precisely hit during each aerial raid, while the rest of the compound was left mostly untouched. We condemn this attack, which constitutes a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law.” #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Kunduz #Afghanistan
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lailarepoetry : @arzorasuli @tmgill hi , that organization doesn't exist anymore. But @suraiasahar and I were organizers/members in Toronto. There is Afghans United for Justice, as of yet we don't have a event organized.
khaddra_abddi : @hamdikeynan @nimahsheik @rurhodae @srirachaya @ssabrie @nimoa__
llynnette : @nurse_jackiiee @wishformeghan look at their IV POLE ?!
tmgill : @lailarepoetry Thank you for the info. The organization's active efforts were very inspiring.
tmgill : Thank you, @arzorasuli.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Tragic, terrible news this morning as three MSF staff are confirmed dead and more than 30 are unaccounted for after the MSF trauma centre in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was hit several times and badly damaged during sustained bombing at 2.10am on Saturday 3 October. Our medical team is working around the clock to do everything possible for the safety of patients and hospital staff. “We are deeply shocked by the attack, the killing of our staff and patients and the heavy toll it has inflicted on healthcare in Kunduz,” says Bart Janssens, our Director of Operations. “We do not yet have the final casualty figures, but our medical team are providing first aid and treating the injured patients and MSF personnel and accounting for the deceased. We urge all parties to respect the safety of health facilities and staff.” #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Kunduz #Afghanistan #bomb #killed
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elammav : Very sad n unacceptable
jesuismadinfrance : My heart is broken, rest in peace.
tahoe_bob : The simple weakness of war, all parties are to blame! The lack of due diligence all to common to all military action does not go unnoticed by the world. We who care are only on the side of the innocent victims.
poddumpuddytat : May whoever made that call rot in hell.
the_vespa_chronicles : @pedsnp07
felipemtome : WAR CRIME!! Eua's responsibility!
8carlitos14 : @spencermuscelli U.S. Did this
bexky : heartbreaking!
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Displaced women wait for consultations outside an MSF clinic in Kirkuk, Iraq. This mother is worried about her child who has a respiratory problem. Respiratory tract infections, along with skin diseases, are the main health problems diagnosed by our teams in Kirkuk. According to official figures, over the last year more than three million people have been displaced in Iraq after fleeing aerial bombings, widespread fighting and the advances of the so called 'Islamic State'. © Natacha Buhler/MSF #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Kirkuk #Iraq #clinic #Isis
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drsherryroth : #DoctorsWithoutBorders #MSF great work!
tinasadri : @sadrieyemd 😢🙏🏻🙏🏻
aiminjibir : May almighty Allah save us from this kind life
mukesh.rathod.182 : Second god of earth
ema9596 : These posts break my heart 💔may God bless you for your kindness.
rezabudiansyah : War is not about who is right, it's all about who is left
arzotravels : Heard the news about the bombed hospital by the US Americans in Kunduz. What a shame! 😢
daya_ana : MSF ❤️ 🙏
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
"If these people had not been rescued there’s no way the rubber boats, the fishing boats, the over-crowded and wholely inappropriate boats they were put out to sea in, could have made this journey. Its not acceptable at all." Simon Burroughs, MSF's Emergency Coordinator on board our search and rescue boat the Bourbon Argos, the morning after a stormy night at sea. #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Mediterranean #refugee #refugeecrisis #storm #boat
doctorswithoutborders - storm - msf - refugee - refugeecrisis - mediterranean - boat -
araknoidea : 💜
astrid.rendahl : My heroes !
silvia_sicilian : May Allah reward you for your good humanitarian work and may Allah protect those in need❤️
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mapiyeg : Keep up the work team
shanzendejas : You guys are awesome. Thank you.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Update from Kunduz, Afghanistan: this is the first photo from inside our hospital since fighting broke out in the city on Monday. Our medical teams have so far treated 252 wounded, including 53 children. Photo by MSF. #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Afghanistan #Kunduz
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jacinasack : Wtf kuang @_huixiannn
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joetotheworldplustwo : Praying for all of you after such horror.
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