Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

MSF puts doctors and nurses where they are needed most. Since 1971 we have helped millions of people while speaking out about what we have seen.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Patients cured of #Ebola at our case management centre in #Monrovia, #Liberia, are invited to leave a #handprint on this wall as they leave the centre and return to their lives. It's a simple but beautiful reminder to the medical staff and our patients that #Ebola can be beaten. As #MSF continues to fight the disease in this country we hope there will be more hand prints on this wall, in fact we may have to extend it. Liberia 2014 © Francois Dumont/MSF
ebola - monrovia - msf - handprint - liberia -
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Amina Moussa: “I got diabetes when I was four-years-old. The treatment is too expensive in Lebanon so I was going back to Raqqa in #Syria to get my medication." Amid the trauma and desperation of the #Syrian #conflict, those with chronic illnesses struggle even more. #Diabetes requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels as the pancreas is unable to deliver the hormone #insulin. People find living with this routine difficult enough in normal circumstances. As a refugee in #Lebanon, Amina was forced to go to even greater lengths to procure the #medicine needed to keep her alive. Lebanon 2014 © Ghazal Sotoudeh/MSF
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mamakegs : Praying for wellness.
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
In the laundry area of the #Ebola management centre in #Foya, #Liberia, rubber gloves are drying after they have been washed carefully with #chlorine solution. As part of #MSF protocol, our healthcare workers are required to wear two to three pairs of gloves to prevent infection. From this 100-bed centre our teams are able to provide #psychological #support to patients and relatives and run several outreach activities, such as #health promotion, safe #burial practices, and an #ambulance service. Liberia © Martin Zinggl/MSF
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marinamma : God bless you all at #MSF 👏
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pinkstarpix : I write to you every day on facebook and am glad to find you here too. Thank you for all you are doing to prevent the spread of the virus, to treat the sick and for your compassion to help those dying to do so with more dignity. Thank you, danke, obrigado, grazie, gracias, spaciba, dankje. Hold on to hope and know that you are loved. Xx
royalheir14123 : @doctorswithoutborders can I ask why mycobacterium can survive the killing effect of macrophage? Thank you :)
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Often the communities that #MSF are trying to reach are #remote and #rural. Here, one of our teams has to travel on horseback up the steep and difficult road to a #mother and #child clinic in the #Mejo 'woreda' (district) in the #Sidama region of #Ethiopia. Since 2012, MSF has been working with this community to provide #maternal care to those who otherwise would have no #access. Ethiopia © Matthias Steinbach/MSF.
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starspark_bianca : Thank you for your unwavering dedication, MSF volunteers!
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Since 2012, #MSF has been running a #mother and #child healthcare project in #Sidama in southern #Ethiopia. Due to it's success, MSF will hand-over the project to the Ministry of Health at the end of October 2014. MSF has mainly been working in the two 'woredas' (divisions) of #Chire and #Mejo. Here, a patient waits for her consultation at the Chire health centre. Ethiopia 2014 © Matthias Steinbach/MSF
ethiopia - chire - mother - sidama - child - msf - mejo -
s_rosth : Beautiful photo 👍 ☺
yoyi1443 : Beautiful! This is why I support MSF. I will continue to donate what I can to help MSF with their mission!
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choclatethunder3 : My dream is to do work like this especially in Ethiopia 🙏 congrats well done 👏
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
There are approximately 2.9 million internally #displaced people (IDPs) in #Iraq. Most #IDPs have fled with very few of their personal belongings. As #conflict reigns over the #Levant region, many more people are expected to leave their shelter to find peace. Unfortunately, #winter is particularly harsh in this region and with no windows or heating, conditions for these people living in unfinished buildings will be extremely precarious. In the last month, #MSF teams have conducted a total of over 3,500 consultations for displaced people in Iraq and seek a #humanitarian response for those suffering in the conflict. Iraq 2014 © Gabrielle Klein/MSF
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bassemrawi : So sad!
mamakegs : Those of us that have no needs are blessed. We should remember that and share our blessings with MSF or another charity.
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karol3pt : Powerful photo😞
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bboo03 : @feeflo4 eye opener
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
#Children's health is a priority for #MSF in #Sidama, #Ethiopia. Since the project began, 1,957 children under the age of five have been admitted and have undergone specialist treatment in the in-patient department. Health staff from the local area have benefitted from on-the-job training by MSF teams and can now care for their patients without the assistance of MSF staff. Ethiopia 2014 © Matthias Steinbach/MSF
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pinkstarpix : Thank you for caring for the world's children in the midst of hell. Your compassion and sacrifice is an example to the world. Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you. Xx
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Silje Lehne Michalsen was this week discharged from hospital in #Oslo after fully recovering from #Ebola. Silje was on her first mission for #MSF, working in #Bo, #SierraLeone during the early stages of the Ebola #outbreak. After four months of caring for patients and responding to this highly contagious disease, she fell ill herself with symptoms of Ebola. Now she has returned to health her only thoughts are on those who succumbed to Ebola and how soon she can return to help MSF in combating the disease. In her own words, "The clock is ticking, more people are dying. We have to act, and we have to act now." Sierra Leone 2014 © MSF
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vunami : @klegrand15 I understand what you're getting at, but you have to face that it's worse than you may want to think, especially for Africa, and gosh according to the US Army Manual of 2011 declared it being contagious via air. The biggest problem is leadership now to have the logistics and manpower to deal with what you're getting at which is saving lives. It's scary to face because for instance, there are only four level 4 facility hospitals in the US that can deal with an outbreak here, and 3 of them are practically in the middle of nowhere. Please take a look at this interview with Debra Freeman, a public health doctor, endemiologist. Take Care.
yasdnilr : Yay!!!
hgridley1 : And yet we send them back to the US for treatment. It's bs! And a lot of people are getting this virus that's only contracted through "body fluids"
worldnp : ^^^ Do you think your fear mongering helps fight Ebola better than trained professionals? The people going to fight Ebola in Africa are doing so for you and your children and all the people in Africa and around the globe. Without them there's no chance. What's bs is you not saying thank you, from the bottom of your heart, while you sit there doing nothing.
barbara_pulido : 💜 @celiagzz
medsin_uk : Check out @medsin_uk for posts on global health!!!
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Kollie James is the 1,000th #survivor of #Ebola treated by #MSF and has now been discharged from the treatment centre in #Foya, #Liberia. He said to his #father upon leaving the centre, "Pa, I am well". Kollie and his father Alexander, an MSF healthcare worker, survived the infection but, tragically, #Ebola took the lives of his mother, uncle and two sisters who were unable to receive treatment in time. Among the 4,500 patients #MSF has admitted to its care centres in West Africa, more than 2,700 were confirmed as having #Ebola. Despite all the loss and suffering caused by this disease, we are now able to celebrate the 1,000th survivor. Liberia © Katy Athersuch/MSF
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hopsingtrading : Staggering. @slomygosh
karol3pt : 🙏🙏🙏🙏 such a sweet , overwhelmed face
canucksfanmontana : Beautiful. Well done team. ☺☺
ericgoico : @elise_gh the 1000 cured by msf!
megish1 : @aghabran if they have less supplies and hospitals made of tents why can't we do it 😳
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doctorswithoutborders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
A significant reduction in water levels was accomplished in a camp overcrowded with tens of thousands of people near #Bentiu, #SouthSudan. #Refugees and internally displaced people were living knee-deep in sewage contaminated flood-water but a drainage canal improved conditions. Most people’s shelters are now dry. #MSF remains cautious though as with the next heavy downpour the flood water may return. South Sudan 2014 ©Jean-Pierre Amigo
msf - refugees - bentiu - southsudan -
emiliabedilia80 : Such good people! Go MSF!
akuru.m : You guys have done a phenomenal job in South Sudan, one day I will be amongst you all!
epicgood : You guys are awesome! I hope everyone of you know that!!
benabesmaya : Such an inspiration to develope my country as well
cameron_g_l_m : I wish u good luck ♥
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