Voiceover artist. Chef. Musician. Producer. Tattoo collector. First-class misanthrope.
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doctorgrosz -
Throwing shade and making fire.
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doctorgrosz -
#tbt I miss the days when Asian transgender women would throw their legs around me. (But for all I know, that could happen again tonight)
tbt -
elliosenor : That looks like it says "arson and 3 others." Is this like a game of "Name 4 Crimes You Would Commit If You Really Had The Chance?"
doctorgrosz : @elliosenor that is my next list-making game that I will play with the old lady when really high.
newliborio - thegrubbsfamily - kmcgivney - seaofneon -
doctorgrosz -
The taco @thetakedowns is jumping in Austin. And after two hours of warming tortilllas, I'm going to play darts.
fairgreen - utahboy78 - thetakedowns - rob1n_mcg -
doctorgrosz -
The man on the right is Max. He's been sitting with me by the door all night. He's an ex-Navy medic, then became a truck driver, and now he's a poet and energy healer. He worked on me and several other patrons and he just gave a giant hug to the couple who came in. He also sang to me just now. This dude is kind of a magical creature.
cdalton61 : He is Santa!
doctorgrosz : @cdalton61 he is Redneck Gandalf
doctorgrosz : Also, it turns out the girl on the left went to high school with a friend of mine from BK back in Kansas City. I'm unsure why I attract these connections, but I do.
patsofatso - krovatinist - itsmattsturn - arilovesnachos -
doctorgrosz -
12 years? Maybe more? Great to see an old friend. #Vassar #Austin
austin - vassar -
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doctorgrosz -
Tonight, my darts team is playing the VFW MC. And they're all really nice and immediately asked me what I ride. #darts #Austin #bikers
bikers - vfw - austin - mc - darts -
fatherpanik : Huffy
doctorgrosz : @fatherpanik haven't had a huffy since I was 8.
doctorgrosz : @mrcmyr actually, one of the guys told me about a jeep club and a joint rally they do (with police escort) all the way to Waco - 2000 vehicles. I also spent a good 20 minutes comparing knives with their team. I think I didn't lose face.
fatherpanik : @doctorgrosz get one, or something similar. They're great. Chicks dig guys on huffys. Or they will. Someday. It's gonna happen so until then I'm holding on to mine. If my wife lets me.
doctorgrosz : @fatherpanik I was always a Haro guy, but I did own a Diamond Back and a GT. I have no idea what my cruiser is now because @nathanblack put stickers all over it.
doctorgrosz : Oh, I had a Mongoose at one point too. Gave most of them away when I graduated college.
nathanblack : It's a Free Agent. Pretty decent bike.
doctorgrosz : @nathanblack damn right it is. I dig that bike.
jeromeher - lizziklausner - speedyromeo - fairgreen -
doctorgrosz -
Hubcaps on the ceiling in this place. I dig it.
fairgreen - thegrubbsfamily - speedyromeo - deanrispler -
doctorgrosz -
Should you have the means, please notify David Lee Roth that my old lady has stolen his pants. Also, I don't think this is appropriate attire for Sunday afternoon darts.
mrcmyr : @tommyrocket would disagree. ALWAYS appropriate attire.
tommyrocket : @mrcmyr van Halentines day can be every day
fairgreen - newliborio - rdowd - kmcgivney -
doctorgrosz -
This dude loves to lick my feet and head when snuggling. I just have to train him not to step on my balls.
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doctorgrosz -
Apparently someone named Justin used to live here and he was a naughty boy. Now I get to spend the next few days trying to convince the cops to not kick down my door.
lilern : @doctorgrosz Don't Mess With Texas
goodgreatgrand : What did "he" do?
fairgreen : I had the same problem at my current place in NYC. Moved into in 2009 and like a month in, NYPD warrant squad came knocking looking for the previous tenant. A year after, warrant squad came back again.
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