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Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food Blogger & Lifestyle Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, red faced runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Because, isn't two days before you head to the Caribbean the time to be shoving brownies, doughnuts and all the things into your mouth?
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thelemonbowl : Those look perfect.
thelittlehouseonthedairy : Ummmm...yes!
veryculinary : Sounds like a plan!
cottage960 : Oh, please may I have one?
karaskitchen : Gorgeous brownies at that. But heading to the Caribbean?! Tell us more!
iheartnaptime : Those look yummy!
cheflauraathome : those brownies look soooo good!
katrinaskitchen : Yaaaaaas!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
This would be my hide from the paparazzi look because, just like all those Oscar winners, I got free doughnuts from Oscar night. Thanks @krispykreme for the fun tweeting & doughnuts :) my kids think I've finally made the big time! #oscars2015
oscars2015 -
pinchmysalt : Seems like a Krispy Kreme hat is perfect for jogging! :-D
dineanddish : @pinchmysalt Will run for doughnuts
runeatrepeat : Lucky
andiemmitchell : Omg total win
trilogy_edibles : You go girl
juliedarling : Yum!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
February 26th #lifecapturedproject journal prompt "name 3 things from this past month you are thankful for." I should add to my answers that it's almost over ;) goodbye February!
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spoon.joon : Love this!
dineanddish : #journalingprompts #journal #writing #handwriting
anneliesz : Lovely doodles and word art too @dineanddish
dineanddish : @Spoon.joon @anneliesz Thank you both so much!
theredefinedmom : And Adam better be shirtless. #forwardthinking
dineanddish : @theredefinedmom I'll add that to my things to look forward to... Adam showing off his tats.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
It's really unfortunate that Meg seems unable to make herself comfortable.
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dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #dogsofinstagram #terriersofinstagram #naptime
thelittlekitchn : Awww
coppertop97 : Indeed. I feel so bad for her. πŸ˜‰
veryculinary : Such a tough life πŸ˜‰
willowbirdbaking : πŸ˜‚
dineanddish : @thelittlekitchn @coppertop97 @veryculinary @willowbirdbaking I hope I come back as her in my next life.
cheflauraathome : they always seem to find the nook. so sweet! @dineanddish
sampiette : It also stinks that she obviously doesn't fit in with your family. Such a shame. 😜
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Surround yourself with things & people that make you happy, and magically it will work!
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wishesndishes : I love daffodils
carolineadobo : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
harryanddavid : "Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth."
amourspreads : YES! βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨
dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #happiness
stacyconway10 : Awesome- so you are coming to visit me! Miss YA
karaskitchen : Gorgeous!! Perfect happy flowers!
flavias_flavors : Amen to that.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Wine and binge watching Grey's Anatomy for the win. #imperfect365
imperfect365 -
thebakermama : I'm binge watching grey's too right now, but with a big bowl of ice cream because I already finished off my wine. πŸ˜πŸ‘Š
craftyvettey : @dineanddish since you like that bottle I would recommend you try Clone 7 Cabernet if you haven't already. I'm kind of a #redwine fanatic😊🍷
yummymummykitchen : Yum! 🍷🍷🍷 cheers 😊
kellyish : I could use some of that. πŸ‘
jensaintjean : A favorite of mine!!
safetchick : Sounds perfect!
sweetgrasscreative : GREYS!!!! Yes! I just started the current season! (11 I think?)
dineanddish : @sweetgrasscreative we're almost done with season 8! We just passed where I had watched to before so they are all new to me now!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Today's #lifecapturedproject journal prompt...What are you watching on TV these days? I used to never watch TV but Netflix and DVR has changed that. What shows are you loving now? (Gilmore Girls & The Good Wife are up next for binge watching, but have to get through House of Cards, HTGAWM and Grey's Anatomy first!)
lifecapturedproject -
dineanddish : @karaskitchen I'm an episode behind...I like it ok I just don't love it like I used to :( some odd storylines
robertm375 : The Voice, Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune.
rowdiejones : We adore The Closer and it's successor, Major Crimes. Definitely binge-worthy with Kyra Sedgwick & Academy Award winner JK Simmons. Also The Blacklist, HTGAWM, House of Cards, Bosch and on the more gentle side Forever.
mrs.glutendude : The Offfice
cheflauraathome : I watched all of Gilmore Girls again too, Lol! I still have to finish watching Orange is the New Black. @dineanddish
cheflauraathome : and Grey's Anatomy. Need new things to watch too! Haven't watched House of Cards or The Good Wife. Maybe I'll watch those next. 😊
dineanddish : @cheflauraathome house of cards is so good! And it's 3rd season is starting now so it's easy to catch up!
cheflauraathome : thx @dineanddish
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I thought dressing it up some would make it look like it might fit in this space better, but it's still going to bug me, isn't it? Dangit. 😒 I love this cart for my kitchen. I think it may be time to find a new house it fits in or redo my kitchen ;)
imperfect365 -
jan_kornis : It looks like it fits to me... It doesn't stick out past the fridge or the door frame... Keep it. The stuff looks good on it!
katiesfitscript : So so cute!!!
abieclark : I say move! You could come over and be our neighbor 😊
theredefinedmom : Would it fit on the side of your island?
thespiffycookie : I think it looks cute
lynnewalter : It fits if you can open the fridge door without a problem!
dineanddish : #imperfect365
cheflauraathome : I love it and it free's up so much counter space. Glad you decided to keep it. 😊 @dineanddish
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Breakfast with a glorious side of sunshine! (PS...thanks to whomever it was on here who told me to try making eggs in coconut oil. So good!) #shotofcoffee
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cupcakeproject : Haven't tried that. Good idea.
dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #takebackmorning #instafood #instayum #mymugshot #breakfast #lattelove
dineanddish : @cupcakeproject it's really good!
alycebass : I love cooking in coconut oil....but I love using bacon grease for my eggs ;)
overtimecook : That looks so awesome!
thelittlehouseonthedairy : What a pretty plate!
teabiscuitsblog : yes, to the coconut oil!! and if you haven't tried pan frying steak in coconut oil you're missing out, it adds an almost creamy flavor
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Today's #lifecapturedproject journal prompt..."What made you laugh today?" Since I wrote this earlier this morning, I wrote about the funny folks on @twitter during #oscars2015 last night. I love love love following Twitter hashtags/streams during live events. There are some clever, quick witted, hilarious people out there tweeting! Twitter was way better than the actual show (even though I do love NPH)! #latergram
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dineanddish : @swirledsweeties it was so fun! I enjoyed being busy with you #busybragger
swirledsweeties : #iknowright πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
reemrizvi : Love reading your journal entries...
reemrizvi : I hope one day I can write regularly too!!
dineanddish : @Reemrizvi awww thank you!
pepperandtwine : what a fun entry!
mackrigg : @dineanddish what journal do you use?
dineanddish : @mackrigg I actually use a sketchbook from Barnes & Noble. ( this one http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/home-gift-green-venice-sketchbook/15261503 ) I love it because it lays flat, the marker doesn't bleed through the pages, the pages are good size and they are blank! It works really well.
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