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Kristen Doyle

Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food Blogger & Lifestyle Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, red faced runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
PJ's, popcorn, a movie and great friends. Great ending to a great day! #DineDishSki
dinedishski -
angelyn_edd - xenia_okuneva - pdeutsch777 - hay_mak -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Now I've found my happy place #KeystoneMoments #DineDishSki
dinedishski - keystonemoments -
stlfoodstyling : Nice 😊enjoy😊😊
angelyn_edd - ozozoz - spicyperspectiv - stefaniacamillagrumi -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Conditions @keystone_resort are quite different today than they were yesterday. 2 feet of snow predicted and someone said 50mph wind. Brrrrr. Fireplace and hot toddy's are calling my name! #KeystoneMoments #DineDishSki #video
video - dinedishski - keystonemoments -
beachbaby1980 : beautiful!
bal93 : Such fun
momadvice : It looks beautiful!!!
linzarie : Ahh a winter wonderland. Catches my heart!
angipratt : What a great weekend to be in the mountains! Such good powder conditions!
pineapple_and_coconut : I just saw #KeystoneMoments is this a sponsored trip?
dineanddish : @pineapplencoconut partially...my friend Kelly arranged it all & invited our family to come along.
pinchandswirl : Fun!
alexisrad10 - lavenderandvine - margaret1254 - coppertop97 -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
These kids rocked at ski school yesterday & are headed back today. A bunch of fresh snow fell over night and it's supposed to snow big time today! I'd better get my act together because my kids and I left ski school yesterday at the same level. I'm going to be left in snow dust on the bunny slopes today if I don't watch out! #KeystoneMoments #DineDishSki @keystone_resort
skicolorado - dinedishski - vsco - keystone - colorado - vscocam - keystonemoments -
dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #skicolorado #colorado #keystone
alexisceule : Such fun!!!
thisdayisamuseing : Oh man supposed to be getting an excellent dump in the next couple days! Enjoy!!! Stop for pizza at Woody's in Golden, on your way out. The best!!
allison_doyle - bakeyourday - tpalmerjones - babykayscajun -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I survived my first ski experience! I had the best ski instructor in all the land...thanks Al Jensen for your awesome instruction & patience! I suck at skiing but had so much fun! Ready to try again tomorrow. #KeystoneMoments @keystone_resort #DineDishSki
dinedishski - keystonemoments -
jhenak : Skiing is amazing! All the instructors are also amazing. Everything in colorado is amazing!
spoon.joon : How fun!
dinnersdishes : Have fun!!!!
jennyjlong : You look like you are having fun!!! Yeah!!! ;)
syockey22 - thebakermama - momadvice - gailo_oliag -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Look at these happy kids all ready to hit the slopes tomorrow! #KeystoneMoments #DineDishSki
dinedishski - keystonemoments -
pineapple_and_coconut : Please have a drink for me at the last lift bar!! Keystone is my old stomping grounds!!
dineanddish : @pineapplencoconut will do!
lmp35 : @dineanddish and @theredefinedmom I hope everyone has a great day today!!
mtnmamacooks : You're at @keystone_resort! Have a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it. Oh and please send some of that snow our way!!
flavias_flavors : Fun!
momadvice : Have so much fun!!!
theredefinedmom - cookiesandcups - tpalmerjones - bal93 -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
When people ask if we have running water & electricity in Kansas, I'm pretty sure this is the part of our state they are picturing. #ColoradoBound #DineDishSki
shotofcoffee - vscocam - kansas - dinedishski - keystone - starbucks - coloradobound - vsco -
ktnewell : And we all have a dog named Toto, right? πŸ˜‰
lifenut : I live in CO! When I was in college. I worked at an airport and people (usually from the east coast flights) would ask if our roads were paved yet. 😐
lifenut : And have fun here!
jcdavis224 : Safe travels. Make some memories! Merry Christmas!
bethklustter : And no one knows that the eastern half of CO looks just like Kansas!
everynothingwonderful : @dineanddish I'm exhausted after hearing both of those just once. Ughhhh.
roogie : @dineanddish that's my route, halfway and back. Turn around in WaKeeney. You probably left earlier than I did though.
norhang : @dineanddish I can definitely relate being from nebraska!
andes_dreams - ritadempsey_theplaidplatypus - kristau117 - pluggedintocooking -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Out of office is officially on until the 5th! Let the reading, Netflix binges, crafts and family fun begin! Yay!
lisainlouky : Merry Christmas! Enjoy your down time.
flavias_flavors : Merry Christmas friend! βŒβ­•οΈβ€οΈ
flavias_flavors : @momadvice I'm intrigued as well. I've been thinking of leaving FB for some time as well. I'd love to know your thoughts if you're willing to share.
momadvice : @flavias_flavors @dineanddish Yup, I'm giving up FB. I think it has been causing me anxiety. People just tap into you all day long. I am just going to maintain the MomAdvice space. All status updating will have to fit. I feel like I can breathe. Ironically, I shut it down and I have 12 messages and 57 notifications since Saturday. No wonder I was tapped out. I just feel so much better without it- almost like a different person. I also feel like I can interact more in my comments on the site and on IG. It takes more effort for people to tap into you there and much more manageable for my life and health. I probably sound crazy, but I felt like I had ADD and never fully present at anything! There is so much calmness now. I think it is the type of work we do- it basically made me a help desk 24/7 and no one thinks anything of it because they only have one question, you know? Sorry to hijack the thread, it took this break to figure out why I am such a mess!
bakeyourday : 😍😍😍
terriab : Interested to know what's on your reading list.
aggieskitchen : @momadvice you do not sound crazy, I have been there and am there again now. I left for 9 months, twice! It's just too much. I am checking in once a day now, unintentionally, for blog stuff, it's easier .& frees me up for the other stuff that I enjoy more. Maybe we @flavias_flavors & @dineanddish should discuss more ;)
flavias_flavors : @aggieskitchen @momadvice @dineanddish I've put so much pressure on myself to try upping engagement on my blog's FB page and it was so draining. FB just doesn't do it for me (although I do enjoy my personal FB space with family/friends). I've decided to keep the page and just update it with new posts and pics, but that's it for now. I have so much more engagement (and fun!) on Twitter and IG and that's where I'll keep enjoying my social media time. 2015 will have to be the year I stop putting unnecessary pressure on myself!
devoted_kk - caspad - yaplesyrup - bakingdom -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Well, hello there winter. #viewfrommywindow
ilovesummer - vscocam - viewfrommywindow - kcigers - vsco - instakc - snow - winter -
bal93 : Beautiful
bethklustter : Christmas-y!
lesscher : I was surprised to see this up here this morning!
zenobiapotg : @georgecurtin__
down_cakery_lane : How beautiful! Looks like a painting!
emd5 : So brightened my holiday Bah Humbug this morning!!!
karaskitchen : Wow. That just screams Christmas to me.
amyruthbakes : Yep hi and bye bye please. Lol??
eugeniabgt - karaskitchen - pluggedintocooking - amyruthbakes -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
@katrinaskitchen I love you & hate you for sending these to me because now I know they exist! I have no choice now but to eat the entire bag in one sitting as to remove all temptation. (seriously, thank you for the yummy treat)
gtrexler : oh my. where??
choccupcakelover : Where???
lyndee17 : @megdrop84
foodiewithfam : OHMYGOSH THESE THINGS EXIST? Danger.
lisawineandglue : OMG. 😳
katrinaskitchen : xoxo πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
dineanddish : @Katrinaskitchen the masses want to know where one earth you can buy these? The masses being me.
katrinaskitchen : I bought them from the Holiday Biscoff Catalog (on their website), although it doesn't look like like they are selling them right now. Perhaps they ran out?!
dianebunyard - danielle6962 - gillianchai - theprincessisin -
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