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Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food Blogger & Lifestyle Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, red faced runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
All smiles from my girls this morning! (PS...school starting is going to be so hard, especially considering it's 10:30 and we are just now eating breakfast)
dineanddish : Or I meant @onceuponarecipe ^^^^
blissmamaof3 : We had brunch around 11 today, that first week is going to be rough. We have two and a half weeks left :(
hbuchwitz : @dineanddish is that Pegah's? Any good?
dineanddish : @hbuchwitz McDonald's :)
hbuchwitz : @dineanddish lol! I have my eye on breakfast at Pegah's tomorrow with my boys.... New breakfast joint too close not to try!
dineanddish : @hbuchwitz I haven't heard of it. Where is it?
hbuchwitz : Moved in where the Pick was. Wanna meet up tomorrow? I seriously think I am going.
dineanddish : @hbuchwitz I would but have friends coming into town tonight - Friday. Maybe next week?
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Sunrise with HIS filter #nofilter
nofilter -
jennyjlong : Where were you for that shot??? Gorgeous!!! ;)
raincitymama : Beautiful
myinvisiblecrown : Perfect
kbuhlin95 : Amazing!
angipratt : Oh my word! I looooooveeeee this!
_nancywyatt : Gorgeous
margaret1254 : I stood on the porch and watched it this morning, too. Who can doubt God's love for us?
karaskitchen : Gorgeous. Wow. So true @margaret1254 !!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Some days my job is rough...
vscocam - food - cheesecake - foodphotography - vsco - instakc - kcigers -
dineanddish : #vsco #vscocam #cheesecake #food #foodphotography #instakc #kcigers
strawbaritulip : Ha!!
perrysplate : Gorgeous! (And that plate!! 😍)
fooddreamer : Yes!!!
raincitymama : Yum
elisabetherin : 😍
missinthekitchen : I want it!
emmisary : That looks yummy!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Of course we do...(thank you, dear Pam, for making me this bracelet...it and you make me smile!) #thankful #yougotthis
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dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #sunflare #encouragement #words
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Woke up to a little crutches bling this morning from her sister. Kelly will get her full cast on Monday...just waiting on MRI to check her hip. Since they put the immobilizer on her yesterday, her pain has been minimal. Will be happy to put this all behind us! Thanks for all the well wishes!!
snapshotsbygidget : Oh my gosh what happened!!!???
veryculinary : Oh no!!!! πŸ˜•
dineanddish : @snapshotsbygidget she broke her leg and possibly hip jumping off the waterfall :( 2 times in the ER and they didn't catch it (too much swelling). Pediatric ortho yesterday.
snapshotsbygidget : Oh my gosh that explains the screaming. Poor girl!!! Hoping and Praying for a speedy recovery!!! What a way to end summer. @dineanddish
bakeyourday : Praying for fast healing!
cooking4mykids : Oh, Kristen, I am so sorry!
greeneyedleo49 : Poor sweetheart!! Hoping she recovers soon!
_nancywyatt : I bet she will bounce right back quickly.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I really have no idea why Adam Levine would want this... (& why does Victoria's Secret keep having to rub it in through my mailbox by sending pics of his new wife??) #JealousMuch #YesIAm
yesiam - jealousmuch -
veryculinary : Don't worry, they'll be divorced in a couple years. 😜
soufflebombay : Hahaha!! I almost want her!!
rexlovesmi : I get it.
dineanddish : @rexlovesmi haha!
rexlovesmi : #justtryingtohelp #dineanddishissexytoo
somebodyhealme : πŸ˜€
capelucy : Right? I'm in mourning. 😩
dineanddish : @rexlovesmi my husband has generously offered to scour the magazine trying to find and point out any flaws he sees ;)
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
We're getting cheesy over #ontheblog today with a @dibrunobros #HouseOfCheese Cookbook, gift basket & gift card #giveaway If you are in to cheese at all, this cookbook is a must for your shelf! It's so clever, informative & entertaining! (Oh, and the photography is gorgeous!)
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i_wanna_winnnn : Enter. @tipsy.dipsy giveaway !!! πŸ’• ends at 1k
morningslikethese : 😍😍😍
kerryedwards : We need a cheese emoji, stat!
kregele : @kelleyregele @megreggg
swirledsweeties : I ❀️ cheese! 😍
neighborfoodie : Can I just wiggle my nose and have that spread appear in front of me?
dineanddish : @neighborfoodie if only I hadn't already eaten all the spread :)
dairygoodlife : @amsjost @dairycarrie
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Thank you, Iowa, for tonight's dinner! (Not pictured, perfectly cooked T-Bone steak)
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dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #igkansascity #foodphotography #food #instakc
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Dear B&B owner who wouldn't share your muffin recipe...I'm on to you and will make a muffin just as good if not better. Just wait. #determined #SharingIsCaring
determined - sharingiscaring -
elisebauer : Probably too embarrassed to admit they bought them at the local bakery down the street.
dineanddish : @elisebauer that's totally what I think ;)
randomsweets : That will teach him not to mess with a baker.
jmorarend : Your last hashtag :)
meutod2 : πŸ˜† when people say no, just makes us try harder πŸ’•πŸ‘
thebrowneyedbaker : I just do not understand people that don't want to share recipes. So totally bizarre to me. Like they feel that keeping this recipe a secret gives them some sort of ego boost or power?!
elisebauer : @thebrowneyedbaker, exactly! weird.
dairygoodlife : @thebrowneyedbaker You said it! @dineanddish The success will be twice as sweet when you recreate it!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
It's all fun & good until mom says "sure you can jump off the waterfall" & the second one off jumps and hits her leg on a rock. (She's fine but some serious screams of terror for a few minutes!)
igkansascity -
dineanddish : @leslieradams well she's currently in a full leg soft cast, headed to the orthopedic this morning. I feel like an idiot mom ;)
leslieradams : @dineanddish Oh, so sorry to hear! And you're not an idiot...sometimes we have to let our kids be brave and try things even when we're unsure! It's hard to know how much to protect and how much to let go. Hope she's well soon 😊
mikebranden : Where is this? I'm always looking for new fun water spots.
dineanddish : @mikebranden it's outside of Joplin. If you map Grand Falls in Joplin it'll take you right there. My daughter we just found out broke her leg jumping off the falls. No matter how many people you see doing it, I recommend just playing around the falls. No jumping :)
mikebranden : Thanks for the info! I was recently just across the state at the johnson shutins where everybody jumps off rocks into the water. Ironically, I broke my foot, not jumping off rocks but simply stepping off my cabin steps. So you never know...
dineanddish : @mikebranden oh no!! Hope you heal up quickly!
mikebranden : @dineanddish Thanks! I hope your daughter is back on both feet in no time.
_nancywyatt : 😳 oopsey. Life happens.
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