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Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food, Travel, Lifestyle Writer/Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Foreshadowing #graduation #proudmama #rockyourhappy
proudmama - rockyourhappy - graduation -
bal93 : Sweet
margaret1254 : How very sweet!
greeneyedleo49 : So sweet!
evondemkamp : Great pic! Such a great night, they all did so great!!
justine0382 : Her expression says it all! ☺️
thebeachhousekitchen : Awesome pic! Congrats!
lorieblogs : So cute!!! And she looks so excited! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
jcdavis224 : She is something!!! Adorable!!!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
51 Degrees on the first day of summer break and kids already constantly bickering does not make for a happy mom. I've decided we're going to clean until the sun comes out or the bickering stops... Whichever happens first.
tulips - flowers - video - vscocam -
dineanddish : @dinnersdishes my main floor currently looks AMAZINGLY clean! So it's working ;)
dineanddish : @Katytafoya I love them too!
dineanddish : @Wearenotmartha This is so unusual for us! It's usually at least semi warm - but today is just down right COLD!
arjake : Boooo to this weather πŸ‘Ž!
tidymom : We had to turn the heat back on today! #notcool
dineanddish : @arjake it's making me crabby!
dineanddish : @tidymom I am so tempted to do that!
hbuchwitz : @dineanddish I turned my heat back on an hour ago - it hasn't kicked in but I want it on for tonight and I will forget! Also - so glad we have school another day! Hopefully nice for field day tomorrow.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
This goofy girl is just a tad bit excited about it almost being the "longest weekend ever". She lives for the weekend (aka summer), just like her mama! Preschool graduation tonight then summer break for all!!
juliedarling : Such a cutie!
swirledsweeties : I just love her! She always makes me smile. I agree bring on the LONG weekend!!!
thelittlekitchn : 😘😘
melaniemakes : That big smile is such a day brightener!
howsweeteats : SO BIG 😭
tidymom : she's just so stinkin' adorable!! 
queenofquirky : Wait. That can't be the little baby I held at Blogher?!!! 😳😭
cocoinkitchen : Adorable ❀️
xenia_okuneva - rachelrule_ - madiwraps - cheryl.turtlemoon -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
These two have been been best friends since they were six months old and today they are closing the elementary school chapter. Love them both and am so proud of the young women they are!
dinnersdishes : How amazing they have stayed so close all these years!!
swirledsweeties : That is fantastic!
eatthelastcrumb - nutritionbysarah - madiwraps - nataliedoyle17 -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
That moment when a sneaky someone stole the bread right off my sandwich during our picnic lunch! #vsco #vscocam #dogsofinstagram #terriersofinstagram #childhoodunplugged
terriersofinstagram - childhoodunplugged - vsco - vscocam - dogsofinstagram -
sandrahalephotography : LOL
teaksmom_1 : That's darling. How do you even get mad at such a cutie?
dineanddish : @teaksmom_1 it's pretty impossible :)
dineanddish : @robertm375 thank you!!
sweetsavoryeats : Hilarious!
tidymom : Ha! Caught red handed!
simplysuzyphotography : Beautiful!
dylanwalls_ : Love the color
bolt_nobreed - rachelrule_ - cheryl.turtlemoon - madiwraps -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
2 days left...2 days left...we've got this! Oh and happy made up birthday Meg! We think she's 6 today! #summerbreak #shotofcoffee #mymugshot #takebackmorning
terriersofinstagram - reschedule - takebackmorning - dogsofinstagram - shotofcoffee - mymugshot - summerbreak -
melaniemakes : @dineanddish I miss those Missouri school dates! We started mid-August as well but we get a two week Spring break. You know, to enjoy the CLE snow. πŸ˜‰
swirledsweeties : We have one month left, but they go back to school in September. I can't wait to have a break for a couple of months!
bloombainbridge : Yeahβ—οΈπŸ’“β—οΈHappy Birthday Meg❗️
soveryblessed : Hooray! So close to the end! And Happy probably 6th made up birthday, Meg! πŸŽ‚πŸΎ
dineanddish : @soveryblessed hahaha! That made me lol :)
dineanddish : @melaniemakes Oh yes... that sounds like everything "spring" break should be ;)
blissmamaof3 : We have 8 left, really getting excited!
iamtickledred : Wow! Y'all get out early. We have s couple weeks yet :(
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I can tell when my life starts to get back to normal by a few things...I want to cook again and I want to write again. I did both today after a few week hiatus and you can find it all #ontheblog :)
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angie.kauffman : I've been feeling like I need a blog break. My plan is to cut way back on posting in the summer.
dineanddish : @momadvice that's the hardest part for me too! @Angie.kauffman I'm cutting way back this summer... just because I want to soak up my kids! I've got plans to just write when I want to write and whatever the heck I want to write about... nothing else!
dishinanddishes : I get it. I've been on hiatus somewhat for awhile...
arousingappetites : Love it!
angie.kauffman : @dineanddish Sounds great!
thereciperebel : Love this @dineanddish! Sometimes it's hard not to get sucked into all the extra stuff that comes with blogging. Breaks are so rare here but so important!
the_spice_adventuress : Delicious
iamtickledred : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
joanacoleoptera - laarlovesfood - habituoil - neda.slm2017 -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Crazy bright and sunny when we went into the movies, pouring like crazy when we got out! Trying to find a pause in the storm so we can make a run for it to the car.
biglens - vsco - home - vscocam - instakc - rain -
dineanddish : @margaret1254 reminds me of the last @shannoncurtismusic concert here!
swirledsweeties : My boys wanted to see it, but I said we'd rent it. My oldest wants to see Pitch Perfect 2. I said I'll see it first with my girlfriend then decide if it is okay.
kjomalley17 : We will have to plan a night out at the movies πŸ˜€
forkandbeans : Such a fun picture, I love it.
jennyjlong : Such a great picture! Love seeing them like this and love the lighting! ;) was the movie good?
dineanddish : @jennyjlong it wasn't my favorite... Not horrible but not really that great
dineanddish : @swirledsweeties definitely save it for a rental
shannoncurtismusic : @dineanddish @margaret1254 yes!!!! That was magical. :)
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Giant black cloud overhead... Not exactly perfect baseball tournament weather! Go Mudcats @jdoyle_10 #vsco #vscocam #baseball #hawaiianhitfest
hawaiianhitfest - vsco - baseball - vscocam -
roogie : Go Mudcats! (From our Mudcats at Mid-America)
trucksmom : Just got rained out at 3&2 πŸ˜€
_meredith_clark_ - theinternationallifestyle - yvonnehouchin - madiwraps -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Hibernation season is finally over... Had fun catching up with dear friends and enjoying their beautiful and bountiful yard.
clematis - flowers - instakc - vscocam - vsco -
dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #flowers #instakc #clematis #flowers
slowroasted : How beautiful!!!
soupatraveler : Beautiful!
joely.jones : So pretty!
dineanddish : @slowroasted @soupatraveler @joely.jones thank you! Their yard is such an oasis!
traciveek : I love your clematis colors! I'm wanting that variety but can't seem to find it around here. At least I can ogle yours. πŸ˜‰
leaf0614chieco - coastalinspiration - madiwraps - nataliedoyle17 -
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