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Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food, Travel, Lifestyle Writer/Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
We're not at home and are missing Nick, Jacob and Meg so much, but making the most of this beautiful, south Texas July night. City of McAllen put on a spectacular show tonight! #vsco #vscocam #4thofJuly #fireworks #blackandwhite #Texas #mcallen
4thofjuly - fireworks - vscocam - blackandwhite - vsco - texas - mcallen -
biancaahammond : @dineanddish glad you made it out! your view looks pretty good
momadvice : I love this!!!
foodloves : Wow great shot!!
momslivinghappy : Great shot! Can we share!?
dineanddish : @momslivinghappy certainly:) thanks
rachellerrussell : @dineanddish how is Mrs. Wogan? I would just text you but your number did not transfer with my new phone.
rachellerrussell : Thank you. I hope you all have some answers soon.
dineanddish : @rachellerrussell ❀ me too!
miss.misty - islandoilmama - apeeike2003 - accidentallywonderful -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
This would commonly be known as "eating your feelings". #vscocam #vsco #fiveguys #texas #instafood #instayum
fiveguys - instafood - vsco - instayum - vscocam - texas -
dineanddish : @tasteandtell @raincitymama @susanyjohnson @melaniemakes thank you!! I really appreciate it.
dineanddish : @blissmamaof3 hugs. Thank you!
myfreshnewengland : Comfort food is the best. Hang in there
t_licious_t : We call it good grease! Yummmmm
lisarene77 : But in the best possible way.
soveryblessed : That is a fantastic choice of comfort food. Sending prayers your way!
willrunforpasta : Those five guys, we can always count on them for support! πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜
tamarhaytayan : sorry about your mother. wishing her well!
tvb_610 - rika_t.s - nataliedoyle2005 - nat_mckiel11 -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela. Happy Independence Day, friends. Celebrate safely! Thank you to all who have fought so hard to grant us the freedoms we are honored to have today. #vsco #vscocam #grandcentralstation #independence #4thofJuly #freedom #flag #latergram #newyorkcity
vscocam - grandcentralstation - newyorkcity - freedom - 4thofjuly - flag - latergram - vsco - independence -
soupatraveler : I hope the trip is going well, xoxoxo been thinking of and saying prayers for you, happy fourth!!!
kellybakes : Happy #July4th ! Are you headed to CT? If so, give my home state my β€οΈπŸ’™
kellybakes : Safe trip!
vanillabeanbaker : @dineanddish Hope your Mom is getter better and on her way to a full recovery.
mgraphic : You are going close to where I live
theshareplate - valaska84 - nataliedoyle2005 - angelicavosswr -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I'm bummed because I decided to put #Whole30 on pause. I was on day 12 and was doing so well, but life has taken a bit of an unpredictable turn. The girls and I made an unexpected two day drive down to my parents place in Mission, Texas. My mom we think has had another stroke...she was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Wednesday and was admitted. She's not doing so well. I stayed steady to #w30 on the drive down here and through the past 2 days, but of all places to be really non whole 30 friendly is the hospital cafeteria. Ironic, right? My eating habits have already changed for the good and I can't wait to start again after all this stress is over, but for now...I'm having a drink (the only thing I could find at the Dollar General) and going to decompress for a bit, without guilt. #vscocam #vsco #texas #palmtrees #ctyw
w30 - palmtrees - vsco - ctyw - vscocam - texas - whole30 -
angiseestheworld : No food guilt allowed here. Sometimes the best thing for your soul is a cheap beer. Praying for your mom!
dyannah74 : No guilt. Sometimes we need to just let go and unwind. Praying for your family.
shugarysweets : No guilt! Prayers for your mom and all of you πŸ™β€οΈοΈ
greeneyedleo49 : So sorry to hear about your mom. Sending prayers to you and your family. πŸ™
cheflauraathome : Hope your Mom is doing ok. Don't give yourself a hard time about pausing Whole30 for now. Take care of yourself! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! @dineanddish πŸ’—
yvonnehouchin : Awe! Home! Hang in there! Love and many hugs!
katrinaskitchen : Praying for you guys. Love ya. BTW these are my fave πŸ‹πŸ»πŸ‹πŸ»
kosheronabudget : So sorry to hear about your mom.
msscrambledegg - islandoilmama - annabu7 - beck.keisha -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Goodnight moon. #texas #moonlight #palmtrees #night
moonlight - palmtrees - texas - night -
pken2832 : Hooe everything is ok.
firstcomeslatte : Are your parents okay? Hope everyone is well.
dineanddish : @pken2832 @firstcomeslatte we're still waiting on test results. She's in the critical care unit, which stinks because the girls can't go see her :( she's not doing great...but she's hanging in there!
firstcomeslatte : I'm sorry to hear that. I'll send prayers her way. And I hope she is able to be moved soon so the girls can see her.
lesscher : Keeping you in my thoughts!
gcboehm : thoughts and prayers your way!!!
margaret1254 : We'll be praying.
thelemonbowl : Whispering hush...
marcusio_tro_sen - victoria.cw - bouquetchocolates - accidentallywonderful -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Happiness is...a really great book, coffee from a new to me local coffee shop, a cool breeze, sunshine and two hours of free reading time! #summer #shotofcoffee #rockyourhappy #happiness #reading #booklover #vscocam #vsco #booksandcoffee
summer - booksandcoffee - vscocam - booklover - shotofcoffee - rockyourhappy - vsco - reading - happiness -
kcreatives : That's what I'm doing. The reading part!
lindsaya0000 : Looks lovely.
mrsjj4 : @dineanddish What are you reading?
dineanddish : @mrsjj4 I'm almost done with Remember Me Like This...it's so good!
dineanddish : @kcreatives perfect day for it!!
hbuchwitz : Where did you go? I love black dog if you haven't been.
dineanddish : @hbuchwitz the veteran owned coffee shop in the downtown Shawnee bank vault.
valaska84 - jays_bakingmecrazy - nmokale - youngbrokeand -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I feel like I need a t-shirt that says "I apologize for whatever I said when I was on Whole 30." Honestly, #day8 done and it's been great. I made these ice cream parfaits for the kids and didn't even lick a spoon! I call that a success. #Whole30 #vscocam #vsco #icecream #foodphotography #instayum #instafood
feedfeed - vsco - instayum - f52grams - day8 - foodfeed - foodphotography - instafood - icecream - buzzfeedfood - huffpostfood - vscocam - whole30 -
hostesstori : Yummmmmm
mandysrecipebox : Looks fab and you're amazing for resisting!
dairygoodlife : You go girl! I know how hard it is not to lick the spoon! 😝
jays_bakingmecrazy : Yay! Great job!! Total successπŸ‘πŸ‘
raincitymama : Ha ha my friend said the same thing when she did it in May.
ejkellett : See she's doing it! @dke11ett
rushorderapp : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
marlameridith : Delish!!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Never trust a product that says pink will be gone in 2 washes. Still pink after 3! Also, I think these are the glasses I'm choosing from my @warbyparker home try on. Thoughts? #pinkhair #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #vscocam #vsco #selfie
pinkhair - warbyhometryon - vsco - warbyparker - selfie - vscocam -
dineanddish : @elissanel I have 2 entrees on there!
elissanel : Thanks so much @dineanddish
dineanddish : @elissanel sure! Hopefully it worked!
elissanel : Yes! I used two thank you so much! It's very. Appreciated :)
dineanddish : @elissanel great! So glad!
firstcomeslatte : Cute! Definitely a keeper! πŸ‘“
thelemonbowl : You're so pretty. πŸ’–
cheflauraathome : love the glasses!
theathleteuniversity - rika_t.s - toppetbags - instawear.co -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Mondays, and it most definitely is a Monday, call for pictures of cute little dogs who make me smile. Meet Lucy! Taken at #BoulevardDrivein last night! #vscocam #vsco #dogsofinstagram #bostonterriersofinstgram
bostonterriersofinstgram - vscocam - dogsofinstagram - vsco - boulevarddrivein -
dessertfirst : Lucy is a cutie!
dineanddish : @dessertfirst isn't she? And a lovey sweetheart
wakschmale : Love this pic!!
misslsbusybees : @leahlech
accidentallywonderful : Too cute!
dineanddish : @wakschmale she's such a sweetie! So fun running into you last night
dineanddish : @accidentallywonderful isn't she a cutie?
cheflauraathome : what a cutie
rika_t.s - spicedpantry - nataliedoyle2005 - justshashathings -
dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Play at your own risk... Getting a little play time in at the drive in theatre before our double feature. Inside Out and Jurassic World at #BoulevardDrivein tonight! #vsco #vscocam #childhoodunplugged #jurassicworld #insideout #rockyourhappy
childhoodunplugged - vsco - rockyourhappy - insideout - jurassicworld - vscocam - instakc - kcigers - boulevarddrivein -
dineanddish : @jmbrazil1 Jacob will be happy to hear that!
jmccombs : We should have gone too, my kids love the drive in!
dineanddish : @jmccombs I almost asked you but figured you were worn out from all the baseball this weekend!
theredefinedmom : You are such a cool mom...on a Sunday night too!
dineanddish : @theredefinedmom I'm a horrible mom because after a full day of baseball tournament stuff I thought my youngest 2 would be fast asleep when Jurassic Park started at midnight. Not so much...and now I'm pretty confident they'll have Dino nightmares for the rest of their life!
dineanddish : @samandramones it was so fantastic!
dineanddish : @mmlocal thank you!!
dineanddish : #instakc #kcigers
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