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Mom of 4. Freelance Writer, Food, Travel, Lifestyle Writer/Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, runner & travel lover.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
3-ingredients...that's all it takes to make these No-Bake Toffee Bars. The recipe just went up #ontheblog for you!
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foodfaithfit : Yum!!
cupcakeproject : Looks amazing and i can't wait until my son can make simple dishes himself. Must be an exciting milestone. Thanks for linking to my macaroons in your post. Appreciate it!
rachlmansfield : YUM
dineanddish : @foodfaithfit @rachlmansfield yum indeed - and beyond easy which is a huge plus!
dineanddish : @cupcakeproject it's bittersweet but feels great to not be lacking in the sleep department because of them ;)
thenutritiousbite : Wow. This is incredible. Can't wait to try!
jays_bakingmecrazy : 3 ingredients? I need to try these! Yum!!
jodi_trudeau : I have a bunch of ritz crackers I have been wondering how to use them up. Now I know. Tomorrow I will be headed to the store for the toffee bits
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I loved our church service so much today. Palm Sunday service always makes me happy...especially when all my kids actually behave the whole time. Happy Sunday!
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wenderly_ : πŸ’›
katetdf : Ha. Our church had a family service, which was very wiggly and involved a lot of palm frond shredding.
dineanddish : @katetdf ours got shredded on the way home, hence why my kids are now out cleaning it out and no longer getting along :) short lived peace this morning!
gidgetgrlreading : Now to google how to palms crosses. I forget how by each Palm Sunday @dineanddish
dineanddish : @gidgetgrlreading that's exactly what I was sitting down to do! ha!
greeneyedleo49 : @dineanddish I'm googling how to make crosses, too! Mine never turn out looking like crosses.
gidgetgrlreading : I winged it and did them my way they turned out just as good I think. I couldn't get them to work following the tutorials @greeneyedleo49 @dineanddish
margaret1254 : Crosby was amazing in church today. Grace.
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
May 1st this is finally happening for real! Can't wait! @tidymom #tattoo #behappy
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flavias_flavors : Way to go girlfriend! I'm still thinking of doing one too. Just need to nail down a quote I want to see every day.
gidgetgrlreading : I have a paw print on my ankle.
dineanddish : @flavias_flavors oh you should totally do it!
tidymom : In soooo excited that we finally set a date!! It will be a fun weekend!!!
dineanddish : @tidymom Me too!! :) Finally! @Gidgetgrlreading oh I love that! Did it hurt on your ankle?
gidgetgrlreading : No but I was told by the guy I have a high pain threshold since my ankle is so bony. It felt like a cat scratch. @dineanddish
dineanddish : @gidgetgrlreading I'm impressed!
gidgetgrlreading : Haa haa don't be I do have a pretty high pain threshold. I never to even a Tylenol after having my kids. Can't wait to see your tattoo. Do you have the place picked out? Just make sure they are a good, clean honest place and you see every ink bottle and needle being opened @dineanddish
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
@sweetapolita The creations in your new cookbook are so amazing! Very proud of you, friend!
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jo_rodgers : ♥️
aimeebourque : Gorgeous! Wait - isn't this her first cookbook? If there's another, I want it! πŸ’™πŸ°
dineanddish : @aimeebourque well crud. I thought she had one a couple years ago? I must be delusional! Ha!
dineanddish : Now this is going to drive me crazy. I think I totally dreamed up a @sweetapolita cookbook! I swear I am losing my mind.
aimeebourque : Just finish your coffee, sweetie. 😘
sweetapolita : @dineanddish Thank you, dear Kristen! Oh, sometimes it feels that way to me too! #lonnnnngprocess πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
forkandbeans : Sounds like the perfect morning read. Always fun watching friends succeed!
foodstreetjournal : nice picture love it 
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Today I gave bullet proof coffee a go after all the hype. Now I'm waiting for the energy miracle to bestow itself upon me.
dineanddish : @susanyjohnson @safetchick ummmm I just accidentally took a 3 hour nap with my daughter. A really great 3 hour nap, but I never do that! Ha!
dineanddish : @willowbirdbaking ^^^
swirledsweeties : A nap!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dineanddish : @swirledsweeties longest nap ever at that!
swirledsweeties : That is still cracking me up! I don't nap typically, but when I do I enjoy them until I wake up extremely cranky and hungry. So weird!
susanyjohnson : What?! I'm not sure I've even taken a 3 hr nap! Wow! Lucky you. 😝
willowbirdbaking : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thehealthyapple : Yum yum. Enjoy!!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
This moment needs to be documented. This girl, since she's been old enough to express her opinions, has refused to ever wear jeans. Ever. Today she woke up and on her own put on jeans and has declared that she now likes jeans and wants to wear them more. Now, if I could just get her to like socks, I'll have much easier mornings!
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pepperandtwine : She's precious!
teaksmom_1 : Lookout, world!
micheleguizzetti : #cutenessfactor
modchik : My daughter too!!!!!
fabtasticlife : hahah I'm sure it made things hard for you, but that's a pretty awesome opinion to have for a little girl! So funny!
howsweeteats : I also refused to wear jeans, but until like age 14!! I knew Leah was my spirit animal.
dineanddish : @howsweeteatsit makes me happy to think I'm raising a mini you!
swirledsweeties : I love her spunk!!!
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Showing two little besties some of the finer things in life.
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forkandbeans : I just ADORED your podcast with @namelymarly! I resonated with so much of what you said. Thank you for your candor and amazing reminder to be happy, something I have been fighting for lately...xo!
dineanddish : @forkandbeans thank you so much for watching! It's hard to remember back to why we do what we do, but so important to keep finding the joy in it all :) thanks for your comment!
forkandbeans : I'm telling you, I've seen the greatest shift once I starting focusing on positive stuff..makes being happy easier to attain! Happy to have found you :)
housewifeintraining : Yesssssss.
jennyjlong : You are only totally THE BEST ;)
thehealthyapple : Aweee so cute!
dineanddish : #vscocam #vsco #icecream #bestdayever
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
She should have been named Fozzie #dogsofinstagram #terriersofinstagram
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bethklustter : Wokka wokka wokka!
countrycleaver : Cutie!
tidymom :  
robertm375 : She is Adorable!
hbuchwitz : Best vet!
coastalinspiration : Is this a Glen of Imaal Terrier? So cute
dineanddish : @coastalinspiration she's a rescue dog...a terrier mix of some kind. Thank you!
coastalinspiration : She really looks like a Glen of Imaal terrier...check them out and see what you think...their coloring can be like your pup's too, but rare
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
Although I don't love it when we have 5 different places to be in one night, I do love it when it takes us to a part of town with one of my favorite places to eat!
tianspaige : Oh yeah! Chipotle owns some real estate in my ❀️!
dineanddish : @tianspaige we need one out by us!
veryculinary : My fav!
traciveek : Ha! My daughter just went to get Chipotle for us! #GreatMinds πŸ˜‰
matildatallulahphoto : We DEFINITELY need one by us! Agreed. :)
harpo_utah : My inlaws just brought 5lbs of beef fajitas and a quart of queso in their luggage from Fajita Pete's in Houston to Salt Lake tonight. TSA left a note saying they "inspected" it. πŸ˜‚ #lovetexmex
dineanddish : @harpo_utah that is hilarious!
tidymom : you will be happy to know, after FINALLY having Chipotle at Chopped - I've now had it here at home a time or two! not sure what took me so long ξ„…
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dineanddish - Kristen Doyle
I'm sharing some #happiness wisdom #ontheblog today - and some pics from my @princesscruises vacation! #comebacknew
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dineanddish : @mtnmamacooks I absolutely love cruising and the ocean is my happy place, much like your ski slopes :) thanks for reading, friend!
supergluemom : I lived your the recent podcast where you talked about blogging and happiness. Thank you for sharing your journey!
tpalmerjones : Great, GREAT Post!!! We should all incorporate these tips into our daily lives. Life is so short... Be Happy!!!
cookingwithmammac : I enjoyed your post and can relate, though I've never been on a cruise. Fresh flowers or flowering plants in the house make me happy.
dineanddish : @supergluemom thank you so much for listening!
dineanddish : @tpalmerjones we totally should!
dineanddish : @cookingwithmammac me too! I love having fresh flowers around.
supergluemom : @dineanddish 😍
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