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The leaders and innovators of airbrush makeup. Follow us for a behind-the-scenes peek inside the world of airbrush makeup artistry!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Accessories to get you Autumn ready! Enter for your chance to win a prize valued at over $600! Follow @Dinair1, like the photo, repost and hashtag #DinairAnywhereContest, and tag a friend! *Valid: Contest starts 10/1/2014-10/7/2014 and a randomly chosen winner will be announced 10/10/2014. To be eligible to win, entrant must be a legal U.S. resident. Good luck! #contest #airbrush #airbrushmakeup #makeup #makeupjunkie #prize #win #ilovedinair #giveaway
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savanasavage36 : @beauty_educator
beauty_educator : @savanasavage36 let's do this! !!
cheleabell : @maris147 @tbell527 @manda0513
angela_milligan : @kaylin_5683 @5683dee @elizabethmayfield
lindsay_thedesignstudio : @ncorp @darbjean @jessie_snyder
megaswiff1 : @lain0299 @stephanie8675 @les_e3
lisamarie035 : @gennypenny
iheartairbrush : @modelkrystala
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Our high performance revolutionary CX Airbrush is on sale for $39.95! If you need a backup, nows the time to get yours! #Airbrush #dinair #airbrushmakeup #toolsofthetrade #ilovedinair
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ashyadis : I have been through two guns as well always clogging. Been so bummed and don't know what to do. Each application I break the gun down completely to clean. Takes 20 mins major waste of time.
ranafares1979 : Hi I live in Beirut Lebanon do we have it here or should I order it online
tashaboyd4 : @amber_buxton_salon the new CX are awesome if you know the trick to the nozzle. When you check dry tip don't take both caps off like w/jx. Only first air cap. CX has a floating nozzle and has to be pushed in if you take both off. Once you realize the nozzle is removable it makes so much sense!! I love the CX!
amber_buxton_salon : @tashaboyd4 I have used multiple airbrushes since 07. This airbrush is faulty. I run all my airbrushes through an ultrasonic machine. This isn't user error. It's a manufacturers error. Thanks for your concern tho
amber_buxton_salon : Dinair is supposed to create products that are friendly for non professionals. As a professional I should never have issues like this. I do large bridal parties 8 girls in a row. I don't have time to dry tip nothing. I move on to the next gun. I have 3 Jx's, 3 temptu and the 3 faulty cx as a last resort for multiple wedding days. @tashaboyd4
tashaboyd4 : @amber_buxton_salon unfortunately dry tip is something that will happen with any product and airbrush. Its product drying on the tip due to air drying it. The CX is more user friendly bc the nozzle is removable unlike the JX but can be frustrating if you didn't know it was removable. I used my three CX for 4hrs straight yesterday hooked up to my mini with constant product no cleaner or water for body painting. I promise the issues your having are bc of the nozzle not pushed in all the way. Also I wouldn't recommend anyone taking apart or soaking their airbrushes completely all the time, it strips the mineral oil. I hope this is somewhat helpful 💛
amber_buxton_salon : @tashaboyd4 this isn't a dry tip issue, this is 60 seconds in. Again I know what I'm doing. I have pushed the nozzle in a million times. It dislodges while spraying. In all 3 of my airbrushes and yes I oil my airbrushes after every cleaning. You might not have gotten a faulty brush but I obviously got 3. Again even if it were user error the obvious # of complaints point to a design flaw since it was meant to be designed for beginners.
iheartairbrush : Ordered mine as soon as I got the email I so heart dinair!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
NEW: COLAIR Electric's ever-lasting formula sets on contact for an electrifying finish. They're BRIGHT, BOLD, and true to color; what you see is what you spray! Formulate not just for skin but for hair too! Get ELECTRIF-EYED! Makeup: @kimgmufx model: @alexwestt #colairelectric #ilovedinair #airbrushmakeup #dinair #makeuplooks #makeup #instagood #instabeauty
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iheartairbrush : Ah I need to get my hands on this! @dinair1 @dinair1
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
#repost of @rigandco's homecoming look. Tag #ilovedinair for a chance to be featured! #beauty #makeup #airbrushmakeup #Airbrush #makeover #beforeandafter
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angelgirlie4u : That is awesome!
1queace : Dang she ugly
iheartairbrush : Pretty!
handsome4noreason21 : This is Y I have trust issues
theodensmom : @1queace @handsome4noreason21 for both your information, this beautiful young girl had shingles. She wanted to be beautiful for her high school Homecoming, so keep your rude comments to yourself please.
yourstylistlori : Beautiful!!! Before & after 😊
missi519 : What color is on her lips I love it
dekenzie : Love it!!! Just beautiful!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
#repost of @gabievossler's effortless look #flawless #airbrushmakeup #makeup #makeuplooks #makeupjunkie #beauty #instagood #ilovedinair #instabeauty
beauty - flawless - makeupjunkie - makeup - instagood - ilovedinair - instabeauty - makeuplooks - repost - airbrushmakeup -
gabievossler : Thanks for posting! I LOVE #dinair! We use it on all of our makeup clients in salon. ;) @dinair1
angelgirlie4u : @anicsss your hair would look pretty like this
sidselopsand : @birgittehaahr Det her hår! :-o
birgittehaahr : Uhhh det er fint @sidselopsand
konatans : ☺️🌸 love!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
What makeup trends do you love? We love how creative and beautiful a #cateye can be! #caturday #makeup #motd #makeuplooks #makeupjunkie #Airbrush #airbrushmakeup #dinair #ilovedinair #instagood #instabeauty #inspiration
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industriousgirl : @jnm92109
maria_tesfaye : I'll get them done next week @angelica6122010
angelica6122010 : =) @maria_tesfaye
jnm92109 : @industriousgirl I want!!!😚
karlaaa_h_ : @luvfrogs158 see the cut crease look I was showing you.
jayz_daniel : Superb
luvfrogs158 : @karlaaa_h_ Yes its very nice but not for my wedding.
glamourembalmer : Beautiful!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Beautiful #makeover in our Showroom by @nmp123 #makeuplooks #makeupartist #ilovedinair #beforeandafter #motd #instagood #instabeauty
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thesmokeyeyechallenge : Love your looks! Want to win $900 worth of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics? Tag #SmokeyNudes and @ BobbiBrown to enter the makeup challenge. GOODLUCK!!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
NEW: Autumn inspired Matte colors. Shop now at www.airbrushmakeup.com/makeup/shadows makeup: @kimgmufx model: @tsvetamanoilova #matteshadows #makeup #makeuplooks #makeupartist #dinairairbrushmakeup #dinair #ilovedinair
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jordanmaya : @mayasmakeup
chelseaef0ss : @lois.marie wow
lois.marie : @chelseaef0ss love that purple smoke ; P
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Want to learn how to Airbrush Makeup? @facade_west_salon in Vancouver, Canada is holding a 2 Day class on Oct. 5-6! Book your seat now by calling 604-941-1488 #facadewestsalon #airbrushingvancouver #dinairairbrushmakeup #neverstoplearning #airbrushmakeup
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pureglamourby_giselle : @shantias_hair_styling_co
shantias_hair_styling_co : I can't it's too short notice! @pureglamourby_giselle
facade_west_salon : @shantias_hair_styling_co we will be hosting more classes in the new year. Dates will be picked and posted soon, hope some then will work for you :)
shantias_hair_styling_co : Hopefully I can make it..I'd love to come to Canada for beauty!
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dinair1 - Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Emma Watson is our #womancrushwednesday because she speaks her mind! #HeForShe #emmawatson #beautiful #makeuplooks #ilovedinair #dinair
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fyh887 : @FYH887تابعو ارقي الماركات
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