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Photographer. Journalist. Filmmaker. Farmer.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
It's been a few years since we had meat chickens around here, and a lot can happen with animal genetics in a relatively short period of time. Which is what I'm going with for the reason these ones started full-on crowing at about 6 1/2 weeks old and, now, at 8 weeks know *all* about the birds and the bees. Cornish Cross have always been early maturing, but this is extreme even for them. Oh, the #bordercollie is gratuitous. You're welcome. #farm365 #farmlife #dogsofinstagram #chickens #picoftheday #photooftheday
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littlebabyfarm : That's very interesting. Ours are 3 weeks. Not sure they will make it to 8 😁😁
littlebabyfarm : @raleighiron
proudbordercollies : Like! Follow us if you love Border Collies! πŸ•
sportamarie : very nice
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Somewhere in middle America all that glitters is probably freshly harvested wheat in the sunshine. If you haven't already, please remember to sign the #lightforlight petition at bit.ly/1GStA0E. It will encourage private investment in energy in Africa, making it an option for farmers there to start their day before the sunrise; something we take for granted here. And it'll do so at no cost to taxpayers. Let's make it a great day, people! #farm365 #farmlife #sunrise #picoftheday #photooftheday #africa #electrifyafrica #wheat #harvest15 #feed9 #9billion
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
During dueling protests by the Black Panthers and the KKK at the South Carolina state house demonstrators were heard volleying rally calls. "Black Power!" ... "White Power!" ... "Black Power!" ... "White Power!" ... Unfortunately, this is enough to keep us distracted, for one more week, from the fact that we both individually and collectively possess the most radical powers of all; the uniquely Human Powers of innovation, compassion, and resiliency. Which, when combined, have the potential to make amazing things happen.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Standing up, this sow's back comes up to just below my belly button. She probably weighs every ounce of 650 or 700 pounds, and she's one of the best Mamas I own. New post on her, and sows like her at the farm blog today: righteousbacon.com. Bonus: all the photos in the post were taken by my daughter, including this one. She's getting better. #farm365 #farmlife #pigs #pigsofinstagram #smallfarm #eatlocal #pork #realpigfarming #photography #photooftheday #picoftheday
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Maasai boys herd goats into a nighttime enclosure at sunset. The sticks and shrubbery at the right of the photo is the fence wall of that enclosure, which stands in the middle of their family's boma, the circle of manyattas (huts) that make up a single family's dwelling. Each manyatta houses one wife and her children, and the family's patriarch moves between them periodically to spend time with each of his wives. The family's work must be done and everyone home by dark, because there is no electricity for light after the sun has gone down. More details on electricity in Africa --> bit.ly/1GStA0E #lightforlight #africa #tanzania #maasai #goats #development #picoftheday #photooftheday #photojournalism
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
The highlight of our @toledozoo trip this past weekend was definitely the aquarium. I was even able to wrangle my camera away from the kid long enough to take this shot. #sealife #aquarium #photooftheday #picoftheday #photography #animals #water #wildlife
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erinconnor : Loving ur pics! 😘
dianaprichard : Thanks, @erinconnor!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
"Outside people hustled by, kicking up the red dirt as they shuffled through their day; men gathered to chat under the shade of a makeshift awning; in some places fresh, local fruits were stacked in mats for sale." I'm carrying the torch for @onegirlswomen's #lightforlight relay today. Full story on the blog: righteousbacon.com #portrait #africa #ethiopia #electrifyafrica #photooftheday #picoftheday #photojournalism
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al_samoush : Beautiful shotπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
amieadams : Oh the light!
onegirlswomen : Stunning!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
We made a day trip to the @toledozoo this past weekend and my oldest carried and used the camera for most of the day. I mentioned on the blog that she's been taking an interest in photography and learning the ropes. She took quite a few decent pics while we were there. I'll probably share a few more before all is said and done, but of course the hippo has to go first. Who doesn't love a big, adorable, incredibly dangerous hippo? #hippo #animals #africa #zoo #picoftheday #photooftheday
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ezweber1 : My oldest (8) loves photography too! I'm terrible at it, but it is fun to learn together.
farmgirlontheprairie : Big Teeth!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
More than 48 million birds have been affected by the Avian Influenza epidemic in the US. Recently news of an outbreak in the UK has surfaced as well. The only way we know to deal with AI is euthanasia. It's highly pathogenic, so euthanize get flocks where it exists, though costly, is less dangerous and costly than not. Our youngest was planning on showing meat birds at the county fair this year, but due to AI that portion of the fair has been cancelled. Still, it hasn't been too bad having them around again. No AI here yet, but we remain vigilant. Nationally, there hasn't been a detection in a commercial flock for almost a month, but the hot summer temperatures help keep it in check and it's expected to crop up again in the fall. Last week a Chickadee was euthanized in Minnesota after testing positive. It was the first songbird to be tested and euthanized in the outbreak. For perspective: the U.S. poultry industry raises between 8.5 and 9.5 billion meat birds per year. #farm365 #farmlife #chickens #farmfresh #eatlocal #meat
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings." -Masanobu Fukuoka #farm365 #sheep #livestock #smallfarm #picoftheday #photooftheday
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