Diana Prichard

Postmodern Farmer. Multimedia Journalist.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Lots of people imagine the stockyard -- the place livestock go between the farm and the processor, or sometimes between one farm and another -- like a house of horrors; a dark and scary place where horrible things happen. Well, this is our local stockyard. We're dropping off a couple hogs tonight. One will be sold tomorrow morning to a packer, the other (the one pictured) will be picked up by the processor we use to fulfill farm-direct orders. Our processor is an hour drive away and they have a pick-up route that comes to our stockyard every other week. This saves us a lot of overhead and allows us to fulfill orders of even one pig at a time. The pens are bedded with clean sawdust and there are automatic waterers in every pen so the animals can drink while they wait. They're not on this time of year, but there are also fans overhead in each pen for when it's hot outside. There's no horror here, but there are a couple happy hogs in pen 10 tonight. They'll make bacon (and ham and pork chops and more) tomorrow. Meanwhile, we'll thank them for their life -- one we know they enjoyed while they were here -- and the rewards they've provided our family. Some are financial -- farm kids like to eat and sleep in warm beds and play sports and have toys, too -- but most are decidedly not. They are the reward of hard work, dedication, loss and grief, pride and joy, and a life lived on the land. They are intangible and yet more palpable than anything money could buy. #farm365 #farmlife #realpigfarming #pigsofinstagram #pork #bacon
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wildwildnorth : Please write a book (for adults) one day-- and include lots of your amazing farming pictures!
drjuice101 : Well said!
dianaprichard : @wildwildnorth Working on it. :)
tylegarde : Holy crap Diana. I'm not one for wistful recall but you got me here. Lump in my throat kind. I appreciate your take, and I think it is important to be real about why and how we raise our creatures. Yes: financial rewards are part of it. But what I feel to be the majority of husbandry is hard, and gut wrenching. And hard. Point being...there are easier ways to get rewarded financially, but we choose to do this for the intangible rewards. Thanks for the post.
dianaprichard : @tylegarde - So, so many easier and more consistent and reliable ways to make money. It's all about the intangible.
vetpracticevahs : Great post! Perfect contextualization.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
#undercover farm investigation reveals mama pigs wallowing in piles of dead piglets. That or they're happily snoozing in the sun. Hard to tell. #farm365 #realpigfarming
realpigfarming - farm365 - undercover -
heynanabread : Omg...I should rescue them. (:
mike.english.66 : Wow that's a bunch of little piggies!
dianaprichard : She and her sister had 14 each, first parity for both of them. Gotta love old spots. @mike.english.66
dianaprichard : Should also mention these would be Stu's great grands, @mike.english.66. The sow pictured is out of a daughter of Amelia x Stu.
pj8seconds : Amazing litter! I raise my pigs similar to you and my sows/gilts (most of the time) kill half of them. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks! @dianaprichard
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Farrowing duty for Tripp today. We're both concerned about this non-traditional farrowing arrangement, but were choosing to trust the sows -- sisters who are both in labor. And by "trust" I mean we're staying right here to watch and assist with every pig.
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dianaprichard : #bordercollie #farmlife #farm365 #pigsofinstagram #realpigfarming
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
It's been a long farrowing season. Happy, healthy pigs with big appetites are the best thing I've seen in months. #realpigfarming #pig #piglet #pigsofinstagram #farmlife #farm365
realpigfarming - farm365 - piglet - pigsofinstagram - farmlife - pig -
wildwildnorth : love them!
xclaudiia : @sjoerd0606
farmgirlontheprairie : Love this! They are soooo cute!!
farmgirlontheprairie - andreamaize - aerielmiller -
dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Still mud season. #farmlife #bordercollie #dogsofinstagram
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greeblehaus : My dog gets so filthy!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Speckles & Spots #realpigfarming #farmlife #farm365 #piglet #pigsofinstagram
realpigfarming - farm365 - pigsofinstagram - farmlife - piglet -
wildwildnorth : love them.
bostonmamas : omg i love this
mollymicropig : 💕
farmgirlontheprairie : 🐖🐖🐖
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
#mudseason #farmlife #bordercollie
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drjuice101 : Yup. Definitely mud season.
mike.english.66 : He looks happy about it!
euamohotelfazenda : Gostei =D
dianaprichard : @mike.english.66 -- Ecstatic!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
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wildwildnorth : beautiful, but make winter end please. my will to live is starting to fade.
dianaprichard : Mine too, @wildwildnorth
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Peter Pan (aka Peanut Butter) living it up. #Catsofinstagram #kitten #cat
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greeblehaus : Oh my goooooodness
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
There are musicians, and then there are musicians who make you feel like you should send them a check because you obviously underpaid for your tickets. #Garth
garth -
amieadams : He's amazing live!! Hope you had a blast!
dianaprichard : It was a religious experience @amieadams
amieadams : No kidding. Saw him in Vegas. Just him and his guitar and Trisha for a few songs.
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