Diana Prichard

Postmodern Farmer. Multimedia Journalist.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Because I enjoy doing things that make people question my mental health, I've been trying sheep out as lawn mowers. Unfortunately, I've determined that they are not nearly as good at it as geese. So now I'm in the market for goslings, because I hate mowing the lawn. Picture: #TBT to 2011-ish. #farm365 #farmlife #geese #goose
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jtiralla : I die. My husband uses goats to mow our lawn. Seem to be more effective than sheep.
dianaprichard : Geese are really, really good at it, @jtiralla. They mow everything a consistent length -- not too short, not too long -- and just seem to keep it that way. If I were judging solely on the quality of work I would think these sheep were drunk -- long patches here, super short patches there, never any apparent rhyme or reason. Good thing lambs are cute.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Did I ever tell you I was sixteen when I became a mother? I benefitted a lot from good medical care, and so did my daughter. This picture was taken in the NICU seven days after she was born eight weeks premature. She went home that day, because we'd had the good fortune to live in the U.S. where, when my water broke nine weeks early, I was admitted and kept on tightly-monitored bedrest for a week, giving the doctors time to give me three rounds of steroid shots in a bid to help her lungs mature as quickly as possible. And that they did. She was never on a ventilator, and was only in an incubator for less than 24 hours. She was small -- 4 lbs, 12 oz -- but big for her gestational age, and as healthy as could be. If we lived virtually anywhere else in the world this would not have been our story and I would not have a healthy 13 year old daughter today. This week my friends at @onegirlswomen are traveling with a group of women through Malawi. Many women give birth at sixteen or even younger in the developing world, and they never benefit from cutting-edge medical care. How fitting it is that they're kicking off their journey on Mother's Day. My friend and outstanding photographer @heychookooloonks is the official photographer for the trip so I'm sure her page won't disappoint either. Happy #MothersDay all!
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dianaprichard : Also on the trip: @jeannineharvey1. Follow, follow.
ali_frank : Happy Mother's Day, Diana!
dianaprichard : Thanks, @ali_frank. Happy Mother's Day to you too!
karenwredman : Love this post
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
The average lifespan of a Labrador Retriever is 11 years. He was born in 2004, four months before she was. She doesn't know a world in which he doesn't exist. Not yet. For now, his retirement ticks by in days slept on cool grass and nights snored away on the kitchen floor. The grey on his face reminds us that time never stops, each hair testament to a day well-lived. #dogsofinstagram #dog #farm365 #farmdog
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Good morning, beautiful. #farm365 #farmlife #sheep #sheepofinstagram #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
He loves the babies. They're sweet and curious, and they never try to stomp him into the ground like the cranky ewe he had to deal with next. #farm365 #bordercollie #farmlife #piglet #pigsofinstagram
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wildwildnorth : so adorable! i love the babies, too :)
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
"There are two stories to agriculture, and I've seen both." -Luis Sanchez, CA FFA State Officer and son of Hispanic Farmworkers. More than half of Farmworkers are Hispanic, but they're underrepresented in leadership positions. Today I have a story on Medium about what FFA is doing to fix that problem for students like Luis. Link in profile and comments below. Photo by Damon Casarez.
dianaprichard : Link: https://medium.com/bright/cultivating-a-new-immigrant-narrative-8273de03537d?section=%5Bobject%20Object%5D
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[005/100] It's hard to imagine this face the symbol of rebellion. Sheep have long been synonymous with mindless following, but without sheep America may not have come to be at all. So threatened by the American sheep industry was England that the Wool Act of 1699 forbade colonists from trading or selling wool and woolen products such as yarn and cloth. The punishment for doing so: amputation of the right hand. The act angered colonists so much that they began wearing home spun and manufactured woolen garments in protest against England. Massachusetts even passed a law requiring all young people to learn how to spin and weave. Some historians believe the Wool Act was a key catalyst for the Revolutionary War. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #farm365 #farmlife #sheep #lamb #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay
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brocksandi : Wow!! Didn't know that!! Thanks for the share:)
momitforward : You are amazing!!!!
egratto : That's such a cool slice of history -- thanks for teaching me something new today!
hort4cy : Thanks for the history lesson!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[005/100]It was six in the morning on a Sunday. She was four-years old, peering over the edge of the bed. "I swallowed a penny." "What?" "A penny. I swallowed a penny." "You swallowed a penny?" "Yep." She grinned. "Why?!" "I wanted to see what it tasted like." The penny lodged in her esophagus, and had to be surgically removed that afternoon. The nurses gave her a big pile of stickers and she handed them out to everyone who came in her room. The man who put in her IV sat his down on the bed next to her while he worked. She glared at him as he slid the needle into her arm, never flinching or crying. But when he reached for his sticker before leaving her tiny hand shot under his and pulled it back. She glared a little harder. The next time we took her for vaccinations her screams could be heard three offices down and she punched the nurse. Her intense curiosity and curious intensity have always been among her best qualities. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #Portrait #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay
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lastmango22 : Great story and image. โค๏ธ
farmgirlontheprairie : Love the story! So adorable!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[004/100] In a clinic outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia life slides out of the womb and into the world. Disoriented. Wailing. Surrounded by concrete and metal and porcelain and love. The scale in the corner cannot measure the weight of the future, and this place is heavier than anything it has experienced in the past. Shot: October, 2012. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #Ethiopia #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay
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iamjustcynthia : Love! ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
West Bank, Palestinian Territories, June 2013 Conflict is a thief. It steals lives, full stop, in bursts of devastating selfishness. But it is not a conductor. Stand it on a platform in front of the orchestra of everyday life and you'll see its power constrained to the occasional screech from the woodwinds, broken bow in the string section, lost rhythm in percussion. The concert is interrupted, but never halted entirely. This is where the beauty of humanity resides, not in the void of ugliness, but in the resilience of shopkeepers and school children; in life's insistence to go on even in the face of it. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #PhotoJournalism #PhotoOfTheDay #WestBank #Palestine #StreetPhotography
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