Diana Prichard

Hog Farmer. Freelance Writer. Guacamole Addict.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Proof that pictures are deceiving; that pig on the left is the ugliest pig I've seen in a long time. Doesn't look horrible here.
dianaprichard : Right. Pig on the right. *sigh*
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
A rare glimpse of The Small Humans while we wait to load in hogs at fair. One of them acts like her mother, I'll let you decide which.
katpinke : So adorable @dianaprichard and thanks for sharing! Talked about you at #blogher14 with @justicefergie
neilochka : I talked about dancing with you!
dianaprichard : @katpinke @justicefergie So sorry I missed it!
dianaprichard : @neilochka Did we dance? What year? Why don't I remember this?
neilochka : Sigh. Always my life story. My first BlogHer. Was impressed with myself because some hot California blonde girl started dancing with me, and then you said you weren't from California and you had a FARM!
dianaprichard : Haha! So sorry to disappoint, @Neilochka. Midwestern gals are better anyway; you know that now, right?
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
I'm in West Michigan reporting a story. I'll give you a hint: this hay field and Ethiopia have something in common. Any guesses what that is?
mrsjvanetten : Hay! Lol
dianaprichard : LOL! Nope.
jessi0517 : It's starving lol
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Dumped out my bag trying to find a pen. If this doesn't sum up my life I don't know what would.
mike.english.66 : Oh yeah...I spy a Coke!
dianaprichard : Breakfast of champions, @mike.english.66.
tuisnider : I've done that! Always fun to see what's in a purse. :)
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
I've seen this dog exactly once in the last month; he's been staying with a stock work trainer who has a lot more time to work him and better stock for it too. Tonight: I'm on my way to pick him up and bring him home. Can't wait. I hear he's made tremendous progress.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Blue sky is a beautiful thing.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Food cart dinner. Nom.
barshawsarah : You should get the green hot sauce only because I know you would like to sweat some more.
dianaprichard : @barshawsarah You know I drown everything in sauce. And the green is my favorite. So good.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Lots of people ask me how I "do it all." 1) I don't. 2) Everything I do manage? Right here. This Man. He is endlessly supportive and helpful. Tonight? He knew I had five minutes to drop into home between one thing and another so he had clothes, drink, and snack ready to go for me when I got there. Now he's chauffeuring me to an appointment so I can work on the way. He rocks.
tuisnider : Aww!
we3millings : Nothing like someone who anticipates your needs
mrsjvanetten : Aww he loves you so!!! By the way... are you still taking pics? I would love if you would love to snap some of us:) @dianaprichard
dianaprichard : @mrsjvanetten I do a lot of photography but not many portraits. I'd be happy to shoot some for you, but can't make any promises about quality since I don't do much portraiture. I can sure try though. Would mid August be okay? The next few weeks are pretty solidly booked here.
mrsjvanetten : Sounds great! Here Is my # 517-749-1772! Thank you @dianaprichard let me know pricing!
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
Reminding myself. (Via the Lean In Facebook Page.)
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