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Postmodern Farmer. Multimedia Journalist.
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[005/100] It's hard to imagine this face the symbol of rebellion. Sheep have long been synonymous with mindless following, but without sheep America may not have come to be at all. So threatened by the American sheep industry was England that the Wool Act of 1699 forbade colonists from trading or selling wool and woolen products such as yarn and cloth. The punishment for doing so: amputation of the right hand. The act angered colonists so much that they began wearing home spun and manufactured woolen garments in protest against England. Massachusetts even passed a law requiring all young people to learn how to spin and weave. Some historians believe the Wool Act was a key catalyst for the Revolutionary War. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #farm365 #farmlife #sheep #lamb #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[005/100]It was six in the morning on a Sunday. She was four-years old, peering over the edge of the bed. "I swallowed a penny." "What?" "A penny. I swallowed a penny." "You swallowed a penny?" "Yep." She grinned. "Why?!" "I wanted to see what it tasted like." The penny lodged in her esophagus, and had to be surgically removed that afternoon. The nurses gave her a big pile of stickers and she handed them out to everyone who came in her room. The man who put in her IV sat his down on the bed next to her while he worked. She glared at him as he slid the needle into her arm, never flinching or crying. But when he reached for his sticker before leaving her tiny hand shot under his and pulled it back. She glared a little harder. The next time we took her for vaccinations her screams could be heard three offices down and she punched the nurse. Her intense curiosity and curious intensity have always been among her best qualities. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #Portrait #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay
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lastmango22 : Great story and image. ❤️
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
[004/100] In a clinic outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia life slides out of the womb and into the world. Disoriented. Wailing. Surrounded by concrete and metal and porcelain and love. The scale in the corner cannot measure the weight of the future, and this place is heavier than anything it has experienced in the past. Shot: October, 2012. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #Ethiopia #PicOfTheDay #PhotoOfTheDay
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
West Bank, Palestinian Territories, June 2013 Conflict is a thief. It steals lives, full stop, in bursts of devastating selfishness. But it is not a conductor. Stand it on a platform in front of the orchestra of everyday life and you'll see its power constrained to the occasional screech from the woodwinds, broken bow in the string section, lost rhythm in percussion. The concert is interrupted, but never halted entirely. This is where the beauty of humanity resides, not in the void of ugliness, but in the resilience of shopkeepers and school children; in life's insistence to go on even in the face of it. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #PhotoJournalism #PhotoOfTheDay #WestBank #Palestine #StreetPhotography
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dianaprichard - Diana Prichard
“Without [the sheep dog] the mountainous land of England and Scotland would not be worth six pence. It would require more hands to manage a flock of sheep and drive them to market than the profits of the whole were capable of maintaining." - James Hogg, Scottish Shepherd & Poet (1772-1835) For as many generations as humans have lived and worked on farms, dogs have lived and worked beside them. Yet as ubiquitous as our cultural mourning is for the loss of the human connection to the land, you will find very few people mourning the death of the working dog. Sheep dogs are born, far more than they are made. You can neither force a dog to work, nor can you force him not to. His skills exist in a curious amalgam of the primal drive of an ancient predator and the unwavering willpower of history’s most devoted ascetics. He performs in flashes of genius, and fails in moments that echo our own humanity. He is ambition, tenacity and perseverance manifest. His loss -- an inevitability set in motion decades ago -- will, perhaps, be the single greatest casualty of modern agriculture. #100DayProject #100DaysofNarrative #farm365 #farmlife #bordercollie #workingdog #sheepdog #dogsofinstagram
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There was wisdom in Pello Niajasa's hazel eyes and tucked in the brilliant blue traditional robe he wore under his second-hand suit coat. He tells me that some Maasai elders still use the traditional Maasai calendar, but that they're, "uneducated." I write it down. He tells me about the year the rains stopped, and recounts the story in seasons, rather than months and years. I write that down, too. He says he is ninety-six. He settled in the Meru area of Northern Tanzania, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, in 1970. He has thirty-three children and six wives. Here, he is a wealthy man. "We like being farmers;" he says that's why the Maasai -- a traditionally nomadic culture -- no longer move around, but the list of deleterious effects that have befallen his tribe since they set down roots is long. Most of the people in his community have not been successful in farming so they have to purchase food from the market, mostly corn flour which is mixed with water to make Ugali, a thick, white dough. Before the rains stopped the Maasai fed their children meat and milk from their cows and goats, but there is little here for the animals to eat now, and animals who have little to eat produce little for humans to eat. In a study conducted in Kenya, children who received meat and dairy in their diet had improved growth and cognitive function. In recent years, it has become widely accepted that a homogenous, grain-based diet is a greater contributor to global food insecurity, hunger and nutritional stunting than is food scarcity itself. (Cont. in comments...) :: :: :: This post part of the #100DayProject which begins today via The Great Discontent. I'm committing to #100DaysofNarrative. You can learn more or join at thegreatdiscontent.com/100days. #Africa #Tanzania #Portrait #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay #Maasai #PhotoJournalism
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dianaprichard : When Niajasa has finished telling his story, another elder from the tribe begins his. "The Maasai are people who love each other," says Gabreli Lazaro. He is fifty-five, has twenty-three children with three wives. "Those who have a lot of cows help those with one," he says, but when we visit the bomas where these men make their homes later in the evening there are few cows to be found. Even Niajasa, the wealthiest man in the community, owns mostly goats. When the interview ends the tables are turned. In Maasai culture it is considered polite to allow both parties to have an opportunity to ask questions. Niajasa begins: "You are Americans; you are scientific people. Tell us what to do. How do we feed our families with no rain?" The next day, when I'm back in the city of Arusha, at a hotel with a wifi connection, I look into the climate in the region over the past few decades. From what I can tell, the Maasai seasons Niajasa used to tell his story about the end of the rain pencils out. I highlight the part of my notes where an NGO worker who lives in the area and works with the Maasai told me that while all of the elders will tell you they do not use the Maasai calendar anymore, she is almost certain all of them do. "They are the most vulnerable of the vulnerable people," she says. There are a lot of second-hand suit coats in rural Africa. You'll find them on the backs of wise men, where they cloak vulnerability during meetings with foreigners who, through man-made constructs and power-skewed world views, are regarded more highly than we deserve. Meanwhile, here in rural Michigan, where the leaves on the oak trees will soon be, "the size of a squirrel's ear," at which point it will be planting time, you'll find them on my mind. I don't know how you feed a family of forty with no rain, but I think that these words, by Sociology Researcher and Professor Brene Brown probably have something to do with it: "What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful."
dianaprichard : Reporting took place October, 2013 with the @internationalreportingproject
dianaprichard : And I apologize, but you'll have to imagine appropriate line breaks because instagram is buggy. Will have to figure this out for future days.
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I was craving PF Chang's Orange Peel Beef. This ended up being even better. bit.ly/1xTUaEm #recipe #food
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preppydude : Recipe, please
dianaprichard : I live for the day instagram just lets links be links, @preppydude. The bit.ly link goes directly to the post if you copy it from above. Or it's right at the top of the main page at righteousbacon.com.
preppydude : Thanks @dianaprichard I missed it the first time
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"The truth is that few of us are born into this work. It is something we discover accidentally, something that happens gradually. We get a glimpse of this unusual life and this extraordinary profession, and we want to keep doing it, no matter how exhausting, stressful or dangerous it becomes. It is the way we make a living, but it feels more like a responsibility or a calling. It makes us happy, because it gives us a sense of purpose. We bear witness to history, and influence policy." -Lynsey Addario Pello Niajasa & goats, Maasai tribe. Rural Northern Tanzania. October, 2013. #Tanzania #Maasai #Africa #bw #blackandwhite
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Every morning I look in the sheep house, hoping for lambs. Every morning I'm greeted by hungry, pregnant ewes who appear to be in no hurry whatsoever. #sheep #farm365 #farmlife #everydaybeauty #bw #blackandwhite
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katrinesteinicke : It's the same here. Beautiful sheep, no lambs yet.
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She's getting too old for this. #dogsofinstagram #dog #blackandwhite #bw #everydaybeauty
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