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Daughter of the great I Am, wife, mother of 3, real food blogger, organic gardener, urban homesteading, homeschooling, Christian hippie.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
My girl girls are super excited to watch Dinosaur Train live! #applauseseries #civivcenter #desmoines #dinosaurtrainlive #pbs
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sparklepants66 : Their so cute!!πŸ’œ
sniffbabysocks : I didn't know they had a live show. Thanks for the heads up.
beachlovephotography : Awww! They are adorable! I'm so glad that y'all get to do something fun together!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Chicken mole chili, anyone? It's on the blog today! myhumblekitchen.com #realfood #chili
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dianabauman : #wapf #comfortfood #mexicanfood #mexico #mole #healthyfood #broth #nourishingbroth
stacywalkermyers : Yummy!
babylovesfood.mx : Mira @neenamex
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
My heart has been filled with sorrow in thinking about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ living in an unsettled world of fear, sorrow, and death. It's neat to see how God brought me to the book of Nehemiah. In his timing I will wait for God's redemption and in the meantime will continue to plead and pray for those christian men, women, and children in Arab nations and for Israel. Please, Lord, save your people. #godislove #shereadstruth
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kristinschmucker : ❀️
kimchi_courageous : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
@instagabus is coming home early this week. I'm hoping this enchilada casserole makes him just as happy as I am to be able to squeeze him tonight 😜 What's on your table this evening? #supper #mexicanfood #enchiladas #realfood #grassfedbeef #wapf
mexicanfood - grassfedbeef - wapf - supper - realfood - enchiladas -
frugallysustain : @dianabauman OMG girl...those look amazing!!
forbessfunnyfarm : Yum. I made veg beef soup & cornbread
beachlovephotography : That looks delicious! I'm so glad that you get to squeeze him tonight! - We had leftovers...blackened tuna, roasted broccoli, turnips, and potatoes with wilted kale. So tasty!
mexicoinmykitchen : Hello Diana, @dianabauman I read you were sick, I hope you are doing better. Did you get my email? I will very much appreciate your input. Thanks and blessings.
dianabauman : @mexicoinmykitchen, I'm so sorry!! I'll chat with you later this afternoon!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
After travels and falling ill with a stomach bug, I was back at it yesterday by swimming 800 yards in the pool. Today, this bitter cold is keeping me inside. I think I'll hit up YouTube! I guess that's what this 80/20 thing is all about. Being flexible, yet determined to make moving a part of my lifestyle. #exercisingforhealth #exercise
exercisingforhealth - exercise -
elishadoss : I miss swimming SO much!! Where are you swimming?
dianabauman : @elishadoss, at the Y! I love it :D
thenourishinghome : So sorry! I didn't know you had stomach flu. So glad you're feeling better!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
4/30, Tomorrow we head back to Des Moines. I can't wait to get back to the Y! Until then, here's some back lunges from #befitin90 free on YouTube. So, how did you move today? Every little bit counts πŸ˜„ #exercisingforhealth #30daysofexercise #befit #fitness #fitfluential
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redandhoney : Cute butt πŸ˜‚πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
dianabauman : All the better to shake @redandhoney, lol!! 😜😜 #bootieshake
fawnrosenbohm : @dianabauman I randomly came across your blog post about anxiety and was wondering if the tea is still helping you?
dianabauman : @fawnrosenbohm - absolutely. I like to drink a cup in the afternoon that relaxes me after a long day with the kids. However, I've found that a daily multi-vitamin (Garden of Life Raw), Vitamin C (Pure Radiance C), and daily fermented kefir, and kraut filled with probiotics has really helped my anxiety. That and proper sleep along with prayer and thinking positively. It's been a long process, for sure!
fawnrosenbohm : Thanks @dianabauman I've had it since I was a teenager some seasons are harder than others. I've been on medicine but it doesn't take it away by no means I would have loved to do the natural route but I could barely leave my house couldn't drive I had to go on medicine. Praying one day I won't have to. Thank you so much for your post😘
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
2/30, done. I decided to go with day 2 of the free be fit in 90 series on YouTube. I'm really enjoying it so far, especially that it ends with 10 minutes of yoga. I can really see myself diving into yoga more. I like the stretch and flexibility but really dig the balancing part of the poses. It's definitely great fun! How about you? Did you get your move on today? #fitness #befit #exercisingforhealth #exercise #30daysofexercise
exercisingforhealth - 30daysofexercise - befit - exercise - fitness -
backtothebooknutrition : I did some weights and home walking while watching last night's DA episode I missed...somehow, I can move for nearly an hour when BBC is on the screen! πŸ™ˆ
beachlovephotography : No, I didn't. πŸ˜” I'm glad that you got your mojo on today!
dianabauman : That's ok, @beachlovephotography! That's why I like @thelemonbowl mentality of 80/20! Maybe tomorrow? Even just a 10 minute exercise πŸ˜ƒ
jamiefiene : Inspired!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
I haven't baked bread in some time. I've forgotten how much I enjoy kneading a loaf by hand and watching it bake to a delightful golden crust. I think I'll make some rolls now for this evenings pulled pork sandwiches. If you've never made a boule before, look up Simple, European Style Bread on the My Humble Kitchen website (or Google it). It's a simple loaf to make, especially for a beginner. I've been delighted with how many positive reviews it's had 😊
ztastylife : I have been baking bread weekly and absolutely love the ritual. I use a homemade bread starter
naturalchow : Oh man that bread looks good. I'll definitely be heading over to the website to get the recipe!!
dianabauman : @ztastylife, yes, I've been following along with you! Your loaves are stunning! When I get back to Iowa I'm going to start my sourdough starter up again. I'll let you know how it goes! 😘
dianabauman : Thanks @naturalchow!😊
ztastylife : Super: looking forward to your updates!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
1/30, I'm not really one that shares too much about exercising and being fit as I'd much rather be cooking and enjoying good food! 😜 However, this year I've made it a personal goal to be healthy in spirit, mind, and body. Being someone that has anxiety, exercise is something that really helps my mind slow down and does indeed, bring happy feelings. The only downside is that I've found it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Last week I read such an encouraging post at @thelemonbowl. Liz spoke about having an 80/20 attitude even with exercise. It's something I had really never thought about before but brought me the motivation to get back to exercising. Thank you, Liz! Per your suggestion I found a great video on YouTube and burned a sweat. I feel happy and so to keep me going, I decided I'd start sharing my workouts and feelings about it here with you to keep me accountable. I'm going for 30 days of exercise and we'll see what I come up with after that. I hope you don't mind and will cheer me on and share with me what keeps you moving! #exercisingforhealth #30daysofexercise
exercisingforhealth - 30daysofexercise -
thelemonbowl : You just completely made my day!!!! I can't wait to follow your next 30 days. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
beachlovephotography : You are going to feel great doing that!!!
thbauman : Try the 21 day fix (look on amazon). The videos are great. 30 minutes each day and my kids like to join in sometimes too.
dianabauman : @__nichole__ , it was a BeFit video. I really enjoyed it!
dianabauman : @thelemonbowl, thanks, Liz!
dianabauman : @beachlovephotography, thank you! I really do hope so! 😊
dianabauman : @thbauman, thanks for the recommendation! I'm definitely going to look into that!
thbauman : @dianabauman it's awesome. There are 7 days--30 minute work out each day. It includes a yoga day and a Pilates day. A few days if cardio and upper body and lower body. There are modifications too. It's awesome!!!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Thank you @instagabus. You always know how to make me feel special.
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