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Daughter of the great I Am, wife, mother of 3, real food blogger, organic gardener, urban homesteading, homeschooling, Christian hippie.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Thanks to @themoneysavingmom, my boys have been learning to build puzzle and lock boxes out of Legos. #mynehe came up with his own design and created a safe for his money. Isn't this cool?! #homeschool #engineering #legos
mynehe - homeschool - engineering - legos -
themoneysavingmom : Oh! I can't wait to show my kids!
dianabauman : The boys have been spending countless hours on these boxes, @themoneysavingmom! I'm so glad you told me about them! πŸ˜„
beachlovephotography : Oh, wow! That is super cool! Tell the boys that is awesome!!!
mbarger31 : Minecraft. Endless creative digital environment.
biancagato : Legos, the one thing toy my kids would play with and it would be set up on our dining room table for weeks. Love!
alonacaraza : GeniusπŸ‘
wallizgrl : My 10 year old has done this too. Love it!! Good job!
redandhoney : @themoneysavingmom @dianabauman hook me up, friends... I have a 6-yr-old lego-obsessed boy! What's this about?
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
I'm so proud of my 8 year old. He worked hard on this weeks memory verse. Today was dictation day and he sailed through Matthew 6:20-21 with flying colors! There were some tough words but he proved to himself that with hard work and a will to succeed, he could do it! This mama is proud! #homeschool #charlottemason #dictation #truthingodsword
truthingodsword - homeschool - charlottemason - dictation -
31gracelane : Yay for homeschool successes. Make the harder days worth it!
dfcest2006 - iowish - backtothebooknutrition - mrskalinchuk -
dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
It's a late start so let's make the best of it homemade oatmeal and smoothie kind of day. #tgif
tgif -
lisacumings : That's my little lady! ❀️❀️❀️
redandhoney - lisacumings - karnold1974 - healthynut77 -
dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Salads don't get boring. Dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes sautéed in pasture raised pork lard, avocado, red cabbage, dried currants, hummus, and fermented kraut in an apple cider vinaigrette. Yum! #lunch #healthyfood #eattherainbow #salad #wapf #vegetables
healthyfood - lunch - eattherainbow - wapf - salad - vegetables -
wallizgrl : And they always taste better when someone else makes them. That looks delicious!
handythaw : This looks soo delish ! The colors are awesome With #HandyThaw it's that much easier to make this dish πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
I like to collect mugs that remind me of special people or places traveled with loved ones. This is one of my favorite mugs that reminds me of my sweet friend @sparklepants66. Not yet a teen yet filled with the Holy Spirit. Her kindness and love for others is a joy to witness and learn from. It's so neat, as an adult, to learn from our children and youth, what it means to truly live as Jesus did. Just last week, I told my youngest son that I met a new lady and that she seemed very nice. He immediately asked me, "Did you ask her if she knows Jesus?" Just like that. Like that's a completely normal question to ask someone you just met. Well, why shouldn't that be a normal question? After all, this ship is sinking and people need salvation. Well, my 6 year old challenged me to be more open even with complete strangers. So, I guess I should start here, no? Do you know Jesus? See what a good cup of tea can do, lol! 😜
dianabauman : @lisacumings, it did!
dianabauman : @backtothebooknutrition, kids are great!!
putternut : Why yes! Yes I do know Him!! πŸ™ŒπŸ’—
backtothebooknutrition : Yes they are...I feel motherhood has helped me appreciate so much more why Jesus applauded the faith of children!
sparklepants66 : Thank you so much Diana! I love u so much and I thank u for always being a great friend!!
dianabauman : I love you too, @sparklepants66! 😘
beachlovephotography : Oh, how awesome! And a great reminder that the fate of people's souls should be our top priority!!!! Yes, I know Jesus! He is my Redeemer, my Savior, my reason for being!
mercyrubin : Great idea to have several mugs with a story behind it.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to put the kids to bed tonight so that I can spend a couple of hours with Miss. Gables. I've heard from my two favorite red heads (@redandhoney and @erinbodom) that this is a must read. Am I the only one that's never read this? #reading #classic #anneofgreengables
anneofgreengables - reading - classic -
redandhoney : @dianabauman oh, happy sigh. I'm going to live vicariously through you for this experience. You must report back to me after each chapter or so to tell me how you like it. I cannot adequately express how this story is woven in to my life. I am also offering to play PEI tour guide to you next summer (we'll be headed out that way most likely to visit my family). @erinbodom you should come too!! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜
teaandhoneydesignsshop : We finished it a few months ago (me, for the first time!). LOVE. I miss her, now that we finished the book.
iowish : I read it as an adult and loved it!
iowish : @beachlovephotography You named all my favorites. I like your style!
mommybarker1 : Those were my favorites! Also, I loved the movies!
beachlovephotography : @iowish Then we are for sure kindred spirits and of the race that knows Joseph, as Miss Cornelia is wont to say!
realfoodwithkids : I haven't either!! I've seen the first 2 movies a million times but I'm dying to read the book with Emery!
kitchconfidante : This is my favorite childhood book! Hope you're enjoying it :)
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
We have been blessed with an incredible homeschool coop. I'm filled with joy to be able to teach art to children with such passion and eagerness to learn art movements, masters, medium, and technique. They're all so gifted and unique in their own ways. #feelingsuperblessed #picasso #cubism #charlottemason #homeschool
picasso - feelingsuperblessed - homeschool - charlottemason - cubism -
danibeers : We are considering a Charlotte mason coop! Hi! I'm Danielle :) any resources you have found helpful during your early days?
dianabauman : @danibeers - that's great! A couple of great books that I've read are, For The Children's Sake and When Children Love to Learn. Those books, blogs, and practice have helped us along. We do use the My Father's World curriculum which does a lovely job of following Charlotte Mason's methods especially in a gentle manner. That, coupled with adding in other things as well has made this year quite enjoyable :D
hannahetcher : What's the name of the group you are in? I'm looking for one to join
dianabauman : @hannahether, are you in Des Moines? Here's our website, although it has never been completed, yikes! I need to work on it soon to get it up to date!!
dianabauman : http://diana4928.wix.com/homeschoolcoop
beachlovephotography : How wonderful! I love kid's art! It is so fresh and full of surprises!
a_bussard : May your day be filled with many wonderful things! @a_bussard
hannahetcher : Yes Des Moines!! Thanks so much! I'll check it out I want to be in a #wildandfreegroups type coop!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Fierce Mama's! #fierce #fiercemamas #cluelessmamas
fierce - cluelessmamas - fiercemamas -
dianabauman : @sparklepants66 @_allmightyfees @instagabus @lisacumings
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! Thanks @lisacumings for plantsitting. They look great! #organicgardening #vegetables #gardening #urbanhomesteading #homesteading
organicgardening - vegetables - gardening - homesteading - urbanhomesteading -
beachlovephotography : They are so beautiful and healthy!
entresteph : They look amazing!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Nehemiah knew the help he needed and asked for it, directly and specifically. Oh, mama's, if there is one thing that we fail at is asking for help in our chaotic, messy world. We cannot do everything (I keep learning that the hard way), but there's a tribe of woman all around us that can help if asked. Thank you @susiebacon and @carlycaraza for helping me this past week. Myself, I'm going to try and ask for specific help more often! The community and refreshment is worth it 😊@sparklepants66, I'll be needing a babysitter this summer πŸ˜‰
sparklepants66 : Ok I love hanging out with ur boys and Elizabeth so I'll will be more than happy to help @dianabauman
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