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Daughter of the Great I Am, wife, mother of three, food blogger, and all around creative.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
And into the brine it goes. 15lbs of pastured goodness. #turkey
turkey - wapf - pastured - realfood - thanksgivingcountdown - familyfarmers - thanksgiving -
dianabauman : #thanksgiving #thanksgivingcountdown #wapf #realfood #pastured #familyfarmers
traciveek : Yum! I need to do that one of these years.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
My favorite tablescape starts with a ball jar and a simple array of fresh cut flowers. #beautyinsimplicity
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dianabauman : #thanksgiving #thanksgivingcountdown #myhumblekitchen
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Just placing the last tomatoes onto @carrievitt's squash and cheese from her newest cookbook, the grain-free family table. It hasn't even baked yet and if already tastes wonderful! This recipe is a keeper!
wapf - glutenfree - realfood - grainfree - cookbook - squash -
dianabauman : #glutenfree #grainfree #cookbook #realfood #wapf #squash
thenourishinghome : You are going to love it!! Such a wonderful cookbook !
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Here's a great way to use leftover butternut squash or sweet potatoes. Butternut squash (or sweet potato) chocolate chip muffins! They're a cinch to make and oh so good! #recipe ontheblog today! Link in profile.
muffins - realfood - leftovers - breakfast - recipe - thanksgiving - chocolate -
dianabauman : #thanksgiving #realfood #muffins #chocolate #breakfast #leftovers
themoneysavingmom : I want to come right over... These look SO good!
dianabauman : Anytime @themoneysavingmom! 💃
stacywalkermyers : Einkorn?
dianabauman : Oh yes, @stacywalkermyers !
thenourishinghome : So pretty!!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Sometimes a warm cup of broth really hits the spot. So warming ... comforting. #nourishingbroth
traditionalfood - nourishingbroth - wapf - realfood - healingfood - myhumblekitchen -
dianabauman : #wapf #realfood #healingfood #traditionalfood #myhumblekitchen
pigeonhawk : Oh wow!!! I don't think I could handle that
dianabauman : Have you ever tried it, @pigeonhawk? I'll have to give you a cup someday ;D
dessalavonne : What type of seasonings/spices do you use when making a broth?
dianabauman : @dessalavonne - When I make chicken broth I use carrots, celery, and onion. At the vet end I'll add a handful of stemmed parsley for a good twenty minutes before removing it. I don't salt it since I prefer to do that with each separate dish I use it for; however when pouring some to drink, I'll warm it up and then lightly season with salt and pepper. It tastes so good!
dessalavonne : Thanks @dianabauman ! I like making homemade broths but was looking for a few tips to up the flavor.
pigeonhawk : I have not @dianabauman do they serve it at Dunkens
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
This was my simple morning breakfast of a backyard egg fried in bacon fat, homemade fermented cortido, and a piece of toast. My #elisaaday stole my plate after eating hers. Yup, I had to make myself a new plate. #realfoodkids
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dianabauman : #wapf #fermentation #probiotics #realfood #jerf #myhumblekitchen
ztastylife : 👍
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
Hey friends, I need your help. This is the workout video I've been doing for the past year. As much as this is a great workout and I've seen great results, I hate to say it but I hate working out. I've always been an active person. I played soccer, was in band, and skateboarded for many years. (Like really skated, not just pushed around). I love sports but hate gym type workouts.) I've been working out not to get fit but to stay healthy and it's the only thing that truly helps my anxiety. It lifts my spirits and wipes away the fog. My question to you is what do you do to stay healthy? I do enjoy a good 2-3 mile run but I'm not looking to do long distance running either. Honestly, I think one of the only things that I think I would enjoy is getting back on my skateboard and focusing on skating ramps. We're definitely building an enclosed mini ramp when we move to our new property!
dianabauman : @mexicoinmykitchen - do you use a yoga DVD? If so, would you mind sharing which one? Thank you!
katy_d_t : I find my anxiety goes down and my energy up when I workout. I am loving my 21 Day Fix DVDs. My favorite thing about them is that its 30 minutes each day start to finish and a different workout for each of the 7 days. Starting with cardio, upper body, lower body, pilates, cardio, full body and yoga.
mexicoinmykitchen : I use Rodney Yee DVDs. Start with the 20 minutes beginners. So easy and relaxing. You find the videos at Walmart. Sometimes, well almost everyday, I don't want to exercise ☺️ but then I remember how good it makes me feel.
chad_roe_d : Cycling without a doubt!!
meganleiannb : Tara Stiles Yoga!
rchrispy : Have you checked out Fit2b.us? I love how I can pick how much time I want to spend and my intensity level.
hannahgrace_e : Yoga!!! you tube is what I use bc I get so annoyed with repetition. My personal fav is yoga with becca.
cookiej5 : Check out Revelation Wellness online. They have online workouts with Christian devotions. It's good for the body and the soul.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
@lisacumings and I looking for crafted treasures. We found some great pillow friends made by my sweet friend Carmen from Carmen's Critters. The kids are going to love them!
sisters - craftshow -
dianabauman : #craftshow #sisters
alonacaraza : Beautiful ladies.
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
15lb local pastured turkey, a slew of locally raised organic vegetables, and ham hocks, short ribs, and beef sticks for good measure. Thanksgiving, try and stop me 👊 #buyfreshbuylocal #ilovedesmoines
ilovedesmoines - buyfreshbuylocal -
forbess_funny_farm : Put some ham hock w those Brussels sprouts,& some onion. It's soooo good.
rchrispy : I picked up a 28lb turkey yesterday from my poultry farmer. That was a small. She's having trouble figuring out how to keep them small.
savoringmoments : I want that bag! Haha
hannahgrace_e : Where did u get the goods? Iowa food coop? Or farmers market? I want ham hocks 😍
dianabauman : @hannahgrace_e - the winter market :D
hannahgrace_e : Oh man now I'm super sad I missed it!!
tiffanycrumbs : Save me a place friend! I miss you!!
dianabauman : I miss you too, @tiffanycrumbs!! xoxo!
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dianabauman - My Humble Kitchen/Diana Bauman
I found such a gem of a blog today! @rachelschultzzz, I'm loving your place! #foodbloggersthatlovejesus
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sweetsavoryeats : Following!
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