David Guttenfelder

National Geographic Photographer iPhone only here.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
This is a test. Starting today, Instagram will allow us to post non-square format images. Instagram has always been square to me. Probably always will. I shoot with my phone and I shoot 1:1. I've never posted any other dimension besides the square on Instagram until now. What do you all think? (BTW- This is J.J. Even while kayaking tonight she got lost in her thoughts and her inner world and started sucking her thumb instead of paddling).
valerioberdini : Since apps allowing to post portrait and landscape emerged there was no point to keep it squared. I like to be confined within a rule, and you can keep it squared, but it's good to have options. Let's see.
cocopj : ⬛️❤️🔳❤️🔲❤️⬜️
trembring : I remember I thought I'd never take a good Instagram picture when I first started and now I rather enjoy the challenge and discipline of the square. It's true; outside apps have made it a moot point so I guess this day was inevitable. Still. 😞
marshallhannah : @outonalumb non-square format!
outonalumb : @marshallhannah THANK HEAVENS. *ring ring* Hey, rule of thirds, how you doin' girl? Wanna get back together with an old image posting rascal?
karissaart : As someone who loves to shoot traditional medium format film, I love that Instagram has caused so many people to explore the square!
darcibeth : I love squares!
dave_taft : The @instagram app doesn't rotate for landscape pics nor can you pinch and zoom the image. What's the point of allowing portrait/landscape?
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Ribbon winners at the mullet and mohawk championships. Iowa State Fair.
geoftheref : @stephaniegoodner fine mullet!
dreinaspaceship : @mallapalooza
n.a.s_n : his hair like a flower bud :)
knerq : Ummmmmm
youarewong : @haydenmurdoch lord of the mullets: return of the king
saraasoka : Øh, tror da nok lige, du skal til Iowa næste år @philippawichmann
tytmn321 : Mullet
holden.nedloh : Ahahahaha @misira
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A horse sleeps against the wall of its stall at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. @timelightbox
shanecazaurang : @jessas87
artofsocialswag : @bethbeijos
beabee84 : does this mean he's depressed?
oteakathecait : This horse is really sad. Imagine a person standing that way. It's sad. @dguttenfelder
brendandouglas : @basiasaczek
elgabrym : @angeliki_hristoff
abdulahhani : @ruhaavi abi seversin sen
ruhaavi : super! @abdulahhani
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A fourth place ribbon winning antique doll on display at the Iowa State Fair. @timelightbox
joyjoshi : @simran700 a bit scary I suppose
misscallyomally : @gossamerieembroidery reminds me of you
fersecco : Really creepy
ashleighcardno : Your lucky you got those CREEPY DOLLS
jack_of_diamonds : @ertelephone
bekylots : @leahleyva creepy!
leahleyva : @bekylots I love them and hate them all at once but I could never touch them
leahleyva : @bekylots I'm more ok with the girl doll than the little guy one. Don't like him at all.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Classic cars at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. 1955 Oldsmobile. #Iowa #iowastatefair @timelightbox
iowastatefair - iowa -
ham1909 : @mortezarahbari
the_wharfies_daughter : Lovely
kiimwall : @oddur Iowa
bleuemuffin : Nice car. And I like the color too.
nunsgun : Yeah, that's cool.
mikeshada : Been following you for a while now and each and every image is spot on.....you rock bro !!!! I'm learning from you !!!
john__wharton : love this
janet_max : @amyfellart love this photo
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A chainsaw-carved bear is auctioned at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.
coriready : @efrye_official that's a really tough call but I think a friendly bear would win!
jbgart : @@@
brett_austin : @griffonramsey
weebedout : @yungcarol_ maddie's really missing out
johngardneriv : @chainslinger
philiprucker : @dkildy clearly not enough! :)
j_dahla : @crazymacattack lololololololololo about right
ohlukeson : @danbmoyer get on it
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
The last evening of the Iowa State Fair. Des Moines, Iowa. #Iowa #iowastatefair @timelightbox
iowastatefair - iowa -
jonbeck14 : Just in time to head up to the MN state fair!
mermaidkicks : @designkingdom @moral_species
audrey_k_pace : Hope you enjoyed your stay here in Iowa!
charvi21 : @citizenfuzz Look where he is!
yaritafrita : @joelewis so true😴
unchainedmel66 : My son @dreary_nuln and a friend were there.
kay_in_kansas : If you don't go home worn out, full of too much crazy food and dusty, you haven't really seen the fair.
ngmnich : Thumps up for your sunshine-shadow play !
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Have your photo taken like an Iowan at the Iowa State Fair. Des Moines. #Iowa #iowastatefair @timelightbox
iowastatefair - iowa -
lessnis : @meerkatraccoon
lylacdreams : Omg!
vintagequeenbee : @solneelman - me too!
meerkatraccoon : @lessnis oh une blondy a crins
kristenkrentz : @dame_lindsay went on Saturday!
melodiousmayhem : @doc_sav creepy
kimberlyordiway : I liked the other pic better of this @dguttenfelder
reklaw25 : @kimberlyordiway I agree!
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
The Iowa State Fair carnival midway. Des Moines, Iowa. #Iowa #iowastatefair @timelightbox
iowastatefair - iowa -
_oli_o_ : @emm_jay_k
banhisikhabanerjea : Very nice
agapierr : 👌
patrickwitty : @dguttenfelder Killer frame.
karlosreneayala : Have you photographed many fairs? Which do you think is the best, most fun, or interesting to photo?
f64s125 : Killer!
dagmariag35 : Muito gato
matiaeroplano : Nice shot and angle, but much saturación.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
"Mama Tried" This is Chris Patterson of the band Great Ceasar's Goat playing late tonight. I idolized my older cousin Chris growing up and still do. Great, original band.
micpantaleone : f****** well done man!!😎😎😎 i love this pic
carlosandresverac : Nice #gretsch 🎸
baejindeog : The passion of that person looks good.
jwfreddy : @christopherxnorth if your dad had tattoos
vickysturge : @nesspicpic I thought this was Cosmo for a second 😂
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