David Guttenfelder

Photojournalist and National Geographic Society Fellow. iPhone only here. Twitter: @dguttenfelder Facebook: DavidGuttenfelderPhotography
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A rack of tourist brochures in the lobby of a motel in Jackson, WY. On assignment for @Natgeo @natgeoparks in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
stacygold : @dguttenfelder I'm there in a week---you going to be there? With or without fam??
shanotren : So wonderful.
rorymcglasson : Fantastic, David.
shippou90 : @abercrombie ? πŸ˜‚
l_zop : Really great work @dguttenfelder ...
cormiersandra : I'm expecting the moose to start talking like Truman Capote.
nashgraphy : I see what you did there.
joelleyu : @ed7179 check these out!
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A group of Chinese tourists gather for a souvenir photo at the observation point on Signal Mountain summit in the Tetons outside of Jackson, WY. @natgeo @natgeoparks
tylerbjorkman : @dguttenfelder Great shot. I am curious because this is a @natgeo assignment, are you shooting colorneg again like in the DPRK? I have heard in the recent past they were still letting the photographer choose what he/she thought was most appropriate. Just curious to see if that was still the case today.
dguttenfelder : @tylerbjorkman Neg?
tylerbjorkman : @dguttenfelder Sorry, color negative film.
dguttenfelder : @tylerbjorkman all color. all digital. When Natgeo shot film many years ago it was not negative.
dguttenfelder : @laurenc04 I would like that. I'll reach out to you here in the coming days to find the right time for a visit
tylerbjorkman : @dguttenfelder Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I know it was slide film in the past for Natgeo but I remember seeing your xpan color negative images from 2012 so that is why I asked. My impression was that Natgeo stories have a little longer turn around time, so I was curious if film was still an option would consider. Going back and reading your essay again makes me believe that the DPRK xpan stuff was just a special project. If you end up doing anything like that again please do share! Thanks for the reply!
laurenc04 : @dguttenfelder Great! Please email me at laurenc04@gmail.com and we'll get you all set up to visit Grant and Jane Golliher - Owners of Ranch.
lawfy1 : @jamestpowell they're always there!
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Commuting to work this morning near Jackson, WY. On assignment in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for @natgeo @natgeoparks.
bregjesmits : I will be there soon! In South Dakota (the Badlands) now! 🌞
burakkara_instagram : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
jadolee : @juanitalepain we need to ride through here
manu_mangraph_mj : 🌟🌟🌟🌟
jerry_bijoux : @cantcomplainer @principalanderson @karpediem6 the Tetons r calling our name...
serhatcengen : Spectacular!! πŸ’š
snakaphoto : Beautiful b&w, different perspective from color one.
tjgoertz : Ahhhh, was just there! Glad to see the smoke has cleared out.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Steer roping practice in the fairgrounds parking lot at the Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On assignment for @Natgeo @natgeoparks in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
atomck : Technically it's just Jackson, wy. Jackson hole is the resort
juan_boarder_mt : Oh zip it @atomck
jedvandale : Another beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing @dguttenfelder.
carotelfer : I want a couple of those practice steers for my garden!
anna_mcgee12 : Yas right now @lizageko
tkby_photo : great shot
nancyvanreece : Love love
bitermonkey : I shall be in Yellowstone next month
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
The snowy Teton range outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On assignment for @Natgeo in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
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11songbird : I'm here too with @rwabdu!!!!
instazoooz : @rwblenkarn
melanieramona : @elgarygabriel me gustan sus fotos
slumberqueen : Bring the team by for a beer. We love natgeo here at Ynp
shield_london : Sounds like a great assignment David. Not in the least bit jealous here!
rachelwhiggins : @gilbanzo a little Jackson hole action for ya
saralinander : @annemischkin this is the great photographer we talked about πŸ˜‰
johnbozinov : my goodness your pictures are amazing @dguttenfelder!! πŸ‘Œ
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A seat on the front porch. Jewell, Iowa.
rymogram : Or I could come meet you somewhere as well if you'd like @dguttenfelder
valerioberdini : I'd point you to a photo if Instagram allowed! Great one, though.
klscott4106 : Iowa rules πŸ‘
charlesdoll123 : Iowa bitch
dguttenfelder : @valerioberdini direct send it to me :)
secret_keeper_18 : Is the chair green but kinda rusty and does it rock?
gliannidelmalto : great <3 @dguttenfelder
laurenpadams : Been following you for a while and I had no idea you were from Iowa til this series! I'm from Des Moines. Love your work.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Lake tricycle. Big Stone Lake, Wisconsin.
reza_osloob : @aida_zamani
margot_littlelostcook : I need that bike!
cattystokes : @klaftron I finally found your dream ride
chasread : great
lojain_tujjar : @turki_ashi 😍 😍 😍 😍
phillychitchat : @katieenglish
katieenglish : Thx @phillychitchat let's try this when you come to visit! XO
bitty_323 : @thisisbarn...I want this! Lol
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A stunning waxwing that died in the yard last night. They have unmistakable red tips on their wing feathers that looks like sealing wax.
oneinlovewithyou : Did you eat it ? And what did it taste liked
malwolfff : ^^^
devlamantia : @ketelkorn
youbrakeyoubuy : What happened to the wings ??
jessi614 : 😒
uzm04 : Looks like wings got burnt?!!
mtu4 : @sjiang58 rip 😿
ilanapl : @jsanhuezalyon
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
The sun shines on water lilies spread across the shoreline of Laurel Lake near Three Lakes, Wisconsin. @everydayusa
beatallpoppy : Amazing! @dguttenfelder
inma712 : Wow!!! Great picture!!!
tomychat : @ijpage
knutini : @cmoshaug I know. This is a stone's throw away from my childhood.
johnbozinov : hey David check your direct messages :)
mjsneddon : Nice little write up today celebrating 4 years of Instagram on you http://mobile.news.com.au/technology/top-10-shots-that-mark-instagrams-fourth-birthday/story-e6frfrnr-1226991986551
marcosherreros16 : @gana_seguidores7
jtoho : I grew up on Green Bay in Green Bay, WI. Had I known it looked so much like North Korea, I'd have moved to Minnesota.
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A tray of buttered baked potatoes sits on a table inside a restaurant in Sugar Camp, Wisconsin. @everydayusa
sonofamartin : @adm83 your brother would love this
babyd323 : @lorenedwardbaldwin
zanatepelado : @karlitagalindo mira
danpeled : That's a lot of butter
alizawerner : @dguttenfelder The White Stag! It's pretty crazy that you posted this on the exact same day we had our annual visit there with friends for a quarter head of lettuce, baked potatoes, shrimp, and steaks! It's a small, small world!
agneslhb : I love baked potatoes
tomdecraene : Great place! ribeye!
bizos77 : They looks like alien eggs
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