David Guttenfelder

National Geographic Photographer. iPhone only here. Twitter: @dguttenfelder Facebook: DavidGuttenfelderPhotography
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A pink ice cream cone monument and a pickup truck are reflected in the window of a taxidermy shop in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.
mistadonyo : What brings ya to the Midwest?
rt_hawk : Come to Richland Center and The Morel Mushroom Capital of the world, Muscoda, David! @dguttenfelder
zimmermom : Our home town!!! Awesome picture!
mister_bigglesworth : @lrnlrn real tree camo skull, next level application of camo everything
rachelwharrisphotography : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
jiangmingjie : ๆ‘‡ๆปšๆ„Ÿใ€‚
slainteshelby : @okeefephoto I โค๏ธthis photo
covetandinspire : Love this!
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
Smokey Bear on display at the Department of Natural Resources exhibit. St. Paul, MN
crapricorn : I thought this was five nights at freddy's...
markpetersonpixs : Hope you tried the walleye on a stick @dguttenfelder
cinemanader : Smokey Stare!
_victoriya_ya : @milan_vitalii
mackcleaves098 : That's a pretty bear
thebrandonshowww : Yes
_emajor : Smokey's having nightmares of the great fire of 1910.
ezra_la_vin : "Smokey is way more intense in person!" #mitchhedberg
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A display at the Department of Natural Resources "Wildlife Forever" wing. St. Paul, MN
dguttenfelder : @izjar Yes, to me too
shadesofshannon : @pwgorman #bird
madhupriya_manigandan : Amazing....!
demolaefff : Welcome to MN ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ! Great wildlife
brunojeffersonalmeida : Diorama
wanstra5 : Duck hunting
maria_____________hdn : What,s that?!
aaryanna_star : That's beautiful
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
American artifact #115. A foot-long corn dog from the State Fair.
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wesleywyatt : @middle_of_somewhere
nadssf : @aaaaasfordays gimme
kiah1315 : Give me some. Where you get that at…???
astrngpralel : @theparkerfam
srrbattan : @c_aislinn @alyssaleighowens
ras_kel : @elderlybastard
elderlybastard : @ras_kel LOLOL yes
ghudson5 : @brandowarner
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
At 800 lbs, this boar named "Pud" is the largest at the Minnesota State Fair.
lindsayblatt : @judystong post guardians
tadhg88 : It's no Nora!! @norabarak @jachan87
tohnibee : :(
rainia28 : is it okay
tucker_and_ruby : I hate seeing him in the range of bars ... in my opinion he should be able to run free and not be closed in.
tucker_and_ruby : Iโค๏ธpigs๐Ÿ–๐Ÿท
salihmababy : Ewww ๐Ÿ˜–
jessekirbs : @alexed5 Hog of the Forsaken
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
4-H members show hogs at the Minnesota State Fair. Time-lapse video created with @Instagram's new app, Hyperlapse. #hyperlapse12x
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crisscarpaci : @bargeep
rukihr : @mart_
mrs_jc_mcd : @rachelleanne91 ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ
rachelleanne91 : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ @mrs_jc_mcd
kerenport : @acohen55 Andles check this out x
landon6_ : What place
gregonfoot : @mars00174 Man, I miss the Fair, but I don't miss the smell in that swine barn. Eat first, then swine.
acohen55 : Hahaha @kerenport how on earth did you find this?!?
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A man wearing a hog T-shirt slices pork at a food stall inside the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN.
picksinmotion : Great shot!
picksinmotion : Can you give an amateur photographer a few tips???
landon6_ : That is so scary
leonah33 : oink
sebaw : @markcobrin get this shirt!!
aaaa_2014_2014 : ู…ุฑุนุจู‡ ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡
teiladnam : Cannibal...
genevieve_uh : @gintstir
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
American artifact #114. Perfect Bacon Bowl.
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jajiboy : Otro jodido nivel @kikesanjurjo @charlesdomina @gonyzubizarreta
gonyzubizarreta : Lo inventaron los de Epic Meal seguro @jajiboy @kikesanjurjo @charlesdomina
georginaroseharris : omg @instantfantasy
hillgs : Im terrified @unstylish
unstylish : @hillgs you mean excited right? ๐Ÿท!
alison_runyon : @twiggynye I wonder if Will is aware of such an invention
kristobur : @_instagrahm_
anemptyhouse : @mariannelizabeth @kayveloso
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
A custodian cleans the floor in front of amusement park rides inside the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. I'd like to invite you all to take a look at our new Instagram feed @everydayusa, a collective of 13 USA-based documentary photographers using this platform to expose the unjust divisions and celebrate the beautiful commonalities across this country.
ppmedia : How awful!!!
lisebuckeridge : Love all your work @everydayusa
angelmariieee : Nice black & white pic
itz_2chainz_gh : Wat kind of mall is that
delalarya : @keremyucel
awildeart : @dseventy6 Steve, this is the guy I was telling you about!!! @dguttenfelder makes the world a more interesting place!!!
curlybetty : I worked at MOA for a few years, and visit the mall about twice a week. I never thought to look at it this way. Interesting perception. :)
shephidixie : That looks. Fun too me
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dguttenfelder - David Guttenfelder
An elementary school student puts her backpack into her locker before the morning classroom bell rings at a public school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'd like to invite you all to take a look at our new Instagram feed @everydayusa, a collective of 13 USA-based documentary photographers using this platform to expose the unjust divisions and celebrate the beautiful commonalities across this country.
dguttenfelder : @glasson This country, by our own founding definition, is a melting pot. Why should any immigrant to this country be ashamed of their own culture?
____nightmoves : @glasson Haahahahah you're an idiot.
dguttenfelder : @glasson You seem to believe that there is only one right, true culture in the USA. A "real" America. Please check out our @everydayusa feed. Our hope there is to show you otherwise.
glasson : And I have followed @everydayusa
dguttenfelder : @glasson I guess that I should also be ashamed too when because I also send my daughters to the same school in outfits from my own family's culture and religion.
dguttenfelder : @glasson Thank you for visiting my personal Instagram feed and offering your views on photojournalism, parenting, ethnography and religion.
glasson : @dgettenfelder if you disagree so strongly with something that I've said, which wasn't as harsh as you're making it out to be, and have a major personal connection to this story that I was previously unaware of, you can delete the comments, as I have with yours on my personal page. Most journalists I follow welcome debate, but it's a free country and you don't have to do the same.
dguttenfelder : I've allowed your views on my feed, even though I consider them to be bigoted, small minded and ignorant @glasson. I'll leave them here for everyone else to view and learn from
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