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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
New Zealand Filming Road trip! 13 videos in 14 days (we have only released 3 so far)! One of the greatest experiences of my life! Our friends at @stokedforsaturday who helped make this project happen just released the most in depth blog/article anyone has ever done on what really happens to make these projects a reality. Since @stokedforsaturday was with us the entire journey and all the preproduction, they have the best inside view of what really happens on these projects. Make sure to check out their blog entry now for the inside look. Link is in my bio :) And super thanks again @stokedforsaturday, @funforlouis, @carjhogan, @parkerwalbeck, @dakota_walbeck, @cinechopper, and @purenewzealand for the amazing experience and memories! #teamsupertramp #NZmustdo
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turtleturtle789 : Please come to Blenheim!may be small but very beautiful😃
coigley50 : Nice one I watch a lot of your video's ☺
hayesy007 : @devinsupertramp Come and shoot in Muswelbrook, NSW Australia!
teamalvimedica : Can't wait to have @stokedforsaturday join us out on the water in #Auckland for @volvooceanrace sailing and #Leg5start fun! #NZmustDO
pratyush26 : Amazinnn
stokedforsaturday : @teamalvimedica we are really excited too for the @volvooceanrace!
that__squid : Bro you are so awesome
that__squid : @devinsupertramp
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I took this in Kenya 3 years ago at the Massai Mara National Park during a lightning storm! Was an amazing experience, one I'll never forget. We weren't allowed out of the jeep because of the danger of being eaten by lions and hyenas, so I set up the tripod right outside the jeep, while still staying in the vehicle. I attempted catching the lightning about 50 times until I got the lightning to go off right behind the tree and antelope. Working with Mother Nature isn't ideal because most of the time she doesn't agree with me :) This was taken on a Canon 5D Mark II. With a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8, set at a vocal length of 130mm. ISO 1000. F/3.5. 1/30 second shutter.
uncle_sketch : So perfect
danielitasweetlove : HI DEVIN.......
julianderdziura : Wow!!!
sweetcolajames : @a_ninja_dreaming
photo__real : Hi!! I'm a 14 year old girl who is passionate about photography! Would some of you check out my account? Give me a few likes and maybe a follow? I would really appreciate it🌞🌞🌞
eirik_saelen : awsome
gk_photography__ : Great shot! Well done!
hopecharissa : @lfoggin316 so talented
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Into the wild. The adventure is only getting started :) On a side note, for everyone that keeps on asking what camera bag I use, I use this one, a @fstopgear bag, with the model being called a "Tiopa BC". For most shoots we do, I have in it our Red Dragon camera with 7" monitor. 8 Red Volt batteries, 3 lenses, filters, @rodemic, and any other small accessories we need to tell the story. Also, this is what I bring as my carry on, on the airplane, so I make sure to put our red charger in it as well.
devinsupertramp : @jeroendewit64 I usually carry it or I'll hook it to the side of my backpack.
devinsupertramp : @ajkang_ I use my @fstopgear bag to carry mine if I'm not holding it by hand
ajkang_ : Can you put your glidecam on your tilopa bc?
jeroendewit64 : @devinsupertramp oohw oke, thx for the answer my friend.
fredztaa12 : Hey @devinsupertramp I would love you to check my account? And give me tips?
_f.u.c.k._that_s.h.i.t_ : Läuft bei dir
mymi21 : @devinsupertramp I dreamt I was a part of your team and you were teaching me filmmaking it was amazing ahah!
gretabphoto : @bugli95
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Want to be a TeamSupertramp Editor INTERN??! We are looking to bring someone on part time as a PAID editing intern, here's the details: You MUST live in Utah, ideally close to Provo. You MUST know how to on Adobe Premiere, using Macs/Apple. If you meet these requirements, and are interested, submit your best video you've edited to with the subject line: "Devinsupertramp Internship". If you can edit fast, and always meet deadlines, those will greatly go to your advantage of us choosing you :) Will be deciding in the next 24 hours, so act fast if your interested :)
bdoubleo21 : Wow
louisgordon123 : Where did you get a Panzer III from?
alexblackyt : @dakota_walbeck so do I ! Can I move in ?
spencercroce : @drew_merryman @wishonastar18 I think this is the one time I regret not living in Utah
pratyush26 : Im stuck in dubai :(
wishonastar18 : @spencercroce lol.
dr_bowler : Have you decided @devinsupertramp
stevokunz : @devinsupertramp I wish I would have seen this earlier!
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Just released our latest video! Hobbit Heli mountain biking featuring @kellymcgazza! Link in my bio. #NZmustdo #teamsupertramp
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a_weird_meme : That's a big hobbit
lucas_is_awsome112 : Wtf is that
lucas_is_awsome112 : But at least he has jays
knappoknives : Awesome:)
goodok95 : Видео класс!!
jesse_wessy : Just watched it, so sick 👌
kemo_sahab : الله يسعدك 😘
paytin_thrift_ : @noah_hancock_ watch this and return to the shire asap!!! They're amazing!!! I wanna go to New Zealand now 😍
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
One of my favorite experiences yet! Filming on location in New Zealand, aka Middle Earth. We just released our latest video featuring @kellymcgazza as the hobbit heli mountain biker! Check it! Link in my bio. And super thanks to @purenewzealand for the amazing experience. #NZmustdo #teamsupertramp
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seawatchvillage : Awesome! !#
numberoneballerina : Now that's a view I would adore to see.
dirkland32 : Don't mind @devinsupertramp he is just chasing batman through a field!
tanvirrubayet : Try coming in Bangladesh. You can find some amazing places
mgrinell : Sick man!!
joshuasmallphotographynz : Awesome!
deltaxmark : I want to go to a place like that one day 😃
peffy2001 : Hey Devin how many glidecam a so you own? @devinsupertramp
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
We release new videos every Monday at 6PM PST. HOWEVER, this Monday we had to push back the release to tomorrow morning. We have been traveling all day from Guatemala and haven't had the chance to upload the video, so hopefully you'll understand :) Be rest assured when we release it tomorrow it will be worth the wait :) It's hobbit mountain biking featuring @kellymcgazza, who is one of the world's best mountain bikers in the world, filmed on location in New Zealand! Stay tune for tomorrow morning :) #NZmustdo #teamsupertramp
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zisco_cicala : Lo so, lo so... non aspetto altro ;) @brillanteangelo
titangolf60 : @davidmayne
alfonsoabella : @nachogng
flomooose : hey, @devinsupertramp, I need make an PowerPoint presentation about Africa.I thought at you with your great videos. But the problem is we're having an old ladies who wants to make us looking after the rights of pictures or videos. I''ve never seen something of a special right on your Videos.But my special question is: Might I use your Video in my presentation. If yes, under which conditions? Please answer me.
nachogng : Porfin @alfonsoabella
ghassen_arf : Cant wait
there2412 : So excited for the vid !!!!
bottomgun1 : Took me a while but I finally noticed the biker that made this pic remarkable.
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
And so the adventure continues. Thanks for the adventure Guatemala. #teamsupertramp #Guatemala
teamsupertramp - guatemala -
huzza910 : Look at this photography @mrsalaron
mrsalaron : Wow :o
josue_osorio : Lago de Amatitlán 😉😉
thatrun : Nice shot
simon_youtuber : Tellement stylé!! Le we prochain (si tu peux) et au GR5 on fera des photos comme ça 🙌 @damien_moriggi
damien_moriggi : Ouais! 🙌 hahaha
kemo_sahab : انت شخص مبدع دايمن احب ان ار تصويرك 😍
alialkubaisi2022 : So nice 👍❤️
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Guatemala City Devinsupertramp meetup! Tonight!! Will be speaking at our church this Sunday at 5PM and EVERYONE is invited :) Here's the details: This Sunday. 5PM. Address: Centro de Estaca El Molino 15 Avenida Zona 6 (frente al Estadio Cementos Progreso) La Pedrera
jvmes.em_ : @iskatenikes
iskatenikes : 😎 so cool @jvmes.em_
kapoordaputtar : Hey is this the fstop tilopa bag?
jvmes.em_ : @iskatenikes watch his YouTube videos
stephenleu412 : Just found you out and watched like 10 of your videos in a row. Very inspiring man. Keep it up!! @devinsupertramp
luisferdiaz09 : #IWasThere🙌
goprochapin : @devinsupertramp thank you for coming to Guatemala! Follow our page #goprochapin , we post the best extreme photos in Guatemala. THANKS for being our inspiration👌😉
jossh_lpz : Guatemala ♥
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Guatemala City Devinsupertramp meetup! Will be speaking at our church tomorrow/this Sunday at 5PM and EVERYONE is invited :) Here's the details: This Sunday. 5PM. Address: Centro de Estaca El Molino 15 Avenida Zona 6 (frente al Estadio Cementos Progreso) La Pedrera
fynney_bhp : @devinsupertramp thought so, love their bags ;)
becky_bennet : @luke_perrin24 you'd probably dig this guy
luke_perrin24 : @triibecka 😏
becky_bennet : @luke_perrin24 am I right??? 😜
aliciaslim : @voosss orrrr here?
bottomgun1 : Do you ever get the feeling you're walking on sacred ground?
dmateojuan : Guatemala...
drumz2424 : Da_sloth_nerd
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