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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Some of my favorite people in the world! :) Selfies in Nepal! Watch our latest video, link in my bio!
finaddison : Love this video! Getting to see people's reactions when they haven't been influenced by technology!πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
jnovoelloc : You are awesome man!
instanniea : Beautiful!
instagramlesspoosey : I ❀ your assassin's creed videos!!!
mckinley.s : Great picture!!!!
mckinley.s : I love your video's there a really well filmed!
addison_d_g : Help what camera should I get t3i or sl1 ?!??!?! In a hurry
karl.von13 : @devinsupertramp @parkerwalbeck @sethcjones your videos always seem perfectly focused, do you use auto focus or is someone manually turning the focus ring?
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
We just released one of my favorite videos we've done yet, and perhaps most meaningful. Selfies in Nepal :) Click the link in my bio to watch.
jar3dbrown : Was that were you shot your far cry 4 irl
rmlowley : I have a question, Devin! The #teamsupertramp Hoody is out of stock in your shop..:( will there be some again until christmas?:) greetings from Germany
enzo_ruiz90 : Awesome vid.. how I wish to be part of your team #teamsupertramp... \m/
joelenns : So great!
corrysallot : This vidéo just so good ! And Epic selfie :P
thanhthaodao : It's amazing ! ❀ watch it again n again
negorocha10 : Breathtaking!
abhisekupadhyaya : Hey when are u planning to come to India? visit the pangong lake in Ladakh...its like heaven on earth
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
My escape :) In 2010 I moved to Hawaii for a year. I would go to this exact spot almost everyday (it was right next to where I lived). I would go and try and figure out what I was doing with my life (good luck with that one, haha). To this day, every time I visit Hawaii, I sit in this very spot, and continue that process :)
jay_got_soul_23 : Let's get away...Take me there baby..@tuffnesta
williefowler9 : Pounderzz
dream_dose : Have you figure it out? The place is worth multiple visits for sure!
rikikimura_ : Are you in Hawaii right now!?
cadenedwards117 : Really wish I could've gone to that fireside! But sadly, I live in Idaho... Not hawaii! πŸ˜† @devinsupertramp
moerocks112 : Are you in Hawaii right now ?
riok27 : Favorite spot!
giftedplc123 : I think you haved figured out what you are doing with your life and like me and your fans always say "your doing an amazing job" unlike other people in your line of work they dont put in the passion and excitement that you put into yours so keep doing what your doing devin because if you dont there wont be anyone willing to get the shots you take
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
1500 foot zipline through the jungle, another one checked off my bucket list! At @climb_works and @keana_farms! #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
_mell0_ : @nubissss next time
itzjordy : @rico_pel nou
_briney_deep_ : Yaaaaassssssssss @jibjabji
shaneman27 : Is that motorized?
karl.von13 : @devinsupertramp hey I'm just starting action-type videos kindof like yours I was wondering when you started what cameras would you use and if you can recommend any good cameras under 1 thousand dollars. Thanks-Karl
_nisa_xo : #goal @robynwyeth
robynwyeth : OMG THIS IS GOING ON MY BUCKET LIST😡😡 @_nisa_xo
ashleyy3yy : What genre would all the music u put in your videos be in?
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Most things in life worth doing require a leap of faith! What's been your biggest leap of faith? At @climb_works facing my biggest fear, heights :)
rajivthesupertramp : Should have done the zipline while you were in Pokhara, Nepal!
nashtay : Awesome having you out @devinsupertramp! You're welcome anytime
y.karadagli : Cap?:)
uneclduk : Mine was jumping off a tree onto a 900-foot zip line.
notionthreads : CHECK YOUR DM 😊
alexromo818 : $169 per person seems a bit much
wyatt105 : Jumping out of an airplane...U.S. Army Airborne...
fatma95 : How do u take good go pro pictures! I have one a black edition hero 3+ and i cant even use it !
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Had the opportunity to speak to all the amazing people at BYU Hawaii with @davidarchie, @tiffanyalvord, and @stuart_edge! An amazing experience, one I'll never forget :) #lds #teamsupertramp #fightforyourpassion
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aidanlovesbunnys21466 : Hey, have you ever thought about doing a video with magicians? Ya know, like magicians throwing cards and doing cups and balls. And doing it somewhere beautiful like the Colorado mountains
benss.ig : I won free kicks from @free.kickz
ya_no_ri : @world.for.princess wird verlost #worldofprincessseitenverlosung
moerocks112 : Your awesome i have been following you on YouTube and instagram
derekcrapo : Are you LDS?
devinsupertramp : @derekcrapo indeed :)
derekcrapo : That's awesome!
connor_baltich : I'm LDS too!
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I'll be doing a fireside tonight with these fine people, and your all invited :) It's at BYU Hawaii, at 7PM tonight. At the CAC room. Wear church attire :) And for those that don't know what a fireside is, it's a religious meeting we do in our church, #LDS, or #Mormons where all the youth are invited. Will be talking about how we stay true to who we are despite the media, and other temptations that come with it. You don't have to be of our faith to come, so please come and make sure to say hi afterwards :)
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rebekah_h_ : @emsilly___ I'm dead 😡
devintheocarinaplayer : @thelintster you should go eat cheesecake then.
fetulula : @enmata
enmata : @fetulula I know
walescottams : I don't know much about religion but I do know @the_radiant_sweep needs to get a life. We follow @devinsupertramp because we love his work not to read you rants. Go away hater.
kyanrorn : @reallyadriel it's a bummer that people like you feel the need to comment negative things like that. I feel bad for you.
utahshaun : @the_radiant_sweep we should hang out
noah_ahmad : Ur fuckin dumb @the_radiant_sweep and ur a dumbass for wanting to hang out with this sacrilegious creep @utahshaun
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I made it home :) #oahu #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp - oahu -
cobiandewey : Sweet! You doing any videos while your here? Would@love to do something! Some good waves on the north shore kately
69.ali : @iphone0012
69.ali : @iphone21 is giving out FREE earphones
69.ali : @iphone0021 is giving out FREE earphones
genepyo : @srkng hawaii??
srkng : @genepyo soo pretty
waves582 : @greendevotion
greendevotion : @waves582 😍
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Hawaii bound. #teamsupertramp #byuhawaii
teamsupertramp - byuhawaii -
nilsteichert : *_* omg so epic
boniojanu1234 : I got an iphone 6 plus gold @freeapplehere
callmemartini : @katedapple that is so awesome of you to say! anyone can be, if you ever want to know more let me know ☺️
js1703 : I want to download this Picture for my Desktop
joshuadavagram : Nice captcha!
novat.44 : Nice what island
ranakenway : @jefitri
ma_skien : Epic view
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Wingsuits, gyro copters, and jumping from cars! Just released our latest video we filmed with @ubisoft for #FarCry4. Link in my bio! #gopro4 #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp - farcry4 - gopro4 -
easton_eller : @mrt_tennessee Go watch this!
tobifree25 : @swiss_aviation OFMG zuu geill 😍😍
swiss_aviation : Ooohhhhhhhh scheeeeeiiiiseee Alteeeeer 😱😱😍😍 @tobifree25
chris_the_cookie_monster : ASWESOME
b_rad_doyle1 : @applegiveaway1 just gave me a new iPhone
maxbushmich : This video is legit!
charbelaziz12 : Best game
francesco_tomassini : @tommasofigari
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