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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Spent the morning commuting via helicopter to film the final wingsuit flying scene for our #farcry4 video with the amazing @marshall__miller! #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp - farcry4 -
josh_yaang : I am going to start making videos w/ @nico.gambetta because u inspired us
stevinos : @umbypilot
umbypilot : Bellissimo @stevinos !!!!
mister_mesquita : Awesome picture ! : Wich camera are you using?@devinsupertramp
fin_ten : Nice !!!!
blubfiix : Why aren't you posting that you uploaded a new video
eddydarkness19 : @devinsupertramp your the best!
wiepismij - amitai14 - rafaelparanhosm - azx17 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
And so it begins. #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
jamesleupold : @devinsupertramp that's awesome I hope to meet you one day, you make the coolest videos ever. They are also very cool they skydived onto my schools football field
nokie_whited : @mae_cupcakes123
mae_cupcakes123 : Thanks @nokie_whited
connor_senkyr : When's the vid coming out? @devinsupertramp
msenna : Devin! Great working with you this week!
jack.rutstein : @funforjuju
nick_6745 : Can i touch the fire
mr.trogdor : FIRE!!!!!!!!
nicht_du_selbst - mr_blubb - tati_schoellhorn - zukeman9 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
It all starts with an idea :) #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
rimli23 : Butterfly effect
hall2013 : Looks like it will work to me
asainchain_v2 : Nothing can go wrong with that kind of drawing @devinsupertramp
kapytan66 : Didn't nitro circus already do something like this?
aeskaran : You guys crazy... In a good way
cheezeball25 : @devinsupertramp ah ok! That makes sense. If it was so high, it would be hard to see the whole thing. Well I'm not a filming expert (or whatever the term is) but that does seem logical! 😆
hildog_24 : @outxfromxunder
lukegilderdale_ : When is this video out? @devinsupertramp
heroic__snowboarder__850 - timmloewen - cameronbeal1 - tati_schoellhorn -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
How do you tell if it's a good idea? Everyone will tell you it's impossible :) #teamsupertramp #incredouble
teamsupertramp - incredouble -
devinsupertramp : @maxe_bachmann you are correct
devinsupertramp : @_mr.funk_ and we love you!
devinsupertramp : @rikikimura_ I'll just be coming to visit some friends on that trip
ph33r_justin : That's a huge basket.
srensen : It possible as it has been done several times before already!!
andrewmenlove : This was just barely done 3 months ago. In Las Vegas. Probably with the same balloon company you are using. YouTube "flossing the sky" You shouldn't take credit for other peoples ideas @devinsupertramp
aaronbytendorp : So people told you it was impossible when it was already done three months ago by @patvicious1 and @its_rawdog three months ago in the same location? Pretty lame to take the credit for someone else's idea...
devinsupertramp : @aaronbytendorp nah, no idea was stolen here. This has been planned for a very long time. We had no idea that anyone had done anything similar. We in fact looked up on YouTube to see if it had been done, but nothing came up with what we were searching for. When we went to film it we found out someone had done something similar. But we have been doing rope swings for the last couple of years. Rope swings have been around since the rope was invented. Rest assured we didn't copy anyone, or that we knew that someone had done something similar. After we filmed the video someone showed it to us, and ours was much different. Even the way it was rigged.
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Just launched our brand new apparel for #teamsupertramp! Link in bio! Includes shirts, hats, bands, sweatshirt, and bags.
teamsupertramp -
dea_dmau55 : Devin and @parkerwalbeck could you please check @alexhonnold out and maybe meet up with him and film him
dan_man48 : Hey
filippo_c96 : @dylanwije anche io hahahah
tajbaileyy : I'm going to bye them @devinsupertramp
tocornal92 : Noooooooo! i cant buy it from Spain... I really love this cap :(((((((((((((((((((((( @devinsupertramp
tocornal92 : oh, its ok, I just saw how to do it hahaha NICE
jonayfra : put it on amazon international or this is like a slap in the face! 😢 @devinsupertramp
axl_pazwey : I want !!
sethsupertramp - ellis_____ellis - lukas1234560 - aarongove -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
On location for our #farcry4 video with @ubisoft! The most stunts we've ever pulled off in one vid :) #carjumping #wingsuit #gyrocopter #teamsupertramp
gyrocopter - carjumping - teamsupertramp - farcry4 - wingsuit -
_marlene1_ : @alil_ruddy
jack_the_yak16 : what in the world is that!!!! @devinsupertramp ?!?!
lagger.boyie : Helll mannmn
e._hayes92 : @devinsupertramp Come to Philly!
alex77487 : @kraft_landscaping wow they actually got to try one of these!
kilian_ : @loganklopfer
imi_sashimi : Hey you take really nice pics and I really wanted to get sponser or be in your clan but pls txt me 808-652-8233 pls
ezifrhn : @ezzat_z8 @nzmmk
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Screen grab from our film shoot yesterday with @ubisoft on our #farcry4 video coming out soon :) Stoked for you all to see it! #gopro4k #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp - farcry4 - gopro4k -
el_domingoalva : Is him Dean Norris?
glitchedkillers : Awesome! Hey if you like hilarious video game memes, check us out :) and we will follow you back! 😊
danserban_ : You guys should have shot this far cry 4 vid right in Nepal during your last trip. Any which way though, can't wait for the vid!! @devinsupertramp
pallomadesiree : Awesome!!! 😍👏
jacobacharte : @devinsupertramp it was nice to be part of this amazing shoot.
devinsupertramp : @danserban_ would have loved to but it's so expensive to film there
ertankef : Wow perfect shot
lara_rose_d : @danialsuwaileh
bbksundevils - greatenergys - louismarrier - colefreeman126 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Just released our latest video we filmed in 4K with @hellobc and @explorecanada! Link in bio! Was an adventure of a lifetime. #hellobc #explorebc #teamsupertramp #r3d
r3d - hellobc - teamsupertramp - explorebc -
yungturf : No offence @devinsupertramp but are you gay? Im just wondering feel free not to answer 🙊
wolf_________ : @kyler_mccormick Yes, the nature Videos are really awesome.
jasper_eats_food : Devin you should come check out the kootenays in bc, there is always something happening in the winter.
kennyroc : @devinsupertramp got work for u in Africa
kennyroc : @devinsupertramp get at me
brianflores26 : The note 4 can view 4k videos :) amazing video man
braxton_apana : Come to Scottsdale, AZ!!!!
digitalcyclops : Next time you're in BC let's film @devinsupertramp
juliocezarx - uawan20 - theseamus - biancabelm -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
One of my favorite places on Earth. Nepal. Thanks @turkishairlines for the adventure of a lifetime. #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp #r3d
fortunetraveller - r3d - teamsupertramp -
nishanng10 : I am proud to be a Nepali :)... @devinsupertramp hope u have a good time here at Nepal and do make a video.
lucijaalfier : Ahhahaha @eldy5
lukas_vergisst_sein_passwort : You're so cool
jakie1203 : I can't wait for the new video on you're youtube channel you're awesome👏@devinsupertramp
xpressbillpay : Wow
d_bro_da_best : Where did u learn how to do this
bbbooobang : 😘amazing
jacobam01 : @imedler Nepal!!
julieta_souzarte - lucaspj77 - faizul_parkour - adam.dancer -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I normally don't film with an 800mm with a 2X extender on a Glidecam but sometimes I make an exception :) #teamsupertramp #r3d #allabouttheshot
r3d - teamsupertramp - allabouttheshot -
uhohmarty : lol no way did that work
alejandroparga : You are seriously living the life.. Keep it up.
matthew_roberts12 : What video is that @devinsupertramp
austinhein : Hahaha
jadononthego : Hahahahaha
juanframm : Looool
floralside : @yusaki007
__yungtooley_4 : Can u tell a esiment price on that lenns
ranualdy - bbksundevils - nikstevenhill - gregorsnell -
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