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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
One of my favorite places on Earth. Nepal. Thanks @turkishairlines for the adventure of a lifetime. #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp #r3d
fortunetraveller - r3d - teamsupertramp -
theodorejt123 : I think it'd be awesome if you tried to colab with some pro skaters and made a skate video @devinsupertramp
sashatikhomirov : @devinsupertramp hey man watsuup)
jessiii__x : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
nishanng10 : I am proud to be a Nepali :)... @devinsupertramp hope u have a good time here at Nepal and do make a video.
lucijaalfier : Ahhahaha @eldy5
lukas_vergisst_sein_passwort : You're so cool
jakie1203 : I can't wait for the new video on you're youtube channel you're awesome๐Ÿ‘@devinsupertramp
xpressbillpay : Wow
yonareyamuen - firstclassbelongings - danny7116 - ktresner -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I normally don't film with an 800mm with a 2X extender on a Glidecam but sometimes I make an exception :) #teamsupertramp #r3d #allabouttheshot
r3d - teamsupertramp - allabouttheshot -
aaron_tanaka : #ebolo for life bro @zacharysarkar
toronto_film_grain : How strong is your forearm?
freddiemckenzie : If a 200mm wasn't enough
x_austin_carter : #cameraporn
wfphd : Like how is that even possible?
beneggen : @edgar_mermet
isaacpollock826 : Hey devin I just got the canon EOS rebel t5i and it is great!
chanvichet_sim : Cool
krackendood - alec980 - slcovie - 9oli8 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Devinsupertramp casting call!Looking for some extras for our next Far Cry 4 video, filming in Utah! Looking for males between the age of 18-28 who look like they could be in the military. Shoot us your headshot if your interested, and will get back at you. Must be available to film October 23rd, in Utah. Email us your headshot with your age to
dynosoarus : @liz_barney If I lived close I'd probably do it.
rimli23 : October 23rd is my birthday!! I would love to go and be in your far cry video!! But the problem is... Im turning 16 :(
piskourek : I'm Waiting For
hillaryvgrullon : If only I lived in Utah
waytootall1 : If it was in Texas :(
wolfiewinfield : Please come to London ๐Ÿ˜ข
bhubb4rd : I live in Utah and would love to do it. I sent in my email, just waiting for a response.
onlygibari : I'm not 18,and I don't live in the USA and I also not even look like a guy whos in the Army,but I'm male!
rudyaguz - raphaelwalcher - mathisdelatullaye - yes_smalls -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Surfing indoors! Check out our latest video we filmed at @provobeach featuring some of the worlds best flow riders! Music by @scottandbrendo! Link in bio. #flowride #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp - flowride -
dawsonbaker : Hey devin you should come to halifax nova scotia and film a video @devinsupertramp
h2o__delorean : EPIC
zacharynyc : Finally we can watch devins videos in 5k on the new iMac
sb_keehan : Devin you should dp a Surfing video in Cali that would be Sick
chooker25 : You guys should go to Lake Havasu! That lake has all kinds of cool scenery and has a lot of obstacles to perform your doings. Look up copper canyon and the sand bar for cliff jumping also u cld possibly do something with the London briiidge or the parker damn? Like nitro circus did. :) @devinsupertramp it. P.s. great bachelor party location I know from experience lol
benepic2004 : @devinsupertramp plz can I be in 1 of ur videos because I am a great stunt artist
flowrider13roz : Sick shot!
sultanshamsi : Nice, but Im shore that you can show us every peace of water (shutter speed) ๐Ÿ‘Šโค๏ธ
corentinfras - rudyaguz - yes_smalls - alecprz -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Spent the last 4 days filming in Chitwan National park, in Nepal. And I loved it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp
fortunetraveller - teamsupertramp -
devinsupertramp : @rimli23 just uploaded it
ryan.korn : @_.b.u.b._ ummmm no ๐Ÿ˜‚
rimli23 : Love it :) Keep Inspiring!
hatimmotiwala : @taheryamani07
wilsonic56 : Dude! I want your life....
tojestkacpi : is it gonna be FarCry4 video ? :D
fredojasper : Dope๐Ÿ‘Œ @devinsupertramp
lhdude900 : @forrestapplewood
kai2597 - jakie1203 - jessebaart - mh_arslan -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
On hands training :) Some of my favorites memories were made in Nepal! Thank you @turkishairlines for the amazing adventure. #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp #r3d
fortunetraveller - r3d - teamsupertramp -
stephanecoello_ : AMAZING!
mockerl : I want to touch it too๐Ÿ˜ช
dbphoto : You are an amazing person @devinsupertramp GRAHAM!
austinnooe : Rocking the new, unreleased and unannounced #glidecam Ehhh? Haha
ritstagram : Glad you enjoyed my country
themorganscott : Favorite video! !!
_jaron_b_ : Your so nice to let them use your set geez I want to meet you @devinsupertramp
jessiii__x : So sweet from you ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•
raphaelwalcher - kayleemahbobi - thijmenvissa - claudiomatos360 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I love these people. #nepal #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp #happiestpeopledontneedthings
fortunetraveller - happiestpeopledontneedthings - teamsupertramp - nepal -
_cooky_powers_ : Nice man
jaimeup01 : You are a nice Man @devinsupertramp
dallpall : Yea nice man @devinsupertramp
rimli23 : When is your next video going to be posted?
cody_9813 : What smaller cameras do you recommend
marvinsfilmlife : When is the next video @devinsupertramp
walescottams : #happiestpeopledontneedthings So very true. Question, @devinsupertramp, are you a Mormon? I saw Meet the Mormons last weekend and was impressed with the man from Nepal. I notice there is no smoking or alcohol in your vids and a lot if your early work was in Utah. Just curious. No offense or violation of privacy intended.
devinsupertramp : @walescottams haha, no worries my friend. And yes, I am Mormon/LDS :)
kaykaymalaylayshay - weirdpeople21 - hetisjelle - janasole_23 -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Never go down without a fight :) I love the people of Nepal! #Alma17:23 #teamsupertramp #Chitwan
teamsupertramp - chitwan - alma17 -
grammama : Those smiles tell it all.
bwhit_13 : Ikr @carvel_3
wolf_________ : @grammama Yes
frudoubledy : Your photos are making me so excited to go to Nepal next week!!!! :)
sbsuper5 : far cry 4 lol
fetulula : @enmata that's awesome!
sauravdj : I'm glad you had a great experience in Nepal. I am from Nepal and studied in Utah. Utah is a amazing place. Love your work. Have been following you for a while now. Keep it up.
slowrayy : waohh...! Es estraodinario asi se hace se humilde y no olvide de donde eres.. Te felicito!
jacksonnbarros - jakie1203 - driazzalin - stuntbrofilms -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
We don't always use elephants to film from, but occasionally we make an exception :) #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp
fortunetraveller - teamsupertramp -
logeyoso : Elephants don't have good spinal support
poleakkkk : @hirokoichi
itszacwood : @breegantt hunting on a elephant
maxkennedy618 : That's so fricken cool!!!!
brandonfeldman2004 : How do you get all these experiences.
shelby_wilson123 : That's so cruel hunting on an elephant
ritstagram : @shelby_wilson123 it's not hunting it's just a safari. Hunting is illegal in Nepal
shelby_wilson123 : Ok
tattimatti - weirdpeople21 - jakie1203 - jessebaart -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Devin and the Beanstalk :) Nepal has been straight out of a fairytale. #FortuneTraveller #teamsupertramp
fortunetraveller - teamsupertramp -
ill_u_sion_ist_16 : Crazy
robchand : Wawwww amazing
gilliganarran : So cool bro
athird3ye : Beautiful!
masonunrau : Wow that's awesome
jraekoczy : @matvonthies
watashinonamaewatridesu : Wowwwwww... it's so amazing...
_rachel_e_bailey_ : Wow!!!
jakie1203 - doms42 - freddieshcolio - jessebaart -
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