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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Our @assassinscreed_us Syndicate In Real Life video comes out tonight, July 6th :) Check back on our main channel at 6pm PST :)
nadim_aj : @sergiazzi
pizgloria27 : @2basann2
brunoamar : @mistagomes sick camera focus.
cristina_cozo : @teona_o @loramasy awoseome
fauzanrhdn : Once this video is uploaded, I'll cum
_franziskka_ : grrrreeeattt!!!
jcarp37 : @codypalmer1212
yyukine : So excited
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
The more I travel the world, The more I realize the price that has been paid for our freedom. So thankful for the sacrifices that have been made by so many so we can live in freedom, and worship how we choose. #stadiumoffire
stadiumoffire -
rifkygusma : Nice words.. @nadyajowma @viszajowma
viszajowma : @rifkygusma πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘
abirdhouseofablog : It's always good to think positive in life it will get you so much further than you think. Also I Am really sorry for the self promo, but I have a small blog and I would be so, so grateful if you could check it out (the link is in my bio). Anyway, thank you so much, and rember always think positive before anything else xxx
ph0t0grapher41 : Haha I wish I could make my own @thisismyart
constantin.rtw : Amen!
brocgardner : Hey! Did you see the dancers?
brocgardner : Cause they were from my town @devinsupertramp
bco_films : πŸ™
zztough - oliver.roche - hectoraarongarcia_pina - _the_gamer_king_ -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Homemade fireworks :) Full video link in my bio . #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
goodkid_db : @thebookofdj
andyjysong : @garrettnaber
andyjysong : @mchoiboy_
magnusuni : @augustbang9 @zakariasnyg @jonasbjorkvig @viktor_tune @signe_louise13
sinnedcity : @table_tea @macheman let's try this with goal kick?
funnyhardi : Repost....;
checcodang : @enrico.bianco
arya_narendran : @anishapavan 😁
dilarademirel99 - _xiangze_ - majid.nahvi - hectoraarongarcia_pina -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
The life of a Templar :) Super stoked for everyone to see our @assassinscreed_us Syndicate vid we are releasing this Monday, July 6th :) This shot features @johantonnoir as one of the villains from our vid :) #teamsupertramp #r3d #assassinscreed
r3d - teamsupertramp - assassinscreed -
roel__vink : Hé @devinsupertramp can you better have the glidecam long with les weight or short with more weight
jeuxdelacroix : Geeehh halt ab xD 😍love these
tomiestark : @youki1587
mc_caithness : Will there be a behind the scenes for this video @devinsupertramp
dani_hjk : Can't whit
danna.y : Does anyone know anyone like Devin but based in the UK?
mc_caithness : @devinsupertramp u r the best cinematographer i wish I could work with u making films
parkour_luke : Yay!!!!!
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Any ideas what we've been filming today? :) #teamsupertramp #thecakeisalie
teamsupertramp - thecakeisalie -
manasoft_86 : I don't know what is it.. But I sure something amazing ;) @devinsupertramp
squidnugget29 : Portal
z8729ux6jh615 : forza?
laubhaufen97 : Whaaat? Portal? Love
bootsboyburnham : It's a lie!!!
mc_caithness : Alien birthday because the thing behind the cake looks like an alien
itsme.jonathin : Portal 3.
itsme.jonathin : Illuminati Confirmed
katarzynaapieprzyk - niklasjocham - willzxx - _the_gamer_king_ -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Our biggest video of the year will be released July 6th. Our @assassinscreed_us Syndicate Parkour in Real Life video :) While filming it in London a week ago, we had a meetup, and we got to meet so many amazing people! It always inspires us meeting you all, and it gives us the drive to keep on going. #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
chri5earle : πŸ˜‚@taran.t18 nah dw I should've thought of it earlier
dinahwahine : @devinsupertramp when are you coming back to AZ?!? #😍
tman42rules : FINALLY AC SYNDICATE IRL. @devinsupertramp YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
steviemartz : That's my birthday!
tomlanier : heads up @joshcalebl
kaykaymalaylayshay : Yay that's on my birthday and assassins creed is my fav tnx @devinsupertramp
noeloup : Are you ever gonna make a video in melbourne one day @devinsupertramp ?
amresh.singh : @kelly.seemungal
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
We're looking for 20 people in the Utah area to be featured in our next Devinsupertramp video tomorrow :) All ages. There's a catch though, you must be willing to bake and bring a cake to be in it :) We will be filming in the Provo area tomorrow, and I'll need you for 1-2 hours. If your interested, email us, and will send you the exact details :) Contact us here with the subject line, "cake":
elijah_widenerr : I'm 13 and worship you I think what you do is epic and was wondering if you would ever do a vid in Virginia @devinsupertramp
seanptraynor : @devinsupertramp you need to come to Michigan! It's great in the summer time and I'm sure you could make an amazing video here! Or do something with Detroit?
joeyconrad : @adamriedel1 I'm 6 hrs away. Should I try?
adamriedel1 : Holy crap yeah that would be sick @joeyconrad
i__mac__ : @_parker_douglas_
devtrammel : @ehlervader
shirnart : Great!!!
emilees_edits : I'm in Utah
nater_2005 - da1asiantho - hectoraarongarcia_pina - majid.nahvi -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Stoked to announce I'll be at the first ever @cvxlive in Utah on August 7th and 8th!!! Who else has got their tickets? Would love to see everyone in Utah and anywhere else for that matter :) To get tickets, check out the link in my bio :)
jonaswrightyoro : I'm submitting my vid!πŸ˜ƒ
e_lundie_ : Do something in VA
i_am__savage : It's so great to see you at were your at now I subscribed to u before u had even 500,000 subscribers and I've learned so much and if anyone should get these opertonites it should be you.
saraahh92 : I know. I'm already looking into buying tickets @oldmanatsea
awesomerik2002 : Are you coming to Idaho next?
ejbutler : @clairewking people are ON TOP of the arch my worst nightmare
clay_bygotg : ?? Which arch is that one ??
freshiero : @lessthansg
mathis_m4 - wanderingpit - angel_siuk - itsmichaelstewart -
devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Not a bad place to charge our Red camera :) Just discovered a way to charge our Red by solar power! Stoked about this because we didn't know an option existed until this week. Hiked in the middle of nowhere and we could keep on filming with no problem. Used the @goalzero Yeti 400 to make this happen. Magic :) #GetOutStayOut #teamsupertramp #r3d #goalzero
r3d - teamsupertramp - getoutstayout - goalzero -
tabophotography : @0a0b0c0d1
benjamindanger : Haha @synergetikmedia I know it would be incredibly slow :p but it could be useful :)
ontheway_photography : Green Power 😊 🌎 @devinsupertramp
la_swim : @clifflifemedia naw, can't one up the LA Swim crew. Someone prob showed them our video and gave them a bunch of money to recreate it. Hopefully they hit the top tho.
clifflifemedia : @la_swim ooohh man they better
willembree : @530medialab we need to get some of these!
davidpmartinelli : @jeffhopper @rbretonn
mpandor : @yusufpandor
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Spent the last week filming in Havasupai for one of our next vids :) Cliff jumping :) Here's a shot @paulswindler got for us on our @gopro 4 at 1440 at 80fps. Using the @thegoscope! #teamsupertramp #gopro #cliffjumping
teamsupertramp - gopro - cliffjumping -
johanne_kappel : 100 πŸ‘ŒπŸ» det skal i glassene πŸ’— @daskcph
daskcph : Jamen det er jeg da helt enig i! πŸ’˜ 😚
cagla_soysal : @cansuudonmez
graham_merwin : Still sad I didn't get the invite .. @devinsupertramp . Coulda showed you some secret spots :)
khimaera.cassidy : @c_twell wantttt
c_twell : Yes @khimaera.cassidy
mathilda.27 : Je veux le faire 😱😱 @lau_bib
lau_bib : Les sensations que tu dois avoir 😱😱@mathilda.27
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