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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Had the opportunity to speak to all the amazing people at BYU Hawaii with @davidarchie, @tiffanyalvord, and @stuart_edge! An amazing experience, one I'll never forget :) #lds #teamsupertramp #fightforyourpassion
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ja_choi : Where it all sorta began. πŸ™
nikkielliott88 : I'm sooo sad that I couldn't be there... Too bad I go to BYU Idaho...
thenamesjadyn : Dang I grew up there. I went to EFY there for two years
alyssamcdonell : You guys did amazing job last night thank you thank you thank you!! ps I see my self in the back 😹
the_wright_guy : @tswizz21 I've been there!
naynaypo : @nikkielliott88 same sad story here 😭
rltort : Wow! Lucky kids...
callum_gorniak : Can we watch this online @devinsupertramp
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
I'll be doing a fireside tonight with these fine people, and your all invited :) It's at BYU Hawaii, at 7PM tonight. At the CAC room. Wear church attire :) And for those that don't know what a fireside is, it's a religious meeting we do in our church, #LDS, or #Mormons where all the youth are invited. Will be talking about how we stay true to who we are despite the media, and other temptations that come with it. You don't have to be of our faith to come, so please come and make sure to say hi afterwards :)
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sethcjones : Ok guys this is not a forum for discussing religion, nor is it a place for pro or anti Mormon propaganda. This channel was set up to inspire others to follow their passions and take the necessary steps to find happiness. There is no love and happiness in all of this negativity. Please let the discussion die here. As a member of #TeamSuperTramp I love all of you and am extremely great full for your support of the channel. @the_radiant_sweep @lonewolf_tanner
berayz : @tdforrest1997 Mormons are Christian.
wongerful : The Gospel of Christ? or Gospel according to Joseph Smith?
jacobdellis : ^@wongerful exactly! Joseph Smith has the same story as Muhammed...just another dude abused and fooled by demons and believed by many!
ndyck : πŸ‘†true that!
thelintster : I like cheesecake
rebekah_h_ : @emsilly___ I'm dead 😡
devintheocarinaplayer : @thelintster you should go eat cheesecake then.
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I made it home :) #oahu #teamsupertramp
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ramosjohnmark : AMAZING
mad._.lad : @anjacame @anjacame
cobiandewey : Sweet! You doing any videos while your here? Would@love to do something! Some good waves on the north shore kately
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genepyo : @srkng hawaii??
srkng : @genepyo soo pretty
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Hawaii bound. #teamsupertramp #byuhawaii
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js1703 : I want to download this Picture for my Desktop
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Wingsuits, gyro copters, and jumping from cars! Just released our latest video we filmed with @ubisoft for #FarCry4. Link in my bio! #gopro4 #teamsupertramp
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maxbushmich : This video is legit!
charbelaziz12 : Best game
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@fstopgear is my go-to camera bag! I've used them for the last two years. It's allowed me to bring my gear into some of the most remote parts of the world! They just launched their brand new camera bag! Check it out on Instagram and let them know I sent you while your at it :) At @fstopgear! #teamsupertramp #iceland
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richieandes : How do you find the money to do all these amazing things, and visit all these sick places @devinsupertramp
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jonavenncidivad : That's amazing
rcorgar1 : Locoooooo!!!! 😁😁
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
New vids every Monday at 6PM PST, from here on out. We will not miss this time, or your money back ;) A consist audience means consistent content, so we want to make sure we stay true to this! Thanks so much for all the amazing support through the years! Because of ALL of you we can do what we love! Over and out. #teamsupertramp #fightforyourpassion
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callum_evans_ : This is the best news ive heard all week... :o
jimmy10lol : Yes
scarykeary : My new favorite tv show. 10 years as a pro photographer and you still teach me something new weekly.
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The struggle is real. #fightforyourpassion #teamsupertramp
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kitkat_ziegler : Dat face tho lol
suhaib_1011 : Hey u inspired main a couple friend to start a YouTube channel on cinematography can u checkout our channel and voice us some tips we just created our first vid @devinsupertramp
insta_gee_ : Check this account @sayings.i.liked
raddog15 : Cool
king.devvv : My Names Devin πŸ˜‚
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holdini10 : Hey! You should respond cause ur awesomeπŸ˜‹βœŒοΈ#biggest fam
holdini10 : fan*
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We just released our latest video with @citibank! Hot air balloon rope swing! Link in my bio! #incredouble
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mauroandre03 : I'm roadtripping from Miami to the west coast with my best friend and dream of doing this stuff let's meet upp!!!
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tskwolfe760 : @devinsupertramp You should do paintball and snowboarding/snowmobiling! #incredouble
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Did you see our latest video? If not check my bio ASAP :) #incredouble #teamsupertramp
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maximo5006 : @ashleyellwood it was on discovery channel and the show was daily planet
l0vely2xc : On rite this minute and on a be news.... pretty koool
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