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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Stoked for summer!!! For those that missed it, we are holding a contest with @brpseadoo, the winner gets to be in one of our next videos with two friends, and they win a Sea-Doo Spark! Check my bio for the video with all the details! #sparksomefun
sparksomefun -
jacobdkendall : Can you only enter if you are in the USA
pyromania_13 : Can i have a shoutout and be ur friend
drennamdi : @andre_duval
jakob.newton : Were you in Texas day could have swore I saw someone that looked exactly like you with a nice camera in their hands?
dmpqmbdmpqmb : @devinsupertramp where was that awesome water slide that launches people I'm the air
benjaminsamms : @c_o_r_l_e_y this guy looks exactly like you
dniefrancojr : Epic brahh
haithamdandees : @moayaddandees
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Want to be in the next #Devinsupertramp video?? We have partnered with @brpseadoo to make this happen! We are holding a contest together and the winner and two friends get to be apart of one of our next videos and gets a Sea-Doo Spark!! Check the video in my bio and the info in the video description for all the details! And Goodluck :) #SparkSomeFun
devinsupertramp - sparksomefun -
jimmysheather : @benjamin_andrew - this is us haha
manumoyano : @devinsupertramp is there an age limit?
xpogohenry : @manumoyano you've gotta be 18. I've already tried to enter haha
tmalmberg : Sick!! ;) @tomtroell
diegoo_herreraa : @fergisf @benjaminh7
andrewdahlin : @garrettdahlin
garrettdahlin : I'm down! @andrewdahlin
zackary.black08 : @todd_wissink I'm doing this on (good Friday) have fun in New Brunswick pay back is a bitch and your a bitch
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Bungee jumping into a river!!! We just released our latest video featuring the first commercial bungee jump spot in the world! Check it out in the link in my bio! #NZMustdo
nzmustdo -
iglesiasalvaro : @cristobalcolonh me@gustaaaaaaa
diasslulu : @laura.gouvea
louise_crofton : @trish.sutton
vanessapellegrini : @alfredvee
karlaaa_riveraaa : @khalilthestan look how much fun that looks like!
pureskateboards : he is saying yeaaaaaaahh!
tamati_loves_rugby_31 : Can one day u come to Australia and do a video there in towensvill
tamati_loves_rugby_31 : @devinsupertramp
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Life doesn't always go as expected :) New video straight from New Zealand comes out tonight at 6PM PST. New vids every Monday! #teamsupertramp #NZMustdo
nzmustdo - teamsupertramp -
amytng : @huilintracy haha. try n you will know ^_^
lg_t58 : Dangerous
yasatri : @abrawa
bailey_lynn39 : You are seriously the coolest human being ever
crashleocrash : @professor_sully
quintong11 : Crazy
call0fthewildman : @crossbones_inc
spc8716 : @eg2g23 @cbizz31 @jta56 @kenarist87
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
We just launched a brand new #Teamsupertramp foam SnapBack hat! They're ONLY 10 dollars!!!! And we ONLY made 200 of them, we will not be making any more after the 200 are gone. We wanted a hat that more people could afford for those that are willing to support the team :) Thanks again for all the amazing support! You can buy the hat now while supplies last, link is in my bio, ready, set, GO!
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batstache9 : I have one for sale if anyone wants to dm and buy it......
nicholas.s.13 : DΣ∇IΠSUPΣRTRΔMP
luccia.brezianska : @batstache9 i would like to buy one :)
batstache9 : @luccia.brezianska i sent you a dm with my email address
luccia.brezianska : @batstache9 here is my facebook: Luccia.brezianska, please write me there thank you :)
baylor18 : @katie_da_ladyy
thejarvie : Will you sign mine?
pinkreaperxx : @natestrums :P @devinsupertramp is awesome!
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Going 55MPH through these canyons :) Check the link in my bio for our latest video :) #teamsupertramp #NZmustdo
nzmustdo - teamsupertramp -
la_anag : @chindybaybee this looks amazing!
chindybaybee : It looks soo fun we gotta go this summer @la_anag
superb.s : @ijustwannabetheone
zachmelancon : @meaganperkins
schwergewicht : @eis_mann
tanyayeahnot : @kotovaciano
zactcundiff : @klaireevans
adii27_4 : And this....@pranav_chavan @its_tanaya_ @_youknoe_itsawesome__
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
One of the coolest experiences I've ever had! 55 MPH down a crazy narrow river in only 4 inches of water, with a jet engine strapped to the back of the boat! :) Watch the video in my bio :) Amazing adventure with @funforlouis, @stokedforsaturday, and @purenewzealand! #NZmustdo #teamsupertramp
nzmustdo - teamsupertramp -
yasminfarhanasofian : @zulpeas
zulpeas : @yasminfarhanasofian whats that?
hnatashaa_ : Jom kita semua cuti dkt sini @shahira_sone
mrbaghbani : @p.gharizade thx
tylersilverson : @saruhblake let's go !
_queenjenni : @_lil_limit
laulaupetes : @matthewwyman
naturesbestfriend_ : @kaaaity_ now this would an adrenaline rush and a lot safer !
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
What happens when you strap a jet engine to the back of a boat? Find out tonight when we release our latest video :) #nzmustdo
nzmustdo -
chas.ball_o_o : I big fan!!!!
aarondj77 : @the_asian_invasion117
deltaxmark : That looks fun!
johnmfraser : @devinsupertramp Make a Snowmobiling video.
coigley50 : 😊
millbs92 : @keekss_
felix_sanderson_rox : were u going next man @devinsupertramp : Ha hhaa haaaaaa
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
Our Assassin's Creed Unity video just hit 20 million views in 7 months! So in celebration, I thought I would share a couple facts about our 4 AC parkour vids we have done :) Our first AC video is our most watched on our channel at 44 million. Our least watched AC video is our AC3 video at 10 million. For the first one we did, we filmed it over the course of 7 days, the longest it's taken to film any of our action sport style videos. The 15 second intro we shot for that video, we filmed it 3 different days/times. The first two times we filmed the intro it was cloudy and I wanted it to be perfect sunset, so that's why we kept on going back to reshoot. Because of the success of our first AC video it opened up an amazing relationship with the videogame creators at @ubisoft and we have since done multiple videos with them, with several others that are in the works now :) Our AC3 video was the hardest to film for several reasons, the first being I had broken my toe a week before, and had to run through the forest trying to follow @ronniestreetstunts, the "Assassin". We were filming in nature, we had to fight a lot more elements, and it was a much bigger struggle to find things we could do safely, and because of that Ronnie got injured on one of the rock jumps, and had to take a couple weeks to recover. The intro to that video was also one of the hardest intros we have ever pulled off. It took several months to find a tree that met the qualifications we needed to pull the stunt off safely, even with finding the tree, it was still a nightmare trying to pull it off. Our Pirate AC video was a blast to film because it was the first time having to truly avoid not running into people, having to do parkour with the camera as well at Comic-Con, with @chris_romrell And our AC Unity/Paris video was an amazing experience because we added 3 more Assassin's, the @frenchfreerunfamily and it was our first time jumping from rooftops, getting the full AC experience. With each of these videos it's also been an amazing platform for helping launch the athletes careers on a much higher level. Check the link in my bio for a playlist to watch them all over again :)
joshuaforsberg22 : What an inspiration.
_parkour_peanut_ : Make a Dying Light video!
mats_arnouts : @devinsupertramp you're my biggest hero in filmmaking. Because of you, I am also going to film and love the Glidecam. You AC videos I find brilliant. what I had was as an idea for you to make a video Dying Light, I would find that really cool. I hope you will make more such videos and look forward to all your following videos :)
meet_the_pres1 : Holy crap that's a lot of words
linus.fries : @fynn_18 sommerbuch: auf ein dach
monkeys_photography : Where's your new video today @devinsupertramp
jordaan.yeelton : @mrnice__guy can we live somewhere like this
jeroensmaak : I liked the video's so much I started practicing freerunning
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devinsupertramp - # Devin Graham
The Singapore airport! I've seen a lot of airports in my day and without question this one is my favorite! No battle! It has free foot massages, two free full size movie theaters, sleeping rooms with a waterfall and super comfortable couches to sleep on, a butterfly garden you can explore, a hotel inside the airport, a fitness center with lockers and showers, a nature trail with five huge gardens, free fast internet, super clean bathrooms, places to charge laptops and phones everywhere, and let's not forget the four story 40 foot slide :) And its super clean and super organized. This airports basically the opposite of the LAX airport ;) It's almost worth flying to Singapore just to visit the airport :) #teamsupertramp
teamsupertramp -
castyoursail : Hey @devinsupertramp ! Off topic, but will anyone else in teamsupertramp be joining you at NAB? Either way, look forward to saying hi :)
_danialrahman : No way! I was in singapore airport yesterday too :( I wish I had seen you
__k_a_i_ : Welcome to Singapore!! @devinsupertramp !! KUDOS! You're my inspiration! #art #passion
zeehamzah : Meetup in Singapore!! Inspired on all of your works! @devinsupertramp :)
julian_scott_m : How I wish you could conduct a professional level in glidecam usage. Love how you glide!
s.a.g.a.n : You kook
adhamsupertramp : Hi! Devin
aisha103 : I miss my chance of meeting you..! 😭
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