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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Look for KCP to be matched up on Dwyane Wade tonight. #DetroitBasketball
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_bn.04_ : It'll be an interesting Game. Dragic on Jackson, Wade on KCP, and Goatside on Drummong
grown_man_ : KCP locking kermit down tonight! #DetroitBasketball
_nba_related_ : Drummond on Whiteside?
allen_is_the_men : @_nba_related_ probably Drummond cuz he's younger
_nba_related_ : @allen_is_the_men I honestly don't know. Whiteside has been dealing with a stomach bug so that should give Drummond some advantage. : @swaggyt123
gudlyfethings : Miamis bench is going to destroy the Pistons bench. Even if the starters play well. That will decide the game smh trade those bums
lemonyfresh_34 - kkcavslover - markwang1014 - little_j_c -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
It's a Wild Wednesday presented by @budlight TONIGHT as we take on the Heat. TV: @foxsportsdetroit Plus Radio: Detroit Sports 105.1
flave21 : Pistons back to suckin lol @tylo_can 9 seed
mganthony90 : Hey @detroitpistons tag us! @detroitsports1051
audette102 : Go Pistons
getbig_2017 : Let's go pistons
broskipassthat__ : Start Stanley and put morris at the 4 please.
ngabor317 : #JohnsonvWinslow, DrummondvWhiteside. Good luck Detroit.
zombroeofficial : Let's go Miami
my_prestige__ : Imma be there
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Back to work. #DetroitGrind
detroitgrind -
ianm2001 : @jgillelan that rumour was built on literally nothing lol. The trade was Jennings, ily, Johnson, and a 1st rounder for melo, but it was just click bait on a shitty website that people believed
jgillelan : @ianm2001 I'm not saying it'll happen. I'm saying the Pistons need one more player to assemble a big three. With Stan, anybody could be gone at any given point given he changes like the weather and nobody ever sees anything coming.
ianm2001 : @jgillelan yeah he's definitely proven he's not afraid to get rid of people when they don't fit (waived jsmoove, let Monroe walk) and yeah I agree- we do need one more high quality player to contend for a championship. I feel like that in a few years when Andre/KCP peak and Stanley Johnson is getting better, not to mention RJax being even better by then (hopefully) we will have that big three. All we need to do at this point is assemble a quality bench rotation for the future and keep our draft picks.
jgillelan : @ianm2001 I won't disagree we need a more deep bench cause we do. Personally what I would do is try to bring monta Ellis in trading away Meeks, Jennings, and Blake. Then move pope to the bench and start Stanley Johnson. Then I would draft a point guard next season. So then you could have Jackson, Ellis, Johnson, Ersan, Drummond. Then for the bench (future draft pick), pope, Morris, tolliver, Baynes.
matthew.r.odriguez : Trash. Such trash
arif.akaytay : Ersan başarilar...
eugenepunzalanlayug : Trade ersan n tolliver, tolliver the worst in shooting 3's @#$@$$!
sterlingdemons : Im feelin it brotherman @jgillelan.
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Tough one tonight. Back at it Wednesday night against Miami at @thepalaceofauburnhills
hxccifx : Tough lost but i have hope unlike these other “fans"
alexandertheryan : Come on guys we know you can play! We saw it. We know it's there. DETROIT lets go
j_griff30 : @e.christopher nahh "bruh" you should probably do that. More than likely you don't watch enough basketball to even know what's going on. Smh😴
sal3232 : Damn Detroit.. Why do we do good against championship teams and lose to these mediocre teams... we live and die by the three pointer and in my eyes that's not how you play basketball.
hxccifx : Hey Detroit please like my design of Drummond. It would mean the world
zacharyraymond10 : Our bench is out weak spot. We are missing 2 key players. Once we can score when the starters are on the bench then we can win more and more games
colinbock1 : @sal3232 ay Milwaukee is a top team in the east
sal3232 : @colinbock1 any team is good in the east. I'm talking about a better team.
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
This is what #DetroitHustle is all about
detroithustle -
elijah.lee : @drewkuss16
bgarrity1 : @pvenn92 GIMME DAT!!
pvenn92 : @bgarrity1 scoreboard
_sinatra91 : @dest.ny__
joel_aka_bigj : @laurilavonen korist :)
laurilavonen : @joel_aka_bigj thats why drumomd is nr1 in rebounds
juacko_01 : @pepeloraa7 @mikillovet @gomez_miguel13 mi
prince.kemal : Eww #noinsideoffence @thegreen33 lmaoo
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
HALFTIME. @AndreDrummondd with 15 and 14 but we have work to do in the second half.
toreig : No one is a fake fan. They just look like shut tonight. If you were watching you'd understand.
ngabor317 : I wouldn't worry. Its a long season. Plus when Jennings and meeks come back they will be better ..including some February trades as well. Go pistons!!
travis_herrington : Tbh missing when Monroe was on our side
kingrayy21 : Yeah i argee w @toreig bad game tonight
bar_down17 : This team should finish with at at least 45 wins, teams so inconsistent. Hopefully we won't fall under .500 against Miami Wednesday, that's a game we have to win
thetroubleman313 : Need some firepower in starting lineup and from bench
aldooo_94 : Wow cmon detroit wtf thisbis not acceptable against the bucks tf
aldooo_94 : Ypu fools all sad on monroe your boi smashed your bitch
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Special moment for any @nba player. Here are Darrun Hilliard's first points
hamze_82 : @wchehouri my first NBA points would be posterizing your bitch ass
paid_infull_420 : #610 @book_of_borghi
manman_gambino : That's it ayyye been a fan
tossedsallade44 : @brian_sultana
ngabor317 : #d-league he will be going there soon
dclsurf : @darrun6x \\// keep grinding
gabbyldaniels : @mattyplu @rodriguezthomas
tylersonoga : With the way the bench is playing hilliard might see more time
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Same 5⃣ to start. Here's your @FanDuel Starting Five. #DetroitBasketball
detroitbasketball -
thehockeyinc : PISTON FANS FOLLOW HERE!!!!
busylombardi : Stanley Johnson should start Morris plays better coming off the bench
imoshea : I feel like if Stanley Johnson starts and put 15-20 points on a consistent basis they would be a better option
c.rathke : πŸ‘€ @childish_shambino
toreig : Stanley is too hype for me. He's good coming off the bench.
joey_johnson01 : Ankles broken
_official.luis : But missed but it's cool @joey_johnson01
highlightreel_1 : @joey_johnson01 who
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
OFFICIAL: We'll be honoring and retiring jerseys for Ben Wallace on January 16 and Chauncey Billups on February 10! #DetroitBasketball
detroitbasketball -
alxsba : As soon as i saw this post i bought great seats for 19 bucks and i just check the same section but 20 rows above they're going for 80 bucks already! !
codyshanks25 : @chasetheace314
deanmastronardi : @jamiemastronardi
d_delly88 : @notjustins @jonaskishmish @julliogorgis @amansour420 @randallsalem
andrew_e80 : Chauncey!!!!! πŸ€πŸ†
amarko22 : @cooldudecraig
justwizz : @laidbackmarley @juanzilla_13
richard1evans : @javi.bear
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
We're on the road TONIGHT! #Pistons & Bucks tip at 8 pm. #DetroitBasketball TV: @foxsportsdetroit RADIO: Detroit Sports 105.1
pistons - detroitbasketball -
_sachapiras_ : @guigue8_dp
michigan_m8de_88 : @seamus_andretti how the bench plays will decide if it is or not
seamus_andretti : You right, gotta see if stanley can keep improving @michigan_m8de_88
ezebuckets123 : @hdphenom_21 my two favorite teams go head to head
official_alialmawri : Easy win
bernardo_vvz : @iorramreis
angel82082 : Go Pistons
oh_coach_mike : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm glad he's outta Detroit too. Mooooooose
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