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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Our final Block of the Year nominee ... #BlocksByDre on Josh Smith! Click on our profile link to see all four finalists. Which one was the best? #DetroitBasketball
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kidhoward12 : @joeyboumansour Yes. But again, there he was not the "main" guy but was a huge part and had the ball in his hands a lot. Shots such as the mid range jumper which is the worst shot statistically in basketball and not allowed on the rockets are what alot of his shots consisted off. He was in a bad situation with the way he played. He was playing alot of 3 when he is a 4. Here he still shoots 3s but hits them at a much better rate and we can still use him to open it open for other players. But it was the same player,just in the wrong spot.
joeyboumansour : His shots were ridiculous and unnecessary in Detroit, he shot too much when he had others around him who could shoot. But then again, maybe that's why he seems alright on the rockets is because he's no longer taking those mid-range jumpers. I don't know, just personally, I hate watching him play and he put Detroit on a shitty path for the rest of the season and I truly think that if we released him in the beginning of the season, we would've been in the playoff picture.
joeyboumansour : @kidhoward12
kidhoward12 : @joeyboumansour it was a win win for both teams.
joeyboumansour : Very true @kidhoward12
seven_2paul : They need to try and get Jordan Crawford from the d-league
devin___thedude : @imsoufside_htx @from0to100 @willis713
therealpoint1 : #TeamDetroitPistons @detroitpistons
seaneboy12 - tommyconc99 - deeatqdoba - jhonatan_322 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Remember this @caldwellpope chase down? Is it the Block Of The Year? Watch the finalists on and let us know #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
edoardoboretto : Porca troiaπŸ˜‚@dbertus
dbertus : Look at the other @detroitpistons videos @edoardoborettoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
edoardoboretto : Ahahaha @dbertus
dawson.dutcher : Remember when your team hasn't made the playoffs for 6 straight years
coleslaw1018 : @maxlawrence_
all_detroitpistons : Dis gotta be the one
lucaditadi_nw : @simo_m9912
tyler_cremeans : Yes plz @brendanmarquis
graffitiverona - migue.jimenezz - daltonsmithman - deniya803 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
One of the perks of being a member of a #Pistons fan club ... Some lucky members of The Hardwood Club got to tour ESPN's headquarters! Sign up for a club on and get exclusive offers, content and experiences
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chris_a__ : #joshsmith
chris_a__ : πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
kieryn_emmah_mclean_03 : Haha yaaaas @_23martin23_
dr_zuhl : You da man!!!
chris1hudson : @mrwhite
jamiegretzinger : how are you on here?! @chris1hudson
chris1hudson : Pistons posted the vid from being at ESPN
chris1hudson : We have pistons people that came with us too @jamiegretzinger
gabe_baller_woodard_ - mehranasgarad - shiftteam_iverson - braylendwagger -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
@m10ose had this MONSTER block on Bogut. Was it the #Pistons Block of the Year? Watch them all on
pistons -
youngballeralex : @xxballerforlife19xx
c______19 : Against your warriors @eliot_nafziger
grabz : Remember this @cannywhat ?
luk_barbro : The block !!!!
egorchick_fedorenko : Wow, great moment! πŸ˜†
brother_sloan : @M10ose plays defense? Lol
eliot_nafziger : @c______19 Greg Monroe is ball, I will admit
dredouglas : @regonick @ljoledo knockdown
therealslimsharkey - alessio_am - r_abbas03 - homer_theus________probeasteam -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
We're looking back at some of the best blocks of the year, like this one by @atolliver44! See them all at
pistons -
kyle_buell : @twfb3 @2ballr
steph_the_thigh_lord : @codyy_osburn86 Hawks suck
roy_holsworth23 : @krobi_32
luk_barbro : # pistons 4 ever
kkowenguyae : mmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
egorchick_fedorenko : Ohoho πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
m_stanecki : @nolan_gersabeck
lucaditadi_nw : @simo_m9912
danny_paul_pavlik - jon_924 - brandonm4365 - ltb_trick_shots -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Of course this @brandonjennings pic made our Photos of the Year gallery on Go there to see them all
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cole14hockey : Why are you mad fart face @nathan_asmaro4
nathan_asmaro4 : At least I'm not childish and use retarded words I think that's u in that picture HA BOOM @cole14hockey
cole14hockey : What dude my dads a police I can go tell him to arrest you boom oh
jaycharlesda4th : I hope we keep him
jaycharlesda4th : Jennings at 1, move Jackson to 2. I've always thought he'd make a better SG...
rednation244 : That's for Josh smith
donnie_boal : Reggie should stay at point guard and should still be starting next season
serdar.k.33 : @donnie_boal no
jon_924 - gmoneylookinboy - thisguyrodolfo - ltb_trick_shots -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Your final Dunk of the Year nominee ... This @andredrummondd off-the-backboard jam from @brandonjennings. YOU pick the winner at #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
ogsav : @gavynflansburg
huntar_98 : These are too funny! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kingwagg : It will be gr8 to have the dealer back
elsebaei_14 : Where's jodie Meeks dunk ok the pelican?
elsebaei_14 : On*
ben_proen_350 : lol this was like 2 min before Brendan Jennings got injured
cryslur : Keep jennings!!!!!
lucaditadi_nw : @simo_m9912
phxsuns_bball - tommyconc99 - maravilhasdomundo23 - ltb_trick_shots -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
How about this KCP jam? Think it's the Dunk of the Year? Vote on #DetroitBasketball
detroitbasketball -
randyb_21 : @boseph18 me again
yaboyclarke : @noahlundgren dunk of the year
bdoucette15 : No way that's dunk of the year
yourchinkdanny : @prendii_ KALDWELL POPE
chickennogger : Andre had way better dunks
chickennogger : Rim grazer
nmorgan331 : They mean #pistons dunk of the year. No way this actual dunk of the year
prettyflqko : @swaggy_b5
basketball_feed - sports._.editor - thisguyrodolfo - ltb_trick_shots -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Think this Tayshaun jam is the #Pistons Dunk of the Year? Vote for the winner on #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
gumball_27 : @christiansimpson18 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ya but this list so wrong. This isnt even top twenty.
christiansimpson18 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @gumball_27
joshcassidy_ : @mattcassidy24 ooooh kill em
herbalife_god_joz : I love tayshaun but nawgh
danny_wolo : This is the dunk of the year for sure
andrew_lenkiewicz : Cross kyrie???
oklay9 : No way
royal.visuals : Made Kryie fall
sierra_1255 - phxsuns_bball - tommyconc99 - ltb_trick_shots -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
If you missed Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower's end of season media availability, watch some clips at
pistons -
collin_mong12 : It's isaacs dad. @timmyirwin_44 @isaacsteenson @ryan_garr1 @alexjgoodall
speakon.lek : He.weak
matteocristanelli : pistons pistons
juicy_j_232 : I hope they keep Jennings and Jackson and draft Stanley johnson
eivavolleyball : Stan is the Man! All the Best!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lol_itz_rj : I hope they don't give away Greg monroe. If they did we should get okafor from duke
_3pac_shakur : @jdagvnts watch out
jdagvnts : Don't sleep @_3pac_shakur
chris_zoits - joel_tets - 313_dlion - adrib747 -
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