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NBA Basketball Team
27 1907
20 1850
26 1065
27 1287
21 1470
19 2177
35 1937
18 1223
10 1166
12 1992
7 1507
2 1199
17 1540
29 1049
21 1769
13 1909
27 2951
27 2682
11 1778
10 2202
32 2236
10 2396
9 1581
228 1949
25 1997
11 1415
39 1577
15 2136
40 2340
12 1662
8 1517
19 1647
44 1793
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Kyle leads all scorers with 19 as the #Pistons go 5-2 in the preseason. #DetroitBasketball #DetroitPistons
pistons - detroitbasketball - detroitpistons -
__slyyyme : And the losing starts right about now πŸ‘Ž
carson_scheer : Kyle Singler! My boy! Go pistons! #pistonsrock
alec016 : @hankb10 @charliewyrick @treyridenour @turleywall14
abcgrade : If they win the games they suppose to win this season the possibilities are endless like fisher price
griffboyd : Yeeeeee!! @jasonhanlin @kylesingler @dylanschwarm
rajeev_rao : @ivanniko97
misa909 : @mattyfatty22
zvika1908 : Yesss Pistons rulez!!!
crawf06 - dave56606 - donkadriaj - mitch_6606 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
HALFTIME: #Pistons - 58, Sixers - 57; Kyle and Caron with 14 each and Spencer solid in his debut.
pistons -
october_daydreamer31 : @dfny88
afekete24 : That's his left wrist..... @olinsimplis
olinsimplis : The red one behind the basketball #BFT @afekete24
isaiah_justdid_it : #togetherwebuild
elevation_of_the_mind : @pistons2015 praise has been high from everything I've seen and heard. Tall guard that's a smart decision maker
pistons2015 : @elevation_of_the_mind hope he's good .. We hit 15 threes tonight
danielsboy : @88nichelle Jamiel
88nichelle : Lolol @danielsboy
drona1 - caleb_buren1 - zvika1908 - jotawallace -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
It's almost game time here! Go #Pistons!
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hiltzsam : On tv??
hitmen_baseball__ : Crowd going wild. Full house
christsakoff335 : Can someone please tell me the channel it on?
bparker313 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚full house
finellio3 : @hitmen_baseball__ πŸ˜‚
__nads__16 : I love u jerebko❀️😘😘
real___ontherise : Tony Mitchell!
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
The #Pistons knocking down shots during warm ups. Go Pistons!
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nickdavis_23 : They only show one shot from each person cause they miss the rest
mr.jclark : The Mayor is here to stay!
0to420realquick : Do that in the game @detroitpistons
rivaldotobia : Is that game gonna be on tv
ryanradke5 : @nickdavis_23 no
wramirez9 : Kobe who? @romsterballer
cwh12 : all of them probably took like 20 try's πŸ˜‚ @famous.da
famous.da : Shut up @cwh12
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
J-Smoove above the rim to remind us there are SIX days until the Pistons start the regular season! #DetroitBasketball
detroitbasketball -
adamfritchy : @telepow hahahaha
okie.mogly_41 : @tjanplusone πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
slaughter387 : I didn't know Patrick Stewart was a Pistons fan!?!
fjpeterpatch : Professor X mind lifting the Pistons into the playoffs
jamesmcgrade_ : Shouting out and following back next person that follows me! πŸ‘πŸ‘
priceofcarter : Holy crap the Detroit pistons have like the best lineup, but they haven't been in the playoffs for like 9 years
priceofcarter : But still I have confidence they will this year
marik_edelman : @maxim_shvetsov
superchico11 - aikman_cmu_unlv - mr_awesome27 - king_bmorr -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
GAME DAY. #Pistons wrap up the preseason against Philly at @thepalaceofauburnhills at 7:30. #DetroitPistons #DetroitBasketball
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c.greggs : @sdinwiddie_2508 will be playin. Break these niggas down on the court bruh
aquilina33 : Cant wait
daniel_habkirk : TV today??
devin_dombrow : ????^^^
djac82 : @justdoitdb
jamesmcgrade_ : Shouting out and following back next person that follows me! πŸ‘πŸ™
dboi_j : Let's go to work detroit
october_daydreamer31 : @dfny88
artem_mixailovich - van_der_raf - mattcrivari - e_rock34 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
@sdinwiddie_2508 has been cleared to play and he'll make his #Pistons debut tomorrow night! #DetroitPistons #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball - detroitpistons -
dan_lock21 : He's a stud! I'm excited to see him out there!
noahgordon20 : They said he's was gunna be out for most of the year?!?
real___ontherise : Hell yeahh!!!
detroit_kam : Earl sweatshirt coming back
actuallytim : @dukethakilla
d_kinsch : @whadupp_jrockk earl sweatshirt lookin ass
logantwasie : Yes sir thank you @russellbettinger
detroitsportsmafia : Can't Wait to see you hit the floor running tonight!!
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Brandon shares his favorite basketball memory to remind us there's just ONE WEEK until the season starts in Denver! #DetroitBasketball
detroitbasketball -
c.greggs : @mzephyr12 lol first off its the pre season 2nd you should do more than read stats and check box scores his shot selection is horrible
mzephyr12 : @c.greggs i watched every piston games last year and every pre-season games this year looll i know about his shot selection but it has really improved from last year, its just not falling so far in the pre-season but the effort is there. Hes being really coachable under SVG and with D.J its a killer combo, like we saw last game when they were on the floor together.
lilmissmelanie : I'll be there Opening Night!! See ya in Denver, @detroitpistons !!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€
kdavistrill : @c.greggs brandon shot selection isn't really bad just misses sometimes like any other person would
c.greggs : @kdavistrill nah its not that. He brings the ball up the court and pulls the 3 without passing in critical situations. Whether he makes it or not thats not the type of PG that can bring a team a championship.
alrayyashi11 : @c.greggs that's what chauncey used to do, if u could make it y not shoot it?
c.greggs : @alrayyashi11 Chauncey knocked down damn near every big shot "Mr Big Shot" his timing was impeccable he knew when he needed to pass or to shoot he was a true PG. Jennings is talented but hes way to inconsistent and immature
c.greggs : @alrayyashi11 dinwiddie will be a better fit
vvadnala - fordshamonn - tim023b - keith_bua11 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Good times with the guys at the #Pistons Member tip-off event at @thepalaceofauburnhills #DetroitPistons #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball - detroitpistons -
aidan8887 : Nice
jumping_j22 : #dope
aquilina33 : Im here now! Ughhhhhhh wish i knew dj was in the locker room!!! :( missed him
49fann : How nice
kingcj_15 : How could y'all release Zo?!
kingcj_15 : That's terribleπŸ˜’ smh
angeloyounis : @spartanfan02
zvika1908 : Cool!!!
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
The spotlight is on @andredrummondd #Pistons #DetroitPistons #DetroitBasketball
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emlalves : Playoffs this year o/
prohm99 : Hopefully @maksim_mladenovski
maksim_mladenovski : Ikr
sports.central34 : 🚨🚨 FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE SPORTS!!! 🚨🚨
elliot.sinclair : @gdub2345 pretty sad drummond has twice as many followers as the whole pistons team
gdub2345 : @elliot.sinclair we have to go to a couple of games bud
aaronkz34 : Follow Back Plz?
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