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42 2956
20 1992
48 2506
59 3118
107 3494
74 1807
62 1709
75 3195
63 3109
49 1497
106 3103
95 3147
65 2564
23 1922
16 1549
33 2254
82 2491
23 1934
44 2223
25 2474
100 3162
62 2774
41 2597
44 2257
141 2675
62 2337
87 2821
227 3075
62 1473
24 2383
322 2251
9 2039
13 2212
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Happy 313th Birthday Detroit! #MotorCity #DetroitBDay
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i3n1d7y : #313
s.shankar : #313
tripoutwest : #313 @jj
tripoutwest : @jjay32
jotawallace : Deeeeetroi baskebaaaaall!!!!
necktieninja : #313
james.rich12 : Detroit all day in this boy
det300zx : @nstylemotorsports @state_fair_savage @rfbcoe
mjf1011 - jsausi248 - dmitrymakspb - dysfunctional_scott -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Want to dunk with @pistonsflightcrew? Auditions are coming up August 2! Check out for the info
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thedetroitbadboys : #ThomasTuesday
jpg0129 : @___mdzy oh yeah! Cause my dunk skills are awesome. Lol
ckreilach1509 : @chasekreilach lmao ok!
___mdzy : @jpg0129 don't matter if we're launching off a trampoline !!! lmao .
shellypriebebray : @jpreebz
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isaac_spiller : Y'all need to make some trades and bring back the bad boys : ✨FUNNY LEBRON MEMES HERE✨
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
#TBT to the first time the #Pistons rocked the #MotorCity jerseys and Andre Drummond jumped ridiculously high.
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david_a_sloan : Trade Brandon Jennings and smith
joe_taneo : #tradesmith #tradedrummond #tradejennings
kushdreadhead : trade Drummond this guy is on dope^^^^
joey_zarate : Keep josh Smith, he's a great player
saventjigga : Josh Smith is an all around player the Pistons are just ass and this is coming from someone living in Detroit. Lol
kushdreadhead : Josh is a bum that takes too many shots #fanshatejosh
jordantidwell5 : LETS GO JOSH #Atlantaboy
basketballnews15 : NBA Simulation on my account be the first to pick your team.
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Fun fact: Jodie Meeks & D.J. Augustin were 2 of only 21 players to shoot over 40% from 3-point range last season.
michael.mcdowell : Jodie Meeks is going to surprise a lot of people next year.
zachgenovesi : so we're bad @naylorrrrrr
naylorrrrrr : Yah @zachgenovesi
adam.kimmith : GET GAYYYY
kushdreadhead : please trade Josh Smith
billybands__ : Trade josh smith now!!💯
scott_boiii : Good choices step in the right direction
pistonswag70 : 2014
milescurt1223 - hunterbetcher - _justchris__ - msdestinynekole -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Caron Butler & D.J. Augustin fit the job description SVG was looking for: well-respected veterans known as tenacious competitors who can shoot. #Pistons #DetroitBasketball
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saileshyar : Yeahh boi
nilzzz0 : @nickthegreek98
santi.gk : A new era
haydarh5 : @oghanim25 SVG double threat!
oghanim25 : Augistin Meeks and Caron. The new Amigo Trio @haydarh5 , I just.pray sheed still around to witness the DET-ROIT revival
kushdreadhead : please trade Josh Smith
scott_boiii : Its gunna be hard to get rid of smith where gunna get the short end of trade with him
sheldon_ap : Dj augustin is the most underrated player in the league so u got a lucky getting him
hunterbetcher - _justchris__ - msdestinynekole - dawidg23 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
@caronbutler is in the D, baby! #Pistons #DetroitBaskeball
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threeoh_natural : Yay @caronbutler in my city in my funky town!!! Welcome to Detroit & to the Pistons!!! I kept my eye on your NBA journey since we met at LoveDC in 09 when u played for the wizards but I wasn't a wizards fan. I Am A Deeeeetroit Basketballll fan all day so I'll be reppin ur jersey for my team!!!! Have a great season!!!
alecgappy : @jessepierce11
jessepierce11 : Yes dude we gon be good @alecgappy
alecgappy : EREH @jessepierce11
shari41a : Welcome to Detroit, Caron!!!
kbryant_96 : That sounds so wrong 😂
det300zx : @state_fair_savage @nstylemotorsports @rfbcoe
roger.tyb : @21.devon.21
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Hey #Pistons fans! Here's a message from D.J. Augustin. #DetroitBasketball
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slckvick : @moemuscles You mad, bro?
alex_morgan_01 : They waived siva after this @_willdrizzake
semir313 : Augustine is good. I dk if I would start him instead of Brandon. I like the Meeks pick up. Finally a solid SG that can help the team in that position. It's a good mix of players hopefully it will work
mz919 : We released Siva today@willdrizzake
ryanvanliere : @bpv05 @ayevezzy
bar_down17 : We don't want the 8th seed, we want higher!
threeoh_natural : Welcome to Da City!! Lets get some wins & da Ship, take it from the spuds!
scott_boiii : I would take him him over bjenns any day
__thtrealdetroitnigga__ - louisrochaii - jswash13 - pistons_0 -
detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
And welcome to the #Pistons D.J. Augustin! #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
ankit_sarkar : @beastmode123345 cuz the bulls chose Hinrich over him....stupid choice
beastmode123345 : Yea it was a stupid choice. @ankit_sarkar
nabeel.u : @_dopest_niggaz_ because fuck you
chi23_lakers24 : Noo
rcraigyoung : Thx bulls
thomas.augustine.169 : Welcome
_dopest_niggaz_ : Fuck u nabeel
yungdreww : Yea I don't care what the situation you have to be pretty good to average 13 and 4 @hickman555
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Welcome to the #Pistons, Caron Butler! #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
bl__49 : @danielcooke3
david_a_sloan : @taz4primeminister great observation! We are champions with van gundy!
meekster13 : @boop820
jgizzle8000 : Win us a ring Butler!!!
keaton_mickens : I think he will do great. Handing josh smith water on the end if the bench... 😂@dakotam30
keaton_mickens : @dakotam_30
luke_placher2 : Caron butler fucking sucks #washed #up @dakotam_30 @keaton_mickens
chrissmith1178 : 5 year ago this would have been a great signing..but now.No
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detroitpistons - Detroit Pistons
Hey #Pistons fans! Here's a message from @jmeekstreypiece. #DetroitBasketball
pistons - detroitbasketball -
brendonfcrew : @joedoh15 too injury prone, guy only played 22 games last year, Monroe has never been injured for longer than 1 or 2 games, id rather not lose that for a guy who misses almost the whole season
davisisho : Yeeeet 😌
t15m15 : You guys are forgetting that greg is still developing, he is only 24. Serge is his age also but there is no way we could just go and trade for him, even with a sign and trade. The @detroitpistons should be trying to keep the two cornerstones of the future (Monroe and Drummond)
jr.1067 : Why did you guys waive Peyton siva he had so much potential and he never played now he is dominating in the summer league and you waived him you guys should've given him a chance to play he was a real good player he just didn't get to play at all you guys need to trade brandon Jennings for someone better because now that you let to Peyton siva you have no good point guard. @ @detroitpistons
amongstlafamilia_ : @jmeekstreypiece nigga you came for the money. Not mad But Don't act like you love it When u dont .
kccrawdad : S
kccrawdad : Must be the same person who passed up on Carmello @jr.1067
jiggyjust : @_fife_ nigga got a baby Kobe cut 😩
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