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Nataysia Jordan, 5, of Flint drinks from a water bottle during Neighborhood Meetings at Foss Avenue Baptist Church on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016, in Flint. #FlintWaterCrisis Photo by Salwan Georges/Detroit Free Press @salwangeorges
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dooleysroseville : Such a terrible think to happy to that cute girl. #a shame
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During prayer after speaking to the media Wednesday, Janet Wilson's nieces Cassie and Talia Bass receive comfort from Minister Malik Shabazz, left. "I don't want you to turn a blind eye to this," Bass said. "This should not happen. This cannot keep going on. An injustice for one is injustice for all." State Police are investigating Wilson's death Jan. 27 near Fairlane Town Center. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @salwangeorges #dearborn
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barberal313 : πŸ‘
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'It blew my mind. It was boggling because you don't think this can happen in this city being a GM city at one time and being surrounded by five great lakes. This ain't supposed to happen here man,' #Flint resident Roel Martinez said while taking a break at his home while helping deliver donated water to homebound and spanish speaking residents in Flint's east side. 'I was devastated. A part of me wanted to just get up and leave and pack and go but I'm a #Flintstone by heart. I was like I'm going to ride it out and do what I can do to volunteer to help and see if we can correct this.' Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #flintwatercrisis #flintwater #flintlivesmatter #photojournalism
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
A broken case of bottled water lays along the street near a station handing out water to #flint residents in need during the #flintwatercrisis Residents without transportation have to carry the heavy cases to their homes. Some Flint residents have still only had water delivered to their house once since the effort started. #flintlivesmatter Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza
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sarahhlaplante : @collieflower922 the National Guard has been deployed to help with the water crisis, my unit and soldiers were there last week. It's a terrible situation that's not improved by only complaining about it.
sherwoodhalfkegs : National Guard are great people and helped many while here in full force. They just weren't allowed to stay. #thankyou #flintwatercrisis
michigancello : @jimananich @repdankildee
1_milad_3 : How are they going to shower with bottled water?????
raqtres : @shanelli πŸ’”
shanelli : @raqtres it's truly unbelievable
sarahhlaplante : @sherwoodhalfkegs the national guard is being redeployed soon. Orders are coming down, but some are on a volunteer basis and there is only a start date with no given end date.
anna.ridge : @abneylarry
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
'I believe that they've got to listen to us because we're not going away. We're not going away and we'll be back if they don't listen,' Flint resident Gladyes Williamson-Bunnell said while holding water that came from her tap and a wad of her hair that has fallen out she said due to the Flint water before taking one of two buses with Flint residents and other protestors heading to Washington D.C. to rally during the Congressional hearing on the Flint water crisis. 'I get to take a shower twice a week. Does the Governor get to take a shower more than twice a week? If he does then he doesn't understand.' Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #flint #flintwatercrisis #flintlivesmatter
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michaelreneo : Amen
robdiddy : @detroitfreepress love how the latest article place blame on the African American ems
ladymissadrienne : πŸ’”
treerobbins : Gross! @katiedrobbins
anna.ridge : @tnev21
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#Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announces an expansion of the city's summer program, "Grow Detroit's Young Talent" at Detroit Regional Chamber on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016. Photo by Regina H. Boone/Detroit Free Press
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Darlene Rogers of Flint sheds tears while raising her arm as a pastor talks about the effects of the lead in the water harming the children of Flint as she holds her grandson Zavier Williams, 3, of Flint during a town hall meeting about the Flint water crisis on Monday February 1, 2016 at Flint Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #flint #flintlivesmatter #flintwatercrisis
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clouberg : Powerful
michigadr : It breaks my heart to see this happening in my home state, but it makes me proud to see the strength of the residents of Flint.
parkerv1 : Someone needs to be responsible. Glad the FBI is on this.
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Russell Simmons reacts after noticing he's sitting next to Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha of Hurley Medical Center in Flint who helped discover and force the state of Michigan to realize the poisoning of residents from lead in the Flint water during a rally at First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #flintwatercrisis #flint #russellsimmons @unclerush
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ladymissadrienne : @ryangarza RYAN!!!!!! xoxoxoxox
ladymissadrienne : @lizhos813 @lisa__lou__ @aaronthomaslevy @britinflint this was the photographer at my mom and dads anniversary party β€ΌοΈβš‘οΈπŸ––πŸ»
anthonyevekemp : MONA LoVe S.P.A.R.K. Art Project on way back home!
za_zarose : Queen Dr. Mona we love you ❀for standing up for our city #flinttown
vanzzari : Dr. Mona, you are the epitome of strength, beauty and courage. You are a true super hero!
sherwoodhalfkegs : Dr. Mona...The voice for so many. #thankyou from #flint
zd363 : Bless you! #FlintNative
killinthemsoftlee_linares : Thank you for Dr. Mona thank god she was the whistle blower smh @ the water issue right here in the US... πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Clarence Houston from Detroit holds the alginate and plaster mold of his face during the face casting demonstration on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016, at the Red Bull House of Art in Detroit. Photo by Tim Galloway/Special to the Detroit Free Press @tim_galloway
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
The #flintwatercrisis with its lead contamination is forcing residents to drink, bathe & cook with cases & cases of bottled water. The crisis is also leaving hundreds of thousands of empty water bottles, many residents are starting to recycle now. Nicole Henry steps off her Republic Services recycling truck to pick up another recycling bin full of empty water bottles in front of a home on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Since the Flint water crisis developed and with the 100,000's of free water bottles given away Republic Services has seen more people sign up for its recycling program. Photo by Detroit Free Press photographer @ericseals
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jamadiggins : God bless everyone in.Flint
angelarruth : #flintrecyclingcrisis @stevecavanaghpetdetective
stevecavanaghpetdetective : @angelarruth πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’§
rebecca__goldberg : @amypalomar
melb1177 : I was hoping there would be some recycling going on
ericseals : @melb1177 Yeo there sure is. I saw lots of it going on when I was shooting. Check out for the story ♻️♻️♻️
restoretheroar84 : So are they fixing the pipes and everything......or???
healthyentrepreneurmovement : Check our website and solve the #flintwatercrisis2016
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