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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Hood 2 Hood Riderz member Jacqueline Goodlett of Detroit prepares to patrol neighborhoods with other bike club members from GMOB Detroit and GLOW Detroit bike groups while volunteering for Angels' Night patrol at Northwest Activities Center in Detroit on Thursday, Oct. 30,2014. #AngelsNight #Detroit Photo by @ryangarza
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coryrx : DEVIL'S NIGHT! WTF is Angels Night?!
paul_rock_city : #devilsnight
mlg99_ : Angel's night indeed πŸ™
dogsrule4me : devils night was replaced with angels night in the D. Great job angels
shellypriebebray : So great that all of the volunteers do this!
inharmonyoga : πŸ˜‡
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
The sun shines on Cobo Center as seen from West Congress Street approaching the Lodge Freeway on-ramp. Detroit Free Press photojournalist Eric Seals (on Instagram as @ericseals) drove a different way home from the new Detroit Free Press offices near Campus Martius Park & saw this glaring view as the sun started to set.
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detroitfreepress : #detroit #sunset #glare #iphone #iphone5 #iphoneonly #instagram
coachglue : πŸ‘Œ
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Brianna Isobski, 19, of Dearborn paint a closet door on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, in front of a Habitat for Humanity home. They both were on one of more than 20 volunteers that came to a few Habitat for Humanity homes on Hartwell Street in Dearborn to help with the landscaping of homes during "Make a Difference Day." #makeadifferenceday Photo by @ericseals
makeadifferenceday -
habitatdetroit : Thank you so much for coming out to celebrate Make a Difference Day with us. We had nearly 200 volunteers in 6 locations around metro Detroit. You all are awesome! Great photo @ericseals
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
#freepmoving Detroit Free Press photojournalist Eric Seals @ericseals captured friend & fellow photojournalist Romain Blanquart @dandyromain as he was joining in making a toast on the roof on the last day in the building we've called home since 1998. On Monday journalists at the Freep move to a new building down the street.
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detroitfreepress : #silhouette #toast #atoast #photojournalists #detroit #newspapers #iphone #instagram #instagramhub #igersdetroit
andrewellison93 : Great shot, one for the books.
marlonawalker : Sunday for some of us, @detroitfreepress!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Dan Austin @newspapermann of the Detroit Free Press climbed to new heights to shoot this picture of several members of the Free Press photo, metro & editorial page departments on our last day in the building we've shared with the Detroit News since 1998. On Monday we all move down the street closer to the old Federal Reserve building with a new more bright & friendly interior. Plus we're closer to Campus Martius & many of the new popular restaurants opening in the area.
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moosebey : Nice!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
"By 2060, the chance that two randomly-selected Michiganders will be of different racial or ethnic backgrounds will increase from 39% to 60%, according to a USA Today Diversity Index which analyzed census data and demographic trends. In that time, the state's Hispanic population will more than double, its African-American and Asian population will increase, and six times as many Michiganders will identify themselves as multiracial, according to projections by the USA Today." One school in Metro Detroit is a leader in the state of Michigan in the category of a diverse classroom. These are the second grade students that Barb Kilgore teaches at R. Grant Graham Elementary School in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The school has double-digit percentage representation of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics & Asians.​ Check out the story in today & on page 1A of today's newspaper. Photo by Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press. On Instagram as @ericseals
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
The 2015 Toyota Camry XLE photographed by Detroit Free Press photojournalist Eric Seals @ericseals while he was out on a test drive & location scouting for good places to shoot exteriors for the newspaper. He ended up finding this nice cornfield near Saline, Michigan. With the color of this redesigned Camry called "Pre-dawn Gray" it works well with the green of the grass & yellow of the dried corn stalks. Toyota held a press conference today to show off to automotive journalists the Camry. "The car drove & handled great for me but at 6 foot 5, I needed more head room." Check for the Brent Snavely story & more pictures later today & in the newspaper tomorrow :-)
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guerrillagardener : It's a global economy. Deal with it.
mcclure17 : Fuck foreign vehicles support the big 3 assholes
brad0nryy : No true Michigander wants to see this shit #ford #gm #big3
mjmatuscak : @detroitfreepress you just got #unfollow #USA
admreid : Common freep. You know better.
thefriendfarmer : @guerrillagardener I hope you're unemployed from the global economy. Douche.
thesteve3rd : I love it when ppl are so ignorant about economics
thesteve3rd : ...not
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Reed Shannon, who plays Michael Jackson, talks to the press during the red carpet for Berry Gordy Jr.'s "Motown: The Musical" at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. #MotownTheMusical #Motown #Detroit Photo by @dandyromain
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
As the morning sun rises with Detroit in the background, runners head up an incline on the Ambassador Bridge at mile 3 of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Free Press photojournalist Eric Seals on Instagram as @ericseals spend his morning on the bridge during the marathon. #freepmarathon
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lolamarcia : @mundus_r
officialtbiggs : @mia627 @kelli1127
coachglue : Great view of the city! πŸ‘Œ
mundus_r : @lolamarcia so many selfies!! Saw a girl trip f'real. And barefoots.. Felt a bit soft after saw them bruhs.. Over all beautiful experience. Except..someone tried to pass me some bacon. :(
mia627 : @officialtbiggs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
The 6:30 am calm before the storm of runners & walkers crossed the Ambassador Bridge during mile 3 of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Free Press photojournalist Eric Seals on Instagram as @ericseals spend his morning on the Ambassador Bridge during the marathon. #freepmarathon
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detroitfreepress : #ambassadorbridge
blueeyez1708 : Love this!!
mrsardoski : @kathleenerz
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