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18/05/2016 17:41:38
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03/05/2016 20:59:37
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#flintwatercrisis #michigan #flint #flintlivesmatter #photojournalism
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13/04/2016 15:40:56
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Former WBC champion Anthony Dirrell (right) watches as hip hop artist #snoopdogg applies defense during the the Hoop 4 Water celebrity basketball game at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint on Saturday May 21, 2016. Proceeds from the event put on by Snoop Dogg and former Toronto Raptor player Morris Petterson will go toward the Morris Peterson Jr. Foundation for water relief efforts. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #basketball #flint #flintwatercrisis #michigan
snoopdogg - michigan - basketball - flint - flintwatercrisis -
aphaseltine : Foul.
m_hallowell : @boostvibes
ellenvile : @charlestrees
teegh56 : Old man still has hops. Show'em Snoop!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
“Ain't Too Proud to Beg” by The Temptations — which dominated the airwaves in the mid-60s — is No. 57 on Freep's countdown of 100 Greatest Detroit songs.
pleaves : @mattcaruana RUFF
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
"All Summer Long" by @KidRock made Freep's list of 100 greatest Detroit songs at No. 78.
lostdogrecords : Who voted?
pizzabloke - cwabld - jenniferlkretz - erinrk -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
A-Force at Motor City Comic Con. Follow live coverage at Photo by Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press.
jfasseel : @ajordaable
_detroit_ish : Cool !
mr_edventure - thesmartaleck - pizzabloke - ericanixon35 -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
"Come See About Me" by The Supremes is No. 90 on the Freep's list of 100 greatest Detroit songs.
jeanettestafford : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
hiddenhues : Ah I love this song
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Holy free entry, Batman! Just *heart* this photo for a chance to win two free weekend passes to this weekend’s #MotorCityComicCon. And then get geeked with Free Press coverage from the event all weekend long. We’ll have videos, photos, celeb interviews and more at
motorcitycomiccon -
jenniferhamra : Pretty please! ❤❤
delifefully : Yes, thank you so much. So excited!!!@detroitfreepress 👍🏽💕
jtkaczyk917 : 💝
wallycroc : Pick me!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Two brothers in a dying neighborhood draped an American flag on a fence and started Burnside Car Wash. This homemade business began when the two brothers got laid off from their jobs and wound up back in their old neighborhood. To get by, they started a car wash in front of their house with little more than a hose, some soap and a vacuum cleaner. Erik Pritchett, 38, of Detroit, washes a customer's car at the Burnside Car Wash on Saturday, April 24, 2016, in Detroit, MI. “It just grew on from there,” said Erik Pritchett, 38, who started it with his brother Chris. “We were like, ‘Hey, it’s drawing attention and drawing people to want to come here and feel what we we’re going through.’ So we kept it up. We were just born into this environment,” Chris Pritchett said. “I didn’t ask to be born here in the ghetto, you know? I would’ve chosen the suburbs or anything else. But basically you’ve got to see what you can use as your natural resources in your environment, just to build your community.” Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @salwangeorges #burnsidecarwash #detroit #michigan
burnsidecarwash - michigan - detroit -
derekmehraban : Awesome!!!
black_bottle_brobro : #burnsidecarwash
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
'I understand why you're angry and frustrated. I want to apologize,' Governor Rick Snyder said to a crowd of over a thousand gathered at Flint Northwestern High School to hear President Barack Obama speak as he is met with constant booing by the crowd. 'I'm here to tell you you didn't create this problem government failed you,' he said while being replied with 'you did' by some in the crowd of residents who most were given their first chance to see the governor in Flint since the #flintwatercrisis Snyder talked about fixing the city after the 'short-term water crisis' Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #snyder #michigan
flintwatercrisis - michigan - snyder -
mauimagicedibles : Oh ya I forgot.....everything is Obamas fault......
nanatoot50 : This is not a "short term" crisis!! Snyder needs to be prosecuted 😡
detroitmutt : Boo
g2morgan : When crises like this arise, we should recall Alan Greenspan's following the mortgage crisis, "The world view that I held for forty years was wrong."
jillchristen - thepineapplechronicles - budonkayonkus - anton.mikolowski -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
President Barack Obama drinks a glass of filtered #Flint water while speaking at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan during trip to Flint to learn about the #flintwatercrisis photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #obama #flintwater #michigan
flintwatercrisis - michigan - flint - flintwater - obama -
riddellterri : I think it looks too clear to be Flints water!!😬
daveh1141 : Don't believe it
kidrock40 : Watched video, A joke! Big lips never even touched glass looked good on TV, but if you look at it frame by frame you will see that glass was covered by clear Plastic! No chance that water would touch his lips! Very poor attempt at a Magic trick! Pass this post on!
debsi_do : Four more years please!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Reflected in a puddle, Detroit Federation of Teachers protest for the second day during a district wide sick-out Tuesday, May 3, 2016, in front of the Fisher Building in Detroit. Photo by Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press @detroitmandi
tamtamsituation : @vagrant_m
babes87101116 : This stinks. My boyfriend is a teacher with DPS, we have 4 kids to support and one on the way. We need this money. He earned this money. 😤
kim.chesney : All those teachers work hard and should be paid!!!
morcutt43 : Teachers nationwide should be making more money than Congress, with the same benefits
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