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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Vice President Joe Biden, center, speaks to a crowd at Old Tiger Stadium's field Monday, Sept. 1, 2014, before the annual Labor Day parade in Detroit along Michigan Ave. On stage in solidarity with the Vice President is UAW President Dennis Williams, left and Teamsters President James P. Hoffa. #JoeBiden #Detroit #LaborDay Photo by @reginahboone
laborday - detroit - joebiden -
margeleahy : We need leadership...this administration is not cutting it.
detroitdaddy72 : Lord Help us all if this represents Detroit's future aspirations #moveon #makeithappenwithoutthe government
annieophoto : Diamond Joe! @seanslebrich
efyouceekay : #screwjoebidenand hislyingthiefcronnies
bevincredible : WHOO HOO! GO DETROIT!!! #nothingstopsdetroit.
rlmccrum : This is one reason why I'll never buy a car that was built by the UAW.
julcic : He's a jackass and so is Obama #failedleadership
bamaredwingsfan : ^what she said
bamaredwingsfan - michelleb6419 - hannahdast - zacharyssteve -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Sidney Carter, of Powder Springs, Ga., paints cubism during the Arts, Beats and Eats festival in Royal Oak today. Photo by Kimberly P. Mitchell/DFP (@souldelightfull ) #artsbeatsandeats #abe #festival #royaloak #michigan
festival - michigan - royaloak - artsbeatsandeats - abe -
javito99ish : I miss to be there as past year!
mrskilian : @detroitfreepress I JUST walked by him @ 40 mins or so painting!!
thegreatlakesstate - sjosic - hannahthesixth - baseballinthed -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Joshua Redman performs with The Bad Plus during the opening night of the 35th Annual Detroit Jazz Fest Festival in Detroit. #detroitjazzfest #detroit Photo by @ryangarza
detroitjazzfest - detroit -
acmckinnon12 : All the #canada crew from #LaSalle will be out tommorow for #detroitjazzfest! Lookin forward to it!
troyzookeeper : 🎷🎶 @jiveaaron
lauracumbow : They were amazing!
shari9816 - sirrblurr - mr_abody - digdugmich -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Smile for the camera! A yearling horn dorset ram stands on a table after competing at the #Michigan State Fair in Novi. #MichiganStateFair #ram Photo by @ericseals
michigan - ram - michiganstatefair -
misselaine0930 : @iamreaceline @super_nadine
shari9816 : What is that metal bracket "thing". It looks mean :-(
poesygallery : @shari9816 i agree :(
gailmurso : I don't think that is a smile :(
windy4art : He looks like Mike Tyson.
aunty_rob : Right shari9816
johnboz3 : @lorddouma
lorddouma : NO!
sehatch1230 - debragale - sirrblurr - keithkingphoto -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Trays of Coney Dogs are lined up before the start of the fourth annual American Coney Island Coney Dog Eating Challenge on Thursday Aug. 28, 2014, at the American Coney Island in downtown Detroit. #hotdog #coneyisland #americanconeyisland #detroit Photo by @ryangarza
americanconeyisland - coneyisland - detroit - hotdog -
crisystar : @chrislibecki
crbucky13 : @alliemaracle
alliemaracle : This just made my whole day @crbucky13
northbrosfordwestland : Yum!
teefout : @danshutt2
ibnemmitt : Man those look good. Are they beef?
belljam : @_wonderwoman08_
toyacolebell : @belljam Dayuuummmm!!!
cipacoke - ziebenmare - whatupdet - cranesonbroadway -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
#yankees Derek Jeter bats in the 1si inning at #comericapark in #detroit #detroittigers #newyorkyankees #derekjeter #baseball #baseballinthed #mlb photo by Diane Weiss @baseballinthed @dddetroit
mlb - comericapark - detroittigers - derekjeter - detroit - newyorkyankees - baseball - baseballinthed - yankees -
thefriendfarmer : Jeter Sucks
yehl1cc - reiter331 - ebrown5er - coach_mitchell -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Special commemorative base in honor of #newyorkyankees Derek Jeter #derekjeter #comericapark #baseballinthed #detroit #detroittigers #tigers#baseball #mlb #yankees #newyork
mlb - newyorkyankees - baseballinthed - derekjeter - newyork - tigers - detroit - comericapark - baseball - detroittigers - yankees -
flakervision : Why? Name one Tiger to visit Yankee Stadium and get this treatment. I don't get it. #getaroom
anmar103 : @flakervision name one Tiger that is retiring? It's a respect thing to do this stuff for great players that are playing in their last MLB career. Each stadium that Jeters been to so far has done or giving him something as their version of a going away present.
anmar103 : MLB season*
flakervision : @anmar103 We have had players retire in the past and will in the future. Some great some not so great. None will ever get this treatment in NY. Enjoy the juice. Hope DJ enjoys his flight to Toronto. Go Tigers.
itsmebird : @flakervision Derek is from Kalamazoo; from the home state, it's fitting!
flakervision : @itsmebird He was born in NJ moved to Kzoo when he was 4 and I agree with you but not to this extent. But I guess the "hype" sells tickets. I just don't ever see this type of thing happening in NY for a Tiger.
anmar103 : @flakervision this type of respect gets done to all great athletes retiring. It just seems that you don't like NY or the team. I'm sure if Cabrera retired tomorrow and he accomplished as much as Jeter has in his career then I'd be safe to bet that other ball parks including the Yankees would honor him.
rn_it_is - bopels - tarra_lyn - cceyers -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
The last time that #2 Yankees Derek Jeter will lay his helmet in #Detroit. #newyorkyankees Yankees #derekjeter #comericapark #baseballinthed #detroittigers #tigers #mlb #baseball photo by Diane Weiss @baseballinthed and @dddetroit
mlb - comericapark - baseballinthed - derekjeter - tigers - detroit - 2 - newyorkyankees - baseball - detroittigers -
yellow_skye : The Yzerman of baseball.
thefriendfarmer : Jeter sucks
tonypunkrock : who cares
laur_smith : @dschaffff @kglass21 Yankees suck
kglass21 : Agreed @laur_smith
detroitfreepress : Baseball fans care!
seido_photography : Or is it?
flakervision : Enjoy that flight to Toronto Jeter. Enough already.
rpalileo3 - bopels - barbara51274 - 7kari22 -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
#Michigan #peaches are scarce on this side of the state because of last winter's frigid temperatures. On #Verellen's orchard in Washington Township, they only harvested four. These peaches are from Grand Rapids. Photo by @reginahboone
peaches - verellen - michigan -
liteskinthugga : Are u saying that western Michigan has less peaches but more beaches @detroitfreepress amirite???
bigdogdre : @papasald look at these beauties..
mammamusings : ...and with the preach festival right around the corner b
pbjeezytime : So is east more frigid than west, or vice versa?
reginahboone : More peaches on the west due to lake effect I was told...
dangar : @vickaxo peaches!!
seido_photography : Follow me? I totally followed yall. Check out @urbanei1 peace
explorechelsea : Picked up some beauties at Chelsea Farmers Market this week. #chelseamich
chevydetroit - hickman555 - jessicaelizabeth021 - nancyjw52 -
detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Richard Foody, a hazard mitigation officer based in Chicago, is among a team of officers taking a closer look at the damages done in the 24100 block of Eureka in #Warren, one of the hardest hit areas of recent flooding. Photo by @Regina hboone
warren -
cowboy53 - sareenpa - debragale - lvsimon -
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