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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
President Barack Obama drinks a glass of filtered #Flint water while speaking at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan during trip to Flint to learn about the #flintwatercrisis photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #obama #flintwater #michigan
flintwatercrisis - michigan - flint - flintwater - obama -
damnitstephaniie : @bcn4059 comment ever.
khustek : @nhustek @dre1315 bet you they tested it multiple times first 🙄
adriennececilia : Yeah right. Poured straight from a bottle I'm sure.
riddellterri : I think it looks too clear to be Flints water!!😬
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Reflected in a puddle, Detroit Federation of Teachers protest for the second day during a district wide sick-out Tuesday, May 3, 2016, in front of the Fisher Building in Detroit. Photo by Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press @detroitmandi
tamtamsituation : @vagrant_m
babes87101116 : This stinks. My boyfriend is a teacher with DPS, we have 4 kids to support and one on the way. We need this money. He earned this money. 😤
kim.chesney : All those teachers work hard and should be paid!!!
morcutt43 : Teachers nationwide should be making more money than Congress, with the same benefits
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Michael Richardson stands with #Flint painted across his forehead while accompanying his mother to show support to those in Flint during the Flint Prayer Day outside of Flint City Hall. A group of people came together to pray for the city during the #flintwatercrisis and hand out water and donated supplies for families. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer @ryangarza #michigan
flintwatercrisis - michigan - flint -
kruebird3 : My prayers still go up for everyone there. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
raqtres : 🙏🏽
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
"Tron Man" at Penguicon 2016 in Metro Detroit. Jay Maynard, 55, of Fairmont, Minnesota made this suit 12 years ago & became an internet sensation for it. He decided to reintroduce & wear it around during the weekend long sci-fi, gamer & hacker convention going on this weekend at the Westin hotel. #penguicon2016 Photo by Detroit Free Press photographer @ericseals
penguicon2016 - iphone6 - penguicon - iphone - instagram -
detroitfreepress : #instagram #iphone #iphone6 #penguicon
paulpattonphotography : Nice! 👌🏾
ericseals : @paulpattonphotography Thanks man 👍🏽
paulpattonphotography : @ericseals you're welcome 👍🏾
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Flint resident Amariyanna 'Mari' Copeny 8 also known as 'Little Miss Flint' hugs her mother Loui 'LuLu' Brezzell after she read a response from president Barack Obama to Mari in her 3rd grade class at Woodland Park Academy Charter School in Grand Blanc. Mari's letter to the president inspired him to visit the people of Flint, MI dealing with the Flint Water Crisis next week. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer Ryan Garza @ryangarza #flintwatercrisis #flint #michigan #obama #littlemissflint #photojournalism
littlemissflint - flint - photojournalism - flintwatercrisis - michigan - obama -
gadget_jones : I would love to shoot for @detroitfreepress
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Congrats to Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, pediatrician and director of the Michigan State University and Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative, for being nominated as number 20 in #TIME 100 Most Influential People for her research that showed a dangerous spike in children's blood-lead levels during the #flintwatercrisis “I am honored and humbled to be on the TIME 100 Most Influential People list,” Hanna-Attisha said in a statement released. “However, the most influential people in my world are the people of Flint — the smart, strong and resilient people of Flint that are approaching their third year of unsafe water. I hope this recognition continues to bring awareness to the ongoing Flint Water Crisis, and the very human story behind the crisis.” Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer Ryan Garza @ryangarza #flint #michigan #time100 #flintlivesmatter
flint - flintlivesmatter - time - flintwatercrisis - michigan - time100 -
tombomb91 : @clairehickner is this your go to?
maldhali : @papaya_ayah
mamamiaitspriya : @natashaenufsaid @marlisa_nicole @alishaatallah
gonebeachinunsalted : 😎
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Legendary musician #Prince has died at 57. This photo of Prince is from a 1984 concert at Joe Louis Arena in #Detroit and was shot by former Detroit Free Press photographer William Archie.
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mooncat1 : ,😥😥😥RIH
quahina : No comment
ieota : Wow!
sandistroud : My first concert
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Flint mayor Karen Weaver takes questions from a room full of reporters following Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announcing charges against two state and one Flint city official in the #flintwatercrisis 'These charges are only the beginning and there will be more to come. That I can guarantee you.' Schuette said. Multiple charges were filed against Mike Glasgow, the city's laboratory and water quality supervisor; Mike Prysby, a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality official; and Stephen Busch, the suspended Lansing district coordinator for the DEQ’s Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance. Photo by Detroit Free Press staff photographer Ryan Garza @ryangarza #flint #michigan #diptych #photojournalism
diptych - flintwatercrisis - michigan - flint - photojournalism -
cheyenneduv : So the mayor doesn't take any of the blame for her citys' water crisis but people will try to force blame on the governor of a whole state who actually had very little to do with the whole thing...mmmk -_-
kernsmith : She wasn't elected until November. How can she be responsible for what happened before she was mayor?
anthonyevekemp : LongliiveMayorKarenWeaver!
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
Former @detroitredwings player Darren McCarty slaps on some skates for the pre-game fun before game four of playoff hockey at Joe Louis Arena.
dmh1957 : Cool!!! GO WINGS!
p8ntballnxj : @jenram5
buffasu : We need him!!!
krissyedem : Love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎
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detroitfreepress - Detroit Free Press
You can never get enough penguins. Have you been to the new exhibit at the @detroitzoo? Photo by @reginahboone.
yourstylistaj : @sammypalace
jenniferhbowman : Not yet, but I'm excited to check it out! 🐧
dbdetroit : #clicketyclack 🎲 dig your post 🔥
kgium23 : @jackkass13
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