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Images that inspire us to make damn tasty beer in Bend & Portland Oregon.
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deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
It's about that time to harvest some fresh hops. Do you have hops growing in your yard? What kind are they & what beer will you be making with these delicious smelling flowers? #freshhops #craftbeer #inbend
freshhops - inbend - craftbeer -
deschutesbeer : @svneater sweet!
lewdster85 : @_gruggg
tylersundh : @camasher does!
camasher : Yeah I do @tylersundh ! I have cascade and nugget!
brewmasterbazz : Made a fresh hop ipa today with homegrown chinook and cascade!
beer_architect : @deschutesbeer we brought in a decent crop of Cascade and Chinook yesterday. Plans are in motion to produce a harvest homebrew soon! There is also a bunch of rosemary that might find its way into a beer soon too.
deschutesbeer : @beer_architect sounds amazing!
deschutesbeer : @brewmasterbazz nice!
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deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Hopefully you were able to give this tasty brew a try at The Little Woody this weekend #inbend!
inbend -
rkelling : I did; it is a delicious and well-balanced brew.
patrickh85 : @parke10 we are moving to bend
deschutesbeer : @rkelling glad you liked it ;)
cheddar_chad : @nickstergramm_
grantmyles : Oh my goodness. Such a good beer. Had it a few weeks ago when my wife and I were in portland.
marybreaden : Sounds ridiculously delicious. I hope @deschutesbeer expands to NY soon!
elam83 : @mcklann
bendbeersnob : @deschutesbeer One of my favs from Little Woody. Keep the sours coming!!
henrystavern - winged_se - babyfro7 - yourmomknowsmyrealname -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
A true story...#craftbeer
craftbeer -
nicoledabo : @allidalli426
cpdberr : @ibolyard @cscottsy @jroseshire @ishcreatives
eddddrick : @eurekasantabarbara
alestrailsmag : @maddogmyers Classic #beerism!
yecorarojo : @lesslee3
leespop13 : @cashaw21 haha I like this sign.
cjcurtis98 : @meghan.goodwin
momochickies : Truth!!
madisonmost - thekatiedavis - lee_morley - formerginge1 -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Our first foeder arrived today! It was made in France & came to us from NorCal. We're hoping to age some sours in it. We usually name our larger vessels. What shall we call it??
hobsonmatt : Ernie. It's the vertical stripes.
disjectapdx : Disjecta?
beersthatdontsuck : Ted
brandigreene : Barbarella
zeewrecks : Jacques Boozesteau
zeewrecks : Yeast de résistance @deschutesbeer
anthonybird_ : The Funk Tank @deschutesbeer
g_r_parlor : Hop tub time machine
mellissa_g - dead_presidents_brewery - chingasos7714 - brotherloco -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
We're so lucky! Got to try Jubelale in Sensory Tasting today! So delicious... #inbend #craftbeer
inbend - craftbeer -
gewdvibrations : My favorite Deschutes ale!!
craft_beer_world : Would love to taste and review!
colbyhbryant : Stoked to see the new packaging.
hugh_russell : @dillcampbell the dream job!
fernyfiddlehead : I want to go to there. #lizlemonisms
gypsygelato - scottandtoniawalston - jordybass28 - wineworksnj -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Have you tried anything from our Pub Reserve Series line up yet? If you're a fan of tart, give these a try. Planete Rouge will make you pucker & Cultivateur is crisp, tart & aged with Brettanomyces. Both are barrel-aged. Yum! Only available at our pubs #inbend & in #PDX & at our tasting room.
inbend - pdx -
oodalolly : @shaunkraus We gotta try these!!
esuuuu09 : @vyezzy love the styling on their labels
brielledawne : I have them both in my kitchen right now! Loved my visit a couple weeks ago!
_aye_yu_ : That birthday butte had me quite puckered
dreamweav : @paullewandowskiiii
deschutesbeer : @_aye_yu_ it's all of those cranberries! Wait a year or 3 and the flavors will mellow. Cheers!
laurielendon : See you in #delawareohio tomorrow! Can't wait to try some! :)
_aye_yu_ : Can't wait!
arrowgrassbrewing - greysail - 16in83 - ryman546 -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
It was too early for a beer this morning so these deer passed the time by chomping on our beautiful flowers! #inbend
inbend -
thejukes : Wait, are those elk? Can someone verify that? I think they're elk. Elk?
bendbeersnob : Mule deer... We grow them bigger #inbend.
shelleymariemay : We saw the same ones yesterday morning at the round about right there heading into the High lakes parking lot! They were eating the red berries out of all the trees! Walked right next to my car!!!
deschutesbeer : @thejukes nope...we just grow really big deer here ;)
maphet_onthefly : @skij.maphet
ekelley2273 : #deernotelk #upperleftusa
idajoe208 : @bonejunkie @muleyphotos
tashia_irina : 😍
mattlauercansuckit - gramajo49 - ally24al - hiddenjenny -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Brewer Eric stops at the "Boot Station" before heading out to the Brewhouse to start his shift...
jskinner10 : Lacrosse. BOGS are nice but I wear them out in no time.
vince330 : @Isuross @archyleach @haws_brewing_co thanks friends for the suggestions.
vince330 : @jskinner10 I'm right there with you. I've gone through two pair in six months. My pair Xtratufs have been going strong for over six months now.
jskinner10 : @vince330 I've never tried Xtratuf boots but I love my Lacrosse. They're very comfortable and are holding up really well.
vince330 : @jskinner10 Thanks, I will look into them.
moorebeever : Eric kicks ass
alexfword : @vince330 I have a pair of Kamiks but I would not recommend for brewing. The textured floor and chemicals ate through the soles in less than 3 months.
smcbride03 : That's one good lookin man. I'll drink what he makes
perditionsmokehouse - chadhoffer - hmbbrewmaster - laurielendon -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Riders get ready. It's time for the first annual @boneyardbeer vs @deschutesbeer unofficial preseason cyclocross race. #cyclocross #cx
cyclocross - cx -
joshuaconway : @ausomebreault why aren't we there?! What're we doing with our lives?
ausomebreault : @joshuaconway ahhh!! Our lives are basically pointless.
omsweet0m : Yeeeearn!
jasonkila - jlbudet84 - adamharvick - yourmomknowsmyrealname -
deschutesbeer - Deschutes Brewery
Our staff have the coolest old cars! Can you spot the Deschutes sticker on the window of this Volkswagen Van?
donnyds805 : Bottom of the back window.
deschutesbeer : @donnyds805 you've got it!
smeeklife : The only sticker
karleightaylor : @emikristin !
gardnerkevin : How do I get one!?
deschutesbeer : @gardnerkevin a van? ;)
jayroucks : I want a sticker! Or 10
gardnerkevin : I'd rather have a 12 pack of mirror pond! No love for Rhode Island!
just_around_the_bend - adamharvick - jlbudet84 - jasonkila -
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