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deaners82 - Adina
30 degrees out. Says she wants to "swim and play splash in the lake". Makes total sense.
trmackesey : She is the best.
millicentg : Cute
emily092481 : What is with these girls today. Lilah told me she wants to go to the beach. It's legit snowing, kid
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deaners82 - Adina
Family fun night! Sushi and the mall.
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deaners82 - Adina
The granola is his beard. This goes out to my fellow Michele's Granola lover, @jess28t ! 😘 #pistachiolemon4eva #baltimore #buylocal
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deaners82 : @jess28t His name is Mike the Granola man. Imagine him in a flannel shirt and khakis, ready to go to brunch. Hahaha.
heather_rascona : Ahh! Amazing.
jess28t : Hahah. You know you're just teasing me, right? @deaners82
lize2285 : I LOVE Michelle's! I'm pretty sure I've consumed $1000 worth...granola and yogurt never gets old
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deaners82 - Adina
Crab pasta and garlic bread was scarfed down by the toddler and the adults.
lpbreton : Carbs with carbs. It's what I love best about being italian!!
thepiecycle : LOVE THE PLATE!!
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deaners82 - Adina
If you need me, I'll be over here living out all my WASP Christian fantasies through my child. I'm calling this a Spring basket though, not an Easter basket. #worstjewever
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therealtwocones : mmmm, WASP Christian fantasies. sounds like the basis for an erotic novel series.
themrsbruns : My mother in law gave my first true goyim easter basket last year and I'm now on a mission to make sure I get another one. .
emily092481 : When are you giving this spring basket to her...the morning of the egg hunt?
emily092481 : Also true wasps stock their Easter baskets with booze
deaners82 : @emily092481 Hahaha, I will need to make one for myself then too! Whiskey? In regards to your question, I don't know. I was going to ask you. Bring it to your house and give it to her there? Give it to her before and then take the basket to your house for egg hunting? On Sunday? I need your hippy wasp help on this one.
deaners82 : @therealtwocones An erotic novel series sold FROM A CART.
emily092481 : Bwhaha hippy wasp!! I'd give it to her Saturday and then bring he basket over for eggs :). We're doing ours Sunday morning after church probably, but maybe before depending what time they wake up. Also spoiler alert-there will be grown up Easter eggs at this egg hunt :) (I'm talking minis here)
therealtwocones : @deaners82 OBVIOUSLY
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deaners82 - Adina
Hands in her pockets, too cool for everyone and everything. #2goingon20 #toddlerlife
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annedechter : Ahhhh @deaners82, she is so lovely!!
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deaners82 - Adina
Spotted at Giant. These are real desserts, you guys. For realsies.
deaners82 : Naturally AND artificially flavored. What a time to be alive.
thesush : Haha!
thesush : Also I never knew I shopped at the Hipster Giant sometimes....too funny. I love my Giant (s) !!
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deaners82 - Adina
I eat toddler lunches now.
emily092481 : You haven't dined until you've eaten wasabi peas dipped in hummus
deaners82 : @emily092481 Oh no, that would never do over here. The food items can not touch. Only ketchup for dipping. Ketchup is special so it gets a free pass.
lpbreton : I am officially jonesing for some spinach tortellini!
deaners82 : @lpbreton Not gonna lie, it is delicious.
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deaners82 - Adina
The girl in the bubble.
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deaners82 - Adina
Wassup, cow? Moo!! 🐄❤️
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