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deaners82 - Adina
It's apparently exhausting to be a total life ruiner. Note that he had bowls full of wet food, dry food, and water. He did this just to be a jerk. I love him, but what an ass.
graceyspacey : Ouch! Did the food get into the vent?
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deaners82 - Adina
Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Summer is fading.
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deaners82 - Adina
Less than a mile from our house! Going to go this weekend to do a tasting and stock up on ciders for Fall.
jhilburnstylist_kewd : 🍻
andrewjoslyn : What?! That ain't even right
deaners82 : @andrewjoslyn We'll take you when you come visit!
andrewjoslyn : @deaners82 Umm, yeah you will! Haha. I'll bring some of my crappy homebrew so we can laugh at my attempt in comparison. Hahaha
deaners82 : @jhilburnstylist_kewd Will do! I've tried two of their ciders at Woodberry Kitchen and both were excellent.
deaners82 : @andrewjoslyn You brew your own cider now! Sweet. I want to try it. Also, you need to come visit SOON because my name stores are running very low. We only have 3 jars!
jhilburnstylist_kewd : We are going to first "true fall day" and would love to meet up with you and Steph there
jhilburnstylist_kewd : Please bring R to our corn maze!
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deaners82 - Adina
Unpacking today. Clearly I have a notebook issue. These are all blank.
whatiscoyle : Im the exact same way.
therealtwocones : you have a sickness!
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deaners82 - Adina
Naked, screaming like a banshee, and running in circles around the giant sofa. This is what a sick day looks like for a toddler with a cough and a fever.
subnom : At least there's a reason for screaming this time. There doesn't always have to be.
heather_rascona : Thank god for giant couches to flop on in despair!
deaners82 : @heather_rascona I have never felt this much love for a couch before. It's kind of sick.
heather_rascona : I feel the same way about mine 😊
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deaners82 - Adina
New sofa = Winston approved. Don't worry, those vertical blinds over the sliding doors are going to GO. Ugh. Shudder.
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deaners82 - Adina
"Girl, you best back off my mango lassi." #totally2
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lpbreton : That place is delish!
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deaners82 - Adina
Is there an app I can use to insert goats into this photo? I picture myself sitting out here on the deck, drinking my coffee in the morning, and watching them chow down on grass. 🐐🐐🐐
estieff : There is an app to add cats - must be one for goats. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
laking35 : Congrats on the new home and future goat preserve.
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deaners82 - Adina
Ru has fully embraced country living and just picked up a new pair of riding boots from Dover Saddlery.
heather_rascona : Love her dress!
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deaners82 - Adina
Hello, new house! All my goat and alpaca fantasies are about to become goat and alpaca realities. 🐐🐏
emilywerthman : Umm what?!
jewell_juergensen : Hey, you're up my way now! I'm just down the road in Sparks but my neighbors have Alpacas too. Welcome to the hood!!!
seanhwaters : Shut up! Are you going to raise goats😍🐐🌻
kjreeb : Congrats! I looks beautiful. What about chickens? πŸ”
deaners82 : @seanhwaters @kjreeb Goats, yes! Although probably not for a year or so until we are fully settled in. Chickens, maybe. I'm worried that they will all get killed by foxes and I will cry.
thesush : Congrats!
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