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An originator of the bump to table game, @dgkalis is still crushing it. Check out a few bangers in this "Drive By" clip from @transworldskate and watch the whole video at skateboarding.com #JoshKalis #DCShoes
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Join us this Saturday, November 22nd at @activeoxnard for the Grand Opening celebration of the newest @activerideshop location. @mikemo, @mattmillerskate, @mikeytaylor1, @chriscobracole, @davistorgerson, #WesKremer, @cyril_killa, and @tfunkb will be there at 2pm signing autographs. There will be giveaways and specials all day so don't miss it if you're in the area! #DCShoes
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unbutter : I think if #WesKremer wins SOTY we should be seeing a Wes 2 from DC
jjessus_ : Fuck yes!!
i_justwantomakeadifference : If you are depressed,sad, feeling emotional or just need someone to talk to please DM me! I just want to say I did something good ๐Ÿ˜Š so please do
buccaneerz_skateshop : Do you flow skateshop teams?
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Happy birthday @madarsapse! Madars' "Latvian Living" episodes one and two are now playing at theberrics.com. @berrics. Photo: @DVLPhoto #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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To celebrate @madarsapse joining the pro ranks, we created a very limited edition Switch S shoe available only in the @berrics Canteen. Each pair has his @elementbrand deck art on the sockliner, ostrich skin hang tag and is personally signed and customized by Madars himself. There's only 25 pairs available so get yours before they're gone at theberrics.com. #MadarsApse #SwitchS #DCShoes
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Happy birthday @cyril_killa! Switch 180. Photo: @blabacphoto #CyrilJackson #DCShoes
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#WesKremer's #ClipperCarnage. As seen in the "Pack of Hydes" promotional video from @sk8mafia and @thrashermag. Watch the full video now on thrashermagazine.com #YesOnWes #DCShoes
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New pro @madarsapse went into the @berrics and had a Bangin' good time! Check out this switch flip 50-50 and some other heavy tricks now at theberrics.com. Photo: @yoonicorn213 #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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#WesKremer is unstoppable! Watch his insane video part offering in "#PackOfHydes" from @sk8mafia and @thrashermag now at thrashermagazine.com. #YesOnWes #ClipperCarnage #DCShoes
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Coming tomorrow to thrashermagazine.com, #WesKremer starring in "Pack of Hydes": a promotional video from our friends at @sk8mafia and @thrashermag. #YesOnWes #DCShoes
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Thanks to everyone that came out to @activerideshop today for the grand opening of @activeredlands! You rule! Photo: @morgnar #DCShoes
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