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Attention Brazil! Come join #WesKremer, @fgustavoo, @tommyfynn, @carlosiqui, @tiagolemoskt and more at the DC Invitational in São Paulo tomorrow, November 29th. R$50.000,00 is up for grabs! #DCShoes
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andrerdonato : Vaai caraioo @gabrilamorim
wolfniggakta : @ggengi
higoraraujoskt : @dotorskt
lucas_loveskate : São paulo porra @dcshoes
edusekulasb : Que horas ??
muriasyamsudin : @renalbs @ivanirdiyant ikutlaaah,cuman 50 rb
dadopeluso : @caiobertola @roalcantara @gianlucaadas @raphaelgurgel @antonioadas
tyrannosaurpaddock : @dcshoes I've been searching for the grey/wash Nyjah highs in size 9 but can't find any... Are more on the way? Thanks!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Happy Birthday #WesKremer! Here's to many great years ahead! Photo: @blabacphoto #DCShoes #SOTY2014
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lucasbaconlovers : happy b day wes in brasil
bentlikelbows : Volvosquad
daniiiii_25 : You haha @noahsmith510
tommiesvensson : @nnyqvist
leoncharo_t1 : @wasted_machine
davide_59 : #davide #der #king
director_alex : @mlgvaez
jaarsnaar : Volvo polar??
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
#WesKremer is an ATV. Nosegrind in the deep end. Photo: @blabacphoto #DCShoes #YesOnWes
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nickmcgooda : Yea a few anti dudes were here a little over a month ago @eddiestiffs n some @santacruzskateboards cats
jcfuenzalida : Dc ermoso
kurtis_collins : @kinnearjon
benja.666 : It's more overcrook
chef_boy_ar_steeze : Thats a complement xD @e_owens97 haha thanks
franciscotavaressk8 : The best!!! πŸ’―
bryant_poppy : Damn looks scary
addisonmillerskate : #wesisyes @dcshoes
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Voting is now open for @thrashermag #SOTY2014. Do the right thing. Vote #YesOnWes. #WesKremer Photo: @blabacphoto #DCShoes
yesonwes - soty2014 - dcshoes - weskremer -
ricardo_marvao : Amazing πŸ˜‚
ogjucys : #yesonwes
martin.bruhh : #TOREY4SOTY
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
brother_owen : #YESONWES
_._cnaw_._ : @pedram_zrxx
sgt.cosmo : #ultras
kincaido : @angelasjoblom
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate's debut pro model shoe is built for skating. Pure and simple. Get yours now at your local skateshop or dcshoes.com/MattMiller. #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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kevin_skates805 : I got some @mattmillerskate wen I went to the grand opnin of @activeoxnard and I got some the are the best shoes I ever skate it on get some
caioteixeira393 : DC shoes amo muito +-+ "
sk8switch_ : Holy sexiness @dominick.nigro
_higham98_ : Got mine there to the black and burgundy ones @kevin_skates805
_higham98_ : When I met nyjah
grayson.sanders : Dcs suck @nikesb and @vans errday
mina_rhbnjd : @syaleni golam ino migofti???
reganputra : Obviously its built for skating -_-
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
New pro @madarsapse, No-comply tailslide at golden hour. Photo: @blabacphoto #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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pekapekpek : Same place as tommy Fynn backside nose blunt
deepbright_eq : @carlos_wox
beamutuku : Sunny!
viktorfox04 : Nice
serzh_korol : крутяк
diegovillamarin_ : πŸ‘Œ sweet
_nycgirl_ : πŸ‘Œ
jazz_24681 : Skateboard 4 life cause yolo
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Solid crew at the @activeoxnard grand opening today. Huge thanks to @activerideshop for having us and everyone that came out! Photo: @morgnar #DCShoes
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talal_qaboos : @joodey.awf the black guy down there look's like the guy that is in 8miles papajones i think
joodey.awf : Yeah πŸ˜‚πŸ’” @talal_qaboos
laadyyluckk : Yall rocked it thanks again 😘
bc_novacaine : #WesKremer
auzim : Thanks for the follow, glad to help out with the last colab ✌️
bryant_poppy : :)
angel805_ : @charlie_skates
thomas_davies_17 : @sedgeyfergo
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Style for miles and tricks for days, @davistorgerson's "Run and Gun" video is now playing at theberrics.com. @berrics Filming: @chaseingabor #RAG2014 #DavisTorgerson #DCShoes
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m1ke_steez : H
asddin_aharchi : H
niko_f_a : πŸ‘Œ
egorckin_ivan : πŸ‘
jhawley343 : Cool bro =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O
mr_miami_14 : @chrisfwc cool bro
freakersneakers : Nice!
nelson_vargas_77 : @bubbles_cx__
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@davistorgerson made the most of his 24 hours in the @berrics and put together an amazing 60 second run. His "Run and Gun" submission is now playing at theberrics.com. Backside Smith grind. Photo: @yoonicorn213 #RAG2014 #DCShoes
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mattmess_ : Much wow
ambre_night : Snapchat : onefirenight
freakersneakers : Like it!
bryant_poppy : Steezy back smith! Good job
cheeky12blaze1 : Streets
kellyrg__b : Encontrei a nossa marca @palomahenriques 😍❀️ DC Nigga
palomahenriques : Yeah nossa marca @kellyrg__b 😍❀️ DC Nigga
alvaronjab : !!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate is blessing @activeoxnard with free shoes at the grand opening celebration tomorrow! Buy any pair of DC shoes and get a free pair of Matt's new pro model. Do it between 12-2pm and Matt will personally give them to you. Team signing starts at 2pm so don't miss out on the festivities! #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
dcmattmiller - dcshoes -
knowhope666 : @dan0805 @skeletoninsociety
luca.snow : @apple.verlosung
bryanskates : Hell yeah!!!
keviiinrr : Un par a mi casa por favor!! jajaja
cristianle : Ohh man that's so sick!!!! You guys wana go!?!?!?!?!? 😭😭😭 @thehblife @wyattvedder_
illustrative_persian : hey my bro?! how r u?! @dcshoes can u help me?! we have alternative music band! we need sponser!
trevorhulin : Dc is the best
mephistos_appedix : @ninjallc I live here
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