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@chriscobracole catching a sick kickflip front nose. Photo: @asmithphotos #ChrisCole #ColeLite2 #DCshoes
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christineduckwitz : ;)
ian_rodriguez_ : Thats a girl board OH SHIT!!
gildemar_jr_sk8 : Me ajuda aê pessoal,estou participando de uma promo, para eu ganhar tem q ter muitas curtidas.curte lá pra mim è uma foto com um skate verde.vlw
malo97 : @ian_rodriguez_ dude this pic is so old. This is a zero board
robbuluran : Dope
thrasherforever : The best shoes ever
stynlife : @diversal all you gee
youmadbro122 : I can't find that dc sticker anywhere what the hell
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When you travel as much as @nyjah_huston, comfort is king. Find out what's in Nyjah's suitcase and get a better look at the #NyjahVulc Dark Shadow colorway now at dcshoes.com/nyjahvulcdarkshadow #ChooseYourNyjah #dcshoes #NyjahHuston
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thiagosalinaferreira : @familia.corleone
gabiga_g : @yeahits_cody_yo what else should he wear on a DC commercial..?
yeahits_cody_yo : Well I get he is advertiseing DC but I don't really think it matters what he wears that much @gabiga_g
yu_novo : @gabrielferreira00 BR sendo BR
nicko704 : Please mention me ridiculousness
gerrybatalla : Dc rules forever
joeyrm125 : How come in the do shoes after a while of wearing them (might just be the two pairs i owned) the back of them on the inside starts to rip out and ware
joeyrm125 : Dc*
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We're excited to introduce the Fall 2014 Dyrdek Collection featuring the RD X Mid. Check out the new collection designed by @RobDyrdek at: dcshoes.com/dyrdekcollection #dcshoes #robdyrdek #rdx
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aiddenpan : People still wear dcs
bff123abc : Rob Dyrdek
chadwu : @icelandicsuntan @jsardelli2 we need to do this
jason2nichols : Nice Voss!!!
chrisstef491 : Rob dyrdek of ridiculousness ;)
dayzpeople : Cool 😎
nicko704 : Please mention me a ridiculousness
bigcataaron : Sup
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@madarsapse takes a trip to Finland and gets sketchy skating some wild terrain in the latest episode of "It's a Mad World". Watch the full episode YouTube.com/line9
shahnurazua : @hanz_azz Haha, bapak enjoy trip mcm ni! Haha.
hanz_azz : Stail gila boh @shahnurazua
bayuajishohirin : DCSHOES beda dari yg lainnya !!
alexandrez : @akamikeg WTF
benwesley10 : This is how u skate rocks
zak_borton : I love dc
gerrybatalla : Nice view from the rock
isaiah_alejandro : Must of got all of your grip tape wet
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Play as @dannyway in @transworldskate's new game app #EndlessSkater available now for your mobile enjoyment! It's free and fun! #DannyWay #DCshoes
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kapissimo : Ok
gerrybatalla : Hah 😂
ihalfhide : Lol love this game
_mascino_ : Io c'è lo ho sto gioco
johs2310 : How can i do signature tricks???
sibohrer : @mikemo needs a vulc version of his shoes?
cassius_nt : Can u tell me how to do a 50 grins
cassius_nt : Grind**
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Congrats to @nyjah_huston for winning his 2nd consecutive #ESPY award last night! Switch Heelflip. Photo: @blabacphoto #NyjahHuston #dcshoes
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samuelcueva : @mjcm24_
l0be_cbg : Cal high
cliqueclo : Cool!! Checkout our Streetwear!!
carrero20 : Rad
slowpoking : @miserablerottenslut_v2point0
dcdoggy : Dc is my anitils darwin cane
wimtaqwim : @dcshoes follback
gerrybatalla : Do work
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@nyjah_huston spends most of his time in the streets, which is where the inspiration came for the Black Suede colorway of the new #NyjahVulc. Check the full video and get more info at dcshoes.com/nyjahvulcblack #NyjahHuston #DCshoes
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tdgonz : @josis_morales dii como se llama eso?
josis_morales : Niii put* Idea pero se vio Fuera de mundo como siempre 😷😷😳😳😳 @tdgonz
tdgonz : @josis_morales eso esta duro !
tdgonz : Como siempre fuera del mundo /.\
josis_morales : Demasiado dii muy fuerte @tdgonz
biknuki : @i3aker this is the one vern
finestartist : Great stuff!
gerrybatalla : Good stuff
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@starheadbody with a friendly reminder that skateboarding is all about having fun! Photo: @blabacphoto #EvanSmith #DCshoes #HaveFun
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preston_the_boss : Beast teach me next
shawna_rouse : Whoa dude!
whileclaudiasleeps : Haha sicha ^^ i mog scho nu länger leben xDD @sarahjaninam
fandy_arya : WOoooooOoOooOooW SEXXX
fandy_arya : Sexxx shop
nataliee_eemma : @blitzkrieg_dhp that's a bit harsh, the kid just doesn't understand reality🙌😏
blitzkrieg_dhp : Guess so 😏@nataliee_eemma
gerrybatalla : Cool brand
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Congrats to the winners of our #ChooseYourNyjah giveaway! @jetfalcon @devonterrell_sb @officialcruz12 @jared7boy @battleax911 @yea_im_brandon @keoosaaurus and @davidibarra123 will each get all 8 colorways of the new #NyjahVulc. Thanks to everyone who entered! #DCshoes
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kuhnthagoon : What the fuck? Two of the people that won. Posted it way more than once!?
gerrybatalla : Lucky brand
kf_21 : Two of the people who won posted it way more than once WHAT TEH FUCK!! @dcshoes
kf_21 : @devonterrell_sb posted it 45 times the rules were you could only post it once @dcshoes
devonterrell_sb : Never said I couldnt post it more then once NEVER said I couldnt
devonterrell_sb : @kf_21
janoski100 : U can post more than 1 post @kf_21 there were no rules about that
kf_21 : Oh sorry got it mixed up with another contest I should think before I speak sorry @devonterrell_sb
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Today is the last day to be entered to get all 8 colorways of the new @nyjah_huston Vulc. Just repost this image, tell us your favorite color, and #ChooseYourNyjah. We'll pick 8 winners tomorrow. Good luck! #DCshoes #NyjahVulc
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derekpalacios : Who won?
derekpalacios : @dcshoes
theskaterkid_._ : Is it over?@dcshoes
samuel_stacy : So who won
skater_junkie : Who won???
samuel_stacy : If not, blue size six
marsthenailstudio : @cay_slay
gerrybatalla : Nicely done shoes
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