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dcshoes - DC Shoes
It's not very often that a no comply can be described as "dangerous" but @bobbydekeyzer takes it to a whole new level with this one. Watch his full part in #DEFUNKT along with @tfunkb now playing, and look for the DC in Asia article in the new issue of @theskateboardmag. Photo: @jakedarwen #BobbydeKeyzer #DCShoes
defunkt - dcshoes - bobbydekeyzer -
hurricaneskates : ๐Ÿ‘
media101_productions : T dot represent.
eymantk : #malaysia
nickmcgooda : @dbone_capone27 @tickletaylor @board_hoarder @marksalot76 @eddiestiffs @woodonkey43 @tedsiv_ @halia_pinegar
chickenparmies : @jakedarwen ๐Ÿ‘Œ
maxim_beringen : @giohooper
chickeen_veela : @elleproso @beto38a
chickeen_veela : @adnaneyagoubi so sick!
_victorhugo97 - henriquechristian16 - pj_radd - pofu_skk -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
#WesKremer, shifty kickflip in sunny San Diego. Photo @blabacphoto #KremerSOTY2014 #DCShoes
kremersoty2014 - dcshoes - weskremer -
sean.shredz.mtb : Insane @lukebrown1111
sharktail86 : Thats a fucking shift son
tallcansam : Kick flip with style? @daaaaaacheese fuck that
raynerlivano : WTF
manriquechristopher : Sigue me y te sigo devuelvo MG
jedwindley : Did anyone realise that the ramp is held up by boards
hannanp3 : @jedwindley yes
arieyulians : ๐Ÿ‘
luk_nha - kale_green - marka0418 - fedoskin13 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@tfunkb, frontside feeble grind as seen in his #DEFUNKT video part. Click the link in our bio for the full video. Welcome to the team #TFunk! Photo: @blabacphoto #DCShoes
defunkt - tfunk - dcshoes -
shreddykruegar : @jamal_j96 @luisgsk8
danielbatho : @reubenvandersluis ABD
lukasbigun : @cyrillweizenegger de chleini pisser, z hard๐Ÿ˜ณ @estellenci
lory_borges : @crocodario
bignig12 : Front feebs ! @ttb94
kevinbanfield : Bon grind @xerge_viana
masterslimjim7272 : Hit me up one time ๐Ÿ‘
andreuu99 : MACBA. BARCLONA
sbbth.bloody.sbbth - camerongood - lukaascaumo - yairciffer -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
We threw an epic party with @thrashermag and @sk8mafia in San Diego for everyone that couldn't make it to San Francisco last weekend. Big thanks to special guest @delhiero for coming out and ruling! #KremerSOTY2014 #DCShoes
kremersoty2014 - dcshoes -
calebmwatson : 5
oldschooldopeness : @aaron_osd with Del The Homosapien. Daaaayuuuuum
95tillinfiniti : Soty
leomarqueztz : Jdjfjjf Jujuy h
froboi : 8=====D๐Ÿ˜œ
justin_j_stafford : Yo fools @hootenannyall @bandana.dave @kuinn_ @jslave4 @marystreetmayhem it's Ale ! @aledepasss
juliocarmine : ๐Ÿ‘
shouldbeshreddin : Haha wes looks stoked @karl_illum
marik_polyanskih - steezyjefe - andre_skateboarding - theo_1104 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@bobbydekeyzer's tech wizardry and creative approach to skating come together for an insane, must-watch part in #DEFUNKT, welcoming him and @tfunkb to the DC team. Watch it now. Link in our bio. #BobbydeKeyzer #TFunk #DCShoes
defunkt - tfunk - dcshoes - bobbydekeyzer -
thedoctorpirate : @lmbarlo @grizzzlygreg @l_picc2
alhajeri3430 : @sl6ansuwaidi
stephenalfon : @alansai omg that late shuv...
_urieel : @_duuskt
bballer_shotcaller : @ptree_sheeny
mauricio.arguello : elliott smith โค
grizzzlygreg : @thedoctorpirate @l_picc2 @lmbarlo ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜
hamedmoghadam9360 : @hamed.sh.mm
lilmojo360 - tjmaserati - johannes.s.k - timp_03 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@tfunkb skates with speed, power and style well beyond his years. Watch his part, along with @bobbydekeyzer in #DEFUNKT. Link is in our bio. Welcome to the team! #TFunk #DCShoes
defunkt - tfunk - dcshoes -
6trash6boat6 : What fuck did I just watch? Kid is so fucking good. @tfunkb
walkerrio : He held on to that last one like a G...see how far he leans back damn!!
wilney_jr : Hehe! Ai sim @itallotx
iambaileystine : @thegryphondales
beaker8805 : That's wassup hit me up dog! 737 8105
sassasoliveira : @marcelo88
juan_pablo_pony : @__p4uli__
__p4uli__ : @juan_pablo_pony jzhanj
liamshreds - rosabhel - goncalo.evora.52 - elias_sk8life -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
We are proud to welcome @tfunkb and @bobbydekeyzer to the team today. Their raw talent and distinct styles come together in "DEFUNKT" now playing on our YouTube channel (link in our bio). This is NOT your average welcome clip! #DEFUNKT #TFunk #BobbydeKeyzer #DCShoes
defunkt - tfunk - dcshoes - bobbydekeyzer -
mathou2274 : A bon @tristan_turon
tristan_turon : Va en privé stp
tristan_turon : @mathou2274
mathou2274 : Ous a
mathou2274 : @tristan_turon ousa
p.t.q : @guiriknows nombre este truco @macbasucks
guiriknows : No pude, pete serebro @p.t.q
arieyulians : ๐Ÿ‘
khiryath11 - m.mike2000 - im_gavin_ - thoyyib191199 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
#WesKremer isn't afraid of a little water. Late shove. Filmed by @_hansu. #YesOnWes #DCShoes
yesonwes - dcshoes - weskremer -
james_mcilwaine_ : @da_glasses_26
calicultivation_ : @frankiebiordi @pinche_colt @trigga_mortis
zigmund_smazal : @liftedsk8rat47 @rowdyrupf
maly69dgk : Its look its a ollie. North lol
noahh.d : @mi.stow
donovandmk7 : That sucks oh what grip was that
polvives_bsks : @paau_bsks
brianabraham96 : @domphonk @dhops_
roberttaafernandes - trxracer223 - wassuprockapollo - 5secondofusa -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Watch @fgustavoo's mind blowing part in @planbofficial's TRUE for 24 hours only, starting at midnight PST on the @berrics. Photo: @blabacphoto #PlanBTrue #FelipeGustavo #DCShoes
felipegustavo - planbtrue - dcshoes -
dylannaylor5 : @tylerkirstein @ryan_freymann @dylanmarcparker
imd_ivan : Crawling
iron.heel : His ender was kinda weak. I mean, it's a hard ass trick. But remember, Enders should be tricks that are probably never meant to be done again. And it's Felipe. HE HAS THAT TRICK ON LOCK. He did it in the middle of his run and gun like
manriquechristopher : Sígueme y te sigo devuelvo Mg no miento
altamatt : @iron.heel a lot of the enders were odd choices (excluding Joslin) but who gives a shit? It's an amazing part, who cares what order the tricks are in.
aandreluks : @lucas3rsk8 ???
lucas3rsk8 : Kkkkkk ;D
keven__soad : Troco Links na Última foto e seguidores vai
supreme.sb - alpabl2003 - mati_garcia_skater67 - renatodvs -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@tfunkb, lipslide in France as seen in the latest issue of @transworldskate. Big things coming from #TFunk this Friday. Photo: @blabacphoto #Defunkt #DCShoes
defunkt - tfunk - dcshoes -
gaeltherrien : Toi plus tard... ....?
nico_gamer_67 : Non c moi ça photo
boylashez : J"appelle matthijs XD im so good at france
floriandumartin : @leosanson33
day_lasoul : @skatestreets
jabs_2301 : Algún día @laap_28
jabozki_kozki : @engrrrrrrr
perot_s : @_voodoolounge elle est sensée sortir demain
edgarperezf - natan.sk8_patata - maijovic - nick.sacco -
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