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The Evan Smith (@starheadbody) signature shoe release tour continues as we head to Japan and Australia starting February 16th! Come out and see Evan, @tfunkb, @cyril_killa and #WesKremer if we're in your area! #DCEvanSmith #DCShoes
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tcb49 : Getting the shoes for my bday
michel_aoliveira : when they come to Brazil
jake__west : When are you guys announcing the winner?
jake__west : Of the evan smith shoe package
kingscoverage : No one even likes dc anymore
zdondylan : @kingscoverage yeah you see hockey boy right there is where you are wrong
kingscoverage : @zdondylan oh my bad, only 10% of skater wear them because skating became irrelevant in 2011 and the ones who do now wear actually brands like converse or vans
morganstevenssb : @dcshoes who won the picture comp?
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
It's dangerous out there in the streets!@davistorgerson, nollie boardslide. Filmed by @chrisrayfilms #DavisTorgerson #DCShoes
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guillaume_sagot : La tapette il a même pas rephotographié apres ! MDR @the_real_marc_neri
miiichelle170 : @jayphilippino au..
jeremyandrist : @abdi_abbas_
abdi_abbas_ : @jeremyandrist
phalvy : That's gnar @anthony_villasuso
itslucasskt : @biel_borges16
yourfriendbryce : @jvaeri @sonic.bloom
pato_peraza : @pollimsk8
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@tfunkb's part in #TWSSubstance is live on the @transworldskate site for 48 hours! Go watch it now and buy the whole video at the link in their bio. It's well worth it! Filmed by @christhiessen #TFunk #DCShoes
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hustinjorvath : It's not on the site
hustinjorvath : Bruh
hustinjorvath : Dafuq
yoeboykene : He going 4 it all🌟
pabloplaza7 : @manulpb @brumargon verlo. Madre mía
dannyakbar : Crazy boy 💓💓💓💓💓
jake__west : Part was sick as fuck that ended was treacherous
codyscott4545 : Get it
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
The DC family is sending our deepest condolences to the family and friends of BMX legend @davemirra. The action sports world has lost an amazing friend and athlete. Dave will be deeply missed and remembered fondly. #dcshoes #davemirra
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inksecure : "final destination"
mosaic_company : I didnt understood the fatal news.
mosaic_company : Sorry . My respect. 😔 @j.beezus811
afro_skater : R.I.P
kohlertim : Rip
johnj_kelly : @morganlparris
godzilla_x_killa : Legend
mitxhell.wing_ : Rip dude u were awesome
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Happy birthday to one of the best out there, @starheadbody! Hope it's a great one, Evan! Photo: @blabacphoto #EvanSmith #DCShoes
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dannnparker : Happy birthday dude #skate4lyfe lol @starheadbody 🎉🎉👍
h_beltrame : @pnnicolas esse é mito
skaterboy10178 : Hey Luke what's your number
stijn.dc : Happy birthday
jaber_nasseri : @esmaeil__fatehi @farshad.moayedi خَندَ میکنَ؟ =|
ronaldramoso : Happy Birthday Buddy @starheadbody! 🙋
deetheskater : @starheadbody we share the same birthday 😁
ale__skater : Haaappy Biiirthday!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Introducing the Lynx Lite. It's the best of DC Lynx heritage with the uncompromising comfort of a trainer --> dcshoes.com/lynxlite #DCShoes #DCLynxLite
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ivanenrique77 : Alguien sabe dond los puedo conseguir
demonicfear : They're so fucking beautiful 😍😍
_quincyh_ : @luis.m8 Sweettttt
dylan_zona : Parkour shoe's
_niiiccck : @jrdannnn 👌👌👌👀🔥
burg_baby_burg : 👎👎👎First that shoe in 2014, that looked nothing like the Lynx, than the Lynx Vulc and now this. This is an insult, it's not like the OG Lynx was a pro shoe. Just reissue it!!! As a long time supporter of the brand, since the Danny Way 3, I'm not buying anymore DC, you obviously don't care about your fan base.🐂💩
sz_diego : 😱❤️
endercorpse : Nada como los dcshoecousa clásicos. Todos... Ojala vuelvan!!!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Get creative in the new Evan Smith (@starheadbody) shoe in the @skater.app game at MACBA! This and lots of other DC shoes are now available to play in game. Download it today! #DCEvanSmith #DCShoes
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skater.app : @rejenacyril haha! Yeah maybe we should do a skater 'relaxation tape' with sounds of cruising and crisp pop on marble...
piiu__ : Eu jogo mais @mu_fi
beatrismalucelli : @k4.christine como funciona o pé no skate kkkkk
k4.christine : @beatrismalucelli kkkk preciso aprender cara
caiosouza_ : @ervilhaskt 😂😂😂😂
luis.artime : @fer.artime
chickenboneskt : Best game
terry_hamilton : @davegranola
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@starheadbody's Time Trap Rough Cut is 13 minutes of raw footage, unseen tricks, slams and near misses. Check it out now on the @thrashermag site! #EvanSmith #DCShoes
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itsmeathens : @arsinjagger thanks
arsinjagger : No problem:] @itsmeathens should follow these people if ur into long boarding @originalskateboards @arborskateboards @thesewheels @laurent_perigault <-my fav sponsored longboarder
itsmeathens : @arsinjagger sure ... thanks for helping me too...it can helps me though... For beginners heheheh
teguh.isme : Nice..
_whyhello_ : @wesleybradshaw
phat_cyunt : @gutowilliams_
andrew_bungay : @robgiansante
tvanderziel32 : @bsawyer4 @mrhope1 @ryanandrew87
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@tfunkb door ride in New York City from the new issue of @transworldskate. Photo: @blabacphoto #TFunk #DCShoes
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steezy.trapgod : YOOO
wisinighsby : except kind thought life because soon although 😖 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_7110361 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_7110361 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_7110361
asgustavoo : When the transworld vídeo will come out?
snycolebeatrizdesouza : Oi
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@bigbrotherskateboardmag alumni Jeff Tremaine, Sean Cliver, Chris Pontius, Dave Carnie and Rick Kosick talk about the new DC x Big Brother Collection and reminisce about their favorite memories from the iconic publication in a new video playing at: dcshoes.com/dcxbigbrother. #dcshoes #dcbbshitshow @seancliver @rickkosick @meechface @gorillaflicks @nieratko @acidinvader
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jst4kx71 : @lshank32
skoobaasteve : @sskibino where's the linkkkkkk
cristian_cofrev : Omg jackas!
ese_sandro : @giiio_o
whitecho : @bensoncabuelo @dudeydiapers
_squeeeze_ : @cknott760 @seth_brower
_marjo_rie_ : Jajajjaja 🙌🏼
imdeepak15 : What wa that😂😂
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