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dcshoes - DC Shoes
Here's a few quick clips from yesterday's session at th @familiask8shop park from @davistorgerson, @chriscobracole, and @carlosiqui. Hope to see everyone there today at 2pm! Filmed by @chrisrayfilms #DCShoes
dcshoes -
logancostantine : @hikemoward that lay clip was so solid
kimboo75 : ♓️8 grey
raf_uxaki_raf : Այյյյ սիրունություն😍
_siri33_ : Hermoso
daviddomenech - _heron93 - juaogriptape - nahuual_glez -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Fun session at the @familiask8shop park tonight! If you're in Minneapolis, MN tomorrow, stop by the @familiahq for a free session with @chriscobracole, @davistorgerson and @carlosiqui. Cole, footplant. Photo: @blabacphoto #ChrisCole #DCShoes
chriscole - dcshoes -
alexandrumighiu : @raulstreetraul desenu
7milen : G
shoesfor.girls : Awesome
psilvestre49 : @brunocoppo1 assim q tu falo ne Man
bastianlara18 - abrahamszs - gustavo_ozlm - enriqueseptum -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Check out an extended interview with new photos of the people’s choice, #WesKremer, now online on the @transworldskate site. Photo: @blabacphoto. #dcshoes #wewecan
wewecan - dcshoes - weskremer -
girlskaterss : That's a great picture
michael_ak907 : Yea
itchy.boi : Skate 3 spot
hittenmitsurogi - filcem - jaskarankohli_njr - bambino_4321 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
The Evan Smith HI with IMPACT-I cushioning and the additional support of a high top, is now available in Navy/Red at a skateshop near you and @starheadbody #dcshoes
dcshoes -
hang.jai : @nub_lok 有low就好了
reyratukore222 : ada warna ap om??? yg keren aja om @yuo263 topi juga ya hehe
sajjad__n : @sahebe_nk 😍
sahebe_nk : @sajjad__n 👌👍
super_chick01 - charrlmds - tarakleime - jorge_ariano -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@johnshanahanz, tre 💣!!! #KalisLite #DCShoes
kalislite - dcshoes -
specialjizmo : @ifoalfish Trick I must learn on penny!
thadarkness : Haha yeww @titeth
chanse_clark : @caiden_clark11
ebersoleoften : @cops_androberts
_madt_ - scratchparkour - priageng_ - kaueseg -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
No grab and no margin for error, @dannyway clears the 50 foot gap via a groundbreaking 360 flip. #TBT #DannyWay #DCShoes
dannyway - tbt - dcshoes -
cegonpe : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
matthieubl_ : @bastien_veilhan @quentin.brn
luke.eags : @yeahriot jesus chroist
charlie_.r : This is insane 😱 @sam_randall_
teddybill88 - triss_18 - pabloherasfernandez - comi_66 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Come hang out with @chriscobracole, @carlosiqui and @davistorgerson this Saturday at the @familiask8shop HQ for a free skate jam, giveaways and high 5’s! We hope to see everyone there! #dcshoes
dcshoes -
davidbassey : @iolaalmozara hosted by...
ricky.bih : @dereklewis104
brandynguyen : Stop in KC on the way 📍😜
skaterprobb : Dope
iwanss02 - evan61608 - adrianlululu - ghost840007383 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@alexis_sm4l with another mind bender 😳 Filmed by @artylowks @sk8mafia #DCShoes
dcshoes -
travistrit : @mysticjuan @dball99
mysticjuan : @terrydoucette @caseykozak
aaronheartmother : @zaiahsanchez 🔂
aljofadhlin_ar : @alvickrin_ar @faniricky @dianwhyu_ @fachrin_
adrianlululu - fathul_khoiri05 - maulana.abdurahman - ghost840007383 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
We've teamed up with @dc_moto athlete @nateadams741 and @deftfamily to create a new signature color of the Lynx Lite, inspired by newest line of Deft moto gloves. Get your pair today at - #dcshoes #dcmoto
dcmoto - dcshoes -
roger.vazquez1245 : can u guys hook me up with dc Chris cole lite 3
jcar9_sm : Hey @!dcshoes, I already got a pair of these sick #deftfam editions shoes of @natesadams' but I got an email today about other colors. I don't see the deftfam logo so are they just other selections of the Lynx Lite shoes? Thx
luizaicorendon : My dreams magic 💫
frog_prince_the_first : @sage_of_6paths must cost a bomb
oneoftheboysfromwythenshawe - dudeswithaskate - landafermz - mi_anpanman -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
#WesKremer fever is sweeping the globe! Thanks to our friends at @seenoutdoor for the amazing hand painted mural at 97 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, NY! Go take a photo in front of it and tag #WesWeCan and we might just send you something nice. #DCShoes
dcshoes - weskremer - weswecan -
henrylilley13_ : Fuck dc
_avivcharbit_ : Fuckdc
jonasalexander_ : @henrylilley13_ don't be mad :')😂
jake.scoots24 : Wow @dcshoes someone puked on that wall better scape it off
nima.ds - metily79 - luke_dasktr - josemariamartinezpena -
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