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Don't miss the official @Brighttradeshow opening party, DC's Smoke on the Water event, on July 8th in Berlin, Germany. @mikeytaylor1, Wes Kremer, Evan Smith, @madarsapse and more will compete in a best trick contest along with musical performances by DJ Premier, Freddie Gibbs and Jeru the Damaja. #DCShoes #brightxxi
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toneberculosis : Yoshi for da win!! 👐👏
daverflave : Let's fuckin go !!!
daverflave : @nickgoekler
daverflave : Look at the performances @nickgoekler
daverflave : @_rongo
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@chriscobracole's Never Been Done video was just the tip of the iceberg for the insane NBD's Cole put down. Every weekend for the next 3 weeks the @berrics will be releasing new, unseen NBD's. Today the focus is on the ledges. Go to theberrics.com to watch the full video and find out how to submit your own NBD for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to skate The Berrics with Chris. #ColeNBD #DCShoes
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dylindav : @dantheparty I've watched this like 50 times
ardenyeung : Shit happens ? @alexcernavskis
blue_jay52 : @staycold_ Umm
jeremy2k__ : @_____booo
diiegoelais_ : @dedeboard
_.kais._ : @canaryaislan
taylordeewatson : @vincethegrinch
hyaline_project : So amazing video
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Go behind the scenes of @chriscobracole's Never Been Done video, and get all the details of the #ColeNBD contest now at the @berrics. Theberrics.com/neverbeendone #ColeLite3 #DCShoes
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muhammadrenzy : @akbar.ty @vidirafif @ziyadalaydrus @vitalsign_x pasti akbar ga bisa kek gitu
ziyadalaydrus : Haha kocam ego' @akbar.ty @muhammadrenzy @vidirafif
akbar.ty : Sok bisa kau-_- @muhammadrenzy
muhammadrenzy : Kalok bisa cemana?! Tanyak dendy @akbar.ty @vidirafif @ziyadalaydrus @vitalsign_x
vidirafif : Aku bisa @muhammadrenzy @akbar.ty @ziyadalaydrus @vitalsign_x
e_reynoso19 : This dude is the man
akbar.ty : Nanti la ku tanyak dulu @muhammadrenzy
_aysan_bh_ : 💜💜
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Celebrate today in red, white and blue. #DCshoes #4thofjuly
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diegotfrazao : @frazaopri pode ser esse tbm
muntazeemkalkundri : Price
jajimzainal : @taufiqazizz the white one
youngthut : @jonjonaquino04 😍
nathandsouza28 : @kush.af
mrsouza03 : @hptaveras
myles_scripps_ : @james_mullis
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NBDs are the holy grail of skateboarding, and over the years @chriscobracole has done more than his fair share. Take a look back at some of Cole's most memorable NBD's and hear what some of your favorite pros have to say about them in this video now playing at theberrics.com. @berrics #ColeNBD #DCShoes
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rvfcis : @datsk8erguy
onur_imree : @berksngn ilk hareket
berksngn : @onur_imree ride the sky izle
m_shfaf : تابع دول ويكفي @looli70
sk8r_bunny : Sick!
ddp.3 : Since my account is private could I dm you my entry for #colenbd? @dcshoes @chriscobracole
sassasoliveira : @michel_clown
ardianbeka48 : Its good
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Step into summer with our Birds of Paradise Collection. Dcshoes.com/birdsofparadise #DCShoes
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shanty_23 : @edmonagas
tylerovercamp : @sk8rmatt the havens are dope and you know it
olshoplimited : Yg tengah 😈 jojojo
muhmdyasir : @faniatiqah yg bawaah
luchi.lamera : @boschluana vos que son fan de las dc, ahi deportivasss
boschluana : te pensas q ya no sabía? jajaja son perfectas
dino_goes_rawrrrr : What are thoooooooossseeee??!!!!!?????!!!! @jjturk12
titiragone : Las quierooo @angiealderete aunque sea las de bunker jajajaa
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@dgkalis showing the proper use of a switch backside nosegrind. Photo: @blabacphoto #JoshKalis #DCShoes
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joeyrosales_ : So dope!
popncatch : Rad
davidluis1319 : Fred
ziilla : So good
m.goudarzi_97 : @reza__wili
do___slez : Меня отчим изнасиловал полиция и мама не верят пишу анонимно прости , надежда тока на вас фотки выложила. Побробнее в инсте...
xanr10 : Dayum
jmack0070 : Klassic kalis
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The Heathrow, in classic black. Discover all of the colors available at -> dcshoes.com/heathrow #DCShoes #DCHeathrow
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marian_andrea : 100% mexicana, aunque el pinche gobierno sea una mierda!
metotron : @_xlopushka вот теперь идеальны)
heryyseptiawan : I want it
kadeburgeradams : @aydenpickerin
edz1994 : La suola è strafiga! Nel complessoci stanno comunque! Classico bianco e nero spacca! @vanbellic
west6art : @elesmind
abdulqaiyumm : @ahmdsuffian
sabernation_ : Why are the KB ones $250 😂😂😂
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@nyjah is up for an ESPY award for "Best Male Action Sports Athlete 2015." Can he take the win for the third year in a row? You can vote for him at: http://espn.go.com/espys/2015. Photo: @blabacphoto #DCshoes #nyjahhuston #espy
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frank_qlo : @bvckfashionista f4f?
frank_qlo : @e_reynoso19 follow for follow
switch_king777 : Ha i guess @frank_qlo but i just wanna know what trick this is
frank_qlo : @switch_king777 F4F?
noah.wasnt.here : 4*9
chris_hernandez72 : @evrit_skatez
pies_zach : @nickyb64
bvckfashionista : @frank_qlo yes
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Get ready, Ottawa! Come out and hang with @chriscobracole, @tfunkb, @mattmillerskate, @bobbydekeyzer, @morganersmith and more as we celebrate Canada Day with @totw! Check out the demo, get an autograph and tons of giveaways! See you all this Wednesday. 🍁 #DCShoes #CanadaDay
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jackvarney_ : @gecar2841
all.v : @afontainee @tiagobrzl daaamn
erfankazem : @saman.mnz
negarr001 : @niloua hehehe, merci dawsh 😋
saman.mnz : @erfankazem heif shahre ma nist agha
muabiubiuo : 😊
ana___ramos : Ñ sei 😂 @_gahferreira_
kirby29 : @smokeeyes
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