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Meanwhile in Europe, #WesKremer, @madarsapse, @antonylopezskate, @furgen_jan and @kristiantheboss continue the stoke on the #DCSpecialDeliveryTour in Lyon, France. Next stop Belgium! #DCShoes
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r.merritt : Wes the SD local in a raiders hat! Say it ain't so?!? #GOCHARGERS ⚡️⚡️⚡️
jdobron7 : @naylorfitness18 @cb_wilcox
rosefghjkl : Me, one day 💪 @nuraimans
dmitriy_step : Like my ) I from Russia
jn.ln.dn : @moritzvogeler auf dem platz waren wir auch
dani.warren : @sebastienrestrepo
loicgrs : @thibaut_dadd au début de la vidéo on fait pareil avec un stikers pdg pour un début d'édit ahaha
ekaticedeno : 😍😍😍😍😍
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Big thanks to @familiask8shop in Minneapolis, MN for having us! If you're in the area come out and skate #FamiliaHQ with @mikeytaylor1, @davistorgerson, @mattmillerskate and @bobbydekeyzer at 2pm today! #DCShoes
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secuenciaxtrema : 👌
mohitkumargaur : Add me on whatsapp +918586878921
carlafabianah : @realrosspie
willam_t_brown : @_aaronious @_bye_feliciaaaaa
kyle_harrison50 : I think it's time for a movie from the sickest team in skating right now @dcshoes
aarodm : What this page is of shoes and don't undertand why im this photo have boys well I WANT SEE SHOES
meilann_ : 😄😍
rubbymandalika : Nanti kita kesokin yaa @rchkemal @ihatefarisalf
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The #DCSpecialDeliveryTour rolls through Lyon, France where @madarsapse nosebonked next to this amazing statue. Thanks to everyone that came out to Sergent Blandan skatepark and hung out with the team! Photo: @sergioastur #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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quemanera : Bestiañ
arsplln : La plus belle ville du monde !
casey69ly : #place Bellecour
zapa_queren : @zapa_hermozoo
chudasama_rahul : RAspberry
petercardi : @peter_channel @dcshoes
feelingstore : Ayyyye maison
zacks.world : Epic!
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Do you have a pair of the Trase yet? If so, tell us in what color. See all of the styles and colors at: www.dcshoes.com/trase #DCShoes #DCTrase #TheOriginalSinceNow
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luke_cockcroft : @jo_vanderwalt
aidanlynchmob : Dc is killin you guys with this mindless trase promotion. What a god awful shoe
aditya_patankar : @ankitcr7
abdeladim_amagah : @amgaml
_major_1414 : I have the same one
jesuspascuale : @_catisselle los deseooo
nur_azrin_syazwani : Nice and awsome
luisberna1 : @andybernaa
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@tomschaar & @nyjah will be on the @XGames Austin Preview show airing this Sunday on ABC at 3:30PM ET. Don’t miss it! #XGames Austin 2015 starts June 4th. #DCShoes
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mrbrightsidegr : follow and DM photos
kenny_molash : @toxicboy422
vikkis_man_420 : I bet he fell and ate shit
_nycgirl_ : wauww👌
_lilly.marie_453 : I saw your bmx riding today at my school #bmx #dc @dcshoes
ludvigen : Dude !
mohamad_reeeza : @miladsaboury
alessandro.marinoni : @ettore_2000
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The #DCSpecialDeliveryTour is bringing treats to the streets of Barcelona! Featuring @furgen_jan, @madarsapse and @og_egor. Stay tuned for daily updates of all the tour shenanigans! #DCShoes
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alvaroskater24 : @alejandroruizr3 yeah
ryan_zx636 : @jonnydos @jay_dapper_sully @craiggriffen
freik.sosats : Seloco, se fosse eu tinha enchido o cu de terra @mauriciodts1996
anantamanaufal : @adhoreza45 itumah udh pro do
zylo_narciso : @sashchev
florian__moreau : On peut l'faire ! @cdatcha
cdatcha : Bah oui bien sur 😂 @florian__moreau
just_shagy : @scar_face578 @tha_1_stoner_kid @alienmarkings @sk8shakejonny @sk8milk @mongoass_q
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@mikeytaylor1 on a long ride of a crooked grind from his interview in @theskateboardmag. His new shoe, the #MikeyTaylor2, is available now in skateshops and at dcshoes.com/mikeytaylor2. Photo: @aacostaa #MikeyTaylor #DCShoes
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cheeky12blaze1 : Nice
jerichotg : That's my junior high school
jordan_butcher : @gen_eric_
bubba_sethhall : @albelais_ they at our middle school
albelais_ : Thats dope, kink bmx went there too last year @bubba_sethhall
albelais_ : @noah.skatez @israelisthebest
noah.skatez : Niggas I've already seen pro skaters at the school before 😌😌 @bubba_sethhall @albelais_ @israelisthebest
livingthelifeintencive : R
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#WesKremer, @madarsapse and the homies living it up in Barcelona on the #DCSpecialDeliveryTour. Next stop, Lyon, France! Photo: @Sergioastur #DCShoes
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_pascoal_o7v : @digo_miranda , olha os dedo ...
bj_snow : Great people!!!🙌
erwerw7 : Cavolo! Perché non fare una linea DC per la mtb!? 😜😡
weokbrand : @supercr3w lol.
panini.enriqueztorrez : nice
lienmataro : Pol! Futuro i presente!!
natedogg12345678 : Slick 😜
borjamontes_ : @welcomesk8madrid 🍻
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@fgustavoo has lines for days in Barcelona! Filmed by @spanishmiketv #FelipeGustavo #DCShoes
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maemanso : Oooo 😍😍😍 @luisfdezcastano
cuba_personal : @danilotassara
alanpaillard : @kevin220299
alyaqyul_ : @risyadsyahputra
daniela_vinci : @rodrigocury10 👊🏻👊🏻
just_shagy : @scar_face578 @sk8shakejonny @mongoass_q @tha_1_stoner_kid @sk8milk
just_shagy : @alienmarkings
angelskatelife2 : @axel_skater
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Congrats to @tomschaar for winning the 2015 Pool Party this weekend! Tom came out on top of a stacked field to take the win. Yeah, Tom! Photo: @jaimeowens #TomSchaar #DCShoes
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daniel_dirt_ : Nice
niklas_laecha1 : Nice
the_charlyxx : @martin.hc001 mi skate!!
jodifarmer : Well deserved win! Everyone rocked it!💪🏼👊🏼
j_.rivera : @carli_cakes
jackamoesharpe : How do you do that
juangularte : @seguidores_seguros 😂 @seguidores_seguros 🎌🎑
nicholasburton_ : @taylor.evans9
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