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@starheadbody blasting a frontside ollie in Jakarta. See you soon Kuala Lumpur! Photo: @jakedarwen #DCAsiaTour2014 #DCShoes
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b3njie_t : Sweet
ivipalldayx : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
eddieyayo760 : @bakeryo
ughisr : Senayan .. basket indor πŸ„πŸ“·πŸ‘Š
zhaldy_zw : See you next year #DCAsiaTour 2015 in jakarta again...i'm very waitng this event again in jakarta next years πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ good luck #DCAsiaTour2014
firewithin : @dcshoes #setitoff that's pop right brah seriously though
rajebbagaskara : Suck bro
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Great start to the #DCAsiaTour2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia! Thanks to everyone who came out for the demo today! Photo: @jakedarwen #DCShoes
dcasiatour2014 - dcshoes -
viandraapsari : @edwardaryana 😭
abeysiahaan : Nyjah hustonn
fahrie_iqbal : @aries_maru cuma bisa gigit kari kaki ngeliat ini boy -__-
kakaridwan : keren!
aries_maru : gk ada cristcole gk paten haha @fahrie_iqbal
dodyadi1234 : Gokilll
yokialfikar : evan smith the humble man is killing
gmbn_ae : Pevi permanaaa
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Want 10 pairs of @nyjah_huston Vulcs? Donate $5 to the @haroldhunterfoundation at bit.ly/harold40 (link in our bio) today to be entered to win and help HHF transform lives through skateboarding. Help a good cause and get some good shoes. #NyjahVulc #DCShoes #Harold40
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jardel_enes : Holy shit😎 im entering @stevo_lentils
stevo_lentils : Hahahaha @jardel_enes
arirestoy : Mg a mi ultima foto y devuelvo 4 mg
nycjskate : Ayee congrats to @haroldhunterfoundation for the success.
sts.renato : Daora
8ntm : I’m really sorry for the spam, but it is for a great cause and benefits me in no way. Since the first on October I have had a fundraiser going for the Keep a Breast foundation, being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there is no better time to donate. If you are reading this, I thank you for that, and if you can’t donate it would still be a help if you shared the donation link, or just go to the website and read about the cause, it is an amazing cause that the Keep a Breast Foundation is going for. Go to action.keep-a-breast.org/ayden or click the link in my bio. Thank you!
deivid_cross_ : .l.
ak_nieto : @babygreenboy
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WANT TO WIN A PAIR OF @MATTMILLERSKATE's NEW SHOE? Upload a photo or video showcasing your Miller inspired pop and tag @dcshoes and #MattMillerPops. Matt will choose his 10 favorite to win a pair of shoes next week. Get poppin'! Nollie 180 switch crook. Photo: @blabacphoto #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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dedebatgang : @lanziloti loucaa
yung_platano : Damn right by my old local park #lesskatepark @dcshoes
miki_sukey : wooow
babydaniel : Thanks @joelpotter I'm gunna do it right now
sam_sitayeb_ : Please @legalisebeer @frobycam
steezyluna : Haha alright @kenkenyo cx
highwalk_industries : Wow
_nycgirl_ : πŸ‘Œ
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@madarsapse and friends skate Portugal in the latest episode of "Its A Mad a World" playing now on @line9channel. #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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brodygross : So boss
ennericocif : @lucio_phranco dev'essere tipo una di quelle che mettono sempre ma nessuno sa mai il titolo
zeeduardoooo : @collectivesk8shop πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
collectivesk8shop : @zeeduardoooo nice!! Não tinha visto ainda!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Š©
flitz.it : #flitzit
_gabriel1979 : @nononoah____ skateboarding 😌
jcmeniux : Whose that song?
leen_albdah : @hanin_a9
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@cyril_killa is ready for the #DCAsiaTour2014 and he's bringing his monster kickflips with him! See you this Friday, Jakarta! Photo: @blabacphoto #CyrilJackson #DCShoes
dcasiatour2014 - cyriljackson - dcshoes -
barcelonaskateboarding : 😎😎
__pratik_ : Selling my brand new palace deck got £20 look at my insta pic of it f interested
gnar_squatch : 3 flaaaaaaaat 3
devinsk8 : Yihaaaaa
simonskie_mgk : Juan miguei simon_MGK
ardifaradian : Yeeay come to indonesiaa :D
edwrdchydi_21 : @_jovilinaldy
yahudhenk : Jekardahh im coming!!
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@mattmillerskate is well known for having the most pop around and we want to see yours! Upload a photo or video showcasing your snaps tagging @dcshoes and #MattMillerPops and Matt will choose his 10 favorite to win his new pro model shoe. Winners chosen next week. Get poppin'! Photo: @blabacphoto #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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rayan.74 : J'ai une question je peux avoir des autocollant
frazer_taylor : @polo2211 i wanna enter this
polo2211 : βœŠβœŠβœŠβœ‹πŸ’¦πŸ˜‚ @frazer_taylor
simonskie_mgk : Juan miguel simon_MGK
simonskie_mgk : Juan miguel simon_a.k.a -MGK
andrew_slocum : @eric_clavel @dannyborowski you guys should do this!
mylittlerascalss : @gabrielgirardin
icravecannabis : @shaysandiford doo it just for fun πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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360 flip 50-50 in the middle of a line?!?! Go to theberrics.com to watch @chriscobracole's gnarly 60 second Run & Gun line now. @berrics Photo: @yoonicorn213 #RAG2014 #ChrisCole #DCShoes
chriscole - rag2014 - dcshoes -
beezkneez412 : @lucas.stephan your not ready yet bud.
perni_7 : incredible
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
ericksuryaaffandi : Like it @chriscobracole
robertsanchezskates : Chris cole is the best
tamam_zack : The next legend ,,
sk83r777 : Flawless line, every trick was perfect.
theroughhomediaries : That backside fakie blunt tho.....whew
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
When there's $25,000 on the line there's no time for slippin! @chriscobracole puts his signature tricks together for one incredible Run & Gun line now playing at the @berrics. Film: @chaseingabor #RAG2014 #ChrisCole #DCShoes
chriscole - rag2014 - dcshoes -
og_jesse.c_ : Who's sponsored
ahmadharys : Sick!
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
snerbo13 : Oh my God
dammndeebz : Ya wet! Stay up on the run and guns
bryan_skates03 : @keyonsfluffyninja
keyonsfluffyninja : I swear he's one of main reasons y i started 😁
eduardo187on : #
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@chriscobracole put down an insane line at the @berrics to kick of this year's Run & Gun contest. Go to www.theberrics.com now to watch it. #RAG2014 #ChrisCole #DCShoes
chriscole - rag2014 - dcshoes -
brumargon : @pabloplaza7 hay que verlo eh
djordan247 : @cloe83 hell yeah
lucas_lane : @chriscole1007
chriscole1007 : πŸ˜‰ @lucas_lane
vinifernandes_ : πŸ‘Œ
mountainman3 : It's back 😍😍😍 @its_a_burd
gabeee117 : @stoop_lord check it out....
cloe83 : Haha @djordan247 .......almost......not quite broski
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