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dcshoes - DC Shoes
The Trase in Black. Get yours at: dcshoes.com/Trase. #DCShoes #DCTrase #TheOriginalSinceNow
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tadisiang : Sick!
robbyy420 : Thats sick @beccaa419
flaviomonteiro___ : Best price best shoes This is DCshoes
harry0204 : Got them
ckeymickey : @angelencarnac coming ^_^
j.valenciaaa : @micheal.carpenter
enminem_ : @nico_de_santa
jawsgutierrez : I like this ad idk y @all_mighty_abdule @kevincol_
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@madarsapse gives you his unique perspective of the #DCAsiaTour2014 in the latest episode of "It's a Mad World" playing now from @line9channel. #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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cndrjngsng : 👆👆👆 @mariamawia03
talkin_bout_it : @nickpena_
julianchristianson : Take me on tour with u guys!
feli_skater900 : Ooo yeah
jakems13 : Bring back the old school DC's!
frontcooked : @skatettoo di malaysia
edriqmzn : MALAYSIA!
vitumourao : @brasilrafaella_
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
#TBT to some classic @dgkalis footage. It always goes down smooth. #JoshKalis #DCShoes
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quffe : mmh mmh mm @oscareliassonn
tomatitoycorzo : Sehhhh!!!guspisimo
oscareliassonn : Kung! @quffe
raphi91650 : @thomasfairy
k_malteze : @v_agapito
_estegos4urio : @briiaanskiittle
oo_st3w3_oo : @diego_28_28
robiscuits : Stomping grounds! Chi! @kyleranker @gsarantos @misha_fry @nickguerino
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
The built for skateboarding @mattmillerskate signature shoe is back for Spring in all new colors. Get this Navy/Grey colorway at your local shop or DCshoes.com. #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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ehsanabdolmaleki : @fatemeh__mahmoudi mikhaaaaam
federico_vendramin : 😍😍😍
jihadhbalbeid : Tjakep nih....
coronapdg : @juanpapdg
pedrosalcabral : Louco demais @robsonrbueno
cvrlxmvtriz : @that_padial @jorgegc1303
aydanik : @kimi_kh
smile91509 : so cool
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
In honor of @madarsapse turning pro, we’ve teamed up with @Elementbrand to give away a bunch of these DC Switch shoes with custom Madars “Mind Melt” insoles. Post a photo of your busted, skated, torn shoes and your size under the hashtag #elementDCgiveaway for a chance to win. #MadarsApse #DCShoes
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t.rails : Bro I was lookin at this same shit today like I want this
gibbe93 : @witchbiatch maroooo
witchbiatch : @gibbe93 ch capat
oo_st3w3_oo : @diego_28_28
silent_nzz : @lionn_cubb
vy.02 : I want some gear
jgz251294 : @kunegorecas
ohellkaye : Oh shit kabakod daw mahibi ko @jerrykilledtom
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@tommyfynn never met a rail he didn't like. Backside 180 nosegrind in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the "Youth in Asia" article in @theskateboardmag. Photo: @jakedarwen #TommyFynn #DCAsiaTour2014 #DCShoes
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official_vlad59 : Здравствуйте все! Я Влад, мне 12 лет. Однажды мы с другом снимали видео, как на скейте, он сможет сделать фристайл на перилах, но увы... У него это не получилось:( Но за то, я записал эпичные падение на куканы!
great__l : 🔥
matthew_lang_photography : SO SICK!!! @jakedarwen
ycohen667 : 🏆✌👍
mobbndeep_au : ✊ @tommyfynn @jakedarwen
ahlanrk : 🔥🔥
aliffiarisma : Damnn shit!
charliehoodies : Sick bro 😃
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
The Trase. The Original. Since Now. It's available in black at: dcshoes.com/Trase #DCShoes #DCTrase #TheOriginalSinceNow
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tyler_weber12 : Haw much are those
axell.zip : @im_trevorrr these ones
marti_calderoli : Beautiful
nellasariski : @restuadisaputra
vyenna.b : 😂😂😂 @_liam_35_ 😂😂😂
nasty9nza : Great for grindin
trippy.jt : Vansss
s_mmeehhddi : @s_mohamadreza
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
When you can pop like @mattmillerskate no ledge is safe. Switch backside 180 5-0 on a tall one. Photo: @blabacphoto #MattMiller #DCShoes
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kahfitegar4 : It's more like crooked grind hahaha
jujubargeharribey : I love dc
allysun_latour : @hugogendron30 j'te gage que t pas capable de faire sa
hugogendron30 : Nan@ @allysun_latour
hugogendron30 : Mais je le fais en snow
hugogendron30 : @allysun_latour
allysun_latour : C pas la même chose @hugogendron30
hugogendron30 : Bin... @allysun_latour
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@madarsapse takes a new approach at a classic spot. Switch pole jam 50-50 in San Francisco. Photo: @blabacphoto #MadarsApse #EUSoty #DCShoes
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ripfatpat : @mc.oc cruise here next year
khrisk8_sk8 : @pollito_sk8 esto es el skate3
gugu_smc : @gabrielzin73 Skate 3
pollito_sk8 : @khrisk8_sk8 es verdad jajaja
_guillaume_dc : @augustin_neurrisse this spot on ️Skate 3
origami_dinosaur : @frappehour
_mike_moore : The good 3rd and army that got remade in skate 3 @_madisonstanley_
_madisonstanley_ : Truuu down by the docks @_mike_moore
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@chriscobracole threads the needle on a unique front blunt in China. Photo: @jakedarwen #ChrisCole #DCShoes
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pedro_goomsh : Troco likes e seguidores
iara_pail_ : Seguime y te sigo!!
kofo__ : Gnar
sirbaxton : @bentleybeezzz read the comment
babygirl112203 : Don't fall
lalie_amagat : Like my last picture and i do the same
sifwax : Does anyone need a sponsor we are opening up
yalin_kk_199 : @_shxnuk.w
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