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Sometimes you gotta stop and small the switch backside flips. #WesKremer's #CrustyByNature video part is playing now at thrashermagazine.com. Photo: @jakedarwen #DCshoes @thrashermag
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nickdsc : What a shot 🔨🔨🔨💥👏
macqay : Marina Bay Sand!
zhangzxyyy : 主要卖NIKE、😯adidas、😍new balance VANS😊💪💪🎉鞋和潮牌衣服Q1104356621
imd_ivan : One ok rock
hendiqt : 👋👋
gnarly_haag : Smell and yes
zar41 : Seng main kurang sayur
put_the_bullet_in_my_head : I waz ur 420001st follower 😂😂
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Big birthday shout out to @mikeytaylor1 today also! Hope your day is as good as this crooked grind! 🎉 Photo: @blabacphoto #MikeyTaylor #DCshoes #HappyBirthday
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esonismynym : Happy bday @mikeytaylor1 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
guskartikaa : happy bithday @mikeytaylor1
fashioncopyhouse : Hbd
haziq_emieril : Happy Birthday @mikeytaylor1
sammstagramm35 : the place near upland @heel_thang
jesseniavice : HBD
rizkybopila : Happy day!! @mikeytaylor1
ryanshecklerluvsme : Wowie mikey Taylor is duh gayest don't be tall fag
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Happy Birthday @colinmckay! Hope it's amazing! Photo: @blabacphoto #ColinMcKay #DCshoes #HappyBirthday
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garrettlovell : That's a hell of a stance
andrew_dalton54 : Lol #garrettlovell
theleosantos : Those were my favorite @dcshoes. Bring back the centre!
beat_killing_monster : Hahahaha that ridiculous
philbiondi : I remember this picture
chaseman02 : Poseing in front of a rolles roys
yugotty : The cR
yugotty : The car
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Style, trick selection and just the right amount of crust, #WesKremer is an all terrain machine. Get to the @thrashermag site now to watch #CrustyByNature and then go skate! Tag your crustiest friend! #YesOnWes #DCshoes
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bigdaddyshane_ : @dsall16 hell yeah! That SDSU rail son
papapapapapapapapapapap : @harley_blue_
_makoadotcom : @bmxhaole @jraycastro
jraycastro : since when are you in to skating now?? @_makoadotcom @bmxhaole
bmxhaole : Seance I did the nolie big spin to front bored at the park today @jraycastro
kezia_stacey : @kurisu1996 i'm late lol
g_mskatelife : @kevinski_
g_mskatelife : @xavi_drums
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If the tricks in this #TimeBomb didn't make the final #CrustyByNature edit, you know it's gonna be insane. #WesKremer video part drops at midnight PST on the @thrashermag site. #DCshoes #YesOnWes
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moycullenskateboyz : O OK @sabotage_jugo
alvicortez : @seven7skate
bmac0604 : Sick
richielaruffa : #chiefed
macall07 : @_linaressay
lil_dic : If I moved from Ontario Canada to California would you pay for 3 months till I get a job and can pay for my place #dcshoes #monsterenergy #Robdyrdek
jordaman_ : @sam_dent
chrisvern : @danfranklin_
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#WesKremer gettin' daps from @blabacphoto after gettin' clips. Wes put in work on his #CrustyByNature part and you'll see the results tomorrow on the @thrashermag site. #YesOnWes #DCshoes
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primoboyeny : @cali631
lojavisacon : Top !!
ignacionunezcastro : #wessoty
dbl_k : #vunation
ezevaldez96 : Sdv
yogiayodhya : @donnynovananda
dcshoesvolcom : Top
deadvocalbird : Any chance the Wes Kremer pant is coming out in a brown color way?
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We are beyond stoked to present #WesKremer's #CrustyByNature video part, premiering this Friday on the @thrashermag site! Buckle up. #YesOnWes! #DCshoes
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braiolloo : @olimpio__ a dc sempre pesada.
chris_bird_ : Right now I'm skating mikey Taylor's they held up decent for 3 weeks but I just ordered in new shoes and I'm paying express which is 35$ extra just to ship it faster and my order is going to be on hold for up to a month at the border, are you kidding me? @dcshoes
sandragalir : @generalsurfera#
erikwesterlund : Yääääääää
scottnissen : @taitaxiak
ferchomadafaka : Spot Peruano #Weskremer's DAMN
zing_chou : like it!
kd_easy35 : @pg_charli @_i_be_skatin
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Watch three angles of #WesKemer's insane ollie in @thrashermag's "Magnified" at thrashermagazine.com. #CrustyByNature video part drops this Friday... Photo: @jakedarwen #DCshoes
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poornodeesquilo : Paga pau
poornodeesquilo : Só pq marco a karen na minha aliança na foto -_-
nicholasciv : #kotasinga
husein_v_2 : Shos es indonesia medan v clonthing
haiikal_benot : @matinasta @mhmmdhzq_ @mir4kuru @sismallory @yatjats amk!!
nicholxs_lxzxroo : Banks @rishilaa_ @rijtzon
rishilaa_ : Damn @nicholxs_lxzxroo
bubsick : #взаимнаяподписка #взаимныелайки 🌝
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Happy Birthday to young @berronteramirez_ ! This kid has a bright future ahead! #HBD #DCshoes Front Feeble, Photo: @blabacphoto
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ronaldinho_11 : Happy birthday @berronteramirez_
godzilla1010 : Happy birthday
ruizevelynn : Happy birthday @berronteramirez_ :-)
gabriel_rossier218 : Hb
simply.tosh : Happy Birthday dude, it's mine as well!
95tillinfiniti : keep it up, keep killin it
future_jale : Famous ass muthafucka @future_worthy @future_4l4n__ @future_bieber28
future_worthy : Ahaha #future
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@thrashermag has a proper start to your week! Go to thrashermagazine.com to see the full #WesKremer interview from the September issue and a sick Firing Line video. #CrustyByNature video part coming this Friday... #dcshoes Switch Varial Heel Photo: @blabacphoto
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mauritzkansil : Wes kremer real skateboard,skateboard just for fun not for money!✋👊respect
andrewsommr : @johnbro1234
alexadollar : @lalo783 @premeshit @premeshiit @jonafin1916 @chowder2dope @hoodrat_69
matt_hobbz : @aidenimber
aidenimber : Why u tag me @matt_hobbz
matt_hobbz : Thats sick @aidenimber
alexadollar : @freddy_113
ezevaldez96 : Sdv
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