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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate's full video part introducing his debut pro model shoe is dropping this Friday. Get ready... #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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zanebarba57 : First like
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
jorgiesk8z_ : Cant wait!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate has an awesome Pro Spotlight in this month's issue of @transworldskate. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Switch frontside noseslide in #NYC. Photo: @blabacphoto #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
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francislam1 : @chris_falo @itssummerinparis so sick
theeuslopes : ⚠ segue ? ⚠ Sigo todos de voltta ✌
itssummerinparis : @francislam1 gotta find a barrier💪
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
massimopilon : Dico solo una cosa... Questo e switch @graziacravero
newenglandam : @mattmillerskate 👍👊👏
lacruzdelsur : @evobmx
shawndiggs : You guys know this, but you really blew it letting chris joslin go! #Ripping
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate spent countless hours in the streets testing and perfecting his new shoe. It's now available in 3 colors at dcshoes.com/MattMiller Photo: @blabacphoto #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
dcmattmiller - dcshoes -
maliarrhea : & it will be even more perfected when they drop the S more skinnier version of it 👌
peetuh5 : 😃
perni_7 : lool
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
neurozeskate : The best shoes 🙌🙏
pattygoeshard : Lookin like jesse pinkman
all.v : I cant waitttt
elephant_tshirt : Visit my profile, streetwear and skateclothing
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
It was a long time coming, but @tommyfynn is now pro! Watch his "Gold Record Debut" video part now at theberrics.com @stereoskateboards @berrics 360 flip noseslide Photo: @blabacphoto #TommyFynn #DCShoes
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plushlife666 : Fuck meeeeeee thats hype
moy_skates650 : Clippperr
fabiocorey : Fuck yeahh
skateboardart1 : Check out my painting of Tommy!!
gaspar_gallegos : @nyjah_huston
peetuh5 : Wow 😱
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
franncu : @sorinsorin9
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@rippedlaces calls @mattmillerskate's new signature shoe "the perfect balance between tech and simplicity". See what else they had to say about it at rippedlaces.com #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
dcmattmiller - dcshoes -
rosarod115 : @raydevicente tambien m gusta amor
adonnisgaleano : 😍😍😍😍 @richardcarreno @elmermayorga @_jordyskates_ @eddyfran_co @lil_lenz
livedream_skate : @apologician_
yung_flavio : Cop or drop? @corybruh420 @chronic_cucci
_teteu_alves : To esse novo DC😉😉
aka_daddy_daycare : I can see these in brown ,white, and red
aka_daddy_daycare : #internship
hadi_farrokhzadeh : @parsativ6
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate putting his debut pro model shoe to good use with this insane nollie over 50-50. Full commercial link in our bio. Full part coming 10/24/14. #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
dcmattmiller - dcshoes -
erik_emk7 : 😍😍I love this shoes
nachocliment : Bastissim @poleer96
poleer96 : Matt Popper jajajaj es un fiera @nachocliment
antonio__roque : O baguio é Loko @heitor_chapenskiskt
pantol85 : @radsoon @stechlon
nicklowell253 : @jackson_08_ @chesterwilshot
krauusser : The song Plz!
mike_leckemby : @vustinjvmes @noah_ramsey
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
We are proud to introduce @mattmillerskate's first ever signature shoe. Optimized breathability meets maximum support. Learn more at dcshoes.com/MattMiller #DCMattMiller #DCShoes
dcmattmiller - dcshoes -
kittydacreator : @staygold_ants
raydevicente : @rosarod115
rosarod115 : @raydevicente 😍😍😍😍😍muy bonitas
sharkfood23 : Get these @southportrigging @southport_skateshop
dubanimal16 : @__.keisha
aeden_lebron : @matt_gustafson I am pretty disappointed but at the same time I guess I didn't expect Much from these shoes
aka_daddy_daycare : I can't wait to work at DC (#internship) ... Gods willing
aka_daddy_daycare : Sued leather jackets .... Colors and patterns coming soon
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
This Friday, @tommyfynn goes pro... @berrics #TommyFynn #DCShoes
tommyfynn - dcshoes -
oscarnf_c : STEREO 🙌 DC 👊
gnarney : How the fuck to you plan a day for someone to go pro thats fucking stupid
sk8forever_ : @augustramcke
noahskate : Fuck yes! @200nate_d
mrwammerjammer : it's about damn time! @stereoskateboards
pauline__fra : 👌👌
jbernhardow : @thenameslev 👍krass
nathi_69_ : Tommys pro! South african nigga has it made @michael_joos01
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mattmillerskate, poppin' nollies in China. Photo: @blabacphoto #MattMiller #DCShoes
mattmiller - dcshoes -
colinl_a : That's fake
zach_schultzsk8 : Im like 8001
chase.altom : How would I be able to get sponsored by the DC Shoes Co. @dcshoes
ktm122 : @jfisher389 seams legit
beshenayaksyu : #dcnewbrighton
bob_destro : @maikonmaris
maikonmaris : Pesado, moleque!
_trevorstewart : Nice
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@bobbydekeyzer is on a mission, and you ain't seen nothin' yet! Go check out his latest part for @bluetilelounge on the @thrashermag site and stay tuned for big things coming from Bobby. Filmed by @_jbrls #BobbydeKeyzer #DCshoes
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bignig12 : Dopppe!!- and ya man! @albertheide18 @sk8ertannerblatz
_justin_miller_13 : @iphone6.prixe is giving away FREE I PHONE'S
caden_donald : @andrewhebert_
kevinschrecengost : @christopherpatrick47
irisch_92 : @josiaschavez
nikoldu99 : :)
jakecunha21 : Thats actually sick @goongibbs
vcrflow : @dopesincedayone
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