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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@mikeytaylor filming in Tijuana, Mexico for the #DeLaCalleDaRua video. Watch the whole video on our YouTube channel. Filmed by @chrisrayfilms #MikeyTaylor #DCShoes
mikeytaylor - delacalledarua - dcshoes -
markusstrufe : #lovedc
chologear : Skill!
banmonsanto : Arent scooter kids jusf
jbirdiscumming : Ill
richi_sinmas - oliver.poimio - starsscreamer - manochino -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
The votes are in and the #WesKremer2 is the people's choice! Get it in Black/Gold at your local shop or the link in our bio! #WesKremer #DCShoes
dcshoes - weskremer2 - weskremer -
nacho___garcia_ : FUCK DC
griffin_tinelt : #fuckdc
lazarobangers : #fuckdc
pjlthompson : Copying @nikesb #fuckdc
lukeprcrew - yassinbazemore24 - jjmintz_ - royer_rangel -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
The 'A Tour of its Own' Japan video featuring @starheadbody, #WesKremer, @cyril_killa, @tfunkb and more is now playing at Check it out for all the insane skating that went down in the streets of Japan. #DCShoes
dcshoes - weskremer -
armin_hartmann1 : noob
armin_hartmann1 : #fuckdc : hahaha can't believe how butt hurt everyone is still
salmanhsu : Which one do u want to ride or skate? Fk scooters - kindyelfauzi - stafocker - vinmac_ -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
@chriscobracole, perfectly pinched crooked grind up and over. Photo: @blabacphoto. #dcshoes
dcshoes -
iam.markadrian : Do the Skate Up And Grinding to the Down πŸ‘Œ
alice99hernandez : @volkzgear @jamesbmxross
kobydvorak : @i_sacajawea
wesanile : Yeah @blakejohnstonfilms you took that photo to!
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@joshkalis, switch backside noseblunt from the pages of the new issue of @theskateboardmag. Photo: @blabacphoto #JoshKalis #DCShoes
joshkalis - dcshoes -
kennsk8tr : If you faggots don't like dc then get the fuck out of here @_jared.nichol_ @roger_tunica_11
sa___m_s_g : #fuckdc
_jared.nichol_ : #fuckdc
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dcshoes - DC Shoes
@DavisTorgerson in the Ravencrest shirt from our new Watercolor Camo Collection. See the entire collection --> #dcshoes
dcshoes -
claytonlindley : @sethcirbyoo πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
alexloppez : #fuckdc
_jared.nichol_ : #fuckdc
ben.253.poole : #FUCKDC I've probably spent $300 on DC apparel and shoes but I ain't spending another cent on your dumb shit
joshua.simanjuntak - xavi_2003_ - clarizeyuan - the_garronator -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Fly high on the Wes Express on his voyage to give skateboarding back to the people. Join the cause and get your pair of the #WesKremer 2 at: #weswecan #dcshoes @jetsuite #jetSuite
jetsuite - dcshoes - weskremer - weswecan -
_harry_fone_ : I'm happy I got enternies over DC
crunchy_gangster : Fuck dc
__aaron12 : Ur a fat fucking faggot proxy cunt , loose some weight
jbirdiscumming : Tj miller impersonator
garcia_marz - lukmanhidayat121 - maatheusoctaviano - octavian_endra -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
Congrats to @jaggereaton for winning today's #BoardrAm contest today in Chandler, Arizona! You killed it, Jagger! #JaggerEaton #DCShoes
boardram - jaggereaton - dcshoes -
griffin_tinelt : @quin_deezy someones prolly already told you that you cant spell. #fuckdc
quin_deezy : @griffin_tinelt nope I spelled I like that on purpose πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ nice try tho
griffin_tinelt : Ik just spell properly next time because you dont make sense @quin_deezy
quin_deezy : @griffin_tinelt lol okay 13yr old
montesalero - _militaosb - rwcisjoker56 - layton04anderson -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
#WesKremer isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues. Hear what he has to say about the debate on the oil crisis. Support the #WesWeCan movement at: #dcshoes
dcshoes - weskremer - weswecan -
john_smx : U should be spit on
samprettyman64 : @robertohednerson
aussie.king_ : @john_smx haha stfu
john_smx : Stfu fag @aussie.king_ everyone commenting agrees wt me #fuckdc
marquitos_5cds - will12will - enizfazliov - zawakai_0422 -
dcshoes - DC Shoes
The @JoshKalis: #LifeOnVideo story concludes with a new full part in classic Kalis style. Go watch it now on the @berrics. #JoshKalis #DCShoes
lifeonvideo - joshkalis - dcshoes -
dan_bulla : @john.hamala I agree, but the fact that little kids snake isn't because they ride a scooter, it's because they're little and don't understand, they could ride a bmx or a skateboard or even heelies and still snake.
dan_bulla : @princess.of.ghouls.and.beasts I don't skate
john.hamala : @dan_bulla true, but at least personally, i have only encountered little scooter kids because its easier to learn to scoot
dan_bulla : @john.hamala i agree that scooters are easier than bmx and skateboards but what do you expect? They're little kids they have to start small and progress
berticl - camilo_parga7 - _eukakosalgado - alon_ofir12 -
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