David Olteanu

Tattooer at Pacific Ink, Terrigal, NSW. Dad first, Art/film nerd, cosmicism. Gutterdogs SC, INKJECTA Family, SULLEN crew. daveolteanuart@hotmail.com
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Thought I'd get started on a oil painting seing though it's been years since i tried. Loooooonnnngggggg way to go on this one. May or may not get finished πŸ˜†
fabz_art : Hell yea
bribribetty : Rad!
misselysec : This is unbelievable! Amazing πŸ‘Œ
krissy.coconuts : Yer better finish it, or janine basil will get you
leah_tekni_cull_her : Awesome. Those eyes 😍
jeramy219 : So good bro
link.to.it : man this is hectic
tattoosbykrystal : Looks freaking awesome so far man.
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Ok so first i had my tits blown off by the new star wars trailer then this bad boy comes out?!!!! Zack synder I knew you wouldn't let me down. To say I'm excited about this is an understatement!!!!
_grandoptimist : What made you hate the Nolan films? I'm not too into comics so it'd be good to hear your point of view :) was he just not dark and gritty enough? I just hate we have to wait a whole year for it! @daveolteanu
saaaucey : I feel ya on these dude
daveolteanu : @_grandoptimist I think it was Nolan's total disregard for the batman folklore, what started out as slightly promising was an absolute joke by the third film. I just don't like what he did with the characters, Jack Nicholson was a much better joker than ledger was, just making ledger act weirder added no extra weight to the character and bane was awful, he tried to add gritty realism to his back story and ended up with a nobody character that talked like Sean connery. Watch the scene of him and batman talking on the bridge during their fight scene, close your eyes and listen to how stupid they sound haha. I know affleck will slay as batman and Snyder will make an amazing piece of comic film just like 300, watchmen and man of steel
daveolteanu : @_grandoptimist and yes waiting a year completely sucks!!!!!! But at least I have star wars and a heap of marvel films in between :)
_grandoptimist : Yeah I can definitely see you points and they are very valid. They're great movies to watch but when you look deeper in I guess you see off bits and pieces. I loved ledger as the joker purely because it was so far out of left field of what you usually see him in and proved exactly how versatile actor he was and he could adapt and do well in any role in my opinion. Reeally interested in Jared Leto's take on him :) I didn't like bane from the start, the whole muffled hard to make out voice killed it for me. No doubts about it, Affleck is going to just own the role! The thing I love about Zac Snyder as a director is all of his movies I've seen have had that dark gritty edge to them that's made them grew at movies. I know hey!! Dec 18 can't come soon enough and age of ultron is next week. Excitement through the roof haha @daveolteanu
daveolteanu : @_grandoptimist yeah I definitely see the appeal in ledgers joker but I think the nerd in me couldn't let go of the idea I'd formed in my brain after all those comics haha.
randykeeler : Couldn't agree more
_grandoptimist : Yeah the opinion and idea we form in our heads often overrides :P @daveolteanu
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Once again i have to say a massive thanks to @colorcrimes @unclejeremy and @sullenclothing for hooking me up with killer clothes and phone cases with my wolf art on them!!!!!! Thanks again guys for all the love and liking my art enough to have it represent your company. #sullenartcollective #sullenfamily
sullenfamily - sullenartcollective -
krissy.coconuts : Hello handsome man! πŸ‘ΏπŸ’‘πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘«
unclejeremy : 😊😊😊 hope to see you soon @daveolteanu !!
mosesminty__x : I love it!!
nathan_t89 : Killing it buddy @daveolteanu
samclarktattoos : So rad beard grylls πŸ‘Š
misselysec : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jeramy219 : Bossin!!
rainbow_dreamer_fbook : Nice one Crazy eyes
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Just the outline for now but can't wait to do more on this one! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
syro_edm : Thats so sick!
chloebelta : Hell yeah Marty!
chloebelta : You killed it as usual @daveolteanu
mark_boy2 : Badass!
austinxvargas : πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ’•
sullentattoohq : Killer bro!!!!
emilyshoichet : Killing it!
danielboz85 : Rad
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
About to start this throat and neck piece. Psyched about this one. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq #tattoopins
sullentattoohq - pacificink - inkjecta - tattoopins - sullenartcollective -
kpinko : Rad
jkoster_ : That's gonna look sweet inked! Cant wait to see it bro πŸ‘Œ
badxwolfx : @goldnfleece reminded me of a really good gemini interpretation
clinthawes : Your fuckin rad!!!!!!
____c.w____ : Fuckin brutal
rowmc666 : Badass man @bone_yards
fowler362 : Ouchh @daveolteanu
la.vida_ : So sick
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Did this super fun sternum tattoo today, she was a tough cookie! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
beckycloonan : Holy shit!!!!
daveolteanu : @beckycloonan haha thank you!
clinthawes : Fucking....hard...core!!!!
krissy.coconuts : Good one,davey!
daveolteanu : @krissy.coconuts thanks krissy! How's your face stink?
krissy.coconuts : It smells like your beard
daveolteanu : Haha @krissy.coconuts so like awesome then? Xx
krissy.coconuts : Exactly. πŸ˜πŸ˜™
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
As my friends and clients know I'm a nerd of various things but I'm a super nerd when it comes to comic books and comic book artists. I've wanted to draw something of my own for a long time and I've finally started. Here's the first image of one of the main characters. #lookslikeseanconnerybyaccident #5pagecomic #dragomir
5pagecomic - lookslikeseanconnerybyaccident - dragomir -
lukejryan : Khal Drogo meets the terminator! Looks sick man
6971jono : Fucking hell..!!! You should ask me before you use my image in public ..!!!
neatie_neats : Yeah thats siick Dave. .
dandan291 : @cheshire_coya
winterandme : Hot as all fuck ! I want to date him
soulsurfer333 : Wow! Amazing detail
doylewintertattoos : Unreal dude, can't wait to see the rest!
daveolteanu : @doylewintertattoos thanks man!!!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Lines down for a new piece, shading next! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
whale_skeleton : πŸ‘πŸ‘
henrybarker_tattoos : So sick
damienlachlan : Creepy πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ @daveolteanu
winterandme : Wow
pmacedojj : @grthorunn
claire_reid : So cool Dave!
baileyfknmarie : @sierrarebecca868 this is beautiful!
sierrarebecca868 : This is so sick! @baileyfknmarie
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
I have some time available next week, would love to tattoo this wolf head lady or I have a heap of other new pieces or of course I can draw something up. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq #prismacolor #grainarthub #tattoopins #sullenmoscow
sullenmoscow - pacificink - prismacolor - inkjecta - tattoopins - sullentattoohq - grainarthub - sullenartcollective -
rafaela2die4 : Awesome
iflyhigh82 : @jamiectattoos
inked_lay : @kja_1990
daveolteanu : @sarafabel @rafaela2die4 thank you! :)
moctapha.kamel : @nachwakamel
ebonytembi : Love it
vom_takt_gepackt : Wow
dimitrios10 : Dave you have raised the bar ~~ once again !!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Another piece available for tattooing. Contact @pacificink_terrigal if you're interested or email daveolteanuart@hotmail.com. @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq #prismacolor #grainarthub #tattoopins
grainarthub - sullenartcollective - pacificink - prismacolor - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - tattoopins -
daddy_king : @casaresfa
gentry_draws : @daveolteanu bravo
ooliviamayx : Holy shit 😍😍😍😍
ooliviamayx : @bdv35 regarde ça ! Il dégomme. ❀
gabrieldreifus : @killerpain93
jamiec2101 : Hey man, I'm the one booked in for this piece on the 30th. If you get any free time before then, want to give me a call? I'm super keen to get this smashed out @daveolteanu
daveolteanu : @jamiec2101 hey sorry I only just saw this. Call the studio tomorrow if you want I'm sure we can find an earlier time!!!! I'm keen as too!
jamiec2101 : Could only get in two days earlier man, but better than nothing! Look forward to it man @daveolteanu
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