David Olteanu

Tattooer at Pacific Ink, Terrigal, NSW. Dad first, Art/film nerd, cosmicism. Gutterdogs SC, INKJECTA Family, SULLEN crew. daveolteanuart@hotmail.com
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Started off with what's on the left and ended up on the right. Thank you to my client for sitting so well! :) @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
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krissy.coconuts : The nose β™‘
troy__eberhard : Wow dude
victorialugovoy : Goddayymm that's what I call a beautiful tattoo
mattbinskintattoos : Nice davidddd... Or #shithouse
rebeckahytten : Thank you for creating such a beauty on my arm!!πŸ˜ƒ I couldn't be happier!
daveolteanu : @rebeckahytten thank you for sitting it out and trusting me! :)
amseycolleen : @hellodevinhall
paul_abstruse : Nice flesh tones
theevananger - alt_kae - andrejveber - art_crimes_ -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Reworking an older illustration for something special. #topsecretshit
topsecretshit -
artsake_pacificink : #topsecretshithouse
nextstop86 : Loves it πŸ‘πŸ˜œ
mattbinskintattoos : #itsshithouseitsshithousejakeisshithouse
prhymesuspect : Awesome! Loves it indeed!
inkjecta : Kills it
inkjecta : 😜
el_biento_22 : @dee_layy
ebony_mellowship_str - tattoo.biv.house - stainlesssteel1 - shawnheness_art -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Here's some terrible photos if two really fun tattoos I did today! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - frogtitscrew - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
floraqueen38 : Thanks so much, she Is by far my favourite work of art! Ecstatic
daveolteanu : @floraqueen38 my pleasure! Thanks for sitting so well! :)
dmh_bedlam : Dude. Killing it!
sullentattoohq : Looking good, brother!!
sullentattoohq : Check your DMs. You need to co.e hang out to n Melbourne before/during/after ROP
sarpercival : @scottieeaston the one on the right
patrick_beck1 : Amazing as per usual
nicolemariemccord : @daveolteanu psst! Did you ever release your sketchbook?
muhmmedshaheed - nicolemariemccord - ifreeman - killtank -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
So sorry for the repost but here's a better photo! Thanks again to rob for letting me pretty much do what I wanted. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
deathvixen : 😍
_el_ramos_ : @charneldulac olha *-*
charneldulac : Nossa muitoo fodaaaa!!!! eu quero hehe @_el_ramos_
finalxflash : @sdwork31 @spiritxbomb
rob_prideaux : Man I know I thanked you already but thank you again this is such a dope piece I love it. Ive already had heaps of people comment on how good it looks!! Can't wait for more πŸ‘Œ
messepankman : Want some ink from this artist
keiraneryscogdell : I could so see myself getting something like this @cleotemo omg
cleotemo : @keiraneryscogdell yes fucking yessss
timothyhegoat - skeletor780 - hurt_reynolds - nahlig_tdp -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
I have some time available this Thursday! Here's a new piece, all done with ink and copic marker, I'd love to do or I have other new pieces available. Call me at Pacific Ink on 02 43847740 or email me at daveolteanuart@hotmail.com to book! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq #copicmarker #copicart
inkjecta - copicart - sullenartcollective - pacificink - copicmarker - sullentattoohq -
gullygumdrop : Hey @daveolteanu if that time is still available I am really keen to get a little something
gure_marin : I likeeeeeeeeeeeee
mothalena : @daveolteanu this is so much like my self portrait I did recently, wish I was closer so you could tattoo it on me! :) ❀
inquisidor669 : Hi Dave I've sent u an email for this one
daveolteanu : @inquisidor669 hi, I was going to reply tomorrow, afraid this one is already gone but I'd be happy to do something similar for you. :)
inquisidor669 : Hi Dave.if could confirm it.it will be great to get in contact for smthg similar.
daveolteanu : @inquisidor669 if you want to make a booking call Pacific ink on 02 43847740
inquisidor669 : Thank you Dave.I will do it soon.
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Had a absolutely amazing weekend at @austattooexpo thanks to all my clients and my amazing friends and @pacificink_terrigal crew!!! @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq. Thank you to the absolutely awesome super talented @onnieolearytattoo for my new tattoo! #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
xbradx618 : @itsatangy top right picture
bretteberhardtattoo : Good seeing you!
daveolteanu : @joe_kintz_tattoos yeah man!! @bretteberhardtattoo was rad to see you too BE
captdandypants : @jannie_wil
artsake_pacificink : Yew !!
andres_trece : @javiballou
the_art_of_gold : Was a top weekend thanks for showing me the ropes Dave. Haha you'll never be sure but good to see you again joeson!! Next year @joe_kintz_tattoos
reyncooper_ : Thank you so much!!!!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Sooo anyone that knows me knows that this is a big deal for me, in the typical aussie fashion I've drank A LOT my whole adult life, I've been known to party and a little too hard sometimes haha. I decided that while struggling with serious depression alcohol was the last thing I needed in my life and that I'm going to do my best to not drink again. It's a big call I know but so far so good, I found all the relationships I've ruined, friends I've hurt and stupid situations I got myself into just weren't worth it anymore and I'd rather not have it than hurt people that I love. With that said I'm still the same dave, I just consume way more coffee and ice cream now. #i'llstillhaveadrinkbutmakeitacoke.
i -
damienlachlan : That's awesome dude!!!! Proud of you brother @daveolteanu I've lived with alcoholics most of my life and know what harm it can do to you and others. Keep up the good work.
huntercoalminer : Way to go dave .... Your honesty has inspired more honesty from all your friends and followers and it's been a great read ... πŸ‘
ev_iv : ✌️🌱.
ebony_mellowship_str : So good man!!! Proud of you, good work for sticking to it! We have to catch up for a lemonade soon xxx
cherrylips_7 : Good to hear Dave x
angrosegarden : Good on you . It takes a real man to actually change his habits. Well done.
unclejeremy : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jjshinko : Oh bro thats amazing well done πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
healthierhair - unclejeremy - bonezmalone13 - karen_narelle -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Another little piece I'd love to tattoo. I'll be taking it along to the sydney tattoo expo and adding it to my walk up selection. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
katabdy : Wow!
jkoster_ : Sweet dude! Ill be stopping by for sure!
mariavdrilea : Oh my god please me
lizhapi : Yess!
annie16_5 : THAT is gorgeous...❀️
manzanita_de_california : For the ram in me @grace_elda #TeamAries
gorepot : This is gonna be badass tomorrow !!
daveolteanu : @gorepot yeah man I'm so psyched!
timothyhegoat - robread - chonekwik - amerricanmonsta -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Shred tiger for @simmmmmmo to be done Saturday at the sydney tattoo expo! Also taking walk ups all weekend!!! @pacificink_terrigal booth. @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
douglaslagoandrade : @brunarissib
krissy.coconuts : You are a lot amazing
trancemcshady : @chonofan think I might have to get him to do something similar on me.
chonofan : @trancemcshady yeah I agree
thedodgyarter : Sick!!
henrybarker_tattoos : Raddd
droofus : @lazers_spikes
lindsaydorman : Rad!
cup886521 - limac_nino - cynamonium - jhk.design -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Just a little non expo related art for fun. Would love to tattoo something in this style. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @sullentattoohq #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #sullentattoohq
pacificink - inkjecta - sullentattoohq - sullenartcollective -
sullentattoohq : That awsome!!!
p_ma : You got Skillz
meghanm00dy : I want all of your drawings tattooed 😍
katabdy : I like what's going on here! Clever
daveolteanu : @katabdy thanks kat! Hope everything is going great abroad
krissy.coconuts : β™‘
skopinaanna02 : Nice )
that_impertinentgirl : @misterstevenjames
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