David Olteanu

Tattooer Pacific ink ,NSW,Australia. Dad first, skater, art/film nerd. GUTTERDOGS SC, INKJECTA crew, SULLEN art collective. daveolteanuart@hotmail.com
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
A little high speed recap of some favorites since I started at @pacificink_terrigal #PhotoGrid Music: Trapped Under Ice - Metallica @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - photogrid - sullenartcollective -
ratking : radical!
zombiebunnyink : Tuuune and lovely work
damienlachlan : Fuck yeah brother!!! @daveolteanu
bill_mcfads : πŸ‘Š
nextstop86 : Killing it hombre
pacificink_terrigal : Fuck yea Dave been some great work and good times, much more to come bro @daveolteanu
lizhapi : That freaked me eyes out
thedefiantluke : Killing it bro @daveolteanu
melina_alvarez - mookie_toots - xoxomorgyxoxo - texbully -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Beautiful afternoon at the beach with this little lady @kristenbenzinrudi summer is looking good! πŸ‘» happy Halloween people!!
damienlachlan : Di said looking great @kristenbenzinrudi @daveolteanu
damienlachlan : Our little saviour!!! Love ya @kristenbenzinrudi
kristenbenzinrudi : Love you both also! We should all catch up soon @damienlachlan
huntercoalminer : Kristen you look awesome πŸ’•
kristenbenzinrudi : No you do! -can you text me. I don't have either of your numbers in this phone and it wont let me follow you back @huntercoalminer
huntercoalminer : 0407291292 thanks babe it means a lot πŸ’•
nextstop86 : Get in the water braaaaaa @daveolteanu
jannied88 : luff you and miss you @kristenbenzinrudi xx
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Still got this little guy available to tattoo and would love to do it ASAP!! Email daveolteanuart@hotmail.com or kik- daveolteanu if you'd like it! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords
saunahattu : Wow amazing !!
tarnished_dreams : Keeeen
daveolteanu : @bensonian hey dude not tomorrow maybe Sunday.
bensonian : Yep good to go. What time?
daveolteanu : @bensonian I'll have to get back to you tomorrow man
bensonian : No worries bud
damienlachlan : I'm sure Di would love the horse just not the arrows through it lol @daveolteanu
fairies_wearboots : @j_singletontattoos pretty sure @massivepunisher is keen to get this bad boy next..!!! Yew! Knee.corn.!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Having a @bulleitwhiskey with dry and han solo ice cubes after a hot day in the studio, working on some last minute Halloween flash for afternoon walk ins @pacificink_terrigal this Friday. I'll be posting more with prices soon, drop in after lunch this Friday for spooky tats!!!! @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #bulleitwhiskey #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless #Halloween #starwarsicecubesrule
teamdeathless - bulleitwhiskey - starwarsicecubesrule - sullenartcollective - pacificink - inkjecta - halloween -
kobi169 : The cat 😍😍😍
missbumblebrea : @knappoleon there's the zombie cat you need!
knappoleon : Whaaaaaatttt!!! I need that cat in my life Right now.
knappoleon : @missbumblebrea
kaylajanice : @maple_doughnuts
hellslinkme : That kitty cat!
maple_doughnuts : @kaylajanice so good yet so far
thedefiantluke : Is that a t2 cat @daveolteanu seriously dude???? Wow!!!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Contact me at @pacificink_terrigal on (02) 43847740 email at daveolteanuart@hotmail.com or kik daveolteanu. Let me know what you're after and where you wanna put it and we'll organize it from there!!!
avrellmarie : Hey, just reminding you about the crow/angel that you've already drawn, should I email I again?πŸ˜€βœŒοΈ
avrellmarie : That was "email u" again of course😀
daveolteanu : @avrellmarie no its ok :)
avrellmarie : Will keep compulsively checking email then😱😺
amy_parada : Did you get my email? Or should I just call? @daveolteanu
daveolteanu : @amy_parada I got it I'll get back to you today :)
avrellmarie : Could you also let me know if you're still keen to do this one? I just really want to get another tattoo done before the end of the year & need time to book in somewhere else if yr not able to do this one. We can put it off til nxt year if that's easier, if not I can come in any day & will prob only do the outline first because I'm a wuss so won't need much time-avrellmarie@gmail.com-thx πŸ˜€
daveolteanu : @avrellmarie emailed you
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
As far we got today before it got too painful for my client. Cover up in the top right corner as well. CANNOT wait to finish this bad boy! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
imbethmarie : @oso12turco
oso12turco : Brutal
franck_z3ro : Amazing!
mitchxo_ : hektik. @ajmx_
lost_and_content : @disreputable_tattoo
drewshallis_str : Sick
grimways : Get my emails? @daveolteanu
daveolteanu : @grimways I'll check Em man!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Starting this super fun war bear full back piece today! Love fantasy animal pieces. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #sullenartcollective #inkjecta #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
daveolteanu : @nextstop86 you are
adampasquali : Fucking rad amigo πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
artsake_pacificink : Thats harsh @nextstop86 I think its rad
warrenjart : @daveolteanu this will be brutal when you've finished it!
nerida_nicolson : Amazing
nextstop86 : Wtf i didnt even write that man! This is a stitch up @daveolteanu @artsake_pacificink
lolupereira : @herre94
sugarandvice : Bear tattoo!!!! @schwarles - I say, add to your Native American sleeve....
sleepingtiger - railgun3r - kjburkowski - eldiadehoy -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
It's that time again!!! I'm doing pre orders for my next sketchbook, 50+ pages, over 100 pieces. It is $70 Aud inside Australia and $80 aud outside of Australia. The first 50 pre orders will have a piece of original art packed with it!!!!!!! Payments can be made via PayPal at daveolteanuart@hotmail.com. Please make sure that your mailing details are up to date and you include sketchbook purchase in the title. Cheers guys!!!!
ebony_mellowship_str : Yeah cunt!!!!!
lvciferx : @daveolteanu How do I inquire about purchasing an original you've posted previously? Hope all is well!
that_john_guy_sucks : Yeah I want one
tprobert47 : @pederzzz early birthday present 😜 haha
nicolemariemccord : @daveolteanu I NEED THIS
aboyandhisbeard : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiick
drewshallis_str : Sell some books and lets get pissed ;)
drewshallis_str : @ebony_mellowship_str wants to dabble in some holy water also
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Having fun drawing something for myself. Going to get back to more comic style stuff. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords
caitlan_murphy : @chrisjfarts
unclejeremy : Badass!
josh_martinn : @chelseahefford
teckanness : That's dope! @erik_eh
daveolteanu : @mark_boy2
mark_boy2 : This is kilmer! Haha so sick!
deathlesscords : Pimpness!
mike_oftb : Duuuuuuude! So rad @daveolteanu!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Preliminary sketch for an oil painting I am going to do of my grandmother that passed away very recently. I picked a reference portrait of her that I remember clearly from my childhood. I used to stand in the hallway of there house and look at this photo and think that my grandma was pretty when she was young.
petejolly : It'll be a nice tribute Dave
rachmcway : Beautiful!
vickiolt : Beautiful Dave . Thank you.
emma__d : Beautiful, sorry for your loss xx
biinnny : Wow Dave you've really captured gg "s essence, well done x
courtlouisejohnson : Stunning!
sharkduude : Sent u and email dudeman.. @daveolteanu
kpinko : Sorry to hear that dave .. ✌️
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