David Olteanu

Tattooer Pacific ink ,NSW,Australia. Dad first, skater, art/film nerd. GUTTERDOGS SC, INKJECTA crew, SULLEN art collective. daveolteanuart@hotmail.com
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Starting this half sleeve today. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
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dandan291 : @cheshire_coya thats ridiculous. Sooo nice. Haha
cheshire_coya : Need to do a road trip for back pieces.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ @dandan291
britneytuckerr : @god_rod
_s_j_k_f_ : @__kenpachi
dandan291 : @cheshire_coya id even take a bicep/sleeve. But yes 100% rpad trip for ink lol
rafaela2die4 : Stunning
kbuse : @daisy_leah pretty cool
dani_acca : cannot wait to see this in ink
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Was so fun doing this crow influenced piece! If any one wants anything crow related I'm down! @inkjecta V2 @pacificink_terrigal @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
ev_iv : πŸ‘!
nextstop86 : Epic man sooo nice!
locky_24 : Nice work
hayles1680 : πŸ‘Œ So awesome!
beckycloonan : The bits of white on that really make it pop
mpvnguyen : Is the left eye intentional? Looks different from the reference pic you drew! Either way looks awesome! πŸ‘
checkoutthewheelz : Dope.
deathlesscords : Sick!
ivanchaswanchas - gacetattoo - oliveira.89 - vespertinette -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Fun one this morning sorry about the glare on the pic. All @inkjecta V2 @pacificink_terrigal @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
tattoosbyjesus : Amazing
katecrane : That's pretty fuckin sweet, poof
la_buona_musica : Bello
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
As far as we got today after having to stop for an extended period. Cannot wait to finish this!!!!!! All @inkjecta V2 @pacificink_terrigal @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
adampasquali : Solid amigo!
ez_arizona : 😍
rochellelintz : Gorgeous Dave!!
deathlesscords : Super pimp!
ebony_mellowship_str : Fuck man, soooo beautiful!!!
angiebell11 : Beauty @daveolteanu poo
lockvondoom : @daveolteanu where is it placed :) ?
carlytherad : β™‘
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Started this fun chest piece today @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
beckycloonan : Sick sick sick!!
vickiolt : Thats huge... Good pain threshold!
polotattoo : Woou!!! Great work! :)
foreverseeyoucoming : @nfg_evo
cloudsovercalifornia_ : Hey Dave whats the usual wait time to get a piece done by you?
cthulu_jo : @droofus
braden_brown01 : Holy shit, that's amazing. Can't wait to see the finished piece!
checkoutthewheelz : So good! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
I just want to give a massive thanks to @inkjecta and the killer @chriscashmore for always taking care of me over the years. Not only are they some of the raddest people in the tattoo industry they are like family and I appreciate them making me part of there's years ago. Use their machines! You won't go wrong. Much love to you guys and my inkjecta family.
artsake_pacificink : pity you look like a dick in the hat
lloydizm : ^ lol
_misselyse : πŸ‘Œ
rochellelintz : 😍😍so gguuuddddd
liverich13 - streltsova_ds - alisidiot - checkoutthewheelz -
daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Here's another lady up for offer, J O'Barr was a huge influence on my life and I'd like to tattoo this lady in the crows honor. Call @pacificink_terrigal on 02 43847740, email daveolteanuart@hotmail.com or kik daveolteanu if you're interested. 350 for the first person :)
daveolteanu : THIS IS TAKEN
taylorbishop95 : @chadkozoriz
no_mas_honda : @nextstop86 what do you mean?
no_mas_honda : @daveolteanu not a problem thats why I asked
ofthe_lion : @daveolteanu how often do you come to the states?
deathangelart : Wow!! This is amazing!! I love the Crow movie, so cool to discover u r inspired by James O'Barr also ♥.
jeqaaa : Nice!
ccgwt : !!!!!!
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Over the next few days I'll be posting new pieces that will be available at a set price to the first person to book :) this is the first piece she will be $400 and of course size restrictions apply. I wanna tattoo this!! yeww! Contact me at @pacificink_terrigal 02 43847740, daveolteanuart@hotmail.com or kik-daveolteanu. @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #pacificink #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
_sammybyrne : @brittandersonx this is gorgeous. I want her! Lol
brittandersonx : U should get her ;) it's soooo cheap! @_sammybyrne
_sammybyrne : I know! That's why I'm considering it @brittandersonx
brittandersonx : It'll have to be big 😏
_sammybyrne : If I'm game enough @brittandersonx I've only had little tattoos lol
hayles1680 : @daveolteanu I've just emailed you, if she's still available I'd love her! Can call tomorrow to book!
brittandersonx : I no!! U should deffinitly start getting big ones 😏 @_sammybyrne
daveolteanu : THIS IS TAKEN
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Commission piece for a very talented and special groomer. Can't wait to colour this!!! More info when it's all done. Keen to do more commission work now so if you're interested shoot me an email. :) #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
gunnzelle : Sick
kristenbenzinrudi : #greatjob !!
neatie_neats : That's so siick opie it so coming to you πŸ’–
neatie_neats : @kristenbenzinrudi
kristenbenzinrudi : Awesome:) i want to groom ALL the dogs! @neatie_neats
neatie_neats : That's siick.. I wanna see Ur baby.. Jake has said it's looking so cool :)
ebony_mellowship_str : Amazing!!!!
drewshallis_str : So good mate
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
The amazing @nextstop86 and myself are looking for someone to get this FULL COLOUR collaboration piece from the 2 of us. @nextstop86 will be doing the lady and I will be doing the cheetah and jewelry. Email us at tattoo@pacificink.com.au and we will sort out a price and size. Cheers everyone! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #teamdeathless
pacificink - inkjecta - teamdeathless - sullenartcollective -
p_deezyyy : @igrewupaskrewup I know that's why I tagged you lol
deathlesscords : Wish we were close to you guys!! Will be an awesome piece!!!!
giannaphillips : We used the same reference πŸ™ˆ yours kills mine though that goes without saying, love this!
daveolteanu : @giannaphillips haha it happens sometimes :) it's crazy the Internet is so massive and heaps of artists seem to wind up with the same reference. All your art is amazing so ours definitely doesn't kill yours and congratulations on the rock star can win!!!!!
giannaphillips : Agreed! and thank you so much! πŸ’•πŸ’•
wyattsclick : Is it taken yet bro @daveolteanu
daveolteanu : @wyattsclick sorry brother it is!
_ms_alvarez_ : @_tsuave
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