David Olteanu

Tattooer Pacific ink ,NSW,Australia. Dad first, skater, art/film nerd. GUTTERDOGS SC, INKJECTA crew, SULLEN art collective. daveolteanuart@hotmail.com
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
It's that time again!!! I'm doing pre orders for my next sketchbook, 50+ pages, over 100 pieces. It is $70 Aud inside Australia and $80 aud outside of Australia. The first 50 pre orders will have a piece of original art packed with it!!!!!!! Payments can be made via PayPal at daveolteanuart@hotmail.com. Please make sure that your mailing details are up to date and you include sketchbook purchase in the title. Cheers guys!!!!
ebony_mellowship_str : Yeah cunt!!!!!
lvciferx : @daveolteanu How do I inquire about purchasing an original you've posted previously? Hope all is well!
that_john_guy_sucks : Yeah I want one
tprobert47 : @pederzzz early birthday present 😜 haha
nicolemariemccord : @daveolteanu I NEED THIS
aboyandhisbeard : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiick
drewshallis_str : Sell some books and lets get pissed ;)
drewshallis_str : @ebony_mellowship_str wants to dabble in some holy water also
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Having fun drawing something for myself. Going to get back to more comic style stuff. @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords
top_catz : @noway_kimosabe
erik_eh : @teckanness that's sick!
akabigshow : That's awesome bro , any chance you'd be down for an Arkham inspired piece ?
daveolteanu : @akabigshow of course man!!!
caitlan_murphy : @chrisjfarts
unclejeremy : Badass!
josh_martinn : @chelseahefford
teckanness : That's dope! @erik_eh
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Preliminary sketch for an oil painting I am going to do of my grandmother that passed away very recently. I picked a reference portrait of her that I remember clearly from my childhood. I used to stand in the hallway of there house and look at this photo and think that my grandma was pretty when she was young.
dane_williams_art : Sick as fuck
petejolly : It'll be a nice tribute Dave
rachmcway : Beautiful!
vickiolt : Beautiful Dave . Thank you.
emma__d : Beautiful, sorry for your loss xx
biinnny : Wow Dave you've really captured gg "s essence, well done x
courtlouisejohnson : Stunning!
sharkduude : Sent u and email dudeman.. @daveolteanu
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
My print for @inkdotsblackspots exhibition tonight!!!! They are available at the exhibition and after.
darrylwintertattoos : Need a print of this man!
g_cups : This is amazing Dave! Killer work!! πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Œ
dyllmahtea : Will be prints be available by mail dude?
lizhapi : Arr mah gawd
gooneytoons_str : Amazing dude!!!
serenajane : How much??? @daveolteanu
laurenfenlontattooist : Looked rad up there @daveolteanu :)
icebroskillzs : Awesome
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Any one that knows me knows I'll have a 12th hour flip out about art that needs to be done, it could be the best art I've ever done but once I find something I don't like I fixate and can't rest until I have another option. So here's a peek at my back up for the @inkdotsblackspots exhibition this Friday! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords
geoffleppard86 : That's off it's head! @daveolteanu
kristenbenzinrudi : Nature is satan's church. Goooooood one!!
fanaticinkling : This absolutely beautiful and I would rock the shit out of that tattoo!
petejolly : The line King strikes again πŸ‘
winterandme : Pure talent πŸ™
nicolemariemccord : Oh my gods I LOVE THIS
onnieolearytattoo : Awesome and beautiful :)
dustyneal : Amazing
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Ok so I'm gonna try and reel back the anger and just show you guys how chilled my little boy is. #dumbdumb
dumbdumb -
gabehoupt27 : American bulldog?
anthonychittum : @domino444 look it's zouzou in another hemisphere!
ambermunster : @zinarules
wirtysquad : @muertosvivos @nislodirtysquad
maricilea : @barbaranicc esse parece vc
barbaranicc : @maricilea lindo igual eu
maricilea : @barbaranicc tem cara de morto igual tbm
vickiolt : How could you be angry with that face ? 😐
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Back at it again. Two exhibition pieces to finish and sketchbook 4 to put together. Showing some #gothamacademy support!!!! #benaffleckwillruleasbatman
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mike_machete : Where can I find your books for sale?
misselysec : Batman πŸ‘Œ
vickiolt : Scary because you are looking your age and just plain scary
daveolteanu : Well if I'm looking my age you must be feelin it!! @vickiolt
vickiolt : Some days I sure do... Lol
kristenbenzinrudi : Looking your age alright...38 and HOT HOT HOT!!!
darvulia.moirai : <3 usually
angiebell11 : Fucking batman @daveolteanu πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
A little look at the base line art for my piece for the @inkdotsblackspots exhibition. See the full coloured and finished piece on the night!!! @pacificink_terrigal @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords #pacificink #inkjecta #sullenartcollective #inkdotsblackspots #teamdeathless
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bostonbullyart : So dope!
deathlesscords : Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blackveiltattoo : Beautiful style, this is perfect
avrellmarie : This is so awesome, so much detailπŸ’˜βœοΈπŸ’˜
salimcortes : Sweet. πŸ‘
josh_sanderson : Nice as fuxk! @elizawhitaker
wheelheel : When will you be in the States? No homo, I need you to take my T card. I'm 25 and have been waiting for the right artist to bring my imagination to my canvas, you're the right Man for the job. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
beesttattoos : @oozayclothing
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
I'm exhibiting as part of this years Ink Dots Black Spots 3 - follow @inkdotsblackspots and hashtag #inkdotsblackspots to go in the draw to win a free print.
inkdotsblackspots -
_meggjane_ : @bhewson90 ring Lucy tomorrow and tell her I want to come down to melbourne for this :) ... sorry @daveolteanu I now work for levis :)
bhewson90 : @_meggjane_ bahahaha are you rostered on (raises eyebrows) haha xx
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daveolteanu - David Olteanu
Would love to tattoo this sketch!!! Hit me up at @pacificink_terrigal or email daveolteanuart@hotmail.com or kik daveolteanu. Cheers! @inkjecta @sullenclothing @deathlesscords
gmarv81 : @gloriousnightmare , you might like this.
sharkduude : If u have any hrs today let me no yew!
daveolteanu : Will do @sharkduude I think I'm pretty booked though. I'll call us today with some times anyway
sharkduude : Okay all good cheers man!
thegardenofethan709 : @jeanserin this guys work is incredible. Check him out!
tattoo_luckyone : @tattoosbyrussbishop
sixteenstrokes : I love with your work. So amazing. Will you ever be in the UK #joinus
kimsugar812 : So awesome! I'm in awe of your skills!!
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