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"to adventure down roads less traveled and document the stories of those we meet along the way." all iphone, all latergrams
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davejstark - Dave Stark
13/100 this is waterloo park in waterloo ontario. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places
the100dayproject - waterloo - 100daysof100places -
davejstark : there is not much to say about waterloo park. it is not very big, the "lake" at the south end is more of a shallow pond, and the zoo is closer to a petting zoo than a world class facility, but waterloo park is still one of my favourite places on earth. i met my wife (@jenniferstark) in our first week of classes at wilfrid laurier university. at first we were just friends, compatriots that hung out on a regular basis and frequently went on long walks together often through this very park. it was on one of these walks, about a month after we had met, while we were sitting in the gazebo down by the lake that i told jenn that i liked her and she said she liked me too. from then on the park became a fixture of our life at university, a place we happily returned to even after we moved off campus and further away from the park. it was where we had picnics with our roommates, where we played ultimate frisbee in the football stadium at the north end and where we came to walk and explore every spring when the weather got warm again. it may not be as glamorous as the river nile or the greek islands of the mediterranean sea but waterloo park will always be a special place to me as the place where jenn and i started our journey together over 12 years ago. #Waterloo
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davejstark - Dave Stark
12/100 this is aswan to luxor in egypt. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #egypt #thenile
egypt - thenile - the100dayproject - 100daysof100places -
davejstark : in 2007 when we were working as teachers in england we spent our easter break in egypt with friends who were teaching in saudi arabia. our friends were traveling with some other canadian teachers from their school in saudi and it was one of those friends that planned the whole trip. although our itinerary was a bit exhausting, it did mean that we saw nearly everything ancient egypt had to offer. it also meant that the times where the trip slowed down a bit were really welcome and they are the parts of the trip we have ended up remembering the best. our favourite part of the whole two weeks was the day and night we spent on the felucca - a traditional nile river boat. leaving aswan in the late morning we ate lunch on the boat as we sailed down the river (i.e. towards luxor) and then spent a glorious afternoon of resting, watching and a little bit of playing cards. it was amazing to see just how narrow the strip of cultivated land is around the nile before the desert claims the land once again. in the late afternoon we stopped for a swim (yes, i've swum in the nile and the congo - two of africa's biggest and most poluted rivers - don't tell my mom) and then hiked up a ridge near the river from which jenn took this photograph. jenn might remember this part of the trip more fondly as i had eaten something earlier in the day in aswan that didn't exactly agree with my stomach and was feeling the affects. after the hike, we ate dinner in a traditional egyptian village and one of the locals provided me with some lotus leaf tea that soothed my stomch. that night we slept on the boat as it was moored near shore and we all woke up while we silently drifted back out onto the river and sailed down to our departure spot near kom ombo - from where we resumed our busy schedule seeing four ancient temples in one day (kom ombo, edfu, carnak and luxor). i will never forget that felucca ride or the calm i felt on it despite the way i was feeling. although we saw many beautiful and amazing things in our time in egypt, it was the times we got to slow down, to take it all in that really made the trip.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
11/100 this is samos. it was just supposed to be a stop over point, the place where we changed ferries on our journey from greece to turkey. but as we traversed the island between ferry arrival and departure destinations, wandered the streets of samos town in search of our hotel and later strolled along the harbour in search of dinner, we were truly charmed by this wonderful island. from it's hills to its harbours, from its grooves to its people, samos, like so many places in greece is a place you could easily see yourself spending an amazing summer. we definitely need to go back and explore some more! #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #samos
the100dayproject - samos - 100daysof100places -
babis_samios : amazing concept drawing a map of every place you visit. thank u for the very kind words of you about Samos island the place I grew up and live in again. god bless you see many places and draw million of maps. enjoy!
davejstark : thanks @babis_samios we loved samos - you are lucky to live there!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
tonight felt a bit like summer, when we ride our bikes down to the water and walk along the beach as the sunsets. i can't wait! #vscocam #toronto
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davejstark - Dave Stark
10/100 this is fishing cove in cape breton nova scotia. back in september we hiked into fishing cove and stayed overnight in the back-country campground there. the hike was three hours downhill with heavy packs on our back through coyote and black bear territory. it was one of the hardest things i've ever done (and the hike out the next day back up the hill was no picnic either) but it was also one of the most rewarding things too. arriving at that remote and beautiful cove, cut off from the world (and even fresh water) we shouted out in triumph. it was a sleepless night as the wind howled against our tent and i was hungry and sore, but as i lay there i knew that i had done something hard, that i was doing something that was actually adventurous (and doing it with my love) and i just couldn't stop smiling. that was a great feeling and one i'm itching to taste again. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #backcountrycamping #explorenovascotia #capebreton
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davejstark - Dave Stark
9/100 this is robin hood's bay in north yorkshire. jenn was born in england and her grandparents still live there so we've visited yorkshire quite a few times now. every visit we spend at least a day in robin hood's bay where jenn's family once rented a little holiday cottage for a week. the town is this perfect little english seaside village built on the cliff leading up from the sea . (continued in the comments) #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #robinhoodsbay #yorkshire #ravenscar #clevelandway
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davejstark : on our last visit, jenn's grandparents dropped us off at the top of the cliff and we walked down to the town and then back up the otherside and along the cliff top to ravenscar where they would meet us for high tea. they dropped us off at 3 o'clock and said they would meet us at ravenscar at 4 so we could get in for the last tea serving. since they said the hike was only around 30 minutes, we took 15 minutes to explore the town and then started on our way. as it turned out, the hike was actually 4 miles winding in and out along the cliff face and dropping down to sea level at every stream crossing. by four, we hadn't even made it half way, and we spent most of the last mile in an all out run (running on a trail with a pack makes you feel like you're in the lord of the rings). by the time we arrived at ravenscar it was nearly five and we found jenn's grandparents waiting for us with very worried faces - both because we were late and hadn't been able to contact them and because tea was no long over. this story does have a happy ending however as the hotel agreed to serve us tea outside on their terrace and we watched the sun setting over the coast, the path we'd just walked and robin hood's bay far in the distance. the hike was one of the best i've ever been on and i think the fact that we were late and there's this great story about it makes me remember it all the more fondly.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
8/100 this is rome. although we've been to rome, walked its streets and explored its ruins, when i think of rome i don't think of the place that i've been, i think of the place that i have studied. i fell hard for rome when i was in high school, something about the empire, the intrigue, the aqueducts, the sophistication of this civilization from over 2000 years ago just fascinated me. so i studied ancient history in university. then, after jenn and i had lived and taught in britain for a year, visiting rome and greece, hadrian's wall and the ruins of southern france, i returned to school to get my masters in ancient mediterranean cultures which was followed shortly by a few years of a phd, all studying this fascinating and beguiling place. in the end, i may not have been cut out to be an ancient scholar, but that doesn't mean i haven't lost my fascination for this place. i hope i get to return soon. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #rome #ancienthistory
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velascarlos : So nice!!
moriarty697 : And now I've got Dylan's When I Paint My Masterpiece running through my head...
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davejstark - Dave Stark
7/100 this is grand haven, michigan. in 2012, jenn and i decided to go on a month long adventure, traveling from toronto to california and documenting the lives of people who we saw as living a life off the beaten path. our intention was to combine our love of travel with a feeling of giving back to people whose stories inspire us. the first person to contact us when we put this idea out into the universe was a fellow photographer named abbey. abbey asked if we could come to her hometown of grand haven and document a day in the life of her parents as they cared for her brother trevor who has autism. basically she told us that she wanted to show her parents how "absolutely-freakin'-incredible" they were for loving and caring for trevor they way they do and to have photos of a "good day" with her brother to help them remember when the days weren't so good. because of those three days, grand haven will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be a place i want to return to whenever we're in the neighbourhood (as we have been more than a few times since). thanks @abbeylmoore i am so glad you reached out to us and i'm even happier that you've now become a close friend! #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #grandhaven
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onewarmline : The art is wonderful, but the storytelling that goes with it is art in itself!
abbeylmoore : I was just thinking about you guys! You will always hold a special place in my families heart for the gifts you gave us - and for sharing our story! Thanks for being so incredible yourself. I love you guys!
abbeylmoore : @lam0630 check it out!
davejstark : thanks @onewarmline it has been fun to relive the times we spent in these places.
davejstark : @abbeylmoore those three days were really special to us, thanks so much for inviting us!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
6/100 this is edinburgh. some might think of the castle or the royal mile but when i think of edinburgh i always think of arthur's seat. when we first visited in 2003 we tried to hike up the hill without really knowing the way. three quarters of the way to the top, the path we had chosen ended and we found ourselves stuck on the side of a pretty steep slope. five years later, our last stop after a year living in the uk was edinburgh and on our second attempt we followed the crowd on the right path to the top. we may not have reached the top on that first visit, but i'm so happy we chose the path we did. we sat on the hill, ate a little picnic, snapped this picture and talked about the future and maybe one day living in a place like edinburgh. five years later we ended up in birmingham not edinburgh but i like to think that discussion on the side of arthur's seat had something to do with our decision to live a year abroad. if you ever find yourself in edinburgh take an afternoon to hike up arthur's seat and may I recommend taking the less traveled path. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #edinburgh
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jenniferstark : so true :)
mrsapricot : I've climbed Arthur's Seat many a time during our year living there, and every time it did not disappoint. Next time, you should visit Glencoe if you've not been yet. The views are spectacular.
davejstark : thanks @mrsapricot all our trips to scotland thus far have been way too short so we've only really seen edinburgh. we definitely want to return though and explore more. hope you and jeremy are well!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
5/100 this is ontario pioneer camp. from ages 11 to 21 i spent eleven summers here, first as a camper, then as a counsellor and then as a senior staff member. summer camp is a truly magical place - there just something different about living in chalets, swimming every day in the lake, exploring the surrounding woods, and playing camp wide games in the bush, that is just different from any other experience you can have. my summers at camp were like living in a community cut off from the rest of the outside world and this heightened every moment. there are such tight bonds you can form with people when your working, living, struggling and having fun alongside them for nine straight weeks. jenn and i have been lucky enough to photograph a few weddings at summer camps over the years and it is so incredible to see the way people react when returning to the camp that they love. camp is the place where many of them met their spouses and their closest friends, where many of their fondest memories are from, and where they really grew up. sometimes we day-dream about what life would look like if we ran a summer camp, and maybe one day we will. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #summercamp
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taylorroades : I love camp with all my heart. I'll always be a tap girl. Haha
abbeylmoore : This is so so true!!!! I couldn't have explained it better myself. @k_vanderklok - you would like this!
davejstark : yes @taylorroades !
k_vanderklok : Great post! I have the most amazing honor of running a summer camp on Lake Michigan and must say it's one of the greatest jobs in the whole entire world :) Thanks for sharing, @abbeylmoore
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