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"to adventure down roads less traveled and document the stories of those we meet along the way." all iphone, all latergrams
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davejstark - Dave Stark
life in a canoe.
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davejstark : #algonquinpark #exploreontario #mytinyatlas #greatnorthcollective
divinakijawani : Lovely photo! 🐱 πŸ’š
davejstark : @divinakijawani thanks!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
much like a good canoe trip, a good marriage can be hard work but it's the type of hard work that gives life purpose, meaning and joy. so glad to have had @jenniferstark as my partner in joy and adventure these past nine years.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
nine years ago today we got married. we decided to celebrate by going on a little adventure into the backcountry of algonquin park. sharing adventures (even little ones) with her is what makes me happiest in life. #algonquinpark #canoecamping #burntislandlake
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jenniferstark : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
emmersonflower : Happy Anniversary you two!
markkuy : Amazing! Happy anniversary πŸ’—
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davejstark - Dave Stark
100/100 this is our world. i can't believe we've actually gotten here. over the last 100 days i have thought about, drawn a map of, and posted about 100 places that i've visisted and mean something special to me (and hopefully to some of you too!). i've learned many lessons from this experience about the mechanics of perserverence (just take it one item at a time), the wonder of memory and the need to print your photos (too many of these maps were accompanied by "online" photos with no printed copy having been made...yet). while i've always loved drawing maps i've always been bad at finishing projects, following routines, and challenging myself creatively and there were definitely times in this project where i felt like i wanted to stop (but not as many as i expected there to be when i started). by far the best part of this experience has been reliving memories of the places we've been and the people we've met and shared experiences with along the way. my hope is that a few of you have connected with these memories too and have thought about people and places that mean something special to you. it's also prompted a lot of dreaming about the places we've yet to visit, the photographs we've yet to take and the maps i might one day draw. this last map is for all those places we've yet to visit but one day hope to get to from rio to john o'groats, from patagonia to cape town, from labrador to rapanui and every where in between. hope you've enjoyed following along! #the100dayproject #100daysof100places
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markkuy : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
katygrad : What an outstanding project and piece of work Dave! I loved following your creative design and process! Awesome work!
moi_tebe_nastroeniya : Thank you for sharing all these experiences, memories and lessons with us! Let it be many hundreds days and places more for all of us!) namasteπŸ™
gillmccullough : I arrived in the Faroe Islands very shortly after you left and was able to enjoy your posts while actively exploring and experiencing the same locations. I can't describe how much I have enjoyed you sharing your experiences over the past month or so πŸ‘πŸ»
davejstark : thank you @onewarmline so glad you enjoyed traveling along!
davejstark : thank you @katygrad and @moi_tebe_nastroeniya for your kind words.
davejstark : @gillmccullough the faroes are a magical place! so glad you got to experience them too and enjoyed following along with my maps
breannajoi : I love this idea!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
99/100 this is london. in a novel that i recently read the main character finds himself reminiscing about visiting paris in his youth and the feeling that he, as a french canadian, got visiting the heart of all things french and stated that is was impossible for an english canadian to get an equivalent feeling visiting london. not being french canadian myself, i have no way of making such a comparisson but i can say that i did get a special feeling as a person born in the british commonwealth and of british descent the first time i visited london. from strolling through the central parks, nosing around covent garden or exploring along the thames, i loved ever moment that we walked through london that first visit and the many many times we've been lucky enough to return since. even though it's no longer an imperial city, it's still a special place and makes all of british descent feel something special when they visit for the first time. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #london
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davejstark - Dave Stark
six years ago today this little one came into our lives. i'm glad she still finds ways to surprise me in her choice of sitting/sleeping spots. #ilovecats
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davejstark - Dave Stark
98/100 this is algonquin park. we've camped here (as kids and adults), we've hiked here, we've thanksgiving picnicked here, and we've even been lucky enough to shoot a wedding at camp tamakwa inside the park. it is the crown jewel of the ontario parks system and whenever we visit it feels comfortable and a bit like home. #ontarioparks #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #algonquinpark
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davejstark - Dave Stark
97/100 this is hilton head island, south carolina. my roommate in university had access to a timeshare in hilton head and eight of us drove down there in reading week of my second year. it wasn't quite as hot as we hoped and it was a little cramped but it was warmer than a canadian winter and we were happy to walk on the beach, hang out around the hot tub, play silly games and forget completely about school for a week. like so many things in university i thought at the time there would be many more weeks like this and didn't savour it as much as i probably should have. it's nice to still have the memories and the photos many of which are maybe too embarrassing to share. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #hiltonhead
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davejstark - Dave Stark
96/100 this is athens. we've been lucky enough to visit athens twice and it is one of my favourite places in the world. one of my favourite things about the city is although it is often crowded with tourists streaming through the historical sites, the athenians always seem to remain friendly, you can always duck down an alley and find an unbelievable nice and deserted little restaurant or a pile of sleeping cats or even at the famed historical sites you can find yourself alone in a back corner, able to think, survey and ponder what life was like here more than 2500 years ago. i know that this is not the best time in history for the greeks and i feel for them as a nation but i also know that even amidst the turmoil i am sure the greeks are still friendly, will make you feel at home and remain resilient, fiercely proud of their country and their heritage. #100daysof100places #the100dayproject #athens #greece
the100dayproject - athens - 100daysof100places - greece -
andrewbounce : We are there/here right now. I can tell you that life is going on as normal here even for most of the locals (certainly for the tourists). People are often more resilient than we can imagine. The other day we saw the local grocery store making change for other local businesses so they had small bills to in turn give as change. There have been countless other examples of communities pulling together to keep things going. A lesson in human nature.
davejstark : @andrewbounce that is so good to hear! i love greece and the greeks and i'm rooting for everything to work out for the best for the common people. there is something very ancient (and heartening) about this attitude of mutual aid that you describe.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
95/100 these are banff and yoho national parks. no place is currently higher on my list of places i visited in my childhood that i want to return to as soon as possible, than these two rocky mountain national parks. i want to hike at lake louise again (see photo), i want to see a train go through the kicking horse pass, i want to wander in the fossil fields of yoho, and search for countless other trails and lookouts and unique and wonderful things that i know exist in these parks. i want to see mountains again (and then maybe find some place quiet and write a book?) #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #banff #yoho #parkscanada
parkscanada - the100dayproject - banff - 100daysof100places - yoho -
athenapelton : That part about writing a book and Lake Louise and finding trails and - well - everything. This is everything. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
davejstark : thanks @athenapelton - we miss you!
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