Dave Stark

"to adventure down roads less traveled and document the stories of those we meet along the way." all iphone, all latergrams
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davejstark - Dave Stark
there is something right about being in the wilderness. #frenchriver #exploreontario #vscocam #mytinyatlas
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davejstark - Dave Stark
89/100 this is snowdon in wales. on my 25th birthday i climbed my first mountain. it wasn't the hardest ascent but it still felt pretty amazing to stand on the top of a mountain and drink from a bottle of wine with my love. we were living in birmingham at the time and jenn had surprised me by renting the car and planning out our route. it was a memorable way to celebrate 25 years of life and the start of a tradition of doing something a bit adventurous to celebrate another trip around the sun. #100daysof100places #the100dayproject #snowdon
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moi_tebe_nastroeniya : Sounds great! You guys are a role model couple!))
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davejstark - Dave Stark
88/100 this is pine cove lodge. to me summer is synonymous with being by a lake, in the woods, some place on the canadian shield. most every one of my childhood birthdays was spent camping at charleston lake with my parents (map #1). this year jenn surprised me with a little getaway to pine cove lodge on one of the many branches of the french river. we shot a wedding here many moons ago and have always thought of coming back as it is such a beautiful and perfect spot to be reminded of all that summer can be in this part of the world. thanks @jenniferstark for planning such a perfect getaway. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #exploreontario
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katemcrockett : πŸ™
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davejstark - Dave Stark
any day that involves canoeing, hiking and a dip in a lake is a pretty good day. #greatnorthcollective #exploreontario #mytinyatlas
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kevinsbryan : Happy Birthday Dave! Glad to see you've had such a cool day. See you soon!
d_metcalfe : Happy birthday, my friend.
katemcrockett : So true!!
davejstark : thanks @kevinsbryan and @d_metcalfe
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davejstark - Dave Stark
lakes and trees and canadian shield - a little slice of canadiana to celebrate the dominion. #canada #canadaday #dominionday #mytinyatlas
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davejstark - Dave Stark
87/100 this is canada. lakes and mountains and trees and mosquitos. this is canada, my home and native land. today she celebrates her 148th birthday. i've been lucky enough to travel from coast to coast visiting all ten provinces and even the yukon and some day i hope i get to visit nunavut, the northwest territories and labrador too. although i often dream of living abroad when we travel i am so glad to be canadian and that this is my home. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #canada #canadaday
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davejstark - Dave Stark
86/100 this is culebra bay in costa rica. i remember finding this private beach that you could only get to when the tide was out. we saw howler monkeys and crabs of all sorts scuttling back to their holes and of course we got stuck there for a few hours after the tide came in and missed lunch but it was okay because we were on our honeymoon and you don't really care about such things on your honeymoon as long as you're together. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #costarica
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davejstark - Dave Stark
85/100 this is bozdag, turkey. we drove from the coast inland and the up a windy road into the mountains passing a spring with the best water i have ever tasted. the village is small but has a central square and an outdoor cafe in an enclosure where the sultan's children used to be trained and vendors selling piles of watermelons in the street. this is where jenn's grandparents spend their summers to escape the heat of the plains. this is where i met them for the first time and jenn saw them for the first time since she was a teenager. there was much crying and laughter and hand gestures to express ourselves. we knew our time would be short there and that made us hyper-aware of every moment. it was a day and a place i will never forget. #100daysof100places #the100dayproject #turkey
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davejstark - Dave Stark
84/100 this is the outback of australia. we took a four wheel drive bus out of alice springs stopping at places like ormison gorge, king's canyon and finally uluru. we camped in tents that often felt like they were going to blow away in night time sand storms. we saw wild horses, dunked our hats and shirts in outback watering holes (they would be dry by the time we reached the bus again) and woke up early to hike at dawn so we could avoid the midday heat. i remember being befriended by the various other couples on the trip who could have been upset that a seven and ten year old were crashing their adventure but instead embraced it and played games with us. i remember the older gentlemen (easily in his seventies) who was the last to reach the top at uluru but he made it and someone snapped our picture as the youngest and oldest intrepid travellers. i grew up idolizing the early explorers and i think it's pretty easy to tell why. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #theoutback #australia
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gen_georget : The most beautiful stars I've ever seen were in the Outback...
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davejstark - Dave Stark
one of my favourite things about photographs is their power to trigger memories that have started to fade. over the last few days i have been going through our photos from the past couple of years for a different project and it's been so nice to be reminded of all the wonderful places we've been and the wonderful people we've met along the way. even this photo triggered something, as in the past six weeks i had forgotten just what that mountain looked like and how tall it was. that is the power of a photograph, and i hope i continue taking them for a long long time. #visitfaroeislands #mytinyatlas #vscocam
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xristina.ac : πŸ’›πŸ‘Œ
onewarmline : So many lovely layers in this capture!
maura.amadea : I thought it was Iceland!
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