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"to adventure down roads less traveled and document the stories of those we meet along the way." all iphone, all latergrams
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davejstark - Dave Stark
53/100 these are the westfjords, our home for the next few days. the little guidebook that came with our camper van says that the westfjords are often called "the most famous unknown place in the world". they are isolated, off the normal tourist path and at times scary but here there are some of the craziest, most beautiful, and most unusual landscapes i have ever seen. i have tried to mark our route on the map. at first when you see the road meandering around every fjord you find it irritating, but then you hit the first section of road that doesn't follow the fjord and realize the alternative is going over the mountains on switching-backing, pot-holed, often snowy and always steep dirt roads and you become very thankful for the roads that follow the fjord. it is scary at times but the resulting views are pretty incredible. can't wait to share more about the specific areas we have visited over the next couple of days. #westfjords #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #iceland
iceland - westfjords - 100daysof100places - the100dayproject -
fraserash : you should swing over and visit my peeps in Sauðárkrókur! Just off the map to the right
d_metcalfe : That's pretty much the same route we took, as far as I can tell. So much fun!
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davejstark - Dave Stark
this photo was taken at midnight after sharing some beers with new friends as we tried to walk across the field to our camp. the struggle was more due to the strongest wind i have ever experienced than the beers. #mystopover #happyiceland #VSCOcam #iceland #westfjords
happyiceland - iceland - mystopover - vscocam - westfjords -
theseekmoreproject : You photos really make me want to visit Iceland.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
took a walk down from our campsite to the beach this morning. for the record the white stuff is snow. #iceland #westfjords #mytinyatlas #mystopover #happyiceland
happyiceland - iceland - mytinyatlas - westfjords - mystopover -
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davejstark - Dave Stark
52/100 this is the snaefellsnes peninsula in western iceland. i thought i understood the vibe of iceland but exploring the western side of the island is opening my eyes to completely new vegetation, landscapes and a new feel. #the100dayproject #snaefellsnes #100daysof100places #iceland
iceland - the100dayproject - snaefellsnes - 100daysof100places -
rachellederouin : love your project
davejstark : thanks @rachellederouin
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davejstark - Dave Stark
snaefellsjokull volcano: starting location in jules verne's journey to the centre of the earth. all day as we circled it, the mountain remained in sunshine while we were under dark skies. as we emerged into the light we noticed that the clouds seemed to flow around the mountain never over it, like they were hitting an invisible wall. anyone know the reason for this? #iceland #snaefellsnes #mystopover #mytinyatlas #sciencequestions
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davejstark - Dave Stark
the sea was angry that day my friends. like an old man trying to return soup at a deli. #snaefellsnes #iceland #mytinyatlas #mystopover #happyiceland
happyiceland - iceland - mystopover - mytinyatlas - snaefellsnes -
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davejstark - Dave Stark
51/100 this is iceland. we were here in 2013 for a music festival with friends and explored much of the south coast including vik and jokulsarlon - our two favourites. yesterday we returned after a wonderful ten days in the faroes. this time we have a little camper van that we hope to explore in up to the west fjords. it's been a little cold and a little rainy but we got our heater working today and the sun cme out for a bit so our spirits are still high and we are excited for new adventures to come. these two instaxes are from this morning in stykkisholmur in the snaefelsjokull peninsula. #the100dayproject #100daysof100places #iceland #fujiinstax
iceland - the100dayproject - fujiinstax - 100daysof100places -
davejstark : ps sorry for the instagram dump.
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davejstark - Dave Stark
cleo sent us a purring telegram via her icelandic doppelgänger because she knew we were missing her. #iceland #ilovecats #VSCOcam #jennsfurryfriends
iceland - ilovecats - jennsfurryfriends - vscocam -
jenniferstark : this was one of my top ten moments of life. especially watching the pensioners walking by staring at the girl sitting on the sidewalk with a cat on her lap πŸ˜‚
robbins_sarah : πŸ™€
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davejstark - Dave Stark
made it to iceland and started our adventures in a ford connect turned camper van. been a little rainy but when we get a moment of sun everything is pretty breathtaking. #iceland #mytinyatlas #mystopover #happyiceland
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bemytravelmuse : magical
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davejstark - Dave Stark
one more from gasadalur. continuing my series of @jenniferstark looking at something pretty epic. #visitfaroeislands #gasadalur #mytinyatlas #faroeislands
mytinyatlas - faroeislands - gasadalur - visitfaroeislands -
d_metcalfe : Fantastic shot @davejstark!
davejstark : thanks @d_metcalfe your lessons are the reason we were able to get there on our manual car, so we have you to thank :)
theseekmoreproject : Love this series! 😊😜
vrantic : πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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