Daniel Kanter

Serial house-renovator, chronic over-sharer. Driven by delusion and fueled by coffee.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
first leg down--hello, Chicago! πŸŽ‰ Next stop, Albuquerque, and then πŸš™πŸš™πŸš™ to Marfa, TX with my main bitch, @doorsixteen! 🌡#D16MNinMarfa
d16mninmarfa -
fleurs.de.sel : Sounds so nice and warm
danielkanter : @southsocialandhome just a layover :(
themodmercantile : Ah, Albuquerque! My hometown!
malimish_marlene : Have fun! Love that place.
anacelie : Albuquerque welcomes you @danielkanter! You've got a fan base here--me and my partner!
moxiefurious : Oh you're going to be in Marfa, too? I'm just up the road! Hope you have fun and our weather behaves.
danielkanter : @anacelie aw, thank you! hi, guys πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹. You live in a beautiful place!
danielkanter : @moxiefurious Yep! thank you!! so far this weather is perfect for me...vast improvement over NY!! :)
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I can't imagine what these owners are going through. Please keep your eyes peeled, NYC, and repost this image to help. Find your way home safely, Sugar! ❀️❀️
laraclark1 : @mariananette @lanusa_the 🐢 missing :(
cricketted : Heart wrenching. Shared on FB.
xgirl0 : It's heartbreaking. I am so nervous that the seemingly very ill dog walker did something very stupid. I hope she is not hurt.
phoebe_and_coco : So sad
eyeloveyoublog : @keldav_ 😭
keldav_ : @eyeloveyoublog poor puppy :(
girk : :(
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
All hail. πŸ‘‘
wvkc : @andiebaum same level of sass as buddy. Pitty sass is the best sass.
danielkanter : @sophiecantell it's just stained wood, maybe 1950s? Thrifted for $20!
ag4square : "Her bed"
lissymae : What a look
10to2 : πŸ’›
thevintiqueobject : That bed! She's one stylish dog!
paulinajonesss : Our rescued pit has her own bed too!
phoebe_and_coco : Mekko you cutie
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
oh hai. #auction #nychair
auction - nychair -
designsponge : nice!
modfrugal : If you tell me you found it on the street I will cry. I have trolled for them to no avail...
danielkanter : @modfrugal no, weird auction buy that came with these two other weird chairs. chair overload!
modfrugal : Hey-whatever it takes! πŸ‘
annemwolff : F you that's amazing. Don't tell how little you paid, it will hurt I'm sure
xandrediaz : πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜€β˜€β˜€β˜€β˜€
mia0909 : That rug ... That chair .... That whole room ... Perfection πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
3at12 : 😳😍😍
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! I did my best to restore this transom window in our kitchen--originally for a secondary stairwell and now for our pantry. link in profile!
summermattmade : Bright white trim 😍
cdsp : All your restorations are gorgeous.
nancycloudsdale : Gorgeous !!! 🌟πŸ’₯✨
wishboneletterpress : So great!
carolinelb54 : I so love transoms
jhaffnerlayden : Transomformative! Nice, D.
phoebe_and_coco : Love reading your blog
housetweaking : Um, I like looking at your house. 😍
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Stair close-up bc I'm a huge nerd...I've debated ENDLESSLY what to do with our stair treads, and this really sells me on black! I was worried I wouldn't like the way it looked with the tone of the wood spindles and banister, or that the whole thing could end up feeling too busy, but this looks πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.
thevintiqueobject : Agreed.
juliapblue : Hate to be negative as they do look amazing, but we recently rented a property with gloss mid grey painted treads and I spent a lot of time sweeping them and wiping them with a damp cloth. We have 2 kids and 2 cats and debris just seemed to appear instantly.
grfoy : get ready for them to show Everything !! I love the look but I ended up with a runner
grfoy : what are you doing with the floors?!
grfoy : sorry. next pic I think
summermattmade : Oh yeah. This is good. Black plus white plus light and dark wood. πŸ‘
lahistorienne : I love those little flourish details on the stairs; never seen that before
designsponge : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
got to go hang with our new buds, @10to2 and @kingstonwineco this morning at their GORGEOUS 1859 Italianate! Such a treat, particularly because our houses (ours is 1865) have so many similarities, from floor plan to little details like the banister and spindles. They have great taste (black door club members!) and are just doing it up so right! Major inspired to tackle our hallway/stairwell area now...I've had enough of dusty walls, unpainted ceilings, unpainted doors, messed up stairs...but this is a good kick in the pants!
danielkanter : @greenpocketprotector I wish, haha! but yeah, crazy right?? ours is kind of a Greek revival-Italianate hybrid and lacks some of the more elaborate ornament than they have, but definitely very similar. they even have the same doorknobs and hinges!
10to2 : Loved the house banter and ideas! Basement sink is so relocating to our kitchen.
krisc16 : I thought it was your house too! Inspiration indeed!
argentinafirecracker : YAAAASSSSSS DANIEL!!!! YAAASSSS!
kristijensen_ : @georgerowlinson Black stairs
georgerowlinson : @kristijensen_ they look SO sharp....you need to do this...
kristijensen_ : @georgerowlinson yes!!! I need you!!!! (I also need the dog to stay off the damn stairs to make it happen)
marshapeacockphotography : Beautiful!!!
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I've done a little thrifting the last few days and am OBSESSED with my so-old-it's-not-even-functional-anymore mirror. I love when glass gets this deteriorated. πŸ‘»
mrscdw : It's called foxing, which is such a great name for that process
airparrott : Daniel got swoll! When did dat happen?
hushrumble : Beautiful! My neighbour and I are both renovating our old houses and often say to each other "what would Daniel Kanter do?".
lisaulfves : Beautiful! Reminds me a lot of that famous Astrid Kirchherr self portrait.
danielkanter : @mrscdw I've never heard that! I love it! thank you!!
danielkanter : @hushrumble ☺️☺️☺️
remuted : Who is the fairest of them all?
designsponge : We totally have your mirror's twin in our bathroom.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
ajlazybones : Love this picture! #mekko
edytaandco : Beautiful
andyandcandis : What a beautiful picture :)
catbirdfarm : What does Mekko think of all the snow?
jesscasey85 : Mekko is adorable!
danielkanter : @catbirdfarm she HATES IT. I've never seen a dog less interested in running around in snow or even being outside with it. so funny.
minimal4me : I'm with Mekko. Snow - meh
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
the most life-like stuffed animal of all time.
sandyp1267 : A cute one too! Love him!
doorsixteen : 😍😍😍 Thank you! Linus baby, I love youuuuuu πŸ’•
laurating : @jenisueb
phoebe_and_coco : Lucky you found Daniel
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