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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! Trim is painted white and a massive planter-building project for the front yard. Link in profile!
textgirl : Looks so good! Well done you.
youandme41 : Holy shitballs! It is stunning!!
stillastar : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
robyn.moriarty : Holy crap! This is amazing! Just last week we didn't even know there was a house back there! Incredible!!
neclm : Damn.
miss_wanderlustre : Amazing progress! You can already see the love!
meganborg : Wow!!!
malcolmsimmons : Are you serious with this?! Wow.
missjeska - veryvision - debruk - coristadler -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Old, meet new! Eep! Framing!
littlejay406 : Was wondering if you were around! Glad to see this and looking forward to your next post :D
jto307 : POST!!!
carolinelb54 : serious wishes for 2 instagrams a day from you...
kzerbey : How hard was it nailing into the old wood?
patdevans : Is this the vaulted 2nd floor???
danielkanter : @littlejay406 @jto307 sooooon I'm sorry!
danielkanter : @kzerbey not hard, but we we're using a pneumatic nail gun for everything. Pew pew!
danielkanter : @patdevans yup!
reniferstars - scoopers - bennyboy_1206 - rustigger -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I've never gotten a can of paint re-tinted, so let's see how this goes! Not feeling how light/blue this is. I should really follow my own advice...never ever pick paint based on the swatch! (Mostly just posting so you know I'm alive & doing stuff, haha)
lesliehellohome : I love the color!!
shayshay213 : Thank you for checking in! I feel like an addict to your blog, always looking to see if you've posted!
reallybigkelly : it looks grey on my iPad.
avallant : Yeah it looks way grey πŸ‘ŒI say go for ittt
lisaulfves : This is a great photo!
neclm : Oh, good your alive.
croftsbend : Proof @yellowhousedays he's ok!
yellowhousedays : Oh thank goodness!!
jodimckee - jessicajenkinscatlover - katieshaw - laregeotte -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Half bath at the cottage is done! Decided to take the house in a very deconstructionist direction. Everyone expects to see a bathroom that "works" in the traditional sense but this house asks the question "why?". #design #pinterest
design - pinterest -
mbright418 : Damn it, I wish I had seen this for my own bathroom reno.
glpaints : BAHAHA. Awesome. :-)
avallant : πŸ˜‚
kyidmnmaiv : @omgm
teenthebeane : I just pinned this!
pingoderp : Challenge expectations!
evanebbia : Sounds just like Margo omg
emdepe : you need to watch "the woodwright's shop" pbs show from the 70/80s. right now they are showing hand beading.
alimckellar - kimstagramthat - ladonnanichole79 - urban_cholita -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Today I went to the scrapyard with a bunch of metal and this gorgeous antique wood stove was sitting at the top of a big mound of mixed metals. Hard to believe someone just sold it for scrap, but sort of harder to believe that at the municipal scrap metal recycling center, they won't allow people to buy something before it gets destroyed! Yes, I offered to buy it back at cost, and no dice. Wouldn't that be the best, most efficient way to recycle this old, beautiful, probably still useful object? What would be the harm? Stupid.
sashasobey : Ooooo.... That makes me sad. I wonder if their policy is due to insurance reasons?
housetweaking : Dislike. πŸ‘Ž
sonchia : Stupid indeed.
manda_sue_13 : Insurance risk if they sell it to you and it burns down your house. You can thank our litigious society for that loss. What a shame.
kateflaim : Weird, the dumps I've known have a big section to the side for useable things. I used to LOVE going with my dad--there was even a table of books!
lillianday : Don't know about the US but in Europe you would not be allowed to operate it anyway. Every stove that gets newly installed must have a certain certificate re emissions, and old/used stoves don't usually meet the requirements.
robyn.moriarty : Oh gosh! That's like Christmas morning with no toys! ** So glad I found you. Searched under the blog name, but here you are! #idol
one_forty_three : I used to buy stuff from the scrapyard all the time, then one day they cut me off
accordingtoken - littlefiskur - blum_rocket - holding_court -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Limp wrists.
seraphinebakeryny : What a cutie!!!
danielkanter : @ndankner reporting as abusive. Later asshole
danielkanter : @ndankner (when will I see you again, betch! 🍭🍭🍭)
ndankner : πŸ‘Ό
teenthebeane : I love Mekko!
joshuabrown : A very classy lady
robyn.moriarty : Ha!
_kate_lewis : Look at that baby face!! 😍
littlefiskur - ladonnanichole79 - chelso02 - emmadididididididi -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Sometimes I worry my dogs aren't comfortable enough. :(
sparklepants : Poor little bud, he suffers so much
olivia_alfonso : ❀️
erinkdean : That homeless pup hit the lottery when you took him in!
3at12 : I am calling animal rescue! πŸ˜‰
fetishesfromfrance : Oh bless !
jekosc : Don't let him overheat
debvil_ : I tuck mine in too :)
alimckellar : Makes me so happy seeing rescue puppies in the lap of luxury 😊
accordingtoken - thatssoraw - foodfaceash - emmadididididididi -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! Progress on the exterior of the cottage: paint, repairs, and tree removal! It's starting to be very house-like! Link in profile.
debruk : I'm kinda thinking torquoise for the door, something with colour for sure
jekosc : Holy shit! Looks amazing already! πŸ‘ #thekantertouch
serendipityjules : You are a demi-god. Like Hercules.
grendelthecat : Or Kanye!
paulalast : Happy house!
shopwhiterabbit : holy shit!
robyn.moriarty : Holy cow! The tree removal alone is amazing!!! Very inspiring.
gretarrison : Just a huge huge fan from LA - can't wait to read your next post on the cottage.
v.hoyt - cherylpreston - chelso02 - littlefiskur -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Latergram from the Phoenecia Flea at Graham & Co. yesterday! Such a dreamy place. So tempted to book a night just BECAUSE (we live like 30 minutes away)
owlkillstudio : So great meeting you guys yesterday! I can't wait to see the cheese board in its new home.
danielkanter : @owlkillstudio you too!! I just keep petting it. ✨
owlkillstudio : Haha, I miss it already!!
jlwdecoration : It was great to meet you two yesterday! Heading to Kingston on our next trip up!
emmajanecochrane : @robflaus Can we go when I get back?
greenhouseinn : We celebrated our anni @ G&Co, and day tripped to Kingston to visit Zaborski. I said to my husband, I love @danielkanter feed on IG; redoing a great old house here. I held back finding your house & knocking on your door. #notastalker #instavisit
benfwagner : Nice running into you! We may be neighbors soon :)
ellysems - jaydenherriot - annanasnas - mielikki_y -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
One rule in my house: must love chairs.
owensolivia : Ha! @em_henderson She mentioned awhile back getting rid of her chairs, which look a lot like yours! But maybe I'm wrong. I always liked them. 😊
owensolivia : Nevermind! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†I had to go back and check. They are both light leather with a low back, but hers are covered more. Yours is fabulous. 😊
paigepauli : GUH. You always have the BEST thrifted chair luck.
danielkanter : @owensolivia oh, that Emily! Haha!
finds_nordic_vintage : Ridiculously stunning chair!
yellowbrickhome : Whoa, either mekko is the teensiest, cutest pup, or that chair is huuuuge!
danielkanter : @yellowbrickhome she knows how to make herself so tiny! (She's on the petite side--47 pounds!)
yellowbrickhome : OMG, Jack and CC each have 20 lbs on her! I bet that trio would be the cutest bundle ever.
luisitogd - josephowen - c0reyl0ve - robyn.moriarty -
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