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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Good morning, america! πŸ˜‚
heyatikah : Lol the absolute loathing in that face!
nicole_ehrbar : @realjohntiffany
yesternow : Sure to make it on YouTube
ashlyschilling : @jerkenstein
mirkacortes : yikes
dianeheath_ : @chelsealnyc
blissfulchick : @sharonschnyder OMG 😳
neclm : Wtf?
misslonglash - peppers_bungalow - dianeheath_ - kfirriolo -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Treats and snoozin'
kendallhope : Snoozin' and treats.🐚
nikkiryanphotography : I just want to be a dog sometimes, they have the life! @danielkanter
dajdro : Beautiful
joearoy : And that looks more comfortable than the breadroom. 🐚
sjstallard : snoozin' and treats.
myinnersummer : I feel like a little snooze after looking at this!
yonieankey - talloushi - antoniotahhan - sunny_vanessa -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Mekko's on comment-answering duty today!
ahousewest : ❀️ that side table with the bed!
abcrepeau : I've always loved that Conran lamp. I got the IKEA ranarp instead.
lesleyannstaples : Too sweet
thirdstoryies : This makes my day since you commented on my comment. Hello Mekko! πŸ™‹
yellowbrickhome : ❀️❀️❀️
vanymax : Mekko's adorable! 🐢 I have an issue I hope she can resolve: I can't get to your blog from my iPhone because it only stays on your page for a few seconds before an ad automatically loads different pages and ultimately redirects me to the App Store! :( Is it me or is something fishy going on your site?
danielkanter : @vanymax I've heard this from a couple people in the last few days! Trying to resolve it. I think it's a glitch with the ads. πŸ‘Ž
missziss - drewonce_knowles - melismayadagli - lknryksl -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! Check out this gorgeous cast iron double sink that's going into the cottage bathroom. Thrifted @kohlerco! Link in profile.
candiedfabrics : OMG this is fabulous!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!
cees1218 : @shastanikita !!!
amarabarra : 😱
thenewamityworkshop : 😍
croftsbend : DROOL
denverdressup : @trudginalong my dream sink...
grfoy : no my dream sink
isabelladereims : Wow!!
narisunny - miyaandrea - drewonce_knowles - thethinkingjar -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Had such a nice afternoon hanging with our new Hudson Valley neighbors, @designsponge, @turshen, and the gorgeous Hope! Fell in love with this dog the second we met (while she was still up for adoption!), and still so happy she found such an amazingly loving home. Welcome to Ulster County, guys! πŸ’•
aqua_lamb : best couple!!! love those two. ❀❀
mat8892 : Love.
seestrong : Crushing hard on those kilim pillows, and seriously considering cutting up one of my rugs to recreate the look.
designsponge : She seriously misses you guys. Thanks for such a fun visit :)
danielkanter : @seestrong lots and lots on eBay and etsy!
danielkanter : @turshen @designsponge little does she know I never left! I'm squatting in the creepy closet πŸ‘€
sweet_novemberrr : ❀️❀️❀️
byegejoo : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
mitaranaa - luispassoslx - neeltjethoughts - _melissafraser -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
screwedonstr8 : Due to the economics of supply/demand, I believe you are now forced to take another picture with Linus.
tuxeda : I think it's probably time to start keeping a selfie stick next to your bed, visitors won't think it's weird at all
jilleatsapples : 😍
danielkanter : @tuxeda selfie stick!! I still cannot believe that is a real thing
markhinchcliff : @danielkanter I wish I was spending the day snuggling instead of pulling nails... PS hope you got my email
danielkanter : @markhinchcliff yikes, let me check!
firesprite1105 : Selfie stick? I prefer "the wand of Narcissus." ;)
sarahrogersmorris : Cuties!
naverfernandez - clydedeale - permana_store - marinkatetjajjkina -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Snow dayyyyy!
anasantos : 😍
solittletimede : She's SO cute. Wish I could have a pitbull πŸ˜” #banned
jaspiejams - marejohn - mat8892 - drewonce_knowles -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! Living room is renovated and so I posted a bunch of before-and-afters. Link in profile! πŸ’ƒ
josierolandhodson : @davidbney mmhm
16house : I just love this !
wmanahan17 : Max really gives a sense of scale to the room in this picture! I read the post earlier and now I realize how large the room is.
wrigikins : @danielkanter is there a bug with your blog's ads on iPhone? I can't get to your site - it keeps redirecting me to an ad for an app called Lyft and then opening the App Store.
danielkanter : @wrigikins argh, thank you for letting me know! I'll try to figure it out!!
housetweaking : So, so good. Those loaded bookshelves are like one ginormous work of art. 😍
jill_danyelle : πŸ’› it.
aud_bod : @madaboutoscar πŸ‘†πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™πŸ‘
petaearle - futureballad - mavelma_ - kebbss -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
capreek : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
folkmagazine : Love
danielvosovic : Things are as they should be 😘
shilobyrd : This is actually ridiculous.
supersparris : This could be a vinyl record cover.
goosefairy - adrianakertzer - rhianmorris27 - erinkdean -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Winter #2 in the house! Lots has gone on inside, not so much outside. Hoping to tackle more exterior projects this spring/summer! I think at this time last year we were in the midst of tearing town the ceiling in the library/living room, and today I'm working on some finishing touches and then calling the renovation of that space DONE! For now. 😏
2 -
10to2 : Beautiful!
brendanravenhill : Looking good!
jbnitz : Incredible progress in just one year. Amazing job!
gherki : Blog post a'comin? 😏
contentandcompany : @danielkanter Happy to be following along! Cheers to 2015 from one crazy renovator to another!
jlwdecoration : It's beautiful! Congrats on all of the hard work so far. πŸ”¨
amarabarra : Such a beautiful house πŸ‘Œ
minimal4me : My god that house is looking beautiful! What a transformation already.
samisaclam - krusekouture - vernaculardesign - erin_theresa -
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