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Serial house-renovator, chronic over-sharer. Driven by delusion and fueled by coffee.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
getting some love from auntie Laura β€οΈπŸ˜‚
olivia_alfonso : @ama8189 😍
vestigehome : Bliss!!!
modernhaus : Fools in love
mkatedixon : That's the look of pure joy πŸΆπŸ’•
tdish21 : Lucky dog - lucky humans 🎈
februaryxv : @ahuston2 Pitty Smile!
mat8892 : Love these. xx
yellowbrickhome : Mekkkkkoooo I love you
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
This guy wants to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!
thescarfandstripe : Happy happy Thanksgiving!
patdevans : Linus in a sweater. I die. I die dead.
merylfriedman : He got a cute haircut!
sandyp1267 : There he is!!!! Love Linus!!! Have a good one!!
tinaaayy : I'm so happy that you guys kept him. πŸ’—
zolabc : Awwwwwe. What a sweety. Happy thanksgiving from Canada x
athomewithashley : What a cutie! ❀️🐢
tanyagillian : So ADORABLE! 🐢❀☺
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Mekko and her tiny auntie, Sasha! These two. ❀️❀️
sandyp1267 : Adorable!! But Linus???
sandyp1267 : BTW - Happy Thanksgiving!!!
danielkanter : @sandyp1267 you too! he wants to stay as far above the fray as possible! he's a social dog but doesn't understand play AT ALL ☺️
tanyagillian : Haha....cute! ☺
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
got so high this weekend
blackrockkerrie : That is seriously impressive but when I saw your stance on the ladder the first thought I had was "fame!"
bergamotadesign : Rockin' the ladders! Yay you! Love the new/old windows, so much better!
neclm : Your a crazy person for that ladder situation but geeze that looks great! @danielkanter
pingoderp : Holy shit!! The back of the house looks great
photoopmel : @danielkanter I hope your mothers not on IG! Otherwise, amazing!!
5pointed : You always do such an amazing job, can't wait for the blog post!
greenpocketprotector : Those two windows look fabulous! And, yay, the door's gone!
renov8or.nyc : I knew there'd be a sneak peek on Instagram. The back of the house is looking awesome!
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New on the bloggity! I've been busting my butt to get the back of my house fixed up and it's going pretty well! link in profile.
chrislovesjulia : Spraying the black window frame made everything look like a million bucks. Just that little thing. My hopes are so high for this.
vestigehome : It's looking so good!! Especially loved how you saved all the old siding and eeked in a little extra insulation πŸ™Œ
designingdawn : It looks so good! I can't wait to see the rest! 😍
renov8or.nyc : I love it! Nothing like weather to kick a persons ass into gear. :-) you are on a roll and you'll not be sorry that you went with it.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
always finding her light ✨
studio67 : @danielkanter pets make all rooms look better.
sashasobey : Tyra would be proud.
sakpin : @bmarananpineda maybe nico is doing this during the daytime
danielkanter : @nanuk_jf stop by any time πŸ˜‰
danielkanter : @dianafreeland these were custom and done years ago, but I've been using American Frame recently for cheap + good custom frames and they have similar ones!
danielkanter : @neclm I don't know, trotting I guess!
danielkanter : @decides2dream it's one of my favorite souvenirs ever! found it in a thrift store in Stockholm for a couple bucks!
bmarananpineda : @sakpin Nico?!
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
stopped in at an open house last weekend just for fun and still thinking about this time capsule master bedroom with the two twin beds. that's all!
yesternow : Beautiful and creepy!
bobby1215 : OMG
ag4square : Strangely it looks like a double and a twin. Even wierder!
ryanmpat : I went an estate sale with one of those bedrooms. I was kind of sad because the wife had actually died a few years before.
kristinhall828 : My house's master was set up like this. Beds were even in opposite corners of the room. When getting our king mattress to fit up the stairs was worse than Ross and his couch, the two twin bed set up was sounding very tempting. #whosbedwouldbethesexbed?
melaniequa : Aww. I see it as them still in the same room, wanting to be close despite old age/health related bummers like snoring, insomnia, etc. Perspective changes with the years.
melaniequa : Also love the time capsule - though each individual component is pretty horrible. Can you find a piece you'd take for your own house?
neclm : Could just be a religious family. @danielkanter
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
the light was nice today β˜€οΈ
codythisguy : is that a reproduction or original? (I forget and I'm trying to decide what brand I'm gonna buy)
stephie2cool : Just want to say that thanks to this pic you posted on the blog I did my bookshelf up the exact same way. I had been trying to figure out an easy floaty looking solution and yours was it. Thanks again!
danielkanter : @codythisguy this is an original, belonged to my grandparents and probably purchased around 1970 :)
danielkanter : @stephie2cool yay, I'm so glad!! :)
reedy830 : You replaced the lady over the fireplace so you need to show the full view there. I love this room. Hope you're getting to enjoy it!
greenpocketprotector : What a lovely place to relax.
dianafreeland : Love the picture frames, where are they from?
16house : Beautiful
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Today I went walking through one of Kingston's beautiful old cemeteries with a friend and stumbled upon the gravestone of the original (as far as I know...) owners of my house! kinda like visiting old friends. who I don't know. who are dead. ✨
danielkanter : @aliceineastwash I think Walter is a maiden name, if that's what you mean?
aliceineastwash : It does @danielkanter. It just seems odd to see, in that time, that represented on the tomb stone.
aliceineastwash : In any event, very cool to stumble upon it. The people who owned our house before us lived here for 48 years. I feel oddly attached to them.
yournameonit : Did you ever find out for sure if someone died in your bathroom or was that just a suspicion?
wrigikins : Very cool in a kind of morbid way.
danielkanter : @yournameonit oh no, very sure! different owner, though...this family occupied the house from 1865-1963.
verdoier : That's so cool. #synchronicity
reedy830 : The family name, FREDENBURGH, is on the stone. The convention is to list both spouses, showing the wife's maiden name. Or name at their marriage if she was previously married? I think I've seen gravestones listing all the wife's previous surnames. Gotta depend on how much money they or the survivors wanted to spend.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Still cute βœ”οΈ
paulahobson17 : Wicked cute❀️❀️!!
3at12 : Yup!
sandyp1267 : She definitely is adorable. Where's Mr. Linus?? Too busy to participate? 😁
jmens6 : Want two more? Mine are cute too but they chewed up our couch today. Currently up for adoption until they give those stupid adorable puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven.
1lakeswimmer : jmens6 My pitbull mix was chewing up my home until I put her on a no-grain food, supplemented with a handfull of hamburger at each meal. It settled her right down and stopped the destruction 100%. (Sorry for hijacking your post, Daniel)
designsponge : ❀️❀️
codythisguy : @jmens6 @1lakeswimmer my little dog I fostered shed like *crazy* and then I changed his food to no grain and same thing.
jmens6 : @1lakeswimmer thanks for the tip!
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