Daniel Kanter

Serial house-renovator, chronic over-sharer. Driven by delusion and fueled by coffee.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
gonna miss this lil peanut all weekend! see ya later, Kingston, hello New Orleans! πŸŽ‰
allthenamesrgone : NOLA is the best city! we are having perfect weather right niw. and there are heaps of friendly lical dogs to pet. enjoy your visit!
bcharlesworth : Welcome to NOLA! There's no place like it.
quetonodeverde : πŸ˜ƒ
lovelady_greenwood : Be sure to have a cocktail at Cure on Freret!
heathedora : Wow! Welcome!
noxxla : Have fun in my beloved city.
jancanforever : Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone. Trust.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
My friend John's old house! he moved from this 1970s raised ranch that he renovated impeccably to a 1723 stone house in Kingston that he's ALSO impeccably renovated. Ugh. hate him. love him.
yesternow : Beautiful!
aaronglewis : WANT. cc @typeis4lovers
kategetzschman : I have to hope you (or me) gets with John?
paris_js : @barrybarrybarrybarry
ajlazybones : I love that house. It's everything.
kmkracus : @jameskracusdesigns This is the color and style I want for our next place.
verdoier : πŸ‘πŸ’› Is this in Ulster County? @danielkanter
danielkanter : @verdoier sure is!
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I know this is not a nice photo, but let's all bask in the beauty of GAS SERVICE FINALLY BEING INSTALLED AT BLUESTONE COTTAGE!! it only took a million phone calls and 8 months. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
debruk : Hurray!
pulltabhere : So exciting! Can't wait to see a bluestone update. Even if it is just a few photos with the words "man I'm tired" 😍
kirsten.weis : Loove the exterior paint color peeking to the right there!
kateealbee : What @pulltabhere said! πŸ‘πŸ»
thenewamityworkshop : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
isabelladereims : excited to see an update!! maybe just do a Wordless Wednesday with pictures? then your comments box will explode. tee hee.
ccg2420 : Whose hand did you grease to get this done so promptly? And darn you for cropping the sunburst out of this picture.
isabelladereims : I reread the first few entries for the cottage and saw the line where you mentioned ideally finishing in 8 months. Heh. But longer projects mean more blog content!
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
good morning, Linus! #longhairdontcare #shakeitoff
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kellainag : @hhotali oh my, they are definitely kin. This makes me so happy. Linus and Lucy. Can't believe it!!!
ajkonarski : @ebb_
ag4square : Stop.it!! So cute
sarperbole : @housetime surprise! It's me!! Did you forget me!!??!
tien_spirit : @atgactt
genevievemartin : @bahaaghaffar
mat8892 : Omg. That is the cutest thing ever.
whiskeymittens : Burrowers are the best
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
oh, ya know, just another day at #OlivebridgeCottage! I sweaarrrrr I'll have a bunch of updates soon...this project has gotten INSANEEEEE! @adrianakertzer @barrygoldman
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jessicajenkinslifecoach : It can only get more awesome!!
designedbyali : @markhinchcliff Haha! I was thinking the same and said to myself... Oh what have he done?! :D
adrianakertzer : @designedbyali @markhinchcliff This is what happens when the client is equally insane and design-crazy!
adrianakertzer : @debagram Oh yes...
zrousou : @spamstein this is awkward
spamstein : @zrousou 😘😘😘😘😘😘❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
designedbyali : @adrianakertzer Yep! πŸ˜€
adrianakertzer : @toddbach
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
stealth mode
s_moor : Hahaha
yesternow : Yass!
ronnywhites : @mostly_rocco Prepare! It's gonna be a bichon blitz!
gracewhitney_ : @wongdiz_8 Linus!
jkim0807 : Love!
3at12 : Blending.... πŸ’Ÿ
sarperbole : @housetime 🐢
trina8567 : @jbake321 πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
new post on the ole blog! I'm talking MAJOR backyard plans so that this busted up disaster can leave my life forever. Link in profile!
alisonkleiman : Link in Profile, Linus in Yard.
winkwinkstudio : Having just undertaken a teeny tiny renovation, I have NO IDEA how you do it!!!! The exhaustion, the dirt, the mess, the despair. You are a god in my humble eyes, sirπŸ‘ keep on being awesome and blogging about it!!
townerson : I spy a punishment door
historienne : Is it weird to say I've been excitedly awaiting this development since beginning to follow your blog? (And not that I have a yard myself or anything).
oldhomelove : Yasss!
neclm : It's hard to take all of it in actually. What is up with that door? I think your going to need more than a rake.
dirtfag : Ha! I am guilty myself of doing the same thing to my coach house! Even though I don't have a proper kitchen yet I just felt the need to take on more outdoor projects just because I need another project to add onto the 10 I already have going! 😝
lorrainenam : What the what?? What is going on this picture? πŸ’ƒdash off to the blog!**
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Yesterday it was a cedar Lane chest, today a Saarinen executive chair! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. I love/hate the dump/need a part time job there just to have picking privileges. got majorly yelled at for this one but WORTH IT
hjsorensen : Great pick!! And why is that against the rules?! Dumb.
dianafreeland : good catch!
shewhowaltzes : I SO understand. In Italy it is ILLEGAL to take stuff from dumps. So many tresures lost. You do your thang babe, run baby run. (Chair and all! 😁)
wardrobeartistry : We've been BANNED in Miami πŸ˜ͺ Grab it while you can!! Great score!!!!πŸ†
3at12 : 😱 If it wasn't you, I wouldn't believe it. Awesome!!
janezorz : @anyadeem hurry and have your baby so we can dumpster dive, yeah?
jlwdecoration : Really, what is wrong with people?!πŸ‘πŸ» on the find!
zioandsons : I wanna come! Where is it
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
chest update! got it open (push the lock, duhhhh) and inside was a clothespin, a coin, and the original labels about the cedar! the inside literally looks like the day it was made...amazing. So glad you're not in a landfill, trunk! close call!
cocowatsonnn : These killed many children. Please have the lock replaced just for safety.
krisspikes : What was the date on the coin?
vthodge : You can get moth insurance?! Sign me up!
jenifesto : I cannot believe someone was throwing that away! People! Congrats on such a wicked find (and that there wasn't a body inside)!
prettyasthemorning : My mother has one and I WISH I had one! They are great for storing sweaters in the summer
thingsihoardthatilove : Looks SO awesome!! Do you know when it was made?
nls987 : I have a family hand me down Lane. So incredibly well made seems like they'll last forever. The best storage container around. Congrats love your style@#
erinkdean : Moth insurance, eh? They truly are Satan's spawn.
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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I'll dumpster dive anywhere, including at the actual dump! can you believe someone was throwing this pretty Lane Art Deco chest in a landfill? I'll never understand why people PAY to throw away stuff they can donate or sell. now to just figure out how to open the damn thing...maybe it's packed with money.
amytschubert : OMG
ccg2420 : My mom had the exact same one! She got married in 1951, so would have received it (as her hope chest) sometime before that. (Yup, I'm old). Anyway I can smell it through the 'net. πŸ’›
greenpocketprotector : Lucky lucky!!!
lcinthed : 😍
atout : I have an identical one from my Grandma that I've been lugging around since college. Awesome find!
figgyfox : OMG you find the greatest stuff.
thecanuckhouse : Omfg!!! Wtf!!
pkrobinson1313 : Jimmy with a bobby pin
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