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danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
doorsixteen : 
sarahfmawson : That face. Dead 🚑
annasofialydia : 😻
blackrockkerrie : I'm so glad you found him
designsponge : Oh that hair. I love Linus so much.
fcresenc - we2gurls - fokina_julia_ - sunny_vanessa -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I don't go to the gym because gardening. 😴
peoplmovr : Suns out. Guns out.
arielealasko : GUNS/SMIRK 😘
lindsaybrackeen : At first glance I totally thought the buckets said Viagra!
john_ohfs : Ditto. Pulling weeds = squats
doorsixteen : I see that one sleeve haphazardly pulled up higher than the other...
yummertime : 👌😬👌
lynsey_scott : @lindsaybrackeen haha me too
ag4square : you ned some legit work boots for maximum hunkiness. oh and for practicality too!
fokina_julia_ - hannahschafer - theguzmanaragons - hometohem -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
I met THIS today. Her name is Mona. My heart exploded 4real.
doorsixteen : @honeykennedy Did you see this insanity? 😍
c_est_quoi_ca : @panthertales
honeykennedy : 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
honeykennedy : @doorsixteen omfg
satsukishibuya : 😍😍😍
sixblackdots : OMG!!!
cynot : I'm actually at a party in Bloomington with Mona as we speak. #smallworld
danielkanter : @cynot EEEP! Give her all the kisses for me. 😘😘😘😘
kimjimenez - thenattitude - milesphunter - ashlyschilling -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
This also happened yesterday. It was a pretty fancy few hours of thrifting. (Can anyone ID? Sciolari? My brain is mush.)
elirods : Holy hell how did you score that !!
danielkanter : @elirods crazy weird luck and creepy tunnel-vision for light fixtures
47parkavenue : I'd rather trade houses?
danielkanter : @47parkavenue I'm good with that.
sashasobey : So....I find macrame owls when I thrift, and you find delicious light fixtures.
joycie_desu : Can I ask how much you found it for? It's beautiful!
zannzephyr : Where are you going to put this beauty?
greenpocketprotector : That's exactly what we need in our dining room!
keenan_zambelli - terroringlasses - emilygumpel - teesabrat -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Rented a truck this morning to help a friend transport an antique, ended up thrift store hopping and finding myself some saarinen. Whoops.
3at12 : No way! You still got IT!! 👊
purposeandform : Haha that's the best kind of whoops! 😃
saara_hki : Nice 👌
annie_and_sons : Good karma
amarabarra : 🙌
lhmvdg : 👏
ajthepurple : How do you make such great finds?? No such luck in Texas...
gamedaystylist : Kingston thrifting?!
meyouandawiener - melt8892 - avallant - bennyboy_1206 -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Our neighbors got together and brought us a pie as a thank you for buying and taking care of our house! So incredibly touching. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not so happy and grateful that we were able to do this, and to do it in such a wonderful place. Kingston is an amazing city, and Midtown Kingston, where we live, is a wonderful community full of amazing, hard-working, and exceedingly kind people. It's a place that's seen its fair share of struggles over the past few decades, and while I don't exactly see renovating our own house as anything other than ultimately a selfish endeavor, I'm happy that other people see it as a boost to a place that needs it. I'm so proud to be part of this community that wants us, has welcomed us with open arms, and is endlessly encouraging about the progress they can see taking place. I look forward so much to the years to come and being able to be more involved and active as a member of this place that's given us so much. #kingston #midtownkingston
kingston - midtownkingston -
nicandwendy : How lovely! Well said!
andycandylovehouse : It is amazing to see the love that pours in for fixing up old homes...makes doing it even MORE enjoyable and means so much to people. We adore you guys and the effort you are making!
wherbig : Where do I search for nearby real estate?
cdsp : That pie looks scrumptious!
danielkanter : @wherbig trulia, zillow, sites like that! There are lots of great streets with really cool old houses in uptown/midtown, which is also called the Stockade District. I'm not totally comfy saying exactly where I am but you can email me at Daniel@manhattan-nest.com and I can help give you the lay of the land! :)
tuxeda : @russellsalvaje
tuxeda : That's so nice! I want to live somewhere where neighbors bake pies for each other and appreciate the work they put into their community - rather than somewhere where neighbors dump trash in the streets and landlords don't care if you trash or improve your home as long as they can get as much money as possible out of it.
drygoodsny : Beautiful sentiment Daniel! What great neighbors!
iseemoo - kitten_113 - banadura - _fionahung -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
New post on the blog! I made-over this lady's bathroom! Guest starring @Anagasteyer @hyggeandwest @riflepaperco
malimish_marlene : 👍
anette_k : It looks great!
housetweaking : To be a fly on that wallpaper... Congrats!
redhedm : 💜\m/
witandvinegar : 🎉💃🎉
deucecitieshenhouse : Sweetness!
erinkdean : *faints*
designsponge : That vanity was a genius call- well done DK!
designsponge - erinkdean - deitchster2 - smaak_studio -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Hanging out with @doorsixteen today and visiting my favorite little friends!
doorsixteen : 🌝
missholloway : What a precious angel
_kristinb : Cutessst!
lkcascio : Fab shot
jeremykanter : PUPPY.
_aliscka_ : Oh wow. Perfect shot.
evanebbia - reesie35 - d3bs86 - achliebling -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
Apparently the trash in DUMBO is my favorite art dealer.
hyggeandwest : So awesome!! Way better than my neighborhood old mattresses dealer.
boroughed : Brilliant shot
projectjumanji : Amazing!!!! Although I'd be scared of her looking at me all the time - I can only imagine what she's seen over the years
imaginelovely : Omg.
charmachine : Lucky!
meyouandawiener : Wow!
raeweinstein : Holy crap!
avantcrap : Great find
keenan_zambelli - shanykarny - shopwhiterabbit - verticles -
danielkanter - Daniel Kanter
This little dresser was my first big DIY project ever. I pulled it out of the trash of a friend's condo building when I was 11. It was covered in glossy black paint (which was covering acid green paint, which was covering cheap paint-grade pine...it's crappy and from the 70s) and had ugly white knobs. My mom told me to use paint thinner on it, neither of us realizing that paint thinner and paint stripper are two very different things. When that didn't work, I asked her to buy me an orbital sander (which I still have and use constantly!) and I spent hours and hours that summer sanding the shit out of this thing...and I'm sure inhaling a ton of lead 😁. When it was all done, I stained it this mahogany color, sealed it, and installed new knobs and pulls from restoration hardware. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. It's not my taste at all anymore, but it's handy to have around right now. I predict that someday it'll end up in the garage holding tools and stuff, which seems pretty appropriate. 👍
jilleatsapples : Ditto above comments. You were so motivated! I looked diy stuff as a kid..online. but rarely did it
emilygumpel : You're adorable
erinmkline : ❤️!
skitzoleezra : Like the story !
modfrugal : Pretty ambitious for 11! Live that you still have it!! My childhood DIYs are long gone!
sterling_davenport : I had that exact same dresser in college. As soon as I graduated it was repatriated to Goodwill whence it came.
charmachine : Your parents are inspiring. I aspire to be that kind of a cool parent to my twin four-year-old boys.
homesweethollywood : Cool story. Keep it forever.
78js - bennyboy_1206 - hchart - littlelittlepickle -
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