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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
#stokeorama 2014 is in the books!!! HUGE thank you to the city of San clemente for letting us put on an event like this for the kids, the friends of San Clemente foundation and all the sponsors of this event. And every single person who volunteered their time to psych up all the Groms!!!! You know who you are, I am forever thankful! And to all the families and kids, thank you for the inspiration and a great day! #thankyou #stokeorama #sc #everyone @vans @electricvisual @positivevibewarriors @skullcandy @cisurfboards
sc - thankyou - everyone - stokeorama -
emehlberg : Thanks for sharing the stoke!!
sea7_tech_superfoods : I was super impressed with all the pure stoke, would be honored to contribute to any further contest, and I am a local company. Lastly, I did get some great footage early in the beginning of day. I will edit and contact you, as I focused not only on the surfing, but the stoke coming from all within the crowd as well. Again, congrats on your success, super stoked for you and your efforts, job well done! One Love
haole_to_you_too : Radical day brothas Gud! You but the S in surfing via a radical amount of Stoke. This is truly what surfing is about. Community, family, groms, friendship, and stoke... So good and so pure!
brandon_montoya : Thanks for putting on this rad event!! So fun! Can't wait til next year! YEW
nanztee : You guys are the raddest of them all!!! So proud to call yous our brothas!!! ๐Ÿ’œ u all!!!
emehlberg : Can we do it again tomorrow?
streetubez : Thank you for an amazing day!
fightstrongsc : Thank you and everyone for putting on such a great event. The kids were so stoked and as always had so much fun. That's what it's about. Thanks again
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
The trophies are ready! Tomorrow morning the 3rd annual #stokeorama is ON!! Can't wait to see all those frothing Groms come down for a great day celebrating good vibrations! The event is FULL, but everyone from everyplace is welcome to come enjoy the day at the beach and check out the Groms rippin it up! #all4fun #sanclemente @vanssurf @cisurfboards @positivevibewarriors @skullcandy @electricvisual thanks to everyone for your support to make this a special day for the Groms! They are the future!
sanclemente - stokeorama - all4fun -
nanztee : You guys are always trending!!!!! Cheeeeeeeeee....... #genuinesouls @danedamus
troyhamner : @warmwaterssurfshop
dj.paddy0 : Definitely @myfimario
poopytrousers : Hahaha kendamas
chels__munro : These are so rad
pacfighter : @kaiwi_joe WOW!
kaiwi_joe : Told you @pacfighter you missed the boat not getting that aluminum foil coated one!
daisuke0802 : We call kendama!!!
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
Rest in peace Kalani foster. Thank you for sharing your positive spirit with my brothers and I! Respect to the highest. Thank you Kalani
tonymoniz : ๐Ÿ™Rip my Brother
micknielsen : God speed Kalani love you my bruddah !!
dibifletcher : RIP @kalanifoster so sad || North Shore will not be the same without the Foster brothers @danedamus
shrewgy : Condolences
danielnunesg : RIP brother... didn't really get to meet him, major respect towards him and what he contributed to the surf community, condolences to his family
maxbeach82 : Great man and overall legend
underdog_builttoresist : ๐Ÿ™
goosesd13 : RIP bradda!
tommi_the_boss - princisol - marigarciabh - sylvielombay -
danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
Lowers magic ๐Ÿ”ฎ photo @daveschauber
ricardochristie : churrrr broo @daveschauber
danedamus : Ya legend! How sick was the Azores result! Go big brotha u Sicky! Yewwww @ricardochristie chuurrrr to the max cuzzi
tombomb19 : On rail!! Cheeee brah
toddglaser : Frothhhhhhhhh
creativetype.101 : I Luv surfing๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ„
windysunsurfschool : ๐Ÿ„
bzak_justaddwater : Man turnn froth
codeyfears : You rip dude!
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
It's hot too
dibifletcher : The release of this album was a full tilt party time || the concerts to promote it were off the hook @danedamus
greeneboy : Sick....
danedamus : Sounds rad Dibi! @dibifletcher must have Been a cool time !
belle_harbor_bad_boy : Yea you got! Satin shoes!!!!
dibifletcher : Hey, just as cool as you listening to it today!!! @danedamus
danedamus : Epic!!!! @dibifletcher
gyrbloom : Ya you got plastic boots !!!
edgr103 : Yea i can hear you knocking !!!
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
friday -
leblonbastic : Goonies?
gonzamillion : Don't back paddle me brah!!!!
toddglaser : Heyyyy youuuuu guysssssssss
daily_diet_ : @aliorea chocoooo !!!!
aliorea : @daily_diet_ oh hg mais oui le vrai chocooooo
tdannenbaum : @dschuylergrant
josegil809 : "First you gotta do the truffle shuffle....DO IT!"
parktits : @kevinw450 truffle shuffle, bwahaha
junes_shades - pristine.kristine - onemansfloor - _ashzz123 -
danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
It's on today! The trestles special!!! Yew #goTanner @tannergud #goKolohe @koloheandino62 #sc all the crew enjoy! Waves are pumping
sc - gotanner - gokolohe -
emilyylestrange : So sick @hecto.r
trevormassas : Can you tag me in this @daniellopez____
daniellopez____ : @trevormassas
tatyana8278 : ะ’ะฐะฐะฐะฐะฐะฟัƒัƒัƒัƒัƒ
diogoldmelo : @genarneto @philipemaciell
greggperry : @tanner_morse
wyatt2013 : What is that tune?? @danedamus
odinkelly : @lachylemo @clangagram
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
joeljitsu : Alien
sabormontse : Delfin
kaipoguerrero : From another world
stumonster67 : Is there surf on Saturn?
cocom4debarrelkilla : u alwayz got the goods
intl_tanimal : Yes!!!
annagotchi : "The Arm" ๐Ÿ‘Œ
reillyryan : ๐ŸŒž miss seeing the drivethru smiles from you guys. Hope you're doing well! @danedamus @tannergud
imnotgoodbonny - maxon_sorris - wildgarlic1 - slothsmagic -
danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
Can't wait to see the whole crew go mental at lowers tomorrow if the swell comes together, especially my boy Tanner! @tannergud @positivevibewarriors #gotanner #SC
sc - gotanner -
patrickgud : Psyched you guys survived! See you soon! @foulkeyy
nanztee : Wait...... where were you??? @foulkeyy hi Patty ๐Ÿ™‹ @patrickgud
shirkomm : Go Tanner!!
patrickgud : @nanztee haha you have to ask Ian! Crazy story involving swimming in alligator infested water. Missing you guys, Hawaii coming soon!!!!! @foulkeyy
xxdynamicxx : Holding it down San Clemente โš“๏ธ
chrisdelmoro111 : Bradda your bradda is ripping!!! Good work on his backhand... Stoked @danedamus
casperhoog : Doe je ook kitesurfen
nanztee : Whoa..... he's @foulkeyy turning into our modern day crocodile dundee..... first sharks, now gators?? Can't wait for all those stories!!! sending all good vibes for T boi!!! We'll see you all soon!!! @patrickgud
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danedamus - Dane Gudauskas
Home sweet home! :)
ian_crane : Meatloaf hacks!!!
callmeifuwannasurfkaifu : ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿปโœจ
allliecat : I miss this.
gillygrog : #Cirrocumulusfloccus
reillyryan : Aww man. Wonderful
gydokat : Heavenly...
travisbeege : It was a nice one tonight
bzak_justaddwater : Dude I was starring at that sunset for a min after we talked brotha it looked mental yew
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