Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
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daneburman - daneburman
Today i lost a friend, I've known rome for a damn long time, and hes always been one of the most genuinely beautiful people ive known. Always smiling, always something hilarious to say or a joke to tell. My favourite memory with rome was spending the night skating martin place rail with @scottstandley and we missed the last train out of the city to get back to my place. Luckily rome who was visiting sydney at the time had a hotel in the city and after putting up with scotty and i all night keeping him at a rail in the rain until 1am we had to call him and beg him to have us at his hotel room for the night. Being such a generous man it didnt take much convincing and rome scotty and i spent the night in his single bed in his cheap hotel room. Im gonna miss rome a hell of a lot. He was an amazing photographer a great skateboarder and fucking unreal human. He left behind a wife and child and im sure they could use your support in this time. Leave any words or help or whatever here https://m.facebook.com/supportrome @rometorti @rachtorti #fuckcancer Love you rome.
fuckcancer -
goochferprez : Sorry for your loss Dane
justin__rose : God bless
gratefuldoom : Sorry for you lost dane
blake.eden : Thoughts and prayers.. sorry for the loss dane
karlanimation : God bless Rome
15getsya20 : I don't know you people but l.. I support you and think the world needs more people like you guys.
netinsk8 : Oh man,sorry for your lost ;/
jamiethomas : Sending you, his friends & family love❀️
duncanbustos - pgnar - caleb5567 - steebo914 -
daneburman - daneburman
@jakedarwen killed it today. So proud. @gopro #gopro
gopro -
thatkidprela : Have you seen how rediculous this heelflip was @jred_doesnt_heelflip
david_bachar : @etai_ebaiov watch the last parrt
jamiethomas : Wooohooo
syedxhafeez : Craziest dude.
micael_joaquim : Remember the times @hellyeahruiz @weeedsaveslives ahaha
heavenlytomato : @fickklip
jetaimewolf : Why would someone skate like this? Dude chill are u on cocaine?
coleezoerb : For fun lol @jetaimewolf
kurbkiller - swanky_silva - nick.durham - thr33toedsloth -
daneburman - daneburman
@jasonmertell big US vacation starts today.
jonathanskates_ : @rj_rod
tikamontgomery : Mertel
ivanahumpalotts : @_mayorbuck_ frontside kickflip baktayle
ivanahumpalotts : #yerwelcome
therealgrad : Wooooooo!!!!! #fifabreak @jasonmertell
seaveystreet : @high_gemini
supimjosh : what the fuck @guaposucio__ this some @hitscotty shit
killdie : Yes!!!!
the_go_high - crossedbone - __4xri - murdrahhb -
daneburman - daneburman
@louielo demonstrating proper flick, catch and style on a switch heel.
horgay_palomo : @negro_ericp
junt_funk : Nice but Dixon has some good ones
ashhycreevey : His hair tho ahahahahah
lucas_von_diddles : @parkerelowsky you better be paying attention to this
_ttripppp : @kr973_ @f_goodman @triplordoa @cornbreezyy
mix_dry : @neifun might help
stev0182 : @kingnoonan
dannylags : @youngbuckinc
murdrahhb - tyler_wasmuth - __4xri - tingkasp -
daneburman - daneburman
Wow @anttravis @kwalks
kwalks : GOT HIS ASS!!! Hahahaha
kwalks : πŸ‘πŸ‘ @burnout
jake_boyle1998 : @daneburman I just met boo Johnson haha
o_lind : @yung_booboo
luielliott : Hahahahaha @anttravis coverage for days
nickboserio : HahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @anttravis
jakehayes : Yes!!!!! It happened!!!
kellywillmatic : Hahahaha
mochaelperry - yudaihoshino - parris_williams - revolverolver -
daneburman - daneburman
@anttravis @alxxschmidt first date
stipanator : Ha pussy @anttravis
ryanree : Beazt @anttravis
izarias : @instagramdoygor olha o insta dessa muié 😱
chris_wimer : Hahahahaha @bigtweest
denisekrone : I'm actually jealous.
bankruptsocialcode : Daaamn that boy
adam_graumann : Damn!
brentgutta : Sooo jellly. Chicks got the ass of a godess.
billmisterbill - rain_hail_orshane - beccaaahenry - cosmo.666 -
daneburman - daneburman
Thanks for the letter @jamiethomas 😘
daneburman : @slapyspud or i could just drive to his house because i live in california.
slapyspud : Oh Yerr true good idea just putting it out there for a zero trip to Australia
mrseaves101 : Cute hand writing
doobbz : I remember watching your day in the life on skateboard.com.au years and years ago. Good to see how far youve come @daneburman
guidethenomad : Yo @daneburman
daneburman : @doobbz haha awesome. Thanks.
_muizmoarrr : DUNCOMBE!!
doobbz : Anytime bro keep killin it aussies going big @daneburman
twisterererer - babyghost_nyc - paulocxs - carolinajensen -
daneburman - daneburman
@jakedarwen goes in. Passion.
setherz01 : The fucking music πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thetheskett : Yeah switch flip at the end was dope
liameowmeoww : Hahahahahahahahhahahaha
beach_brown : Ya aloh gak jadi2 @valezkaraf_aldini @damas_ravi @jotarolee
jotarolee : wkwkw
therealgrad : Chubby rain rail?!
daneburman : @therealgrad hahaha nah. I wish
therealgrad : Fark!!! πŸ”πŸ’¦
jacksonloriaimages - veronicarenaker - bennydabust - tonybriseno -
daneburman - daneburman
@louielo 50-50. @gopro photo #gopro
gopro -
lilbear420 : i mean louie rips honestly dawg look at his footage
sigala_ : πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
volcom_oz : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
twopiececombo : "Sean Malto/P rod type nigga"
305bootyclapper : "Sean Malto/P rod typa nigga"
kennethraw : "Sean Malto/P rod typa nigga"
mucaslyers : Why doesn't your gopro work like that?! @tharmstrong
shanyiahouze : hey
clausrod - d._r._ - k_diddy_mcflynuttz - zaim.anuar -
daneburman - daneburman
Ma dawg @anttravis filmed @louielo @justinbieber and i skating today with my @gopro . It was fun. #gopro
gopro -
alexaguirre : They put that bench between those two poles so it can't be skated anymore:(
daneburman : @alexaguirre we skated it yesterday
alexaguirre : Yes!!!! Someone moved it back!! Thanks
trentcocca : It would been sick if you kickflip crooked it
marcus__oliveira : It would have been sick if you kick flip crooked it
taylor.rottenbery : Kooks @trentcocca @marcus__oliveira
trentcocca : No^
trentcocca : Boardslide shuv out was rad
bernygonzalezzz - 13pope13 - _mayorbuck_ - malo97 -
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