Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
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daneburman - daneburman
Christmas shopping.... I guess
davistorgerson : I just got that same cast off yesterday
daneburman : @davistorgerson miss you. Are you in a boot too?? What happened to you? As your manager i should know these things
davistorgerson : wrist cast is off, boot is on... whys my manager in a cart? you gettin lazy?
daneburman : @davistorgerson fucked my back in the same slam as the wrist. Im getting old. Lucky i have that managerial desk job to fall back on now that skating is over with
davistorgerson : damn scaffoid?
alyson_g : 👴
daneburman : @davistorgerson yee dawg
filmnoirstar : Hiiiiiii
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daneburman - daneburman
@smokeeyes happily posing for a shot for @jamiethomas personal photo collection...
skater_with_a_dream : 👌👍
devvvmiller : 😂
noelboyt : @princeonion @altamont
jevans248 : 😍
yams1111 : Whats it like ?? @daneburman
daneburman : @yams1111 good
joehollands21 - carlos_smith3d - bowlcutsjr - aka.cruz -
daneburman - daneburman
Whats worse than being hit by a car?? Being hit by a car while carrying a bucket of paint of course. #somebaddays
somebaddays -
jasonra : @syd_mcgee read the caption and watch
rus_has : @lockett_kennedy @hermanekb @high_hipster ниха раздуйте кто выложил
jjduncanwood : @fvckn_nathan
lockett_kennedy : Слава Украине
high_hipster : Просто охуеть @rus_has
borrislaw : It's Russia baby)))
scottadam : @trickyworm hands down gnarliest episode of jammed.
this_drummer : @im_tht_one_dream bruuuh got smacked
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daneburman - daneburman
#soclose #stylematters
soclose - stylematters -
hundredz_k : hahaha @ilogos @kai.valmonte me
trunks_legit : Ohhh shit
kai.valmonte : Lmao bruh i felt that @ilogos @hundredz_k
jmacchio : @faunzee @_chancewatson_
orenjizz : @harvendarwood_ @olinrecess @cadenpzz @kieran.oleary @wesleyriccabona
stanmanvanhalen : @thrashndash_jared
pikajelly2 : @neatsteven @mattmatthewmatty
_yungjordan_ : @yv_raymond
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daneburman - daneburman
#me #me #me goin' big, big, big!!! 📹by @luielliott and @killdie
me -
_milescummings_ : The speed wobbles
daneburman : @codywoodpusher because im not a spoiled bitch and i like to use everything i get to its full potential and not waste anything.
codywoodpusher : So you reuse trucks and wheels and hardware or do you use the board too? Wasnt meant to sound offensive holmes @daneburman
daneburman : @codywoodpusher i keep using everything? A bit of water isnt that bad? And my trucks wheels and bearings can all last nearly a year.
codywoodpusher : Thats crazy, i use my stuff till the death as well but everyone i know acts crazy when they even roll over a puddle. Glad to see someone skate as hard as you stay so humble and keep pushing no matter what you're pushing man @daneburman what bearings do you use? I typically swap mine out about every 3 months but i ride everything else on my board until its dead
daneburman : @codywoodpusher i ride modus bearings, either the 7's or 5's. I pop the sheilds of them and throw some dirt in them as soon as i set them up and they last forever. I hate the feeling of new trucks or bearings or wheels. It feels soggier than a board going in some water, thats for sure
codywoodpusher : Hahaha i do the same with my bearings and people look at me like i'm crazy, can't say i've ever thrown dirt in them though but as much as i street skate i collect a decent amount. New trucks are the worst learning new grinds on, ive had my current pair for 6+ months and ive had to replace busted bushing three times. Thanks for the replies man, keep killin it i really enjoyed your zero part. You're definitely keeping skateboarding alive with your moves and attitude @daneburman
daneburman : @codywoodpusher 👍👍👍🙏
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daneburman - daneburman
@zeroskateboards 🙏🙏🙏🙏
etfb_71 : You should hook it up @daneburman
daneburman : @etfb_71 what does that mean
daneburman : @etfb_71 your whole instagram is just you trying to score free shit. You werent joking. And im not giving you a thing. Life isnt all hand outs bud. Maybe try working for the things you want. Always remember its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
daneburman : @etfb_71 i never said anything about your skating? Or said you should post bangers? I worked a job at 14 to buy everything i needed. I wasnt sponsored or getting anything for free until i was 19, and even then i had a job and worked to pay for things i want. I dont know why i think i was criticising your skating
etfb_71 : Im just saying i wasnt seirous about getting stuff and i just got mad when u said i onlytry to get free stuff it just got me pissed cuz ur a huge role model for me @daneburman
etfb_71 : Aand i ment it like im not looking for a sponcer
daneburman : @etfb_71 i never was either. But when your instagram is all photos of you trying to get free stuff and then you comment on my insta telling me to give you free stuff, what else am i supposed to think?
etfb_71 : Yea i under stand and its cuz i moved tovegas and works alot harder to get out here so thats y my pics are for fre stuff cuz iv gotten better so my gear gets screwed up faster but yea sry for wasteing ur time
mosessalazar - warrenfishtowelhead - anthonymapstone - carolinajensen -
daneburman - daneburman
@killdie getting some last minute tricks in for his #nocashkyle part before he flys home to australia tonight. 😔
nocashkyle -
jose_arturol11 : Las medias 🔥😍@torres_fabian10 @andi_1399 @sebastianprzrmr
andi_1399 : @jose_arturol11 oooo 😍 jajaja
distant_futures : @gratefulshred that fallen sign
gratefulshred : @distant_futures haaaaaha no way!
joshybizzle1 : Haha nice use of that sign
zenmah_velocipede : @bustedlemon this could be you mang
torres_fabian10 : Que tan deathwish @jose_arturol11
deividsantanaa : @danifajardosk8
swellyy_ - kyle_adams - _andrewarnold - warrenfishtowelhead -
daneburman - daneburman
@thrashermag i was expecting to get @chriscobracole for some reason.. Not mad at all that i got cards. @_breakfree_ 🙏
rod25x : I got grant taylor fuck yea
therealcatacombs : Got Cardiel too
1nsta_stupid : @daneburman 🙏 all hail
numbskullskate : I got Cardiel too!
ruinchicago : ALL HAIL !!!! GT is my second @daneburman
__chattmansez : Fuck yeah. Got Cardiel too
theohoerning : I got mike Carroll !
buzzardsbeard : Favorite skater all time! All hail!
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daneburman - daneburman
Remember kids, always look after your board and treat it well. Clean it off in some fresh flowing water and give it a nice bath every night. Treat it right and it'll last for years.
hunter_aye : @andrewmcivorsb Hahaha
skyylord : Might work, we should try @matches.v
patwiicckk : @tyetha94
tyetha94 : Lol @patwiicckk
skate_you : 🙏 @daneburman
brandoskiiee : Hahaha @fckingerick
ethanroemlein : @mitchdasilva
orgasmicpanda : @mandowmyboy @ra_moanb @charliee_peludas @tvflavoredbrainmeat
ra_moanb - khayolo_ - gilianmaes - charliee_peludas -
daneburman - daneburman
Happy birthday kyle. I really fuckin miss you being out here man. Please come back and skate with us. #shitsuckswithoutkarl
shitsuckswithoutkarl -
oldirtytom : Karl's friend Rick rules
oldirtytom : He gave me a cigarette for free
killdie : Happy birthday!!!!! Fucking legend! @kylefrederick
therealrickyray : How is he not sponsored let alone pro?
luielliott : Happy birthday, miss you already 😭😭😭 @kylefrederick
trinaaweena : Miss you Karl!!! @kylefrederick
jakehayes : Happy birthday karl. Love you @kylefrederick @12oclockkarl
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