Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. πŸ”™πŸ”›πŸ”πŸ”œ
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daneburman -
Shes wearing a little hat! πŸ˜πŸ‘’ #chameleonsofinstagram
chameleonsofinstagram -
daneburman : @deadsnake_greg i got two, they're rad. I just went with the easiest to care for, veiled chameleons.
deadsnake_greg : @daneburman nice! Might have to copy you later this year. They have neat little personalities
daneburman : @deadsnake_greg they're hillarious. So grumpy some days and super happy the next, i cant get enough of them.
lee_kodis : @daneburman Hahaha reptiles always have the best facial expressions, chameleons are cool! I own a Savannah Monitor and want another one 😝🐊🐲
timatah : @jonthomspon 😍
daneburman : @lee_kodis im jealous i wish i had time for a whole menagerie of reptiles.
the_skatenerd : 😻
e.t.phone.home96 : @doodlebug4397
rafaelchop - the_skatenerd - offthegrave - migueordie -
daneburman -
@axelcrusher is back in the US and @_stipo and i are so excited to be skating with him again. @GoPro #GoPro @volcomskate
gopro -
king_lifo : @alanuh_sing
samuel_calleja : @adam_moore0 @yung__moose
jasonlam_ : You should make a dvd of all your Insta videos πŸ˜‚
timmy_geee : I like that no comply after lol
beaunerbeau : To.
reapermachines : @axelcrusher where's the hair you fucking idiot?
daneburman : @reapermachines πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
liambroek : @kingsbeachsk8
dave.daffa_ - spo10kotong - colechipman_mtb - kickflip_squad -
daneburman -
Went out and really fuckin' got ahold of a hand rail today. One of my biggest yet. Selfie via iphone bluetooth wifi to @GoPro #GoPro
gopro -
jarendet : Heavy
makukka : Hey Atleast it ain't a 5050 😎
daneburman : @makukka if the rail was long enough for two trucks.....
burnout : #olloclop
daneburman : @burnout they wish
nachomansandycabbage : @crustyskateboard lol, this is what all my handrails look like.
_the_notorious_bif_ : Talk about making moves, that rail looks pretty mean.
jose336hdz : @freeradicaln4k
taveon_cumby - fakiebacklip - j_money_199 - bmx_99h -
daneburman -
@artofoto of yours truly i think he captured my best side.
sarahlampert : What a handsome little man
crmedi86 : Siick. Blue tongue skink right? Those guys are pretty cool.
therealgrad : Damn dude you been twisting them sketchy old VX focus rings rawdog again haven't you... Not looking too in focus dude might wanna goto docs and get a prescription for a head cleaner.
daneburman : @therealgrad hahaha go to sleep
chunli81 : Put some Vegemite on it.
fakiebacklip - twotungz - waken_bacon - lonersealife -
daneburman -
@thrashermag bust or bail was fucking insane!! I wish i had filmed more busting than bailing, but what ya gonna do? #bustorbail #bob2 #rainingjaws
bustorbail - rainingjaws - bob2 -
danesweeney79 : @tommygood Heavy..I saw it Earlier today..how was Shane O'Neill down the numbers??
pig_72 : @tim_hines jaws wtf
eddydufour : Wtf too big :0 @jxrxy
jxrxy : Everyone has allready seen it aha @eddydufour
eddydufour : Haha sure @jxrxy
skatenhustle : @broookedabbles @pnw_burn_thefire
joey_valentisk8 : @matt_flaks213 @eric_eckhart
somiyaa : #JAWS
dennis__qqq - wreckskate - twotungz - marquussawyet -
daneburman -
@aaronjawshomoki @thrashermag @aaronjawshomoki @thrashermag @aaronjawshomoki @thrashermag 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #bob2
bob2 -
adam_dot : @Insta_diz
instamootlash : Old rubber knees at it again @adam_dot
mundiskateboards : cover
billyshredds : This would be so much cooler without the grab.
daneburman : @billyshredds well thats lucky no one has done it so you can go and show him what you think is cooler by doing it yourself
billyshredds : @daneburman sorry man, didn't know you guys were dating. I'll be more polite next time.
daneburman : @billyshredds you dont need to tag me in my own photo. Gay jokes are hilarious. Why not just be more polite in general?
billyshredds : How is it a gay joke if you have a vagina?
the_skatenerd - wreckskate - waken_bacon - adrian_destroyer_trasvina -
daneburman -
A few tricks that didn't make it into @zeroskateboards "strange world" video back in 2009.
ethanrogenas_cepaintball : How come the others didn't make it this were pretty fucking gnarly @daneburman
thatonekidthatskates : @intheclouds412 clean asf
tommybreaks : Best video πŸ‘
johnherrera303 : This is amazing You kill it!
radjesse : Hey @daneburman I'm Getting A "ChristmasComplete" & Was Wondering What You're Set Up Is ? Appreciate It If You Replied Back
daneburman : @radjesse 8.5 @zeroskateboards board with 149II @thundertrucks and 54mm @spitfirewheels is what im riding. Plain black @mobgrip most of the time too.
radjesse : Thanks Dude 😁
mrsellers_1995 : That Hardflip tho 😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
thegingerjesus89 - bmx_99h - noronhazica - coryoliver04 -
daneburman -
A little while back @jakehayes came to stay with me and i filmed a part of him with my @GoPro go watch the full part on www.slamskatemag.com.au
zeechin : @troycastorano @heathb4rz thought you guys would appreciate this line
maxrabago : @dirtyssanchez
rickyjimenz : @icooks7
iam_ggixxii : @samsinstagram1 I feel like if I got this good this would happen to me
samsinstagram1 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u can be THAT good and still eat shit, eatting shit is impossible to avoid in skateboarding @iam_ggixxii
oliver_antonioo : @alejandrooivann
alejandrooivann : @oliver_antonioo ala verga un pop asi
tyler_diamond2 : @_blakemarkham
indryani2506 - twotungz - adrian_destroyer_trasvina - paul_ellington -
daneburman -
Loud and proud. @vegemite
abrokentomorrow : Always wondered if you were vegan cause i always see you with this.
daneburman : @abrokentomorrow no?
abrokentomorrow : @daneburman whoops
daneburman : @abrokentomorrow just because i dont eat meat on one meal i must be vegan? Thats crazy.
emilcedronius : @mmmolle gott!
whizstix : Yummmm. Breakfast of Champions πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
max.awdford : Yum
maxjedski : @daneburman who you kiddin you vegan as shit
jack_tobes - barrios.08 - keggen1 - zebvittadello -
daneburman -
4:20am face times with best friends across the world @killdie #sockposse
sockposse -
daneburman : @fab_hd why are you sorry? Are you sorry because i already said it in my caption and youre beinging it up a second time for some reason?
daneburman : @the_sensational_alex_harvey never forget
shplesh : @tcgravez @schuyler_ramstead tanners retarded cousin??
schuyler_ramstead : HahahaHahaha @gorflives
t4nman : Haha what a trip @johnnyhelgren @gorflives @schuyler_ramstead
_q : @ekuest
ekuest : @q hahah
tikamontgomery : πŸ˜‡
jack_tobes - barrios.08 - eddiedawg2.0 - keggen1 -
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